‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Trailer 2; ‘Patriotic’ & ‘Vintage’ Posters

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Captain America First Avenger Trailer 21 Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer 2; Patriotic & Vintage Posters

The summer blockbuster season is gearing-up and, following the success of the first two out of three Marvel film properties this summer (Thor and X-Men: First Class), movie fans are expecting Captain America: The First Avenger to secure the box office hat-trick.

Now, following the recent Captain America TV spot that provided a quick sound-bite of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull voice, we’ve got the second trailer for The First Avenger – as well as a glimpse at a couple new First Avenger posters – the special edition retro one-sheet given to the film’s cast and crew as well as a new patriotic theater one-sheet.

The initial Captain America: The First Avenger trailer focused heavily on the story of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) – as he made the jump from underdog army reject to the iconic red, white, and blue super-soldier via Project: Rebirth. While the trailer did a great job of establishing the character for non-comic book fans, it provided very little context for the larger story and events that will be featured in the film – offering only a brief glimpse at Red Skull (Weaving) and his HYDRA cronies.

Fortunately, the second Captain America trailer, which debuted a few weeks back at the Hero Complex Film Festival, provides plenty of high-octane action-teasing as well as even more information about the greater plot-points, Avenger tie-ins – not to mention a bit of fan-service.

Check out the second Captain America: The First Avenger trailer below”

Weaving is undoubtedly an ominous presence in this trailer but, even more interesting, is the success of the footage in capturing the period-piece setting – providing both an immersive look at alternate-history 1942 coupled with large-scale action sequences that will still captivate modern audiences. It’s a delicate balance, one that helped elevate X-Men: First Class above a simple good verses evil race to save the world. A lot of fans were somewhat skeptical of an Avengers tie-in that was so far removed from the current time-frame, but based on the new footage it’s safe to say that Captain America owns the time period – and will provide an intriguing foundation for next summer’s super hero mash-up.

Speaking of successfully harnessing 1940s culture, as an added bonus, we’ve also included the “vintage” Captain America: The First Avenger poster (from comic-book artist Paolo Rivera) that was given as a gift to the entire cast and crew – as well as a new, and especially patriotic, theater one-sheet.

Longtime Captain America fans will undoubtedly notice some similarities between the “vintage” poster and the original cover of Captain American #1.

Check out the two side by side with the new theater poster below (and click for a higher resolution):

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Captain America: The First Avenger will invade theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: Yahoo! Movies & Paolo Rivera [via Hero Complex]

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  1. It was cool, I just want to hear more of red skull’s voice and know more about the plot.

  2. This film will be better than Iron Man.

    Yeah, I said it.

    • I agree

      • i love how they put the song 4 6 and 2 by TOOL in the back ground. gave me chills. i def think this will be the best marvel film yet especially with the most character development.

        • Oh I agree very much with that.
          I also think that the theme of the song… one of stepping up to the plate and striving to be more than you are… is particularly appropriate.

          Remember, there’s more to Captain America than just the red white and blue uniform… or will need to be if this property is going to have any impact outside of the US.

          I am pleased to be able to say that it looks like there will be.

  3. This is amazing!!

  4. that poster with him punching Hitler is just badass

    • It’s pretty damn cool but it’s really crowded.

      • Agreed, it’s crowded compared to modern film posters…but it’s meant to be evocative of old serial posters and it does a great job of that.

        • I understand that. It’s still too crowded.

          • I was thinking the same thing. It’s definitely too crowded up top. Too many characters included. They could have put a more sparse, decorative background, or only put the faces of Captain America in his military garb (as pictured) next to Red Skull and left it at that. It also doesn’t help that (in addition the number of faces), they didn’t leave and distance between them and the primary action art.

            • Damn typo. I meant, leave ANY distance…

  5. Wow!!! I can’t wait

  6. Yeah…. goosbumps and all for a 4o ish year old man. Like the first Spiderman and Ironman. It just gets better and better.

    I think they could all talk like Mickey Mouse and I would still enjoy it. 😀

    • What up Aknot? My fellow Prince William ranter…Yeah this movie is looking good so far. I really do hope they nail a solid story and action in this film.

    • …Mickey Mouse voice… “Nothing…I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.” Hilarious.

  7. I’m hoping for A LOT of action in this. Thor was good, but CA is looking a lot better, Hoping for some epic slow motion montages in this! I’m really digging the new Chris Evans theater poster as well, very classy. I can only hope they get The Avengers right, the last thing we need is a HUGE build-up with little to no delivery. (looking @ you Green Lantern)

    -There was no doubt in my mind that MARVEL was going to completely eclipse DC this year.

