Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume – Official First Look [Updated]

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marvel captain america movie costume Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume   Official First Look [Updated]

UPDATE: Check Out a Hi-Res version of Evans as Captain America!

We’ve seen the concept art, we’ve seen the Entertainment Weekly Captain America magazine cover and we’ve seen Chris Evans’ stunt double in costume riding a U.S. Army Indian motorcycle. None of these images however, has offered us the full look of Evans as the title character of Captain America: The First Avenger in costume as the future leader of The Avengers.

That changes now as earlier today a leaked scan of an exclusive in-magazine image of the latest issue of EW made its way online. We don’t post scans of inside-cover exclusive images but EW has released it officially on their site in proper resolution.

Check out the image as Evans in the Captain America costume, sporting a helmet with drawn-on wings, and note the heavily armed (and armored) characters in the background:



captain america chris evans1 Chris Evans in Full Captain America Costume   Official First Look [Updated]


For an image of Evans in action as Captain America, go HERE!

I dig the new costume design however, especially how they integrated the star into his chest and shoulder pads. I do think from a material standpoint, it looks a little soft with the padding. No doubt, it’s designed intentionally this way to help him move in combat. The battle-worn shield looks amazing, as do the leather detailing and addition of the holster to his costume.

I wonder what Cap’s live-action costume will look like when he enters the modern era.

Now that we’ve seen both the full costumes for Thor and Captain America, knowing already what the Hulk and Iron Man look like, how bad-ass are The Avengers? If I were a CGI’d DC superhero, I might be tad worried…

Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee JonesHugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Captain America is of course, directed by Joe Johnston.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: Paramount

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  1. Looks ALOT better than that Captain America movie made in the 80′s.

  2. Uh… This looks like a pijama.

    • Dude,

      You must wear some WEIRD pajamas, LOL.


      • LMAO :)

      • Vic you don’t wear Star Spangled Pajamas with gun holsters and a helmet? Psh loser

      • Seriously Vic, your p.j.s dont have a web pattern, a red cape, claws, and a utility belt? Seriously?

    • I WISH my pijama’s looked like that!

  3. …I think my heart skipped a few beats, like when I first saw the Thor poster at the theater I go to.

    This literally gives me wowsers in my trousers. And that last line: “…if I were a CGI’d DC…” totally killed me.

    • On a related subject… is Cap wearing a cod piece under his jammies?

  4. Is that a pistol holster or a knife holster? I hope it’s a knife, I really don’t like seeing Cap with a gun. Only complaint I have, I think they did a good job of making it practical for WW II. I wonder if they will actually mention the shield’s vibranium/adamantium composition.

    • The original round shield was a Vibranium/steel alloy produced in a lab accident. Attempting to replicate that process led to the discovery of Adamantium.

  5. Well, we actually don’t know what the Hulk will look like, since the CGI version has been different in each movie, and the soul of the Hulk is changing once more as well. That said, I think this suit is overladened with padding and holsters. He’s a Super Soldier, for crying out loud! If the padding is there for the weather, he shouldn’t be affected as much by the cold! And maneuverability doesn’t seem to be something they took much concern over. Sigh…

    • It’ll be same version as ‘The Incredible Hulk’ for the most part. That’s in-continuity and part of Marvel Studios’ current franchise. Ang Lee’s Hulk was not.

      With Ruffalo playing Banner, perhaps they can change his face a bit, but I think it’ll be the same as what we saw the last go.

  6. it looks like he fights marshmallows

  7. Looks good

  8. i dont really like the ‘gridded padding’ he has on his abdominal and shoulder areas, they should have made it a tight fit around those area to show off the machoness of evans/capt america :D

    i wish one of the celeb personal trainers trained me, i gotta gain at least 15kg to get into the next division and be able to play with the big boys (i do martial arts) :D

    • Curious, as a Gracie Jiu Jitsu tournament competitor and a training partner of MMA fighters, why would you want to gain weight to compete when most guys are cutting weight to fight as light as possible?

