Captain America is American, Red Skull is Main Villain & More!

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captain america movie cast villain red skull Captain America is American, Red Skull is Main Villain & More!

A few hours ago I wrote a speculative piece on what may be two of candidates for the coveted tile role in Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America in Ryan McPartlin and Chad Michael Murray and now we have a boatload of updates coming in on the movie, providing new details.

In this Captain America news round-up we’ll touch on the main villain of the movie, the casting process, candidates and plans for the main character as well as more details on the style and what we can expect from the movie.

The Main Villain

Today Drew McWeeny at HitFix was able to interview Joe Johnston, director of The First Avenger: Captain America about The Wolfman but managed to throw in a few questions about that big Marvel movie towards the end.

First up, he talked briefly on the main villain, confirming the expected that the Red Skull will be the main villain of the movie.

“Well, we will see the Captain America villain, the main villain, the Red Skull.  But it’s the origin story.  It’s how he became Captain America in World War II.  There are present-day bookends, but it’s really… it’s his origin story.  And we decided you only get one shot at telling an origin story, so you might as well tell it first.”

I’m very curious as to who they’ll cast as Red Skull in the movie.

Captain America Hails From America

For those who were up in arms at the idea of casting a non-American in the role of Captain America, you may breathe a sigh of relief as Joe Johnston confirmed today at the press conference for The Wolfman that they “must” cast an America-born actor for the title role. This issue hit it big upon the surfacing of rumors surrounding Sam Worthington being a candidate for the role (really though, he’s named for every film).

IESB and Collider were present at the press conference today and posted  a summary of the key points that Joe Johnston responded to:

  • Captain America to be cast by March 1st
  • Captain America will be played by an American
  • Film will be shot in HD
  • Film possibly to be converted to 3D after
  • To be shot uniquely, unlike any other Marvel film
  • Visual style of comic book but not literal visual adaptation
  • Sets have been selected in UK
  • Budgetary reasons limited action scene ideas
  • A relative unknown will be cast
  • Supported by name stars (like with Thor movie)

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  1. Rob, thanks for the update. Liking what details came out here. Hope this is a good sign for the movie, and I do think it makes sense to go unknown main actor with better-known supporting cast. That seems a good move to me, but then again, it really depends on the script they work with. The whole “modern day bookends” thing does make me a little concerned.

  2. I'm still hoping for Jensen Ackles, he just feels right to me. With starring in My Bloody Valentine, it would probably be a tough sell though!

  3. You folks pick apart everything don't you? What are you “concerned” about? The man just said it will be a period dated origin piece, there may be references to the present (a voice over maybe) but it's essentially an origin.

  4. There's been a lot of buzz about him from fans online but I don't personally see it.

  5. Actually, my concern is from the standpoint of a writer. Typically, the concept of the “bookends” for any film equates to sloppy writing… a quick fix for a flawed script that usually doesn't really fix the problems. That is why I'm concerned, but I'll also say there are places where this has been done very well. For “Captain America,” it might work given this is probably a lead-in for the Avengers. We'll have to wait and see.

  6. Heres my list for Cap. Justin Hartley(Even though he's 33 now but hey. Plus he's 6ft3), Armie Hammer(23 and 6ft5), Garrett Hedlund(35 and 6ft3), Chris Pine(30 and 6ft1), Chad Michael Murray(29 and 6ft), Kellan Lutz(25 and 6ft1).

  7. I want Jensen Ackles from Supernatural to be Cap, That would be Freakin awsome.

  8. And now my Skull list. Mads Mikkelsen, Arnold Vosloo, Christoph Waltz, Zeljko Ivanek, Daniel Day Lewis, Or Bill Nighty.

  9. Whoops Garrett hedlund is actually 25.

  10. Weaving for his work in Wolfman with Johnston?

    I like the Mads Mikkelsen idea though, Waltz is too obvious.

  11. The Red Skull is an awesome villain and I think the best picks are Jeremy Irons, Daniel Craig, Vigo Mortensin, Liam Niesson, and if he was younger i would say Malcolm McDowell.

  12. isn't Ryan McPartlin 35 or so well that leaves him off the list now doesn't it?

  13. a budget issue, meaning less action wtf is up with that, marvel movies tend to get a decent budget, and make a nice little [profit (like blade).
    i just hope they dont make it 80% dialogue with a few war scenes, cap went through hell (seeing all those people die etc) they should make that obvious in the movie not some pg13 crap with a whole bunch of talk and little action

  14. I never thought of Jensen Ackles before, but he would be good in the part. I personally hope they go higher on the age spectrum.

    As for Red Skull, I too think Vigo Mortensen would be excellent.

