Robert Buckley as Bucky? Who’s Captain America?

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captain america cast Robert Buckley as Bucky? Whos Captain America?

It’s now March 3, 2010 which means that the casting deadline of March 1st as revealed by Joe Johnston, director of The First Avenger: Captain America has come and gone and we still don’t know who Captain America is. We at least know a group of candidates but that may not actually represent all of the possibilities of who could be selected.

At a press conference for Johnston’s recently released Wolfman several weeks ago, the director revealed during the Q&A some details about Captain America and the casting criteria. We found out from him that the actor would definitely be American, that he would be young and relatively unknown, surrounded by bigger stars in the supporting cast (similar to the setup with Kenneth Branagh’s Thor). The one sticking point that had fans excited was that he also said they’d have the hero selected by March 1st.

Fast forward a few weeks and reports hit the net that Marvel has narrowed down the potential wishlist of Captain America candidates to a select group of young actors. Of that list, the name that got the most attention was John Krasinski, apparently a top contender. I have a feeling though that while they may have been keen on that idea, many fans were not and I think this may be what’s holding the process up.

Needless to say, the selection of who will play Steve Rogers is an extremely important decision for the future of Marvel Studios. Their in-development films literally depend on this choice. If they were leaning toward Krasinski, the intense negative feedback to his candidacy could be why we’re still waiting to hear who’ll wield the symbolic shield and lead The Avengers. That or Johnston was just throwing out that statement when they still needed to test more actors.

I think many have a tough time buying Krasinski outside of his character’s trademark attributes and goofy facial expressions from the hit NBC series The Office and like me, have difficulty picturing him leading Iron Man and Thor into battle.

The other rather large rumor that surfaced just prior to the listing of these candidates was that actor Robert Buckley was cast as Captain America. This original report was quickly taken down and this may be because they were asked to take it down or because it was completely false. Fortunately for us and a few other sites like our friends at IESB, we caught it in time.

robert buckley cast as captain america Robert Buckley as Bucky? Whos Captain America?

From what I’m hearing now, that may not be entirely off the mark. What I’ve been told is that Buckley did audition for the role of Captain America but they thought he might be a good fit for Cap’s sidekick, Bucky. He was/is in talks for the movie and someone jumped the gun on presuming he was selected for the title role.  If you’re a reader of the Marvel Comics, then you know Bucky takes up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers is assassinated in the conclusion of the Civil War cross-over event. So by geek technicality, we could say that he is cast as a future Captain America if his is signed as Bucky…

This is a similar situation to what we saw with Tom Hiddleston in Thor where he was a candidate who auditioned for the role of the Mighty God of Thunder but director Kenneth Branagh thought he’d be a better fit for the role of Loki and he got it. As for Buckley, none of this is confirmed and there could be more names show up for both roles that we’ve not come across yet in the reports. It could be a few weeks still before the decision is made.

Stay tuned as major news will be breaking soon for Captain America.

Any predictions on who’ll play Steve Rogers?

The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. Nobody wants to see Bucky. At least not in the first film. He's more gay than Robin.

  2. Nobody wants to see Bucky. At least not in the first film. He's more gay than Robin.

  3. Nobody wants to see Bucky. At least not in the first film. He's more gay than Robin.

  4. I personally think Captain Awesome from chuck (Ryan McPartlin) would be the best choice for Captain America. He has the acting chops to make it a great choice plus he has the look of Captain America.

  5. I personally think Captain Awesome from chuck (Ryan McPartlin) would be the best choice for Captain America. He has the acting chops to make it a great choice plus he has the look of Captain America.

  6. If this guy is Bucky, then Captain America has to be someone other than the list of clowns (the Office and the Gossip Girls guys), they just don't have chemistry as the CAP and the sidekick!!

    Think JENSEN ACKLES!!!! I am telling you, he is the one! He is the only one who could stand next to Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L Jackson and Ed Norton etc… Other clowns CAN'T.

