‘Captain America: The First Avenger’: Key Details & Images Revealed

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Captain American Comic Con Poster Captain America: The First Avenger: Key Details & Images Revealed

If you haven’t gone out and picked up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly then you are certainly missing out right now.

Besides offering fans a official first look at Chris Evans as Captain America, the new issue’s featured article explores the production of Captain America: The First Avenger and manages to clear up a few of the lingering questions that have been on fanboys and girls’ minds, ever since the basic premise and story of the film were revealed.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The First Avenger will take place mostly during WWII.
  • It will be an origin story.
  • The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) will be the villain with Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) as a secondary villain.
  • Cap’s sidekick Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and love interest Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) are secondary characters.
  • “The Howling Commandos” will be an international team of soldiers Cap works with.
  • The Red Skull will be using a cosmic cube as part of his nefarious plot.
  • The terrorist organization Hydra will be involved.

All of this early info made The First Avenger sound like it would be a fun action-adventure movie – sort of a James Bond meets Indiana Jones meets Superman mashup. However, those early details  inevitably led to more questions; The First Avenger is titled the way it is in no small part due to its status as the final lead-in to Joss Whedon’s upcoming movie version of The Avengers.

Now, any fan worth their weight in comic books knows the legendary origin story of The Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and The Wasp form a super team, and are eventually led by Captain America, who they discover frozen in a block of ice out in the Antarctic tundra, decades after he was presumed Killed In Action while heroically sabotaging a deadly Nazi rocket. The natural assumption was that this same story would be kept intact for the Marvel Movie Universe, but would it be a part of The First Avenger or set as the opening chapter of The Avengers?

Well, thanks to EW we now have an official confirmation on where, exactly, The First Avenger starts and ends, along with a few other choice details:

  • The First Avenger will open and close with Cap being frozen in ice; the WWII origin story will fit in between.
  • As rumored, Cap’s classic comic book costume will appear in the movie (wings and all) as part of a humorous scene where Steve Rogers (Evans) is used as a propaganda tool at a USO show.
  • Rogers hates the USO gig and goes to see Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper playing Tony Stark’s dad) to have a more official battlesuit created.
  • The Red Skull will be Hitler’s head of advanced weaponry and will seek a cosmic cube t0 harness its mystical powers for evil. The cube will be known as “The Tesseract.”
  • To help the movie play better across the pond, it MAY simply go by the title of The First Avenger.

UPDATE: Along with these updates, check out this full gallery of images from The First Avenger!

One thing these new details still don’t address is the issue of how the WWII era of Cap’s life will be handled. Marvel comic books have detailed a whole canon of Cap WWII exploits, from serving with The Invaders to the Howling Commandos to years of battling The Red Skull, Baron Zemo (I), Arnim Zola and other Nazi villains. With Chris Evans signed for six Marvel films (a Cap trilogy presumably being part of the six) there is plenty of opportunity to tell more than one “Cap in WWII” story on film.

However, we already know from early set photos that “VE Day” (a.k.a. the allied victory day that officially ended the war) is featured in The First Avenger – so is the origin story the only chapter of WWII Cap we’re going to get? Or does this film just cover how Cap became a super soldier and then a hero, referring to the rest of his WWII adventures only as a montage or an aside?

Guess we’ll find out the answer to that question (and more) when Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: EW

Image Gallery Source: Paramount

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  1. This is all getting me in the mood to start reading some captain America comics. Any idea which are most relevant to this story? For isntance, in preparation for Dark Knight I read the loosely associated graphic novels, eventually getting me hooked. But I am a virgin to the whole written legend of Captain America.

    I don’t want to read them all, just the ones relevant to the film’s story.

    • Basically just read his origin, all the way up to when he gets frozen.

    • Anything by Ed Brubaker. It’s all gold. Check out Amazon. :-)

  2. I have a feeling that The Avengers will pick up right with SHIELD finding Captain America.

    • Extra scene after the credits, I think this will have, mmmmmmm????? *Yoda voice

      • XD haha too good!

  3. Are you freaking kidding me? Taking the name Captain America off the film? Seriously? Is the name Captain America really going to be the reason people won’t see this movie?

