‘Captain America 2′ Box Office Forecast and A May 2016 ‘Captain America 3′ Release Date

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Today is the world premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the cast and crew along with loads of celebrities will be attending the red carpet event in just a few hours. The Captain America sequel not only represents the first Marvel film release of 2014, but it’s the first Phase 2 film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to delve back into the shared continuity of the franchise as a whole, bridging the gap between The Avengers and its 2015 sequel, Age of Ultron.

Chris Evans returns as the titular hero, joined by several important allies in fellow Avenger Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and new character Falcon (Anthony Mackie) as they take on a mysterious threat spearheaded in the field by The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). The studio has the utmost confidence in the spring release, having signed directors Anthony and Joe Russo, along with writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, to begin work already on Captain America 3.

Combined with the immensely positive early reactions from media who screened Captain America: The Winter Soldier earlier this week ahead of the press junket, and it’s no surprise that Marvel Studios is fast-tracking a three-quel to begin shooting in 2015, that is, according to the Russos who revealed that in an interview with the New York Post’s Reed Tucker.

If they’re shooting in 2015 that means Captain America 3 is coming in 2016, and if that’s the case, Marvel Studios already has two dates for unannounced projects locked down – one on May 6 2016 and the other on July 8 2016. Kevin Feige told us last year that the studio likes the “rhythm” of having a sequel to an established property followed by a new one each year so that would mean Captain America 3 is coming May 6, 2016, a date that’s also shared by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ recently delayed Batman vs. Superman. As we confirmed last night, Marvel is not moving away from the date and rumors are already pointing towards the Man of Steel sequel potentially moving earlier.

Evidently, THR read the same stuff as their “sources” claim Captain America 3 is definitely coming that day as well. Now all we need to do is wait for Marvel Studios to make that official which Feige said will happen in the first half of this year, possibly even before their usual announcement venue (San Diego Comic-Con). What THR does have that’s legitimately new however, is the early box office forecast for Captain America 2 which sees it raking in $80 million in its opening April weekend. That’s just the domestic opening haul since it opens a week earlier in the UK.

Unannounced Captain America 3 Logo Captain America 2 Box Office Forecast and A May 2016 Captain America 3 Release Date

That puts Cap 2’s performance around or just under that of Thor: The Dark World, likely meaning it’ll bring in a similar total or just a little less. If you recall, the first Thor outperformed Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 as well so Chris Hemsworth’s Asgardian Avenger is currently Marvel’s top solo hero earner after Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Similar to Thor 2 opening in November 2013, Cap 2’s spring release is another test for the studio who up until this point has released all of its films in the key summer blockuster season.

That makes it all the more interesting that Marvel is reportedly planning to switch the order of releases in Phase 3, putting Captain America 3 before Thor 3. Of course, such a move is all part of the great plan in the setup for The Avengers 3 which is presumed to release in summer 2018. If Thor 3 is part of Phase 3 and not being saved until later, it’s coming May 2017 – again, because established sequel comes first.

Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier Post Credits Spoiler Captain America 2 Box Office Forecast and A May 2016 Captain America 3 Release Date

It’s possible though that Guardians of the Galaxy gets a sequel for a third Thor, and some fans are still hoping for a Mark Ruffalo Hulk standalone picture, but we know Phase 4 is already in early development as well with a rough plan in place for Marvel Studios all the way until 2021. Then again, Thor 3 just got writers officially attached last month so it’s already in development as well, before Guardians has even released.

Can Captain America: The Winter Soldier beat out Thor: The Dark World’s $85 million domestic opening weekend with an April release? Will Warner Bros. keep Batman vs. Superman where it is against it in May 2016? Is Thor 3 a Phase 4 movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is produced by Kevin Feige, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp and Hayley Atwell, with Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: MarvelTHR

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  1. From what iv seen Cap 2 is looking good as for this game of chicken between WB and Disney I think if Cap 2 makes good box office numbers which it undoutedly will then I think it would be the wiser choice for WB to move but I don’t think they will want to move.

    • It would be wise if Marvel moves because Cap 3 would get destroyed no matter how good film is going to be.

      • Like it even matters.Capt 3 will be a different tone and genre of movie then Bat vs Sups.Bat vs Sups will straight from the books kind of comicbook movie while Capt 3 will more real world based.Besides who gives a fu*k who does better.

