‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Review

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Captain America The First Avenger Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is the last of the lead-in films to Marvel’s ambitious superhero team-up event, The Avengers, yet it also comes with the greatest potential to distinguish itself from the other Marvel superhero movies, as a period-piece with fewer direct ties to other Marvel films.

So, does the WWII-era setting allow director Joe Johnston to do something truly unique with his superhero origin tale (especially in a summer where we’ve already seen so many of them)? And does Chris Evans do the iconic and respected role of Captain America justice?

Short version: The First Avenger is the best comic book movie of 2011, definitely one of the best comic book movies in general, and it does its job of establishing the character as an iconic symbol of American ideals.

The story is classic, and yet, timeless: Steve Rogers (Evans) is a skinny asthmatic weakling with the heart of a patriotic lion. Steve wants more than anything to serve his country in the war against Hitler, but the enormity of his spirit simply isn’t enough to overcome the limitations of his frail body. Steve’s big heart catches the eye of Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), a scientist working to create a new breed of genetically-enhanced super-soldiers, who will turn the tide of the war in The Allies’ favor.

Along with his collaborator Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), Erskine successfully transforms Steve into a specimen of human perfection. At first used as a propaganda symbol, Steve yearns to put his newfound power to actual good use, as the hero Captain America. He partners with a pretty Allied Forces agent named Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and gathers an international team of special-op soldiers – including his best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) – to help combat evil.

Skinny Steve Rogers in Captain America First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) dreams of being a hero.

However: while The Allies have been bending science to further their goals, their enemies have done the same. Enter Hydra, a Nazi advanced weaponry division led by Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving). When Schmidt discovers a long-lost mythological artifact of immense power, he unwittingly sets Captain America on his most important mission yet – one which will ultimately give birth to an age of Marvels.

The First Avenger is a movie that does many things right – character, tone, acting, action – and yet, it somehow comes off as being very good, rather than amazing. That’s not an insult, at all; director Joe Johnston does a very admirable job creating the period setting and general “world” of the film. The historical set pieces all feel authentic, while the more fantastical comic book elements, although pulpy, still fit with the bygone era. This includes the advanced technology developed by The Allied Forces and Hydra, as well as the “magical artifact” at the center of the film, which has ties to the more mythological elements of the Marvel movie universe. There are also some great Easter eggs and nods to other famous films. I counted two Raiders of the Lost Ark references and one Star Wars homage. Repeat viewings will likely turn up more.

Action fans can rest comfortable: Johnston avoids the current trend of “shaky cam action” by staging competent action sequences shot at wide angles. It is refreshing to be able to actually see every punch or kick Cap throws, and we do indeed get some nice shield-tossing moments. While the action is competent, it never achieves jaw-dropping amazement in the way a Michael Bay action sequence does – but that’s OK, since Johnston and Co. have the much more valuable elements of story and character pinned down.

Chris Evans in Captain America Costume in First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Evans as Captain America in 'The First Avenger'

Indeed, Chronicles of Narnia screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus do a great job shaping the story of Steve Rogers’ transformation into America’s icon. The pace of The First Avenger is tight, and there are some genuinely moving moments in the film. Ironically enough, the movie is at its best in the beginning, before Rogers dons his iconic costume and picks up his shield.

Captain America has been an icon for so many decades because of who he is, rather than the feats he performs as a superhero. The film wisely invests ample time into firmly establishing the character, and then, keeps his good nature and strong spirit as the central theme of the story. In a time where so many heroes are being “re-imagined” as darker, grittier, versions of themselves, The First Avenger delivers a hero who is just as inspiring and wholesome – and unabashedly patriotic – as you remember him, without veering into preachiness, cynicism, or campiness.

The other trick the screenwriters pull off is weaving the many threads of the larger Marvel universe into the most cohesive standalone story since Iron Man. The First Avenger has the fortune of being a prequel to the events of the modern-era Marvel movies, which allows the filmmakers to dive fully into the telling of their own story, while the many requisite Easter eggs all get treated lightly enough so as not to distract the focus of the narrative.

Captain America and Bucky in The First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Cap (Chris Evans) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in 'The First Avenger'

The film is also fortunate to have the best all-around cast of any Marvel movie to date. The main players each bring something to the table that actually enhances the film – and in a cast this big, everyone gets a surprising amount of time in which to shine.