      Onto the topic at hand, the Cap outfit looks pretty cool, but it does look like its a bit puffy and would bunch up during movement sequences…. And Chris Evans doesn’t have that Cap jawline in this shot….. I still am ridiculously stoked for this film

      • i’m currently 60kg and have somewhat small arms for my size so i need to build them up. my movement is pretty fluent so i doubt the extra weight will greatly effect me. in all honesty i dont really compete for attention etc i do it to see how much i have grown (not just physically but mentally) if i win then i win, losing is what really matters the most in my current mind set b/c it allows me to work towards something and to further develop my tactics etc to overcome hurdles. this mid set helps me both physically and mentally, it makes me more aware and allows me to react faster to sudden change etc

        • Just don’t insult our current president, if you want to keep your job. :-)

          • Rofl yea don’t insult him or say that you’d like your next fight to be against him lol

            I still love that he said that.

      • Ray I love Gracie MMA is the only sport I even bother watching anymore and I’ve been in to it for a long time. For awhile I wanted to get in to it before my accident and actually started training and learning. That’s fantastic that you work in the sport.

        As far as your gaining and cutting weight comment though that really depends on the fighters. Some guys stick to their weight very closely and lose or gain depending on who they are fighting. Also maybe the guy above is looking to up his weight class…Not sure though I know more about pounds than KG so not sure how much weight that would equal.

  9. He looks about three times more buff than a certain new web slinger. I’m looking forward to this flick. If nothing else, it’ll be a chance for Tommy Lee Jones to redeem himself after that other comic book performance he gave for DC. :|

    • i think him and spidey should swap suits ;) have you seen evans without the suit, he looks f***ing tank.

    • Two Face……

      • I can’t prove this, but I’ve heard a kitten dies every time one of Schumacher’s Batman movies is played.

    • Jason,

      Go pick up any issue of any comic book with Captain America standing next to Spider-Man.

      I’ll wait.



      • Vic as much as I hate hate hate Andrew as Spiderman and the way he looks in the role you’re very correct. Cap is suppose to be much bigger than Spidey though I would never call Spidey a scrawny little stick like Andrew is. Usually Peter has an average muscle size with loads of definition and really only looks small in comparison to the big guys like Cap.

        • I’m in agreement with that statement. It’s one thing to see such dramatic differences in comic books but to see it in real life simply resonates how incredibly huge Chris Evans has become for this role. I’m not sure but it looks like he might be bigger than the gentleman portraying Thor. Thoughts?

          • Looking at the Comicon photo where they are all on stage together, the size differential between Helmsworth and Evans looks pretty close to the marvel characters IMO…

    • Oh yeah, AGREED.

  10. Hmmm…not sure yet how I feel. Need to see a trailer first. Set pics never really translate the way film does.

  11. For people complaining about the body armor it is pretty historically accurate. They U.S. really only used body armor for flight personnel because it was too heavy for infantrymen(why a certain super soldier would be able to wear it). It was also made out of nylon and wasn’t capable of stopping bullets, only shrapnel.

  12. I like Cap’s WWII suit, about as much as Batman’s Dark Knight suit. Yes I know different comic brands but that’s my comparision.

  13. Are those possably the Hydra troops behing him? Thought they wore yellow suits. By the looks of this one shot, it looks to me like he’s captured by Red Skull possably. But again, what can one picture tell us?

    • AIM wears yellow, HYDRA wears green with yellow trim.

      • Okay, I think that’s what I meant.? Shows what I know about Marvel.

  14. u have to remember thats the 1940s cap not the avengers cap.

    • God I hope your right, it looks cool, but for ww2.

  15. The Justice League > The Justice Society > Young Justice > the Outsiders > Teen Titans > the X-Men > the avengers > fantastic four.

