New ‘Captain America’ Featurette Examines Shield History

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Captain America First Avenger Trailer 2 New Captain America Featurette Examines Shield History

We’re three-quarters of the way through this summer’s collection of superhero flicks, now that Thor, X-Men: First Class, and Green Lantern have all made their way into theaters. That leaves just one more costumed hero comic book adaptation on the horizon (and for a lot of fans, the most exciting), Captain America: The First Avenger.

Marvel has yet to really unleash its Captain America marketing bonanza full force, but that will change very soon. With a second trailer expected to debut with Transformers: Dark of the Moon next week, and loads of TV spots due to hit the small screen in the beginning of July, today’s Captain American “Shield” featurette (note: it’s about his iconic weapon, not S.H.I.E.L.D.) is just getting an early start on hyping up Chris Evans’ debut as Steve Rogers.

Up to now, it’s been difficult to assess whether or not Captain America looks like a surefire hit. What bits of action glimpsed in the official Captain America trailer or scenes with Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull have looked promising, but been a bit on the brief side. That will undoubtedly change with future theatrical/TV spots, which will be designed to make The First Avenger’s debut look as exciting and action-packed as possible. Before all that, though, there is the new Captain America featurette to help quench the thirst of fans eagerly awaiting the hero’s big screen adventure.

It’s an obvious piece of synergy that was sponsored by anti-virus software firm Norton by Symantec – so be warned, the video has more than its fair share of unabashed product promotion, in between interviews with Chris Evans and the Captain America production team.

Check out that “Behind the Shield” featurette (via Facebook) below:

Director Joe Johnston has drawn comparisons between his Captain America movie and Raiders of the Lost Ark before, describing it as “a contemporary film about this period in the past” that features sci-fi elements that were designed from a 1942 vantage point. Some of said futuristic elements (like the Captain’s famous red, white, and blue shield) do indeed look like the sort of weaponry people living in the 1940s might have imagined; other objects (see: some of the Hydra army technology) don’t look to fit quite as well. However, given that the Captain will be wielding an old-fashioned gun and his shield in classic form, any other incongruities in the film’s production design may be of little importance to fans.

One thing that Captain America definitely seems to have going for it is the cast –  and not just the numerous acclaimed actors in supporting roles (Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, etc.), but the film’s three main players: Weaving’s villainous Red Skull, Hayley Atwell’s plucky heroine Peggy Carter, and Evan’s version of Cap. We’ve seen some great incarnations of comic book heroes and villains alike so far this summer season, but Captain America could end up including some of the best do-gooders and dastardly types out of the lot.

Captain America posters with Chris Evans New Captain America Featurette Examines Shield History

Whether or not Captain America will end this year’s collection of superhero flicks with a bang or a thud is the big question right now. The footage previewed so far has been solid, but not really substantial enough to all but ensure that the film will be as thrilling and enjoyable a romp as everyone hopes it will be.

Opinions appear far less divided on the casting of Evans as Steve Rogers than, say, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan – not to mention, with this being a Marvel production, Captain America shouldn’t annoy comic book purists with too many large departures from the source material (a la X-Men). So there’s definitely potential for this movie to be a home run with casual moviegoers and devoted Cap fans alike.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters on July 22nd, 2011.

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  1. I’m getting more excited for this the more i see of it!

    I really want what marvel is doing to work out, it’s so ambitious you’ve got to respect them just for trying

  2. Am I the only one who isn’t bothered that the Hydra tech looks too futuristic? I don’t see the issue. The Nazi’s came up with designs for all sorts of crazy stuff, like stealth planes, antigravity generators and even time machines. Hydra obviously got their advanced tech from somewhere, probably using inspiration from the cosmic cube that Red Skull finds at the beginning of the movie.

    • No, I agree with good Doctor. It looks like the duture from a 40s perspective, which is what its supposed to look like…

      • Future

    • is hyrda even related to the red skull ?

      • You’re joking right?

        • It’s a fair question to ask… you’d have to be a very knowledgeable Marvel reader to read about the connections.

          But yes, he is – he’s even been revealed to be a HYDRA leader – although HYDRA has been more closely associated with Baron Strucker, another Nazi.

