‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Review

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Captain America The First Avenger Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is the last of the lead-in films to Marvel’s ambitious superhero team-up event, The Avengers, yet it also comes with the greatest potential to distinguish itself from the other Marvel superhero movies, as a period-piece with fewer direct ties to other Marvel films.

So, does the WWII-era setting allow director Joe Johnston to do something truly unique with his superhero origin tale (especially in a summer where we’ve already seen so many of them)? And does Chris Evans do the iconic and respected role of Captain America justice?

Short version: The First Avenger is the best comic book movie of 2011, definitely one of the best comic book movies in general, and it does its job of establishing the character as an iconic symbol of American ideals.

The story is classic, and yet, timeless: Steve Rogers (Evans) is a skinny asthmatic weakling with the heart of a patriotic lion. Steve wants more than anything to serve his country in the war against Hitler, but the enormity of his spirit simply isn’t enough to overcome the limitations of his frail body. Steve’s big heart catches the eye of Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), a scientist working to create a new breed of genetically-enhanced super-soldiers, who will turn the tide of the war in The Allies’ favor.

Along with his collaborator Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), Erskine successfully transforms Steve into a specimen of human perfection. At first used as a propaganda symbol, Steve yearns to put his newfound power to actual good use, as the hero Captain America. He partners with a pretty Allied Forces agent named Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and gathers an international team of special-op soldiers – including his best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) – to help combat evil.

Skinny Steve Rogers in Captain America First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) dreams of being a hero.

However: while The Allies have been bending science to further their goals, their enemies have done the same. Enter Hydra, a Nazi advanced weaponry division led by Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving). When Schmidt discovers a long-lost mythological artifact of immense power, he unwittingly sets Captain America on his most important mission yet – one which will ultimately give birth to an age of Marvels.

The First Avenger is a movie that does many things right – character, tone, acting, action – and yet, it somehow comes off as being very good, rather than amazing. That’s not an insult, at all; director Joe Johnston does a very admirable job creating the period setting and general “world” of the film. The historical set pieces all feel authentic, while the more fantastical comic book elements, although pulpy, still fit with the bygone era. This includes the advanced technology developed by The Allied Forces and Hydra, as well as the “magical artifact” at the center of the film, which has ties to the more mythological elements of the Marvel movie universe. There are also some great Easter eggs and nods to other famous films. I counted two Raiders of the Lost Ark references and one Star Wars homage. Repeat viewings will likely turn up more.

Action fans can rest comfortable: Johnston avoids the current trend of “shaky cam action” by staging competent action sequences shot at wide angles. It is refreshing to be able to actually see every punch or kick Cap throws, and we do indeed get some nice shield-tossing moments. While the action is competent, it never achieves jaw-dropping amazement in the way a Michael Bay action sequence does – but that’s OK, since Johnston and Co. have the much more valuable elements of story and character pinned down.

Chris Evans in Captain America Costume in First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Evans as Captain America in 'The First Avenger'

Indeed, Chronicles of Narnia screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus do a great job shaping the story of Steve Rogers’ transformation into America’s icon. The pace of The First Avenger is tight, and there are some genuinely moving moments in the film. Ironically enough, the movie is at its best in the beginning, before Rogers dons his iconic costume and picks up his shield.

Captain America has been an icon for so many decades because of who he is, rather than the feats he performs as a superhero. The film wisely invests ample time into firmly establishing the character, and then, keeps his good nature and strong spirit as the central theme of the story. In a time where so many heroes are being “re-imagined” as darker, grittier, versions of themselves, The First Avenger delivers a hero who is just as inspiring and wholesome – and unabashedly patriotic – as you remember him, without veering into preachiness, cynicism, or campiness.

The other trick the screenwriters pull off is weaving the many threads of the larger Marvel universe into the most cohesive standalone story since Iron Man. The First Avenger has the fortune of being a prequel to the events of the modern-era Marvel movies, which allows the filmmakers to dive fully into the telling of their own story, while the many requisite Easter eggs all get treated lightly enough so as not to distract the focus of the narrative.

