‘Captain America’ Star Chris Evans is Ready to Leave the Marvel Universe

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Chris Evans as Steve Rogers Captain America Star Chris Evans is Ready to Leave the Marvel Universe

Being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t exactly a side project, with filming and pick-ups/ADR taking up to six months for each movie and extensive press commitments surrounding every release. While the main stars of the franchise have found time to fit in acting roles in between their Marvel work schedules, it’s hard to imagine orchestrating a career change while tied to such a massive franchise.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Chris Evans is doing just that, however. He recently directed his first feature film, 1:30 Train, a drama starring himself and Alice Eve which was shot in just 19 days on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Evans has been hinting for some time that he intends to become a director and move away from acting – at least, in other people’s movies.

Speaking to Variety, Evans has clarified his intentions regarding his place in the Marvel universe and how much longer he intends to stay there.

He originally signed a contract for six movies and now – after two Captain America movies and The Avengers – he is halfway to fulfilling his contractual obligations, not counting his upcoming role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In fact, Evans said that he had to argue Marvel down to that number, having told Variety:

“Initially, it was a nine-movie contract. And they said, if these movies take off and do very well, and my life changes and I don’t respond well, I don’t have the opportunity to say, listen, I need a f–king break. That just scared me.

“They called back and they tweaked the deal. It went from nine [films] to six. I said no again. My family was even going, ‘Are you sure you’re making the right decisions?’ It started to feel like maybe this is what I’m supposed to do.”

Unlike his on-screen counterpart, Evans was the very definition of a reluctant hero. He eventually caved after a series of pep talks, including one from The Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr., but four years later he’s ready to start moving on and is already looking for a new feature film script to direct later this year.

“I’ve known for a while I wanted to direct. But (time) never really opens up. There’s another movie to do, there’s another acting job. It just got to a point where I was like, you know what — I have to do this… If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing. I can’t see myself pursuing acting strictly outside of what I’m contractually obligated to do.”

Sebastian Stan The Winter Soldier header 570x294 Captain America Star Chris Evans is Ready to Leave the Marvel Universe

Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier in Captain America’s latest adventure, is under contract for nine movies and will therefore still be around even after Evans’ retirement from the role. This has led to speculation that Bucky could eventually take up the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers.

Of course, it’s a bit early to start tearfully waving handkerchiefs at Evans just yet. With just three movies down (his cameo in Thor: The Dark World was agreed outside of the contract), he will go on to star in both the Avengers sequel and Captain America 3, and his final Marvel movie will most likely be The Avengers 3. Evans estimates there are about three years left before he’s free to move on.

“We can do this out loud. [Avengers 2] will shoot till August. I wouldn’t be surprised if for all of 2015, we didn’t do a movie. I bet by 2017, I’ll be done.”

While Evans has done a great job in the role of Steve Rogers, it’s understandable that he’s looking forward to being relieved of a role that he didn’t particularly want to take in the first place. The confirmation that he’s ready to exit the stage opens up some very interesting questions as to how Steve Rogers will be written out of the Marvel universe, and who will succeed him. Will it be Bucky Barnes, or will the “psychotic 1950s Cap” that’s been teased by the writers of Captain America 3 break free of his psychosis and become the main hero?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out in theaters on April 4, 2014.

Source: Variety

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  1. “Didn’t really want to do in the first place” might be overstating from what he’s actually gone on record saying. You guys are the insiders, but it sounds like normal, relevant concerns on his part. These guys really seem to struggle for a normal life. And who wouldn’t like to play cap, be in these things, if that’s all it was? But that isn’t “all” it is at all. It’s the PR stuff, the invasion of privacy, the crazy fans and comic book conventions and the whole package which, any one thing taken on its own might not seem like a lot, but the whole thing tied together really is. The other thing I’m hearing from him is that, while some actors might churn out a dozen more movies on top of their Marvel contracts (Sam Jackson, I’m looking at you) he doesn’t seem to want to be that committed. Maybe he’d like more peace in his life than that.

  2. 6 movies is definitely enough, he will have more than paid his dues. Captain America is also very easily replaceable in my eyes. Many people have taken up the name in the books so I think it will be an easy fix come time to recast. What i’d be interested in seeing would be an Evans directed Cap movie after he’s done. After spending so much time with the character the guy must have learned a thing or two. I think it would be an interesting idea.

    Nonetheless, good for Chris and can’t wait to see the rest of his flicks.

