‘Avengers’ Set Images Reveal New Captain America Costume; Plot Details

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Thanks to a string of Comic-Con character posters and an all-too-brief teaser “button” at the end of Captain America, we already basically know what The Avengers are going to look like come May 4th, 2012. Basically.

However, if that wasn’t enough, now we have actual pictures of Chris Evans on the set of The Avengers in his entire modern-day Captain America costume – as well as some shots of a strange weapon and explosive (literally) pandemonium.

These on-set shooting details could provide MILD or MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Avengers. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go…

First, check out the images below, courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip, Coming Soon, and Medical Mutual of Ohio and Its Family Companies:


The mask looks a tad goofier (or maybe that’s just Chris Evans’ smile in that picture) and more stilted than it did in Captain America: The First Avenger. Otherwise the costume looks excellent. The boots, gloves, and underarms are pure Ultimate Captain America, while the wings on the mask are more First Avenger. Everything else seems like a quality mish-mash of 616, Ultimate, and First Avenger – with a little individualized flavor to boot.

The big question is, what is that alien-looking hardware? It looks like some sort of Men in Black weapon – not like anything we’ve seen in Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, or Captain America. Do these pictures confirm the rumors that aliens – for example, the Skrull and/or the Kree – are at the heart of The Avengers conflict?

Additionally, there’s a guy covered head-to-toe in motion capture thingys, indicating that the creatures wielding the weapons (?) are going to be made entirely of CGI. Is that because they’re so monstrous and – dare we say it – extraterrestrial that no amount of practical effects can do them justice?

Speaking of extraterrestrials, an extra on the set told Comic Book Movie that an “invasion of aliens or some force” was the cause of the pandemonium in the scenes. Check it out below:

“Today was my first day of work as an extra on the movie [The] Avengers. There was a great deal of sitting around, but it was thrilling during the street scene. We were running and screaming from the invasion of aliens or some force.”

The Daily Mail seems to back up the “aliens are the bad guys” report as well, so those fans who were hoping for an Ultron, Kang the Conquerer, Thanos, or The Beyonder five-way-battle are probably going be disappointed.

captain america skrull Avengers Set Images Reveal New Captain America Costume; Plot Details

A Skrull Impersonating Captain America in Secret Invasion

Marvel is banking quite a bit on The Avengers being one of the most awesome and successful superhero movies ever. Despite his fervent supporters, hiring Joss Whedon was a pretty massive risk – the one feature film he directed wasn’t financially successful and the last two TV shows he was involved in were canceled pretty quickly. And while the first of those shows, Firefly, was and is beloved, the second, Dollhouse, was not so much, to say the least.

Still, the man has skills, and if Avengers ends up being the most awesome and successful superhero movie ever – or even just, you know, really awesome – Marvel’s bet will have paid off and then some.

How do you guys think Chris Evans looks in the new Captain America costume? And what’s your opinion of aliens potentially being the bad guys? Let us know in the comments.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.


Sources:Celebrity-Gossip [via Comic Book Movie], Coming Soon, and Medical Mutual of Ohio and Its Family Companies [Thanks to our reader Aaron for the heads up!], Comic Book Movie, Daily Mail

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the costume looks better without the mask?

    • lol with you there on that one!

      • I agree… I think it’s because we can’t see his ears or a large enough indication of them. It makes the shape of his head seem awkward and there doesn’t appear to be a natural flow from neck to head. … Though as always, wait until the movie. :)

    • Nope. I agree with you on that part. Actually, I like the 1940′s era suit better.

      • Me too.
        But my son, a Marvel Zombie, says most of the movies are based on the Ultimate stories so I guess that’s what we get.

        • They´re a mix of the regular 616 and the Ultimate universe. And that´s good as it is.

    • Maybe they should CGI the mask? :D

      • And make it look like Green Lantern? No thank you.

      • i want the new suit with the old mask….lol

    • You are not alone my friend. I think the “old” costume looks far better than the “new” one. Chris Evans is a big muscular guy yet he looks like they put a fair amount of padding in his costume. The mask looks silly to me. They should have gone with a more tactile approach. Hope I am dead wrong and they pull this off.

    • I think I liked the artist rendition that came out first, with the ears exposed. I think the ear protection makes it look off….

    • Looks better with the mask. Captain America without the mask is like Superman without his cape. It’s such a small feature, but there’s no excuse to not have it.

    • I agree.
      the costume in the first avenger movie looks a lot better, particularly the helmet…

  2. So if the Skrulls are really in this movie, maybe that would explain why this guy:


    was spotted on the set. Maybe to confuse Cap during a battle?

