‘Captain America: The First Avenger’: Key Details & Images Revealed

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Captain American Comic Con Poster Captain America: The First Avenger: Key Details & Images Revealed

If you haven’t gone out and picked up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly then you are certainly missing out right now.

Besides offering fans a official first look at Chris Evans as Captain America, the new issue’s featured article explores the production of Captain America: The First Avenger and manages to clear up a few of the lingering questions that have been on fanboys and girls’ minds, ever since the basic premise and story of the film were revealed.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The First Avenger will take place mostly during WWII.
  • It will be an origin story.
  • The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) will be the villain with Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) as a secondary villain.
  • Cap’s sidekick Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and love interest Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) are secondary characters.
  • “The Howling Commandos” will be an international team of soldiers Cap works with.
  • The Red Skull will be using a cosmic cube as part of his nefarious plot.
  • The terrorist organization Hydra will be involved.

All of this early info made The First Avenger sound like it would be a fun action-adventure movie – sort of a James Bond meets Indiana Jones meets Superman mashup. However, those early detailsĀ  inevitably led to more questions; The First Avenger is titled the way it is in no small part due to its status as the final lead-in to Joss Whedon’s upcoming movie version of The Avengers.

Now, any fan worth their weight in comic books knows the legendary origin story of The Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and The Wasp form a super team, and are eventually led by Captain America, who they discover frozen in a block of ice out in the Antarctic tundra, decades after he was presumed Killed In Action while heroically sabotaging a deadly Nazi rocket. The natural assumption was that this same story would be kept intact for the Marvel Movie Universe, but would it be a part of The First Avenger or set as the opening chapter of The Avengers?

Well, thanks to EW we now have an official confirmation on where, exactly, The First Avenger starts and ends, along with a few other choice details:

  • The First Avenger will open and close with Cap being frozen in ice; the WWII origin story will fit in between.
  • As rumored, Cap’s classic comic book costume will appear in the movie (wings and all) as part of a humorous scene where Steve Rogers (Evans) is used as a propaganda tool at a USO show.
  • Rogers hates the USO gig and goes to see Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper playing Tony Stark’s dad) to have a more official battlesuit created.
  • The Red Skull will be Hitler’s head of advanced weaponry and will seek a cosmic cube t0 harness its mystical powers for evil. The cube will be known as “The Tesseract.”
  • To help the movie play better across the pond, it MAY simply go by the title of The First Avenger.

UPDATE: Along with these updates, check out this full gallery of images from The First Avenger!

One thing these new details still don’t address is the issue of how the WWII era of Cap’s life will be handled. Marvel comic books have detailed a whole canon of Cap WWII exploits, from serving with The Invaders to the Howling Commandos to years of battling The Red Skull, Baron Zemo (I), Arnim Zola and other Nazi villains. With Chris Evans signed for six Marvel films (a Cap trilogy presumably being part of the six) there is plenty of opportunity to tell more than one “Cap in WWII” story on film.

However, we already know from early set photos that “VE Day” (a.k.a. the allied victory day that officially ended the war) is featured in The First Avenger – so is the origin story the only chapter of WWII Cap we’re going to get? Or does this film just cover how Cap became a super soldier and then a hero, referring to the rest of his WWII adventures only as a montage or an aside?

Guess we’ll find out the answer to that question (and more) when Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: EW

Image Gallery Source: Paramount

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  1. I hope this movie rocks. There is just one thing. I like Evans as an actor and think he has a good range of emotion but, I just don’t think he has the body to pull off the role. Cap always had a body builder look to him and was about 6″3. Evans isn’t that big in these pic’s and look’s like a normal soldier that is 5″8 and 175 pounds. Even the pic on the cover of Entertainment Weekly makes him look like a skinny pencil neck geek.

    • I actually thought Evans was a bad choice but after seeing these pics I see where this is going. If Evans is signed on for another six(!) Marvel movies he will start looking a little older and mature to match the age progression of Cap. through the trilogy. So, Evans looking like a pencil necked, fresh faced puke of a new recruit is actually correct. Once we hit the second Cap movie, Evans will have been carrying a lot more muscle around day to day and his face should have a few more lines. Now if the writers/directors can take the douchebaggery out of Evans natural personality he will be a great Cap…can’t believe I’m saying this but I guess Evans is a good fit for what they got planned.

    • You can’t really expect Chris Evans to go all out to get a Captain America build. You can’t even get him to dye his hair blonde to emulate the iconic character he is portraying in the film.

  2. Ah, I love the pics. And I see the original shield, though I wonder if they’ll just go with that for his early scenes with the USO and later get the round one from Howard.

    I like that little shot of RS and Zola. I’d forgotten Toby Jones was playing Zola so I’m quite happy to see him there. Weaving looks good as usual though like many I am looking forward to seeing him in the Red Skull makeup and everything.

    And Evans does look the part I think and I rather like those shots we’re seeing here like him in uniform and with the helmet on smiling.

    That shot of the room where I assume the Supersoldier experiment will take place is rather interesting. Looks like a pod or something. Is that from any of the recent tellings of Cap’s origin? The only one I’ve read recently of the origin was one by Roger Stern I think which was some weird potion or something.

    • @ Braveheart

      Are implying future films that would be like Secret Wars? Or the other mentioned rumor story? I always liked the Secret Wars. Heck Even the 90′s Spiderman 3-part episode Secret Wars was one of my favorites despite Thor or Hulk not being in it which Hulk almost was but was replaced w/ Lizard. Can’t wait to see all that these Marvel films have instore.

  3. Picture above don’t promise much, but I hope this film will be better then others that we can see last months.

  4. Is dying your hair blonde such a hard concept, Chris Evans?

    It’s a small thing. Won’t really ruin the film. But since past Marvel Studio films stay really close to the source material (stories are different, but the characters themselves are spot-on), why wouldn’t they have at least put a blonde wig on him. Kate Bosworth wore a brunette wig for Superman Returns. Christian Bale lost over 100 pounds for “The Machinist,” So why couldn’t Chris Evans do such a small thing as dying his hair.

    If you are going to play an iconic character, you need to take the extra steps, no matter how large or small. Routh wore blue contacts so he could have Clark Kent’s baby blues (which he said bothered his eyes), why couldn’t you have at least used a high-quality wig?

    I can’t wait for the film, but it’s that one thing Chris Evan’s fails to do. Both comic book characters he’s played are BLONDE!! Yet he is on the screen playing said character with his brown hair.

    • Gary,

      Do you really think it’s Evans’ decision what his character’s hair color will be?

      I seriously doubt that.


  5. ok just so im 100 percent on this the little ear wings wont be on the actual costiume will they?