        • Marvel and DC care who does better???????

          And it does matter. Cap 3 will get destroyed by BVS, regardless of its innovative tone. The two biggest superheroes of all time with Wonder Woman’s first silver screen appearance thrown in? Plus, a new Batman, a new Lex, a new Alfred, a new story. Marvel should change.

          • That’s exactly why Marvel doesn’t have to win.

            If they simply make it competitive against the two biggest superhero’s of all time, they essentially win. It’s like Rocky in the first movie. Simply going 15 rounds instead of getting knocked out in the 3rd as everyone expected, and he “won.”

            Not to mention Marvel has dozen’s of movies going on to make up for any box office loss of one single movie. DC is shooting it’s wad on this one movie. Everything depends on it. Marvel can take the hit. DC can’t (as far as superhero movies go, we know both companies have other movies).

            Also BvS is not a slam dunk. There were plenty predicting 1.5 Billion for MoS, but after it dropped off after the first week, had poor reviews and even worse, tepid word of mouth, the excuses and conspiracy theories began to flourish, and thrive hardily to this day. History just might repeat itself on an even bigger scale. So by all means, keep talking about the record breaking BO BvS is going to do.

            Marvel is going to do just fine in this match-up. Either way, I can’t wait to see what happens.

            I heard DC backed up by one week (someone here gave a link to a rumor). Actually that would be a confident move. They are guaranteed a very strong opening week-end. But if it drops off like MoS did, a Marvel movie could pick up the audience. So if DC did that, that looks confident. But the proof is in the pudding, as always.

            • I agree. MOS, although was a good movie, didn’t live up to the hype and that’s something even WB/DC admitted to. They fell way short of overall expectations and is why I am not all that suprised in this mini Justice League type of movie with Batman vs Superman. Disney/Marvel has soo many planned out phases already in the works that taking a hit doesn’t really do anything whereas WB/DC has everything counting on Batman vs Superman. An Aquaman and a Flash movie was rumored to be in the works but that was later debunked. The Flash movie rumor turned out to be The Flash TV show. So far, Big Screen movies advantage goes to Disney/Marvel and the TV side advantage goes to WB/DC

  2. I hope to god WB moves Batman vs Superman. I want both these films to make money and succeed, not kill each other in a box office bloodbath.

    • This

    • +1

    • LOL!

    • @deadpool
      If WB move the release date AGAIN, it will be a Public Relation nightmare for them.
      Not to mention the negative backlash from the DC fandom. The interweb will be flooded with memes.

  3. So Cap (and Falcon and Bucky) in the untitled Cap 3 against the still untitled (though has been announced for what, 2 years?) MoS 2. NICE…!! The hero of America hitting the theatres together with Metropolis’ and Gotham’s.

    I wonder why everyone is making such a big fuzz about both movies happening at the same time? Imagine how it would be awesome to hop from one studio to another at the same day, and enjoying a comic book movies fest. Hey, why not throw down X-Men Apocalypse and Amazing Spider-Man 3 at the same day to join the fun? Therefore people will catch the superhero fatique and it becomes an epidemic ruining comic book movies afterwards… j/k.

    From box office perspective, both movies can end up getting big time, just because of people who are curious to see which one is better (which means they will watch BOTH altogether). Both can also suffer major loss though, considering potential viewers will be divided (if they choose not to watch both at the same day). However, despire the buzz and comments by many people I’ve read so far… I can’t see why both studios will or should be worried though, Marvel is still banking millions from their other movies that are connected in an already established universe, while WB still has plenty of franchises to give them big bucks which they can always run to in case the DC universe doesn’t met their expectation. So in the end, nobody’s winning… because it’s clearly NOT that much of a war between them on the first place.