    • Ooo, possibly. Or maybe he was just visiting. Too early to tell, I guess.

    • well that is interesting

    • whoa… i personally hope winter soldier is not in the avengers (not untill the second) or the next captain america solo movie… but that is interesting though… most likely just visiting

    • Well Bucky never dies, he becomes winter solider. plus in the cap movie, cap found him on an operating table. so i think winter solider will be making an appearence.

      • I wasn´t talking about the Winter Soldier. Maybe a Skrull just disguises as Bucky to distract Cap during a battle…

    • MAJOR spoiler! lol.

    • Or Loki mind screwing Cap?

  3. Just don’t try to do too much Marvel. Please…

    • They can always fill in the backstory like they did over and over in the X-Men with Wolverine’s mysterious past.

  4. I think they should have just stuck with a similar Costume to his solo Fil the First Avenger movie

  5. this looks sickk

  6. Yea the helmet/mask does look a little funny on him. I see his shield also looks pristine. I wonder if he gets a completely new one or s fresh paint jon on the previous. I actually would have liked them to keep the previous battle scars.

    • There’s no Vibranium left to do it, right? Only one shield in existence. Fresh coat of paint, I suspect.

      • Since he had the shield with him when he was found, I think it´s the same as in the movie.

      • None left when the shield was first made. Maybe SHIELD made a diplomatic relationship with Wakanda and was able to procure more since than?

        • That seems like a lot of work for no good reason, considering the shield was found along with Steve Rogers in First Avenger.

    • I think in the comics he gets a new shield that’s part vibranium and part adamantium. But since they found his shield with him, it probably just got a fresh coat of paint.

      • Which makes me wonder how it could be in the Iron Man movies…

        • I think that was a toy or an early mockup.

  7. Chris looks slimmer then again all that padding on the TFA suit made him look bulkier. So I’m guessing Tony plays around with the shield to keep the paint intact?

    And I’m pretty sure that gun is a dead giveaway that the villians are indeed the skrulls…

  8. My only question at this point is: if Evans could dye his hair blond for First Avenger, why on earth couldn’t he do that for Fantastic Four?

    • Sounds like you dissed the Four because of Chris’ hair colour. That would be a weak excuse.

      • One word : Awesome.

      • I just wish he had grown it out for Fantastic 4

      • I’m not going to fall for your attempt at trolling.

        I found the FF movies unsatisfying for a lot of reasons, yet I still don’t hate them at all like I see a lot of people doing. They were cartoonish flicks with a lot of design flaws and underdeveloped plot elements (and pretty lame effects), so I feel they could definitely have been made better, but I still regard them for what they are: mildly entertaining, but entirely dismissable.

        All I meant to say with my previous comment was to underscore my perplexity about such a minute detail being outright overlooked in the FF movies, given Johnny’s hair colour is a pretty much “traditional” element in Marvel continuity: thus, arbitrarily changing it on-screen left me puzzled.

        Thank you for providing me with a prime example of how prone to flaming on (see what I did there) you are on this site. I’ll make sure never to post an offhand joking remark again.

        • Wasn’t trolling :) But you caught my attention.. accusing me of being prone to flaming. Is that your defense mechanism? I see much better examples of coming close in other ScreenRants (I’ll admit that this one is pretty clean) and it doesn’t bother me in general.

          As far as I’m concerned hair colour (given all of the other artistic licenses taken in movies) is a non-issue. Thank you for clarifying what exactly you didn’t like about the films. I was happier with them than I have been with the recent Batman films. Given that, I rank all of the Marvel movie characterizations better, except Howard The Duck and Kick-Ass.

          And, the last paragraph wasn’t trolling either.. just my opinion.

          BTW What plot holes? Be specific please.

          • While (rather freely) based on a Marvel-printed comic, the Kick-Ass movie wasn’t produced by Marvel (all the rights are owned by Mark Millar).

            I never talked about plot holes, although I’m pretty sure there would be plenty of those if I were interested in looking for them, which I’m not.
            I merely said there were several underdeveloped or outright whimsical plot elements, namely Doom’s background, Silver Surfer’s origin story, Galactus’s much too swift demise, random resurrections and the rather absurd Super Skrull-esque plot device for the second movie’s climax, just to name a few.
            Many of these are admittedly ascribable to the field of poor character development (not that the actors really helped), so there’s that.

            As you might have predicted (given that you’re probably not going to find many people agreeing with you on that) I don’t share your opinion of the FF movies as superior to Nolan’s Batman movies, if only in terms of sheer cinematography.
            That is however a completely different argument and we should probably not clog this comments page up with matters unrelated to Avengers news.

