First Look At Captain America’s Costume [Updated]

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[Update: Check out the first images of Cap's Movie Costume below!]

[Update 2: Also check out the Thor movie costume images!]

There are two things that, if done incorrectly, can “make-or-break” a super hero movie: The actor chosen to play the lead and the look of the costume. This is doubly true for the upcoming Marvel super hero film Captain America: The First Avenger.

After much debate, hearsay, rumors and speculation, Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman) decided on Chris Evans in the iconic role of Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, and Hugo Weaving as the villainous Red Skull. However, even if Evans nails the role but the costume isn’t on-point – then the film is sunk before it starts.

Those lucky SoBs Our friends at JoBlo were fortunate enough to get a special look at the first test costume for Captain America – and from their description, it doesn’t sound half bad.

According to the JoBlo, Johnston recently talked with the LA Times about Cap’s outfit revealing there will actually be two Captain America costumes – one designed by the Army for his stint in the USO and the one he wears while on active duty as Captain America.

JoBlo’s description is of the latter – we’ve included this excerpt describing the torso and head:

“The first thing I noticed is that the trademark wings that flank the side of Cap’s hood are gone. In fact the “hood” is gone entirely. In its place is a more traditional M1 Army helmet though this helmet does come over the eyes to give Cap a traditional “domino mask” look. Still present is the white “A” in the middle of the hat (nothing fancy, this is the traditional font), though like the rest of the costume, the blue of the helmet is much more muted than the blue in the comic costume. A thick black strap comes down over the ears and connects under the chin.

Cap is wearing a blue neck piece but from what I saw, it’s hard to tell if this is connected to something under the helmet or whether it’s something like a turtleneck (I’m gonna guess the latter).

On his chest still lies the white star though it’s not as prominent as the comic version. The costume is still split horizontally through the middle with blue on top and red and white stripes on the bottom. But instead of stripes, it’s actually just a white base with two red utility straps acting as stripes. These straps affix to a metal loop at the midpoint of the chest and a black strap extends up to the shoulders from that point.

His shoulders have pads over them that extend down to about mid-bicep and are attached via a brown strap under the arm. The sleeves (for lack of a better word) are white with a fairly standard brown glove.”

You can read the rest of the description, including pants and shield, at JoBloHERE.

Update: AICN has shared some art of Cap’s movie costume, which has been confirmed by JoBlo as the costume they were describing above. The images were submitted by AICN reader “Broly’s Legend” and I’d say the results are pretty spectacular. If this is truly the costume we’re getting in the movie, I think (at least most of us) can breath a little easier:


For more images of the costume (including action poses) you should head over to AICN.

In my mind, there’s some World War II authenticity to the outfit, some color mixed in and a few things added and/or removed to make the costume more believable. For the most part, I am OK with that and it all sounds pretty decent. Personally, I’m glad they removed the white wings from his helmet but kept the iconic white “A”.

The description sounds a lot like the suit Cap wears in the comic series Captain America Reborn.

What are your thoughts on how Captain America’s costume is shaping up (according to the description and artist concepts)? Does it sound like they’re moving in the right direction?

Captain America: The First Avenger flings his shield of justice in the face of evil on July 22, 2011.

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Source: JoBlo, Images courtesy of and Jonathan Mayer

Update Source: AICN

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  1. leave the wings on the mask,that’s captain america’a trademark and is also a vital part of his look and his costume. real fans will feel cheated & get their hearts broken if his wings are not included with the mask. and don’t paint them on it looks real cheesy,just make them from a very hard industrial plastic substance.captain america fought countless foes wearing the wings om his head and they never got destroyed. besides if hawkeye is featured in avengers movie he will want to call him winghead.

    • Industrial plastic was not as accessible back in the late 30s/early 40s as it is now. The wings would’ve been made out of wood…maybe real feathers. Since the WWII headpiece seems to be a helmet/mask affair, wings might look a tad bit silly. On his USO costume, or his “freed-from-the-ice” modern look, they might go with wings on the cowl/mask.

