‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Review

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Captain America The First Avenger Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is the last of the lead-in films to Marvel’s ambitious superhero team-up event, The Avengers, yet it also comes with the greatest potential to distinguish itself from the other Marvel superhero movies, as a period-piece with fewer direct ties to other Marvel films.

So, does the WWII-era setting allow director Joe Johnston to do something truly unique with his superhero origin tale (especially in a summer where we’ve already seen so many of them)? And does Chris Evans do the iconic and respected role of Captain America justice?

Short version: The First Avenger is the best comic book movie of 2011, definitely one of the best comic book movies in general, and it does its job of establishing the character as an iconic symbol of American ideals.

The story is classic, and yet, timeless: Steve Rogers (Evans) is a skinny asthmatic weakling with the heart of a patriotic lion. Steve wants more than anything to serve his country in the war against Hitler, but the enormity of his spirit simply isn’t enough to overcome the limitations of his frail body. Steve’s big heart catches the eye of Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), a scientist working to create a new breed of genetically-enhanced super-soldiers, who will turn the tide of the war in The Allies’ favor.

Along with his collaborator Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), Erskine successfully transforms Steve into a specimen of human perfection. At first used as a propaganda symbol, Steve yearns to put his newfound power to actual good use, as the hero Captain America. He partners with a pretty Allied Forces agent named Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and gathers an international team of special-op soldiers – including his best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) – to help combat evil.

Skinny Steve Rogers in Captain America First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) dreams of being a hero.

However: while The Allies have been bending science to further their goals, their enemies have done the same. Enter Hydra, a Nazi advanced weaponry division led by Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving). When Schmidt discovers a long-lost mythological artifact of immense power, he unwittingly sets Captain America on his most important mission yet – one which will ultimately give birth to an age of Marvels.

The First Avenger is a movie that does many things right – character, tone, acting, action – and yet, it somehow comes off as being very good, rather than amazing. That’s not an insult, at all; director Joe Johnston does a very admirable job creating the period setting and general “world” of the film. The historical set pieces all feel authentic, while the more fantastical comic book elements, although pulpy, still fit with the bygone era. This includes the advanced technology developed by The Allied Forces and Hydra, as well as the “magical artifact” at the center of the film, which has ties to the more mythological elements of the Marvel movie universe. There are also some great Easter eggs and nods to other famous films. I counted two Raiders of the Lost Ark references and one Star Wars homage. Repeat viewings will likely turn up more.

Action fans can rest comfortable: Johnston avoids the current trend of “shaky cam action” by staging competent action sequences shot at wide angles. It is refreshing to be able to actually see every punch or kick Cap throws, and we do indeed get some nice shield-tossing moments. While the action is competent, it never achieves jaw-dropping amazement in the way a Michael Bay action sequence does – but that’s OK, since Johnston and Co. have the much more valuable elements of story and character pinned down.

Chris Evans in Captain America Costume in First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Evans as Captain America in 'The First Avenger'

Indeed, Chronicles of Narnia screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus do a great job shaping the story of Steve Rogers’ transformation into America’s icon. The pace of The First Avenger is tight, and there are some genuinely moving moments in the film. Ironically enough, the movie is at its best in the beginning, before Rogers dons his iconic costume and picks up his shield.

Captain America has been an icon for so many decades because of who he is, rather than the feats he performs as a superhero. The film wisely invests ample time into firmly establishing the character, and then, keeps his good nature and strong spirit as the central theme of the story. In a time where so many heroes are being “re-imagined” as darker, grittier, versions of themselves, The First Avenger delivers a hero who is just as inspiring and wholesome – and unabashedly patriotic – as you remember him, without veering into preachiness, cynicism, or campiness.

The other trick the screenwriters pull off is weaving the many threads of the larger Marvel universe into the most cohesive standalone story since Iron Man. The First Avenger has the fortune of being a prequel to the events of the modern-era Marvel movies, which allows the filmmakers to dive fully into the telling of their own story, while the many requisite Easter eggs all get treated lightly enough so as not to distract the focus of the narrative.

