‘Captain America’ Director Joe Johnston On A Possible ‘Boba Fett’ Movie

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joe johnston boba fett interview Captain America Director Joe Johnston On A Possible Boba Fett Movie

Earlier today we had the opportunity to speak with Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston (stay tuned for our continued coverage from the interview).

We spoke about some of the challenges inherent in creating a period piece that has futuristic elements, updating a classic character for a modern age, the possibilities for a Captain America 2 and a Johnston-helmed film adaptation of The Winter Soldier, the Bucky Barnes story – and finally, Johnston’s interest in a Boba Fett centered film.

Towards the end of our conversation I asked Johnston if his former boss and mentor, George Lucas, had seen the Captain America. The director gave us this somewhat surprising and thoroughly intriguing response:

“You know if he wants to see it, I would show it to him. I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett.”

When asked if he would direct the film Johnston said simply, “I would like to, it would be a lot of fun.”

Johnston began his career working as a storyboard artist for George Lucas – who recommended that the future director attend his own alma mater, USC film school, and continue to work for him. Johnston accepted the offer and went on to  work for Lucas as a designer and visual effects art director on Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. He created the designs for some of the franchise’s most beloved characters and vehicles including: Yoda, the Ewoks, The Millennium Falcon, The X- and Y-Wing Fighters, The Imperial Snow Walkers, The Imperial Star Destroyer – and of course: Boba Fett.

If Captain America is the critical and fan success that some are anticipating it will be, will Lucas be more inclined to legitimately explore the idea of:

A) Expanding the Star Wars Universe on the big screen, and

B) Handing over the reins to another director?

Boba Fett Movie Captain America Director Joe Johnston On A Possible Boba Fett Movie

Will he feel safer with his character in the hands of one of its original creators, a man who has known him since before he was a college graduate? And will a fan base that has felt burned by the franchise in recent years welcome the opportunity to revisit the world through the lens of one of the most popular supporting characters in the Star Wars universe (and a different director at the helm)?

Finally, could Johnston be the man who will bring Star Wars back to the cinemas? There are certainly a number of unanswered questions and the project is undoubtedly in a nascent stage, but the possibilities are fascinating to consider — plenty of successful films have sprung from far less fertile ground.

Captain America: The First Avenger opens this weekend beginning Friday, July 22nd.

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  1. I will wait to see captain America before I pass judgement on Johnston on whether or not he would be the proper director for a Star Wars film. I do think the idea of the Star Wars universe being explored with some of the “minor” characters is a great one. Boba Fett would work, but Not as a trilogy. Maybe one movie to explain how his transformation from boy to bounty hunter (training, weapons, armor, etc), but then continuing as a tv series exploring his jobs through different episodes. What I would really like to see on the screen (big or small) is Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron. Think about it, X-Wing battles, epic story lines like the retaking of Coruscant, seeing other characters like Corran Horn, Tycho Celchu, and Wes Janson. I think it would be good, anyone else? No matter what stories are told in the future and no matter who directs them, please, please, please go easy on the CGI.

  2. I think Jon Favreau would knock it out of the park. I like Nolan but I don’t think this type of space battle, and outlaws would go along with his way of story telling. I would also be afraid he would go around changing a lot of stuff that has always been true to Star Wars. That is fine for Batman but not Star Wars hah

  3. It’s funny that Boba Fett is such a popular character when Lucas never considered him that important in the original movies. After all the extended universe stuff where they said he survived the Sarlac kept him around Lucas somehow changed his tune about the character and tied his origins in with the building of the Storm Troopers.

    That said we already know Boba Fetts back-story and the only thing that a movie could cover would be him hunting someone for money. Problem is they would have to either create new characters for him to interact with or use existing characters from books and comics. Problem with both scenarios is that if not done right people won’t care enough about the surrounding people and story and despite a strong following with Star Wars fans could the character carry a movie on his own ?

  4. Perhaps this movie could begin with little Jango Junior being hunted and brutally murdered by Jaster Mereel, so the Boba Fett continuity could get back to where it was when it was good.