    • I feel like they could just stop making Captain America movies once his contract his up. Theyre a many many other characters to choose from.

      • I’ve never been a huge Cap fan, but the films have easily been my favourite Marvel films so far.

        • I completely agree. I haven’t seen the second one yet but by far Cap 1 was my favorite out of both phase 1 and phase 2 so far. I thought it was even better than Avengers even as blasphemous as that sounds lol.

          • Cap was my favourite of all the Marvel films as well, until today. Now Cap 2 has taken its place. Phenomenal film, loved it. If you liked the first one i think you’ll be blown away by this one. My only problem with it is that i will never be able to see it for the first time again and be surprised at how it unfolds, hahaha.

    • you know … Marvel just might try that idea – to entice him to do one or more acting jobs as Cap
      one or two more movies to act in and he gets to direct one or both (or at minimum make him an exec producer like RDJ on the Iron Man movies)

  3. I completely respect what these ppl put themselves thru, with all the commitments and such, it can surely burn a person out! But why complain (it is complaining) publicly? there are ppl that would give anything to be in his position, money wise, work wise, popularity wise. I DO GET IT! I just think he should keep some of that to himself and to Marvel that’s all!

    I know ppl are going to rag on me, and that’s fine, we all have our opinions! I just think he should shut it…. this is I think the 3rd time in 2 months that I have heard a different story (WITH QUOTES FROM HIM EACH TIME) I don’t think he really is sure what he wants and if that is the case just keep it in house Chris!

    • Fair points, Dale.

    • Not trying to defend him… but we need to remember that it’s the media/press who keep asking about this thing over and over again to him as well :(
      They NEEDed the headline, to attract readers, and it’s their day job (that’s why I’m starting to wonder if that’s what the actor meant or not)

  4. On the one hand, Evans probably needs to learn that press interviews aren’t the same as having conversations with, like, humans and that he’s there to sell the product and save his personal thoughts and feelings about stuff for his private life. But, you know, some people don’t have that skill, of switching between different modes of communication.

    That said, it’s weird to me that commenters around the internet feel so invested in whether Chris Evans wants to give up acting or take a break from acting or whatever he ends up doing. Or any actor. I think he’s doing a great job with Cap and I think he’s a pretty decent actor in general, but, you know, it’s his life and, if he wants a change, I don’t know why that’s not something that anybody else should be opposed to.

    • You are correct on one hand…. but I do like it when my favourite actors are a little more candid. I hate the phoney nonsense we’re force-fed at most press junkets.

      • I’m with you: I think it’s refreshing when an actor says what’s really on their mind instead of the scripted, non-informative answers they usually give in these situations. Good for Evans to say how he really feels — it certainly makes the interview much more interesting and one that I’ll actually remember.

    • “…press interviews aren’t the same as having conversations with, like, humans…”

      A friend of mine once met him, and he was a total d*ck.

      • I heard years ago from people who met them that the guys who played Maxwell Smart and Mr. T were stuck up and arrogant and rude. Call it second-hand gossip if you want; I heard it from the ones who met them. Just for the record, I once met Jonathan Frid, who played Barnabas Collins on the original Dark Shadows, and at least in my experience found him to be very soft-spoken, polite, urbane, and kind-hearted.

        • I once met Buzz Aldrin, second man to walk on the moon. I told him it was a true honor to meet him and he said “Smile for the camera and move on.”

          I guess that title of *second* man to walk on the moon really sours a person.

  5. man i love him as Steve Rogers / Captain America, BUT: after just having seen SNOWPIERCER, i rather want to see him in roles he really WANTS to do now instead of ones he’s obligated to by contract. he is so absolutely damn good in that film, it blew my mind… if you compare his performance in Snowpiercer to that of Fantastic Four… its NIght and day even though he was pretty good in FF.

    • Yeah, i’ve always enjoyed him as an actor, since i saw him in Cellular, and i think he absolutely embodies the Captain America of the comics, but i was really surprised at how impressive he was in Snowpiercer. He was great and the film was great, i’m sure he’ll have a lot of interesting parts outside the Marvel universe, but i’m not going to pretend i won’t be sad when his contract ends. I do understand why he doesn’t want to do it forever, though.

  6. Is that what he’s really saying though? I mean… this is NOT the first time he spoke something and had to restate what he means just because the media ‘translate’ his words differently.