Captain America and Bucky in The First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Cap (Chris Evans) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in 'The First Avenger'

The film is also fortunate to have the best all-around cast of any Marvel movie to date. The main players each bring something to the table that actually enhances the film – and in a cast this big, everyone gets a surprising amount of time in which to shine.

Chris Evans has successfully left his role as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four behind by owning the role of Steve Rogers – but again, it’s somewhat ironic that Evans is at his best when out of the costume. He’s particularly fantastic as that frail boy from Brooklyn – an idealist who is selfless and brave and doesn’t see any irony at all in the dichotomy between his outward appearance and inner strength. As Cap, Evans looks the part of a hero and handles the action scenes well enough – but it’s definitely in the dramatic moments where he really makes the character resonate.

The supporting cast of the film couldn’t have been better. Hugo Weaving adds another great villain to his filmography as The Red Skull – a menacing and maniacal villain, who stays grounded enough as to not be cartoonish (extra hard to do when you’re slathered in red makeup). Hayley Atwell shines equally bright as Agent Carter, a tough-as-nails Allied operative who still manages to be distinctly modern and feminine (read: hot). She and Evans do a great job managing the understated chemistry between Steve and Peggy – a true romance that has no real chance in the midst of wartime.

Chris Evans and Haley Atwell in Captain America First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Evans and Atwell in 'The First Avenger'

Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci bring needed authority and weight to their respective roles as the Colonel and scientist who give birth to Captain America; Jones in particular steals many scenes with some unexpected dry humor that only he could pull off. Some of the other secondary characters – like Toby Jones’ Arnim Zola and the diverse collection of actor’s who make up Cap’s “Howling Commandos” unit – get a bit shortchanged, but none of them were so charismatic that the absence is tragic.

Finally, young up-and-comers Sebastian Stan and Dominic Cooper garner some well-deserved attention as Cap’s best friend Bucky and Iron Man’s daddy, Howard Stark, respectively. Cooper manages to capture that Stark-brand swagger that’s both an imitation and expansion of what we saw in the Iron Man films, while Stan does enough development of Bucky to generate interest about the character’s possible future in the Marvel movie universe.

The only thing that prevents The First Avenger from being an excellent film (as opposed to a very good one) is the fact that there are no particularly spectacular blockbuster action moments. While the middle of the film doesn’t exactly drag, the flurried montages of Cap’s feats during the war (while necessary to create room for sequels) likely won’t blow anyone’s mind. The final battle between Cap and the Skull is well-executed – but as has been par for the Marvel movie course, the need to tell a bigger story limits the possibilities of what this one film can deliver.

As for the 3D: it’s post-converted but not horrible. Some shots and sequences were definitely interesting to see in 3D – but overall, you’ll be fine catching this film in plain old 2D.

Still, at the end of the day, Marvel’s iconic hero gets his due and America does too. A winning finish to the 2011 superhero movie season.

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4 out of 5

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  1. Okay…I FINALLY got to see the film. I give it a solid 3.

    The acting was great; the period-piece elements were superb; the many fan gifts (Stark’s precursor to Fury’s flying car and to SHIELD’s helicarrier was funny, and it was fun seeing one Human Torch looking at another ;) ) were wonderful.

    The film up until Steve got his actual combat outfit was fantastic, a solid 4…maybe even 4.5. THEN, it became just another fun, though very ordinary, summer action flick. From so stunning and promising a beginning, it came to such a commonplace, cookie-cutter ending.

    It was the best HALF CBM of the summer but by no means (IMO) the best CBM of the summer.

  2. This’ll definitely be added to the old blu ray collection, and for a bit of nostalgia did anyone happen to watch the 1990 version of Captain America on the Syfy channel late Sunday?

    • I did haha. Its terrible:D

  3. It was good movie, did a great job. I’m no comic buff, but was good entertainment which is what movies are….

  4. Saw this on Friday, my dad and I LOVED it.

  5. My dad was the biggest Comic book fan in the world!!
    I grew up in the 60′s And he fell in love with this movie!
    I did also. But really it was a fantastic comic book adaptation to the marvel franchise!
    And to be honest, I hate when people comment on this saying it was bad and “Unrealistic.” it’s meant to be a comice book movie!