  5. F**k Boba Fett.

  6. I’m all for it but George ain’t gonna let it happen

  7. This all looks/sounds good on paper. Most importantly -the less Lucas is involved thr better the end result i.e. The Empire Strikes Back, Knights of the Old Republic & The Clone Wars Animated Shorts

  8. Whether it’s about Boba or not, I’d love to see some Star Wars spin-offs that aren’t bogged down as part of an overarching trilogy/saga. I think even Lucas could make a fun, solid film if he’d just write something that has nothing whatsoever to do with politics, a maximum of two Jedi, and isn’t just one part of a trilogy.

  9. I just want to go back in time and convince Lucas not to make the fake, weird prequels. Star Wars films post-Original Trilogy should’ve started with this kind of thing…. Boba Fett film = Yes for me.

  10. that be a nice movie if they can pull it off, I love Fett is the best criminal in the star wars universe. hopefully it would be bloody

    this site sux balls

  11. I love the way people think; that because Lucas didn’t direct The Empire Strikes Back, that he immediately had less to do with that film, than any of the others. Lucas is in full control of all his Star Wars movie projects – Empire included. He had his whole life invested in that film, of course he was heavily involved. If it failed; then his career was over.

    • He was in total control but less involved i.e. He did not write the screenplay.

      • George Lucas did have to go back and rewrite a fair portion of it because Leigh Brackett died and had taken the script in a direction he didn’t like. It’s sometimes said that Brackett’s name is on there in more of an honorary fashion. Still, I’m sure all the good dialogue can be attributed to the screenwriters, or to Irvin Kirshner and Harrison Ford.

        • Where are you getting your information?? Lucas wasnt even on set for more than 80% of the shooting of the movie, he simply sat in on a lot of the discussions of the direction of the physical effects and some sound stage shots. Nor did he have any hand in “rewrites”. He was so sure the follow up movies might fail he didnt want to be to blame if they tanked.

          I find it amazing that people are accepting the rewriting of facts. He practically eraticated Leigh Bracket and Lawernce Kasden from credit for the first movie and barely lists them on Empire. Anyone with the original novels, the ones that dont have “A New Hope” on it and published before 1980, can see who actually wrote them.

          • Where did you get your info from? Lucas wrote Star Wars and had friends Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz do a dialog polish. Kasadan and Bracket don’t have credit on it because they had nothing to do with it.
            Lucas laid out the story for Empire for both Kasadan and Bracket and was extensively involved in every aspect of that movie. Go read “The Making of the Empire Strikes Back” and see how little you know what your talking about. And by the way the novels were all ghost written after the films were already shot.

      • Wrong! Anyone who knows the Star Wars universe knows that 4 screenplays were written. The first screenplay was written by noted screenwriter Leigh Brackett. Lucas hated the script and tossed it. But he gave Brackett film credits for her work, because he liked her and because she was sick at the time she wrote it. Drafts 2 and 3 of Empire were written by Lucas himself, and that’s where the screenplay for Empire Strikes Back was formed, and that was the basic script used in the film. Lawrence Kasdan did the fourth draft based on Lucas’ revised script. Lucas took no credit in the film, even though he crafted the basic story and screenplay. Lucas instead gave Brackett and Kasdan full screen credits.

        That is what happened. You can see these if you ever visited Skywalker Ranch.

    • be patient and be deplomatic

  12. Eff that, get Joss Whedon to direct a Star Wars film. He got more emotion out of one episode of Firefly than Lucas did out of any of the crappy prequels.

    • Yeah Firefly really captivated the imagination if the world. I can’t remember a single day in the last 35 years when a person, a TV program, or movie didn’t make reference to it. You can’t even walk into a single store without seeing a whole section devoted to it, oh and I love the Firefly ride at Disneyland too.

      • What’s your point, that the popularity of Star Wars exceeds that of Firefly? That’s as obvious as it is beside the point – my argument wasn’t that Firefly was better than Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. My point was, as a 21st century auteur, Joss Whedon far surpasses George Lucas. Lucas hasn’t done a good movie in the last…god, three decades? Whedon has directed countless classic episodes of Buffy, Angel and Firefly, and made “Serenity”. Whedon’s accolades don’t always translate into $$$, but to use money as the standard by which quality is determined is shortsighted and arrogantly populist, not to mention beside the point of art. Lucas has embraced CGI in a way that is both weird and wasteful, so much so that the special effects in Episode I: The Phantom Menace have aged awfully and they look worse than anything in A New Hope, which came out nearly 25 years before Phantom. Sorry, Lucas has gone off the deep end.