Chris Evans has successfully left his role as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four behind by owning the role of Steve Rogers – but again, it’s somewhat ironic that Evans is at his best when out of the costume. He’s particularly fantastic as that frail boy from Brooklyn – an idealist who is selfless and brave and doesn’t see any irony at all in the dichotomy between his outward appearance and inner strength. As Cap, Evans looks the part of a hero and handles the action scenes well enough – but it’s definitely in the dramatic moments where he really makes the character resonate.

The supporting cast of the film couldn’t have been better. Hugo Weaving adds another great villain to his filmography as The Red Skull – a menacing and maniacal villain, who stays grounded enough as to not be cartoonish (extra hard to do when you’re slathered in red makeup). Hayley Atwell shines equally bright as Agent Carter, a tough-as-nails Allied operative who still manages to be distinctly modern and feminine (read: hot). She and Evans do a great job managing the understated chemistry between Steve and Peggy – a true romance that has no real chance in the midst of wartime.

Chris Evans and Haley Atwell in Captain America First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Evans and Atwell in 'The First Avenger'

Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci bring needed authority and weight to their respective roles as the Colonel and scientist who give birth to Captain America; Jones in particular steals many scenes with some unexpected dry humor that only he could pull off. Some of the other secondary characters – like Toby Jones’ Arnim Zola and the diverse collection of actor’s who make up Cap’s “Howling Commandos” unit – get a bit shortchanged, but none of them were so charismatic that the absence is tragic.

Finally, young up-and-comers Sebastian Stan and Dominic Cooper garner some well-deserved attention as Cap’s best friend Bucky and Iron Man’s daddy, Howard Stark, respectively. Cooper manages to capture that Stark-brand swagger that’s both an imitation and expansion of what we saw in the Iron Man films, while Stan does enough development of Bucky to generate interest about the character’s possible future in the Marvel movie universe.

The only thing that prevents The First Avenger from being an excellent film (as opposed to a very good one) is the fact that there are no particularly spectacular blockbuster action moments. While the middle of the film doesn’t exactly drag, the flurried montages of Cap’s feats during the war (while necessary to create room for sequels) likely won’t blow anyone’s mind. The final battle between Cap and the Skull is well-executed – but as has been par for the Marvel movie course, the need to tell a bigger story limits the possibilities of what this one film can deliver.

As for the 3D: it’s post-converted but not horrible. Some shots and sequences were definitely interesting to see in 3D – but overall, you’ll be fine catching this film in plain old 2D.

Still, at the end of the day, Marvel’s iconic hero gets his due and America does too. A winning finish to the 2011 superhero movie season.

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Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5?! Giggitty, giggitty!!!

    • “Chris Evans has successfully left his role as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four behind by owning the role of Steve Rogers – but again, it’s somewhat ironic that Evans is at his best when out of the costume. He’s particularly fantastic as that frail boy from Brooklyn – an idealist who is selfless and brave and doesn’t see any irony at all in the dichotomy between his outward appearance and inner strength. As Cap, Evans looks the part of a hero and handles the action scenes well enough – but it’s definitely in the dramatic moments where he really makes the character resonate.”

      My favorite part of the review, only 4.5 more hours till screen time!

      • I want to know if other heroes are hinted at during the WW2 era, i.e. The Defenders or if Nick Fury makes a WW2 appearance. Can’t wait!!!

  2. All I saw was “wide shots” for the action sequences and I was happy.

  3. Glad to see another good review for this film and glad you liked it Kofi. Funny that some of the negative reviews seem to find Steve’s character to be bland and actually wish he was more flawed, but it’s nice to know that the film keeps what always made Steve who he is.

    Going to the matinee tomorrow with my sisters.

    • I love Captain America mainly because he’s a character without flaws.

      His only fault is that he’s a better man than any country deserves.

  4. You can put whatever stock in it you want but it would seem the majority dissenting critics on RT came out early which really made things look artificially grim yesterday. Today however the general consensus is up to 71% (with 59 reviews) and the “top critics” are at 75%. I can only hope the trend continues and it does at least as well as Thor/XMFC review wise and is a box office hit for Marvel yet again!

    Looks like Marvel now has a solid foundation on which to build the Avengers.

