Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume – Official First Look [Updated]

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marvel captain america movie costume Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume   Official First Look [Updated]

UPDATE: Check Out a Hi-Res version of Evans as Captain America!

We’ve seen the concept art, we’ve seen the Entertainment Weekly Captain America magazine cover and we’ve seen Chris Evans’ stunt double in costume riding a U.S. Army Indian motorcycle. None of these images however, has offered us the full look of Evans as the title character of Captain America: The First Avenger in costume as the future leader of The Avengers.

That changes now as earlier today a leaked scan of an exclusive in-magazine image of the latest issue of EW made its way online. We don’t post scans of inside-cover exclusive images but EW has released it officially on their site in proper resolution.

Check out the image as Evans in the Captain America costume, sporting a helmet with drawn-on wings, and note the heavily armed (and armored) characters in the background:


captain america chris evans1 Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume   Official First Look [Updated]

For an image of Evans in action as Captain America, go HERE!

I dig the new costume design however, especially how they integrated the star into his chest and shoulder pads. I do think from a material standpoint, it looks a little soft with the padding. No doubt, it’s designed intentionally this way to help him move in combat. The battle-worn shield looks amazing, as do the leather detailing and addition of the holster to his costume.

I wonder what Cap’s live-action costume will look like when he enters the modern era.

Now that we’ve seen both the full costumes for Thor and Captain America, knowing already what the Hulk and Iron Man look like, how bad-ass are The Avengers? If I were a CGI’d DC superhero, I might be tad worried…

Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee JonesHugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Captain America is of course, directed by Joe Johnston.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: Paramount

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  1. GUYS GUYS! think.. he rides a motorcycle..what do die hard motorcycle dudes wear.. Thick leather and its loose so that’s what he is actually wearing also if he is Europe its cold so hence the thick layer look its very practical. Also if go look up what the motorcycle riders war from the 30s all the way to the 50s The outfits look quite similar.

    • Here’s a thought on the shield. Maybe this is just his first shield. Since it is scratched up it doesn’t make sense that it would be vibranium, so what I figure is that since we saw his shield in the second Iron Man, maybe that one is vibranium and when Cap gets woken up in the present, Stark has this thing laying around and Cap rediscovers his favorite weapon. Since Tony’s father was a genius too, it makes sense that he might have created a better version of the shield using a metal that he discovered later. I know that steps away from the original concept, but the scratches don’t make sense with the concept of the shield being vibranium.

    • @RogueX23, Very good call. Your absolutely spot on. That was the “loose” look back then, practical, thick, weather resistant and not too tight, just loose enough so his body can breathe too. In the Avengers his new uniform will probably be made of some new material that does all these things but fit a lot snugger and may even be thinner.

  2. Have to say on first looks this is quite impressive.

    I share everyone’s views on Captain’s America’s costume being difficult to to convince in live action like Supeman’s.You have a bit more license to suspend belief with Superman as he comes from another planet.

    Whilst Superman’s look needed a brigter tone in Superman Returns, this faded almost grainy tone fits the 1940s setting perfectly. As it comes from that era so the suit shouldn’t be glossy or shiny it should have that rougher softer look. Rogers actually looks like he’s been through the wars, it gives him a gritty, battle hardened look. More importantly what the colour of the suit does do is make the sheild stand right out, as it’s the most iconic part of his look.

    What is absolutely less convincing are the two soldiers behind him, who look way too futuristic for the current setting.

    I also agree that the all of Marvel characters have translated very well on the big screen. Apart from the size of his head – which was a bit to small, I really liked the second version of the Hulk in what was the only aspect of the film that was superior to Ang Lee’s version.

    • @Lebsta great post! If you look at Hellboy and also do some research on Nazi technology and industrialism, you’ll find that the 3rd Reich and The Nazi’s were extremely advanced for that time. They had VERY advanced tech back then. There’s even conspiracy theories about so-called ufo’s,secret tech,death rays etc,and such being created by the Nazi scientists, supposedly that they were given secret technology by extraterrestrials. I’m not making this stuff up look it up you’ll see. According to some conspiracy theorists, The Nazi’s lost but the 3rd Reich still exists, Hitler faked his own death and fled to Argentina. Man there’s all sorts of stuff. I’m not saying any of that is true but a lot of it makes sense and would even work well into some of the material for this movie.

