John Krasinski Is (Not) Captain America? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 16th, 2013 at 12:10 am,

[Update: So John Krasinki isn’t Captain America but Chris Evans is now in the running!]

Wow, it seems like everybody is getting in on this Captain America casting news – never have I seen hype this big for a super hero role!

The latest word – after weeks of Captain America casting rumors – is that John Krasinski  is Marvel Studios’ favorite prospective Cap and that the role is “His to lose.”

So is Jim from The Office really going to end up starring in The First Avenger: Captain America?

This latest Captain America casting rumor isn’t even coming from the usual culprits on the blogosphere (Screen Rant) but rather from Fox News, of all places.

FOX 411, the entertainment blog, claims to have an insider close to these Captain America casting proceedings and that source is the one claiming that Krasinski is about to land this massive role:

“John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests…He has screen tested 2 times so far.  It’s very likely that he will be the new Captain America.  He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week.”

“It’s a surprise and we are bracing ourselves for ‘that guy from ‘The Office” to land Captain America.  They are not really looking at the other guys, so it’s time to get ready to work with him.”

captain america movie world war 2 John Krasinski Is (Not) Captain America? [Updated]

For the rest of the exclusive quotes about Krasinski’s standing with Marvel, you’ll have to check out FOX 411.

First of all, shout out to our friends over at Cinematical for calling Krasinski as Cap almost a month ago. Secondly, I like Krasinski a lot, love him on The Office and he showed strong chops in Sam Mendes’ Away We Go last year. He certainly isn’t my first choice for Cap, but then, Chris Hemsworth as Thor wasn’t really on my radar either until it was announced. By now, the idea of Hemsworth playing the God of Thunder has settled in quite nicely.

avengers thor captain america iron man John Krasinski Is (Not) Captain America? [Updated]Hemsworth, Krasinski(?) and Robert Downey Jr. as The Avengers?

Hemsworth and Krasinski onscreen together as Cap and Thor would be a good look for sure, leaving poor Robert Downey Jr. to play the elder Iron Man to these young whipper-snappers.

[Update: Mike Fleming at Deadline has the exclusive that Krasinki and a few other candidates are out of the running and that it’s now down to Mike Vogel, Garrett Hedlund and … Chris Evans.]

On a positive note: having dealt with fanatical white-collar fans thanks to his role on The Office, Krasinski is probably used to appeasing nerds. He’ll be a shoe-in at Comic Con.

We’re going to keep this space open, as I suspect this Captain America casting saga is about to come to a swift close – so CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES!!!!

The First Avenger: Captain America is expected to hit theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: FOX411

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  1. I say give it to Vogel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris Evans has already done very well as Johnny Storm. Enough of the Ryan Reynolds bouncing around, CBM character swapping. Enough!!! Give it to somebody new, with a fresh new face and who hasn't been a Superhero before. Hollywood is too vast, give somebody else a chance now. Joe Johnston & Marvel give to VOGEL!!!

  2. You know for this whole leg of the Avengers story to be credible you need a believable before and after, a transformation if you will. I realize I've come late to the discussion but the idea is still important to the story. I would think too if your going to have a decent Captain America you should pick four or five best candidates and put them through a “First Avenger Boot Camp.” See who washes out and who succeeds. It's a logical way to do it. What would it be like? A cross between U.S.M.C.O.C.S. and the best U.S.A. stunt school. He*l you might even get some footage you could use during the credits…

  3. Hey artboy, your an artist right? No matter how much Krasinski was to bulk up, his face still would never be right.

  4. Do you know how much prosthetics and CGI work they'd have to do to get Krasinski's face to look remotely close to Steve Rogers?! Comon' people stop it, just stop it.

  5. ~sigh~

    even if it was causing controversy…. I liked the idea of knowing who it was going to be. Now we all have to go back to the waiting game. Grr….

  6. But Verne Troyer is a good actor man, remember everybody hated the fact that Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker and look at what happened. Verne Troyer can pull it off man, he'd just have to bulk up. :p

  7. What a brilliant idea. Now that is a behind the scenes documentary that would go down well as a bonus special feature with the DVD release. :-)

  8. Glad he's out,that would've sucked.

  9. Mike Vogel for the win!!!! I said back when they had a list of all the people that were possibly candidates that I could see Mike as Captain America!

    Chris Evans could work. I don't know about Garrett though.