    • america isnt exactly everyones favourite country across the globe right now. you can thank bush for that one.

      • Uhhhh, how’s that Obama thing working out for ya?

        • Great. Thank you for asking. :)

        • Quite well, thanks. He hasn’t choked on a pretzel yet, so there’s that.

        • It’s not going well at all ink not well at all. Bush wasn’t a good president but Obama almost makes him look like one.

    • Actually it might overseas. People not in America who don’t know about captain america may not actually want to see a hero that is all about america. I know if I was in spain for example I really wouldn’t care about a superhero that’s all about fighting for the american way. Btw I freaking love cap lol

        • Estoy en acuerdo contigo. Pero Cap representa todos los soldados del mundo que luchan por la libertad y justicia por toda la gente del mundo. La diferencia es que Cap NO usa el nombre “Captain Internacional” por que el nacio en America y decedio a usar el nombre Captain America por que el cree en los valores fundamentales de America que realmente son valores universales(Y tambien el nombre Captain Internacional no suena bien jajaja!). Libertad,Justicia,Y La Verdad, Y que cada ser humano fueron criados iguales y sus derechos de ser tratados como iguales,no importa de su raza,nacionalidad o sexo.

          • Falla mia, queria decir “Captain International” o “Capitan Internacional” ugh suena peor.

        • Awesome remark! Thanks for saving the day!

  4. Uncanny X-men 268

    Cap and Wolvie in wwII orient, drawn by jim lee. Great book.

  5. The character is called Captain America
    and they are afraid to put that in the title?

    Removing Captain America from the title will
    would be enough for many not to see this film.

  6. I really don’t see the problem with removing “Captain America” from the title. Not having “Batman” in the title of The Dark Knight didn’t hurt anything now did it?

    • I actually prefer studios to title films that way to be honest.

      • it does add a creative subtlety to it all, plus if the stroytelling is good, then like the dark knight, there is a stylish way of giving the reason for the title. it was a work of art how blatanly obvious that title was when the film faded to black and popped it up on the screen

      • It never seemed to hurt the James Bondo pics.

        • though it does make series pictures harder to find in stores and libraries.. :)

    • Agreed. And if there’s a sequel it might be named Captain America anyway, because it would be set in the modern day.

    • No, it didn´t. Not even in Germany (where I live), though Batman isn´t known as The Dark Knight over here.

    • Wrongo. EVERYONE knows that Bats is also referred to as The Dark Knight. I never heard Cap referred to as “The First Avenger” except in the title of the movie. The freakin’ movie is about Captain America. What is next, they’re going to use CGI to remove the stars and stripes from the shield and the suit for the international release? BS.

      • Like Shido mentioned, it doesn’t hurt the James Bond films to not include the name in the title.

        • Yeah, but 007 is usually somewhere around the title, either on the poster or on the screen. It would have been like naming the first Superman movie, Kal-El. Sure the fanboys would have known who it is, but the general public would have been WTF?

  7. Team America: World Police made $18 million internationally against $50 million domestically. Impossible to compare to this kind fo movie, so don’t overeact. But I just thought it was a proper title comparison since both suggest America is the best.

    With that kind of ratio, assuming Captain America can reach $200 million domestically (reasonable prediction), that’s “only” $72 million internationally. Of course, this is a weak comparison, but one I was interested in making.

    Any thoughts?

    This is going to be fun to watch when the movie releases next year.

    • Team America suggests America is best in only the most grotesque and infantile ways possible. I love the movie but it’s the equivalent of that sticker from Maxim’s Ugly American’s Tour Guide, you know, the one with an f-15 flying proud saying “Another Foreign National Monument Preserved For Posterity By the Armed Forces of the United States of America”.

  8. NICE!!! I still had my doubts about Chris Evans, but there’s no doubt he does look the role.

  9. Personally, I hope the Watchdogs show up in the movie. Seems especially fitting these days.

  10. Wow one piece of good news finally for what is destined to be the worst marvel film yet. Glad it’s begining and ending with the ice that’s what I thought should happen though I hop Shield pulls him out in this film and not in Avengers we don’t need to spend the entire first half hour of the film dedicated to cap.