    • i think its a wig actually… Cap is wearing a hairpiece!

      • Yeah, looks like a hairpiece.

    • I heard he did or wanted to but couldn’t because the cgi did not go well with the blonde hair. What I heard…

  9. Still not happy with the lithographed wings.. these pictures don’t show anything new. Was this just an excuse to blog about The Avengers??

    But that isn’t my only Marvel complaint, the other is Spider-Man’s new talent of sticking to things with his boots, or shoes. Yeah, right!

    • shido,

      Don’t show anything new? Are you joking?



    • You might wanna watch Raimi´s first SM movie again. When he first climbs up a wall, he wears shoes as well.

      • Uhm, Spider-Man. Not Raimi.

  10. One word : Awesome .

  11. Yup, concur. The 40′s era costume was WAAAAAAY better.. the new hood makes him look like a tool. Or a swimmer or something.

    Whedon loves him some comic book ‘authenticity’ tho.. oh well.. hope he takes the mask off as much as possible.

  12. Kevin Feige mentioned in earlier interviews how ‘impressive Tranformers 3 trailers were to Him..The large scale threat that was shown in those trailers, and the scope/dept of impact to the story.
    (Check privious blogs to verify)
    It is *GREAT to actually see his unpublished commitment to producing the Avengers on a BIG SCALE. The current filming in Clevland proves it…
    *take that DC/Dark knight…

    Now as far as Chris/Cap is concerned..didn’t we hear the same complaints about the WW2 uniform…some calling it ‘Ragedy Cap and Andy…No Wings, ..etc..etc..
    I don’t like all the ‘Zippers personaly but I’m willing to look at it after the movie and give a fare judgment..
    Remember how some ‘Bitched about the Digital Concepts for Cap and Thor…now that uniform isn’t being used at all…
    So let’s wait and see…
    I personal don’t like ‘Nolans Batman Helmet..its ‘warped in a way from the chin to the top of His Head..but that’s just me..


    • “It is *GREAT to actually see his unpublished commitment to producing the Avengers on a BIG SCALE. The current filming in Clevland proves it…
      *take that DC/Dark knight…”

      Not sure I understand the swipe against The Dark Knight? First, Batman isn’t a film that requires large scale destruction on the level of Transformers, Avengers, Superman, what have you. Secondly, in my opinion, the greatest action scene to come out of any of these superhero films is the truck/chase scene from The Dark Knight. That scene refused to lower itself to the realm of CGI. It was action-packed, realistic, and freaking intense.

      As for Feige being committed to producing Avengers on a large scale — I hope so. Though using Cleveland as an NYC replacement worries me slightly. I hope they pull it off.

      • Who said they´re using Cleveland as a NYC replacement? Maybe some scenes take place in Cleveland. Why does almost every alien invasion have to take place in New York?

        • They are. The Cleveland blocks that were filmed were made up to look like New York.

          The Avengers is known for being a New York-based property, so that’s probably why it’s taking place there.

          • That and the cop cars are clearly marked NYPD.

            • Oh, you guys are right. Didn´t notice that…

  13. The mo-cap was probably just Hulk. Just sayin’. . .

    • According to Ruffalo, he’s doing the mo-cap. That doesn’t mean he’s doing all of it, I suppose.

      • there were also multiple people dressed in mo-cap suits

      • If Ruffalo isdoin mo-cap for both the Hulk and Banner, does that make them one personality or two?

  14. Why the heck has nobody mentiioned the possibillity og super scrull being in this! cap,hulk,iron man,hawkeye and thor all as one villian . HELL YEAH

    • That would be awesome , but i think it would be a little to soon, since the majority of the public won’t know who the hell he is (even with explaining it). As for Cap me likes a whole bunch

    • Because it doesn´t make any sense. How is a Skrull (no matter how “super” he may be) supposed to imitate an armor? Or why would he use the (non existing) powers of a sniper?

  15. It’s probly looks bad in the picture because of Evans smiling. Im sure it would look better when watching the film. Still, i would of added the wings instead of having them painted on. The costume looks great. And i wouldn’t mind if the Skrull/Kree were part of villains in the film. Aslong as the film is enjoyable to watch. It’s the film im most looking forward to for summer of 2012.

  16. From the side the mask looks good, from the front not so much.

    I still think the wing clips could have been real instead of painted on, but whatever.

  17. Well they released a video of Cap fighting 2 guys in motion capture outfits… So that with the gun in that pic, I think all but gaurentees that they will be up agains The Skrulls along with Loki. At least thats how it seems to me. I figured from day one that if The Skrulls were in this they would be done in CGI

  18. Thanos??

  19. I’m I the only one who saw the trailer after Cap’s movie. I saw a platoon of Skrulls marching.

  20. Cant have the Super Skrull in this movie. Since his powers mimic those of the Fantastic Four and those movie rights are held elsewear.

