‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Trailer 2; ‘Patriotic’ & ‘Vintage’ Posters

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Captain America First Avenger Trailer 21 Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer 2; Patriotic & Vintage Posters

The summer blockbuster season is gearing-up and, following the success of the first two out of three Marvel film properties this summer (Thor and X-Men: First Class), movie fans are expecting Captain America: The First Avenger to secure the box office hat-trick.

Now, following the recent Captain America TV spot that provided a quick sound-bite of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull voice, we’ve got the second trailer for The First Avenger – as well as a glimpse at a couple new First Avenger posters – the special edition retro one-sheet given to the film’s cast and crew as well as a new patriotic theater one-sheet.

The initial Captain America: The First Avenger trailer focused heavily on the story of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) – as he made the jump from underdog army reject to the iconic red, white, and blue super-soldier via Project: Rebirth. While the trailer did a great job of establishing the character for non-comic book fans, it provided very little context for the larger story and events that will be featured in the film – offering only a brief glimpse at Red Skull (Weaving) and his HYDRA cronies.

Fortunately, the second Captain America trailer, which debuted a few weeks back at the Hero Complex Film Festival, provides plenty of high-octane action-teasing as well as even more information about the greater plot-points, Avenger tie-ins – not to mention a bit of fan-service.

Check out the second Captain America: The First Avenger trailer below”

Weaving is undoubtedly an ominous presence in this trailer but, even more interesting, is the success of the footage in capturing the period-piece setting – providing both an immersive look at alternate-history 1942 coupled with large-scale action sequences that will still captivate modern audiences. It’s a delicate balance, one that helped elevate X-Men: First Class above a simple good verses evil race to save the world. A lot of fans were somewhat skeptical of an Avengers tie-in that was so far removed from the current time-frame, but based on the new footage it’s safe to say that Captain America owns the time period – and will provide an intriguing foundation for next summer’s super hero mash-up.

Speaking of successfully harnessing 1940s culture, as an added bonus, we’ve also included the “vintage” Captain America: The First Avenger poster (from comic-book artist Paolo Rivera) that was given as a gift to the entire cast and crew – as well as a new, and especially patriotic, theater one-sheet.

Longtime Captain America fans will undoubtedly notice some similarities between the “vintage” poster and the original cover of Captain American #1.

Check out the two side by side with the new theater poster below (and click for a higher resolution):

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Captain America: The First Avenger will invade theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: Yahoo! Movies & Paolo Rivera [via Hero Complex]

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  1. Real cool. This is the one movie that i’ve been excited for all summmer. Looking foward to this than my own birthday. Time to order tickets early.

  2. Anyone else catch that cap is using the original, triangular shield and one point? He has it strapped to his arm at 1:55 as he’s flying through the air after an explosion. I suspect he will do one mission with it before he get’s his iconic, circular one.

    And I am not seeing the “bobble headed” look at all. I wonder if they have since gone back in and cleaned up the CGI but he just looks like a really scrawny kid now.

    • @Mongoose, I agree, there was some blurriness around Steve’s neck line also between Steve and Peggy in the taxi cab scene at first, now it’s a lot cleaner and sharper AND they still keep a corect sort of lighting and effect to the film that’s still maintains a period piece look.

  3. great trailer!

    cant wait to see more of skull, no doubt he will steal the show

    Wasnt it said early on that they didnt want to mention the Nazi’s in this film? I’m glad they changed their mind

  4. I choose to live and to
    Lie, kill and give and to
    Die, learn and love and to
    Do what it takes to step through.

    That trailer straight up gave me chill bumps. Cap looked awesome but everything is better with Tool playing in the background.

  5. Well I for one will be going to see it as soon as possible, looks good

  6. Freakin sweet!

    This movie has a great director, amazing cast, awesome special effects and a very cool story (albeit a little far fetched, but then again it is a comic book movie).


  7. I noticed that Chris Evans doesn’t really LOOK like Chris Evans in the above photo… or is that just me?

    • No, you are right. That is some serious photoshopping going on. Evans is a handsome man, so I don’t even know why they did that. This is like a cross of Chris Evans and Tom Welling. Maybe a dash of someone else in there too. It is still a cool poster though, and I like it better than the first one, where Evans was looking downward. This one seems more upbeat and hopeful.

      • He does look different, but it’s not because they added someone else’s features or anything like that. The highlighting and enhancement they used to make the texture of his skin and costume pop also changed the shading of his features, making them look a little distorted. That’s 100% Chris Evans’ face.