  6. I personally like Thor better. I did like Captain America just expected more from it. I would rank Marvel comic book movies like this.

    1. Iron Man
    2. Thor
    3. Captain America
    4. Iron Man 2

    • Im sorry but Thor wasn’t better than Captain America…Your Wrong !

      • That is your opinion I think they were both great movies but I enjoyed Thor more as well.

      • Robert

        First of all it’s all a matter of opinion. Just because you think Cap was better doesn’t make it fact. He is not wrong he simply has a different opinion than you.

        Second of all Thor Was better than captain America :)

        • I dont get why THOR was better, not to say that THOR sucked cause I liked it but it wasn’t what I expect.

          • Robert

            Well again it’s all just subjective opinions, but for me personal Thor Was Better.

            Thor had better acting. Everyone in Thor gave a terrific performance, but in cap it was really only Tommy Lee Jones that shined wile everyone also was just average.

            Thor was more exciting and more edge of your sheet. Cap was very uneventful and very by the numbers simplistic.

            Thor looked better it had better effects cap had almost no effects.

            Thor had IMO the better story. Again Cap was very by the numbers. Thor held my attention and made me care for the characters. Cap no one ever evolved.

            Thor had more emotion for me. Especially with Anthony Hopkins you could feel all the emotions when he spoke. Cap was very dry and really left me cold.

            Chris Hemsworth was spot on perfect for Thor and honestly Evans wasn’t the best choice. He was just serviceable as cap. He lacks the chops to give a truly commanding performance and just never feels like cap through the entire film.

            Loki was a convincing villain, but Red Skull was not. He serviced no purpose other than to say I’m evil every once in awhile. Loki was compelling and interesting. He captivated the screen when he was on it. Nothing against Hugo Weaving he is fantastic, but he was let down by the writers.

            The female lead in Thor is a much better actress than the girl from Cap.

            As good as Tommy Lee Jones was in Cap he wasn’t as good as Anthony Hopkins and wasn’t really any better than Hemsworth or the Tom Hiddelstons Loki.

            • But what your not looking at is these two characters are different, Captain America is a Super Soldier thats human so I think Director and colleagues did a good job, I wouldn’t want to see a film that doesn’t need Thor effect because Captain America is about the 1940`s. Yeah I agree with you on Anthony Hopkins performance and Tommy Lee Jones but these are two different stories you dont need to add drama to CA, the Love interest of THOR looked like a high school girl in love with an old man Natalie Portman is a good actress but not for that film at least Hayley Atwell looks way better. I think CA had better action overall than THOR.

              • Robert just goes back to what I said before. It’s all a matter of opinion.

                I prefer a movie with some emotion and depth and Cap had neither. I thought Natalie was great in Thor and I also think she looks way better than Hayley Atwell. I also think Thor had far better action. I thought cap had very little action and what little action it did have was poorly handled.

                • I disagree on Natalie looking better, you might want to google at Hayley Atwell and their only like 2 action scenes in THOR first and scenes you kidding me !

                  • I don’t need to google Hayley I’ve seen her many times as well as in this film. I know what she looks like. She is attractive, but not any where near Natalies league IMO. Like I said everyone has different taste even in women and believe me there are plenty of people out there who would agree with me just like many would agree with you. there are large groups of men who would call Natalie the most beautiful celebrity period.

                    Thor has more than 2 action scenes. Way more and they are not short scenes either. Thor has much more action than Cap.

                    • Hi ;)

                      Personally, I think that Natalie Portman did a TERRIBLE job on Thor – I didn’t at any time in the film feel that she was a scientist. She was wonderful on Black Swan, but that was about it… the only other memorable role she ever played (IMO) was on Star Wars.

