Chris Evans’ ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ USO Costume Revealed

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captain america new avenger chris evans interview Chris Evans Captain America: The First Avenger USO Costume Revealed

The summer of 2011 is set to offer the most superhero-saturated blockbuster season in history as Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and Captain America: The First Avenger battle it out for box-office supremacy. We’ve spent years covering these films and, as the spoilerific news cycle spins down, the marketing machine kicks into high gear. But that doesn’t mean that Marvel is entirely out of 2011 surprises.

Hot on the heels of a leaked Avengers one-sheet, that revealed Hawkeye’s costume as well as a number of modern tweaks to Captain America’s suit for the 2012 superhero mash-up film, we’re getting a sneak peek at Chris Evans in the Captain America USO suit – the traditional, and less battle-hardened, version of his iconic outfit.

Just a few days ago we got our first look at Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull (in action) and now, thanks to French site MDCU, we’ve got our first (low-res) look at Chris Evans’ other Captain America costume – the USO suit.

In the context of the film, for anyone unfamiliar with the suit, Rogers will mostly use the costume for public appearances – and other non-battlefield situations. Outside of the film it’s clear that, more than anything, director Joe Johnston wanted to give a hat-tip to the character’s origins.

Check out the Captain America USO images below:

Captain America USO Costume Chris Evans Chris Evans Captain America: The First Avenger USO Costume Revealed

Captain America USO Costume Chris Evans Troops Chris Evans Captain America: The First Avenger USO Costume Revealed

While certainly a fun nod to fans, the suit would have looked ridiculous on the battlefield in the actual film – and serves as a stellar example of why “updating” the look of iconic characters for modern action films is a necessity.

Die-hard Captain America fans are still busy decrying the updated war-zone costume – specifically the lack of actual stand-out wings on the headpiece, merely painted onto the helmet instead, but they’ve obviously forgotten how that went over-over back in Albert Pyun’s 1990 film adaptation.

captain america movie 1990 Chris Evans Captain America: The First Avenger USO Costume Revealed

Matt Salinger as Captain America (1990)

As a result, the USO costume is a nice opportunity to reminisce – and be thankful that Cap has a period-appropriate, and frankly bad-ass, costume for his latest film adaptation adventure. Of course, anyone still holding out for dramatic changes to the costume can always start petitioning now – since Evans will be getting an updated look for The Avengers as well as the inevitable Captain America 2.

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Captain America: The First Avenger will be released on July 22, 2011.

Source: MDCU [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. LOLOLOL, i needed this. That suit looks absolutely atrocious lol. ::tear:: It just makes me wish to see the updates costumes in the Avengers and Cap2 that much more. Thanks Ben!

    • updated*

    • I really like his WWII combat suit, and I love how silly the USO suit looks, they really hit the mark they were going for. If you want to see a hint of Cap’s updated suit, check out the Avengers poster at the LX11 licensing expo (on various websites). It’s cartoon-y looking, but it’s a promotion for toys so of course it’s gonna look that way.

  2. Freaking hilarious LMAO

  3. Haha it looks hilarious! Very cool to include this for the fans. Can’t wait for this movie.

  4. Looks great…in a terrible way… Looking forward to this movie more every day!

  5. i’m still looking forward to seeing “Captain America”, but I will admit a bit of the shine is off if Evans wears this…this THING…for ANY reason, especially to encourage the troops. If I were watching a USO show and saw this monstrosity on stage as a representation of why America is the greatest country on Earth, I would have to practically dry-heave to keep from bursting out in laughter. Then, I might have to become a British citizen…SHEESH!!! That suit doesn’t make me nostalgic; it nauseates me.

    • Nothing wrong with being British my friend.

    • True…and no disrespect was intended. I was simply pointing out that I would feel SO ashamed and stunned, as a U.S. soldier seeing THAT as an “inspiration” for me, that I would actually consider changing nationalities…it’s THAT bad.


      • No worries, in fact if you had said Scottish I would have agreed with you (I am English by the way)!!

    • I think we have to remember that this takes place durring WW2 and things were different back then.

