‘Avengers’ Set Images Reveal New Captain America Costume; Plot Details

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Thanks to a string of Comic-Con character posters and an all-too-brief teaser “button” at the end of Captain America, we already basically know what The Avengers are going to look like come May 4th, 2012. Basically.

However, if that wasn’t enough, now we have actual pictures of Chris Evans on the set of The Avengers in his entire modern-day Captain America costume – as well as some shots of a strange weapon and explosive (literally) pandemonium.

These on-set shooting details could provide MILD or MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Avengers. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go…

First, check out the images below, courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip, Coming Soon, and Medical Mutual of Ohio and Its Family Companies:


The mask looks a tad goofier (or maybe that’s just Chris Evans’ smile in that picture) and more stilted than it did in Captain America: The First Avenger. Otherwise the costume looks excellent. The boots, gloves, and underarms are pure Ultimate Captain America, while the wings on the mask are more First Avenger. Everything else seems like a quality mish-mash of 616, Ultimate, and First Avenger – with a little individualized flavor to boot.

The big question is, what is that alien-looking hardware? It looks like some sort of Men in Black weapon – not like anything we’ve seen in Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, or Captain America. Do these pictures confirm the rumors that aliens – for example, the Skrull and/or the Kree – are at the heart of The Avengers conflict?

Additionally, there’s a guy covered head-to-toe in motion capture thingys, indicating that the creatures wielding the weapons (?) are going to be made entirely of CGI. Is that because they’re so monstrous and – dare we say it – extraterrestrial that no amount of practical effects can do them justice?

Speaking of extraterrestrials, an extra on the set told Comic Book Movie that an “invasion of aliens or some force” was the cause of the pandemonium in the scenes. Check it out below:

“Today was my first day of work as an extra on the movie [The] Avengers. There was a great deal of sitting around, but it was thrilling during the street scene. We were running and screaming from the invasion of aliens or some force.”

The Daily Mail seems to back up the “aliens are the bad guys” report as well, so those fans who were hoping for an Ultron, Kang the Conquerer, Thanos, or The Beyonder five-way-battle are probably going be disappointed.

captain america skrull Avengers Set Images Reveal New Captain America Costume; Plot Details

A Skrull Impersonating Captain America in Secret Invasion

Marvel is banking quite a bit on The Avengers being one of the most awesome and successful superhero movies ever. Despite his fervent supporters, hiring Joss Whedon was a pretty massive risk – the one feature film he directed wasn’t financially successful and the last two TV shows he was involved in were canceled pretty quickly. And while the first of those shows, Firefly, was and is beloved, the second, Dollhouse, was not so much, to say the least.

Still, the man has skills, and if Avengers ends up being the most awesome and successful superhero movie ever – or even just, you know, really awesome – Marvel’s bet will have paid off and then some.

How do you guys think Chris Evans looks in the new Captain America costume? And what’s your opinion of aliens potentially being the bad guys? Let us know in the comments.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.


Sources:Celebrity-Gossip [via Comic Book Movie], Coming Soon, and Medical Mutual of Ohio and Its Family Companies [Thanks to our reader Aaron for the heads up!], Comic Book Movie, Daily Mail

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  1. I don’t think it’s risky at all to bring in Joss. His one and only film may not of made lot of money, but it is well respected and well reviewed. It had little to do with his directing that it didn’t make lots of money. It was a movie based on a critically acclaimed, but unsuccessful tv show. It wasn’t a well known property and lets face it the marketing wasn’t fantastic.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s directed by Joss Wheadon or Micheal Bay people will rush to see it opening day based on the property name and Iron Man being in it. After that it will be quality that dictates how much money it will continue to make. Wheadon has a long and very successful track record with quality. So I’d say it was not only not risky, but a near perfect choice. The Avengers will be bringing people in based on the property not the name of the director and keeping people based on quality not the name of the director. Joss doing an original movie is risky given that his name isn’t well known outside of the geek community and the property wouldn’t be known by anybody, but doing an established property won’t matter.

    As far as the Captain America costume goes ugh. It looked better in the his solo movie. The mask looks goofy and the shiny silver junk looks out of place. The rest of it looks good, but the head piece and the shiny stuff really shouldn’t be there.

    • It’s always risky — based purely on numbers — to hand over the reins of a multi-million-dollar franchise (and the culmination of years of work and five feature films) to a guy who has never dealt with such a thing.

    • I agree. Whedon is the perfect choice for this. Probably because he´s a bigger fanboy than all of us.

  2. This costume looks crap First avenger’s one is better chris look small CA shud be big with is big muscles and abs his figure looks like Spider-man unlike CA who is more bulky!!anyone agree with me?

    • Not really. The pic is at a distance with a s****y camera and the movie is still filming, not even in post production. And I said it before: what else is Cap supposed to look like?

  3. nope the smilling cap was a skrull hehehe

  4. I’m very impressed… Cap’s costume looks amazing (the helmet does look a bit off, but that may be partly due to Evans’s wacky/goofy smile – no offense).

    I didn’t really want the Avengers to jump in with the “alien invasion” thing right away, I would have wanted them to keep it simple throughout their first run (because let’s face it, this movie is a huge risk). If they’d have gone for the original story (Loki tricks Hulk into going on rampage – Avengers get Hulk under control – Hulk joins Avengers – Avengers go after Loki) I would have been pleased, but now it seems almost definite that we’ll see aliens next year, come May.

    So… since we will definitely see aliens, WHICH aliens do we want to see?
    - Most people are hoping for the Skrulls… I still think that isn’t a great way to go, because the Skrulls can change shape, and having shape-shifting aliens invading earth is WAY too crazy for most people. Also, I’ve always considered the Skrulls to be the FF’s villains, which means, if there are Skrulls, I would be expecting the FF (which I know can’t happen). But if it turns out that the Skrulls are indeed the ~mysterious aliens~ then I’ll still be more than happy.
    - Personally I would prefer the Kree (please be the Kree ;)) because they are they are a highly evolved race of beings with no gimmicks (they’re just turquoise men), and it would mean we’ll get to see Ronan the Accuser!
    - Lastly if they go with the type of aliens from the ‘Ultimate Avengers’ animated movie, then I’ll be VERY disappointed… I hated those two animated films mainly because of the choice of villains.