  15. Things can change. Some time ago they may have expected to have a bigger budget. I can remember that Kevin Feige said last year that Marvel wanted a big name actor playing Cap (which would have fitted with the choice of well known actors for Tony Stark and Bruce Banner). This has changed, too.

    I´m surprised that Rob has written nothing about the most surprising of the recent Captain America news: The USO thing. On other sides this is the biggest news at all. Some people seemed to be nervouse because of it, other seem to like it. Which is strange considering how much poor Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire had been maligned for this one little dance scene in Spider-Man 3. But a singing and dancing Captain America who is wearing his costume to amuse the troops as some kind of circus clown is okay for them?
    I wonder how Johnston want make it believeable that soldiers will later in the movie follow this Captain Americas orders.
    Maybe they should give Cap just a more realistic outfit from the start (which Johnston said he will have in later scenes) and kept their version otherwise closer to the comics.

  16. Cillian Murphy or Paul Bettany for Red Skull.

    We'll likely see the man before, then after the accident. I can't remember, was it a weapons test or a chemical experiment or a bomb that deformed red skull?

  17. I still think McPartlin is a great choice, but after watching some of the first season of Supernatural I think Jensen Ackles would also be a good choice. I think McPartlin has more of the “look” of Cap. Both are fine actors and I think would do a great job. However, Ackles is pretty well known from Supernatural, so I think that leaves him off the relatively unknown list.

  18. I believe Rob will be addressing the USO item in an upcoming article.

  19. When I read about the USO approach I never took it as having Cap sing and dance, but doing something like they did with the US soldiers from Iwo Jima and sort of just put him on display to garner support for the war. If Cap is projected as being truly patriotic in the film, I could see him getting disdainful about the costume if he views the spectacle surrounding him at USO as some sort of mockery of the flag. The approach Johnston is making can be done and still honor the source material, I think. The iconic look of costume being maintained later on for greater function just makes sense in that era.

    No red flags by me.

  20. If the early Cap comics I'm reading are anything to go by, the Red Skull was originally an ordinary (if somewhat ugly) man who wore a mask. Latter he had an accident with some his skull gas that gave him the appearance of a living skull.

    Personally I'd be happier if they stuck with the original motif. The Skull's major deformity was always his twisted evil soul.

  21. Hey just to let all the comic fans know DISNEY XD. channel 1609 in HD as well plays all the great comic shows from the 90's at 1amto4am from the xmen,fantastic 4, silver surfer, and the avengers. real nice to c those on tv again.

  22. @Rob
    While I agree that Waltz is obvious, does that make it any less an awesome idea? haha

  23. The Nazi he played in Inglourious Basterds is quite a bit different from the darker Red Skull character. I can't see Waltz in the role.

  24. I'm looking forward to the origin story, it's sweet and simple. I'm not sure what Joe is up to with the “Steve rogers trying to fit” angle but I still have high aspirations.

    I remember when I first picked up a few issues of Cap, it was always one of those titles I never bothered with. Then the whole storyline, “Streets of Poison” where Marvel realized the bad message of Steve being injected with a steroid to become a “real” american. In the Reagn-era/war on grugs, they STRIPPED steve of the super-soldier serum! I wonder if this is on the mind of Disney execs…

    There was that dark period when Steve was replaced by Superpatriot and became The Captain, leading Avengers West Coast. WTF

  25. Sam Niel, Daniel Graig, Viggo Mortensen, or Mads Mikleson would be my choices for Red Skull. I'm not a huge fan of Skull so I don't know about how he got the skull face and stuff, but if the movie is going into terms of realism I think the skull could be a helmet of some kind over his face with a moving jaw on it.

  26. The war on grugs – fought on behalf of ventriloquists everywhere. They celegrated afterwards with a gottle of geer. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    Hopefully the “fitting in” business is just to do with Steve Rogers being scrawny enough to be declared unfit for military service before he was given the serum, then afterwards having to keep his true identity a secret.

  27. How do bookends equal sloppy writing? You open up in present day, possibly even on Cap frozen in ice, then you flash back to WWII for the rest of the film, and then at the end flash forward to Stark or somebody happening upon Cap's body. It's a better way to end the movie than to just end on Cap frozen to death with no indication of what's coming next.

  28. I'm a big Ackles fan, but I've never thought he was all that right for the role, and that his chance of getting the part was even slimmer. He came out and denied the rumor that he was Cap by saying that they weren't going to give Captain America to some no-name off the CW.

    That said, however, it's obvious they're going for a no name, and he's a much, much better choice than Chad Michael Murray. He's also 32, which just happens to be the top of the age group Johnston listed, so, you never know.