      • @Timothy Longbottom, Extremely well said, Archaon has got to consider what the time period was and what people considered was cool and fun back then. Look at the uber campiness of the “Batman and Robin” show, the costumes and stuff; that was from the 1960’s and people thought that was cool back then. Consider then 20 some odd years before that, people would have thought seeing a man dressed like Captain America would be cool especially if that’s the FIRST TIME (back then).

        • Indeed it was a different mindset you should see the old black and white flash Gordon films or even look at the corny cowboy pictures back then. so i have no problem with the USO thing. besides this was supposed to Chere up the troops make em laugh fur good morale .lol

        • Completely agree. It is a period piece and IMO that costume would have been awesome back then.

        • TheAvenger, roguex, Blastaar, Timothy Longbottom…

          Yes, I know this was reflective of the late ’30s/early-mid ’40s. The problem is that while Flash Gordon and Tarzan (and Superman and the Lone Ranger) and all the other pulp and other heroes wore similarly goofy costumes, they did so in the spirit of entertaining children (yes, adults enjoyed them too, of course, but the characters were primarily designed for the imaginations of youth…guns and all), with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

          Cap is in this show to inspire the troops. He should be…inspirational. Not goofy. Or laughable.


          I never claimed America is the greatest country on Earth (though I am proud of my nationality, perfect though the nation certainly is NOT). THAT, however, is what the people putting on the USO show would, indeed, wish to convey. When you’re trying to inspire troops, you want them to believe that they are fighting for the best possible cause. This is simply how such things are done.

          I guarantee that a French (OR a South African, British, Mexican, or Russian, or any other) military commander and/or show organizer would do the same sort of thing. They would NOT say, “Oh, let’s get our troops motivated…YAY for mediocrity!!!”

          That is why I put that statement above.

          • I think what they’re saying is that those costumes, in their respective times, didn’t appear to be as “goofy” to the contemporary viewers as they do to us in 2011. The USO costume Cap is wearing in those pictures isn’t meant to be goofy or silly, it’s meant to fit with 1940s sensibilities.

            Soldiers sitting at a USO show where Cap shows up in his USO suit wouldn’t sit there and point and laugh, “haha look at this moron,” they would get excited at a symbol of patriotism, whose exploits they’d heard about, standing in front of them. The suit wouldn’t be viewed as silly to 1940s folks, so when shooting a film set in WWII, they have to do the scene as if it’s actually in WWII, with the period suit, period set, period sensibilities.

            • Ken…

              Yes, I understood what they were saying. MY point was that his costume would have been seen in the same light as other “heroic” costumes of the time: a children’s character, not as a mighty symbol of patriotism and American greatness.

              Now, I WILL say that no one has seen the actual scene in which this suit is worn…maybe, they ARE putting on a comedic performance (a la the old “Punch and Judy” puppet shows). Maybe, Rogers, forced to wear this outfit, is told to ham it up and play up the absurdity of whatever skit they put him in onstage…sort of a “have fun with it, Steve, you know…for the troops”. If they do THAT, I will be perfectly with it. IF, however, they put him up there in front of the soldiers and tell him, “Okay, Captain America…Inspire those troops; make ’em feel proud to be Americans,” WHILE he’s wearing THAT outfit, I will be forced to carry out a pained, irritated facepalm.

              • You know it occurred to me while reading your response…what if they’re trying to diffuse any rumor that he’s actually a “special weapon,” so they put him in a dorky costume and put him on the USO tour so people think he’s just a mascot instead of the badass they’ve been hearing about…sort of as a decoy to his true purpose. This would possibly work for me. I hope everything works out in the end with this film.

                • See…THAT is a scenario I could believe as an excuse for him wearing that suit.


                  I, too, have high hopes for the film.

    • Who branded America the “greatest country on earth”? I can think of a few places that are a lot better.

      No disrespect to the ol’ US of A. I still think you guys make some huge contributions to society (you sure do brag about it a lot though ;)). Anyway… I’m planning on visiting when I finish school.

      P.S. Is it legal to bring back souvenirs from the US? Because I heard of a guy who went there, bought a few books (mostly comics) and then they confiscated it for “tax reasons” or some such nonsense?