    Okay… I’m done giving my meaningless opinion – for those who stuck around till the end, thank you (your complementary gift-basket is in the mail ;)).

    Whichever way this movie goes, I’m certain it will be entertaining nonetheless. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, and hope for the best.

    • Well, if they´re going the ‘Ultimate’ route, the Skrulls could appear but not be called Skrulls but Chitauri. So they´d have no copyright issues because of the FF thing…

      • I don’t think it matters if they call them the Skrulls or not. Fox only holds the rights to the Super Skrull if I’m not mistaken. But since the films have primarily been based upon the Ultimate storyline, then I’m guessing you’re right.

      • If they are going the Ultimates routenI want to see The Ironman armor to be destroyed by a single (or a few) punches by the Hulk. It would be cool to see Tony a afriad to go up against the Hulk a second time. And it would be awesome to watch Cap to one-on-one with the Hulk, like Blonksy did in ITH, but win if not only for a moment.

        • Since they´re shooting in New York´s Grand Central Station, you might get what you want. Remember the panel from Ultimates 1 #5, where Iron Man slams the Hulk into the station?

          • HaHaha of course. Now I want RDJ to throw up on the inside of his helmet and then ask for Gin Martini before passing out.

        • Or better yet, IM gets owned by the Hulk and then Tony and Jarvis come up with a new design, Hulkbuster.

  5. I am going to continue to hate on the lack of a scalemail top (because I think it would have looked great). The costume just looks too much like what it is….a simple fabric uniform. Maybe if the “mesh” was much more visible at a distance (similar to Superman’s new outfit coincidentally, just less “latexy” looking) I would be more accepting.

    Other than that I think Cap looks pretty good.

    As for the Skrulls………am I the only one who read The Ultimates? They, for good of for bad, seem to be following that storyline, so it would stand to reason that the main antagonists are going to be Hulk (possibly controlled by Loki ala “Hulk vs Thor”…and yes this is a change but it can’t all be the same) and the Chitauri, NOT the Skrulls. Sheesh! ;)

    • I read The Ultimates (until Jeph Loeb messed them up, boo!) and I loved it. Since they´re filming in New York´s Grand Central Station, I hope they DO adapt the fight between the Avengers/Ultimates and the Hulk. Remember issue 5? Iron Man slamming the Hulk into GCS? I´d love to see that fight in the movie.

    • I don’t get why some people are so in love with the texture of the man’s uniform, I think it brings nothing to the table. Then again I never went to fashion school….

    • Maybe you are the only one who read The Ultimates.. I don’t. Wasn’t at all happy with how they drew bobble-headed Spider-Man. Turned me right off. So, yeah, I’m really not going to be impressed. I will be going in the hope that the Cinematic Universe will be better.

  6. The weapon appears to be more Kree based then Skrull based (maybe even Badoon?). That is the vibe I get from it.

    Is this movie set for 3? We have had films filming way ahead of its time meaning this could be later in the trilogy not really in movie 1.

    Also an alien invasion can mean a lot of things. It could be one alien. It could be a few aliens being chased by other aliens. It could be an alien coming to earth to warn us but being mistaken for a bad alien.

    The fact that Cap is the only one there (or appears to be the only one there) has me thinking it is a smaller force (good or bad) and a misunderstanding happening. Alien shows up to warn us someone screams invasion alien is defending itself Cap shows up and diffueses the situation. (one thing we have yet to see in a Marvel movie… the obvious why are we fighting its a misunderstanding…..:D )

    Also do not discount Thanos or some other wordly alien. While the skrulls are on the top of the list and seem the best answer Thanos can use an army, Annihilus, Ultron has been known to use replicas, etc.

    Alien can be used for the unknown which could include dimensional creatures etc also.

    While I tend to side with Skrulls (but isnt that a FOX/FF thing and cant be used?) I also think at this point to little in known to say no to other things.

    Where is Nick and that script….. :D

  7. After watching Captain America, I am now doubtful that this will be the best of what Marvel has to offer. Still going to go and see out of curiosity though. Captain America was highly over rated. Bad script, Lacking character development, no tension, the story telling is rushed and the action parts are somewhat boring. Easily forgettable once you saw it. Can’t say it’s a failure of massive proportions because he is not a well known character. But hey, it earned 4 stars here.

    • Captain America “not a well known character” ?? Your freaking joking right?

    • TFA was a very good movie but, IMHO, Iron Man was Marvel’s best so far.

  8. Not feeling the costume. The First Avenger costume was better. Call me crazy but I feel like the first costume was somewhat practical looking. Aside from the colors the costume actually looked useful. This new one just looks like a typical spandex costume that every comic book superhero wears. It doesn’t look like it could serve any purpose other than making Steve Rogers look dumber.

  9. Caps costume makes him look like a clown, particularly with mask/hood but IMO it always was this way. So it’s true to the comics ;). Maybe they should do it Thor-style and leave off the mask (in thors case, the helmet).
    Sorry, but Cap was never one of my favourites.

    In my mind I see the camera move first to Thor, and I think “badass”, then to Iron-Man, I think “more badass”, next Hulk, Hawkeye, Black-Widow, I think “pretty badass” and then there is Cap, and I must laugh. That’s not right! Furthermore, when I remember all the comments of Chris Evans presence as Cap in his own movie, he could ruin the whole Avengers movie, and this would sadden me so much, ….there you have it, I must cry now :(.