Captain America and Bucky in The First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Cap (Chris Evans) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in 'The First Avenger'

The film is also fortunate to have the best all-around cast of any Marvel movie to date. The main players each bring something to the table that actually enhances the film – and in a cast this big, everyone gets a surprising amount of time in which to shine.

Chris Evans has successfully left his role as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four behind by owning the role of Steve Rogers – but again, it’s somewhat ironic that Evans is at his best when out of the costume. He’s particularly fantastic as that frail boy from Brooklyn – an idealist who is selfless and brave and doesn’t see any irony at all in the dichotomy between his outward appearance and inner strength. As Cap, Evans looks the part of a hero and handles the action scenes well enough – but it’s definitely in the dramatic moments where he really makes the character resonate.

The supporting cast of the film couldn’t have been better. Hugo Weaving adds another great villain to his filmography as The Red Skull – a menacing and maniacal villain, who stays grounded enough as to not be cartoonish (extra hard to do when you’re slathered in red makeup). Hayley Atwell shines equally bright as Agent Carter, a tough-as-nails Allied operative who still manages to be distinctly modern and feminine (read: hot). She and Evans do a great job managing the understated chemistry between Steve and Peggy – a true romance that has no real chance in the midst of wartime.

Chris Evans and Haley Atwell in Captain America First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Evans and Atwell in 'The First Avenger'

Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci bring needed authority and weight to their respective roles as the Colonel and scientist who give birth to Captain America; Jones in particular steals many scenes with some unexpected dry humor that only he could pull off. Some of the other secondary characters – like Toby Jones’ Arnim Zola and the diverse collection of actor’s who make up Cap’s “Howling Commandos” unit – get a bit shortchanged, but none of them were so charismatic that the absence is tragic.

Finally, young up-and-comers Sebastian Stan and Dominic Cooper garner some well-deserved attention as Cap’s best friend Bucky and Iron Man’s daddy, Howard Stark, respectively. Cooper manages to capture that Stark-brand swagger that’s both an imitation and expansion of what we saw in the Iron Man films, while Stan does enough development of Bucky to generate interest about the character’s possible future in the Marvel movie universe.

The only thing that prevents The First Avenger from being an excellent film (as opposed to a very good one) is the fact that there are no particularly spectacular blockbuster action moments. While the middle of the film doesn’t exactly drag, the flurried montages of Cap’s feats during the war (while necessary to create room for sequels) likely won’t blow anyone’s mind. The final battle between Cap and the Skull is well-executed – but as has been par for the Marvel movie course, the need to tell a bigger story limits the possibilities of what this one film can deliver.

As for the 3D: it’s post-converted but not horrible. Some shots and sequences were definitely interesting to see in 3D – but overall, you’ll be fine catching this film in plain old 2D.

Still, at the end of the day, Marvel’s iconic hero gets his due and America does too. A winning finish to the 2011 superhero movie season.

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  1. Going to see it tomorrow afternoon with friends.

  2. Just putting this out there, I am a HUGE Marvel Comics fan; it is obvious many of you are as well. I really want to see these characters do well on screen since I grew up reading them. so my opinion could be a bit skewed at times but I don’t think it has been basis that much.

    I could a prison of the moment – Just saw it 20 mins ago.

    Capt. America is exactly what you think it is going to be:
    - Over the top, rockwell feel to it, cheesy at points
    - GO USA GO USA always being thrown at you
    - A nobody that is so squeaky clean manages to stay that way the entire film.
    - the music playing a huge part in it and having its own presence.

    I can’t think of a movie in the last 10 years that really has the FEEL of this movie.

    And that is why I loved it. it wasn’t your gritty Nolan batman that is trying to be so much more than what it is. The acting was what it had to be in the film, nothing more, nothing less. Wish there was a spoiler page already, because there is so much you can go into detail about why this film was good. It was a stand alone film that tied in Avenger stuff, wasn’t dragged along with Avenger this and that from what I felt. First 30mins of the film is by far the best in my opinion.

    I will just say they have CLEARLY showed that they have full intentions of making a Winter Soldier film. Even though the writers, producers and whoever are talking about it – I think they are a lot more interested in that story / wanting to produce it than they lead on in interviews. And, Tommy Lee Jones was awesome in it. He stole every scene he was in.