        • @Ken, great anylisis! The color pallete and lighting of the poster makes Chris’ features a lot more manly and a bit weathered(a good thing) and even slightly tanned. Sort of what Ed Harris might have looked like if he were a young version of Captain America. A tight jawline, a stern look forward with a determined looking glance.

      • sigh. Interns need to calm down. Your movie is not in trouble. TheAvenger rightly points out that Evans was over photoshopped. To the point where he now looks like a cross between real Evans and Welling to me. And the over photoshopping was dumb, because Evans looks fine without that. He doesn’t need it. So it is befuddling. Still a nice poster, even if it doesn’t look like Evans.

  8. Awesome trailer, the best one yet.

    The posters are great especially the third poster.

    I hope CA:TFA turns out to be great better Thor and X-Men: First Class, those two movies are the best comic book movie of the summer so yet.

    And about Green Lantern? I gave the film a chance despite the negative reviews and I am disappointed by the film, everything was wrong, it was more like a spoofy than a secouisly good movie like X-Men: First Class.

    It is one of the worst comic book movies of the year since Batman and Robin.

    • Awesome trailer, the best one yet.

      The posters are great especially the third poster.

      I hope Captain America: The First Avenger turns out to be great and better than Thor and X-Men: First Class, those two movies are the best comic book movies of the summer so far.

      And about Green Lantern? I gave the film a chance despite the negative reviews and I am disappointed by the film, everything was wrong, it was more like a spoofy than a secouisly good movie like X-Men: First Class.

      It is one of the worst comic book movies of the year since Batman and Robin.

      • @ Nawtnt

        I thought Green Lantern was pretty good imo. Imo id say both the film & Batman & Robin were better than films like Steel, Supergirl, Hulk, I would like say Elektra but i couldn’t get myself to finish watching that film.

        • Green Lantern had every element to be phenomenal. The animated Green Lantern movie “FIRST FLIGHT” showed exactly what the movie should have been like. Like Training Day, they should have kept Hal in space, continued his training, let the audience get to know more about the other Lanterns, and have Hal and Sinestro out as partners tracking down space criminals with all kinds of corruption and underhanded stuff going on. Hector Hammond should have been just a sub-plot set up for the next movie and save Paralx for the last scene on earth in this movie.

  9. Who cares what movie this is going to be better than. It looks cool either way!

  10. I’m not hugely impressed. Looks fun.

  11. Still not completely sold on it being good, but this trailer is certainly much better than the last which IMO was terrible. It looks like it might be kind of fun, but not like it will be great. It will be an enjoyable one viewing film at best. Chris Evans still doesn’t fit the part to me. He just doesn’t feel like Steve Rogers and I suspect that he won’t even with the full film experience. He will probably play a decent part, but I don’t see it being Steve Rogers from the comics.

    • I agree with you Daniel on all accounts. I am certainly not sold on this movie either. Actually this trailer is just a little bit better, but most of the content was in the first one also. There was only a few new scenes added. So far this movie only looks like a fun summer film – just like Thor. I thought Thor was merely a “good” movie not a great one. Thor was alright to view once, but I didn’t bother to see it twice. Captain America is also something I might see once. I also agree with you about Chris Evans not fitting the part of Captain America. He just is not Steve Rogers, I don’t care how big they get him to bulk up for the part. He just doesn’t come across well in the part. The body is not the only thing that makes the man. There was alot more to Steve Rogers and cheap, and cheesy dialogue was not part of it. I was hoping that Marvel would at least take the subject material more seriously and stop with the one-liners, I guess not. Steve Rogers was a serious leader of men, so far I am not seeing this from any of the spots or trailers.

      • I agree all the way except one thing I wouldn’t agree on is that I loved Thor. I actually liked it more than Iron Man. Incredible Hulk is my fave Marvel studio film and Thor is in a close second. Iron Man would of been number one, but it fell apart so horribly in the third act that it really hurt the film for me. For me Incredible Hulk is 9/10 , Thor 8.5/10 and Iron man gets 8/10.

        I’m actually waiting for the Thor Blu Ray can’t wait to watch the movie again and again.

  12. 2nd Trailer looked as great as the 1st. Can’t wait for film, have a feeling i’ll be seeing it 3 times,lol. I really can’t wait for The Avengers next summer, thats the film im mostly lookin forward to most next year. Im skeptical about how WB/DC will handle Justice League.