  11. so they’re going with the saving private ryan method of telling the story… that could work. also i think they will just put up a montage of cap fighting RS to show that they have been at it for a while, the montage in wolverine origin worked pretty good.

  12. Joe Johnston already explained that this is an “international cooperation” based film. He said in no way is he promoting Cap or the film as a “Flag Waver” or American propaganda. So more than likely they will create a trailer that show the international feel of the film. Cap has never been a blind Flag Waiver at all,he even went against his own American Gov when he believed they were wrong. He’s the Sentinel of Liberty and it really is based on that he believes in protecting the world from people that would try to take away The people of world’s liberties and human rights. He’s not about “American Imperialist propaganda” he wants to be a symbol of justice for the world but uses the name because he believes in America’s fundamental values(even with America’s dark past and present)are about truth,justice,and liberty for ALL.

  13. Even though Captain America is a fictional character,taking away Captain America from the title would actually be hypocritical of the character itself. People would make fun of and poke holes in that more than Captain America staying in the title.

    • I think somebody already pointed out that the same was done for The Dark Knight and Early indications are it might be the approach they take for ‘The Man of Steel.’

      If you know the name-less title approach works, and think it’s less off-putting to consumers in the foreign markets, then from why from a marketing perspective WOULDN’T you leave the name out of it?

      Don’t get me wrong, I understand why we as Americans want it in there, I CERTAINLY would prefer it in there (I was an advocate of ‘Captain America’ being the sole title) but I understand why someone trying to sell this movie overseas wouldn’t.

      • @Kofi Yeah, I get that but it’s sort of seems like an insult to foreigners like as if saying they are too stupid to know that there’s a guy running around in this movie literally wearing an American Flag and he’s the main hero. I could see that idea working if he doesn’t wear the suit in the trailer but idk. It seems like the foreign countries will say “Hahaha look these Americans are so weak and insecure that they were too afraid to use the Captain America in their movie when it’s so obvious who the movie is mostly about”. Hey I might be wrong in my thinking,it’s just another perspective. I just hope the movie does well everywhere and that people of other countries don’t get the wrong idea before seeing the movie.

  14. The director made Cris Evans
    wax his chest for this film.
    Not exactly a grooming
    tip from World War II.

    Maybe they should call this production
    “Captain America: The First Metrosexual”

    • i think you should worry about why you wrote this comment and why you know that

      • It was a joke, sunshine.
        From a fact revealed by Chris Evans.
        You should worry why you can’t take a joke.

        • LMAO! Hahahaha that was TOO funny…

          • Well thank you, Rickly.

            I appreciate your appreciation
            of my intended humor.

            • Anytime Robert 8-)

              • it does look waxed come to mention it…

    • And ohmigosh! Did you SEE those FEET in the earlier stills? He SO needs a pedicure!

  15. Hey is it me or is the pic of red skull and Zola up there…well isn’t weaving lacking the red skull? I know they can put it though cgi but why show his face in these photos only to have them edit out?
    And since there is multiple suitsbin the film I like that they are usuing the oirginal sheild too.

    • im pretty sure thats his pre redskull face… he was normal at one point im just curious as to whats gonna happen to him to give him the face which iv read its prostetics so i doubt its cg that would be reaaly lame

    • They are planning to just sort of ink over Hugo’s pretty face in red..

  16. I think it is a mistake in comparing titles with Dark Knight. DK was a sequel and this is the first. The First Avenger (alone) sounds very stupid and something that would have been a bad 50′s sci-fi movie. It should be Captain America: The First Avenger. Even though it has America in the title with the blockbuster push this is going to get I think overseas will be fine. Especially since it takes place in WWII and they should be thankful we saved their asses, again. (Sorry had to get one dig in. I am still mad that you guys sent over Amy Winehouse. Anyone notice how the economy when to crap after she showed up? I’m just saying)

  17. “To help the movie play better across the pond, it MAY simply go by the title of The First Avenger.”

