Captain America Costume & Vehicle Set Photos

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It’s Marvel set photo day! A few hours ago we posted the first look at January Jones in costume as Emma Frost on the set of X-Men: First Class, and now comes photos from another Marvel epic also currently shooting in England, Captain America: The First Avenger.

The new photos do feature Captain America in full costume, filming motorcycle scenes but it’s not Chris Evans we see suited up in superhero gear, but rather his stunt double. The photos include Cap’s U.S. Army Indian motorcycle, a pair of Nazi space-age armored Hydra bikes and a neat car.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the stunt actor looks very different than Evans, at least in terms of their faces. The second thing that sticks out is the costume that the stunt double is wearing and how it doesn’t look very “real” compared to the concept art we’ve seen but rather cheaper, Halloween-esque materials and components.

This is likely due to them shooting some vehicular action sequences and wide shots where movie magic can do its work. Again, I’ll provide the obvious forewarning that you shouldn’t judge the movie based on these images. They’re simply set photos and are not representative of what this scene(s) will look like in the theatrical release of Captain America: The First Avenger.


The images, courtesy of The Daily Mail, do let us know that Captain America will be sporting his side-arm and a classic Thompson machine gun, as can be seen holstered in the front of the bike. You can also see the wings painted onto Cap’s helmet. Keep in mind that Steve Rogers will have more than one Captain America costume in the movie and we can expect a more sleek and modern design to show up later in the film.

We can also see the Hydra logos on the sides of the two Nazi futuristic motorcycles and on the front of the roadster. Hydra is the terrorist organization bent on world domination and are the nemesis organize to S.H.I.E.L.D., the folks who bring our favorite heroes together, including Captain America, to form The Avengers. Hydra is years ahead of its time in technology due to alien hardware they discovered during WWII so that storyline from the comics could factor into the Captain America film.

Expect the Captain America solo introduction film to lay the foundation for what could be the villains of The Avengers and of the potential SHIELD movie. We also know there will be key elements featured in the movie that will tie into the Thor’s story and the realm of Asgard.

What do you think of the vehicle designs?

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Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Captain America is of course, directed by Joe Johnston.

The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. I would actually prefer they don’t post any photos.

  2. The captain costume looks pretty awful but im sure movie magic will makes this look good. As for the wings I’ve always found them very cheesy.

  3. Wow, that pic with the stunt double…he looks like such a dork! I’m sure it’ll look fine within context of the film. But i can’t help really lower my expectations!

    • Hey! You stole my word…. see earlier post.

  4. What the hell… these pictures look pathetic. Some fat dude with a beer gut overlapping the belt. I don’t think this movie gonna play up to all the hype. Why can’t they leak better pictures of Chris Evans instead of these recycled trash bin picker uppers? C’mon give us something worth talking about. I want to see Cap. bashing some Nazis to pulp. That’s the bottom line. Don’t want to see a 30 mintues scense of motor cycle chase in the woods.

  5. wake up, drink beer, watch hamtai, ta fei kei, sleep…

  6. lol ..actually you have to keep in mind the era..and the costume i have no problem with after all Chris Will fill it nicely and stunt doubles are always touched up in images..nature why they used the frumpy Duse.. the motorcycle its an old Indian bike just like the army used in WW2 ..the car looks cool..i assume its Nazi offers vehicle..but guys guys these shots these are like raw dough before it becomes tasty just wait a while and you will see.:)

  7. not sure why they use the frumpy dude lol looks like a comic con rectal because there’s doubles out there who are built like Chris lolBut editing can do wonders lol

  8. didn’t you guys read the blog pretty much explanatory about the costume /lol

  9. WW2 Cap had a gun. The set pics I’ve seen so far, the VE Day, Camp Leigh, and these pics all look great. I cannot wait to see this film. I’m glad Captain America can finally have a serious movie about him, unlike the crappy 1990 version. I just hope we get to see Hugo Weaving as Red Skull soon!!!

  10. I like the look and I am sure the costume , in the final edition will look less like a t shirt. And I am getting use to cap carrying a gun. Again, I am glad there are “wings”

  11. Derp…

    How is he a superhero again? Even Aquaman has better powers than he does.

    • did you reall just say this? clearly you dont read comics! he’s a super soldier! he has been made into the perfect human possible! h can dodge bullets because he sees faster! he can dead lift 800 lbs, he has nearly limitless stamina and not only that but his mind is smarter than almost anyone. thats why hes one of the best battle feild tachtitions ever!

      • He can dodge bullets? Who is he Neo?

        • During the Winter Soldier arc Cap deflected bullets coming at him. When asked how he could do that he said, I just see faster.

          • exactly!

  12. Isn’t it pretty much a given that this will bomb at the box office?
    Name one period comic book character movie that didn’t.

    An updated version might have stood a chance, but the movie going public doesn’t care for these type of movies.

    Indiana Jones doesn’t count because it wasn’t based on a comic book.

