First Look At Captain America’s Costume [Updated]

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[Update: Check out the first images of Cap's Movie Costume below!]

[Update 2: Also check out the Thor movie costume images!]

There are two things that, if done incorrectly, can “make-or-break” a super hero movie: The actor chosen to play the lead and the look of the costume. This is doubly true for the upcoming Marvel super hero film Captain America: The First Avenger.

After much debate, hearsay, rumors and speculation, Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman) decided on Chris Evans in the iconic role of Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, and Hugo Weaving as the villainous Red Skull. However, even if Evans nails the role but the costume isn’t on-point – then the film is sunk before it starts.

Those lucky SoBs Our friends at JoBlo were fortunate enough to get a special look at the first test costume for Captain America – and from their description, it doesn’t sound half bad.

According to the JoBlo, Johnston recently talked with the LA Times about Cap’s outfit revealing there will actually be two Captain America costumes – one designed by the Army for his stint in the USO and the one he wears while on active duty as Captain America.

JoBlo’s description is of the latter – we’ve included this excerpt describing the torso and head:

“The first thing I noticed is that the trademark wings that flank the side of Cap’s hood are gone. In fact the “hood” is gone entirely. In its place is a more traditional M1 Army helmet though this helmet does come over the eyes to give Cap a traditional “domino mask” look. Still present is the white “A” in the middle of the hat (nothing fancy, this is the traditional font), though like the rest of the costume, the blue of the helmet is much more muted than the blue in the comic costume. A thick black strap comes down over the ears and connects under the chin.

Cap is wearing a blue neck piece but from what I saw, it’s hard to tell if this is connected to something under the helmet or whether it’s something like a turtleneck (I’m gonna guess the latter).

On his chest still lies the white star though it’s not as prominent as the comic version. The costume is still split horizontally through the middle with blue on top and red and white stripes on the bottom. But instead of stripes, it’s actually just a white base with two red utility straps acting as stripes. These straps affix to a metal loop at the midpoint of the chest and a black strap extends up to the shoulders from that point.

His shoulders have pads over them that extend down to about mid-bicep and are attached via a brown strap under the arm. The sleeves (for lack of a better word) are white with a fairly standard brown glove.”

You can read the rest of the description, including pants and shield, at JoBloHERE.

Update: AICN has shared some art of Cap’s movie costume, which has been confirmed by JoBlo as the costume they were describing above. The images were submitted by AICN reader “Broly’s Legend” and I’d say the results are pretty spectacular. If this is truly the costume we’re getting in the movie, I think (at least most of us) can breath a little easier:


For more images of the costume (including action poses) you should head over to AICN.

In my mind, there’s some World War II authenticity to the outfit, some color mixed in and a few things added and/or removed to make the costume more believable. For the most part, I am OK with that and it all sounds pretty decent. Personally, I’m glad they removed the white wings from his helmet but kept the iconic white “A”.

The description sounds a lot like the suit Cap wears in the comic series Captain America Reborn.

What are your thoughts on how Captain America’s costume is shaping up (according to the description and artist concepts)? Does it sound like they’re moving in the right direction?

Captain America: The First Avenger flings his shield of justice in the face of evil on July 22, 2011.

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Source: JoBlo, Images courtesy of and Jonathan Mayer

Update Source: AICN

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  1. I like usedave’s rendering and overall i like the uniform. I’ll stand behind the studios choice cuz it is good, but i think its too modern. It doesn’t have a WW2 feel. The buckles and straps and helmet mask are great but the rest seems to new. I think it should be more leathery and militant. The pants and shirt are to reminiscent of sports underarmor. The shoulder guards just seem to new and innovative for the time. But i digress this suit obviously isn’t the USO costume and it doesnt seem to be a make shift one he made so we may actually be looking at the modern era uniform S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stark provides for him. Just speculation but from what I gather from IM2, Howard Stark may be able to design his suit but as he said he is limited by the technology of his time… so i dont see this suit coming from him. But I like the suit… just hope it has a good explanation.
    Oh and I believe they just had Tony invent Vibranium so he will complete the Shield that his father wanted to make back then.
    Kinda sucks for Black Panther relevance… but oh well.
    Oh and they should paint wings on the helmet and…. AM I the Only One Who Thinks the “A” on the forehead should be wider/thicker.
    Just Saying….