    • Even Roger Ebert gave it a 3 out of 4 and said that Marvel should use this as a template for it’s movies going forward.

  5. I was expecting a 2.5 to 3 stars!

    looks like I have to go see this tomorrow..

  6. Watched it this morning. I loved every minute of it.

  7. I can’t see this being a bad movie, all the elements are there. I am going this weekend.

  8. Seeing the midnight premeire tonight

  9. Hmmm…see this or go see HP7.2 for a third time? I think I’ll go see HP again

    • Get out you troll!

      • He’s a troll because he wants to see Hp7.2 over CA? That’s just stupid.

        • Considering that this is a Cap article, and he brought up a completely different movie, yes he is a troll.

          • Actually, he simply compares one aspect (desire to watch) of that “different movie” to “Captain America”.

            Decaffeinated is the right choice for you. Really.

            • Neal’s comment comes under the “If you can’t say something nice, con’t say anything at all” heading. And Kinda off topic.

          • I will be going to see this over HP 7.2 and will be catch HP 7.2 on Blu Ray!

            • You should see them both on the big screen. Just sayin’ so don’t be hatin’.

      • Sorry guys, just not that much of a comic book fan. But I will say that I loved what Christopher Nolan did with batman. The films are pure genius

        • That’s because what Nolan did was make Batman a non-comicbook movie.

          • I disagree Ink.

            I would say what Nolan did was more than JUST a comic book film but was still a comic book film.

          • Batman doesn’t have to be a comic book film

            • And neither does “Captain America: The First Avenger”. Neither does it come across as just another “comicbookmovie”.

    • What?!?! HP7.2 was good as most the previous films, but not as epic as it was made out to be. Instead of wasting money on repeat viewings, I just read the book again instead. It’s better anyway. I’ll definately be seeing cap tomorrow and probably again on tuesday when our theatre has dollar popcorn and sodas during matinee shows.

  10. More story and character development than mindless action, you say?

    I think I’ll see this after all. It depends on how much money I can conjure up.

  11. is it worth it to watch it in 3D kofi?

    • Did you read the article?

  12. Was hoping this was going to be good glad to hear!

  13. To anyone who wants to see a before and after the 1992 Captain America is coming on SyFy at 9 pm EST. I don’t think this movie has ever aired on TV before….

    • The Reb Brown ones were really silly. The Matt Sallinger ’90s one is no work of art either, but they DID establish a well-done, appropriate ’30s-’40s period beginning. I’m seeing CA:TFA tomorrow and can only hope the WWII setting is as good. I’m looking forward to seeing what they achieved with this new version…The trailers looked pretty good.

      • I thought the 1990 was pretty decent for the time it was made.

        • Well for that time…but the script was HORRIBLE. Cap was made out a Wussie idiot for much to the film. The Screen writer stated in an article in STARLOG that “People don’t go to these movies to see these guys in these sill suits.” Something like that, So Cap is only in the movie AS CAP briefly in the first act, and then at the very end of the film. And he makes the Red Skull…and Italian crime Boss.


          • “silly suits…”

            • Those were terrible movies. The Red Skull is gonna implant a chip in the US presidents brain!!!!

  14. The 70s tv movies where interesting to

  15. The 70s tv movies where interesting to

  16. This sounds better than I thought. I’m glad that you mentioned that spent time on character development.

  17. I’m personally shocked. I have expected a 1 or 2 stars.

  18. goin to see this when it comes out tommorow!! cant wait

  19. Watching cap tomorrow 8^D watching the 92 cap on syfy now

  20. I’m going to see this tomorrow.
    Best comic book flick of the year though? I’ll believe it when I see it. I could see it maybe being better than Thor, but X-Men: First Class was pretty darn fantastic. It’s gonna be a tough call I think.
    I’m excited to see this one though.

  21. What about the 3D? You didn’t seem to mention if it’s worth seeing?

  22. So glad the reviews are becoming more and more positive. The early reviews I read seemed like they went into the movie wanting/hating the movie and weren’t going to change their mind one way or another.

    Happy again to see ppl bringing up the fact that every comic book doesn’t have to clone after Nolan’s batmans. its Depends on the characters!!! Wayne is a effed up dude and should be shown that way! Steve Rogers is comparable to that kid in your High School, had way too much School Spirit, always smiled, good at everything, and helped whoever/whatever when he or she could. I HATED those kids, but you had to respect them. haha Being seeing it tomorrow at 10:20 non-3d showing!

