John Krasinski Is (Not) Captain America? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 16th, 2013 at 12:10 am,

[Update: So John Krasinki isn’t Captain America but Chris Evans is now in the running!]

Wow, it seems like everybody is getting in on this Captain America casting news – never have I seen hype this big for a super hero role!

The latest word – after weeks of Captain America casting rumors – is that John Krasinski  is Marvel Studios’ favorite prospective Cap and that the role is “His to lose.”

So is Jim from The Office really going to end up starring in The First Avenger: Captain America?

This latest Captain America casting rumor isn’t even coming from the usual culprits on the blogosphere (Screen Rant) but rather from Fox News, of all places.

FOX 411, the entertainment blog, claims to have an insider close to these Captain America casting proceedings and that source is the one claiming that Krasinski is about to land this massive role:

“John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests…He has screen tested 2 times so far.  It’s very likely that he will be the new Captain America.  He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week.”

“It’s a surprise and we are bracing ourselves for ‘that guy from ‘The Office” to land Captain America.  They are not really looking at the other guys, so it’s time to get ready to work with him.”

captain america movie world war 2 John Krasinski Is (Not) Captain America? [Updated]

For the rest of the exclusive quotes about Krasinski’s standing with Marvel, you’ll have to check out FOX 411.

First of all, shout out to our friends over at Cinematical for calling Krasinski as Cap almost a month ago. Secondly, I like Krasinski a lot, love him on The Office and he showed strong chops in Sam Mendes’ Away We Go last year. He certainly isn’t my first choice for Cap, but then, Chris Hemsworth as Thor wasn’t really on my radar either until it was announced. By now, the idea of Hemsworth playing the God of Thunder has settled in quite nicely.

avengers thor captain america iron man John Krasinski Is (Not) Captain America? [Updated]Hemsworth, Krasinski(?) and Robert Downey Jr. as The Avengers?

Hemsworth and Krasinski onscreen together as Cap and Thor would be a good look for sure, leaving poor Robert Downey Jr. to play the elder Iron Man to these young whipper-snappers.

[Update: Mike Fleming at Deadline has the exclusive that Krasinki and a few other candidates are out of the running and that it’s now down to Mike Vogel, Garrett Hedlund and … Chris Evans.]

On a positive note: having dealt with fanatical white-collar fans thanks to his role on The Office, Krasinski is probably used to appeasing nerds. He’ll be a shoe-in at Comic Con.

We’re going to keep this space open, as I suspect this Captain America casting saga is about to come to a swift close – so CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES!!!!

The First Avenger: Captain America is expected to hit theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: FOX411

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  1. Oh yeah i like Chris evans also…but Cap is a serious superhero…and Lets face it chris evans needs to drop the funny if hes gonna be Cap…I personally think Chris Pine would have made a better Captain America.

  2. I dont think people are as bothered with Captain America casting though, it is mainly through internet brush fires of people spouting random casting choices.

    I do remember there being quite a bit of craziness with regards to Batman Begins casting, but that might just be me.

    I havent seen a decent casting choice for this movie yet. Captain America may not be a big shot in my opinion but, if they are going you then Jensen Ackles would be my choice, but Aaron Eckhart or mack Valley would have been best for the role.
    Any of the casting choices above, they just dont seem capable of holding their own with the like of RDJ, phsycally or acting wise.

    The only reason I will see this is because I'm a Joe Johnston fan

  3. Drsam

    you're not a fan of Capn America?

    did you like The Wolfman?

  4. Im gonna throw a “ditto” at this one.

  5. Wow, I can't tell what's the bigger reason for all the comments: love-hate for Krasinski, or love-hate about a Captain America movie. I'm beginning to wonder if it'll be possible to TRULY please anyone with however good or bad this film ends up being.

  6. McPartlin is the best overall choice. Vogel is the best Cap actor in the running. Hedland only gives off the before SSSerum vibes ala Tron Legacy trailer. And who is the other guy again?… oh well….. not important enough to remember.

    Kransinski is out and i couldn't be happier.