      • @ Ulik~
        Man, it’s nice to know someone else studied up on the third riech’s advanced tech! They actually had a vast underground network near the polish border called Reise, where they experimented with a device known as “Die Glocke” (The Bell). Pretty fascinating stuff!

  3. I’m impressed how ‘normal’ it looks; i imagine it was quite hard to not make it look hilarious in the ‘real world’!! I love the red straps that double as red stripes, great idea.

    All in all, great job.

  4. The helmet? Maybe, maybe not. The suit looks good, the shield looks GREAT. What will be really cool is if he hurls the shield in the movie and knocks the BLEEP out of some bad guy. Overall the costume is looking better than all the stuff we’ve seen up to now.

  5. I think it looks decent,plus considering it’s taking place in 1942. I hope the movie itself turns out to be thorough..

  6. I do have 2 agree about the helmet. I hope that is just one of the phases,& that later on,tony stark will hook him up with a modern ensemble & a better looking helmet..fingers crossed…

  7. I have a question, is Cap America as industructable as say Wolverine?

    I’m not schooled on the lore,,,

    • 790

      No Wolverine has an advanced Mutated healing factor and his bones are indestructible metal.

      Captain America is more of just an advanced person. He can be killed and in fact was at one point. Wolverine can be shot 200 times and live. Cap a well placed shot to the head or heart and he’s dead.

      Wolverine and be hit by missiles and even nukes and live on. Cap can not he would die.

      Basically Cap was a regular guy volunteered for an experimental formula. With that he gained advanced Speed, Strength, and durability. Ultimately however he’s still just a person. A person that is very agile can do lots of flips hit really hard and take a punch from Brock Lesnar pretty well. Shot him though and he’s dead.

    • Captain America was part of a secrete solder project. The idea was to find a chemical compound that would be used to create the ultimate solders. Men that had faster reflexes, stronger and with an increased ability to heal. Steve Rogers is chosen as a test case because he is not an average person but, someone that has been sick their entir life due to having Polio when he was a child. The idea being if they can take a lame, weakened person and make them a super solder, then when they do the same with the best people they will have the ultimate warrior. The program reached its test phase but, there was a Nazi spy in the group and he kills the doctor that invented the serum. Thus only Steve Rogers will ever be created.

      Captian America’s shield shield was presented to Rogers by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The shield is created by a fictional American metallurgist named Dr. Myron MacLain, ( Beleive that in the Movie its going to be Tony’s Starks Father, of Stark Industries) who had been commissioned by the US government to create an indestructible armor material to aid the war effort. MacLain experiments with vibranium, an alien metal found only in Wakanda that has unique vibration absorption properties. This was the 1940’s version of the shield. Cap and Partner were in the process of trying to retrive a viral angent from the Red Skull, a Nazi Agent when he’s exposed to the agent and ends up going into a suspended animation due to being frozen within ice. The vibranium in the shield grants it unusual properties, allowing it to absorb virtually all of the kinetic impact from any blows that the shield receives without injuring Rogers in the process. The vibranium is also a factor in the way Rogers throws his shield: he often uses it to ricochet around a room and strike various opponents with little loss of velocity in its forward movement after each impact.

  8. Thanks Daniel, that clears up some stuff. :)

    Btw, I’m watching, “Wolverine X-Men Origins” and I don’t get the bad vibes on this film. So far its great/kick a**!!!

    Ok, gotta watch the rest,,,

    • Actually, Wolverine is another super solder experiment by a special branch of the government. Wolverine is a mutant, possessing animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, three retracting bone claws on each hand and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound, disease or toxin at an accelerated rate. The healing factor also slows down his aging process, enabling him to live beyond a normal human lifespan. His powerful healing factor enabled the supersoldier program Weapon X to bond the near-indestructible metal alloy adamantium to his skeleton and claws without killing him. Once bonded to his bones the healing factor incorporated the metal into his bones. His internal organs are now protected by his skeleton.

  9. Cool Scot, totally didn’t know that.

    So Vibranium, (at least in shield form) is the adamantium equlvalent of Wolverine’s powers.
    The fact that Cap’s shield, can neutralize the kenetic energy is a hella of a advantage.

    • 790 Technically Caps shield is made of Vibranium and Adamantium so it’s got the strength of both. It’s a mixture of the two.