  2. this movie is not going to fail just because there going for a WW2 costume. Its makes sense that there going with this approach because its WW2 and i guess they wanted it to feel more real. this isn’t the comic book universe its the marvel movie universe so it going to be different there trying to make his origin story more better. this costume is just going to be for this movie only and in avengers its going to be upgraded to look like the costume in the comics.(probably not Bucky’s costume though)this movie still going to make alot of money when comes out regardless of what the costume looks like cause people still want to see it who are not just fanboys who want everything to be like the comics

  3. I’m sorry why do I sound like I’m from another country? Is it because the wings look cheesy? Or is it because I think a giant A , a giant star , red white and blue and the name captain America are better symbols than a set of wings?not to mention they look better. When I see the A I think America. When I see those colors I think America. When I see the star and hear the name I think America. Every time with out fail when I see the wings I feel a little shame for bring a comic fan. Few things in comics make me feel that way. Batman in the 50s and 60, those ugly ass wings and a really poorly written story. The newer cap is a lot better looking with out the wings. It was a terrible look developed a long time ago thank god for modern sensability.

    • No, I asked if you were from another country because you seemed to not know that the eagle was and is still a symbol of freedom in America(which is used constantly in American themes.Even S.H.I.E.L.D uses the eagle for it’s symbol. The ability to fly high like an eagle and be free.It’s symbolism,what people cherish and aspire to be like or live by,beside the fact that the eagle is pretty much the “Lion of the Sky” it is very majestic,regal,and highly respected by the Indigenous Native Americans. Your association with the wings probably go along with Namor’s fins on his feet. Your opinion is what it is,and that’s cool. But somethings are too iconic to throw away just because some people don’t know the true meaning of why it’s there or think it aint cool enough. CAPTAIN AMERICA wears eagle’s wings on HIS HEAD because it symbolizes FREEDOM OF THE MIND!!! FREEDOM OF THOUGHT,EXPRESSING THOSE THOUGHTS without being condemned!!! Freedom to think without someone forcing you to think a certain way. EVEN WHEN AMERICA DOES wrong,Captain America has shown that he will not support his OWN American government when they are doing something morally wrong or against the Constitution,Human Rights etc. Those wings go way beyond what someone thinks is cool.All they need is a good design with the uniform and thats it.

      • Looking at Captain America’s WHOLE uniform from a narrow minded perspective, the whole uniform would look silly not just the wings! BUT looking at it from a deeper perspective, it’s makes a lot of sense, HAS REASON and is not just a “cool” design. Captain America’s uniform makes a statement which 98% of most other superheroes uniforms don’t.

  4. Uh-oh, maybe I need to reread this again, but sounds like red/white/blue farmer jeans (any clod-hopper boots?!) and a patriotic cooking-pot on his head. And did the traditional wings just migrate and fly away? I just hope the shield doesn’t look like something I put on my garbage-can to keep the racoons and seagulls out! No, I think the *smart* movie-maker would follow what was in the classic comic books of the 60′s and 70′s. After all, clothes make the man!

  5. U forget this is a movie that needs to sell to the masses what looks cool is very impotant. People have to look at the uniform with out laughing at it. The only people who like the wings are the hardcore capt fans and not even all of them agree. Ull notice only about two or three people care at all about the wings. Most people are happy about the shield the colors the A and the star. The majority do not care and some like my self say good riddence. If more people liked the wings than hated it they would keep them. It’s about pleasing the largest audience possible not pushing away thousands of viewers to please 20 fans.

    • If the wings design is right and fits the “look” then that’s all that matters.

  6. His uniform overstates. 75 things represinting America which by it’s self represents freedom anyway. Dropping one thing doesn’t hurt the point dropping the worst looking part the part that looks childish like a 5 year old designed it helps.

  7. are you guy going to agree to disagree yet i like the wings what they symbolize and feel its time for us to stop beating the crap out of our keyboards ha ha that’s some funny stuff

  8. the anticipation is killing us all its going to be better than any of the other CAPTAIN AMERICA movies ever produced that’s for sure!!!

  9. I Agree with David about the movie being better than any previous Captain America film. Its easy to understand to be nervous on what the costume will look like, I mean Singer changed Superman’s costume alittle in Superman Returns. But as for Captain America, The wings dont bother me. The last Captain America film i watched was the 90′s version and the wings on his mask didnt look bad. Besides the only time you’d really notice them is when Capt. is to his side on screen probly. Anyways im just gonna wait to see the movie first before passing any judgement.

