Captain America to Begin Filming in June

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captain america steve rogers Captain America to Begin Filming in June

There are few characters that solicit emotion like the venerable Captain America.

His death last year was profound. It struck a cord in all “Cappy” fans that had a lasting impression – that is until he “returned” to once again fight those that would challenge liberty and freedom.

News on the celluloid/digital version of everyone’s favorite shield-wielding, flag-bolstering hero recently is also very popular. Production on The First Avenger: Captain America starts in June, 2010. It’s reasonable to think that casting should follow soon thereafter providing fuel to the always-popular casting discussion that ensues anytime news like this surfaces.

One has to also wonder – will there be enough time to not only prepare a solid story and strong cast, but to concoct a solid rapport between content and cast?

To date, there’s been literally nothing concrete on who will don the blue halfmask and wield the shield.

Perhaps it’s a good thing.

After all, the program to create Super Soldiers WAS Top Secret.

The movie is set for a July 22, 2011 release date, so there’s never been a clearer mission for Cappy and the powers that be that will construct the foundational platform for a character who will be the center point for the launch of a series of upcoming Avengers films.

sr cappy pic Captain America to Begin Filming in June

What are YOUR thoughts on this compressed timetable? Will the filmmakers be able to put the polish on the shield and the manthat carries it in time before the film gets underway? Discuss below.

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  1. Whats his story? Doesn’t seem all that interesting to be honest.

    I played him in the Ultimate Alliance game and his “powers” were crap so the story better be good!

  2. I think that the movie is in production now, just at a supremely slow pace. All I want to know is who is playing Cap, when we get to see said actor in the uniform, and who is playing Red Skull.

  3. We better get some casting news soon.

  4. @Steve

    WOW way to be ignorant! If your basing your anticipation of a movie on a game that he is literally like 1 of 20 characters you’re an idiot. Cap is THE centerpiece for all the movies marvel is trying to create. He’s the alpha dog. He’s the reason Hulk even exists. The whole Civil War story was him vs. Iron Man.

  5. @Spark

    Dude, dial it WAY back, bud. No need to be insulting just because he’s not familiar with the character.


  6. Would it be dumb to have this entire movie set in the World War II era and then have him cryogenically frozen at the end of the movie for the closing scene? Then, when the need arises in the future, they unthaw him at the beginning of the Avengers movie to lead the team. What do you think?

  7. For all we know, they could have everyone cast and are just not revealing said cast.

  8. Enough of this i just want to know who’s up for the role,i wouldn’t rule out a new comer either.

  9. @Kman im there sounds like a badass way to end the movie then unthaw him at the beginng of the avengers umm awsome.

  10. It might be nice to select a genuine bonafied Navy Seal, Ranger, Marine, ect. member of our Armed Forces besides everyone under 40 in Hollywood is an effeminate ferry. They’ve really embraced the whole Metrosexual pansy thing full bore. Either the scrwney Tigerbeat Bi look or the Nebish loveable smartass nerd look, Hetrosexual men who can throw a punch need not apply. The only men’s men types are from Australia, New Zealand or England.

    Selecting a bonafied U.S. Veteran would not only be cool as can be but Hollywood owes them a bone with ten years of not so thinnly veiled military hate films


  12. One of Caps greatest powers is his leadership. He is the alpha dog of the avengers and is basicly just amazing – even if his “powers” aren’t the coolest. I think the reason we haven’t heard anything yet is because there isn’t anything yet. I figure that marvel is spending a crazy amount of time trying to either justify using a non-american or trying to figure out who is worthy to hold the sheild. If they can figure that out then everything else will ride smooth, but they have to no that not only does this one movie hang on their choice of who plays cap – but the whole avengers movie also hangs on who they pick. This is a huge choice with no clear cut answer.

  13. Woops, that was shield & know instead of sheild and no… yeah sometimes I’m jsut an space kase? Anyway, on another note – I kinda like Mark Valley for cap. I’m not in love with the idea, but he’s an american (I think) and he could be pretty good.

  14. @Sam…

    I was also thinking of Mark Valley after I saw the trailers for his new show on Fox. He sure as hell LOOKS like he could be Cap. He’s an American with military service. However, at 5’11″ he might be a bit short and he is 45 years old. I wonder if he’d be considered too old for the part.

