Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume – Official First Look [Updated]

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marvel captain america movie costume Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume   Official First Look [Updated]

UPDATE: Check Out a Hi-Res version of Evans as Captain America!

We’ve seen the concept art, we’ve seen the Entertainment Weekly Captain America magazine cover and we’ve seen Chris Evans’ stunt double in costume riding a U.S. Army Indian motorcycle. None of these images however, has offered us the full look of Evans as the title character of Captain America: The First Avenger in costume as the future leader of The Avengers.

That changes now as earlier today a leaked scan of an exclusive in-magazine image of the latest issue of EW made its way online. We don’t post scans of inside-cover exclusive images but EW has released it officially on their site in proper resolution.

Check out the image as Evans in the Captain America costume, sporting a helmet with drawn-on wings, and note the heavily armed (and armored) characters in the background:



captain america chris evans1 Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume   Official First Look [Updated]


For an image of Evans in action as Captain America, go HERE!

I dig the new costume design however, especially how they integrated the star into his chest and shoulder pads. I do think from a material standpoint, it looks a little soft with the padding. No doubt, it’s designed intentionally this way to help him move in combat. The battle-worn shield looks amazing, as do the leather detailing and addition of the holster to his costume.

I wonder what Cap’s live-action costume will look like when he enters the modern era.

Now that we’ve seen both the full costumes for Thor and Captain America, knowing already what the Hulk and Iron Man look like, how bad-ass are The Avengers? If I were a CGI’d DC superhero, I might be tad worried…

Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee JonesHugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Captain America is of course, directed by Joe Johnston.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: Paramount

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised Ulik, its obvious that Stark Industries plays a major role in the Avengers,,,

    Love it!!!
    On dvd not in 3d,,!

    • Are they not releasing in 2D? I thought they were.

      • And how many cinemas will go for showing it in 2D when they can make nearly double the ticket price for a 3D film?
        That’s what it is coming to, 3D is being forced on the public for one reason, to make money with no creative decision making involved. If a film is also in 2D, they might show it once a day, in the afternoon, when everyone is at work.

        • Drsam I guess I’ve been lucky surrounded by about 5 theaters and all of them show a 2D option. Hell one of them doesn’t even offer the 3D option..

          I don’t know about the UK, but most theaters in America actually always offer both as an option as long as they are given both as an option. Only very rarely is a film only 3D in the US that’s usually only if the film was filmed in 3D and Cap was a 2d conversion to 3d. So here in America nearly every theater we have will offer a 2d option.. However, despite a 2d option some people hate 3d so much apparently they refuse to watch the film if it’s even offered in 3d despite that I know for a fact there will be theaters around them offering 2d as an option.

          Sorry to hear about how the UK is handling 3d though that’s a shame. I can’t stand 3d my self and would be pissed if my theaters here forced 3d down my throat by not offering a 2d option.

          • They do still show them, but its like I said usually just once a day, at inconvenient times. If it was shot in 3D then thats fine, but post conversions tinks and it really does make me think about avoiding cinematic releases altogether and waiting for dvd/blu ray.

            • Drsam like I said I don’t really know how it’s done in the UK, but not how it’s done here.

              I can tell you most of the theaters in America tend to show a fairly even amount of 2d and 3d. Some don’t show 3d at all. Of the few I have around me most of them show a mixture with 1 or 2 more 2d showing while one of them doesn’t even show 3d at all. It’s a small theater though with only 3 screens.

              • The only small cinemas in London tend to just show arthouse style films, every cinema locally to me is ten screens or more. The 2 D option still exists for now, but I think it will most likely be gone altogether by the end of 2011.

  2. Thats looks fantastic. Hopefully the film won’t flop.

    • Love the wings on the helmet as well, the attention to detail is pretty impressive.

  3. So is this the final costume? Or will there be another one at the end of the film when he gets defrosted?

    • @DrSamBeckettI’ve heard that there’s a few different incarnations of his uniform in this one movie, particularly there’s one Steve Rodgers designs himself, the USO and there’s one that Howard Stark design. I don’t know what is fact but we’ll see.

      • That was what I though, so maybe the one in the above picture is the second costume, and by the very end he has a new modern one. Who knows.