    But I think his passion is for directing, and that’s a good thing for his career. From what I predicted/suspected, Avengers 3 will be like the grand finale for the current MCU, and it’s not hard to think that it will be reboot/recast for the next years following that (that’s why RDJ only agrees until that movie). So if Evans is really hanging up his acting career, then it will be at the right time. Just think about it this way, acting is similar to a day job, just with the glamour sense of being popular. I think everyone, even us ‘regular joes’, always thinking on how to step up and try new stuffs and don’t want to be stuck in the same thing for the rest of our life, so it’s not a surprising thought. Sooner or later we will want to retire and just spend the rest of the days enjoying life, that’s being human… and actors are human as well.

  7. Good for him – at least he seems appreciative to what he has been given with this role (opposed to a few other in the MCU that don’t want to be there at all after one or two movies). I respect his POV and wanting to move to something new.

    I think he’s a great Cap – but I also think that there is enough history in the CA universe to transition him out during A3.

  8. Disappointing to be sure but everyone has their time. You can’t hold onto it forever because even age will eventually push you out of most superhero roles.

    And if Bucky is signed up for 9 pictures then it’s a pretty good bet he will pick up the shield and mantle.

  9. I can see Bucky maybe taking over for Cap after Avengers 3, do a couple more as Buccy Cap, then recast Rogers for his resurrection.

  10. need for speed was an awesome movie!!

  11. I think he’s done a great job as Cap, nothing but respect for Evans. But to me, he will always be Jake Wyler…and that’s not a bad thing, lol.

    • HAHA! This! ^^ Jake Wyler, lol. Agreed though. Love him as Cap, he’s perfect. But as previously stated good for him. Actors are human. Just like all of us! He has other passions, go for it.

  12. All that dieting and intense gym training has to be a factor too. He was a pretty fit guy before, but maintaining a Captain America physique is hard work on top of everything else. Besides, lots of actors get a little grumpy or reluctant about successful franchises they are in. Just look at Harrison Ford and Star Wars. He even wanted to be written out of it. I can’t believe they even got him to be in the upcoming new ones.

    Some actors are glad for the steady work, while others get itchy feet. It’s like soap actors who are content to play the same character for 40 years and a movie actor that plays as many different characters as they can every year or so.

  13. Translation I WANT DOWNEY MONEY!!

    • At $75 million who doesn’t ?
      Can you blame him?

  14. im very happy he is putting it out there for marvel to make stories around it. nothing would be worse for marvel if after his contract expires and he says its over, they never had a proper ending for it.

    at least this way they can kill or give cap a proper send off. and hey… the winter soldier is around the corner and he can be the next cap. and by the sounds of the cap 2 he is really amazing and the best marvel villain since loki.

    he as captain america can be a more anti hero cap and he wouldnt be as patriotic and a boy scout like steve.

  15. 3 capt. Solo movies and 3 avengers movie’s , isn’t that more than enough? Not really breaking news

    • it kinda is for the franchise

      its not like batman or spiderman because each movie effects each other. if chris was to just quit it would affect the avengers. this sort of situation has never happened before in movies so seeing how it plays out will be interesting

      you cannot just reboot it because its in a universe. you need to recast or get a new character as cap or replace cap with another character like black panther or strange.

      • You say “this sort of situation has never happened”? But it has!

        They recast everybody for Superman Returns and tried to pickup the story where they left off. Big time failure.

        It also happened when they replaced Norton with Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, but with much better results.

        However, I don’t see Marvel recasting anyone, and there’s no need to reboot anytime soon. As Downey and Evans fulfill their contracts those characters will be gone, and other characters will take their place on the team.

        • marvel has created a universe.
          not only do they need to think about the solo movie but they need to think about all other movies in the franchise. thants why they need to reboot the universe rather than the solo movie

          superman returns doesnt really count because you can see it and not even have watched the previous ones, it even has the origins story of superman. it really is its own thing but they said that the movie was a love letter for reeve ones more than anything.

          • maybe my memory is failing but what origin story in Superman Returns?

          • Rebooting the Marvel Cinematic Universe is preposterous, and rebooting any character is unnecessary. If Evans doesn’t want to re-up, let Steve Rogers die off and have Bucky Barnes take on the mantle of “Captain America”. If Downey doesn’t want to continue, let Dr. Strange take his place on the team.

            Oh, and Superman Returns was a direct continuation of Superman I and II. But I’m guessing you haven’t seen those.