        • No, my point is George Lucas changed the world and Joss Whedon’s accolades include being an uncredited screenwriter on SPEED, TWISTER and WATERWORLD!

          • I’d rather take that than be the lone credited writer of Episodes I, II and III.

            • Completely off topic but JONATHAN HALES shares writing credits on II which by far has the weakest dialog of the entire franchise.
              And Lucas took his script for Episode 1 to the much respected FRANK DARABONT for suggestions and he told him “I wouldn’t change a single damn word”

              • I don’t think it was the script, or the acting. It was the direction that was bad on the prequels.
                Take Sam Jackson for instance:
                Sam Jackson is a great actor. His lines seemed okay in the films, but it was his delivery that seemed off or forced or cheesy and that’s just not like Sam Jackson, seems more like poor direction.

    • Oh please no. We saw what Whedon did to the Alien franchise. I’d like to see better dialogue than what was in the prequels, obviously, but I’d rather not see rapid-fire witty banter in a Star Wars movie.

      Firefly was great, but it proves that Whedon works better within a milieu of his own creation.

      • To say he only works well within his own creations… that’s a bit shortsighted. He directed two great episodes of shows that weren’t his – Glee and The Office – and he’s got The Avengers coming out.

        • …don’t forget WATERWORLD!

          • don’t forget “annie, im pregnant!”

      • (Also, I’m not really sure how to read that comment – Alien 3 was an awful film anyway, so there wasn’t really much Whedon could do to sour it. And he readily admits that A: Resurrection was a travesty. You should cite better films he’s written, such as the original “Toy Story”)

        • YMMV. I’m just not sure I want his imprimatur on the Star Wars universe. Maybe if there’s ever a live-action TV show he could do an episode, or an arc, and prove me utterly wrong.

          The best thing about ALIEN RESURRECTION (other than that it ended and I never had to watch it again) was the pirate crew, led by Michael Wincott. I was a little disappointed that Whedon went with a more light-hearted approach with FIREFLY. I would’ve loved a series built around a ship’s crew something like those pirates… sort of a grittier, HBO-version of FIREFLY. Would probably have been too intense for basic cable, though.

          • Honestly, I think Firefly would’ve gotten a lot darker as time went by. That’s what happened with Angel and Buffy, which both started out pretty lighthearted and eventually evolved into pretty dark pieces of television. As Serenity kind of hints toward, Whedon was going to delve into much darker territory. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given the chance to do it.

        • …and WATERWORLD!

          • and “meesa jar jar binks!”

      • I know that this is a mega-delayed response, but do you remember the dialog in the first couple of SW films? Harrison Ford’s and Carrie Fisher’s “rapid fire witty banter” was one of the best things about them. That was where we came from – Star Wars was born with that sort of banter.

    • Oh God, Joss Whedon sucks ass, and so do Firefly and Serenity.

  13. Instead of feeling burned (why?) in the recent years, fans of Star Wars should be extatic they have gotten a movie as legitimately great as Episode Three. It’s ungreatfulness, pure and simple.

    Lucas is more than welcome to direct more himself. He is very capable.
    I’m not saying Joe Johnston isn’t. He’s great too. But show some respect.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed the new Star Wars movies I just figured after all these years those screenplays would have been tight. They weren’t. I agree that the Anakin/Padme relationship was super cheesy and took away from gravity of his turn to the darkside. The thing for me is that Vader was built up as such a huge villain that Hayden Christianson could never have pulled it off. He’s way to wooden and a terrible actor. As much as I like the new trilogy you can’t tell me that Vader going Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! at the end wasn’t super lame. A Boba Fett movie intrigues me. I read a Star Wars Bounty Hunters novel and they had a story about Boba Fett after he gets shot out of the Sarlac pit. Another bounty hunter finds him (Dengar I think)and saves his life. You could make a movie about Boba for sure. He’s an anti hero but he does have redeeming qualities. He bounty hunts for whoever hires him. It just so happens that evil employs bounty hunters more than good. Not to mention that there are a bunch of comics that develop his story further as well.