  23. Jett, on the Batman-on-Film website absolutely loved “Captain America”. I’d say thay that’s pretty high praise…not because he’s special, but his site, by definition, favors a particular character. Even with that, he thought this film was excellent, the best of the four out so far this summer (he’s waiting for and including “Cowboys and Aliens”).


    • The Skull knew it was Cap because HIS men would have been flying off to their targets and this plane was trying to return to the big ship.

      Evens is signed to a total six picture deal, with three to be Captain Americas and Three to be Avengers…and the box office for this one will certainly dictate More Cap movies.

      • The small plane could have been coming in back to dock,poor answer.

        • @Djinn

          Not to mention, did you notice any place where they can “re-dock” in that ship? I’m pretty sure they were never meant to return with the way they were designed, lacking a means of controlled flight within a confined space such as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability…

    • @Djinn

      Uh, I wonder if you noticed that Captain America forced the original Hydra pilot to ditch the craft and eject. He was actually on the OUTSIDE of the aircraft at first. I’m pretty sure someone like Red Skull would have noticed that…

      Not a poor answer…

      • It was very obvious Red Skull did not see all that action,he was there flying his plane and doing his thing then he saw his own craft from a distance(DISTANCE)and started firing on it.

        • @Djinn

          Oh yes, it was obvious. Since obviously someone like Red Skull would likely just sit back complacently and not pay attention when his crafts are not being launched in order as planned. I’m sure he’s just completely not observant and no redflags are raised when he only sees one craft being launched and there are two people on the OUTSIDE of it fighting, then I’m sure he doesn’t notice the pilot EJECTING WITH A **PARACHUTE** opening since apparently parachutes are so small and hard to notice. Yep, I’m sure it was obvious Red Skull was busy texting or playing Farmville while all of this was going on… yep… That’s what leaders do, they don’t supervise what their subordinates are doing while it’s going on or anything, pssshhhh, that’s crazy talk…

          • Ok it’s obvious you are a Cap fan who don’t want to face logic.
            But I am curious as to why you didn’t tackle the other comment about Caps ridiculous plane flying stunt to get himself frozen.

            • @Djinn

              Ok it’s obvious you are a Cap hater who don’t want to face logic. Yah, you see how that can be said in every which way but it doesn’t mean anything until you’ve actually disproven my logic. I picked that because I don’t see a valid argument there. There are a hundred reasons how Red Skull would know that craft was being flown by Captain America. And his “flying stunt” wasn’t to get himself frozen. I’m sure he thought he was just going to die. According to his dialog in the movie, he wanted to crash the plane where he was before it got to the mainland USA so there wouldn’t be a chance of it crashing into a populated area. The plane was too damaged to do a controlled landing, according to the dialog in the movie. I’m not going to argue whether or not that decision was a good one or a bad one or it makes sense or it doesn’t, but the movie’s intended reasoning for it was clearly made in the movie. You can argue how good that reasoning was. I just wanted to bring some logic into your other argument, but you don’t want to see it because you’re looking for things to hate about the movie. So if you think that Red Skull wouldn’t be scrutinizing the launching of the crafts because it was the culmination of his master plan, and that he wouldn’t notice the pilot ejecting and a big parachute opening, then fine, that’s “logical” according to you, so stick to your logic. I’ll stick to mine…

              • I enjoyed CA:TFA up to that point where I thought those two scenes were not handled well,that’s it I am not hating on it *honest*
                Fan boys tend to miss things though,because of their love for it.

                • @Djinn

                  And I’m not a “fanboy” just because I am able to blast holes in your logic for one scene. Overall I liked the movie a lot, but I have my own beefs with it. That one scene just isn’t one of them, they handled that one fine.

