New ‘Captain America’ Plot Details Reveal Marvel Movie Connections

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Cap First Avenger Frozen In Ice New Captain America Plot Details Reveal Marvel Movie Connections

Our buddies over at Comic Book Movie directed our attention to a French blog, where one superhero movie fan breaks down the latest report in French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique regarding plot details of Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger.

While the information revealed wasn’t all that revolutionary, it should go without saying that if you want to go into Captain America knowing as little about the movie as possible, you need to avoid reading the article below.

If you’re still with us, then below you’ll find the latest details on the plot of The First Avenger. PLEASE NOTE: The text has been translated from French, and we’ve cleaned up the text to correct the rough and confusing writing that appeared over on Comic Book Movie.

One last time: the following information should be considered  POTENTIAL SPOILERS – PLEASE READ AT YOU OWN RISK.




Captain America: The First Avenger Plot Details

  • The film is set 95% during the Second World War, but it starts today, with extracting a block of ice containing a mysterious figure, block located in the wreckage of a giant bomber. The film also ends in our time.
  • The Shield: It is manufactured by Howard Stark, and the white parts are vibranium an indestructible alloy created by Stark Industries. In his “discovery” in the present, the shield of Captain America will be alongside the hero in the ice.
  • Red Skull and Cosmic Cube: The Cosmic Cube is hidden in a church in Norway. Red Skull uses a tank to enter. The Cube is used to power a variety of vehicles, including the famous giant bomber, carrying bombs have targeted major U.S. cities and European capitals.
  • Bucky and the Invaders: Bucky Barnes, and soldiers freed from a camp of the HYDRA form a group called the Invaders [But then where are the Howling Commandos? Normally, the Invaders team is composed of superheroes as Namor, the origins Torch, Toro, Union Jack, Spitfire ...].
  • An error / a Freudian slip? Stephen Broussard co-producer discusses the meeting of superheroes in 2012 as follows: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp in the Avengers movie. [Until now, the presence of Hank Pym and his wife has always been rejected.]
  • A subject of the movie Iron Man 2 was used in Captain America [???].
  • BONUS: Want to see a picture of a HYDRA solider? Go HERE.

captain america comic con banner 570x233 New Captain America Plot Details Reveal Marvel Movie Connections


Anybody who has seen Thor (read our official review HERE), Incredible Hulk or Iron Man 2 knows first-hand just how many plot threads Marvel is subtly (and not so subtly) weaving into each film, in order to build their shared movie universe. Without spoiling anything, Thor contained quite a few winks to other Marvel characters, and The First Avenger looks to continue that trend. Just a few issues raised in plot details above:

  1. We’ve known that First Avenger would start and end with Cap being unfrozen in modern day (see photos of that scene HERE). This connects the film directly to The Avengers, as well as to the director’s cut of The Incredible Hulk, in which a Hulk rampage in the Arctic seemingly loosens the glacier where Cap is frozen. 
  2. The Cosmic Cube, taken in conjunction with the secret ending of Thor strongly hint that prior rumors about The Avengers plot and villains might turn out to be true. The location where the cube is reportedly found is significant, in that Norway = Norse Gods = Asgard and Thor.
  3. The Cube and Asgard will open the door to the Marvel Cosmic Universe, and possibly characters like The Kree, The Skrulls, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Inhumans and (fingers crossed) Thanos.
  4. Vibranium, though described above as an artificial alloy made by Howard Stark, does directly connect to The Black Panther, another character Marvel is developing for film.
  5. As indicated, it’s NOT LIKELY that Ant-Man and Wasp will appear in The Avengers - particularly since Ant-Man is getting is own standalone movie. Why a producer would make that error that is beyond me . (Never a good sign if the guys running the show don’t have full knowledge of what’s going on.) At most, I would expect a Hank/Jan Pym cameo, and that’s it.
  6. The Iron Man 2/First Avenger connection is somewhat of a head-scratcher – though if I had to guess, I would say that it will most likely be Howard Stark’s formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. (an homage to Cap America) and his recruitment of Nick Fury (as told in Iron Man 2).

avengers thor captain america iron man New Captain America Plot Details Reveal Marvel Movie Connections

In the past I have personally been critical about Marvel’s shared movie continuity. That said, I thought Thor did a pretty good job integrating elements of the larger Marvel universe into its story in a cohesive way – mentions of things like gamma research, cosmic “realms” and artifacts of power, Tony Stark’s weaponry, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc. – that made it fun for hardcore fans while not distracting the more casual audience.

Given the period-piece setting of The First Avenger, Joe Johnston’s film will also serve as a prequel of sorts for the Marvel Universe (hence its subtitle). Captain America will have to do a good job of not only telling the story of how Steve Rogers became Cap, but also how that milestone in many ways signified the dawn of the “Age of Marvels,” and set in motion many of the events which will keep us packed in theaters for years to come.

So far, it seems like they’ve found some interesting ways to do just that. Hopefully, the movie as a whole will still be a cohesive and enjoyable experience.

Captain America: The First Avenger will be in theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: L’Ecran Fantastique via Comic Book Movie

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  1. I consider myself quite a big fan of Captain America… but I am ashamed to say that I only found out a few days ago that Wolverine was in the Howling Commandos! Is this true?

    If it is so, they should totally have got Hugh Jackman to do a cameo ;)

    • Avenger,

      The answer to your question is yes and NO! Remember that the Xverse has been tred upon so much that it’s history doesn’t even matter anymore after the Dark Phoenix saga.
      They became so hot that every writer wanted to put his stamp on them so the history is a mess.
      “Originally” Wolverine wasn’t part of the team (he wasn’t even a character when they were created), but in a wolverine history revamp, they placed in in contact and in certain missions with them. He’s Canadian so he couldn’t be part of the team, but he could join in joint missions.