      • The thing is, Hayden isn’t a bad actor. He’s just bad in Star Wars. The same could be said for Natalie Portman. She was great in Leon: The Professional, Thor and Black Swan. Lucas just can’t work well with actors, pure and simple (the old joke stretches back to when he kept saying “faster, more intense!” to his actors when they asked for help on improving scenes). It even shows with Episode I – Jake Lloyd was AWFUL. Spielberg and and J J Abrams get much more out of their child actors (as evidenced in Super 8, AI: Artificial Intelligence, E.T. and countless others).

      • I think a feature based on Boba Fett would be great. I’ve read a number of novels that expand the Star wars universe, and found myself thinking that ‘This would be a cool story on the big screen’.
        Now as for everyone saying this and that about who wrote what, earlier in this post. I really don’t care about all that. When Star Wars first came out I was 8 years old. I grew up watching all three movies, then watched the three prequels. I enjoyed watching them for what they were, a movie. And to be honest, why does anyone watch a movie?…To be entertained.

  14. “Eff that, get Joss Whedon to direct a Star Wars film. He got more emotion out of one episode of Firefly than Lucas did out of any of the crappy prequels.”

    You (and people like you) who needlessly and ceasslessly exaggerate like that are nothing if not shallow and stupid. You have no idea how hard it is to do what Lucas has done and for so long.

    Nor do you have any idea what it means to be a director.

    • I’d hVe to agree with Sean. Joss Wheadon is highly talented in large ensemble films and could possibly do a great job. (The main character was inspired somewhat by Han Solo) The prequels would have been better IMHO with better dialouge. The whole Anakin/Padme love thing was not believeable and thus made his fall to the dark side kind of weak IMO.

      And not to sound like a smart a** but i do know the difficulties of creating a film begining to end. So I truly do respect the effort of all films but it only makes me that much more critical. (little smiley face here)

      • I don’t agree with calling people you don’t know “Shallow and stupid” just because they have an opinion. There is no way to prove that the comment was incorrect. It is just personal opinion.

        People shouldn’t be insulted for giving an opinion that in itself couldn’t offend anyone.

    • I think that could work a really cool story and Tie it into Empire Strikes Back. That would be awesome.

    • That’s pretty much the worst argument I’ve ever read. Because I’ve never worked personally with Lucas I can’t know how hard it is to release an original trilogy that becomes the best-loved series of films of the last 30 years? Of course I know it’s difficult, and I give Lucas all the props in the world for doing it. He’s a master businessman and he deserves massive amounts of credit for creating that world. But that doesn’t mean I have to respect everything he does, nor love it. His prequels were pure, unadulterated mediocrity. They were emotionless, cardboard-dialogue cut-outs parading from one place to the next with infinite amounts of CGI surrounding them. The final thirty minutes of Episodes I, II and III were the only exciting parts, and if you go back and look at them now, they’ve aged awfully. Lucas has embraced computer generated creations over actual characters, and it’s as shameful as it is sad. The reason I hold Whedon in higher esteem isn’t because I think he’s the greatest writer/director ever, or because I think he’s perfect; it’s because I think he genuinely cares about characters. Their development, their motivations, their aspirations. And it shows in his character-fueled works.

        • like attack of the clones! remember that great picnic in the grass? ah, so innovative!

  15. I never read any of the Expanded Universe Novels. As others have said I’d love to see the film start out with his survival and escape from the Sarlacc, but I’ve always wondered since the prequels expanded the Boba/Jango origins if any subsequent novels have mentioned if Boba knew he was a Clone and not really Jango’s Son. That would be a great plot element to use.
    I’d also like to see heavy use of other Mandalorian warriors… maybe showing flashbacks of Boba’s childhood as he’s seeking his Father’s origins with the Manalorians and how he became so much like his Father/Clone Host. Maybe after discovering he’s actually a clone, he made it his mission in life to make himself as much like Jango as he possibly could.

  16. Meh. Boba Fett would be difficult to make a movie for two reasons… 1) He’s a cold-blooded villain, and believably portraying a villain as a sympathetic character is virtually impossible; and 2) frankly, the casting of Temeura Morrison in the prequels means he would almost certainly have to return to play Boba Fett, and frankly he’s got the acting chops and charisma of a corpse. Honestly, having him headline a movie would be equivalent to conceding the box office before production has even begun.

    Fun idea for a book, but not so much for a movie.

    • Check out ONCE WERE WARRIORS…it’s an Australian film that Lucas must have watched before casting Temeura Morrison. He is actually very good and the role won him international acclaim.

