‘Captain America’ Director Joe Johnston On A Possible ‘Boba Fett’ Movie

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joe johnston boba fett interview Captain America Director Joe Johnston On A Possible Boba Fett Movie

Earlier today we had the opportunity to speak with Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston (stay tuned for our continued coverage from the interview).

We spoke about some of the challenges inherent in creating a period piece that has futuristic elements, updating a classic character for a modern age, the possibilities for a Captain America 2 and a Johnston-helmed film adaptation of The Winter Soldier, the Bucky Barnes story – and finally, Johnston’s interest in a Boba Fett centered film.

Towards the end of our conversation I asked Johnston if his former boss and mentor, George Lucas, had seen the Captain America. The director gave us this somewhat surprising and thoroughly intriguing response:

“You know if he wants to see it, I would show it to him. I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett.”

When asked if he would direct the film Johnston said simply, “I would like to, it would be a lot of fun.”

Johnston began his career working as a storyboard artist for George Lucas – who recommended that the future director attend his own alma mater, USC film school, and continue to work for him. Johnston accepted the offer and went on to¬† work for Lucas as a designer and visual effects art director on Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. He created the designs for some of the franchise’s most beloved characters and vehicles including: Yoda, the Ewoks, The Millennium Falcon, The X- and Y-Wing Fighters, The Imperial Snow Walkers, The Imperial Star Destroyer – and of course: Boba Fett.

If Captain America is the critical and fan success that some are anticipating it will be, will Lucas be more inclined to legitimately explore the idea of:

A) Expanding the Star Wars Universe on the big screen, and

B) Handing over the reins to another director?

Boba Fett Movie Captain America Director Joe Johnston On A Possible Boba Fett Movie

Will he feel safer with his character in the hands of one of its original creators, a man who has known him since before he was a college graduate? And will a fan base that has felt burned by the franchise in recent years welcome the opportunity to revisit the world through the lens of one of the most popular supporting characters in the Star Wars universe (and a different director at the helm)?

Finally, could Johnston be the man who will bring Star Wars back to the cinemas? There are certainly a number of unanswered questions and the project is undoubtedly in a nascent stage, but the possibilities are fascinating to consider — plenty of successful films have sprung from far less fertile ground.

Captain America: The First Avenger opens this weekend beginning Friday, July 22nd.

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  1. Long live Fett!! Keep the film away from Lucas though!

  2. This could bring Star Wars into a new light. With the prequels having wounded many fans; I think this would be the right direction to take. Boba Fett has a great following and is probably one of the most intriguing figures in star wars lore.

  3. YES!!!! I’ve been saying this for years that they need to re-invigorate the star wars franchise through some of its timeless characters. Imagine (sort of) the equivalent of what they’re doing with the different x-men characters / giving them their own solo movies, but doing it with various star wars characters that are doable. Sort of like Star Wars Origins: Boba Fett, Yoda, etc….

    Totally in for this!!!

  4. Fett is my second favorite Star ars character and I will love a standalone Bounty Hunter Western

    • digging the idea of a futuristic space movie done in a western style….THAT would be amazing cinema right there!

      • You mean like Firefly/Serenity????

  5. WHAT THE WHAT? This is something I dreamed about as a kid. And I can see Lucas letting someone else direct. He did it with Empire and Jedi so why not? Im not going to Lucas bash because its been done enough but let’s be honest after the prequels I think most people would rather another person direct.

  6. jason momoa as The Fett Man

  7. Lame idea, Fett is overrated. A movie about a young Yoda would be a million times more interesting.

    • but they have to start somewhere right? what better place than fett? none in my opinion.

    • I always thought they should’ve done YODA as(in his younger days) at 6 or 7 feet. and as a species trait, they shrink as they get older? what cha think? no?