                      Also, if I got to pick between Portman and Atwell… I would chose Atwell. Natalie IS beautiful, but she just looks like a 15 year old girl – and an underdeveloped one at that – if you get my drift ;) oB-<

  7. That movie was so plain no fancy camera angles or eye poping action. I thought it was directed by Night M. Shyamalan. To me, any comic character who can’t do more damage then Rambo, Arnie, Stallone, Seagal, Norris and Vandamme doen’t need to be called a superhero.

    The Howling commandos didn’t even have a huge part in the film.
    Straight to DVD flick for me.

    If they managed to make Chris Evans skinnier, they could have made him more muscular as well.

    Red Skull had no charisma at all, Scott Paulin from the 90′s Z grade flick had more presence on screen. I still prefer Cap from the 90s.

    We’re in the 21st century, with cool technology,we can score high at the box office thanks to huge budget spent on overhype and marketing but can’t deliver a proper superhero movie which stays true to the comic book.

    • The way the movie was shot (camera angles) has actually been praised by most reviewers. I haven’t been so fortunate to see the movie myself yet, but from what most of the people are saying, it would seem that your opinion is in the “minority bin”.

      “Straight to DVD flick” – that doesn’t make any sense… how can it be a “Straight to DVD flick” if it was released in cinemas and is currently #1 at the box office?

    • It seems to me those who are criticizing Captain America about no fancy camera angles ???…no eye popping action ??? have no idea what their talking about, Dude this is Captain America not some other flying Comic Book hero, he supposed to be a SUPER SOLDIER. Also Red Skull is a BAD ASS Mother NAZI who wants to rule the world. Screw charisma you know how corny that will be if he had charisma in the film and I cannot believe you mention that the 90`s Captain America film was better because of Red Skull performance …PLEASE !

  8. Saw the film for a third time today. It just doesn’t stop being old for me! I am only 18 and I’ve been a fan of Captain America since I was a kid. I loved the film, the acting, the script, the casting. And today was no expception. You all wanna hear something funny/awesome? As I came out of the theatre with the other moviegoers, someone started to hum the USO song, then we all broke out singing it. And other people stopped who had also clearly seen it and started in with us. At the end, there must have been 40 people, counting me, singing that song. That is how awesome this movie was, if at the end, people join in singing the USO song, the song that is meant to be catchy and fun, but kinda cheesy. Its like the song says, “Who will campaing door to door for America, carry the flag shore to shore for America, from Hoboken to Spokane? The Star Spangled Man with a Plan!”

  9. It was alright; nothing too spectacular though.
    My main issue is that the film felt unfinished, like it should have had a part 2. I know it’s supposed to be a precursor to the Avengers movie, but the ending could have been better.
    Another thing that bugged me was the score. It was cheezy and sounded kind of like Austin Powers but it did add to the retro feel.
    I’ll note that these things didn’t bother me as much, on a socond viewing. Infact, that “unfinished feel” made me what to see a sequel. Hopefully, they’ll come up with one, so they can develop the supporting characters further and have cap KO Hitler (for real).
    What really lifted the film for me, was (to my suprise) Chris Evans. Tommy Lee Jones and Hayley Atwell were also excellent. It’s nice to see a strong, yet feminine female lead for once, unlike in GL and TF. Those performances, plus the retro gave the film it’s charm.

    I think I’ll give CA 3/5, somewhere between Thor and IM2 (leaning more towards Thor).

    • The score was great! Alan Silvestri! When did it at all sound like Austin Powers? Talk about bad wording.

  10. Movie was awsome, some people just are too harsh movie critics. Though perhaps Thor was alittle better.

  11. This Movie was the best of all CBM of this Summer, who ever desagree their were HIGH at the movies

  12. I would have to give this film 3 – 3.5 stars because I cannot give it a higher rating than Thor.

    IMO Thor was a better film from beginning to end that had better action sequences and better acting performances. That is not to say that Cap did a poor job in those areas, but rather not as good of a job.