  3. the best superhero movie of the summer.. great movie

  4. Incredibly good, I cannot believe how amazing this film turned out! Great surprise

  5. Great film, and the best since Ironman. Covered the origin story wonderfully. Red Skull looked amazing on screen.

    Only a few things weren’t spot on. It was overall a bit dark the pacing was abit off at the beginning, and would’ve loved cap to get more screentime in action. But overall it definitely deserves the 4/5 if not better.

  6. After following your good website for a while now, only thing which bothers me is mostly all big budget movies get great reviews from you. May it be Transformers 3, Thor, Captain America. You are always giving positive reviews for these, whereas most other reliable site are not that positive about these.

    Me and my friends didn’t find Transformers, Thor etc movies as good as you suggested in your reviews and now you are all this positive about Captain America. I will pass and wait for renting on DVD.

    • @ Jayjay

      Reading criticism doesn’t mean you just go with whatever we say. If you know you tend to have different tastes than we do, then you read our reviews with that context in mind.

      Us not having the same tastes as you do in no way shape or form makes us “unreliable.”

    • Are you kidding? The film which will not be named had a huge budget, and it was given a horrible rating by Kofi. Transformers 2 had a huge budget, and it too was reviewed badly by SR. I just came from CA, and I can tell you I agree with Kofi’s assessment. The film wasn’t a huge CGI and action fest, like TF3, but the acting, humor, and story were great, as well as the action. If you want nothing but effects and action, stay with TF3; otherwise, give CA a try.

      • “it (t3) too was reviewed badly by SR.”

        Transformers 3 was given a 4/5 rating by SR.

        • He said Transformers 2 not 3

    • Thor received 77% positive reviews. How is 23% defined in your world as “most?”

      Sounds to me like you have preconceived thoughts and feelings about movies like this. It also sounds like you have made up in your mind that “everything on SR must be wrong because I like movies they don’t.”

      Just wondering, why are you trolling the comments section on this article if you don’t like these movies? What’s the point?

    • jayjay…you are grossly mistaken in this matter. You should reconsider your position. That is all.

      • He disagrees with you, so he’s wrong…is THAT what you’re saying? Wrong. That is all.

        • Yes Archaeon, you are correct in this matter. ;^)

          • Yes, Barry…I AM correct…that it is wrong to call someone else wrong just for disagreeing with you.


            • Archaeon…JayJay stated his opinion on the topic under discussion. It was/is my opinion that his opinion was/is grossly mistaken. I stated this and suggested that he reconsider his position. I did not then and do not now have any interest or desire to get in some protracted argument with JayJay. He stated his opinion and I stated mine. I simply believe he is grossly mistaken and should reconsider his position. That is the extent of my feeling on the matter.

              Now you inject yourself into the exchange, apparently under the impression that I have horribly wronged JayJay…who has almost certainly seen my comment by now and has, as of this writing, not deemed it important enough to respond to. You would prefer that I had called him a series of childish names, while questioning his ethnic heritage, the legitimacy of his birth, and his intelligence level? I saw no reason to be so rude to the fellow. I simply feel he is mistake and should reconsider his position.

              You seem to be under the impression that I have committed some moral or ethical wrong. I TOTALLY reject the notion. Please climb down off your high horse. You will find that if you stay up there long enough, you WILL fall off and it will be a loooong fall.

              Or to put it more simply…GEEEEEZ DUDE! You are taking this whole thing WAAAAAAAAY to seriously! GET OVER IT!

              Have a WONDERFUL WEEK! No, really… Best Wishes to ya! 8^)

              • @ Barry: So far I’ve been on your side, but this is really getting a little old ;)

                The guy has his own opinion… you are allowed to contradict that, but saying that he is “wrong in that matter” is wrong within itself. I for one also didn’t agree with what a lot of people are saying (here’s looking at you Roldan ;)), but I never once said that he is “wrong” – I simply said that “the majority disagrees with you” – maybe you could try doing that instead of blatantly saying “YOU ARE WRONG IN THIS MATTER”.