  8. I would like to see a movie based on Darth Maul before the events of THE PHANTOM MENACE showing his training and construction of his double bladed lightsaber

    • that would be a weak premiss for a movie at best…maybe one where he is a secondary (or lesser) element to the feature…he would make decent background noise, but not so well as a front man…

  9. has the thought crossed anyone’s minds that this could be the vehicle which Lucas has also been hinting at for television release (when the CGI costs are low enough to do the series justice on the small screen)…He has only said that it occurs between the 3rd (Revenge of the Sith) and 4th (A New Hope) films. It is very likely that Boba Fett could be the chracter they base it on. I mean come on, you need brand recognition as well as fan support, and what better character is left to explore during this time period that would potentially offer both? and what other character could also promote continuity as well as an infinate amount of potential to base an entire multi-season series on than a bounty hunter traveling the Star Wars Universe? This has also been done in Star Wars comic books for decades. I think that is enough proof to atleast speculate this may be what Lucas, and now Johnston, are refering to.

  10. I think everyone would love to see a solo film based off Boba Fett.

    • get it? _Solo_ film based on Fett? Get it?

  11. being born after the first releases of the movies, I am a fan of the series because of my brother. Boba Fett and Vader were by FAR my favorite characters in the star wars universe. The prequels were just, ….flat. they lacked real character and raw excitement that the originals offered.

    I know the theme in hollywood right now is to be real, dark, and gritty, (Nolan’s Batman) but that is exactly what a Boba Fett film should be. No jar jar, no c3pos bitching none stop. I am not saying it should show countless amounts of violence/blood and death but it needs to be hard hitting and not the sugar-coated type themes that the prequels had. ROTS had GREAT material to make it a emotional, character driven story but failed. The final battle could have been EPIC! idk if it was the casting of vader or what. there was a lot of materiel to grab on that could have been far beyond the material in The Empire strikes back. I mean his father was killed by the republic aka jedi, he’s a clone, watchted his father die, and has to live in his fathers shadow of being one of the best bounty hunters ever. that is a lot to live up too and understand while growing up. Give it to,joe. sorry lucas but you are dead to me when you made Jar Jar and the unrealistic relationship between padme and ani.

  12. I still don’t see why the prequels are so hated. I enjoyed them and was as giddy watching them as I was watching the OT.

    As far as this Fett movie. Therein lies my problem with it. The idea of doing this as a movie. I can see maybe including it in the tv show as as a few episodes focusing on Fett but not an entire movie.

    He’s a loved character the way he’s been presented to us after all these years. Mysterious with an unknown past for the most part(least now we know where he came from. Just not how he became the man im ESB). I just don’t see this translating well into a lead man role for one movie. I don’t think they would make a trilogy out of it either. It sounds cool but I don’t know.

    Has anyone played the bounty hunter game on gamecube that focused on Jango Fett’s story shortly before AOTC? That was actually kind of fun and worked through that medium.

    I much rather see a story focusing on a young Palpatine. HIS backstory is something I’m very curious about.

    • “As far as this Fett movie. Therein lies my problem with it. The idea of doing this as a movie.”

      What? Why are you using periods? Those aren’t sentences.

      I always try to read your posts and you always write them like this. I give up :(

  13. I might be in the minority but I always thought Boba Fett was/is overrated. He played a minor (but important) part in the original trilogy, we know his origin and we know how he dies. I’m not really interested in knowing what escapades he has between the Clone Wars and Star Wars IV. Especially because he can’t cross paths with the other more titular characters we know and love. I mean why would I care that he brings in random Rebel Spy #3?

  14. ok anyone how know anything about Boba Fett is that he survives being eaten, he blows it up and escapes and was really wounded, come on man you can tell me seeing Boba fett escaping wouldnt be cool, or how he became such a badass

  15. why not do a fett movie set in the future when he trained Jaina Solo?

  16. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This will only be good if Breckin Meyer plays him or at least does the voice.

    • I could be wrong but I dont recall Fett being a dwarf. Meyer is all wrong for the part, you have to be joking, or on some serious drugs to suggest such a thing.

      • you obviously not seen his portrayal of the character on Robot Chicken. I recommend you watch it

  18. I’ve been saying they should do a Fett solo movie since before the prequels… As kong as it’s Boba, and NOT Jango… Jango’s allright, but Boba is way more badass

  19. No matter how sure I am I never risk the Fettman……….

  20. First o fall, if the Star Wars franchise is ever to be brought back on the big screen, then it shall be by a good director.
    Secondly, I think that as long as George Lucas still breathes, he won’t let anyone tinker with the franchise he created.
    As a hardcore fan of Star Wars, I know that there’s so much more in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars than just Boba Fett, and I do hope that someday the heroes and stories of the Expanded Universe will go through the same process as the heroes and stories of Marvel are going through at this time.
    But please, keep that kind of project away from directors like Johnston!