    To be honest, IMO almost every costume with the colours of any flag of the world would look stupid and clownish. Surprisingly in comparison, the WW2-costume looked somewhat a little bit badass.

    • The comments of Chris Evans were about his acting ability, while I think he did a great job that has nothing to do about how you think the costume looks foolish in the Avengers.

      • Yes of course the comments were about his acting ability, I’m aware of that.
        That is exactly what I meant, mediocre acting ability, so he can’t show Caps strong presence + funny costume = the audience will not take him seriously.

        • Then I have an abundance of tissues to donate, my friends and I have no need for them.

    • Yeah leave off his mask. WHAT? Did you even read your comment?

      • I even read my comment, and… oh my god, I’ve written that they should leave off the mask, I’m so bad, I must spank myself.

        No, seriously, he looks stupid with this mask, so leave it off, or make a better one, that’s a option too, or keep the WW2-outfit.
        I wonder why Cap is wearing a mask anyway, does he have something to hide?

  10. Couple of items.
    I think Caps mask/helmet whatever looks a little different for a coupla reasons.
    1: we are used to him having the chainmail/scales look and this is different.
    2: I think everyone is more familure with the batman like cowl that goes around his head. Every Batman movie we have seen (not the 60′s) Batman cannot turn his head. They even mention it in the Dark Knight. I think Cap would face the same problem. And he has to be able to move.
    3: The little white wings are painted on. Love em or hate em. It still is part of a look that we are all used to.
    lastly why does everyone say that Cap is a little known character? He has been around since 1941. Our Grandparents and parents know who he is. Superman and Batman are not much older. Just because YOU personaly dont read it does not mean its lesser known. MoonKnight is lesser known. Iron Fist is lesser known. While many never read Cap. just about everyone in the civilized world knows what he looks like.

    • @ HG

      I agree with your post.

  11. I’m hoping for about a 2hr+ Final Cut… I need my screentime! – Stark

    • Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be working on that Hulkbuster armor? :-D

  12. I’m sorry…I think Cap’s modern costume looks silly–like a patriotic version of Kit Walker’s purple outfit from “The Phantom”…but not as well put-together. His WWII togs were great…THIS? Not so much…

    • Yea. Not the biggest fan of it. I wish they had stuck to its military roots but I still got a wait and see approach to how it will look on the big screen.

    • haha

      Yea. Not the biggest fan of it. I wish they had stuck to its military roots but I still got a wait and see approach to how it will look on the big screen.

  13. @HG

    Well said..good points…I agree..Cap looks great..

    Is that Sam Jackson in the stills # 10 & 12..next to Evans and listening to Whedon?

    I still can’t believ this film is being made…One of my childhood dreams coming true..now Justice League and Hobbit and I will be at one with the Universe… ;) … OMMMMMMMM !!

    • @ greenknight333

      You & me both. I can only hope they don’t screw up Justice League. What i mean is makin the League be younger or darker such as Superman in his reboot etc.

  14. i think the costume is great but ithink they need to have his ears exposed and not covered up then he will look more like the cap from the comics and it kinda breaks up all that blue.

    • @ rod beltran

      I get what you’re sayin but his ears might be hard to notice with the kind of mask they having him wear. But maybe adding the white wings instead of painting them on would make up for that. Imo anyways.

      • My problem with the mask are the “ear muffs” that cover the ears, THAT’s was takes away from the mask or “adds,” that is a hydra henchmen look to me. Plus how does that help when in battle? Can’t hear someone sneaking up behind you…

        Again, my preference was one of the first artist rendition, ears exposed, and actually the wings had a 3D feel… if only

        • @ crip

          I agree with your post regarding Capt’s traditional costume from the costume.

        • You have a valid point, but try to remember that having his ears stick out would actually look worse, not better. It’s easy to say “those ear coverings look bad, they should have the ears uncovered like the comics,” but when you say that you don’t have the disadvantage of showing what that would actually look like. Having ears stick out from a full-on blue cowl would make them look even larger and out-of-place than on e might imagine.

  15. I don’t get why so many people are complaining bout the costume. What is Cap supposed to look like? And also these are only set pics taken with a crappy camera from a bystander. They haven’t even brushed up and edited the film with computers!

    • @ CaptainAmerica

      I agree. The pictures aren’t close-ups neither. I get that why they’re skeptical, i figured people would keep in mind how great it will look in the film when the see it next summer in theaters.

    • I doubt that they would try on purpose spend any money on fixing his costume with CG… he’s a practical character with a practical costume

      • I don’t think he meant the costume will be touched up with GGI. All films are color-timed in post. All films. It adds depth to the tones and colors and texturizes the film quality. This will affect the look of the costume (colors won’t look so bright and glossy, costume will look tougher).

        This is at best a set still or crappy fan shot with his head at an odd angle. Not representative of how it will film. You can tell he’s not even in character: he’s slouching with a goofy grin. His whole look and demeanor changes when he’s “on.” All the other shots look great.

        Also, this costume does not look as big and bulky or tactical, but a lot of that has to do with Evans. He HATES working out for bulk. That’s why he looks smaller. He is smaller than in the first film.

    • Completely agree Cap! I for one love the way YOUR costume looks ;)

      • @crip

        I meant stuff like lighting, cinematography and such.

        • Adding that will not help people stop complaining about his costume lol

          • The only complaint I have is that it’s going to be next summer when we get to see this. :-)

  16. I agree. First Avenger has turned me off a little to The Avengers simply because I really didnt like that version of Captain America. Steve Rogers was good but the “Captain America” feeling was lacking IMO. He never felt like a great hero. Someone we are suppose to remember and pay tribute to for 70+ years. The movieverse Cap is not someone I would follow into battle.