    • Are yous serious? Update it? No way dude.

      The whole premise of Captain America is that he is a Super Soldier made to battle the Nazis in WWII. WWII!! Gets frozen and is found in the modern era. Updating it would change the entire mantle of the character.

  13. Oh dear, the Cap’n really let himself go, and the bad guys have teh kewl futuristic tech that allows them to replicate a vintage Morgan Trike.

    Starting to get a bad feeling here.

  14. Morgan trike it is not that’s in Indian motorcycle how can you see a trike in that? also these images these are problem but a few seconds of edited footage .none of this will look this way on screen..

  15. Top left pic w/ the black fedora, two wheels in front, one in back.

    • @Bright Eyes

      Actually, I think that’s a car, not a trike, I think you can see the other wheels behind the other wheels, the thing in the middle looks like something else in the background…

      Look at the larger version, not just the thumbnail, you’ll see the other wheels easier.


    • It’s not a third wheel. Someone’s standing in the back. It’s depth perception.

  17. wow this thing is lovely..if i had one of those guys would be like cats to catnip at

  18. Looking at the photos it looks kind of stupid BUT i thought the same thing about Thor (especially Odin with that golden eyepatch WTF?) and then i saw the comic-con footage of the movie and i was surprised at how much better it looked compared to the photos.

    im pretty sure it will be the same for these picutres. a little bit of movie magic and itll be fine. fingers crossed.

    The sheild looks great though and so do the vehicles.

    the car has 4 wheels not 3. the dark spot at the back of the car underneath is probably someone standing in the distance i guess.

  19. I like the look of the costume. You have to realize that this a stunt shot using a stunt double, which means the suit is padded in case of a crash so that is why it looks so strange. People need to just calm down and stop complaining about a few quick set pics and just except the fact that that is obviously not what the finished, on screen product will look like. If you go back and look at when they were filming Iron Man there were parts of the suit that weren’t even filmed but put in later on with CGI. So don’t jump to conclusions and just wait for an official pic later on I’m sure it will surpass all of our expectations.

  20. They should off pick a fit stunt double, the guy appears to have a double chin for crying out loud. If that the type of cuality the are going to be using the movie might allready be doomed. By the way if they had picked someone a little more fit they don’t have to edit or photo shop the images that much.

  21. Holy Crap, check out the size of Cap’s package!!

    • What??!! Maybe you should try different forums for that type of sexual remark buddy.

      • uh……what? I was talking about the package on his motorcycle. Are we talking about the same thing?

        Sorry to offend your sensitivities. As far as I was aware, the forum guidelines are “no profanity or personal attacks”, and I’ve not used any profanity. I was merely remarking that his uhm, REGION, was looking quite, er….ENHANCED. Why does that offend you? I find it pretty humorous and honestly I’m surprised I seem to be the first person to point that out.

        • Nah, I pointed(no pun intended) it out first. He keeps doing the ol’ no hand salute when the girls get close to him.LOL

  22. I find it hilarious at the posts above that are lambasting the stunt double because of the way he looks. Grow up people..he is an average guy trying to earn a living in a very dangerous field. He is not Cap in the movie and as Rob stated in the article we will probably not be able to tell it is the double when the final cut is completed. I think the costume looks appropriate for the era it is representing..I also think a lot of you will have egg of your face when this film is done..It’s going to be awesome.. Cap is one of the greatest heroes in any of the hero pantheons and I can’t wait to see him kicking @$$ on the big screen..

    I was wondering about the round shield though..Will the kite styled shield Cap wielded first make an appearance in the movie?

    • The shield is going to evolve throughout the movie. I’m betting that this is the final shield. When he is first “created” the Army big wigs see it as too much of a risk to put him in battle and use him as propoganda at USO shows etc. I’m betting the kite shaped shield makes an appearance during this stage.

  23. Chris Evans as Captain America, almost as funny as that new kid who’s playing Spiderman. I’m gonna go watch them both, but unless Captain America is some frikkin extra brutal Nay Marine type soldier the film is gonna flop (in my opinion). They could do what the new James Bond movies did with the character, make the fight scenes more intense and more realistic. But, back to my first point CHRIS EVANS as CAPTAIN AMERICA. The guy’s a talentless tool who belongs in NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE type films not mainstream big box office. Wondering what would happen to the Avengers fims if Chris Evans sucks really bad at being Captain America???

  24. That costume looks as bad as Thor’s. But at least I can safely say this movie will be better than “X-men: First Class.”

  25. Well, in my opinion the vehicles in the second to last photo remind me of the design styles used in the The Rocketeer, which makes sense, because both films are directed by Joe Johnson (The Wolfman, Hidalgo)

  26. Love The Car!!! I WANT one!!!

  27. sorry, but chris evans looks like wallace shawn, or rick moranis from sctv.. double chin, paunchy, in an ill-fitting “retro” costume.. this looks like a “punisher” in the making.