    Cap was definitely a lot of fun to watch but I did have some issues with it, particularly with character development- where was it? I think that perhaps a lot of stuff was cut out because when Bucky Barnes fell and supposedly died i did not feel anything in that scene; and that scene should have been the emotional scene of the movie. There just was not enough there in the film between cap and Bucky.
    Also, I saw it in 2D and I thought that a lot of the action scenes looked like they were purely designed for 3d and not 2d (yes I know the 3d was post production), something that just should not be transparent in a film.

    From the first 5 Avengers origin films I would have to rate as follows:

    1-Iron Man
    3-Captain America
    6-Iron Man 2

    Not to say that Iron Man 2 was bad (because I liked all these movies) but just not as good as the rest. Cap is definitely in between those films, not lacking but also not standing out from the rest

  13. I’ve never been very interested in comics, although every man I’ve dated has been. I’ve picked up bits and pieces from them (becoming a bit obsessed with Harleyquinn along the way). This was my favorite comic book film that I’ve seen. There are better films that involved comics but I wouldn’t necessarily call them comic book films. Thor wasn’t even close (hard for me to say as someone of Norwegian descent) and the Iron Man’s and Hulk were good, just not as good. The pacing was good, the acting was very good, the style was very well done. All in all, can’t wait for the Avengers next year.

  14. No fun, no drama, no tension, no emotion. Cap America in a nutshell. Chris ‘charisma free’ Evans horribly miscast, as is Dominic Cooper. Tommy Lee Jones phones it in, Hayley Atwell just plain wooden. Stupid CGI with misplaced technology and a rubbish villain. Joe Johnston, hang your head in shame. Thor certainly wasn’t great, but it was better than this.

    • Daz I’m gonna guess you didn’t even see Captain America

      Don’t get me wrong it was by no means great it was mediocre at best and I agree that Evans sucked and was miscast.

      However, Tommy Lee Jones was fantastic. Every single reviewer that’s even a little respectable agrees on that. Most going as far as to say he out shines everyone in the film.

  15. I swear some people on here are just saying crap just to say it, Evans was damn good. He was not miscast, Atwell was good too, same goes for Cooper. This was the best damn Marvel film to date, better than Iron Man, better than Thor, etc. I understand everyone has an opinion but some of the reasoning is just plain stupid…if you didn’t like it, okay but some of you are treating it like it was Spider Man 3. It was awesome. Marvel studios’ best film yet. And Joe Johnston did a pretty damn good job so no he shouldn’t be hanging his head…

      • I’d agree with that ranking. I might put IM2 at third, but that’s just because I’m totally biased. I’ve been a major Iron Man fan for like 25 years. Your rating is probably more accurate.
        AVENGERS #1!

      • Would rank them a bit differently. I loved the treatment of Thor, although I seem to be in the minority there.

        Ironman I
        Captain America
        Ironman II (really disappointing)

    • Kontra look I know it’s rough when not everyone in the world agrees with you, but you need to learn to deal with it.

      No one is saying crap just to say it for fun. Some people just honestly don’t share your opinion.

      IMO Evasn was bad in the role of Cap. He wasn’t awful and there could of been worse like Paul Walker for instance, but there also could of been much much better. IMO he was not the cap i’ve read in Comics for years. He’s rarely convincing in any role. He’s always been a mediocre actor and had his chance to finally show something off and really just came out average. He was out shined and out classed by most the cast.

      He certainly doesn’t have a commanding leader like presence . Hemsworth and RDJ do. Both are believable as leaders and big time heroes.

      I get that you like it and it sucks when not everyone in the world shares your opinion, but thems the brakes kid.

      I’m not saying it’s bad don’t get me wrong. I thought it was ok, but not great. The only Marvel studio film that it was better than IMO was Iron Man 2. I agree it’s certainly better than Spiderman 3, but that doesn’t say alot. It was an average film though and wasn’t overly impressive.

      My Honest opinion and not just me talking crap just to talk crap. The movie was a solid 3/5, but nothing more.

      • @DanielF: You should really pay some more attention to your writing there buddy ;). Half the stuff you say doesn’t make any sense (in contexts), learn ow to use a comma once in a while ;)

        Also, why is “cap” spelled without a capital C, but “Comics” is?