                P.S. Saying stuff like “was and will always”; “was and is” “did not and was not”; etc. REALLY doesn’t make you sound smarter – it kinda just makes you sound like a tool.

                P.P.S. I didn’t know that people still use the word “fellow”! :D

                • @ TheAvenger…Well we DO agree on this…this is getting old.

                  OK, first off, for whatever it might be worth…I didn’t say JayJay was WRONG. I said he was mistaken…well OK, grossly mistaken…and yes I know it means the same thing. I just think the man should not deny himself the pleasure of seeing the flick on the big screen.

                  If we had been speaking in person I would have made the comment with a wink and a pat on his shoulder. Perhaps I should have added a ;^)…or left off the “grossly”. In any case, again, I think this whole thing is being taken way to seriously.

                  P.S. OOOOK…whatever you say. 8^

                  P.P.S Glad ya like the “fellow.” I’m and old guy…well not oooold…more like middle aged…well not middle aged more like…oh never mind…there’s younger dirt on the ground. I can actually remember a world BEFORE mans walked on the Moon…bought CAPTAIN AMERICA comics for 12 cents.

                  P.P.P.S. Where ya gettin’ the smileys…Gravatar.com?

                  • To use smileys you just type : followed by ) or: and then D (don’t include the nose) the result should be :) or :D… and for the wink-smile ; and then )

                    “P.S. OOOOK…whatever you say. 8^\” – Heeeyyyy! Don’t use sarcasm on be buddy! ;)

                    P.S. Glad to know that this whole thing is settled now… everyone is entitled to their own opinion and as long as everyone knows that, I’m cool :)

  7. “I counted two Raiders of the Lost Ark references and one Star Wars homage. Repeat viewings will likely turn up more.”

    Which/Where/What were they?

    • Raiders #1 : “While Hitler is digging for trinkets in the desert.” – The Ark in Tanis, Egypt.

      Raiders #2 : The Flying Wing aircraft and the Nazi/Hydra Soldier who gets chopped by the blades.

      Star Wars: The motorcycle chase sequence and the speeder bike sequence from Return of The Jedi.

      I counted at least three more “nods” to either other films or the Marvel Universe.

      • Well, to be fair Joe Johnston did work on those movies…

  8. Loved the film! It was great seeing/hearing the homages to other films!

    The movie did pretty well setting up a fantastical version of WWII, and I thought the USO and propaganda film clips were dead-on. Almost every former iteration of Cap’n America was to be found!

    Best superhero movie ever? Best one in a few years, for sure.

    Crom is pleased.

  9. I see Vic got rid of that raci…that comment. Good job, Vic.

  10. Despite needing to get up for work by 6 am I went with my daughter to the midnight show and am I ever glad I did! The filmmakers did a great job in bringing our hero to life, something that was perhaps more appreciated by myself than anyone else in the packed theater we went to as I was reading the Captain’s comic books before any of my fellow moviegoers was even born. At age 57 I was definitely the oldest person in the place, as virtually the entire crowd was made up of young people, mostly males, in their mid to late teens and twenties. For me the film was a very smooth rendering of the comics as I remembered them, and the differences in the costume didn’t matter at all as I thought they might. Throw in that great look of WWII, a sensational bad guy in the Red Skull, and just enough romance to make things interesting without being distracting, and this is one outstanding work if you have any interest at all in the genre. After Captain America, the Howling Commandos were my favorites back in the day, and seeing them in the film as well was a nice treat. Could a spinoff WWII flick featuring the Howlers be down the road?

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  12. I just saw the movie and it was awesome. I loved the origin story of Steve Rodgers as a person and what made him so perfect as Captain America and the action sequinces were good(im glad they didnt do the shakey cam, i hate when they do that). But to me halfway through the movie was a little rushed, i just wish there was more action scenes with Cap and the Howling Commandos, but overall it was a good movie.
    What was also cool was references to other Avenger characters from Bucky holding Caps shield, the cosmic cube in Thor, and if you watch Iron Man 2 when hes looking at his fathers notes you see the cosmic cube which im guessing is what Howard Stark based the the arc reactor and the new element Tony created in the 2nd movie, also if you listen to some of the weapons powered by the cube in Cap. America sound like Iron Mans repulsors. I know there is also a reference to the infinity gauntlet in Thor and since the cosmic cube is the main theme of the Avengers i wonder if Thanos will make a cameo or if theres reference to him. I wouldnt want him to be a villan yet, if they are trying to pull off the beginning of the Infinity Gauntlet its too early, theres not enough characters and too long of a story for one movie. I hope the Avengers is going to be a awesome movie and not like spiderman 3, or X-men 3, i dont even want to get into the whole Venom and Phoenix letdown.

