‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ News & Media Roundup

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Captain America: The First Avenger is the fourth Marvel property to be cinematically adapted by Marvel, and the second after The Incredible Hulk to have been previously adapted by a studio outside the Marvel wheelhouse. I think I can safely say we all remember rubber ears Captain America from 1990 and the 1944 serial of the same name. But I digress. Since the Super Bowl trailer dropped, we’ve seen all kinds of First Avenger-related news and media in the on-ramp to the July release date.

Today, we have: a movie still of Chris Evans in costume, being manhandled by HYDRA; the official film synopsis; and confirmation that Derek Luke will be playing Gabe Jones of the Howling Commandos.

First things first, here’s the official Captain America: The First Avenger Official Synopsis, courtesy of Marvel:

Captain America: The First Avenger will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. As Captain America, Rogers joins forces with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

So, nothing new in terms of plot details. I still grimace every time I read the word “HYDRA” when I should be reading “Nazis,” but that’s a fairly minor quibble if the film as a whole ends up being fantastic.

Next up, let’s take a look at the new movie still:

captain america the first avenger movie still ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ News & Media Roundup

I have to say, I’m still not completely sold on this suit. I think it looks technically very “good” and will end up working just fine, especially when I see it on the big-screen, but I can’t shake the feeling that it looks like some sort of cloth-based spacesuit from the future. This is the 1940s, right? Shouldn’t it look a bit more like it’s from, I don’t know, the 1940s?

Next up, according to Black Film, a source has indicated that Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher) will be playing Gabe Jones of the Howling Commandos – an elite special forces unit led by Nick Fury in World War II. The team’s roster has changed from comic to comic, but typically has consisted of Fury, ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan, and Gabe Jones, the first African-American in the Marvel Universe to serve in an integrated unit.

Last year, Kevin Feige revealed The Howling Commandos would be appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger, and I suppose this is further confirmation of that. The only question remaining is: Will Nick Fury – the Nick Fury of the movies, played by Samuel L. Jackson – lead the squad in The First Avenger? Or will this be a Nick-Fury-less iteration of The Howling Commandos?

In the Ultimate and 616 comics, Fury avoids aging and/or dying by constantly consuming something known as “The Infinity Formula,” so it’s more than possible for the Sam Jackson version to be around during the events of The First Avenger as well as Iron Man 1 and 2. Though, considering Jackson didn’t do any extensive shooting for The First Avenger, one can assume that’s probably not the case.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd, 2011.

Sources: Black Film

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  1. Too bad, he would’ve made a fine T’Challa.

    • He would….

  2. “I can’t shake the feeling that it looks like some sort of cloth-based spacesuit from the future.”
    I agree. With the 40s suit looking that modern, how will the modern day costume look?

    • theyll probably go with somthing similar to the design of the bucky barnes suit. with snale fish scale type textutre with a cowl with some kevlar thrown in there. the 1940s suit is a creation of howard stark so of course it will look modern and consist of padding(under armor) and kevlar or som other type of bullet proof material

      • But it doesn’t look “retro modern,” like something a guy in the 40s would create with the intention of it seeming modern. It looks modern-modern, as in 2011 modern. As in, obviously some guy from the year 2011 designed it.

  3. I think this will be a decent flick…one thing we need to suspend disbelief that we could creat a super soldier in 1940,but not a cloth based space suit from the future…just sayin…

  4. Captain America, the NEW Avenger?

  5. Still no word on an official full length trailer? Its driving me crazy that they haven’t released one yet, and we’re now only a few months away from its release. I’m hoping/guessing its gonna be attached to Suckerpunch

  6. I think the costume looks great in a ‘diesel-punk’ sort of way, which is what the aesthetics of the film seem to be doing. A hyper-stylized WWII ‘Sky Captain’ sort of look to everything. So what if the 1940′s US government were to put a huge chunk of funding into a soldier super-suit? What would it look like? Probably a lot like the one we’re seeing, with plenty of leather, quilting and canvas stitching everywhere (probably cammo thought instead of the red white and blue)

  7. Glad it is Hydra and not Nazis, either way Hydra are filled with Nazis and want the same thing, so not like it is a big difference (least they are true to the comic in that way).

    • Wait, you’re telling me you’re glad that the movie will avoid references to the Nazis and swastikas for merchandising purposes? Why?