    • @Wally West, I don’t think WB/DC are going to tackle Justice League just yet. I think they’re going to go forward with WONDER WOMAN first which is what they should have done in the first place. To me the big three of DC are Super Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Zac Sneider should have been the one hired on for Wonder Woman and give it a “300″ tone. Wonder Woman will get males and females to see it. PLUS, I think making a Wonder Woman film is WAAAAAAAAY overdue and would have been a better marketing strategy as apposed to what Marvel is doing. Now Sneider is about to do “SUPERMAN M.O.S” and I don’t think he’s the right man for it, THAT should have been given to SPIELDBERG instead, while JJ ABRAMS should have been hired to do GREEN LANTERN. Martin Cambell is a great action director but he has no understanding of how to approach Sci-Fi but JJ Abrams does and has great character development, style, energy and tone. Steven Spieldberg seems almost perfect to do a Superman film and he’d be perfect to give it the right EPICNESS, light and depth without it ever needing to go really dark like TDK. I think Spieldberg would’ve had a better understanding of how to approach Superman better than Nolan, Snieder, Singer, or anybody else.

  13. This looks like it has the makings of a good story. Looking forward to this.

  14. I didn’t look at the trailer; I’ll see it on the big screen during T3.

    This summer has been good, not great, for superhero movies. I just hope CA will be the icing on the cake.

  15. you mean TF3 right Kahless?
    every time Somebody says T3 I have an Arnold flashback.

    • Terminators fighting Transformers. Yeah, I can go for that. 8-)

      • @ Kahless

        I just had to say i did enjoy T4 more than Transformers:ROTF, after that little trash talk between MCG & Michael Bay,lol.

  16. Got a little chill watching that trailer. I can’t wait. As a big Cap fan this looks awesome. Thor was better than expected. Xmen was good and I liked Green Lantern but this is the one I have been anticipating the most this summer!

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Evans looks a bit like David Duchovny on the first poster?

    Oh yeah… The trailer was cool. Gives me hope again.

    Kevin Feige: “95% of this movie takes place in the past. The bookends are in the modern day. The very first scene of the film is the discovery in the arctic. If you know anything about Cap, you might know what that discovery is.”

    Does that mean the Avengers appear in it?

    • @Scapegoat, I’ll just go all kinds of ape sh*t crazy if that were to happen(in a good way). The people in the theater will all be mad at me and I’ll probably get thrown out of the theater. If they show the Avengers discovering Cap, or seeing him first that will be so much like the comics and so cool( IF it works). I think just hearing their voices in the back while they are looking at Steve but no camera on them would be SO BADASS!!!!!!!!

      • Since Iron Man was Fury´s first recruit, I hope Downey is in the movie. He doesn´t have to wear the armor, just like in The Ultimates when Fury, Stark and Banner are there when Cap wakes up…

    • looking like DD on the profile poster… YES! creepy lol

      • James Gandolini IS Kingpin!!!
        Zachary Quinto SHOULD be Bullseye!!!

        I hope so… :)

    • @ Scapegoat

      I too wonder if they will do something like that in Captain America or wait for The Avengers film. I also wondered if which or all of our heroes would be there when Capt. wakes up or if it will just be Nick Fury w/ shield agents & maybe Hawkeye with a good close up appearance. Btw bud, don’t take this the wrong way, but that picture by your username looks like Ron Jeremy,lol.

      • Now that is funny! But in accord with you guys if we r shown the Avengers standing around Steve when he awakes, a simultaneous geekgasm would take in all theaters by the diehards. Operation: Peewee Herman Initiative.

  18. The trailers as well as my interest in the movie gets better.

  19. Awesome trailer! Thor was awesome, I haven’t seen X-Men yet, and Green Lantern was good, but not great. Captain America could be the winner of the 2011 Summer Superheroes.

    • XMen, IMO, was very good if you view it as a stand alone XMen film and not get too worked up over continuity.

      • IMO the latest X-Men movie is the best of the series.

  20. Loved the trailer. Love the posters. I enjoyed Thor and X-Men:FC. Meanwhile, the new DC Entertainment Company has Superman renouncing his American citizenship and is rebooting him back to the stone age. Plus gifting us with Jonah Hex, GL and the coming Supes debacle. It must be so nice to be a Marvel fan. Bluebirds chirping at your window every morning. Little mice sewing your clothes and singing “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”. Good movies about your favorite characters coming out every year. Yep. Must be nice.