  8. It was good but the whole time I was watching it I felt like something big was going to happen and it didn’t..I think I wanted more Hugo Weaving ..

    Looking forward to this film greatly!!

    • I think it’s kind of great that they are saving Red Skull for the movie and not showing him much.

  9. Oh God i just cant wait for this film,, i have waited like many very long for this one,, the ad is great,, its got a great vibe to it,, it reminds me of the first time I saw indianna jones,, the same feel, oh my this is going to be good,, real good,, its been a long time since a film with this kind vibe hit the cinemas, i hope everyone really loves it, especially anyone who would not be into hero films. I hope they try this one and really dig it ,, Oh I just cant wait,, for this,,

    • Dude, take a cold shower…

  10. That was REALLY good!

  11. This trailer has me dying to see more. I have to go and see this movie

  12. Captain America looks sooooo sweet!!! Marvel DEFINITELY knows how to bring their characters to life…unlike DC!!! By the way things are going The Avengers movie will blow away the Justice League movie!!! Hands Down!!! Marvel has brought over 5 to the big screen with little success or alot of success; While DC only has one – BatMan. I am a big BatMan fan, but, there is no way BatMan could take on Wolverine, The HULK, or even Profeesor X by himself!!! Maybe DC will take notice…

  13. If this turns out good, then Marvel Studios is turning out to be quite a movie studio… Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, could Captain America be the next good movie from Marvel??

    • I really enjoy the Band of Brothers/Indiana Jones feel in these trailers.

      • looks good has a skycaptin and the world of tomorrow and raiders of the lost ark vib

        • I hope a lot less Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and a whole lot more Raiders of the Lost Ark…

  14. “I’m just a kid from brooklyn”. I almost cheered lol. This looks excellent.

  15. Yeah, I agree that they do seem to have gotten the 1940s feel right.

    Looking forward to this one. It’s starting to look like my prediction that Hugo Weaving as Red Skull would steal this movie might prove to be wrong, because they sure seem to be focusing on Cap’s origin more.

  16. Outstanding stuff. Just when America could use a little morale boost too.

    One thing though. This is the guy who played Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four? What happened to him? He looks completely different. For the better though.

    • The FF films aren’t connected to the Marvel Studios films…totally different universe/timeline. Think along the lines of Arnie playing the T800 in Terminator, then playing John Matrix in Commando. I think Evans was a great choice for Captain America, but we won’t know for sure until the movie comes out.

    • Yeah, it’s the same guy who played Johnny Storm, Chris Evans. He bulked up for the role. Successfully it would seem.

      At the very least, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth have proved that you don’t necessarily HAVE to find a Mr. Universe to play these superheroes – just get a trainer that knows what he’s doing, and bingo.

  17. So he will have two shields in this movie huh? I saw the old um…. shield shaped shield. (You know what I mean. lol) or at least it’s silhouette as he was flying through the air.

  18. Just an inkling, but I have a feeling that if this film is as good as I suspect, it could put the Avengers movie at a dissadvantage by raising the bar significantly. I truly hope that both films are sensational, and that Marvel continues to churn out rewarding movies.

  19. Now the poster with Cap alone is refreshing.

  20. Uh-oh, guess I’m just gonna have to go out and buy this DVD for my collection…Cap, along with Green Lantern, Thor, X-Men: First Class, The Avengers…lotsa movies going to bulk up my collection in the near-future!!

  21. Captain America is Rock n Roll!

    Thor should have been more God of Thunder!

    Green Lantern should have been more about the Green Lantern Corp!

    Fantastic Four should be done like X-Men First Class!

    Disney buy Sony Entertainment!

    The Amazing Spider-Man and Ghostrider can come home!

    • “Green Lantern should have been more about the Green Lantern Corp!”

      No it shouldn’t. It was about Hal Jordan, not the Corps.

      • Yes Green Lantern was the origin story for HAL JORDAN not the CORPS.

    • Sweet trailer! One can only guess how well Avengers might be!

      Without a major presence at Comic-Con, Marvel will need to show how the Avengers is turning out on the internet.

  22. mehhhhh…looks 50/50. Not a huge fan of the director, his films are always just okk, never really suck and never really great…just a straight up ok.

    • It “looks 50/50?”