    US release: Captain America: The First Avenger

    I don’t see the title change being made for the Int’l release. This is the 1st film and they are going to establish this franchise by giving the name “Captain America” more exposure. But I can see the title getting flipped:

    Int’l release: The First Avenger: Captain America

    But us US fanboys will be ok. Americaaaa… F_ck yeaaaaahhh!

  18. Titles change all the time. I could care less what the title is in foreign markets… Hell in China it’ll probably end up some long convoluted thing that says Frozen Soldier or some crap like that.

    However, domestically I will be very put off if they remove the good captain’s name from the film. To me it’s the equivalent of being ashamed the GIs fought under the Stars and Stripes… fine if it makes you feel all self righteous to “sorry” for your nation’s past misdeeds… I guess. It’s a free country after all and everyone’s got a right to be wrong :)

  19. I’m getting a good vibe from this one. While I was never sold on Evans as the lead, and I will admit to not knowing that much about the character because he just didnt hold any interest for me when I was younger.
    I am however a fan of Joe Johnston’s work, and his best films are period films, and this is largely a period superhero film.
    I agree with what they have done with the title. Although, Surely just calling it The First Avenger:Captain America is the best way to go because then they just chop the CA bit off the end for the countries that dont like the US.

  20. The pics look great. Evans has gotten huge compared to his FF days. So far I am down. I would like to see a cameo by Wolverine and Sabertooth. You know, just a walk through. A nice hardy “What are you looking at Flag Boy?”
    This is something that I think these films have missed on. Stuff like Peter Parker taking pictures in the FF films. The occasional siting of another superhero. Give us nerds something to go “That was so cool.”

    • @GreaterTater

      They haven’t “missed” that, bud. They can’t do any of the things you just mentioned.

      A longtime ago, Marvel sold the rights to certain characters to other studios: Spider-Man (Sony), X-Men (Fox), Fantastic Four (Fox), Daredevil (Fox), Ghost-Rider (Sony) Hulk (Universal), etc…

      Marvel bought the Hulk back after Ang Lee’s movie didn’t do so well, but those other properties I mentioned are still held by those other studios, not Marvel, which owns Iron Man, Thor, Cap and The Avengers.

      Until Marvel owns the characters held by other studios, you will NEVER see Wolverine in a Cap movie, or Peter Parker in a Fantastic Four. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      • I realize that. That is the biggest reason that these movies and reboots are so messed up. No body is on the same page. Hopefully they will someday remedy that. If not then we will never be able to see anything like the Infinity Gauntlet.

    • The things about past films are that they were set in their own universes.

      Everything made from 2008 up to now is part of Marvel stuidos. Marvel Studios is tying other films together building up to “The Avengers.” Such as Iron man, Iron man 2, and the Incredible Hulk.

      The Fantastic Four films were set in a different universe than the Raimi Spider-man films. Pretty much like Spidey was the only hero that existed in his, while the Fantastic Four were the only heroes in theirs. Plus the films were made by different studios. Spider-man by Columbia and Sony and Fantastic Four by Fox.

      With these newer reboots and retries, we might actually see small cameos from other characters. Like Tony Stark at the end of “Incredible Hulk.”

  21. Loving it. So excited to see this.

    OK a few things to add in here. Just because the story opens and closes with cap being in ice doesn’t mean we will only get 1 WW II Cap movie. Its pretty simple and logical to explore more on Caps adventures in WW II at ANY time. I mean ok Cap 1. WW II exploits GREAT! Cap 2. A modern story about him adjusting to life in present day with a few baddies screwing up is reaclamation into modern socioty perhaps the Red Skull shows back up, Perhaps is Crossbones, perhaps its Hydra. Cap 3. could very well be a flash back. Maybe something happens to him in the mansion he gets down and has some alone time and starts thinking about the war, perhaps its a dream sequence, or perhaps he is telling a story about the war.

    Remember Captain America is a man out of time. At any given point in time we could see flashbacks to World War II. The question is, is how are they going to do it. I personally would like to see the stories played out like I explained above rather then have a piece memory story present, past present past ect ect ect you get the idea.