    • EVERYBODY in the prequel trilogy looks like they have the acting chops of a corpse, if you judge them just on their work in the prequel trilogy.

      • amen.

      • Well standing in front of a green screen talking to imaginary characters that are being added in post can do that….

  17. I think it’d be great to see this project completed. Boba Fett is an awesome character and has an interesting story. True, Fett’s a cold-hearted killer but if you’ve read the Legacy of the Force series there’s a lot of pent-up humanity in him too.

    It could be done well. It just depends on who writes the script and who directs.

  18. If Lucas is involved the movies will be as bad if not worse than the prequels and the Clone Wars Movie that he had a hand in.

    • Clone Wars movie was just 3 episodes strung together to promote a kids television program. It was never intended to be an actual movie.

      • …yet they released it was one.

        • Which was absolutely loved by the intended audience or 6-11 year olds and led to highest-rated premiere in Cartoon Network’s history. It wasn’t a great movie but it was a great marketing tool for the program.
          AND somehow the show continues to expand it’s viewership in every demographic including adults despite the lack Joss Whedon’s involvement.

    • Lol. All this arguing about how bad the prequels are…just ask yourself this! Were they entertaining? I thought so. Did it conclude the trilogy well? Yes. Was the acting top of the class? It’s starwars! Not shindlers list. Buy the way empire at one time was considered the weakest of the franchise when Jedi came out!!

  19. I am all in for a Boba Fett Movie. Just make it more “Empire” like. Boba Fett always gets his bounty. Han Solo would have stayed a popsicle but Jabba was the one who blew it. Go for it “Just a complicated villain, trying to make his way around the universe…”

  20. Buenas tardes
    si una pelicula de Boba Fett seria todo un exito un suceso sin precedentes sera el exito y la mejor idea porque es de los personajes
    mas populares nivel mundial de starwars es de los mas vistos llamativos
    vendidos en figuras productos, armas , disfraces, con gadgets nuevos
    la mercadologia si funciona coneste personaje.
    armas y habilidades si la historia es la que los guionistas quieran darle
    no habria problema muchos personajes de star wras no tiene la fuerza que este tiene en un futuro imaginen una pelicula de Han Solo origen
    o el joven Luke Skywalker pero de Boba fett es el mejor anti heroe de StarWars si haganla todo el apoyo hastael final hasta salir del cine y verla completa con todo y creditos finales sin criticas malas lo importante sera que se hizo una pelicula del personaje de star wars favorito de muchos y odiado por otros

    • Exactly!

  21. Here we go again, another heated Star Wars debate. Why doesn’t everyone just give it a rest???

    Anyway, back on topic: I think this might turn out to be a decent movie, if they stick to the mythology that was created in Attack of the Clones, and have Temuera Morrison play the part.

    My two cents. Take it or leave it.

  22. wow could they have boba taken on the culchies out on tatowine,, and having spock turn up running from the cylons,, oh Sweet sweet that would be , amazing and it would have amazing starships that would be allied and equiped with anti german uboats gun turrets,, yeah bring it on star treak here we og, wow ,, crikes yeah boba movie we want it,, yeah bring him back with the hat and the wip .. the last one wasint bad and what about the young fellow frodo is he could play the young vet he doen a great job with that bow and arrow and that film he was in as a king in Jurusleham,, c’mon bobvet bring to the screen with his hat

    • Right on!


  24. Was just thinking how cool it would be if Lucas Produced movies about characters in the SW universe like Han Solo before he joined the Alliance and why not…Boba Fett. Just hope GL does not simply make it a marketing frenzy to sell toys rather than making a solid movie!

  25. a Boba Fett films makes me salavate but for it to do the bloke justice it’d have to be a 18 or ‘Dark Kight-esk’

    if it were to go down the line of the Jango Fett based game Star Wars Bounty Hunter it would at least be intresting and hold a lot of ‘expanded universe’ detail.

  26. Personally I think a BobaFett “Bounty Hunter” film showing him in his younger adult years (between REVENGE OF THE SITH and NEW HOPE) could be great and provide longtime STAR WARS fans something new thats not Animated Clone related.

    Possible Fett actor: Karl Uban

    • hahaha those little mini wookies defeating a well trained galactic army in Return of the Jedi