      • @The Avenger, It’s called PRIDE my friend and every country should have it. And I don’t mean pride in the “pretentious” or in a narsacistic way. It’s like when an athlete, team, or a school claims to be the best to boost that feeling within themsleves to make them be better even though they might not actually be THE best. Look at Muhammad Ali, he claimed to be the greatest and in some ways he was and some ways wasn’t(he didn’t have a perfect record and he was beaten a few times). The problem is when a person or country feels that they are better than another to create the need to be condescending and that has been happening to us at times too. As an American, I am proud of and love my country, do we have a troubled past and present? YES, Are we clean, pure, innocent, have no problems or have done no wrong? NO. But we have done much good as a country and must believe in ourselves and our great potential to be BETTER now and in the future.

        There should be a balance of being liberal and conservative. Too much of any one thing is no good, even “WINNING”(as The Sheen puts it) could be too much, how would you appreciate “winning” if you never lost.

        • A VERY fair point. But still… one can’t just say that it’s “the greatest country on earth”.

          I love the US, but I would never say that a certain country is “the greatest” until I have been to every country in the world. (Or at least the top 5 “greatest” countries in the world.)

      • Seeing as we saved the world from everyone speaking german after WWII. So i would say yes!

  6. Oh dear. lmao

  7. What? There is no way that is Chris Evans as the French site claims. I don’t get this whole “story”.

    No one should fall for a hoax this poorly executed.

    • @ MikeM

      Sorry man. These are the real deal. We’ve known about USO costume for several weeks – as well as a scene where he’s with the USO girls. While I agree it’s an odd angle of Evans, it is him and will be in the film.

      • The reason it doesn’t look like Evans is because of the expressions on his face: shame, embarrassment, etc.

      • Unfortunately the USO DOES do stuff along this lines.

    • This is real. You can see him wearing the costume underneath his brown leather uniform…

      • Scapegoat! What happened to your face! 😉

    • Eh? Why do you think it’s a hoax?

      It’s not, by the way.

  8. Wow that made me cringe :s

  9. That is TOTALLY the costume he SHOULD be wearing throughout the WHOLE movie because it matches what he wears in the comic books!!!! If he doesn’t wear that costume through the entire movie then it will SUCK!

    OK, I’ve had my fun. 8)


    • good one Vic.

    • LOL!!! dang it i just peed my pants haha that was good.

    • Are you high? 😉

  10. Oh, wow, that costume…does this have anything to do with the “Don’t ask, don’t kiss, don’t tell” rule?!

  11. Wear is the scale mail armour on the chest and shoulders?

    I call BS

    • Wow that looks awful. It’s just cloth and that it is.

    • This isn’t his actual combat costume. You’ve seen all the pics and video right? Actually….you would know that if you read the article you’re commenting on. Sounds like you didn’t…..go read it.

  12. Awesome.

  13. LOL. It’s almost as ridiculous as the 1990 film’s suit.

  14. Haha just terrific. Seriously thought the movie stills were from Matt Sallinger in the 1990’s, only to find the comparison come later. Truely puts a smile on my face and gets me excited for the film with this well of a nod to the fans.

    But I do see Vic’s point if they wanted to go retro the whole way 😉

    • Vic was being sarcastic.

      • Yes, I realize this, hence the emoticon…

  15. Matt Salinger wears the costume MUCH better than Chris Evans (and it’s weird, it’s like they purposely tried to make Chris’ USO costume as corny as all out just so that they can shut up the detractors.)

    *Shrugs* Whatever. I do like the new costume just fine.

    • @Phil: I shall say it once more… you are one smart cookie.

      • Ah, thanks. I appreciate that. 😀

    • The pictures of Matt Salinger looked a whole lot better than it did when he was moving around in the movie, as I recall. And the Chris Evans USO outfit looks pretty faithful to the comics. The star is nice where it could have been some sewn on piece of felt. The colors are good. The neck is too baggy and thick. But overall it’s a nice costume and faithful to the comics. This just demonstrates the razor’s edge superhero movies have to walk.