    Ironman (best Marvel film to date) and Thor had great characters so I am excited to see those characters in a team-up despite what faults their solo film may or may not have had. Captain America of all people just did not have that commanding presence. Some blame it on Chris Evans, I give more fault to Joe Johnston(sp) directing and script direction. In Avengers: EMH, you have a a Cap with very powerful screen presence (and an actor doing his worst RDJ impression smh lol) and though Ironman is the Team Leader, when the s@&$ hits the fan you see Cap stepping up and yelling orders like a drill sargeant. Even the Hulk and Hawkeye take orders (Hulk with a little hesitation). I just dont see movie Cap commanding any type of authority besides maybe a lady a drive thru window.

    Alot of this has to come with the my issue that CA should have been war movie. I would have liked a Cap that has seen the horrors of war and mayne thats why he decides not to use a gun in the modern era. I still don’t know why Nazi’s could not have been onscreen along with Hydra or more realistic battle like scenes. Something along the lines of less bloody Storm the Beaches of Normandy from Saving Private Ryan (albeit not Normandy) or the Ultimates scene where Cap flies the bomber into a Nazi Castle base as US soldiers were being gunned down. I had expected CA to be a little more gritty. Many people forget that Ironman had alot of killing and terrrorist, it was just done in tasteful way. The Incredible Hulk had a great feel to it and kept a similiar tone. I like the subtle hints they included of the Hulk being way more violent (Hopefully the upcoming TV series will be about the Bannner/Hulk 5 years on the run so in can fit in movie continuity). Thor did a great job introducing Thor and Asgard. CA just came off to heart-sy and “couldn’t make the football/get the girl Steve Rogers”.

    Here’s to the Avengers.

    • Actually, they said that the Hulk TV show will have nothing to do with the movie.

    • @Ignur Rant: I honestly agree with you, 100% (especially about the guy who plays Iron Man in Avengers: EMH having the worst/phonies-RDJ-accent ever :D)
      I’ve always said: Marvel Studios should take most of their inspiration from the Avengers: EMH TV show… because that show really embodies what/how the Avengers are supposed to be.

      Side note: like Scapegoat mentioned, the Hulk TV show won’t have anything to do with the movie and will mainly be about the early days of the Hulk, before his existence was publicly known.

      • Everytime EOH’s Ironman say “tech” I clench a little bit lol.

        I was really hoping they would try and keep the upcoming TV shows in one big universe. They said Banner was on the run for 5 years before thry found him in Brazil. Hulk official public debut was at the college. Before then it was only here say stories of Big Foot and MonsterMen. If they are using a drastically different Hulk design then maybe but otherwise I think it is poor writing. It would be awesome if Marvel/Disney made a deal wiyh HBO to make some really good shows that could tie into the universe and address events that happen on the big screen by other characters on the small screen. Im not an action junkie so i could live with a Hulk (for budget constraints) that doesn’t appear every episode. We could also get a Cloak & Dagger. Dr Strange; I think 10 episode intro may be brtter than a feature length. Iron Fist and Luke Cage seperate origin stories that would be a precursor to the big screen Heroes For Hire team up. Any other ideas?

        • Cloak n´ Dagger are mutants. I don´t think they show up without explaining what a mutant is. And as we all know, Fox is the “mutant studio”. So if they appear, they probably won´t be mutants. And I rather not have them when their whole backstory is changed…

          • Fox only owns the FILM rights to the X-Men (and not all the mutants) so Marvel can still make a TV show where the characters are mutants.

          • Mutants? I thought they were experimented on in some warehouse and then left for dead. But somehow seurvived..

            (I did that for dramatic tension)

            • http://www.comicbooked.com/hulk-returns-to-tv-jessica-jones-cloak-dagger-follow/

              “Also in development for ABC Family is Cloak and Dagger, a somewhat surprising choice. But don’t misunderstand, I couldn’t be more excited to see Cloak and Dagger in action. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, [Jeph] Loeb describes Cloak and Dagger as ”the story of two teenagers who find each other and realize that their powers both complement and complicate their lives.”

              Besides the fact that your best pal and rival chess player is at the helm [sigh] I am more than slightly disturbed that they are setting the TV show in New Orleans. Being that I was born in Baton Rouge, I hate when Hollywood attempts to make films in my state. Using Katrina is a cheap ploy and I am positive they will depict my state with sterotypical BS. And on the fact that nobody will have a good Louisiana accent is even more insulting. I suspect their accents to be as horrible as True Blood. Worst 7 minutes of my life. Girlfriends and compromises. Water and Vinegar.

              • Loeb! (<- Imagine that in the same way as Sheldon Cooper says "Wheaton!")

  17. Will be the best genre film next year

  18. So far the first Iron Man film & Captain America i enjoyed the most from Marvel Studios. But i liked enjoyed all of them.

    • Wally for me Incredible hulk was the best. It was a great movie all the way through. Iron Man just fell apart in the end. It had a great story for the first 25 mins and then just got bleh after that. The last 20 mins were especially bad.

      Incredible Hulk
      Iron Man

      That’s my top three

      • @ Daniel F

        I enjoyed The Incredible Hulk. It was much better than Ang Lee’s 2003 film Hulk no doubt. I agree it was a great movie all the way through but like Iron Man’s ending, IMO i thought the fight between Hulk & Abombination could of longer just alittle. It’s hard for me to how id rank them really, especially if if decided to change their ranks as the Avengers comes out aswell as sequels to other solo films. My top 3 would be

        Captain America
        Iron Man
        The Incredible Hulk/Thor= Tied
        Iron Man 2

        That’s probly how id rank them perhaps as best i can so far.

        • Ang Lee´s Hulk? That movie doesn´t exist for me.

      • “Iron Man just fell apart in the end.” – WOW! That’s the first time I saw someone say that. The fight scene at the end of IM wasn’t that good, but the actual ending was incredible… when I went to see it in the cinema – at the end of the movie when Tony said “I am Iron Man” – the crowd in the cinema literary jumped out of their seats and started applauding (and that doesn’t happen much where I live).