          • i wasn’t sure b/c i haven’t read the old marvel comics (i cant stand the colour on those damn comics). thanks for clearing that up for me :)

    • yeah. seemed just a tad bit over analytical to me too…

    • Yea man I feel the same way. Since the beginning I’ve been hearing things look “too futuristic” and it doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. Actually “Cowboys & Aliens” is a comic book adaptation….. So Captain America is NOT the only one left.

    • I thought it was an original movie?

      • No, it’s a graphic from 2005..? Not sure on the date.

        • huh. I did not know that. Learnt something new today. :)

    • Right you are, JDF – I changed it to clarify that Captain America is the last costumed hero comic book flick of the summer.

  4. I wonder if they’ll touch at all on the Vibranium the shield’s made from coming from Wakanda..

    • No, they´re going the “artificial metal created by Howard Stark” way.

      • Stark may have created it but they might make it so he stole it

        • well said Vibranium is well know to be linked to Wakanda it would be crazy theu dont reference it

      • well “officially” it IS an alloy of Vibranium and iron. Where the Vibranium comes from really isn’t important to the story.

        • Agreed… I think the preoccupation with where the Vibranium comes from stems from there being two kinds of Vibranium in the Marvel universe, one primarily found in Wakanda, and another found in Antarctica. The kind found in Antarctica is completely different though, and for the purposes of the Marvel Film Universe there’s no reason to make the distinction because they’re probably never going to use the 2nd variety.

  5. I think Captain America will outshine the rest of the comic book movies this summer.

  6. OK…starting to get a little pumped for this one.

  7. So will the new trailer be released in IMAX theaters? Because if it’s not I’ll be heated.

  8. Wow – shameless Norton plugs were shamelessly plugging Norton… Nortonly.

    What day does Capt. AmeriNorton release? I am really looking forward to nortoning it.

    • LOL RIGHT!? every 10 seconds the video was ZOOMING into Norton! So Shameless it was funny!

      • Wonder if his bike is a Norton? Lol!

  9. I think will come out and people will complain about it. I support CBM because i want them to keep making them.

  10. But really though i thought he had a different shield back then or am i confused?

    • Early Cap comics had him carrying the classic “shield” shape that you see when you look at a medieval coat of arms, and in the film he carries that shield for the USO performances (if I am reading the articles and photos correctly…”

  11. Is he punching Hitler in the posted pictured? Does CAPT ever encounter Hitler in the comics ever?

    • Yes, he does. That posted image you’re referring to is a cast-only poster that was created to give reference to an early Captain America comic book cover (the first issue if I remember correctly).

    • Yes he does, in the first issue of Captain America, thats were the inspuration was from>

    • In the comics Cap comes face to face with hitler many times. Red Skull was hitler’s head of advanced technology (in the comics) if memory serves correctly?

      In one comic I remember reading where the Red Skull attacked Baron Zemo because Zemo wanted to kill Cap (the Skull wanted Cap alive – to torture him). As the skull was attacking Zemo, hilter had to have his men break up the fight.

      • That’s freggin awesome! I never really knew the back story to Cap. So does that mean there’s a good chance Hitler will be involved in the film? Id love to see Cap punching the sh*t out of hitlers stupid mustache!

        • I doubt we’ll see hitler… they will probably mention his name though… this movie is based more on HYDRA and the Skull than the actual WAR.


    Apparently Captain America doesn’t like Kaspersky, he prefers to use Norton Antivirus.

  13. Got high hopes for this one! This is especially important, given how much the Avengers movie will take from it.

  14. Captain America IS going to be the best movie of the summer (do far my predictions were pretty accurate). I said from the beginning that Green Lantern was gonna suck… I knew Thor would be average and I was pretty close with X-men saying it would be underestimated but not THAT good.

    … But enough bragging! ;)

    Cap is gonna be awesome… the trailers have been nothing but awesome (just wish they would start showing some new footage – I’m tired of seeing Evans come out of the “Rebirth Chamber” or whatever it’s called).

    The featurette was also very cool (although Norton should be ashamed about the way they advertise, but I digress).


    • Sorry, typo: SO far my predictions were…

    • lol, yeah that scene is getting a bit long in the tooth for me too. I like though that they are keeping everything under wraps unlike XMFC or GL that showed use seemingly endless barrage of videos and screenshots.

      It’s going to have a completely different (and I hope( fresh feel from what we have seen so far this summer. Plus everyone likes WWII base movies so this should be a great movie!