      Some true believing fanboy will photoshop this with minor adjustments and post it as an example of what they should have done.

      • It also doesn’t help that Chris Evans looks like a twig… I mean, WOW. That was noticeable in one of the posters they released too. I hope before the Avengers movie that he can put on a little extra bulk. Maybe they did it this way because it’s a younger Steve Rogers that he is portraying right now.

        I disagree about the USO costume being “faithful” – last I checked, Captain America’s classic costume did not have a coif, and the star was bigger.

        Salinger’s costume was more faithful, though… and while the fanboy in me would have just been fine with that (though I haven’t seen that movie), it appears a lot of people believe it looks ridiculous. So I’m cool with modifications being made as far as adding plate armor, making it more of a soldier’s uniform… I don’t really care as long as he’s a good representative of the character.

        • We are free to disagree, thanks to Captain America.

          But I stick by what I said. tighten up the neck, and change the expression on Chris Evans face, and that’s a pretty straightforward translation of the original outfit. And the colors are good too.

          What do you mean Chris Evans looks skinny? He looks fine. His torso is V shaped and he’s got big shoulders and biceps. I honestly don’t know what more anyone could expect from an actual human. Comics and cartoons are a bit easier to manipulate. If anything, he and Chris Hemsworth look very unnatural when they’re all buffed up.

          • Yeah Chris Evans is huge. Phil, watch the trailer. Even if he doesn’t *look* big in the USO images, he’s big in the trailer.

            It’s like when people said Chris Hemsworth wasn’t big enough to play Thor, but they kinda left out the part where he’s like 6′ 4″ and was carved out of solid muscle.

            • @Ken, I love your logic in all this. People have to realize too that the comic book characters are drawn a little exagerrated in terms of physique. Big “body building” type of physiques are NOT very flexible and AGILE as opposed to “Olympic acrobat” physiques. Although Captain America has a body builder’s physique in the comics, realistically he should have an acrobat’s physique(gymnastics) and that’s how Chris Evan’s body turned out after ther serum; that’s how it should be NOT a body builder.

              Chris Hemsworth on the other hand should be slighlty bigger WHICH he is because Thor is a warrior who engages in regular exercise that drinks mead but he’s not an acrobat so he’d be slightly bulkier. Plus he’s taller than Chris Evans which is also the way it should be because Thor IS taller than Cap.

  16. HAHAHAHA! So they’re going through with this idea of him being as part of the entertainment because he’s too valuable to risk in battle. That’s lame.

    • @ticketmaster, Steve Rogers was the ONLY subject to go through with the super soldier serum and vita rays without any side effects. He was THE most successful test subject, hence why would you send him out to possibly get killed without duplicating more men like him first? That is the way that part of the government was thinking. So they pretty much wanted to keep him on standby while having him active in the USO program to boost morale until they figured out how to duplicate the process successfully. They didn’t want him getting killed before that. Unfortunately they didn’t know that there would NEVER be another accurate duplication of the process because Dr.Erkstine (the creator of the process) gets killed. Steve Rogers goes against command and goes AWOL to go and fight because that’s what he wanted to do in the first place and felt that his abilities were being wasted. Lame idea? Nah, I don’t think so, it was well thought out.

  17. Hahaha! I can’t stop crying! It’s just so terrible.

    I hope people know realize WHY they went with a different (more real) approach to the costume… oohh noo! I just peed my pants!

  18. Am I the only person who kinda, sorta, maybe like the 90s Captain America film?

    • No, it´s still one of my guilty pleasures. But unfortunatly it´s hard to find…

      • I have it on DVD.

        • I faithfully request a copy of that my friend. Facebook message me please.

      • You can watch it ten minutes at a time on YouTube. No kidding.

    • It was terrible when it came out and is still terrible now, honestly surprised nobody else has said that yet.