    • Joe is one of the best Director out there,his Rocketeer is one of the all time best Movies and really underrated!
      But hey…everybody has an opinion ! :)

      • The Rocketeer is one of my favorite movies all time.

        • Mine too!!!!

          • Me too! I still watch it when it is on cable. Totally underrated and poorly marketed in its time.

            • The Rocketeer was great. Timothy Dalton really stole the show. The only downside was the main character was dull as dishwater. The real star of the film was the costumes, set design and cinematography.

  23. i think some people will be put off by the time period the film is set in, but i’m sure it will have a very satisfying ending to show how “The Avengers” will tie all these cool movies together.
    I was a fan of the capt. america films they did for tv back in the 80’s, they even did a semi-avengers movie in one of the last bill bixby/lou ferrigno “Hulk” movies, with daredevil and thor making an appearance.
    I hope the new Avengers film will be well over 2 hours so they can get a decent story out of it.i can’t wait!

    • I disagree about people being put off by the time period. First, the WW2 era is a VERY romanticized era of US history; people aren’t going to be turned off by that. Also, if people are put off by that time period, how the heck did the Indiana Jones movies become so popular? Same time frame. I think if the story is written well, acted well and directed well it will be accepted by the public, whether it is in the 1940’s, 2010’s or the 1600’s!!

  24. I am saddened to say that I don’t get excited about these kinds of movies anymore. But this……………I can’t stop replaying the trailer. For me “Blown away” doesn’t even begin to describe.

  25. Hm…I think the only problem for now is the trailer, the last trailer and this one uses the same music as the Ironman trailers…but it doesn’t suit as well…

    • :/

      Given the theme and meaning of 46 and 2 by Tool, I dare say it fits perfectly here with Steve rogers elevating to super soldier

      • A-ha! Hadn’t read your reply here Shamose when I made another much like it on a prior post.
        Having 46&2 in there certainly added another dimension to the trailer for me.

      • I don’t think the Tool song fits at all, I’m a huge Tool fan and hearing their song in a movie trailer made me turn it off. The song is way beyond whatever the producers are trying to fit in with the theme of the film. If I was Maynard, Danny, Adam or Chanclor from Tool, I would be pissed.

  26. trailer is way better then the last one
    this movie im pretty sure wil be better then
    Thor, GL most definetly.

    • Maybe domestically but doubt that over seas.

      • SInce when does “better” equate to “make the most money?”

  27. It looks quite good, bit nothing breathtaking, still the trailer does it’s job. All i’m going to say is that I saw all the positive comments for the Green Lantern trailers and we know how things turned out there. So approach with a bit of cautiuon, that’s all i’d say

    • I agree with lebsta. I found the trailer merely good but nothing breathtaking or having a ‘wow’ factor to it. The movie my family and friends read the positive comments for though was for Thor. Being a huge Marvel fan, I went into the theater expecting alot. When we went opening day. We were not impressed by it. It was merely a good film not a great one. Well it wasn’t one we felt was worth remembering after it was finished . It was, to us, just a big noisy summer flick. ( I haven’t seen Green Lantern so I can’t comment on it). So, I can honestly say that I am still not overly impressed by any of the trailers for Captain America. I love seeing that Tommy Lee Jones is in it so much though – he would be my only reason for seeing it. So, as lebsta has already stated be cautious, this just might be nothing more than a decent trailer and not a great movie at all. I am not overly excited, I need alot more than a new trailer, with 1/2 of the same scenes that we have already been shown before in it.

  28. Hmmmm. Seems as though Marvel Studios reads these posts. Like many others said here, the first posters were’nt very inspiring and I said that they should show a movie poster with Steve looking epically away from the camera; here they go with a VERY much more appropriate and EPIC cinema poster. All they need is about 3 more epic posters like that but some with action, one with him and the Howling Commandos, and a couple of others with various other important characters with an epic stance or action shot. The trailer is GREAT, I’ll be in line opening night wearing my Captain America T-Shirt with the shield on it. I hope so 😉

  29. These posters blow me away! Especially the one that shows Cap slugging Adolf, just like the cover of Captain America #1. I hope this film does Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s character and legacy proud. And this new trailer has literally knocked me on my back. It gives a way more detailed look into Steve as man, and why he wants to fight so hard. And we get to see more into a HYDRA of 1942, and see the Red Skull in all his true villainy, a man bent on taking the world as his own, despite doing the dirty work for “De Fuhrer”. This film will no doubt be the amazing final chapter before the Avengers film and will help set the stage for future Captain America movies.