        I can’t imagine anyone thinking TIH was better than IM1 – TIH was boring, the woman who played Betty Ross was terrible and sad (like depressing) the action was good, but still felt lacking, and the movie didn’t really showcase “The Hulk” as much as it did “Bruce Banner”. It didn’t meet my expectations (The best part of the movie was when Stark walked into the bar).

        Here’s my “favorite” order:
        1. Iron Man (the best by MILES)
        2. Captain America: TFA
        3. Thor (ALMOST as good as Cap, but it just felt a little too simplistic)
        4. Iron Man 2 (I know the movie wasn’t good, but as a fan, I can’t put it any lower).
        5. The Incredible Hulk (It probably deserves to be in the #4 spot, but because of the reasons mentioned above, I can’t put it higher)

        • Theavenger if this is the first time you’ve heard someone say IM fell apart at the end you must not have been using the internet much when the movie came out. It’s a fairly common complaint.

          By falling apart at the end I don’t literally mean the last 10 seconds of the movie. I mean end as in the last half hour.

          Heres the deal the last fight was terrible. The story and writing in the last 30 minutes was jumbled together and rushed while being completely uninteresting. Stains betrayal in the end was awkward and poorly staged. If the entire film had been anything like the last half hour it would of been a horrible mess of a film. Honestly it was really only the first half hour of Iron Man that was great. The middle was mediocre and the end was horrible. Tony Stark walking around being Tony Stark was great. Tony stark trapped in the cave was great, escaping the cave as Iron Man was great, but then the film gets dull.

          As far as him saying I’m Iron Man at the end was meh to me. I thought that was a horrible decision and they shouldn’t of had him say that. Stark being Iron Man wasn’t public knowledge until Civil War and I didn’t like that they had him give it away. They are making a team of avengers when everyone knows who they all are. That’s a let down.

          You don’t need to imagine anyone likeing TIH more because some people do. No need to imagine it it’s in reality. I liked it more most of my friends and family prefer it and there are at least 3 other posters on this site that prefer TIH maybe more, but I don’t know everyone.

          Either way the vast majority of people thought Hulk was great even if they didn’t think it was the best. You are the first person I’ve seen on here that would rank it last on the list of Marvel films. Most people have it at least in the top 3 and everyone has it above IM2. Whatever that’s opinions for you we can’t all share the same one. To bad.

          For IM is a decent entertaining film that is horribly over rated by some fan boys.

          1. TIH
          2. Thor
          3. Iron man
          4. Captain America/IM2

          none are ahead by miles in the end most of them are pretty close in quality. Marvel has been good at producing films that don’t suck, but they IMO have not produced one truly great film. Only one of them makes it in to my top 5 comic films of all time and it’s at number 5.

          • DF

            You are (incorrectly I might add) basing all your opinions on the movie from the main stream Marvel U.

            Since you dislike and probably have not read all of the Ultimate line I can understand why you think it doesnt ‘jive’ or make sense with what you know and or expect.

            And it never will since it is obvious that since IM the first they are in a mish mash of the Mainstream and Ultimate U. Where as it seems like they are leaning more towards Ultimate. So your Civil War comment is incorrect or a bad assumption at best as he revealed his ID in issue 55 vol3 which takes place a long time before Civil War begins.

            “For IM is a decent entertaining film that is horribly over rated by some fan boys.” As opposed to well versed intelligent film critics….. 4.5 out of 5 here on Screenrant……

            Its a comic book movie done as such and done very well, and there are those that put it above all other comic book movies.

            What I find questionable is Thor at #2 on your list. But then thats your list and not mine. ;) Which just shows its an opinion thing.

            • Aknot siting screenrant doesn’t really help your point at all. This site is great, but it’s made with the comic book and geek type audience in mind. Screenrant is a great site, but has proven time and time again that they don’t usually agree with the general consensus of geek movies. Great example is their shining review of transformers which was critically panned every where else or their really really positive review of Captain America when every where else basically said “It’s pretty good”. That’s certainly something I like about screen rant most of the time and sometimes it bugs me, but that’s the way it is. This site is for movie fans with a general focus on comic and scifi fans.

              There are those that put IM above other comic book movies? Sure of course there are. There are those that think Blade is the best comic book film ever made to. What’s your point?

              Even most of the hardcore IM movie fans will still admit the last half of the film dropped in quality compared to the first half. People tend to remember the part they liked and hang on to it. Doesn’t hurt that even when it dipped in quality it was still funny so people still came out of it happy and over hyping it. Don’t get me wrong I liked IM and I had a lot of fun, but that’s it I had fun. It certainly wasn’t a great film it was a really fun entertaining film. It tried to be great in the first half and was doing a good job of it, but after that it dipped so far in quality that it was just a fun film. ‘

              Sure I mostly compare them to Earth 616 know why? Because that’s official continuity. Ultimates is just an ongoing what if series. Still as you point out even in ultimates he didn’t reveal him self until issue 55 Vol 3. That’s hardly his first 3 weeks as Iron Man. Of course if I remember correctly they ditched his origin all together and created a brand new one or at least that’s what they did in the Ultimate Iron Man i own. Which to me says that Marvel focused IM one more on 616 than Ultimate universe. Also if I remember correctly IM was a young 20 something when he became IM in Ultimates. Of course this is all based on the Ultimate IM that I have sitting in my house next to me right now. So I could be wrong :) . So to me IM was more based off of 616 than Ultimate Universe by far. Who knows maybe I’m wrong is there another Ultimate IM written by some one other than Orson Scott card? I hate the ultimate universe, but as a big fan of Orson Scott Card I snagged ultimate IM anyway.

              Sorry that you didn’t like Thor. As I said before all the marvel films IMO are very close in quality none are great films, but none are bad film. I enjoyed Thor it wouldn’t even make it in my top 5 films of all time though, but i enjoyed it and found it over all to be a well made film from beginning to end which I can’t say about all Marvel films. It wasn’t the greatest film very made, but for the very average Marvel studios it was darn good. It’s not as much as me thinking Thor was an amazing film as much as it is me thinking the other films just were not that impressive.