        • Wow typical internet grabage. Ignore everything I said and trash my grammer. Wow you are so cool.

          Why is cap not capitalized and Comics is? Why are there not a ton of commas? Because I type really fast and this is a random comment on a random internet news site and it’s not an essay for school so I don’t give a crap. I don’t take the time to look it over and often times while I’m typing my fiance is getting mad at me and rushing me to finish so we can do something. Or my baby is crying and rather than take the time to be proper I have to just submit and run to her.

          Also BS on you not being able to read my comment or half of it not making sense. I get that you are a grammar nazi and like to pick on people, but don’t lie just to be little someone.

          • The reason I didn’t say anything about the actual comment is because I don’t want to argue – I agree with some of what you said, I also didn’t agree with a lot of the stuff you said, and some of the stuff you said I couldn’t really understand because of the language usage…

            But just for the record: it was never my intention to “pick on you” (or anybody for that matter). I just thought I would let you know, that because you type so fast some of the points you try to make become a little unclear (to me at least).

            I am truly sorry if I offended you. It was really not my intention.

  16. I was not disappointed at all. My biggest complaint is that I have to wait until next May to see more!
    Solid movie. Could have been more “super” heroics but they got the character down right so that makes up for it for me. I’m sure Joss Whedon won’t disappoint.
    DC needs to up their game big time.

    • Good news! You don’t have to wait till May 2012 for “more”!

      Marvel will be releasing a series of “shorts” that include some of the cast members of the Avengers (mostly Agent Coulson) – one of these short film will be available on the Thor DVD and another will be available on Cap’s DVD.

  17. Interesting to note that at 179 reviews on RT, this movie now has virtually the same approval rating as Thor did and could go higher since they usually top out at about 225 critics. Considering it started in the low 30′s that’s impressive.

  18. One thing I’m REALLY glad they did for Captain America, is how you can see that Peggy Carter actually starts to like Steve Rogers before he becomes tall and muscular. It would have been really superficial of her to pay him no mind until after that transformation. I thought it was really cute that she cared for him for his character more than anything else.

    ****SPOILER ALERT****
    What I didn’t really like was how little importance they put in the end to the fact that Peggy Carter is likely dead already. They just left it at “I had a date.” When if you think about it, it’s a really sad situation, but they just summed it up in a joke…

    • Agreed, Ken – that really irked me too! I really liked her character. What I’d reeeeeeeeeally like to see is some kind of wrap-up of that conflict in a sequel where he meets up with her when she’s a very old woman. It’d be heart-wrenching, but at least it’d bring some closure.

      • I thought about that too, Peggy as an old lady reuniting with CA for the first time in 70 years. I recently looked at some CA comic books and theres a part on Peggy in a wheel chair dont remember which one, but who knows maybe will see it in the AVENGERS or CA sequel

        • Maybe, that would be nice for them to see each other. It’s still sad, but would be better than nothing…

  19. It did what it needed to do. I thought it was great. Now onto what I really wanted to say.


  20. I waited longtime to see this film come about, I enjoyed it,, Im looking forward to the avengers ,, ps Mr Joe Johnston Im going to hold you to the Boba Fett venture please make it, you will breath new life into the starwars on screen. Please please please make Boba Fett you have a winner there, it would be terrific! you would be mad not to do it, you know the star wars universe,, Please we need some new star wars films all the best you have a great creative mind mr Johnston. Ps screen rant you continue to do a a great job here,, since discovering you I dont have to go near any film mag You guys do the movies best on all the lowdown God bless you all. Dv

  21. Having now watched the movie I have to say “wow!” While I accept that some might find some shortcomings with it, I really couldn’t see many.
    Does Chris Evans have the on-screen presence to compete with Robert Downey Junior? That we’ll find out next year.
    It could have been twice as long and I’d have sat there watching it.

  22. I think it’s pretty disappointing and quite transparent that you and most reviewers give a killer movie like suckerpunch such a bad rating and give Captain America such a good rating.

