Red Skull Speaks in New ‘Captain America’ TV Spot

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Captain America Red Skull Voice Red Skull Speaks in New Captain America TV Spot

Captain America: The First Avenger is still a major wild card in the summer 2011 movie lineup. The first Captain America trailer showcased a promising story and themes that seem to honor the character and his comic book source material, but was noticeably devoid of much action.

Subsequent First Avenger TV spots have given us a few fleeting glimpses of the film’s effects work and action, but nothing major. Today’s TV spot is much the same, but does offer one treat for fans to gush over: the voice of The Red Skull.

Played by Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, The Hobbit), Red Skull is Captain America’s primary nemesis – an evil Nazi commander who leads the organization known as Hydra. In the film version of Cap’s story, The Skull discovers a mystical artifact that gives him and his soldiers unimaginable power, while also setting into motion events that will tie Cap’s origin story to The Avengers, and the larger Marvel movie universe.

Previously we’ve seen Weaving in full Red Skull makeup (looking pretty menacing, in our opinion), but we’ve yet to hear the voice that will help complete the “frightening” depiction of The Skull that the filmmakers have promised…until now, that is.

Watch the latest TV spot for Captain America: The First Avenger below and see what you think of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull voice:

People have been putting a lot of focus on Thor‘s Loki (Tom Hiddleston), X-Men: First ClassMagneto (Michael Fassbender) and even Green Lantern‘s Sinestro (Mark Strong) as the best comic book movie performances of summer 2011 – but just as The First Avenger has been flying low on the radar, so has the theory that it could be Weaving’s Red Skull who ultimately steals the show. We know the actor plays a great villain (see: The Matrix) and here it seems he’s been given the look, and material, to make a truly great character out of a guy whose crimson complexion could easily slide off into campy or hammy territory.

What did you think of the latest TV spot? Still looking forward to this film? Hoping to see more action in subsequent previews?

Captain America: The First Avenger will invade theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Looks awesome!

  2. Wow. Finally showing some more action … and it looks sweet. It’s nice to see Steve doing some “super” things (i.e. jumping over the fence, etc.)

  3. Nice one liner.

  4. Technically Sinestro shouldnt be labeled as a baddy in the movie.

    • I was waiting for someone to point that out ;-). I tried going with “characters” – but I didn’t want a whole bunch of Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence stuff getting in the way.

      • Eh, Sinestro is a bad guy who just hasn’t shown his true colors yet.

        • Nope, he was a good Lantern at one point, and made a progression towards despotism on his home planet. The first GL film occurs before that progression starts.

          • I think that has been established, hasn’t it?

            • Of course it’s been established….didn’t you read the comment I’m responding to? He sounded like he wasn’t up to date on that detail so I was relaying it.

            • When he says “is a bad guy” it implies he’s bad in the movie, just hiding it until a sequel, which isn’t the case. Thus, my response.

              • I’m not implying anything, I’m just stating as a matter of fact that Sinestro is bad guy, weather he starts off “good” in this film is irrelevant, he WILL turn to the yellow side eventually. He is as much a “bad guy” as Magneto is in XMFC and no one seems to be bitching about that correlation.

                • Very good point- Magneto isn’t exactly bad at this point is he? Just… very irritable. =3

                • When you say “Sinestro IS a bad guy” you must be talking about the comics, where he IS, present tense, the bad guy. In the present tense of the films, he isn’t, and neither IS Magneto. He WILL be.

                  That you aren’t grasping this is strange to me.

  5. Looks good and looks like he has the wings painted on!

  6. Awesomeness! I been waiting for forever to hear him speak. Happy day. :)

  7. Far and away the best trailer for this movie yet. This one gets me excited… besides the Red Skull voice, we actually get a tiny glimpse into Caps post-transformation personality.

  8. Not enough material for me to make a good assessment. Then again, the filmmakers could be deliberately keeping Hugo’s role under the rug to keep its full surprise until the release. And that’s not always a bad thing.

  9. i think i sounded abit silly really, maybe ill sound better throughout the rest of the film.

  10. Keep in mind that Hugo Weaving is the kind of actor who tries to authentic. He may be speaking through a german accent in this clip too.

    • If he’s NOT using an accent, something’s wrong. I think I picked up on a German accent as well.

  11. I liked the new action scenes and the voice. Its a good day for Captain American fans.

  12. That Red Skull mask looks terrible. The mouth articulation is a joke. Just looks like prosthetics on top of a human head instead of looking like a real size skull. FAIL.

    • Remember,, this guy has no LIPS, or SKIN, so he is going to be speaking in an abnormal way. How’s he able to communicate so well without a lip or muscles like that? He has practically bare minimum tissue over his face. Lets cut it some slack here. lol

    • I have no idea what you’re complaining about, that is as good as it will ever get.

    • Probably the same person who would complain if they had made his head CGI.

    • Oh my God. It couldn’t look any better. You, FAIL.

  13. Cap: “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”– Awesome! :) hehe


  15. I don’t see how The Red Skull makeup gets much better than that. It’s pretty fantastic.

  16. Excellent!! But since they used Michael Jackson’s features as the template for Red Skull, they should’ve used his voice as well.

    • “You wanna be starting something.”

      • I understand the red skull screams out hehe when cap knees him in the skulls.

  17. It´s a sag thing that this 30 seconds teaser looks 10 times better than the 2 minutes trailer. I really hope this movie turns out to be good…

    • My feeling is that it’s because they left all the cool stuff out of that 2 minute trailer on purpose, and they’re building up to the release date with progressively more exciting spots.

  18. Hugo Weaving playing Red Skull… And kids are STILL complaining. About his voice for crissake… The whining never ends.

  19. cant wait for future cap.