  15. This movie will own the summer

    • No Harry Potter will rule the summer

      • i agree Harry Potter

  16. Captain America superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America. Production of Captain America began in June 2010 and filming took place in London, Manchester and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, and Los Angeles in the United States. The film was converted to 3D in post production.

    • Hate the fact that it was converted to 3D.

      IMO any movie converted to 3D isn’t worth watching in 3D – it isn’t even worth converting it to 3D because it WILL be dark and blurry.

      Movies MADE for 3D (shot in 3D) are the only movies that should be viewed in 3D.

  17. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 will destroy this film in te box office, since they open a week apart from each other

    • That’s the thing I’m worried about with this film. The cast, director, effects, editing…it all seems to be working well. The thing that could kill its earnings is the proximity to the last Harry Pooter film. I’m hoping Cap doesn’t get too heavily effected by Deathly Hallows pt. 2.

      • I’m nit saying captain america is going to be a bad film, for all you know it could be really good. But its the last Harry Potter film ever so alot of people will go see HP

        • So why can’t people go see BOTH?

          That’s what I’m going to do…

          We must live in a sad world if people can’t afford to watch more than one movie in a month.

          I really don’t get why people can’t watch HP7 the one week and go see Cap the next… if money is the issue just sneak in some snacks instead of paying for overpriced stuff (the money you save should be enough for a ticket to watch another movie).

          • People *can* see both, but a movie with as much anticipation and build-up attached to it as HP7 coming out so close to a film like Capt. American can impact that second film’s box office. If there’s a big film coming out with only romantic comedies and biopics coming out during the same week, that schedule would help its earnings.

            • Well when Avatar came out Sherlock Holmes still did pretty good…
              - and that I think is a great example of why two big blockbuster films can co-exist only one week apart.

              Personally I liked SH more than Avatar… and I’m sure that I will like Cap better than HP7.2

              Although… I do agree that HP7 will get more money in the box office but I doubt it will “destroy” Cap as “Neal” so blatantly pointed out – I think Cap will still get a lot of money (possibly even more than Iron Man did).

          • And before people start dissing me… personally I never sneak in snacks… I pay for the overpriced stuff because it’s easier than having to smuggle food into a theater

            I am just saying that for those who can’t afford to pay $500,000 (might be exaggerating a bit) for some popcorn and a coke, they can just sneak in a snack and a drink or go without it all together.

          • But both movies are in 3D so that means the ticket prices will be higher. Im only going to see Harry Potter this summer. The movies are just to expensive

            • Here’s an idea… DON’T SEE IT IN 3D!

              Why pay for 3D when it looks terrible.

              And don’t be such a miser. Go see Cap! It’s gonna be awesome.

              • the footage from Cap has not excited me at all yet. Is there anoter Cap trailer coming out soon?

  18. Looking forward to this. looks good

  19. Hydra is suppose to have futurist weapons

  20. From the way it looks Marvel has kept the Captain America movie tied to its origin roots(which will definitely help sell the movie)and makes Gren Lantern look REALLY silly looking. DC characters are not fleshed out like Marvel’s is. Maybe if the producers and directors took the time to give life to DC characters rather than doing a rush job(just to beat Marvel?).
    Here’s a word of knowledge to the prducers and dirctors – Parallax wasn’t an evil entity, it was what Hal Jordan turned into when he went crazy after Coast City was destroyed.

    • Parallax infected Hal Jordan, influencing him. At the time people within the DC universe believed HE was Parallax, but Jordan was just playing host. When Hal Jordan was no longer insane and no longer calling himself “Parallax,” the actual Parallax was still in existence. Parallax is evil, he’s the source of the former weakness to yellow the GL rings had, and he’s the force behind the yellow power rings.

    • I agree completely with you “Jeff Baker” (on the first paragraph)

      The second paragraph: Ken is right about the stuff about Paralax.

  21. Not so excited about it, none of the clips show really awesome camera shots, very basic, the part of the mask that goes under the jaw should have been blue, would have been nicer.

    Arnim Zola is in the film right but in human form right, will we ever see Baron Von Strucker?

    • Maybe in future sequels, but I have no doubt that his name will be mentioned in the film (a little easter egg).

      I for one think this will be THE movie of the summer.

  22. How in the heck does that shield come back to him anyway? I can understand how Thor’s hammer comes back to him. (Magic :P) I wish they had made up some sort of phoney but believable science to back that up and explained it here. I hope we hear some sort of explanation for the boomerang shield in the film.