  13. Just read Harry Knowles review at Ain’t It Cool – he’s going nuts over this movie – He thinks it may be his favourite superhero movie ever !!!! Can’t wait to see it when it opens in the UK next weekend.

  14. CATFA was awesome. Chris Evans makes a whole lot better Cap than he makes a Torch. The post credit scene was great, even though I didnt catch anything of The Hulk in it. Cap was the best comicbook movie of this summer.

  15. I liked it. I thought that it did a great job of telling it’s own story while keeping an eye on the bigger picture of The Avengers franchise.

    Like with Thor and Green Lantern, though, I was bothered by the all-too-recurring dynamic of the brave but simple hero going up against the super intelligent villain. For once, can’t the villain be a brawny simpleton and the hero be an amazing intellectual?

    • You mean like almost ever superhero movie ever? Here are a few examples:
      1. Iron Man (Stark – genius) vs. the Iron Monger (Stane – idiot business man).
      2. FF (Mr.Fantastic – genius) vs. Doctor Doom (also a genius – but not as smart as Mr.F)
      3. Spider-Man (very smart college student) vs. Sandman, Venom, etc. (all idiots)
      4. Even Bruce Banner (genius) vs. the US government (I won’t say anything ;)) and the Abomination (idiot).

      Need I mention more?

      • TheAvenger…

        I wouldn’t say ALL of the “idiots” you mentioned actually were…The MOVIE Abomination was actually strategically brilliant, just psychotic, and Doom was likely as smart as Reed, just WAY too arrogant and full of unearned pride.

  16. I am life long comics fan this was an awesome film, and all i want to say is wow and well done!!

  17. This was by far the worst movie I have seen all year!!! So boring…terrible ending. Wish I had passed. Nothing against Evans…too my history and not enough action.

    Now, The Avengers is one movie I would never see.

    • Well, apparently the rest of the world disagrees with you.

      • Yeah, “the rest of the world”. And like if I gave a [insert f word].

        • You are mistaken in this matter. That is all.

          • You keep saying that…as if it’s clever. It’s not.

            • Truth does not have to be clever.

              • The comment should either convey truth or cleverness. Your above comment does neither.

                • Well I think you know the drill by now. You are mistaken in this matter. My comment IS both Truthful AND clever…if I do say so myself. And…I DO!

                  Remember the immortal words of General Abner Doubleday who said…”Oooooh, don’t take the WORLD SERIOUS!” ;^)

        • Okay, if you don’t like these Marvel movies that’s your problem. Frankly, I don’t care, but that doesn’t mean that you can bash everything that Marvel makes. If you didn’t like Cap, that’s fine, but don’t bash the movie, dude. And if you’re not interested in seeing The Avengers that’s okay to, but there is no need to around telling the whole world that you don’t want to see The Avengers.

          It’s obvious that you just seek attention, but I doubt that you’ll get it here. So maybe you should just find another site where you can freely bash Marvel as much as you like.

          • Actually, that is PRECISELY what he’s allowed to do in the comment section of a review…as long as he doesn’t insult the reviewer or others commenting.

      • TheAvenger

        Really The rest of the world ?

        Bit of an over exaggeration don’t you think. It did recieve a decent amount of bad reviews as well as just a mediocre box office. I wouldn’t declare that the rest of the world disagreeing with him.

        Do the majority disagree? Sure, but not the rest of the world.

        Also I’d add I don’t agree with him. While I think SR overrated it hugely and it really isn’t that great it also isn’t that bad. It’s an average movie that’s ok. It’s not as bad as Spiderman 3, but wouldn’t make top 10 comic films of all time IMO either. It’s very average.