  20. i know the movie is gonna be great,
    & this trailer did show sum action scense
    but this trailer seen weird
    it ran pretty fast like they 1.5 fast forward it
    because it was only 5 second
    also not sure if its my computer
    but the voices were a sec off
    and i was watch the trailer twice and it still did it
    idk jus look chessy i guess.

    but one thing for sure its going to be a great movie
    pretty sure way better then THOR.

  21. oops haha meant *33seconds long*.

    ..oh yea.. guess wat?..

    ..chicken butt lol

  22. Looks like a fun flick, at least. No idea if it will be a great movie. I hope it will be.

    I wouldn’t say such things as “it’ll be better than the Thor movie” because when you think about it, Thor’s story was much tougher to adapt to the silver screen from comics. That they did a successful job without losing anything in translation was pretty impressive.

    • @Phil, I have to agree with you about Thor. It was great for what they had to adapt. It had the easy potential to be disastrous but they did a great job, they just needed to add more time for the Destroyer scene with Thor and The Destroyer going blow for blow with each other, that’s the only part of the movie that disappointed me.

      • @Blastaar, I feel the same way. Thor could have used a little more action in their last two battles.

        Add five minutes to each battle and it probably would have brought in even more money. Show a bit more of the Warriors Three during the Destroyer battle. Then at the end, more Loki vs Thor – Loki’s illusions were AWESOME. One of the rare instances where I thought a movie could have used more special effects to improve its entertainment value.

        I also think that a couple more scenes to show Thor’s progress from an arrogant god to a humble hero would have been wise, just to improve the story a little more, sort of how the extra scenes for Terminator 2: Judgment Day made it so much better. Then it would have been a perfect movie, probably.

        Maybe they just ran out of budget money or time, though.

  23. The Red Skull most definitely has a German accent in this movie. There is audio footage from ComicCon 2010, where The Red Skull enters a forbidden or hidden fortress and finds the Tesseract(cosmic cube) and he definitely has a German accent there. It can be found on youtube, and I believe Screenrant posted it too. It can even be heard there : “Vat make to you so special?” I like how they captured Cap’s personality so far, “Im just a kid from Brooklyn” ; Cap is a badass but he’s a humble dude so he WOULD say something like that. “Is it to late to go to the bathroom?”, yeah who wouldn’t be ready to use the bathroom not knowing if they’re going to live through that. He probably already knows that some didn’t make it through or were mental retards afterwards. As much as I like Thor, I have to agree that this movie looks like it’s going to be surprisingly better(I hope). Evans is going to do fine, but Weaving IS going to steal the show. This year is “The Year Of the Villain”. I think Bucky and Dum Dum Dugan and the rest of The Howling Commandoes are going to have some great scenes as well. I’m so hyped for this movie, can’t wait!!!!!

  24. That m Jackson bit was funny as hell.

  25. Film is looking good so far. But I’m not very familiar with the red skull mythos, so can someone help me- why is the red skull’s head, well… red, and does he have any special abilities?


    • Anyone? how did he get that flesh eaten red face??

        • Thanks for the link. I found it interesting, but as usual it’s lacking info on his disfigurement. Judging from that video, he was born that way? with a ridiculous red skull? lol wtf
          The 3 minute bane video on there is awesome though.

          • It was a mask given to him by his mentor Hitler to strike fear into his enemies. I don’t recall when or how it became his permanent appearance. I’m sure the Marvel Wiki or some other source would tell you.

  26. I’m only going to watch this for Weaving, because he is always worth the admission price, but this tv spot and the trailer that went before look totally underwhelming to me. It lacks the epic wow factor of Green Lantern and Thor, and the brilliant characterisation of First Class.
    The dialogue is cheesey, the action looks uninspiring. I’m sure the film will have a lot more good stuff going on, but so far with this current marketing stratergy of not showing us anything, I haven’t seen anything worthy of my attention and money just yet.

    • I agree with you DrSamBeckett. I really am not very impressed by this film as of yet. I am a huge Marvel fan and right now I am very disappointed with Marvel altogether. Everything is underwhelming. Chris Evans as a lead actor is also uninspiring. As for Thor, it was merely a good film, not a great one. I thought the dialogue in Thor was cheesy and predictable, almost childlike. The plot in Thor was also very thin, the action also. I am seeing the same thing in the clips and trailers for Captain America. Cheesy, childlike dialogue, and almost non-existent action. I also am not impressed by the mask and CGI of The Red Skull. Spending money must be extremely hard for Marvel – even to make something worth seeing. We took our children to see Thor and we could have waited for a DVD. So far, Captain America is merely showing me another DVD wait for. I am not sure about wasting money again on another subpar film

        • Hmmm … had no idea you where Dr. Sam.

          • HA! Really? lol

            • @DSB Really?!?!?!?? I always pictured you as a bearded Englishman :p When I have the time I guess I’ll read through your other stuff.

  27. Oh wait… My error….Just checked the authoring. I assumed incorrectly :p

  28. I asked for it, and I got it. He’s going to hurl the shield. I hope it takes out a couple bad guys in that scene. Cant wait.

  29. @Kofi, I’ve been saying all along that Marvel should have been releasing 40’s retro style posters instead of these glossy photoshop types. There’s an exstremely badass 40’s retro poster done by Paolo Rivera. If I knew how to paste it here I would. Could you show it? If any body checks it out, then no doubt you would agree with me that THAT style is what Marvel SHOULD HAVE been pushing? Plus, the poster shows Cap punching Hitler, like the in the Captain America comic issue #1; that’ll help people to see more of what the movies’ about. Many people may not even give it a chance because of how they may feel about America but THAT poster says it all and would change many people’s minds.