  19. While the USO variation could have been *tweeked a lil bit more. But to rest any questions out there in the Fandom Universe about more authenticity to the source material in as far as costumes in the Movie realm opposed to the comic page..this should anserwe bell.
    Yet I will stand behind my disapproval of the Green Lantern concept of a CGI suit made by DC/Warner brothers.
    In the lest it showed a little *laziness on their part to adapt a material costume for the Movies. Marvel Studios had *guts in trying to adapt the Asgardian wear for Thor. While the jury was split on the oddities of the material,capes and lest it was real…

    • tracy…

      No, I (and many others) do NOT agree. I think the CGI Green Lantern outfit was an excellent choice…even better with all of the tweaks. Your comparison does not work, ANYWAY, for one very particular reason: Green Lantern has the “energy suit” because his ring creates the outfit. Every suit that is man-made in the DC movies released to date HAS been composed of materials: The various incarnations of Batman and Superman, Steel and Catwoman (granted, BOTH were in horrible movies, but their suits were real), Robin, Supergirl, etc. Neither Marvel nor DC have “had guts” in making their costumes real; they’ve simply made the suits as best they [thought they] could.

      In short answer to your final question…NOPE.

      • @Archaeon, The problem with the Green Lantern suit is that they did not create a suit made of fabric that looked exactly like the GL “uniform” then overlay enhanced CGI on top of suit made of fabric. I guarantee you that if they would have done it that way, they wouldn’t have had so many problems. They didn’t create a template for themselves, hence they just made Hal wear an all black “mocap” suit nad that’s it. The same thing with the mask, WHICH THEY STILL HAVE’NT GOTTEN RIGHT YET AND MORE THAN LIKELY WON’T. If you look at the GL action figures and many of the comics, the mask is sharp and comes to a point at the nose making it look aesthetically linear and uniform. The way they did the mask in the movie makes Hal’s nose look bloopy and bulbous; it looks like a green butterfly made of “FLUBBER” landed on his face. They should have made the mask of material FIRST also just as they should have with the entire suit. Maybe they’ll learn and do it right next time for Jon Stewart in GL2.

        • You, sir, automatically win for the phrase “bloopy and bulbous.” I have used the word “bloop” before and it cracks me up, but you have superceded my highest hopes.

        • @Blastaar: completely agree with you.

          P.S. Nice touch on the ~ wacky and zany ~ words… that just cracked me up 😀

  20. USO costume is funny, I think this costume that Rogers doesn’t like and asks Howard Stark for a new one that is more good looking and not stupid.

    • The USO costume is funny, I think this is the costume that Rogers doesn’t like and asks Howard Stark for a new one that is more good looking and not stupid.

  21. all i can say is WTF is that, is that cloth EDIT o.k read the post now and i suppose for public appearances its o.k i thought he would fight in that phew this year has been/will be a great year for CBM cant wait till summers over so we can start speculating on next years CBM’s lol

    • Haha….you posted a comment before you read the article? Yikes. That’s like basic rule #1. Maybe that’s why so many comments on sites seem so confused? Because after clicking on an article, they immediately scroll down and post a comment without knowing what the article is about? It explains a lot if that’s true.

  22. and after closer inspection imo the wings are to far forward on his head

  23. looks like the opening to watchman

  24. Well, at first the pic made me think ‘geek boyscout’ which didn’t fit his physical appearance, and then of course I realized that prior to the super-soldier treatment, he was a weakling who can now be that boyscout he always wanted to be. So I think it’s a perfect rendition of ‘Patriot Protector’ in the mind of a weakling-turned-superhero.

  25. Man that is awful, awful funny.

    If you haven’t seen the “original” Captain America movie I suggest you all go take a look, if for nothing else to get a great sense of contrast when you watch Captain America this summer.

    I plan on watching the old one & laughing a lot with my girl, she has yet to be subjected to the truly awful.

  26. I truly LOVE … the outfits for the USO girls. 😉

  27. WTF! it seems so simple, but i’ve got to say that i LOVE the USO girls outfit, the’re like sexy cheerleaders.

  28. I think the new costume as shown in the CA poster is fragging awesome and best resembles what would be used if there were such a thing as a super soldier from then.

  29. They made it look comical on purpouse and that’s a great idea. Should contrast well when he goes into action with the battle ready suit.