              They may be ranked the way they are, but maybe it helps more if you see the actual star rating I give them

              1. TIH – 4/5
              2. Thor- 3.5/5
              3. IM – 3.5/5 (Same Rating, but I preferred Thor just barely)
              4. Cap/IM2- 3/5

              Jump on me for not meshing with your opinion if you want it doesn’t exactly change how I feel about, but by all means continue.

              • DF,

                Im just trying to point out that people have opinions. So when you state stuff like the fan boy comment it can go both ways.

                So continue to jump on the fans of the movie for not meshing with your opinion. It wont change how they feel.

                The comic book and geek type are the ones I want telling me about comic book movies. Kind of makes a little sense. I mean do I really want the opinion of someone that has no interest in the subject matter except for a passing fancy?

                No in the main stream Marvel U he revealed his ID….. as for his revelation on it and the time would you like to see them drag out a movie series as long as they have the books? If so he should still be in his tin can suit oh for about 4 more movies…..

                While your opinion of the best marvel movies is yours I just dont see IM (on the basis of it being a comic book movie) ranking so low. I dont see the issue in the last part of the movie.

                For a 2 hour superhero movie it rolled everything up in a nice little easy to understand package. It was supposed to entertain and you yourself said it did. Yet with that line you also drop in the over hype comment. So just cause it was fun and entertaining they over hyped it???

                Maybe you and I (and others) go see a movie for entirely different reasons.

                Im going in expecting a comic book movie and that is what I am getting. It makes sense, it doesn’t get to liberal with the characters, costumes, settings, storylines etc. The effects are top notch and the actors carry themselves as the characters (they take an interest) they are portraying.

                IM did all of that better than any other comic movie out there,past and present.. IMO. Im one of the few that dont (still dont) really like Ironman however that film brought a superhero that I know to life.

                • I just have higher standards for comic book films. I think it’s fairly insulting to say you just expect a good comic book film. I expect a good film. To me be they comic book movies or any other genre they should try to be good films in general. They shouldn’t try to be JUST comic book films. They should be great films period. I hate the mentality of lowering the standards simply because it’s based on a property you like. People don’t go around say it’s good for a crime drama or it’s good for a serious drama. They usually just say it’s a good movie. Sadly as comic book fans we are used to sub standard movies and sicne we don’t expect much more than that the studios don’t give us much more than that.

                  There is a difference between a movie being just mindless fun and being a great film. We go to the theaters for the exact same reasons we simply like different types of films. We both go to have fun but I have more fun watching a great film than a mindlessly fun film. I have more fun being engaged by the film rather than just blankly looking at the spectacle in front of me. I have more fun using my mind.

                  For me TDK is by far the best comic book movie because it’s a great film not just a good comic book film. It’s not just simple mindless fun. It takes everything I love from the comics including the psychology behind the characters instead of simply taking the super power spectacle that some other films like IM try to take while leaving the brainy stuff behind because it’s just icky.

                  yes in the mainstream marvel U he revealed his ID but yes it is a matter of timing. IM shouldn’t reveal his ID right away. He did it in Civil War for a reason a purpose and he did it because he had to in order to do what he thought was right. In the movie it was a pointless reveal and achieved nothing. In fact i’ll go as far to say that the second film would of been a heck of a lot better than it was if it were not for those last few second of IM where he came clean. Some of the worst parts of IM2 were him wearing the IM suit and everyone knowing he was Tony Stark. Saying that you don’t want them to drag it out is like saying they should just kill Captain America now so that they don’t drag it out.

                  As far as me jumping the fans I wasn’t at a first. I was merely posting my favorites in response to Wally doing the same. Then you and The Avenger jumped on me for not having your opinions and from there it was me defending my self from the two of you.

                  • ” They shouldn’t try to be JUST comic book films. They should be great films period.”

                    But on the subject of Ironman idenitiy. I think for the Tony Stark tha was created in the film it made more sense for him to want the public recognition as Ironman. The 616 Ironman is more of a James Bond. The movieverse Ironman is more genius, drunk Robert Downey Jr with a guikty conscience. Which worked. So keeping in the tone of the film, and not looking to comics, I think him going public with the Ironman was very much in character. And thus not really worrying about villianous reprisals but the public fame that comes with it.

                    Me personally. I would have dont the same if I had Stark money. I want the Thank You cards and hot chicks. A couple Whiplashes and Crymson Dynamos are no big deal. Thats why I created the suit case armor haha

                    • Ignur I have to disagree I don’t think it made sense even for his movie character. He simply had no reason.

                      He was already famous and in the limelight and already had girls dangling off his arms. Women jumped at the chance to hook up with him. So all those reason he had TO do it he already had in spades.

                      Also character development wise had he not admited it they could of done an interesting story about him being upset that Iron Man had grown in fame so much that it was eclipsing his fame even. That would of been motivation for him to reveal him self than he did in the first film.

                  • Not trying to jump on ya, Daniel.. but people DO go around saying “it was a good [any genre] film.” I hear it all the time.

                    That you have high standards for a film is fine. I do too for subject matter that is close to me but I doubt the majority want anything more than entertainment [just my suspicions].

                    I don’t agree with your choice of great — but so what? We all have our own ideas of great. As some have pointed out, mine are not necessarily in the favoured majority.

                    Given your stated “best”, imagine Batman running around without his cowl, not a pretty picture is it? Let me ask people this, how come Daredevil’s cowl or mask wasn’t a problem? I don’t think the issue is impaired movement in Cap’s case. I think it’s the problem of mixing or trying to mix the traditional 616 look with the Ultimate comics. And, for some of us [maybe many of us] the look IS important.