  15. Great article, and I’m supremely excited for the movie. I only have one nitpick-Cap died in 07, not last year, haha.

  16. Have to agree that valley may be old but I bet they could do something to make him look the part and as far as height goes – if tom cruise can look taller than he is and they can make sean astin a hobbit I think we’re good. I really think he could be cap… as far as damon goes, if they cast him I could go with it. I don’t know that I see him and think Cap, but I trust this crew so if they’re in I’m in (at least as far as Damon goes)

  17. I have to say, that while I will see this movie, the character is a complete nothing to me, never really caught much of him in the comics, and in general Captain America seems like the dullest superhero ever.

    Still, Marvel seem to be pushing their collective boundaries by setting this in the past, I would rather see this than another god awful sequel churned out with no imagination.

  18. I’m a bit worried to be honest, there’s been so much happening with Thor and almost nothing about Cap, and it’s not like their release dates are all that far apart.

    Personally, I think Mark Valley would be a great candidate to carry the shield. I’m soley basing this off his role in Boston Legal, he can be funny, people can get behind him, and he can also be kind of annoying as well, and let’s face it, captian america can be annoying at times. I know he’s a bit older, but so is robert downey jr. Plus, if he’s only 5′11″ he’d just make thor look bigger, by comparison. So yay!

  19. @alex yeah!

    Mark Valley is a nice choice! Probably not well known enough though, this one needs a big star, someone who can act as well as look tough in lycra.

  20. @Spark – OK dude sorry, I don’t read the comic books so I only have a vague idea who he is from the various games. His story must be interesting since his powers don’t seem to be…

    I’m more of a Superman fan to be honest :)

  21. @Steve,

    Captain America is the human equivalent of Superman. His skills are (IMO) a little lower then Batmans (fighting wise). Depending on how they go with him he may have above average strength enhanced by the super soldier formula.

    He is a soldier and a leader above all else. Which at times were tested by his Government.

    In a major fight if you had a choice he is one you want on your side.

  22. @Aknot

    Id rather have The Last Son Of Krypton at my side during any battle!

    Captain America is a weird superhero, he sits on the boudary between the normal human heroes like Batman and the empowered ones such as Superman. He has super abilities but can be downed by a single bullet.
    it should make for an interesting movie providing they cast the right actor and dont try to make uber patriotic, the period setting is the most intriguing part of the movie for me at the moment.

    I’d rather see Joe Johnston working on a Rocketeer sequel! The Rocketeer II:The Revenge Of Neville Sinclar!

  23. @ Steve

    I was not a huge fan of Captain America until recently, I always liked the character, but he was never one of my favorites (except for that one time in the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series where he took it to Thanos man to man, that was awesome). However, I believe that the current run on Captain America is one of the best book on the shelves, and has been for years. Ed Brubaker’s run on Cap has made him one of my favorite characters, while at the same time giving him the kind of stories that make him interesting and human (while of course giving him ample opportunity to kick some major tail!). If you have some disposable income, pick up the Captain America Omnibus that collects the first 25 issues of the current run, they are well worth a read and will set you up for the entire “Death of Captain America” story, which was an 18 issue masterpiece. Good reads all the way around.

  24. @ Aknot

    It was established in JLA/Avengers that the Cap and the Bat are evenly matched, so much so that Batman told Cap that it was conceivable that over a long period of time Cap’s stamina would eventually allow him to overpower the Bat and win. So they agreed to quit fighting, and worked together to figure out what was going on. All in all it was a pretty cool story, you should check it out, if you haven’t already.

  25. @ ulik

    i wont even begin to claim to know anything about Captain America, so I will take your word for it.

    Still looking forward to the film though. But Marvel really have to prove something, their movies have declined in quality lately, Iron Man And The Incredible Hulk being exceptions, after the dross of X Men 3, Wolverine, Punisher WZ and Spiderman 3. Lets hope Thor And Captain America put those ghosts to rest as DC have floored Marvel in the movie making recently with just one damned movie.

  26. I do like BatMan better than I like Super-Man because of his similarity to Captain America. Batman is also an incredible strategist and “the worlds greatest detective” which is not explored enough in the movies. As far as Batman being above Captain America, that’s not true. For one Captain America is physically stronger than Batman and is able to lift press 850 lbs while Batman is able to lift press 500-600(which is still impressive for a normal human). Batman and Captain America are very similar in terms of abilities. In a well prepped battle, I’d say that Batman would beat Captain America. In unarmed battle with no gear, I’d say that Captain America would beat Batman. With gear and no time for prep, I don’t know who would truly win.(It would all depend on who’s writing it).