    • It would be such a lame cop-out if you have the first film set in the 40′s, then the second film being modern, then suddenly the third is set in WW2? That would be terrible. It’s like how Underworld 3 was a prequel. It screwed up the film sequence, especially with Kate Beckinsale returning for Underworld 4.

      When they get Cap in the present, there are nearly 50 years worth of stories they could base 2 and 3 off of. When he’s in the present, they need to keep him in the present. Depending on if this film warrants a sequel.

      For all we know, “First Avenger” could be set over the course of Cap’s entire involvement in the war. Spanning a couple of years, ending the film with the getting trapped in ice part. Then being thawed out in “The Avengers.”

      Right now, all we can do is wait and see the films, and see where it leads.

  22. @ Kofi

    So Capt’s Classic costume w/ wings will be shown, when you say that, do you mean like a brief scene or through half of of the film which he’d also would wear in The Anvengers?

    • @Wally

      Im thinking based on what Ive read here is he will wear it during a USO event. He will bust out a can of whoop butt and find the USO suit to lack the protection it deserves however the moral support the costume presents makes it a necessity to include the colors.

      So I see him wearing it once in its full glory but replacing it for something more fitting for what he will be doing.

      • @ Aknot

        I can see what you mean about that costume being worn for most of the film since it takes place during WW2. But i wonder if Capt will wear the classic costume for the Avengers film as other heroes and the world would see him modern-like you know?

        • theyve already said he’ll wear an early version the suit(one we havnt seen yet) and he will see the significance it has to the soldiers and then get an updated suit from howard stark(the one in the concept art with the round shield.)… im guessing by the end of the film we’ll see his modern suit or mabe theyll save it for the avengers but they arnt gonna just not have him wear his suit in the future thats just dum im guessing theyll give it an update though either to the ultimate cap modern suit or the bucky barnes cap suit..

          • see if you look the earliest suit the one before he gets the howard stark version is underneath his jacket in the pictures ubove^

        • I will akin it to his fighting style I mentioned awhile back in another thread.

          When he starts bashing Nazi heads I HOPE he is not doing it in an acrobatic way. I want to see simple fighting for that time period.

          When he gets unfrozen he realizes his fighting style is inadequate for this time and like a good soldier adapts. Learning how to fight using various techniques.

          Same with his suit. While leather is nice :D to fit his fighting style something needs to be created to allow him to fight as such and still afford better protection. So Tony naturally updates his fathers suit.

  23. Btw, how are they going to incorporate Captain America with the Avengers especially with Iron Man? Is Captain America going to time travel or he wont age? Im not really deeply familiar with Capt. America. Oh I remember he was frozen! LOL! Nvrmind!

  24. Im worried the article seems to imply that cap is in charge of the howling commandos, alsothe skull and soldiers were hydra markings i am afraid we are geting a WWII where we fought Hyrra and not the Natzis

  25. Hey everyone I think I’ve just spotted a Howling Commando!!!! Look on the right hand corner of the picture with Cap and his triangular shield, the guy with the red hat looks just like the French Howling Commando – Jacques Dernier who is gonna be played by French actor Bruno Ricci

    • Sorry people my mistake, the guy is actually Union Jack played by JJ Feild

      • I don’t know about Howling Commandos but that’s definitely Radar O’Reilly on the left. But how the heck did he get from the Korean war to WWII?

        • Good one! Nearly split a gut!

  26. Loving the pictures and premise. I am so looking forward to this movie and can’t wait to see Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull. Evans has that humble look to him (kind of aw shucks American boy look) and I think that embodies a lot of who Captain America is.

    I like the title, The First Avenger. I know there’s some disappointment with Captain America removed from the title but The First Avenger gives it a different ring and I like it.

  27. I don’t understand the hubbub. Movies change titles to suit foreign markets all the time.

    I saw “The Rundown” in India. It was retitled as “Welcome to the Jungle” to better suit the idioms and translation of the local language.

    When my wife saw the first Star Wars in Peru, the title was basically translated as “Battle in the Stars”.

    Just because we don’t hear about it in the US does not mean re-titling movies in foreign markets does not happen.