                    • Shindo while I respect your opinion I have to admit I have no idea what your intentions or point is for your last paragraph. Not sure what Batman running around with out a cowl has anything to with anything I said. So I’m admittedly confused by your last paragraph. As long as we are on the subject though I do think that movies should try a little harder to be like the comics. The comics are jammed pack full of action, but also manage to be smart and full of substance and intelligence unlike most of the comic films which are just action and visuals with little to no brain activity or substance.

                      What do you mean but you don’t agree with my choice of great? Are you saying that you don’t think TDK is great? Or are you saying that you that you don’t want films to be great and smart you just want smart?

                      I respect your right to your opinion and I’m sure you have a lot of well thought out ideas but I think you are having trouble conveying them fully. I don’t fully understand what you are trying to say.. Not being insulting by the way it happens to all of us. It happens to me a lot. I’ll see a comment and think of like 40 things to say and then while I’m typing I think of like 30 more and start getting side tracked and post a lot of incomplete thoughts.

                      I agree the majority just want to see mindless garbage. Doesn’t change my stance. I’ve made it clear this is how I feel. I’m not sure why I should care what most mindless GED educated people or casual movie fans are interested in. I’ve done nothing but express my opinion. Everyone just seems to have a problem with my opinion.

                      I’ve heard people say “it’s a great (insert Genre film” but only in the case of when it’s just a mediocre film over all and is only good for it’s genre. Not when it’s actually a good film. I don’t hear people going around saying Fight Club is a good mind bender very much mostly they just say it’s a good movie. The point of every movie should be to try and be a good movie rather than just a passable film for it’s genre. Comic book movies and comedies are thew worst genres at this. Both seem content to make enjoyable genre films rather than over all good films. Both have films that manage to be good over all but the majority tend to only be ok for their genre. This year is a great example. Captain America is a pretty good comic book movie but not so much a good movie. Hangover 2 was a pretty decent comedy but a pretty crappy movie.

                      Anyway I apologize to everyone for offering my opinion. It started off as me calmly and politely offering my opinion of best marvel films to Wally. A couple people disagreed and jumped on me as if I’m in to wrong with my OPINION. I got a little less calm but because when people start ganging up on you and acting like you are wrong for expressing your OPINION you get defense and feel like you are being attacked.

        • @ TheAvenger

          I think my “favorite” order is:

          1. Captain America:TFA
          2. Iron Man
          3. Thor
          4. The Incredible Hulk
          5. Iron Man 2

  19. That weapon looks like something the Kree (not the Skrulls) would use – the whole design just screams Kree IMO.

    I really think that if aliens were involved in this movie: the Kree would be a logical choice.

    • Honestly yeah the Kree do make more sense. The Skrulls can shape-shift and that could make for a complicated 1st movie (explaining they’ve maybe been here on Earth all along or something). Skrulls, Kree, whoever, this movie’s still gonna ROCK. I saw somewhere some one suggested they could even be Atlanteans, who knows? Just haveta wait and see :)

      • I didn’t take THAT into account… but now that you mentioned it… those weapons could easily be Atlantean technology! :D That would be awesome. If that is the case then it means we’ll get to see Namor pretty soon! :D

    • Would make sense with the Kree, especially if they plan to introduce Carol Danvers…

  20. I really dont care about the costume, at the end of the day its all about the AVENGERS

  21. Avengers confirmed for Secret Invasion

  22. the CA movie was good, but I would’nt waste my time seeing it a second time, I have a wate and see on the avengers movie…. here is a movie that is going to win the Amazon Studio contest…Title; THE FILM Trailer for The Film , R.G. productions’s live action,photo,puppets http://studios.amazon.com/movies/8921?ref=twitter via @Amazon_Studios

  23. I haven’t read all the comments, and I’m not likely to, I have actual things to do. I will say that I’ve seen a few people griping about the costume. Keep in mind the following: candid shots without any post production or other factors are going to look much worse than they will actually look when you see the film. This is true. It also renders many of the complaints null & void.

    Personally I’m looking forward to Iron Man and Thor’s costume alterations, I’m into technology & mythology, so they are my two favorite Avengers.

    • “I haven’t read all the comments, and I’m not likely to, I have actual things to do.”

      Ahhh … insulting all of us who ENJOY reading the comments. Well, I stopped reading yours after the above quote.

      • You talk like you’re new around here, but I recognize your name so maybe you’re not? In any case: 99% of the time I read all comments before posting anything – in fact the comments are why the site exists. Screen RANT. As for my statement that you quoted, it was something of a joke for the regulars. I’m always harping on new folks to “read the comments before you post.”

  24. New costume is OK. Now as far as aliens as the main threat….are they just going 2 copy the story from the Avengers animated movie which was released a few years ago?

    • No, they’re using elements from the comics over the last 45+ years, specifically Loki causing trouble on Earth, and aliens invading Earth (Kree or Skrulls, it’s not clear yet). The animated films also did this, using story elements from the comics, which is what both mediums should be doing. They share the same source material, so invariably there’s going to be some parallels & cross pollination between them.

      • Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the story was pretty much carbon copied from the first Ultimates arc — which the animated movie was an adaptation of.

        • Seems tough without Hank and Janet. They were a big part of that first Ultimates arc.

          • There are rumors about Hank and Janet doing a cameo, although there is a possibility that Ant-man will have own film.

    • Don’t be so quick to judge…

      I don’t think think (or at least I hope) they will use the same type of aliens that were used in ‘Ultimate Avengers’ the animated movie.

      First off, (like ol’ Kenny mentioned ;)), Loki will play a big part in the “dastardly” events that will take place in the movie.