                  **SPOILER ALERT**

                  Him ditching the craft in the arctic is one of those scenes that I have a little bit of a beef with. I agree that crashing it into the water or glacier was the right move, but he had other options. There were still at least 3 of those small crafts left in the launching bay, he could have set the plane on a dive toward the glacier and then went for one of those attack crafts to get away. But I understand they had to end it in a way where he gets frozen. Another beef I have is how they handled the ending where he realizes he’s in the present. They end it with a joke “I had a date” when the girl that he loves is likely dead. Should have been a sadder scene but they ended it very light-hearted. And lastly, while I personally LOVED his character as the super patriotic man with a strong sense of duty and morals, but I do agree that he acted a bit too passively and should have been a bit more assertive and commanding. Hopefully that side of him will come out in The Avengers.

                  But I’m sorry, him getting shot at by Red Skull is not at all one of the movie’s flaws. And I’m obviously not just being a fanboy because if you would have mentioned any of the actual flaws of the movie I wouldn’t disagree with you…

                  • It just goes to show that you saw my point on the Captain’s plane to frozen state scene and then contradicted yourself with a good answer one even better than mine.
                    The Red Skull shooting scene,you will see what I am talking about whenever you re-watch the movie.

                    I disagree with you on the ending “I had a date”,it seemed serious to me but he was bewildered so maybe you saw it the wrong way.

                    • @Djinn

                      Wow, it’s not worth my time to argue with you seriously. How the hell did I “contradict” myself on the crash scene? I never defended it, I just stated to you the movie’s INTENDED reasoning for it. I never said that reason was good or bad. Must be your flawless logic at work again. Fine, if you’re going to make me repeat myself on things I was perfectly clear on the first time, I don’t have time for that crap. Go ahead and get the last word…

                    • Reread your 18 hours ago and then read your 8 hours ago.

                    • @Djinn

                      “And his “flying stunt” wasn’t to get himself frozen. I’m sure he thought he was just going to die. According to his dialog in the movie, he wanted to crash the plane where he was before it got to the mainland USA so there wouldn’t be a chance of it crashing into a populated area. The plane was too damaged to do a controlled landing, according to the dialog in the movie. ***I’m not going to argue whether or not that decision was a good one or a bad one or it makes sense or it doesn’t***, but the movie’s intended reasoning for it was clearly made in the movie.”

                      Yah, so where do you see me defending it? I was merely explaining what happened in that scene, not saying it was good or bad. Yep, it looks like one of us needed to reread things alright…

                    • @Djinn

                      I hate repeating myself so that’s going to be the last time… hopefully, lol.

                    • Good to see you highlighted it.

  24. Funny that this year SR has really distanced it’s self from most reviewers. Most of the major films this year have had the general consensus that is just the opposite of what ever the SR rating is. Not criticizing just an observation.

    Cap for example is getting a very mediocre response. In fact it started off really bad coming in as rotten on RT and only just barely starting to hit 60% yet here at SR it’s proclaimed best of the year.

    I’ll have to disagree and agree with with the general critic opinion. It’s average. There is nothing spectacular and the director proves that he is just barely mediocre at directing doing a by the books origin film that takes no chances. The movie simply tries to hard to not be bad rather than trying to be good. The end result is just very bland. I wouldn’t call it the best of the year at all. It’s certainly better than Green Lantern, but that doesn’t take much. IMO Thor is head and shoulders above Cap.

    Evans is just passable in the role. He does a decent enough job with it, but at the end of the day he really never feels like Captain America/Steve rogers.

    The real scene stealer is Tommy Lee Jones he is absolute spectacular in the movie. He steals every single second that he is on screen and makes every one else look bad by comparison.

    Hugo Weaving is the biggest let down. Easily the most anticipated and for sure great parts of the movie for me leading up to it. Yet after watching it I was let down. Hugo isn’t bad in the movie, but he didn’t seem to be putting forward his best foot. It certainly doesn’t help that he was really let down by the script. He was given very little to do other than to come on screen every once in awhile and remind you that he is evil.

    Only thing I really can’t judge is the visuals because I watched a cam version. Before you cry at me I’m still going to the theater to watch the movie. Mostly because I want to see the after credits. Luckily it was pretty good cam though.

    If I had to Rank the Marvel Studio films so far I’d say

    Incredible Hulk
    Iron man
    Captain America
    Iron Man 2

    Captain America – 3/5 stars.

    • You say better than GL but the GL movie made having a power ring worth having than a shield and being beefed up.

      • GL made a movie not worth watching.

        What kind of argument is it made a ring worth having?

        We are talking about a film.

        It made a script not worth reading.