      • first off they are not doing that , will people please stop with that nonsense, the nazi’s will be in the movie. They have already said it and you’ll see a hitler and im sure a few nazi flags , so everyone needs to stop.

        • The only Hitler you’ll be seeing is a guy who resembles the man in a theatrical show. What evidence do you have that you’ll be seeing Nazi flags?

  8. I think they did a pretty decent job. I dont reckon the suit looks like cloth but more like leather. I see it as cap’s first shot at a suit and would later refine it when The Avengers come out.

  9. I’d like a trailer sometime this century. We’re four months away from the movie and we don’t have one trailer yet.

  10. I dont think it is easy or realistic to get Captain America running arnd in spandex lookin material just like in the comics. What looks good on paper n ink may look absurd on screen. I for one hated Ian Mckellen in that silly magneto helmet.

    • I never said I wanted it to be more like the comics. I said I wanted it to be more old-fashioned.

    • IMO McKellen´s helmet was cool. The best part of his costume.

      • Agreed.

  11. ^Completely agree!

  12. For the most part I think the costume looks ok. However, I have a hard time getting over how overly padded and fluffy it looks. It just bugs me like captain America is wearing a giant pillow. I really hope in motion with added effects that changes. i don’t think the film looks good or has a chance in hell of being good, but I at least want the costume to look good if nothing else. Red Skull looks fantastic why can’t the costume be better than ok?

  13. This film looks great although a few Nazi’s short. Marvel handled the super soldier sceanario well in “Incredable Hulk” so I’ll trust them with “Cap”.
    BTW: the “fish scale” referred to above as being on Cap’s chest is actually comic book short hand for CHAIN MAIL. I worked for Marvel in the seventies and that comes directly from the mouth of Jack Kirby- fact.

  14. I loved the old 60s/70s comics of Cap, and likewise The Avengers, so we will see how this plays out. I don’t like the movie rendition of the costume, and wish it were identical to the comics’ version from those years (Cap’s movie helmet, cowl, or whatever, looks like a jockstrap!) I still am sure this movie will be added to my DVD collection, as I do with all superhero movies. One more thing, is it me, or does the comic picture in this article of the original Nick Fury make Nick look a little like Schwartzeneggar? I am not biased at all, by the way, but the modern movie Nick Fury as seen in Iron Man, etc., is depicted as black, and I am sorry, but he was a white guy in the early comics, so rather than try to be the liberal version of the term, “politically correct”, they should have left him white. The actor himself (Jackson) did fine, so I do not fault him at all. It was writers, directors, producers, or whoever. People would probably scream if a movie showing The Black Panther and Power Man Luke Cage used white actors, so…well, no terrible pun intended, but a spade is a spade (I feel guilty saying that; it was the first “Freudian Slip” words that popped into my head, so I’ll say it and hope no one takes it out of context). They added a black actor (albeit a good one) as a Norse God in Thor, also (as a part Danish-American, I can assure you that was not what either the Scandanavians nor original Thor writers of the comics intended). Let’s leave characters of whatever race they originally were, as they were intended. No bigotry intended herein at all.

    • yeah and if you pick up anything current you’ll see he is still white in the regular Marvel Universe, however in the Ultimate Universe he is Black, and I have to say a helluva alot cooler, lol.

      • @Loco Lobo, yeah I agree, The white Nick Fury is your quintessential middle aged Caucasian comic book character that has been in 98% of comics since day one. Ultimate Nick Fury IS cooler and it adds a least “a little” diversity.

  15. The suit looks fine to me, it has a paratrooper look to it. I think what throws it off is seeing that sort of suit in that color but idk. I hope they have Nazis but i understand if they dont, as the swastika and other Nazi emblems are banned in a few countries.

  16. Actually quilted garments go back as far as the 15th if not the 14Th century warfare. Protection against blunt trauma wasn’t as important in 20Th century warfare, because the majority of trauma was caused by objects propelled at incredible velocities. Of course the one place that idea was moderated was in catering to the head.

    It then became more important to cloth an army quickly and have that clothing function the best it could for its primary purpose. That purpose is to protect a person from the overall environmental hazards of heat, cold and moderate skin exposure. Exposure would include things like mild abrasion, pest protection, things of that nature. It was also important to be able to I.D. friend or foe quickly and easily. Things happened quick on the 20Th century battlefield. With that in mind it was important to be able to strip clothing off quick, so that modern techniques of first aid and wound treatment could be applied. Quilted garments wouldn’t tear as easily, but then not every soldier can tumble and perform physical feats as if they were in 1/6th or 1/5th Earths normal gravity, like a super soldier either. It’s still somewhat of a trade off today, flexibility and speed of movement are sacrificed some using the inflexible modern armor. Would we be using it widely today if we were fielding an army say of several million??

