New Captain America Images Present More Characters [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

captain america movie costume chest symbol New Captain America Images Present More Characters [Updated]

[Update: Check out a new Captain America poster!]

Almost every day of this week, we’ve received another piece of the Marvel Studios puzzle that is the marketing strategy behind Captain America: The First Avenger. With a new Chris Evans magazine cover shot, our first look at his World War II pal, Bucky Barnes, and now several new magazine images, all is leading towards Super Bowl weekend where the Captain America trailer will debut.

The latest batch of photos depict some of what you may have already seen this week (but in higher resolution) and some are entirely new, showcasing some characters, scenes and costumes that have yet to be revealed.

The main batch of Captain America stills come from the current issue of Empire magazine. Their main shot gives another good luck at Chris Evans in full costume (helmet included) and the others give us a first look at Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips, a few Hydra infantrymen, the room where Stanley Tucci’s character, Dr. Abraham Erskine, performs Operation Rebirth to make Steve Rogers a Super-Soldier and several others.

We’ve also included the new larger shot of Bucky Barnes that first came from our report on Hero Complex’s interview with director Joe Johnston on the character.

Update: Finally, here’s a new Captain America poster that’s been released in anticipation of the First Avenger trailer, which will air during the 2011 Super Bowl:


Captain America First Avenger Official Poster 275x430 New Captain America Images Present More Characters [Updated]

What do you think of the set pieces and character designs of Marvel Studios’ take on World War II?

With the Super Bowl only two days away, check back in soon for the Captain America trailer!

Directed by Joe JohnstonCaptain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones‘ Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,  Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes.

Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: Empire (via SHH)

Update Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. It does actually look good. Maybe it will be.
    They’ve got a good director and a great supporting cast, the only potential pitfalls are Evans and the character himself.

    • evans is an awsome actor this film is going to be epic. if anyone on here actually read the avengers and captain america theyd understand evans will only age with the character and doesnt look to young. marvel knows theyre characters. the poster looks awsome cant wait for the trailer. beer REAL FOOTBALL(hah) and movie trailers… should be an awsome sunday

      • I don’t see many people Bashing Evans for his Age. I agree the actor shouldn’t be old. Evans just isn’t a good actor. He’s ok, but not good and can’t handle serious at all. Even in Sunshine his acting just couldn’t hold up.

  2. I need to hurry up and invent a time machine.

    • Yes you do. But not for this.

      • Agreed. There’s the Spiderman Reboot, The Dark Knight Rises, & The Man of Steel. THESE three are the only ones “time machine worthy.”

        • avengers

          • Out of those 3 only TDKR is the only one to time travel

        • The time machine for the Spider-Man reboot is only necessary to go BACK in time to prevent that abomination from ever happening!

          • How can you tell? You haven´t seen it yet.

            • Some people just like to whine, thats all. It really doesnt do much for a person when they say a movie is bad when it hasnt come out yet. Maybe they are kids.

            • Scape how do you know? Maybe he already made a time machine

              • Yes, a hot tub time machine. :)

  3. Looking good. Even the prospect of Bucky being in it’s not putting me off.

  4. It’s got a raiders of the lost ark feel to it, but very, very much like The Rocketeer, no surprise there.

    Those Hydra Stormtroopers look like they’re falling asleep though.

    • And as The Rocketeer was awesome in every possible way, then comparing it to this can only be a good thing.

  5. tommy lee looks like one of those bank guys from harry potter. does anyone know if Colonel Phillips get in on the action during the war b/c i would hate for tommy lee to just be in the movie for a little while then disappear.

  6. Hey, you forgot to mention that you would probably like to see these people starring:

    Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Ellen Page, Emma Roberts, Jessica Szohr, Evan Rachel Wood.

    If you’re gonna just continue to make lots of lists for different posts then at least be consistent:-)

    • Yeah Gary, I’ve been finding them very annoying too! It’s like some kind of automated troll listing robot!

      • I think the lists are HILARIOUS!!! lol. keep ‘em coming!
        why do people get so mad? gosh.

        • I’m not mad about them, I just find them fascinating. They serve no real purpose whatsoever. I mean, what exactly is this person trying to achieve?

        • I’m not mad. It’s just pointless and weird.

          • i find it interesting that they keep using womens names

            • Yeah…its kinda like having a parrot on the site that just keeps reading the names on the shredded comic remnants at the bottom of its cage…thank god no one used a phone book!

  7. Hayley Atwell is so beautiful and voluptuous. This incredibly gorgeous and curvaceous young woman is pure English perfection.

    • I think you might have missed a few adjectives

  8. Yeah, I agree. I hope they just have a parade at the end of the sequel that includes all these people, especially Batroc the Leaper. I don’t care if it makes no sense.