    • If you were looking for a lot of action and effects, then I can see why you didn’t like this. I’ll take a wild guess and say that your favorite movie this year was Transformers 3?

    • …… dude how can u hate this.. this was by far the best superhero movie of the summer

    • To everyone. No, Transformers 3 sucked very bad, my favorite movie this year so far has been First Class. I don’t hate Marvel, I hated the movie, and if this is a preview of The Avengers, I won’t be there. And no, I’m not seeking attention, I’m just giving my opinion on the Comment Section, which is fine as long as I’m aware.

      • Okay, I can accept that.

        But can you please tell us what you hated about Cap exactly? What aspects of the film did you find distasteful or bad?

        • It just wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. The villain was almost lame, the acting wasn’t that superb, the story was mediocre. Nothing memorable. That’s my humble opinion, though.

          • Alright… I can respect that.

            P.S. Even though this movie wasn’t to your liking… I still think that you should pay some interest to Avengers… remember: it’s going to be a different director, different setting, different cast, etc, etc.

  18. Looks like I have to be the wet blanket here.

    While I over all liked the movie,I think that there was a lot of it that fell very flat.

    First,I thought that the first act of the movie far exceeds the rest of the film in almost every aspect.Character development was solid,the skinny Chris Evans was flawless,but the rest of the movie seemed to be missing something.

    Personally,I think that Evans was a great Steve Rogers,but for some reason,he just didn’t work for me as Captain America.I liked the way that they portrayed the sense of duty that he felt obligated to,but he just didn’t bring a commanding presence to the “Captain America” that I think the character demands.

    The effects were pretty sub-par most of the time also.Seemed like they put all of their efforts into Skinny Steve and Red Skull.Everything else was just status quo or really not all that impressive compared to it’s fellow Avengers movies.

    I think that the death of Bucky(this really shouldn’t be a spoiler,if anyone thinks that I’m spoiling some of the plot) was handled very poorly,and was an overall lackluster moment in the movie,which should have been a bigger deal.

    Lastly,after the sequence when Steve was fully transformed,and,let’s just say,had to show off his new abilities,I never felt that you actually see how much Captain America can do.You know that he extra strong and fast,but that’s just because of what was established earlier.

    Kofi,I will have to disagree with your assessment that this was the best comic movie of the year.X-Men:First Class was a better movie to me,not by a whole lot,but it’s a better movie just because I felt that the action and character development was a bit more well rounded.There were some characters that I felt that didn’t get enough time to develop,but in all,the dynamic between Xavier,Eric,and Sebastian Shaw was better than the characters in Captain America.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  19. IMO, this is easily Marvel’s best film b/c it has something that’s been missing from the previous films….HEART. Iron Man had a little bit of it, but that was lost in IM2 (along with a decent script, acting, and about everything else), Thor, and TIH.

    • I would say it’s behind the first Ironman for me.I also liked The Incredible Hulk better as well,so I would say that it’s number 3.

  20. I have to agree with Ghost. This in my opinion, is THE greatest Marvel Studios movie. The fact that most people thought negatively about this director, the main actor, and the whole story of the “American” theme of how cheesy and jingoistic it could have been, shows that this movie has DEFIED all of the negative odds against it and BELIEVE me, this movie had more ODDS AGAINST IT than anything. This movie is not perfect but as Ghost said, it has a lot of heart and I loved watching this even more than IRON MAN #1 AND THE DARK KNIGHT. It was fun, nostalgic, great acting, and great effects. Them not going “over-the top” with Cap doing incredible martial arts & CQC(closed quarter combat), helped to keep the character still grounded and DEVELOPING within this FIRST movie without making it too unbelievable for him to have learned all of that in such a short period time. Iron Man just had the “COOL FACTOR” connection with today’s energy & pop culture but contrasts CA:TFA perfectly in its own way of the two eras.