      • They won’t even have to recast him. After the 3rd avengers movie he gonna be done, and it won’t matter because so will the franchise as well unless they want to continue the franchise with a whole different cast than the current one. Even if they do have to recast him it’s still not a big deal because they can just create a new cap as aposed to just change actors to play the same exact person. Like many other people have said, there’s been more than one capt. In the comic. Either way they should end it after the 3rd avengers because by then iron man will likely no longer be played by Robert Jr either.

  16. “… leave to “Anti-Marvel” web-site Screen Rant…”

    Is this the latest internet conspiracy theory? Screen Rant is anti Marvel??

    • im not agreeing with him but you cant deny that marvel is being unnecessary attacked for no real reason. its like sites and people have been spoiled and now they are going against marvel because its popular to like them

      and its happened so much more since batman vs superman was announced. if it wasnt for marvel and the avengers none of what we are hearing about coming movies would be happening. dc would still be cancelling the justice league movies

      • I don’t think Screen Rant is “anti-Marvel.”

        However, you appear to be anti- DC.

        • nope… im excited for the upcoming movie.

          but youre blind, dc have failed so many times trying to make a justice league and dc have also failed more than succeeded with their movies. they only get batman right and even saying that batman was nothing like the coming from the DKT

          • This oughta collectively bunch all of your undies until they look like thongs, but so be it…bring it!!!~ DC SUCCEEDED with Green Lantern! The fans who become so overly-critical that poor Green Lantern almost had to be added to Foxes Book of Martyrs are the ones who failed. Many ripped and raped and ravaged the film so bad, DC turned chicken on doing GL #2, gave up the idea of the originally-planned Flash movie, and almost wrote the Hal Jordan GL out of Justice League (the jury is still out on this…Jordan or Stewart?)! So if my arm is whirling around like a super-sonic windmill-arm wearing a green Power-Ring, to culminate in stopping after the windup with a pitch of a green Fickle Finger of Fornication raised to the skies, all of those who could not stop jacking their jaws two seconds from over-criticizing GL #1 and DC who could not stand up to the hurricane and so buried their heads in the sand come by that dire raised-digit honestly!
            Let’s get it right:
            GL#2, please. Flash, please. JLA: stars Hal Jordan GL please.

            Thank you.

            • You are delusional, ma’am.

  17. Personally I would prefer they replace the actor but keep the character the same for most of these (Iron Man, Captain America etc.). Like they do with James Bond when the actor wants to leave. Their is already precedent for it with the Hulk. It would come off a little over done if the characters die or retire (and hand the costume to a new person) every time the actor wants to quit.

  18. it’s all good…fans can’t expect him to stick around…plus it’s always better to go out on top

  19. Feige already said that they will “James Bond” characters. Evans would be no different if he decided that he wanted to quit the game. He had a good run, no doubt, and CATWS looks like a winner. The show must go on, and if that means a recast, then roll on, baby. Then again, could Evans be planting seeds to get a big payday, like Downey?

  20. So this all but confirms he will end up getting killed in Cap 3 or Avengers 3 and Bucky will take over as the new Cap.

    Only two roles can have new people play them, Iron Man and Cap, what sucks is imo they are the two actors who I like the most in these movies.

    Just sucks cause I think he is so good as cap and this really blew his career up. I get people dont want to play the same role forever but when you are good at it and fans like you as this character they dont want to see you leave.

  21. It gets tiresome hearing these actors willingly sign up for these franchises, then get tired of doing them halfway through the deal. If he couldn’t even make it through 3 movies without chafing at the commitment, he shouldn’t have signed up. Makes me respect Hugh Jackman even more for his enthusiasm for playing Wolverine. Evans makes it seem like it’s a prison term.

    • Agree. Like others have said, I have no problem with him getting tired of doing it. He just shouldn’t be so public about it. It might put off fans and put off Marvel.

      I get annoyed at my job but I’m not gonna get on the news and complain about it either.

      He isn’t directly complaining about working for Marvel but he is complaining about not having a break or not having any time. To me, that is basically saying, “I’m not happy.”

      That probably isn’t good for keeping public excitement up going into Phase 3 if he keeps talking like this.

  22. If Avengers 3 is his last movie, I see them assassinating Cap at the end of Cap 3. Then having him resurrected in Avengers 3 but wanting to retire the suit and live a normal life. Then we can see Bucky step up and take over.