        Acting not worth seeing.

    • Barely hitting 60%? Have you looked lately because this morning it was at 71% at 59 reviews and its STILL at 75% but 20 more reviews have come in.

      • 75 should be 71 (also top critic response is now at 78%)

      • I checked it this morning yes and it was just barely at 60%. clearly it has changed since then. My mistake. It started off pretty bad though. Also if you read the positive reviews they are all just very average much like I said. Not a bad movie, but not spectacular. You’d be hard pressed to find many reviewers on RT that would agree with 4 out of 5 stars.

        That’s the biggest problem with RT is that if you go above the half way mark your review is positive and is equal to someone who says it’s the best film ever. 3/5 is the same as 5/5. So while it’s now in the 70′s all reviewers pretty much agree that it’s just average. SR how ever is calling it the best summer movie of the year.

        I’d like to point out Thor is sitting at 77% and at one point was all the way in to the 80s. The numbers will fluctuate for the next week or so both up and down. Not starting out as good as Thor did though.

        I’d also add to my SR going away from the general consensus by point at their 4/5 review of TF3. Considering TF3 is being called terrible by most reviewers and getting horrible numbers sitting at 36% currently.

        Do apologize for not re checking the numbers right before I posted I assumed it hadn’t changed much from this morning.

        • I like your observations Daniel F,you make a lot of sense.
          Let me clear up my GL/CA issue,what I meant to say is I preferred Green Lantern,after seeing the GL movie,it had a better effect on me,Cap was kinda not effective,too toned down for my taste.

  25. I will go back even further, I have been watching the old 1966 Marvel cartoons of Cap to get me ready for this movie. The animation is subpar but captures the essence of Cap.

  26. So is this movie better Than TF3?

    • Everything is better than TF3

    • Ok here we go in order from best to whatever:
      Thor and GL tied(yeah yeah whatever)
      Transformers 3 and CA:TFA(Tied)
      CA was a very organized movie kudos for that.

  27. There’s only 2 Film Critics I actually listen to: Ebert and Kofi. And I’ve gotten a 3/4 and a 4/5 from them.

    Other critics and RT ratings don’t make or break a movie for me, I’ll see any movie regardless especially one about my favorite comic hero. But Eberts review and now Kofi’s just upped my confidence for this film. So thank you Kofi

    • Vancitykid.

      I can respect that. I almost never let the critics decide if I watch something or not. I typically know if I’m gonna watch it before any review comes out. Reviews typically just make me decide if I’ll rush to watch it or not. If I had planned to see a movie and it gets bad reviews I may wait until it drops to the dollar theater or hits DVD. If I was on the fence and it gets great reviews I may make it with in the first 4 weeks to see it.

      It’s good to find reviewers you agree with. I’ve found there is no one critic I agree with and that RT is a good thing for me. I’ve found that RT is incredibly accurate give or take 15%. So I try to watch it.

      As far as SR goes there is no one critic I agree with much. I mostly like the news on the site they put it out timely. I’ve found over the last year there has grown a larger gap between my opinion and their reviews. We used to agree a lot more, but this year I’ve been pretty far off of most their reviews. Especially Kofi. Nothing against him we just don’t really agree on anything at all other than that we both like Nolan and Batman.

      • Exactly. I use SR because it offers a mature look on films unlike sites like CBM (which I also use). I also don’t rely on opinions from teens around my age. But like I said that doesn’t stop me from seeing a film I want to see

        • Vancitykid

          Nice to run in to someone who respects critics and the role they plan as well as their importance with out thinking they are the end all be all of movies.

          To many people either think that critics are the most important thing for movie enjoyment or the rest who think critics suck and worthless. People are always one extreme or the other it’s annoying.

          • Daniel F

            Yeah I’ve haven’t been here long but I’ve read your comments and while on certain topics I dont agree with you on i respect your opinion and now our agreement on critics and what not just added to it

    • Ebert is a legend in this industry, but many of us who are just getting into this business feel that he probably sees too many movies. His mistake-filled review of Thor was an embarrassment for Roger, and his subsequent “apology” (it wasn’t) made him come off as sanctimonious and elitist.

  28. I Thought TF3 was nice!

    • I thought TF3 was mean. It stole some kids lunch money and stuffed them in lockers.

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