  4. This looks halfway decent. Much much better than WB’s sorry excuse for a Green Lantern costume. And much better than Sony’s Spider-Man costume. Too bad the film will suck.

  5. Looks a whole lot better than Phony Sony’s Spider-BOY costume.

  6. How do I feel about Evans in the role?

    Still hate it. Even if the costume was amazing and absolute perfection (which it isn’t) wouldn’t change the fact that he’s wrong for the part.

    However, I don’t hate the costume. It’s not great, but It’s kind of passable I guess. The Material is a bit of a let down and the helmet looks kind of bad, but the holsters and the design look good so blend it all together and you get a resounding ‘Meh It’s Ok’

  7. Also I don’t like the poll… It’s asking what we think of Evans as Cap so far now that we’ve seen him in costume and the answers basically are just how you feel about the costume. There Awesome, He might work and the costume looks awful. Nothing that really fits me since I think the costume looks ok not great but ok, but still think Evans is a terrible choice and a good costume won’t fix a bad casting choice. So I just went with Awful that’s how I feel about Evans, but not how I feel about the costume.

    • I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt at the moment, but I agree Evans would never have been on my list for the character, the costume is cool and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull is very cool indeed.
      This has potential to be good. But I think it will be the weakest of this years comic book releases.

      • Drsam I’ve made no secret of how awful I think this will turn out, but after the GL trailer I think GL will be worst of the year. There was a time that GL was my most anticipated of 2011 and with every bit of news it slowly slid down until the trailer which actually made me decide I won’t watch it in the theater. Easily looks to be the worst with Cap being close second.

        • I’m willing to bet money that GL is way better than you think it is going to be.

          • Drsam

            I would say take that bet if it wasn’t so subjective. I’ll proabably think it was just as bad as I thought it would be or worse and you’ll think It was good and then who wins?

            Honestly I’m trying to hold some optimism and that’s the only reason I’ll ever actually watch it. Conventional wisdom tells me it’s going to be far worse than I thought, but I hope not. It looks beyond awful. I can say one thing for sure based on what I know and what I’ve seen it’s litterally impossible that I will think it’s good. I know enough about it to know that it’s not going to be good. Maybe i’ll walk out thinking it was a poor film, but not awful rather than thinking it was a pile of crap, but there is less than zero chance it will be good. I’ve seen enough to know that much for sure.

            It’s said that a decent director like Martin could set out to make such a kid friendly shallow family fun goofy film with horrible horrible beyond horrible suit designs. That is by far the worst Hero costume I’ve ever seen in a comic film. I’d rather see a green painted guy an overly bulky stuffed Cap suit and that cheap excuse for a catwoman costume Hally wore. The Gl costume is actually the worst piece of clothing I’ve seen in a movie period.

            • I still say it is going to be darker than you think. I also think a second trailer will clear a lot of issues. But we will see.

              I think I may have convinced myself that I’m going to like it, because I don’t like costume either and Reynolds is miscast, but I think the universe they are tyring to create looks excellent. Maybe the sequel will have one of the other human Green Lanterns in.

  8. There should, by default, be a “It’s better than Green Lantern.” option on any opinion polls regarding super hero movie costumes.

    • I think Green Lantern looks just fine.

      • Metallic body paint is the next big thing.

        But it only works if you’re skinny and hairless. Trust me on this one.

        • I’m not going to trust you but my spidey says that I don’t want to ask any more questions, because I will not like the answers.

          • I think I also intended to write “Spidey sense” but got distracted by a wayward daydream.

        • Ouch! 8-)

  9. looks awesome

  10. I like the costume. It has elements military, superhero and the slightly modern road racing look for motorcyclists. I have to say this is shaping up to be a great summer for superhero movies. Do you think Fox and Sony are paying closer attention to what Marvel Entertainment is doing with look and story? I do like the directors for both Spider-man and X-Men movies.

  11. Engraverkev

    You got a crummy small theater that’s bass akwards than. I’ve got a tiny theater in my tiny town and for them 3d isn’t available. Never heard of a small theater that doesn’t show 2d and honestly have a hard time buying it.

  12. Man…the costume and shield looks vicious. The helmet looks alright but everything else is spot on.

      • Dawg? who are you Randy Jackson?

        • No it is just slang my man. I am from the DC area that is how we talk sometime when we get really excited about something. My apologies if it insulted you though.