      Secondly, there is a very large range of “invaders” that can be used in the film (Kree, Skrulls, Atlanteans?) and each race would have it’s own reason for invading earth. I.e. in the animated movie, the aliens invaded earth to take back their Vibranium. Now… in the comics, the Kree and the Skrull were in a war with each other and needed earth because it was a “strategic resource” that could have been used to win the war. For all we know, the aliens in the movie could just be after the Cosmic Cube…

      The thing I like about the Marvel movies is that they take source material from both the Marvel U and the Ultimate U, add a bit of originality and make a COMPLETELY new universe: the Marvel Cinematic U, but what I’ve come to notice since Thor came out is that Marvel is using a LOT more material from the Ultimates U than I think they should. I think Marvel should take a step back, before the MCU turns into the Ultimate U, and start using a bit more material from the original (and best) universe, the Marvel U.

      Maybe that’s just me though, since I was never that interested in the Ultimate comics (I like em’, but I love the original a whole lot more.)

      • Agree, 616 all the way. I hate Ultimates. I liked the Avengers run because I hadn’t read the 616 version, but they DESTROYED my Spiderman.

        • Well, I don’t HATE the Ultimates books (they just aren’t as good as the original Marvel U).

          Also, at least Spider-Man died a noble hero, I think it was a pretty good way to go: to die, saving lives (instead of dying from cancer or old age or something).

          • That would be a matter of opinion not fact. If it was not for the Ulimates 1 & 2 I would have never read a comic book.

          • I really loved the death of Ultimate Spider-Man storyline. Especially how the characters were written. Aunt May, Tony Stark, even J. Jonah Jameson. These two pages made me almost cry:



            and 2:


  25. Avengers is going to suck that Captain America suite is aweful… The arcs from Marvel movie to Marvel movie with the canning of The Incredible Hulk just lame…

    • “The arcs from Marvel movie to Marvel movie with the canning of The Incredible Hulk just lame” – What? TIH wasn’t “canned” You make no sense dude.

      “Avengers is going to suck that Captain America suite is aweful” – Soooo, the movie will suck because of ONE costume?

      Go away ;)

    • @ Wes

      Lol, very amusing to mention a film is gonna suck when it hasn’t been out. Not to mention wasting your time to spew rubbish of the previous films. Are you that bored?

    • WOW! just because of a suite? your concentrated on the suit but not the movie it shows you careless about the film. It`s all about the AVENGERS regardless.

      • @Wes

        I highly doubt that Marvel will risk the Avengers sucking, Way too much money and time put in. Wait your a troll why am I even responding?

  26. I never rated a lot of the Marvel movies being anywhere near as good as they could have been but im surprised that Iron Man is as popular as it is, i thought it was quite badly done for 3/4 of the film! Downy Jr did a great job playing Stark, Iron Man i can take or leave cos its just a poorer way of doing Batman!…Rich man with gadgets.

    Captain America looks how he should really, i don’t see any problem with it i actually reckon its really good. The movie was one of the better ones as well.

    Thor should have been the best film, but it wasnt as epic as it could have been but probably about as good as Captain America. Look forward to the second Thor though!

    The Incredible Hulk was darker than the rest the fight could have been longer…but i just feel his role in the Avengers is abit predictable.

    I suppose all the movie people have made their money with all these films…as long as they spend a shedload of cash that they made of this then i probably wouldnt care to much!

  27. All of these comments from so many dedicated and eagle-eyed fans and yet *NO ONE* mentioned this:

    Why is the guy carrying the alien weapon wearing a GREEN LANTERN (DC/WB product) shirt on a MARVEL set?!?!

    He should be caned for the outrage!! Lol ;-)

  28. @Daniel F

    He didn’t HAVE to do it and that’s why I feel he did it. Tony loves the attention and more importantly he doesnt like people telling him what he can’t do or should do. Telling Tony to follow those note cards coupled woth the annpying yet sexy reporter was thr biggest egg on Tony could have. Granted the script was written that way so those circumstances would occur. Had SHIELD bot been involved I think might have just kept his mouth shut.

    Exclude the third paragraph in my previous statement. That was just ME beig egotiatical lol.

    • Ignur I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. I thought it was a terrible decision on the part of the writers to have him reveal it and I also thought it didn’t make sense character wise. We just saw the character and circumstances differently.

      Don’t worry about that paragraph I just figuring you were playing around. I don’t think you are actually a sociopath lol

      • Not to be rude Danny, but I think you LOST this battle my friend ;)

        Iron Man was a great movie and it’s only fault (IMO) was the last battle between Iron Man and the Iron Monger.

        • Not to be rude Avenger, but NO I HAVE NOT lost any fight.

          This is all subjective and opinion there is no losing or winning. This is my opinion. It is absolute fact that this is my opinion I can’t lose that. Just because you disagree does not mean I lost.

          Also if you think it’s only fault was that one battle than there is nothing to even talk about. I love TDK I think it’s the greatest comic film ever made and for me personally it’s one of the best 10 films ever made. However, I can point out several faults in it. Just because I love it and think its an amazing film does not mean it is flawless or even near flawless.

          Even the greatest films of all time are full of flaws and faults.

          I think it’s funny though that you say the fight was a flaw considering it was a really long fight and took a good chunk of the movie.

          • Either way, Ironman or Batman, Hulk could still kick all of thier butts. I dont see any of them being able to pick up Thor’s hammer or holding up mountains. Besides i know people didnt think the Hulk movie was so great but if your a true Hulk fan like me, you would still think its a great film just because its him. I did.

  29. This is at best a set still or crappy fan shot with his head at an odd angle. Not representative of how it will film. You can tell he’s not even in character: he’s slouching with a goofy grin. His whole look and demeanor changes when he’s “on.” I think he looks awesome in all the other shots and the profile shot with the helmet.

    I don’t think he meant the costume will be touched up with GGI. All films are color-timed in post. All films. It adds depth to the tones and colors and texturizes the film quality. This will affect the look of the costume (colors won’t look so bright and glossy, costume will look tougher).

    Also, this costume does not look as big and bulky or tactical, but a lot of that has to do with Evans. He HATES working out for bulk. That’s why he looks smaller. He is smaller than in the first film.