    The movie was insistfully campy and the whole throwback idea was very badly done. The character and plot development was lame and laid out to the point of being insulting, let alone being too long and boring. Once the action finally dug in all the action scenes were fast forwarded, complete waste of time!!!!

    • YOu call Captain America campy yet you praise Suckerpunch? Im sorry but teenage girls who dress up in unneccessary skimpy outfits and float off in a dream where they fight demonic samurai, orcs and nazi zombies so they wont be raped in the real world is as campy and as stupid as it gets. It was like a 12 year old came up with that

      • I totally agree with you about SuckerPunch the skimpy outfits were to bring out the virginal fanboys to a otherwise lame story

  23. i think X-Men first class was better but First Avenger was good great action brillient comedy thoughout and the Avengers scene at the end just takes your breath away.

  24. The period settings were exceptionally well done and Evans did an excellent job of portraying a humble, moral and patriotic American, comic book style.
    An enjoyable movie, especially the first half. The characters humanity came through, which led to some humor and made us root for Evans..
    The second half wasn’t nearly as compelling, although the action was excellently done. Johann Schmidt was a potentially great adversary, although his army of minions paled as warriors. They looked uber-tough but were dispatched with ease by Captain America.
    All in all, a worthwhile effort and I really liked Evans as Captain America, he even made the cheesy propaganda scenes believable.

  25. Overall it was a very good entertaining movie. It ticked all the boxes for a satisfying summer blockbuster. The action, humour, effects were all handled really well, it never got to frenetic and it always helps when the action sequences are free of that damn shaky cam.

    For me, the film peaked in the first hour. Many people bemoan origin stories, but I personally like them and feel that they’re necessary especially when introducing lesser know comic book characters to the screen. The story was built up so well, allowing time to get to know these characters. It was perfect how the war itself is referenced to but not made the main focus – just like Raiders of the Lost Ark. The main plot was the battle against Hydra and the film never strayed away from that point.

    Strange then that only when Rogers actually becomes Captain America the fighter, that the film doesn’t neccesiraly become worse, but it just becomes more of a procession. It should always be something seminal seeing the hero first time in full costume, but here it happened in a quick montage of sequences that you could never truly savour the moment. It would have been good to have expanded a bit on the super solider formula itself and more weight should’ve been added to the cube itself, but I did like seeing it’s effects being released in the climatic fight at the end.

    I agree with the others that the supporting cast were excellent, Stanley Tucci & Tommy Lee Jones especially. so strong were all performances that thankfully , you never felt Evans had to carry the movie in the same way Downey Jnr did Iron Man. He himself performed well, but still didn’t completely convince as a Steve Rogers.

    In comparison to Thor, Captain America is probably a better crafted movie, however it lacked any sense of awe and grandeur that Thor had. Yes, you wouldn’t get as much scope for that with the setting of Cap’s story, but still there was never anything that was truly standout. Nothing came close to matching the intensity of the Frost Giant battle, the beauty of Thor trying to lift his hammer, or the striking visual of the rainbow bridge. For me Thor made a more lasting impression as a film.

    What Captain America does show is why Marvel has been able to successfully translate it’s heroes to the big screen. They are able to trust the original concept and stay faithful to the source material as much as possible, unlike Green Lantern in which the focus was way off.

    I personally think a better end credits scene would’ve been to just see Rogers himself in a big block of ice.

    And finally and most importantly, Hayley Atwell, was at times very hot in this film, but overall I think Natalie Portman is the more attractive woman.

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  26. Suprisingly, I agree with a lot of what was said in this review. The one thing I disagree with is that Captain America: The First Avenger is the best comic-book movie of the year. I still feel that X-Men: First Class was the best.

  27. I just don’t understand why Screen rant would rate Captain America 4 stars. This movie is badly scripted. Character development is non-existent. And the Hydra army, they’re just there for the sake of being bad. It could have been a lot better but this movie doesn’t deserve more than 2.5 stars. One for the realistic setting and one for being just a movie. 0.5 for some actions. Nothing special or memorable.