    • I like Marvel over DC but I want both studios to give us epic (sorry DrSam :-) ) comic book movies. Marvel is doing better which means, I hope, that DC will up the ante.

      • I totally agree John. I want a kick-azz Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Justice League movie just as much as I want a kick-azz Cap, Avengers, Spidey movie. I never really understood this whole Marvel vs. DC thing. Just give me good stories and good characters and I will enjoy it!

    • @ superman4ever

      I think thats maybe why Nolan’s name always seems to be attached to just about every DC comic hero film that WB plans to release. Superman Reboot & Justice League has Nolan’s name on them. I thought Nolan was gonna move on to other projects he wanted to do after TDKR, changed his mind i guess.
      You know, i never seen Jonah Hex. But i guess i shouldn’t after what people have said. That what & the film having Megan Fox in the film. Oh well, i skipped Catwoman so why not skip out on Jonah Hex right? So yeah, it’s really nice Marvel Studios is around.

  21. Epic in every sense of the word. Win all round

  22. It has a cool Indiana Jones-vibe and I trust Joe Johnston with this kind of material (The Rocketeer was ace). But could somebody please tell the producers of these superhero movies that the use of rock music in the trailers is getting old pretty fast. It doesn’t even feel right.

    • I’ve been following that movie for months now it looks really good. I am also a big MMA fan as well as a big Tom Hardy fan so I really hope it turns out great it certainly looks good.

      • Yea hopefully brother. Nick Nolte looks goo in it as well. You can also see that Hardy has already put on some muscle mass that will be good for the role of Bane.

  23. I’m hoping that this movie turns out to be great but I have to agree with some people here that the TOOL song(which is a badass song) is out of place. That song among others would have been very sweet and appropriate for the Avengers though. Now I don’t know who’s idea it was to put “46 & 2″ in there but I highly doubt that Joe Johnston listens to Tool ( although I could be wrong)lol XD, and even if he did, it still wouldn’t be right. The only music that should be heard are great horns,strings, kettle drums, military band drum rolls and within the movie, “hits from the 40′s” like “BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY” (whenever appropriate).

    • Totally agree.

  24. Ok, I gave in and watched the trailer. It’s good, not great, but good. Still looking forward to seeing it.

    • Some people just seem to see the glass half empty…

      The thing is with cap, is that he was a weak kid and got beat up alot but he never stopped doing whats right. He doesnt have a suit of armor hes not a giant green monster he isnt a god, hes a regular human being that was put in a unregular situation, THAT is a hero… even if he didnt get that super soldier serum, his heart is stronger then iron man’s suit, armor and his egotistic nature…

      Im not a billionare like stark, my father isnt odin, and im not a genious that accidently tuned myself into a monster, Cap is some one we can relate to, maybe you are a billionare monster god, but the rest of are not…

      This trailer was better then the first, looks like its gonna be better then the other superheros movies combined… At least these trailers gives me that impression…

  25. wow, there seems to be a lot of hatin’ goin’ on, all because of a trailer. people hatin on the movie based on the trailer, AND because there’s a tool song playin’! just because they used the song in the trailer does not mean it will be used in the movie. i think the song works for the trailer, and it may work in the film as well. sometimes out of period music works in a film (i.e. A Knights Tale) and sometimes it doesn’t (i.e. Marie Antoinette)but the main point i’m tryin’ to make is…lets not judge the film until we actually see the film…m’kay?

    • A lot of hating about Captain America? I’ve seen a few people who say “I’m not sure yet,” and a few people who say “the song for the trailer doesn’t fit,” and a whole bunch of people saying “can’t wait for it to come out! looks good!”

  26. I don’t get why so many people idolize Tool like they are some legendary band… All of their songs sound exactly the same and last way too long… Sorry, had to say it. I used to be a Tool fan like 15 years ago when they had their first real big hit, then every other song that came out after that just sounded the same, then I just lost interest… Sorry, just my opinion.

    • Ken J couldn’t agree more. Can’t stand tool. First song I ever heard I thought they were ok, but I didn’t quite like their overly liberal messages. However, second and third song I heard I almost thought I was listening to the same song. They have failed to even try to evolve or be original over the years. Copying them selves with every new single and album.

  27. OK, here is my question. How is this Captain America going to be in Avengers when rest of Avengers happen in the modern time and CA in this movie was like in World War?