  16. looks like action figures to me

  17. Looks cool I’m forever pissed that this and other superhero films are all 3D at this point.

    • Then see it in 2D holmes :)

      • 2D not always available in smaller theaters…. Sherlock.

  18. Um, anyone else slightly worried about the 2 minions standing in the background? Usually its a bad sign when you see minions that share matching outfits, that can not be identified apart from one another. They are called disposable villains.

    But they are standing behind captain and he doesn’t look concerned so maybe they are not bad dudes, or perhaps they are more central to the plot. Anyway, I am curious. I these dudes aren’t some Foot Clan members, 2.0.

    • Dude, he’s being surrounded.

  19. Looking really good – definitely better than the new Spider-Man suit. While I’ve never had much confidence in Joe Johnston, it looks like Cap just might get a decent movie after all. Waiting for a trailer, though.

  20. We’ve added a poll regarding Chris Evans as Cap now that you’ve seen him in full costume.

    Vote now!


  21. During WWII, Cap carried a pistol and sometimes a machine gun. His more recent story’s have neither.

  22. Looks alot better than what i thought it was going to look. But i agree should of been a tigher fit on him.

  23. this has actually turned out a lot better than i expected. It really does look quite amazing, the only thing is that it does kind of look like he took the shoulder paddings out of his mom’s jacket and put it under his uniform

  24. My only complaint would be with the helmet, I think I’d prefer it if he just had a mask thing underneath a standard army helmet to make it fit the 1940′s feel. I’ve got no problem updating it after he’s thawed out, just not a fan of it the way it is here. Otherwise not a bad looking costume.

  25. Maybe it’s cuz I viewing this on a tiny-tiny screen, but that picture looks like a toy diorama. Doesn’t help with Goon 1 and Goon 2 being completely identical in the background either.

    Uniform looks GOOD tho.

  26. @ jwalka, its your soul that matters. Not your body.


  27. The material and padding look like some sort of teflon fabric. I’ve seen some material that looks like this before that is supposed to be highly durable and resistant to shrapnel, fire & knives. There’s some other material like this that resistant to certain bullets. Maybe this fabric is based off of that. If it is, then it makes sense.

    • I’ve heard a rumor that Howard Stark designs one of Captain America’s uniforms, so if this is the one then I would think that the material is very practical and durable hence the thick looking “teflon” looking fabric, padding and such. The shoulder padding probably braces some of the impact when his shield is hit really hard so that he doesn’t injure his shoulders while he’s bracing up against the inside of the shield.

      • Actually one of the special properties of the shield (being made of a vibranium alloy) is that it absorbs virtually all impacts.

        • @Mongoose, yeah I know that the shield absorbs the impacts. I’m just thinking that realistically that you know when he braces defensively or offensively with the shield, it’s up against his shoulder so it’s a possibility that the padding was made for an extra cushion. There’s no way that could he would feel absolutely nothing on is shoulder with the shield pressing against it if an rpg missile or something with an incredibly strong concussive force was to hit his shield pushing him or knocking him back.

  28. I would say the uniform looks pretty good from a period standpoint (that being a WWII combat outfit of sorts). The ultimate helmet even works and doesn’t look cheesy (you taking notes Warner Bros?) so I give it a solid +2.

    I’m not real fond of all the damage the shield appears to have taken but as long as it’s just cosmetic (meaning paint damage) and not actually structural like a gouge or dent, I’m ok with it.

    They had better not keep the look for the Avengers movie though. I expect to see the gun lost, a scalemail shirt and the loss of the helmet. The question is will he be issued the ‘new’ costume before the end of this movie or at the beginning of the Avengers?

    • I hope that they don’t reveal any shots of the second costume at all and it’s revealed at the end of the film before we go into the Avengers. By the time the Avengers comes out I imagine all the costumes would have had minor tweaks to make them work together better on screen.

      • yes there had better be a modern costume. It’s awesome, but for that time period. Need something cool for avengers.

  29. I think it looks good. I am very impressed.