    • I havent watched the featurette yet, but assuming its like the comic, it doesnt “boomerang” he bounces it off walls to have it angle itself back to him. Its all angles and mathematics, Science’s little brother lol.

      • Doom3523 is right… is it down to the angles

        In the comics there are only a hand full of people who know how to use the shield to it’s full capabilities (i.o.w. there are only a few people who know how to make it bounce off of walls.)

        These people are: Steve Rodgers (the original Cap), Bucky Barnes (the new Captain America) and Clint Barton (Hawkeye). I don’t know if I missed anybody out but these are the ONLY people that I can remember who knows how to use the shield correctly.

        (Yes, yes, I know I’m the biggest nerd on the planet ;))

        • Sorry, typo: IT IS down to the angles…

          (I’m starting to make a lot of typos lately :()

        • You forgot John Walker (USAgent).

          • @Scapegoat, how about Paul Walker as John Walker aka USAgent?

        • @The Avenger, Taskmaster can do it too but just doesn’t use his shield as a projectile. BTW, I’d love to see Jason Statham play as TaskMaster or Paladin.

      • Ye that’s what I was thinking too. It just sounds silly and too convenient that Steve gained the power/knowledge to ricochet his shield offa walls along with gaining superhuman strength and agility. Was that part of the super soldier program or something? I hope they’ll give a cooler explanation in the film.

        I’m probably over-thinking it… But that’s what gets me excited when they’re putting these comic book characters in a live-action movie – How they’re going to make it believable.

    • I had a friend that could throw his Frisbee really far and get it to come right back to him. It must have been all about the spin.

  23. Im gonna go on record and say i hope this does as good as the rest, but i think Transformers 3 and Cars 2 will back more than all three of these did individually.

    • Cars 2? You seriously think that Cars 2 will earn more in the box office than Cap?

      How did you come to that conclusion, fine sir ;)

      • Cars is a kids movie and entertaining, and very family friendly. Parents will take their kids to see it. Some adults will want to go see it because they enjoyed the first.

  24. I love the complaints on how the shield comes back to him and how it doesn’t make sense. And a skinny kid growing huge muscles and becoming super human does? Get over yourselves. Its fantasy, people. LOL at you guys.

    • Yeah i never understood why people thought there shoudl be logic on stuff related to super hero movies. Will be going to see this on opening night.

      • Every fictional setting, character, event, in every book, film, tv show, etc. has a set of internal rules that they play by. Sure, with a superhero you are inventing certain powers or circumstances that don’t exist in real life, but the second you don’t incorporate some sense of rules and logic, the thing you’re creating loses any of its cohesion and relatability. That’s why people think there should be logic….because there should be. It’s what makes good fiction work.

        • amen to that bro. people who don’t put any level thinking on something as simple as watching a movie are exactly that – people who don’t think. they just take whatever it is that is thrown at them without any chance of contributing anything meaningful about the movie.

        • Thank you Ken, I agree completely.

          If there is no logic the whole character/comic/movie will fall apart.

          It will be a complete mess if the writers doesn’t have some sort of continuity or something.

          • Suspension of Disbelief. And there is no way logically you can explain a shield bouncing off wall and a a few guys faces and coming back if you want to be logical about it. Im sorry but i go to the movie to escape reality for an 1 1/2 or more.

            • Well… I can’t help it if you don’t know how to use your imagination and be positive ;)

    • The people who complain about the shield returning are the same people who doesn’t know WHY it comes back. He uses it like a tennis ball, calculating the angles and how hard to throw it, combined with the metal it’s made of. It’s not like it’s some magic boomerang and there’s no reason for it to return to sender. There’s a thought-out reason behind it.

  25. Question: Did Norton sponsor this because they did not do a good job of letting you know via product placement. Sheesh

  26. It’s like billiards,there’s a possibility that Steve Rogers excelled in geometry.Or Howard Stark points that aspect of the Shield’s potential out to him when he first gets it.Whether that makes it into the back story remains to be seen.
    Besides it’s not necessary that his shield ricochets right back to him every time.It may be he has to move into it’s trajectory to retrieve it occasionally,or even go pick it up.

  27. Hello I am soo confused how does captian american hold his sheild on his back?????????????