    • I’m not taking issue with the fabric used, I’m taking issue with the design, which looks like it was made in 2011.

      • Really? That looks like it was made in 2011? In 2011 I would expect more mechanized equipment with less color and more streamlined padding. That suit looks bulky and heavily padded like they would have used before they created some of the more modern materials they currently use for bulletproofing and padding. I would say it looks more 60′s than 2000′s. That is still not the 60′s, but Howard Stark’s forward thinking could create something 20 years advanced anyway.

        Just my 2 cents.

        • @Doom3524 Great Post. Exactly!!!!!!!!!

          • Ulik my friend, we need to get you a gravatar of your namesake going! lol

            • Nothing like a big hairy Troll pic

              • @Doom3524,LOL yeah. I need to get one. I don’t want people to think I’m “trolling” though. LOL!

      • @Ben Moore, Seriously? Have you looked at 21st Century tactical gear? That suit up there is no where near as tactical as what is being used today. And if they made a Captain America uniform for the 21st Century (The Avengers), then it would probably be even more modernized than the present day tactical designs. Do some research. LOL!

        • I think you’re all misunderstanding what I’m saying. I’m not saying it looks like this was designed for the army in 2011. I’m not saying the padding or whatever is something they’d use in 2011. I’m saying the look, the visual look, the way everything LOOKS, looks like it was made in 2011. It looks like a guy in 2011 was trying, but not all that hard, to make a 1940s suit.

          But no, you’re right, I’ll go do my research on what an army superhero suit would look like circa 1944. This is where I would use the eye-rolling emoticons if I used emoticons.

            • I’m sorry, but you massively jumping to conclusions was not my fault, and you writing page after page about “quilting” was also not my fault. I said exactly what I wanted to. It looks like it’s from the future…only cloth-based. I didn’t see Daniel’s comment, nor am I required to respond to every single person who takes issue with what I say. Last of all, this absolutely did not cause me pain, but if it caused you pain…again, I can’t help but think you have no one to blame but yourself for jumping to conclusions.

              • The padding is very much apart of what makes it look like a spacesuit in a functional way. You don’t want to own up to the misdirection That’s your problem.

                “But no, you’re right, I’ll go do my research on what an army superhero suit would look like circa 1944. This is where I would use the eye-rolling emoticons if I used emoticons.”

                This is an emotional outburst and I judge it to be pain. I don’t believe it was directed at me but go ahead say and believe what you want, you’ve written enough to show your colors on the whole costume issue, and yeah lesson learned I’ll forget about attempting to contribute to the conversation with any substance…

                • I have to disagree with you Ben Moore, the suit looks vintage in design and fabric use, the materials used seem to be ones that would be available in this time period as well. They did a great job with this design but Ben argues his point better than you the old man, you just sound childish in your arguments and personal attacks.

                  • Uh, excuse me? What personal attacks? Calling someone childish is a personal attack, friend, not what I’ve done, which amounts to “disagreeing” with people and “telling them they jumped to conclusions.”

                    • Ben,

                      I believe MJC was referring to “the old man” and not you.

                      And let’s all relax a bit, shall we? :)


                    • I was refering to “the old man”, but you are very spirited individual.

                    • Hah. Whoops. I’m very sorry about that MJCO5, I should’ve read that more clearly.

  17. You mean the quilting? Isn’t that a design issue? By the time engineers realized that people would be different weights in rocket programs, the same physics are at work as are in battle after all, so it’s not like it’s that big of a leap to adapt a 14Th century battle uniform technique to protection for the first rocket men or Cap for that matter.

    All one had to do is imagine watching Steve in action on the training ground to realize the guy was going to be needing something more than standard dress and mil. turn out gear. If your saying that the cloth looks more like plastic than leather, then maybe you have a point, but the special needs of filming have been used in defense of Spidey’s new costumes. Why do you get to quibble about Marvel’s choices if Fox gets to get away with theirs?? Not that I’m saying you have to agree or represent your fellow article writers here, but with Koffi’s blazing recent article blasting the fanboy critics, one has to be careful to take stock in exactly what we’re getting at…

  18. No, I am not talking about the quilting, I’m talking about the specific DESIGN of every inch and part of the suit, which is far too streamlined and sleek for the era, in my opinion. I am talking about the aesthetic and the aesthetic alone.