  9. Chantelle Reade, or whatever your name is. Vic should delete you. Even if you know your comics books…

    • Holy cow are you guys being hard on Chantelle! LOL.. sheesh!

    • More like “she” goes to wikipedia and cut and pastes the info from there and posts here. Someone is obviously in need of some attention.

    • I don’t know this person but maybe Chantelle is someone who is 10 or younger?

      Lighten up…

      • And that would explain why “she” posts under at least 3 different names?

  10. I’m still waiting for a shot of the Red Skull design – we saw that costume awhile back and it didn’t seem to hint at anything especially interesting.

  11. I’m not that crazy about the helmet, but it is probably accurate for the era. The rest of Cap’s suit totally rocks! I’m starting to be cautiously optimistic

  12. compared to GL this looks promising.. even thou sommers last venture was letdown… Heres hoping that he could deliver something nostalgic and tasteful :P

    and I know GL is the MOST complicated and risky thing to pull off.. but still.. each movie has its own challenges.. and i am thinking sommers are put everything right in this..

    cant wait for the first trailer :D

    • replace sommers with jonhston **

  13. I think the buzz is going to stay pretty strong on this movie. They’re better than the people over at GL at promoting their cast and characters.

    Looks good.

  14. HOLY S***!!! What a great teaser poster!! That’s it I’m heading to Poster World everyday after school to see if they have it

  15. this is for DSB:

    I hope they make a Dick Tracy reboot and include these female roles in the movie,Tess Trueheart,Moon Maid,Sparkle Plenty,Bonnie Braids,Honeymoon Tracy, And Sparkle Plenty Jr.

    and if they really want to step it up they should include villans such as:
    Acres O’Reilly,Alec Penn,Angeltop Jones,Arthur “Nip” Dalton,B.B. Eyes,Big Ace,Big Frost,Blowtop Jones…

    Oh if only dreams would come true…. LOL

    • I would much rather see posts that included plots. It is becoming commonplace to name a title you want to see on film then name every hero and every villian from the series. Why do that? What is your point? Didnt X3 teach us that adding a bunch of characters from the series doesnt do anything to add to the movie. The story is what is important. The characters and their roles fall around that.

      • X3 Sucked is why all the characters didn’t work.
        There are plenty of pictures where multiple characters worked out fine!
        If they need to bite from the “7 Samurai, Oceans 11 or The Italian Job” then so be it..
        Hell, any WWII film works too!!!

  16. The costume is more realistic for that era… moreso then a pair of spandex and a shield… besides, its in WW2… Cant wait for this to come out in theaters…

    PS, vic, are you guys here at screenrant gonna put up these trailers including thor etc… on this site after/during the superbowl? just in case someone misses it, or wants to watch it again?

    • brandon,

      You’re joking, right? :-P

      Of COURSE we’ll put the trailers up as soon as they’re available.


      • I guess Brandon hasn’t been on your site much, to ask that question. 8-)

  17. Epic.

  18. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  19. Awesome

  20. I continue to be impressed daily with this movie. I was never that concerned when Evans was cast. Check out some of his other roles like Cellular, Scott Pilgrim, and The Losers and you will see the guy has range as an actor. I guess the only concern I have at this point is will the movie live up to the hype. I have been waiting on this one for a while. I dont know what it is that gets me excited for these stories but I can hardly wait. This summer should be a lot of fun for comic book fans. Lets wait and see.

    • Last summer was just OK, but this summer will make up for it. And next summer will blow all summers out of the water.

  21. I still think that helmet looks like a foam one that his mom put on him to keep him from hitting his head. It’s even still got the helmet manufacturer’s winged logo stickers still on it. Cool! That being said, I think the poster is 100% badass. That’s just top-notch design and superhero epic in every way. You take that helmet off and all of a sudden Captain America looks like someone you can take seriously. Foam protective helmet or not, I’ll be there opening weekend.

  22. I’m praying that when we see the first footage from this on Sunday that it is as good as the pics we’ve seen so far….


    • Second that.

  23. i want this poster! How long will it be until they release a regular 2:30 min trailer after the superbowl spot on sunday? Can’t wait for this movie!

  24. I may actually buy that poster. And I never buy movie posters. Here’s hoping the trailer’s as good…

  25. That’s a good poster for America today. Battered, beaten, head bowed but still majestic and still standing tall.

  26. I like the lighting on the third pic down on the right. It has an old time movie serial look to it

  27. It seems to me they are really trying to set a mood with lighting and color and textures. The greatest movies all do this. They don’t just shoot the script. They use everything to set the mood of the scene.

  28. This is so cool. I can not wait to see the trailer on sunday.