    And the Heath comparisons are unfounded. People didn't think he could do it because everyone was so use to Jack Nicholsons face as Joker and washed it down with the saturday morning cartoon versions of the Joker used since the 70's up to today.
    At the core of the Joker's character and features(lanky, wirey, insane, tragic genius, bent on chaos for his own entertainment) Heath was always a good choice… and he owned it.
    Kransinski cant carry(Uber-Olympic-Acrobat-Boxer-Martial Artist-Soldier, Strategist, Old Timer,Battle-Hardened Patriot)… Kransinski has too much comedy in his mannerisms and Captain America is nothing/no one to laugh at. There is no comedy in him.
    Come to think of it Cap is a much harder Casting job than Joker… and most characters even Superman. We the fans are asking for the prototype of a perfect male specimen. Not completely anything readily identifiable… not a linebacker but not a surfer, not a wrestler but not a ninja… something inbetween all that balanced just perfectly.
    I want someone young and believeable in that roll… give us that and this movie will be perfect.

  7. I looked up the 3 remaining candidates, and not terribly impressed with Vogel or Hedlund. I agree Evans is more comedic, but he's my top choice out of the three.

    What I'd like to see is….

    Chris Pine, Assemble!

  8. The more I think about this issue the more I am un-convinced anybody in the running can be Captain America. Were not just talking about a commanding presence…. Captain America has stood toe to toe with Thanos… while he had the infinity gauntlet… and Cap didn't blink.

    and this was right after Thanos had annihilated the Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Namor, and Spider-Man.

    That is something beyond Commanding presence…. beyond leadership…. beyond courage. Captain America is a rock. It's more than just someone being a leader and yelling “Avengers Assemble”… You have to believe that Captain America would face impossible odds if the Avengers were no where to be found. He has to be able to look death in the face and know whether or not he succeeds in this moment…. he did the right thing… and that is all any mortal man can ever really do. Even if he falls in combat he is victorious because he stands for something more than one man. If Alfred can say that Batman is a symbol…. how much more so is that true of Captain America?

    all that having been said…. I like Mark Valley for the part. Plus I already know the dude can fight. There doesn't have to be any of that B.S. “Bourne Identity” film editing to make Damon look like he can string 7 moves together in a row.

    [edit] whty can't we post pictures? :(

  9. its not really a matter of not being a fan, Cap is simply a character that I havent really come across in comics (I am more of a DC fan), but the character doesnt hold much interest for me.

    As for The Wolfman, I did like it. I didnt love it. But I thought it was wonderfully acted, and the period setting was done superbly, but yeah I enjoyed it. For me some of the quiter moments were better than the action scenes. And Hugo Weaving was great. I look forward to seeing the DVD cut which I have heard is very different.

    Joe Johnston made The Rocketeer, a film I loved as a child and still love today, probably even more today. His Jurassic Park was rumoured to be cut to hell too.

  10. Raven

    would you know what comic and issues I would be able to find those stories in where Thor defeats those guys and then takes on Cap.? The Infinity Gauntlet was from what comic?

  11. My bad. I meant when Thanos took on all those guys.

  12. awww thanks Raven, appreciate it.

  13. By the way, Kofi, I think marvel is just pulling a fast one on us. Ya know, something to get their fans riled up. LOL

  14. “The Infinity Gaunlet” is a great read. I'm still waiting for my hardback edition. :-)

  15. Good pooint, if only they could find a “young” and talented Mark Valley.

  16. Speaking of Thanos, who do you guys think would be the best main villain(s)for the 1st Avengers movie? Skrull Invasion featuring Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, or Ultron? I personally think it'd be too early to do Ultron. Or who else could work?

  17. H.Y.D.R.A. / Mandarin

  18. Mandarin is a good possibility but we would probably have to be introduced to him somehow in another movie before the Avengers. Not sure to be honest but I like the idea.

  19. Mandarin is a good possibility but we would probably have to be introduced to him somehow in another movie before the Avengers. Not sure to be honest but I like the idea.

  20. Can he bathe before taking the role? The hair'll haveta' go.

  21. Can he bathe before taking the role? The hair'll haveta' go.