    Icon Out

  2. Actually Icon and you might remember this, their are two kinds of vibranium. This isn’t unheard of in the real world either by the way. The wakandan Vibranium is a little different in an important way for later stories. Ehhee, we’re all going to have to bone up on the Marvel-verse including Me… ;)

    • Got me there Old Man… I went right to my collections and guides… your right. So Black Panther is still in there- HELL YEAH!!!! But yeah there’s the Wakandan Vibranium that Absorbs sound, impacts, various energies, and Kinetic energy and there’s Antarctic Vibranium or Anti-Metal that causes any metal in the vicinity to liquify so yeah there are 2 kinds but I think they’re more leaning towards W. Vibranium… but good spotting dude… besides this is the Marvel Movieverse not the mainstream MU so I still think its possible Tony made a version of Vibranium… maybe not Wakandan but doubtfully the Anti-metal kind… it would melt his suit.ha
      Or maybe im completely wrong and Tony just made.. IDK… Starkulium… hey, thats good. ha
      I just think in a way it would be cool if to tie things together in the movies, he made Vibranium. Whatever he made it sure can absorb and store energy similarly to Vibranium… Thas’all I’m sayin’. lol
      IDK think on it I guess.

      Icon Out

  3. Yup trust Marvel to get it right. Can’t get that from Fox or Sony unless they bother to ask…

  4. I don’t know Massive Marbles. X Men changed up the costumes, and I’m pretty sure it did just fine at the box office and the fans were sort of fine with it.

  5. Trying to make him look more tactical is a bad idea.

    • Yeah, looking more tactical even though he’s a super soldier is a bad idea.

  6. Costume looks great, skeptical about the human torch being captain America but this helps his cause.

  7. why is the guy who played human torch also playing captain america? i mean really? thats not cool at all

    • Fantastic Four is getting rebooted thats why. Marvel is getting the rights back to all of their movies because for the most part, until The Incredible Hulk, they all sucked on some level. Fanboys will probably hate me but I didnt care for Spider Man or X-Men, im glad that Marvel is doing things right by making the movies themselves.

  8. sure it’s not comics traditional cap costume, but it looks like the one cap wore in the war before the superhero thing..especially with the helmet…I like way better than the symbiote spidey they messed up…

  9. No wings BAD idea…he looks bald..It’s like Batman without the “ears” on the cowl.

  10. This costume does not work! Cap’s suit is made of chainmail. Why do people think they have to keep changing things! Cap is the ultimate Marvel character. He is respected by every character in the Marvel Universe so this needs to be done right – if not you end up with the Batman fiascos of the 1990s. At least the shield looks right. Cap does not need a more tactical uniform.

  11. You have your comic book influenced producers and your studio suits creating this film.
    They are constantly at odds on how the character should look.
    No less then 30 of them are deciding on this look.
    Just fyi,,,

  12. People can’t seem to understand that this is his WW2 uniform quit expecting it to look like the modern costum.

  13. I appreciate the thoughts on the WWII uniform, it just doesnt look like any WWII uniform I have ever seen (or read). It looks way to modern. I admit, Im kinda of over the top as far as Cap is concerned (ok – mega geek lol) but Im just concerned some non- fan will mess this up (like the first director for the Hulk). Im gonna have to place my trust in Stan that he wont let some dumb butt mess up an American Icon (think Superman returns where they just couldnt bring themselves to say truth justice and the American way). As far as the modern costume, Im comparing it to the costume I grew up reading in the 1960′s and 70′s.

  14. Kevin I hate to ruin your night but if Stan Lee had any control at Marvel he would be producing if not directing these films.

    Stan is used to bring in the fanboys. He’s part of marketing the product.

    I hate to crush so many dreams,,,, damn it,!!!!!

  15. Guess I will have to keep hope alive. Nuff said.

  16. What does everybody hate the wings? Seriously! There’s nothing wrong with them; they’re no less realistic than any other part of his costume. Especially since Captain America has always had this element of being a purposeful symbol. Like, in the story. The US Military sent him out looking like an American flag for a reason. He;s designed to be iconic. So why not have the wings?

    Plus, if they’re so crazy over being all WW2 in this, why would they get rid of one of the most essential parts of his classic design from the WW2 days? If anything, their “unrealism” would only serve to mark him as special and unique from the more slick modern heros like Iron Man, in terms of the movies.

    They literally have clipped his wings! Let’s just hope that doesn’t sum up what they’ll have done to the character.

  17. Ed,
    I agree with you.

  18. not happy with the human torch as cap…too much design on the legs and lose thestraps on the torso …i’m ok with losing the wings sine the new stuff is influenced by marvel’ ultimates…

  19. I LIKE IT!!! It’s got a more realistic look to it!!! Think it could work.

  20. I have a suspicion the wings would have looked goofy sticking out on either side of the head like little antlers but they could have made them as emblems like on a football helmet and they would have been okay. Hey they could just say he was an Eagles fan.

  21. Imo i think adding the wings wouldn’t hurt capt’s look. In the 1990 film, they looked decent on that costume so id think they could do the same with the costume in Marvel’s version aswell as The Avengers film. I feel it would be traditional to add the wings. Without them, its like the Flash without his lighting bolts on his mask.