  10. if the designer are worth the money they get paid they could put the wings on and avoid judgment and speculation(must have been a five year old)and brashly prove that the custume is not only COOL it even resembols the origional custume that the 20 fanboys will like as well as the masses they understand I’m sure that this is cCAPTAIN AMERICA not kickash or some other spoof. so are we done?

  11. As long as Chris Evans is crap I’m not so sure it will be better than any other capt film. I is among the worst possible casting choices they could of made. That’s the biggest problem with this linked franchise idea one small casting choice can ruin alot more films than just it’s own that means not only is Evans going to kill the capt franchise but he will mortally wound The Avengers as well.

    • Ouch, not a fan of Evans eh? I thought he did admirably in Sunshine, and I try not to hold anyone’s performance in Forgettable Four against them (I certainly don’t judge “the Shield” by the Thing’s costume). Given a decent script and decent direction I certainly don’t think he’ll ruin the show. I have a lot more fear of Johnston’s direction with the way “the Wolfman” turned out.

      • Although “The Wolfman” is a classic, it was never a “great” movie even for it’s time. It has always been a “B” movie at best even for it’s era.So i was’nt disappointed in Johnston’s remake because it pretty much mirrored the original with just more permissable gore for today’s era.

  12. well I hope the movie is a success, wings or no wings I choose to be positive, chris will do fine it can’t be as bad as daredevil.I would like to see them do something with MOONNIGHT

  13. Actually in all honesty I like Evans. I enjoy most of his performances if not his movies but his acting is mediocre at best he’s only talent is in humor he’s a great comedic actor but I’ve seen him try serious he’s not good with it. Not to mention his movie track record speaks for it’s self FF, FF2, and push were horrible movies losers and Sunshine were just ok at best and while he was the best part of FF along with chickless as well as the best part of Push and great in Losers he was what kept Sunshine from being better than mediocre. He pulled the film down with an unimpressive performance. He also has a funny looking face ( not saying he’s ugly just a face made for comedy) he looks nothing like capt. Look I’m a big fan of Seth Rogan but I wouldn’t cast him as Superman like Evans he’s not only the wrong look but their only talent is in comedy. Let’s not Evan get in to the fact that Evans does not belong shoulder to shoulder with RDJ and possibly Ed Nortan or possibly Jermey Reiner or Nathan Fillion. All grat actors with experience and proven roles as leaders Evans is and always will be side kick material. He could possibly play a flash if any hero.

    • That’s one thing i do agree with you on,Chris Evans as Cap. If RDJ outshines Chris Evans,which more than likely WILL happen,then Cappy will be Crappy. The writing has to be written so well to make Cap shine and show that he’s worthy to be the leader in the Avengers. As far TFA movie, I don’t think that Hugo Weaving & Tommy Lee Jones will disappoint or tolerate mediocrity. Evans will be supported by some heavy hitters so he’s going to have to make this his greatest performance of his life.

  14. I’m as excited for “TFA” as I am for “Thor” or was for “Iron Man 2″ While I am worried about Johnston’s directing, Chris Evans’ acting skills (I’m not worried about his muscles after seeing “The Losers) I still think they will do a great job. I just wonder if the shot of cap in the ice from that deleted “Incredible Hulk” scene counts as canon. If so, then the costume and shield are right there.

    I don’t think Evans ruined “Sunshine” I just need to see him in one more movie where his character isn’t the “one-liner” guy and I’ll be able to make a decision. I do prefer Evans over John Krasinski. The casting of Sebastian Stan makes me miss Chris Egan though…

  15. Honestly, I’m very happy with the design of the costume (if these images become a reality). It maintains the essential design elements so that it is instantly recognizable as “Captain America” while removing the more “childish” elements (see: wings) so that people can take it seriously.

    I liken it to the Batman costumes from the Nolan series. They aren’t exact copies of what you see on the page. But, they’re instantly recognizable as “Batman.” Nice work.

  16. I actually like the design. Didn’t stray to far away and it works. Great job marvel

  17. they look like bad photoshop manips

    why don’t you wait till Marvel actually releases the pics a la Thor before you go crazy over them.

    • Usually concept art isn’t that far away from the real thing as far as the actual look is concerned. Now granted ti will looks a lot different hanging on Evans body frame and with the lighting hitting it in different ways but as for the look of this concpet art – I’m digging it. It’s about as good as we can hope for a superhero outfit that, let’s be honest, it sort of goofy to fight a war in.