  7. woody harilson should play the cap, why!? cause he is the shiznit! and that gut from fanboys, the one with the 12 year old as an internet girlfriend should play bucky!

  8. i agree 100% :D

  9. Jensen Ackles sucked on Smallville. He was not good on that show. And he would make a crappy Captain America

  10. Just heard cap'n America will be delayed.

    Good news is there is a screenplay for The Avengers already.

  11. Steven Colbert is Captain America!

  12. Ok! It took me a while, but I'm on board. I want John Krasinski! Just caught one of the more emotional episodes of the office yesterday and I want him as Cap. He is obviously the best actor still up for the role and, though I had a hard time with it, seeing as he is a goofier looking guy, I will believe Downey Jr. and (hopefully) Edward Norton would follow him. I would believe in his goodness as you must with Cap. I have always rooted for Krasinski, as he is always loosing parts to less actors with prettier faces. Though, I did say Ryan McPartlin looks the most right for it. I want Jim!

  13. Wouldn't it be a strange coincidence that this guy Robert “Buckly” is cast as “Bucky” because he is was more “Buck-ly” than “Captain America-ly”. His last name would literally be his characters name in the movie, that would be surreal!!!! Whoever will be Cap has to look more MANLY than Robert Buckly! I'm pulling for Krasinski…………….. but not as Cap, I want him for the RED SKULL. Head probably be the next Heath Ledger.

  14. I think Robert Buckley should be Captain America and not Bucky. He is great, talented and hot.

  15. Pardon the misspelling, I think Krisinski could be the next Heath Ledger as “Red Skull” it'd be a totally out of left field part for him and i think he'd own the hell out of that role. Krasinski does'nt have the facial structure for Cap so people need to stop hoping he'll be Cap. However, as the Red Skull, he'd eventually be wearing prosthetics and make up on his face so in that case, it doesn't matter how he looks, he'd just have to portray a convincing German accent etc. As the Red Skull he'd be doing action commanding and action too. Although he's absolutely evil, the Red Skull is no punk.

  16. Bucky is absolutely necessary in this because it's Cap's origin movie. Bucky doesn't have to be a “side-kick” per say but sort of join Cap and the Invaders at the end, after surprising everyone who thought he was just a silly and clumsy young oaf.

  17. The Rundown
    Of the list I take…..
    Michael Cassidy – Captain America
    Mike Vogel – As a possible second choice Cap
    Robert Buckly – Bucky (as a Partner/Espionage Winter Soldier type)
    Scott Porter – Red Skull (tell me his pic doesn't look evil)

    Dream Team
    Ryan McPartlin – Captain America ('Nuff Said)
    No Bucky – you know its for the best
    If we must have one I'll take Buckly as described above or Green Arrow from Smallville
    Daniel Bruhl – Red Skull (Pvt. Zoller from Inglorious Bastards)

    I should be a casting director. Lol

  18. I really didn't want Krasinski at first either, but I watched Leatherheads a few days ago and I think that he will be the best for the job. He doesnt look the part as much as McPartlin but I Krasinski has more experiance.

  19. But Buckly looks the same age as the Capt contenders, plus bucky is only 15-16 years old!,,,FFS Johnston pull ur hairy wolf finger out!

  20. I like Krasinski as Captain America, but agree Ryan McPartlin looks more the part. I really hope this will be e huge break through for John K b/c he is a good actor. Buckley or any of these other CW guys could be cast as Bucky.

    I really want Hugo Weaving to play the Red Skull!!!

  21. I meant Hugo Weaving as Namor.

  22. Linky? Linky? on the Cap delay.

    Don't post statements of news as fact without facts to back it up. Not saying you don't have it, just want to see it.

  23. Won't it be distracting for the audience if John K is cap and he keeps looking at the camera and raising his eyebrows during the movie? :)

  24. Why is nobody mentioning the guy from Death Race and the Transporter? I think he would make a great Cap. I also think Brad Pitt could pull off something like this and would love to see him in a superhero series. Oh well, not up to us. P.S. I like John Krasinski too, maybe he could surprise people in this role.