  21. Looks pretty cool. I guess it’s more similar to the “Ultimate Avengers” animated movie than I thought. We’ll just have to wait and see the final product.

  22. Chris Evans looks great as Captain America.

    I think The Avengers might be the best comic book movie of all time but hiring Joss Whedon is a massive risk, still I hope it paids off.

    Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger are my best comic book movies of the year.

    Let’s hope The Avengers works out well.


  23. By the look of that gold and purple rifle and the guy in mo-cap stuff, I think the Skrulls rumor might be true (I can’t think of any other explanation). I think the alien invasion thing is awesome, since they’ve never had superheroes fight aliens in a movie before. And Cap’s costume is BEAST, like the bolder colors on it. I like TFA suit and this one equal, they’re both appropriate for their time and settings. So pumped for this movie, HURRY UP MAY 2ND 2012!!!!

  24. Just face it this is no longer a rumor the Skrull Empire is in the Avengers what else would it be?

    • Yeah, by now it´s quite obvious.

    • yea in the new york post they had a picture of the explosion, and they flat out said it was a blast from an alien ship…um what other aliens are there

      • The Kree, but I’m agreeing with those who say it’s the Skrulls.

    • The Kree but since the Kree look human, they wouldn’t need motion capture, so the Skrulls would be the logical guess.

      • Except for the faces, the Skrulls look human too. So why a full CGI suit? I bet they´re gonna look like the Ultimate version and are called Chitauri instead.

  25. Costume–getting better, but you’re still not totally listening. For a good idea of what I mean, try making costume exactly–yes, exactly–like in the 60s comics!!
    Extrateresstrials-did I hear someone say “Skrulls”? Hopefully? Please!

    • Have you seen what that looks like in real life… we are going for a realistic look, that my friend looks like a flat out Halloween costume and not a battle uniform.

    • yeah didnt you see that costume in TFA where he was going around selling war bonds.

  26. i hope this guy is wrong, its to soon for the skrull, they should use this movie as a ‘origin’ of how the avengers came to work together and form an alliance of trust and friendship etc.

    on that note, what’s to say loki doesn’t summon a bunch of aliens from asgard (and the realms around it), that would fit in well for a final battle sequence.

    capt’s suit looks weird (mainly the helm), but the same issue arose with his suit in first avenger, no doubt the post production team will fix things up.

    • Actually the aliens plot now that i thought about it is a really great idea. What other reason would a team of superheroes form? Also there aren’t those types of alien creatures (lasers and spaceships) in Asgard and the 9 realms. Mainly stuff like Demons, Trolls(:P), and mythical stuff.

  27. I live an hour and a half from Cleveland and just want to drive up there and check this madness out that I’ve been reading and heard from my friend that lives downtown. Pumped for this movie but Cap does look a little silly but whatever.

    • What exactly is Cap supposed to look like? Have you ever read a Marvel comic?

      • @Tiso:

        How does he look silly? I know they should have put him in black leather. Would look much less silly :P. But seriously I’m glad he looks this good.

        • I guess I am agreeing with those who said this before, the helmet just looks odd for some reason. Rest of the suit I’m ok with. I never liked his costume in the comics but ‘the first avenger’ costume was awesome and a lot better than the comics in my opinion. Yet again, how do you make a guy running around in the American flag not a silly looking.

          • I agree on the helmet tho. It looked odd from certain angles. Especially the pic when he’s standing up on the car with the camera man.

  28. He did re-write Captain America… (Joss Whedon) and it was freaking awesome, and tied into Thor and Iron Man really well… He also wrote Alien Resurrection, which was pretty great too. I might add the small fact that this man actually WROTE several MARVEL COMICS that were nominated for various awards… Give the guy a chance!

    • Wow! I did not know that.. he wrote AR?! That was my favourite of the franchise.. go figure.. That’s it! I’m down for it!

    • He actually only rewrote parts of Captain America, and Joss himself hates Alien: Resurrection. Take that as you will.

      • Doesn’t everyone hate AR? Well, at least everyone I know does.

  29. The costume looked great in the Avenger’s teaser so im sure it will look great on film despite what it looks in these pictures. Im sure the mask will aswell, i hope atleast. I only wished they applied wings to the mask because i like that costume more than the Ultimate Captain America costume. I hope Thor wears his helmet more in The Avengers & the sequel to his solo film as his helmet looked great & why make somthing that great for someone to wear for several seconds in one film for right?