    Because of the heart, emotion, great acting, fun of this movie and how it made me actually care about the protagonist, I actually rank it higher than Iron Man and TDK. BUT TDK & IM are better in terms of being a little more EXPLOSIVE and ABRASIVE. Although CA:TFA maybe just “a little” too smooth and wholesome, that’s ok for this kind of movie. I was never expecting a “Private Ryan” type of movie, this was meant to be serious but also fun, epic, and nostalgic without taking itself TOO seriously. My personal TOP 3 CMBs #1)CA:TFA #2)Iron Man #3)TDK.

    • “Them not going “over-the top” with Cap doing incredible martial arts & CQC(closed quarter combat), helped to keep the character still grounded and DEVELOPING within this FIRST movie without making it too unbelievable for him to have learned all of that in such a short period time.”

      Not trying to attack, but they could have thrown Cap into more hand to hand situations and it would have worked if they were so inclined. The montage doesn’t portray it too well, but the movie takes place over a period of several years, not days or weeks. By the end, Cap was supposed to have been around over the course of the war years.

  21. Deffinately a movie that WILL catapult some people’s careers to instant stardom or A-List level( Chris Evans and Haylee Atwell respectively). Sebastian Stan, Richard Armitage, Derek Luke and Neal McCdonough are on their way to get a lot more work towards being well known. Some critics actually said that they hated Tommy Lee Jones’ performance, how stupid is that, he practically stole the show. This is The Number #1 cbm in my book almost tied with Iron Man, then there’s #3)TDK, #4)Incredible Hulk, #5)Thor.

  22. This movie kicked ass. It was highly entertaining. Some may have a problem with it’s light tone and lack of brutishness. The action scenes could’ve been extended a little longer but overall it was great. Chris Evans was born to play this role and Johnston did his thing by directing a beautiful, fun, solid action picture with heart. Hugo Weaving is great and doesn’t go over the top playing the villian. Hayley Atwell is also good in her role, playing a strong woman for a change and not the damsel in distress. It’s a movie that I could watch over and over again and not get tired of. It’s the the rare superhero film where the main character and his story are just as intriguing out of the costume as in. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

  23. Just saw the movie I think like some i was expecting a few more action scenes at least with him doing some training when he first became Cap but I know movies can only be so long.The one thing I did like that I know they can’t cover with his time in WWII with The Invaders but I did like that they had Professor Horton’s Human Torch at the fair Steve and Bucky attended.

  24. Is the Avengers being shot in 3D or will it be post-converted like CA?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s being SHOT in 3D:
      1. The post-converted stuff never looks “amazing” and we all know that Marvel is trying to make The Avengers as “amazing” as possible ;).
      2. Considering the film’s huge budget, I would imagine that they could cough up enough money for the expensive 3D equipment.

      • It’s been denied the film will be shot in 3D, and you can most likely assume it to be post-converted unfortunately. It looks as though I’ll be watching it in 2D.

        • NOOOOOOOO!
          *Sob* *Sob* Why would they do that! They should know by now that post-converted 3D almost never works.
          Well, that bit of news just ruined my day…

  25. Red Skull was not scary enough and had little charisma. The tone of Weavings voice should have been a few octaves deeper. It’s not enough to simply ‘look’ the part and get an accent down pact.

    • It Doesn’t matter, it will be Cheezy to listen Red Skull talking like a Monster. I think this Red Skull was good just plain simple

  26. Red Skull was not scary enough and had little charisma. The tone of Weavings voice should have been a few octaves deeper. It’s not enough to simply look the part and get an accent down pact.

  27. Red Skull was not scary enough and had little charisma. It’s not enough to simply look the part and get an accent down pact. His voice should have at least been a little deeper.

  28. Not better than transformers 3

    • Anything is better than Transformers 3. Lost interest when there was an hour left. This was much better and had an actual PLOT


    if..you hate laughing crowds, jumping seven year olds, reprimanding and hushing parents, old fashioned love story emotion, action WITHOUT gratuitous violence, solid story-telling, and the Captain America comic book..

    On the other hand if you like all that stuff, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and even the last two Spiderman’s have just been thrown (not shoved) to the back of the line!

    Anybody who says this movie wasn’t great works for Hydra and should be arrested for posting here- Vic you got that covered right?