  10. This reminds me of the Heath Ledger playing as The Joker issue. I'm fine if John Krasinski is Cap.

  11. I like Jim but after watching 3 hours of The Office (on TBS) I got to say he's wrong for the role and I'm glad he's out of the running. His face is just a little “goofy”…not sure how to describe it. The “Handsome Men Club” skit kind of solidified it (he filled the “cute” quota).

    Chris Evans, on the other hand, would be almost perfect.

  12. After watching Hedlund's work, I think he can do the job too. Plus he's not a prancy fancy looking Old Navy looking model. Hedlund looks young but also has that “sort of had it rough” weathered kind of look. I'm changing my choice to Hedlund plus he's taller than Vogel. And looking at Hedlund's face, I can see him ordering around(an initially reluctant) Tony Stark and The Avengers. He does have a commanding face more than Vogel so Hedlund seems to fit the bill better. No Fantastic Four's human Torch in this one sorry.

  13. Hey everybody!!! There are some photos of Garrett Hedlund where he looks exactly like Steve Rogers and especially where he put on more weight. Not only that the guys voice is just as deep as Ryan McPartlin's. I gott jump on the Hedlund Bandwagon here. I previously thought Vogel but no man, Hedlund's got dudes. I could literally see him commanding the Avengers. He's the one. Garrett Hedlund for Steve Rogers aka Captain America!!!!!!

  14. Typo' I meant Hedlund's got it dudes.(to excited to proof read)

  15. I did it again.

  16. Accroding to Marvel directory, Captain America is 6' 2 & 240 lbs. Garrett Hedlund is…. 6' 2 1/2!!!!! Just right!!!!! He will be shorter than Chris Hemsworth on Screen which is great. Mike Vogel is 5' 10(sorry dude). Garrett Hedlund is unknown but not quite unknown he's just right!!!!!

  17. He's a mean dude in “Death Sentence” What an intense film. Garrett's got a fairly deep voice and if he packed on the muscles, I reckon he'll make a terrific Captain America.

  18. “Wow, it seems like everybody is getting in on this Captain America casting news – never have I seen hype this big for a super hero role”

    Just quoting the article. Really? I remember the casting for Superman Returns and Batman Begins being pretty well hyped up, far more than Captain America!!!! What a ridiculous notion!

  19. I think he'll be awesome. He has all the qualities needed for a great Cap


    God: You're welcome FanB****es! (eyeball thumps Joe Johnston)

  21. I wasn't a fan of John K getting this role, but compared to what they are offering now in the way of Vogel, Hedlund and Evans …. someone please scrap this whole project and start again. This is headed down a BAAAAAAAAD path.

    I'm not sure Marvel has been listening, but I don't know anyone that's been overjoyed at these rumors.

  22. Be happy with any of the rumored final four picks for Cap in my order of chose:(Mike Vogel, Chris Evan, Wilson Bethel, Garrett Hedlund)

  23. Hedlund will be the leading man in the new “Tron” film, to me that's a sign that he's the one, sort of how Hemsworth got two big parts almost around the same time which was Thor and Red Dawn(remake). Hedlunds the one!!!!

  24. Wow, thank God they updated this… But though these three names are a lot better, they still don't seem right. Garrett Hedlund off the bat is the worst choice, he has that baby face thing going on and he just doesn't have the face of a leader. Chris Evans will probably not be able to pull off the natural blonde look and he is more of a comedic actor. I always thought he would be a perfect Flash, either Wally West or Barry Allen. So, it seems like the best choice out of these three is Vogel, even though I am not ecstatic by this, it is 100 times better than Krasinski. I hope they just come outta left feild with someone else they kept on the down-low that fits the part so much better. But for now, I guess I will have no other option then to root for Mike Vogel.

  25. Dude, I was around at that time: Bats and Supes weren't this crazy, primarily b/c the announcements came much closer to the announcements of the projects (BB & SR).

    How long since the Cap movie was announced have we been waiting to hear about this casting?

  26. If you think about it John Krasinski is an every man…Hes probably the most well known actor out of all the guys who went up for the part…Hes proved he can do well at the box office with Away we Go. and Leathernecks. Only time will tell if he can pull off Captain America…

    But lets give Marvel the benefit of the doubt…they've been on a winning streak so far. These are guys that care as much about the movies as they do about the comics…they are comic geeks at heart…and comic geeks never really grow out of superheros. I really think this is a great opportunity for John K. hes one of the biggest stars on the office and that says alot.