      • Paul, do you think they’ll update the costume to look even more modern for the Avengers movie??

        • Pure speculation but if Tony Stark is redesigning Cap’s shield then it could stand to reason that he would redesign the costume as well. At least in my mind it makes sens, although we wouldn’t see the updated version until The Avengers at the very earliest.

          • Good point. I was initially hoping, since the movie has modern-day bookends, that they may pull Cap from the ice at the end of the movie and, perhaps, Fury introduces an updated/modernized version of the costume for him to wear. I just wouldn’t mind eventually seeing him with the red gloves, red boots, etc…but I’m pleasantly surprised with this particular version of it especially with the WWII style helmet.

    • “they look like bad photoshop manips”

      Then please sir, enlighten us with your photoshop mastery.

      I hate when people don’t like the design of something and instead of stating that, they automatically insult the artist that created it. Just have the balls to say you don’t like the design.

  18. Overall it looks pretty good and I can understand the removal of the helmet wings, but the head needs something. I think they should have kept the old soldier helmet, the ski mask look just doesn’t feel right.

  19. if real doesnt look that bad. A bit different from norm but still envokes the look of captain america to me.

  20. It looks kinda techy. I mean, this is WW2 era, is it really gonna look that futuristic? It’d be fine if this were his modern costume but not as what he wore during the war.
    If they just scaled down the detail it’d be fine, but no way this looks like something made in WW2

    • LOL, I love when costume images come out – people pick them apart.

      I think I hear what you’re saying with the “too techy” comment, Xigbar – but come on, Super Soldier serums and weapons of destruction the Red Skull is surely building – all that stuff is pretty fantastical for the WWII era.

      To me it would be a little hypocritical to say “Hey, they can give a guy a drug to make him a Super hero, freeze him for some odd forty to fifty years – but that costume could never happen back then.”

      I guess as long as the look is believable (that someone would wear that in combat) I’m good with it. It still honors the costume of Cap from the books pretty well.

  21. Lookin’ sharp so far!

  22. Let’s remember that STARK ENTERPRISES was the one to design the shield (revealed in IM@), so why not the costume to go with it? Perhaps Tony’s dad did all the work (off contract) for the GOV? I’m betting a huge yes. So if it looks a little “techy”, it would be with a company like STARK behind it.

  23. This sadly i think this is where we start losing comic book movies.

    I could be wrong, but this will come across like the Thing in Fantastic Four, to campy for the average viewer to accept, or relate to.

  24. I like the design but for some reason he looks a little like a military police uniform. The helmet looks good. I know i keep talking about the wings but the sides of the helmet look empty. Maybe they should have put Art Deco styled but BOLD wings(painted on) the sides.

  25. Overall,so far so good, I like it. Back in the 40′s,artists,designers,and architects were trying to make things look futuristic with “ART DECO” so I think that they should incorporate that just a little in this uniform.

  26. Not only am I glad that this Superb costume doesnt have wings,
    I also hope that when Namor finally gets his film, he doesnt have wings either!

  27. Seeing pictures is one thing, seeing it on film is another, but i must say by pictures the one costume looks pretty good for the year that film will take place in. But aslong as his other costume has his wings on his mask, to make it faithful to the comics. I had friends who complained about Bale’s Batman’s cowl’s ears being too short and for a short while i thought so too but decided they looked fine. To me, doin away Captain America’s wings would be like doin away Batman’s ears or Flash’s lighting bolts on their cowls. Aslong as they make the wings look right or decent enough, my opinion is leave them on the costume. Im sure the film will turn out to be good.

    • I totally agree. Though what I’m hearing so far is that these are still fans or artists renditions,not necessarily the official design for the CA:TFA movie. These designs are badass though and could easily work for a modern 21st Century version. The WWII version should have a more WWII feel though.

  28. The bottom line is…. the costume looks awesome! Okay? Okay. Now, it being WWII style isn’t stupid at all. It gives a real perspective that the filmmakers are gonna go with a real story like the comics :-)

  29. well there were a few of us who needed new keyboards after discussing the news and i apologise if there are any hard feelings out there , the fact is the costume does look good and i am an old fan dont beat me up with the old thing(42) i really look forward to seeing this happen as well as thor,the avengers,green lantern, moon knight,all those old comics i loved as a child