      • “He’s Canadian so he couldn’t be part of the team, but he could join in joint missions.”
        Not all the members of the original Howling Commandos were American, so this isn’t accurate. One was british, and one was a German defector. Don’t recall if any others are not American.

        • Ken,

          Those two were replacements for the orignal American members, but I agree with the fact the statement itself was incorrect.
          Thanks for the catch.

      • Tnx Nate. I’ve only been reading comics since last year, I consider myself to now a lot about the Marvel Universe(s) but I guess a guy can’t know everything there is to know about everything ;)

        • One more thing thats bothering me:

          The original Cap (Steve Rodgers) NEVER used a gun. In the movie (from the trailer) there is a scene where Cap and his team come busting through a door, guns a blazin’ but there I see Cap is also shooting with a pistol. Thats not right, is it?

          • I’m not sure about original WWII-era comics, but after Cap was shot and Bucky took over as Captain America, Bucky started using a side-arm and knife alongside the shield, and it was heralded as a return to Cap’s WWII roots. It’s entirely possible that Cap used a gun back in the WWII comics, but even if he didn’t, using a gun in the film is just a reflection of those times. If we really had Captain America in World War II, he would’ve carried a side-arm along side his shield and physical prowess, and he would’ve used whatever means necessary to accomplish missions. Giving him a gun in the movie just makes sense.

            • I agree with ken. I dont remember if cap had a gun or no t back in the early comics, but he is fighting war. having a gun at his side is just realistic

            • I agree as well. It just makes sense.

              But that is why I am confused because in some of the comics Bucky (New Cap) said that “The real Captain America never used to carry a gun” and also said “But that’s where we differ – I am not Steve Rodgers”(Paraphrasing).

              But it makes sense to me too that Cap SHOULD carry a gun, but just remember who we are talking about… Captain America… probably the most just, true, noble, hero we know. And in the “modern time” comics he (Steve) also never used a gun, only his shield.

              Anyhoo, I guess it makes it more realistic if they give a soldier a gun. As you say, it makes sense and if there existed a real Cap in real life he would probably carry a side arm.

              Thanks guys, for your opinions.

              • Avenger,

                Marvel is aligning the movies with the Ultimate versions instead of the normal “Comic” version. That’s why you see him with a gun now.

                Capt doesn’t kill in the “Comics” either. How realistic is that for a soldier??
                Can you imagine them creating a supersoldier from some cat who’s been to Iraqi or the ‘Stan and him not killing bad guys?

                The Ulitmate Cap is a bad ass to the 12th degree.

                • Marvel is aligning the movies with the Ultimate versions instead of the normal “Comic” version. That’s why you see him with a gun now.

                  No. Marvel expert here, so take my statement as information and not opinion. The directors/writers/production designers are taking elements from both the regular 616 universe and the Ultimates universe, and the very reason Cap had a gun in the Ultimates universe was because it was more realistic for him to do so. Some people may not like the Ultimates universe but the one thing it really has going is that it’s based a little more on “what would superheros and The Avengers be like if they really existed?” This is also why they’re incorporating elements of The Ultimates into the Marvel Studios films.

                  • No? LOL.. huh?
                    Didn’t he just say the what I just said, but in his own words??
                    “designers are taking elements from both the regular 616 universe and the Ultimates universe, and the very reason Cap had a gun in the Ultimates universe was because it was more realistic for him to do so. Some people may not like the Ultimates universe but the one thing it really has going is that it’s based a little more on “what would superheros and The Avengers be like if they really existed?”

              • Hell, Bucky didn’t even have anything to protect him during WWII. I don’t know how he survived anyway.
                Running around with no weapon, no armor.. nada.

    • Wolverine did fight beside the Howling Commandos at somepoint in WWII but was never a member

  2. The Iron Man 2 Captain America connection is straight from Marvel Comics. Adamantium and similar metals has a history through many Marvel Comics (Wolverine, Captain America, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, etc).

    In Captain America lore, a scientist attempted to create an alloy of Vibranium and Steel. The first (and only) sample of the metal he made was formed into a round shield like form. Testing revealed that it was indestructible and had peculiar properties that seemed to defy certain aspects of newtonian physics (absorbs and emits no heat, perfectly elastic momentum transfer, etc). The scientist was unaware of some element or factor tampering with his first attempt. He was never able to recreate this metal perfectly. Eventually it was painted and given to Captain America to replace his ordinary shield that was shaped like a medieval shield.

    Subsequent attempts to recreate this metal yielded various alloys of Adamantium. Adamantium is also basically unbreakable, but lacks the other properties of Captain America’s shield. Depending on the formula used, Adamantium can be truly unbreakable by any known human means (Wolverine’s claws) to just much more tough than any other normal metal.

    What makes adamantium and cap’s shield have these properties is the Vibranium used in the alloys. Vibranium is another fictional metal and has a property of absorbing all vibration it encounters, prevent transference of momentum when a hunk of it collides with any other matter.

    In the Iron Man 2 movie, the power source for the armor is an Arc Reactor. The technology is never fully explained, but in some way it involves a metal catalyst that allows almost infinite amounts of energy to be formed somehow. In Iron Man, the metal was paladium and is a metal used as a catalyst for hydrogen fusion experiments. In Iron Man 2, we discover that the paladium slowly breaks down and leeches into Tony Stark’s body, slowly poisoning him. The element that Tony Stark “invents” with help from his dead father is Primary Adamantium, the most durable and unbreakable kind. Besides producing more power than the old Arc Reactor, the new one won’t leech into his body. Tony’s father was one of the scientist who assisted with the experiments that led to both the creation of Captain America, his shield and Adamantium. He also was one of forces behind the formation of SHIELD.

    That is the connection between all of the Marvel Properties.