    For most of Avengers 3 it will probably be without Rogers until towards end. The movie will probably be Bucky as Cap until Bucky and Cap team up at the end of Avengers 3.

  23. Good for him. If his passion is dieting then he should follow it. It is easy to imagine how a role like Captain America could take over his life. Signing that contract must not have been easy. In the MCU the two Chris’s took the biggest risk with their careers. If it had failed then they were in two of the toughest roles. If they succeed, which they obviously did, then they are those heroes until it is reimagined in a re-boot.

    • *directing, not dieting.

      On that topic though, Chris Evans probably wouldn’t mind relaxing his workout and diet regimen. Staying that fit isn’t easy.

      • Lol that was pretty funny +1 to you good sir

  24. First and foremost, Cap, IM, HULK, are all characters that can’t be killed off in the movies as well as in the comics. All of them are characters that progressed as the stories come and go. Marvel has to follow the concept of James Bond; replace the actor not the character.

    People at Marvel know this. They would be fools if they killed their characters.

    Besides, it would be a mistake for him to quit acting. Many actors have become directors but eventually return to acting with negative results.

    • Marvel has introduced Agent 13 and Crossbones for a reason, and the end game is the Death of Captain America. Evans will most likely sign on for a cameo in CAP4 where CAP will be assassinated. Stan will take over since he will have 6 more films on his contract. Does not sound like Evans isn’t really complaining, he is just stating the obvious (Marvel is planning to replace him with Stan and he is planning to focus on directing when that occurs.)

  25. Someone mentioned the Time Gem and it would be an interesting macguffin for this film,especially if it involves different time frames and different Ant-Men,and the only baddie out there that would have anything to do with Time Travel would be Immortus aka Kang the Congueror who is a major baddie with the avengers and has connections to the Ultron storylines…as well as a connection to anything that the avengers do..Corey Stoll could be a great Kang..

  26. This increase my suspicions Cap. is going to die.

  27. I don’t want to see Bucky, Mr. Burnside, or anyone else be Cap except Steve Rogers. Too much of a cherished icon to go that route. Having said that, if Evans must retire from the character after a certain point, I hope they recast Steve Rogers, and Steve goes on being the captain America that we all know and love.

    Pure speculation here, and I really don’t especially want it to happen, but it just occurred to me what if they did a second team, kind of a “B” team, of Avengers secondaries, like a team with a reformed Winter Soldier, War Machine, Falcon, etc. who had up until that point appeared as supporting characters for the Avengers main headliners? Sort of a West Coast Avengers back-up team? They could give additional characters more exposure, and maybe add this “B” team as an additional movie on the annual slate. Just kind of thinking out loud here and letting my superhero-pondering mind drift a bit.

  28. Yehey maybe he can be Jensen again and do Losers 2….

  29. its obvious the films will lead to the “Captain America No More” storyline from the 80s and to Nick Fury going underground..Hopefully after the whole Thanos/Infinity storyline-it may lead to the Kree/Skrull war which could lead to the Civil War/Secret Invasion storylines…

    • While I would love to see “Civil War” brought to the screen, it seems unlikely. Not only are they missing the rights to some key players to do it justice (namely, the X-Men, Mister Fantastic, and Namor), they would also need to do it by Avengers 3 since that is when both Evans and Downey will be out of their contracts.

      • Technically the X-Men weren’t that involved as they tried to stay neutral. Really the only major players that MCU doesn’t have are the FF characters, Wolverine, and Spider-man.

        But, MCU has (or should have) rights to the following characters that were integral: Cap, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Nitro, Speedball, Thor, Goliath, Yellow Jacket, Falcon, Cloak, Dagger, Daredevil, Punisher, Wonder Man, Doc Samson, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Crossbones, She-Hulk, Wasp, Tigra, Songbird, Ghost Rider, Jessica Jones, Jane Foster, SHIELD agents (Maria Hill, Dum Dum Dugan,), Quicksilver,

        MCU could easily make a movie of their own version of the Civil War

        • REALLY Pal? LOL, sorry! I had to
          Jane foster is a character in the comics? I NEVER knew that, I thought she was a MCU virgin because of how much hate she gets from ppl. Hmm Thank you sir for learning me something new today!

          • LOL…Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not…

            But yes, she is a character in the comics. First appearing back in 1962! She was a nurse and physician (I think) as opposed to scientist version of the movies.

            • NO, I really did not know she was an actual character, THANKS! the Pal part was funnier in my head but Meh, oh well, whatever!