  13. Perfect. I can’t wait to see this.

  14. That actually looks alot better than I thought it would.

  15. I so need that shield.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully there will be some decent replicas!

      • Yeah I seriously hope so, because it will be right next to my small yet growing collection of replicated weapons on my wall.

        • I hope there is a battered version like in the picture above. Very cool.

  16. Approved!

  17. that actually looks kool

  18. I’m not overly hyped about the suit but Captian America’s costume or uniform is by far the silliest looking costume in the comics but it works “in the comics” and that’s coming from a fan of Captain America. BUT one has to realize there’s only so much that one can do with Cap’s original design without it being campy, cheesy or unbelievable. I’m convinced that this suit is THE hardest to translate to film because of the shear color palette and believability of the design for a movie that is supposed to be based on a realistic world. That being said, I think they’ve done a phenomenal job in the design. Think about how terribly bad this could have turned out if they didn’t really put some real thought into this design. The design is great and I like the material so far for this era. Cap likes to ride motorcycles a lot so I can see him not getting skid burn if he was to jump or fall off wearing that thick material. It’s great and I can’t wait to see him in action after video/film editing.

    • It was always suspect to me, why put a guy in the middle of a war zone when he is effectively painted as a giant walking target?

      • @ Sam

        Like Superman, in a way Capt. is a symbol. Not only for his country but for freedom aint he? I know i seen it from the 90′s Spider-Man animated series but, but maybe for a sequel to Capatin America, wouldnt it be a idea if they tried introduced the Six Forgotten Warriors? I think if i remember right from the 1990 Captain America film there was a line where Capt. asked if there would be anymore like him. I know the heroes might seem cheesy to do on film but just came to mind for some reason.

    • I agree, Cap’s suit is one of the hardest to translate into film but this comes off pretty well.

  19. Costume looks great for the era the film takes place in. Helmet is ok. I just hope when The Avengers film comes around that the modern costume will include the wings on his mask & not painted on. Can’t wait to see this film and Capt’s return to lead the team in Avengers.

  20. Sweet. Not a thing to complain about! – Stark

  21. In the big cities here in the states 3D is pushing out 2D bigtime.

    The new Archlight theaters don’t offer any 2D versions of 3D films.

    Small towns are where you almost have to travel to, to see 2D.

  22. The suit looks nice. However I don’t have an issue with the GL suit. I mean lets be honest. What do we REALLY expect an “alien – light” type suit to look like? Leather? NO, of course not.

    I would imagine it would look pretty close to a CG suit.

  23. I wonder if the padding is supposed to be an early Kevlar like material. The costume looks amazing.

    Like DSM, I want a battle scarred shield too.

    • @Santa I agree, some sort of early Kevlar or Teflon material. That’s why it’s so crunchy and thick looking. The padding looks soft but it’s probably very tough material that you can’t even cut with scissors or a knife. I think that’s the concept that they were going for but the laymen mind doesn’t get it unless explained.

  24. i thought the shield doesnt get battle damaged since its made out of vibrainium and adamantium

    • whats he do have an arsenol of shields? from what i remmber cap only has one shield since the matrials to make it are so rare

      • @tankD,They’re burn marks, they probably can be wiped or polished right off. If not then it is the paint that is burnt off, it’s definitely not shield damage though.

    • i thought the shield doesnt get battle damaged since its made out of vibrainium and adamantium

      the shield in the movie is just going to be vibrainium not adamantium. i believe Marvel Studio cant use “adamantium” cause its link to Wolverine and FOX Studio owns that character and the whole “adamantium”.

      • The shield was an alloy of steel and vibranium produced by accident that couldn’t be replicated.
        Attempts to replicate it led to adamantium.

        I wonder if they’ll fit his steel triangular shield in there as a cameo.

    • Saving Quality: They added teh wings!

  25. The suit looks good, alot of detail and work put in on it. I kinda wish for the wing tip on the helmet but all still good, can’t wait for a trailer.

  26. That looks 10 times better than the dreadful costume Andrew Garfield is trying to pass off as Spider-man’s.

    • *like

  27. The costume looks good, if not great. But I don’t know about Chris Evans in it… We’ll see. I’m not judging… yet.

  28. Any idea on when the Movie’s website will open? ~ Stark