    • @Ben Moore, Dude, Howard Stark designed the uniform, of course it’s going to be “a bit” more advanced compared to other tactical designs of that time or even other “normal” soldiers of THAT time. But it is NO WHERE close to what a more advanced like Cap’s uniform would be given to Cap today.

      • @Ben Moore, For example, imagine what Captain America’s uniform would look like if TONY STARK designed it, THAT would be more modern but still advanced at the same time.

        • How convenient, since Howard Stark made it the costume designers of the film don’t have to make it resemble the design trends of the time.

          • Correct. Now you get it ;-)

          • What exactly were the super soldier/superhero design trends from the 1940′s???? Enlighten us please.

  19. And still no trailer? Not a good sign. Everything else has had a trailer, Thor and Green Lantern had trailers months ago, X-Men has had 2 trailers!

  20. The costume was never going to look great as it just wasnt a good design in the first place, out of the many Superhero costumes, Captain America’s has always seemed a bit silly to me.

    • not anymore silly then a guy whom calls himself spiderman, but his costume is blue and red, or Wonder Woman whom is an Amazon yet wears american colors, lol. I also cant beleive people are going on about the use of padding in the Captain America “costume”. I find this even more amusing considering the huge debate that went on yesterday about the use of Fanboy as a DEROGATORY term.

      • Actually it is, both Spiderman and Wonder Woman have superpowers, and therefore can afford to be brightly coloured, Captain America is just a walking target on a battlefield. He may be a super soldier but he is still human, a stray bullet would kill him.

  21. If you ask me no trailer means they aren’t proud of the movie. You would think they’d want a trailer out there to generate buzz and hype.. yeah Green Lantern’s trailer got some negative feedback but at least it got recognized

    • They have a trailer out for Captain America. Where have you been?

      • really? besides the 30 second teaser? i think kenn might b referring to a full length trailer. Kenn, they already have a product available and regardless of how proud or satisfied they are of it, they would still need to dress it up and release it to the masses. My guess is they might be releasing the trailer when another big movie, say Suckerpunch, comes out.

        Im pretty certain whenever it is released, and if Im caught off guard, the trailer is definitely gonna ruin the movie I originally went to see. ;)

  22. It is called an opinion. We all have one. Along with that goes our freedom of speech :D Calling people you cannot see “fat nerds” is not contributing to the debate.

  23. I am holding off my opinion on this one till I see the movie or an actual trailer that showcases more of the true look of the film.

  24. Yes a stray bullet would kill him, but I read in one of his comics that the SUper Soldier Serum has allowed him to see faster than the bullets, so I think that on top of the shield protect him just fine

  25. I love the suit, but I will agree it defiantly doesn’t look like it was made in 1940.

  26. The trailer they played during the SuperBowl was “meh”. Still, I’m withholding judgment until I actually see the movie.

  27. Actually, the suit looks like martha washington found some horse blankets and cut up a spare flag for accessories. In a word, pretty not interesting, i think. Yes, they’re going for the retro thing, but stuff looked amazing and hightech even in the 20s and 30s, in terms of experimental building/production materials AND design parameters (art deco/art nouveau, anyone?), This cludgy, lumpy schmatte looks like a rejected design from a Jim Thorpe biopic, or like something Reagan would’ve worn in one of his moth-eaten gridiron pics.. I was really really hoping for a more futuristic approach. Oh well, at least Red Skull looks good.

  28. Sure the suit doesn’t look 1940′s but, um, we are talking about a movie about a scrawny soldier that gets pumped full of a super serum that makes him amazingly buff and fast right? Not to mention an indestructible shield that comes back to him… would it be that big of a stretch to imagine they were able to manufacture a suit that looked a little high tech? I mean, it’s not like it’s lycra and it certainly isn’t latex so I think they are on the right track with it. My worry is if Chris Evans can pull off the seriousness that may be needed for the movie. Much like Ryan Reynolds, he’s been heavily typecast as a smart ass. Time will tell. Hopefully the success or fail of this movie wont weigh heavily on the over all final product of The Avenger’s.

  29. Still not crazy about the suit. Looks like different colored matress pads sewed together. I hope the movie will be so good the suit wont really matter.