  10. Grew up reading all the Marvel and DC comic’s. Was a lot of fun back in the day. Its also great to see them try to re-introduce these stories in Hollywood Movies. Some have been amazingly good efforts others have been horrible. Some things even today just can’t seem to be done well with film aka…The Hulk, I am Legend,Priest… when the CGI just gets to carried away and belief streched beyond plausable. Now.. for someone that would enjoy a good Hulk Story, I recommend “Planet Hulk” Its a delightfully adaptation of “John Carter of Mars”, This is an Edgar Rice Broughs story “Creator of Tarzan” For anyone interested in Historic Si-Fi, You should read this book, Its free online if you look hard enough. There is a very very BAD campy version with former Porn Star Tracy Lords, that is actually very true to the story….but, I’ve been told that Disney has bought the rights to the story so we could be seeing another version being done by the folks that brought us Pirates of the Caribean.

    • Um, John Carter of Mars is already in production. 😉 They began 1 day short of a year ago and may well be in post production at this point. It is scheduled to be released June of next year.

  11. there are only two problems I have with the picture, the first being Cap’s helmet, it just doesn’t seem to fit right and the second being the two heavily armed i guess they’re soldiers or Shield agents who knows, all I know is it looks like they’re packing potato launchers on their arms

  12. I case you didn’t know, Steve Rogers was actually Weapon I. Wolverine was Weapon X, the tenth attempt.

    • Acslaterson, actually Cap was number 0. As far as I remember.

  13. I still am NOT sold on Chris Evans as Cap. I am looking foward to this but I hope we do not get another sub-par performance as we have seen with his work in the past.

  14. @nowhereman, what we do knw by now is that a number of nazi scientists were brought over during the war. Read up on Operation Paperclip. You’ll see how certain members of our military provided them with new identities.

    Also it was proven a few years ago that the charred remains of Hitler is in a fact a female. There’s a lot of rumors as to his post war whereabouts. I’ve heard he fled to a secret base in Antarctica, made a deal with the US and gave Us the bomb for his guaranteed safety. Also that he was given shelter after the war by the vatican. Who knows at this point? He was very much into the occult and wouldn’t have just killed himself. Imo.
    The Nazis apparently recovered a crashed ufo, in the 30’s and used that to help develop anti-gravity. Supposedly they used some of the technology to create the Foo Fighters. Who knows?

    • @790 & Nowhereman, Yeah, there’s no way for the average person to prove all of this stuff but when you connect the dots, most of it makes a hell of a lot of sense. The 3rd Reich still had an incredible strong financial backing among other things also being their association with the Occult “Thule Society” and it’s famous occultist Madame Blavatsky. Many rich and influential people who were a part of the Thule Society and it’s splinter groups funded or were also members of the 3rd Reich. The 3rd Reich didn’t lose the war so therefore there was no reason why Hitler would have killed himself. He supposedly settled a base in Antartica like 790 said and also lived in Argentina and that’s why Argentina has an unusually high German/Austrian population in a “Spanish” speaking country. In Antarctica, it’s said that he encountered the entrance into the inner caverns of the earth were several sub-terrainian creatures and extraterrestrials dwell and also into Shamballah(The inner city of the earth). Shamballah and Arghata were said to exist for many 1000’s of years by The Tibetan Monks, Shoalin Monks, Hindu priests and other hidden or spiritual Asian & African societies. They spoke about the “black sun” and the “four winds” and it’s symbol was the modernized “Swaztica” before the Nazi’s stole the symbol for their own use. Hitler was influenced by Madam Blavatsky and they made contact with “The White Brotherhood” otherwise known as “The Plieadians” or “Ashstar Command” a blond haired and blue eyed race of extraterrestrials from the Plieades constellation. The Aryan concept also came from this as they say that they are also descendants from them who originally came from another star system and settled in Eurasia.

    • 790 Na Dave Grohl created the Foo Fighters. Well I guess Kurt Cobain killing hims self helped as well.

      Sorry couldn’t resists


      • @Daniel F, LOL!!!!!

  15. Cap is indeed a human, but Im pretty sure due to the Super soldier serum he can do extraordinary things like heal broken bones in days rather than weeks and take beatings from super villains. I really wouldn’t call him a normal guy.

  16. Yep, Yep,,,

    @Ulik, Hitler was also a linked to the 13th illuminatti family bloodlines.

    Makes you wonder what their up to these days???

  17. He looks good EXCEPT for the holster. WWII GI’s weren’t’ running around with drop leg holsters. They should’ve put it on his belt like it was in the comics. But no, let’s go for the “cool” factor.