  25. What people have to understand is that there is a template that has already been set for cap as well as for every known superhero and villain that exists in the comics, with most, like Cap's, existing for more than 30 years. Having a casting call for only 6'2, blond headed, blue eyed, muscular men to play cap is following the template. We all want the acting to be excellent, that's a given, but the foolish stereotype of…”if an actor has muscles he probably can't act” is stupid.

    There has to be some 6'2, 220 -230 lbs. actor out there with the above attributes that can seriously act…preferably an unknown.

  26. I think Hugo Weaving would be a great Namor, especially with his accent and i could totally picture him saying “You Imperious Rex!!” but…. Jonathan Rhys Davies seems like a more likely choice, second choice would be(which was my first choice) JOAQUIN PHEONIX with a Robert Downey Jr. or Mickey Rourke type of comeback. Joaquin Pheonix making a comeback as Namor would be awesome he looks just like him and his portrayal in “Gladiator” shows he could portray some of Namor's pompousness.

  27. The reason that Jason Statham .won't be cast is because they said that they want an American born actor to play him.

  28. Statham doesn't even have the voice (not talking about his accent, but the fact that he has a deep, whispery kind of voice).

  29. Cool TFA Captain America scene: Steve Rogers sits on the bleechers of a local college that he's trying to get into by saving money from his job and trying to get a scholarship as a Art Major & Histroy Minor. As he sits on the bench, he's doodling away with some cool sketches as he watches the football team practice. Some cheerleaders approach and totally ignore him but a wind blows one his sketches their way and one cheerleader says “Wow you drew this!” She comes over to bring him his sketch and asks could she look at his sketch pad and all of the other girls come over too and are amazed. The Quarterback and couple of other players come over and the girls immediately ignore Steve as though he wasn't even there. The Quarterback is like “who's this guy” and the girls say “uh,like heck if we know, he's an artist though”. The Quarterback looks at Steve's sketches and says coldly “thats,cool, anyway which of you girls..” and they all walk away from Steve. While the team practices Steve leaves the field but he mumbles “I think if you would've brought in Roberts as your half back and put Reynolds as your Tight End, throw in a nickle pass and then double back to a quarterback sneak, you guys would have won last nights game. The Quarter back says “What”!!! “What did you say!!(angrily). The team stops and approaches Steve as though they are about to beat him up and the Quarterback says “What'd you say nerd? I run this, what does your skinny ass know about football? Then Steve says “I,I,I um,(in fear). One of the guys push Steve to the ground and his books fall out of his bookbag reveally Steve's own football tactics playbook. The Quarterback sees it and says “What the hell is this?” He looks at the book and says “Oh you think you know some football huh,well this is crap, this aint chess” then rips out a page and throws it on the floor” then tells Steve to scram. The Quarterback curiosly picks up the paper and stashes it without any body seeing. Later in the movie The Quaterback apologizes to Steve telling him how he secretly used his play which helped them win a crucial game and asks Steve to join the team. Steve tries out as kicker but fails miserably with his bum leg. So they convince the coach to let him try out as a Defensive Strategist. Steve receives a scholarship as a team member but later is framed by the coach out of jealousy after the team loses faith in the coach and put all their faith in Steve. Steve gets expelled from school for having illegal items in his locker. A touching scene would be with Steve and his dad in the Deans office with the Dean saying “I'm sorry Mr.Rogers, Steve is a brilliant student but we can't have this kind of behavior in my school so we have to let him go” Mr.Rogers Sr. “How can you do this, Steve would never do that, somebody planted that stuff in his locker” Mr.Rogers Sr.”My son is the first person in my family to make it into college, I'm so proud of my son, I could never afford to send him but he found a way, I love my son he's a good kid give him a chance to prove he's innocent,please.”The Dean “I'm sorry Mr.Rogers but I'm afraid i can't, we'll do a thorough investigation to help prove Steve's innocence but until then I'm afraid he has to leave”. _More to come later