    • Johnston’s good, and has a real connection to Star Wars. You personally appear to dislike him, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good.

      Also, Lucas has let other directors tinker with Star Wars, to great effect (Empire & Jedi).

  21. As long as they do the opening from Robot Chicken: “Boba got himself a lightsaber. Red, blue, what’s that make? PURPLE RAIN!!!!”

  22. On second thought I’d much rather see episodes 7-9

  23. Not so sure that Johnston is the right man for the movie, but hell yes, make a Boba Fett feature film. That would be awesome, as long as Lucas isn’t writing or directing it (sorry dude!)

    There have been a lot of good Boba Fett comics, so he’s definitely a character that could make for a fun film.

    It would also be a very good way to get a little more in depth on the Star Wars movies without going back to Luke Skywalker and the rest. Though who knows, it could open up a lot of possibilities.

  24. A Boba Fett movie sounds like a great idea, I’m not sure Johnston is the right guy for the job, but on the other hand, he is a fantastic director and probably has just as much a good chance of making this thing a success than anyone else.

    • I’ve only seen one, maybe two, of his movies, and based on those (Hidalgo and Rocketeer), I agree that he’s not the right one for this movie.

      And so I disagree that he has just as much of a good change at making this successful. I personally care less about it being successful at the box office, than it being successful as a movie.

      I don’t think Johnston can give it the darkness, weight and tragic atmosphere it needs.

      Just to use a popular name, I’d rather have Christopher Nolan, or someone like him, take the helm.

      There are some similarities between Boba Fett and Batman, and so we need a serious director who play it seriously, and be grim in his handling of the character.

      Of course, the biggest question mark is, how much power will Lucas relinquish? Will Lucas be more concerned with selling Boba Fett action figures, plush dolls, piggy banks, cookie jars and bedspreads?

      I have a feeling that so long as Lucas is involved with rolling out the storyline (which I’m sure he would be), this Boba Fett is going to lack the bite that it needs.

      The last thing I’d want to see is a romantic subplot worked in. He did it for Darth Vader (an awfully written, and implausible one). What says he won’t do it for Boba Fett? And what kind of crap (i.e., cute, goofy, funny creatures) will he throw in for the little kiddies?

  25. If they did make a fett movie I would hope it would be after VI, so we could see fett as an established bounty hunter with all the skill and weapons. Plus an opening scene where he rises from the pit in VI, “very slowly with booming music) would be great. Maybe someone could pay him to kill and aged jarjar in the first twenty mins.

    • …”Maybe someone could pay him to kill and aged jarjar in the first twenty mins.”

      You need to finish that script…

      • Maybe he can beat Jar-jar to death with one of those damned detestable Ewoks. Yub-yub.

  26. I would like to see a movie with Bobba Fett as the lead character, but honestly, I’m sick of Star Wars. That’s all Lucas can do nowadays is Star Wars, and he already ruined the franchise with the prequels and the special (crap) editions. Lucas needs to let Star Wars just die.

  27. Perhaps a feature movie showcasing the story of how Fett escaped from the Sarlac(?) Pit he was inadvertently knocked into by a Carbonite blinded Han Solo (such an ignoble fate for such a cool character)?

  28. The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network has been an exceptional series, but sadly one that has pretty much run its course. They’ve built Anakin up so much that it makes his rapid descent to the dark side in Episode III even less credible than it was to begin with. Oh well, at least Lucas kept those damned Ewok varmints from making anymore appearances. I’d like to see a live action series tho’. Something along the lines of how Battlestar Galactica was reinvigorated & brought back from obscurity on the SyFy Channel.

  29. Joe…just say “no.” No, Star Wars is a beaten dead horse. Find something fresh, my man. Remove yourself from that albatross.