  18. Okay enough with the costume let’s get to the important part. Apparently the super soldier formula gave cap a very large package. Look at that bulge. He’s hung like a horse. So where can I get some?

  19. It was probably more the practical factor in, I’m runnin my A** off in these scenes and the WW2 era holsters can’t take the flips jumps and other acrobatics they’re having me do, err my double do . Early shots are trash because I keep losing the hand gun in the stunts…

  20. I still believe it was a poor choice to use a someone who was aleady in a Marvel movie to play another popular hero. The relation is too close. Why him, why not an A-list actor, same with Thor

  21. I LOVE the outfit and the look. It is believable with the “padding” look. The two things behind him however… look like they came out of a robocop cartoon. That doesn’t look anything like anything in 1942. I almost thought this was CA after he was unfrozen or something.

  22. OH MY GOD, THAT SUIT IS AWESOME!!! Seriously, that’s the best design I have EVER seen for a super-hero… and I am not even a fan of Captain America. But this picture makes me wanna watch the movie, just so I can enjoy this cool outfit. Man… if only they could have been given Deadpool the same treatment… if only…

  23. why the holster? Cap doesn’t use a gun. Although I suppose it would make sense that he would use one if he were actually in WWII. I don’t mind the suit, the thing in question is whether Evans can pull off Steve Rogers. If he gets rid of his Johnny Storm attitude that he has in every film I’ll be happy. I don’t want to see any moments like in the GL trailer. “I know right?!?” Hal Jordan is Han Solo not a frat guy. same thing with Cap. cautiously optimistic about this movie.

    • watch chris evans in sunshine he played a serious roll

      • I’ve seen Evans in Sunshine not impressed. The film would of been better with out him. His acting brought it down in quality. Evans is an enjoyable actor when he’s being funny, but he’s no good at serious. Through out sunshine his performance just felt like acting. It’s not suppose your suppose to buy that he is that person and the entire thing was the he just felt like Chris Evans trying to be serious at no point did I think “wow this is a good performance.” He just isn’t made for serious roles.

    • I think Evans can pull it off, let’s see if he does. As far as GL, I couldn’t agree more, They turned a serious adult hero type into a childish man-boy, who’s more hot-shot than brave/courageous hero. I suspect GL will be all flash and gimic, but no meat. Like Capt America, it’s the person who makes the hero, not the powers.

  24. i do like cap’s suit, but the eye openings on the helmet are too big. i looks like it doesnt fit his face right. plus the suit looks really loose and im not sure how i feel about that yet

    • j19,

      Actually the eye openings on most superhero costumes are too small. This is more realistic, gives him peripheral vision, which you definitely want in a battle situation. Then again, his ears are covered, and that’s NOT great in the same environment.


      • Yeah that was the only thing I didn’t get. They did a good job of matching everything to the Ultimates look except for that one thing for some reason.


  26. The costume rocks there is no doubt, but I am still stuck on the casting of Chris Evans, not because he is not a good actor, nor that he is not perfect for the role, but as a nerd I am stuck on the fact that he already plays a Marvel character(Johnny Storm for those who dont know) This means that those two characters are identical twins, perhaps they are long lost brothers, or maybe he is the father of the Storm siblings. GRRR these things make my head spin! I mean how would we feel about Christian Bale being cast as Superman or the Flash?

    • Casting the same guy as two super-heros did surprise me as well. Then I thought about it, I wasn’t thrilled with the Fantastic 4 movies at all, so they will be easy for me to forget. If Capt America is a good movie, I’ll think of this guy as Capt America, and easily forget all about F4.

  27. You know I initially had problems with the casting choice as well but I think he will look and act different enough that it won’t matter.(even though I wish his hair was a BIT more in the blonde tones but….)

    To support this I recently watched Scott Pilgrim and didn’t realize until well into the show that the movie star skateboarder evil ex was Chris Evans. So I think he can pull Capt. America off.

    Regardless however do we really have a choice at this point? That incarnation of the Fantastic 4 is dead anyways and another reboot is in the works (hopefully they will get it right after 4 tries?) so that Johnny Storm is no more.

  28. To be honest I LOVE THIS COSTUME. Off topic i know they cast him as the human torch but that was years ago so get over it. If they made another F4 movie I would doubt he would reprise his role, the same way that Tobey Maguire isn’t in the new Spiderman movie that is being made. People need to lighten up.