    As I said on a previous post, if I had to just make one choice though, I’d definitely go for Cap. I love Chris Evans and the rest of the casts, I love The First Avengers (have watched it for several times already and planning to do it again before April 4th), looking forward to The Winter Soldier, and Cap 3 will be Steve Rogers’ continuation story bringing the same directors and writers. Yes, I know Batman vs Superman will be the first time ever they meet in a movie, but to be honest, I’ve seen them meet before (in the Animated) and it was enough for me (not sure if anything will beat that chemistry). Batman will be a new-take/reboot, and while I love Ben Affleck and believe he will be a good Bruce Wayne… the Dark Knight Trilogy already gave me a Batman-fatigue so I’m in no hurry to watch another version. Man of Steel? It was okay, but disappointing in a way that I even regretted buying the home video to watch it. I only watched it once, and didn’t have any more desire to rewatch just because it’s… just okay. Not mind blowing as I expected it to be, and the hero didn’t feel like Clark Kent/Superman to me. The sequel will feature the same director and writer, while introducing yet another brand new characters with new characterization and unconventional casting choices, so not really that excited about it (I can wait for the home video for that). I’m NOT a Marvel fanboys, I love Batman, but it’s obvious which one I will choose if I had to make that decision. Then again, nobody will ever forced me to do so anyway, and nobody will forced anyone else to only watch one as well.

    So, whether one or both studios will or won’t decide to make safety measures and move their date… let’s just enjoy the fact that we have any of both movies to entertain our boring days come Summer 2016. It’s definitely gonna be a good day / month / year (depending on the final dates) to be a comic book & super hero movie lover, right? Embrace and rejoice that fact and be happy and positive about it! Please don’t turn it into 2012 where those pointless and tiring and unnecessary and highly exagerated discussions about which (Marvel vs DC) movie would win made me really lazy to visit movie sites *sigh*

    • @ AverageMovieGoers
      Very Well Said!… Although I would Pick BvS First but to each their Own and that’s What Makes the World Beautiful. Knowing myself, I know I would watch them Both the Same Day lol :)

  4. Finally… Batman vs. Captain America!!

    • Batman vs Captain America? Heck, we all win!

  5. If Cap 2 doesn’t make more than Thor 2, I’ll be sorely disappointed. The promotional material for Cap has just been outstanding, compared to what we saw from Thor.

    As for Cap vs Bats? Um…Someone’s gonna have to move from that weekend, or both are going to suffer as far as box office draw.

  6. its on! i think cap will beat it depending on cap 2. if cap 2 is the dark knight and spiderman 2 of its franchise then it definitely will. as a guy that didnt care much for 1 and him in the avengers the trailers for this movie have impressed me so much i cant wait for it. also avengers 2 is to factor and that will make him so much more popular!

    • Cap will beat batman v superman. I know you are pro marvel, but you do know most people been waiting their entire life for this movie and these are two most popular comic book characters. Honestly think this should make a 1 billion+ easy

      • I disagree. It will not be easy by any stretch. The movie needs to be more than just two of the most popular comic book characters, it needs to be a great movie. Without that, if it’s polarizing like Man of Steel was, it will not make a billion. You’re talking about Batman/Superman making a billion. But the CBM movies that have actually done it like The Dark Knight and The Avengers did it because they were great movies. They received that universal acclaim that brought everyone to the theaters.

        • @John Carter:

          I disagree.

          The scale of BvS won’t allow it to be bad movie. The story can be a mediocre and mediocre will be enough to propel it past the billion dollar mark.

          There will be so many people who will be curious about the story, how Affleck does as Batman and if Gal can pull of Wonder Woman.

          Please don’t tell me you real name is Patrick Bayard.

          • The scale of the movie is exactly why it cannot afford to be mediocre. Mediocre will not get them a billion. It could if Man of Steel was a more critically and financially successful movie but it wasn’t.

          • I know of soo many people who won’t see it because of Affleck or Eisenberg. I know of many DC fans that had high hopes but then slowly deminished once these castings were made, especially with Eisenberg. That cause a huge storm of FU on the fan site once it was announced so unless the script is top notch and you have some Ledger type of performances then I don’t see this movie making the 1B mark. Maybe once it hits DVDs/Blu Ray but as far as big picture numbers I doubt it.

    • @COREY_1993
      IMHO, Unless they bring Bruce Banner and Thor in the Picture, I do not see how Cap could beat BvS. :)

      • DC has a crap reputation. a lot of people didnt care for the new superman movie and people might be upset at the new batman. i just think that the film isnt going to be as successful as people seem to think it is. i think it wont make a billion.

        like i said, if cap gets the iron man status and becomes a household name within these two movies, it definitely can beat out BVS and with marvel doing this, not running and defending its spot i really think cap 2 must really be amazing.

        • You spend too much time on the internet.

    • The Dark Knight made 1 billion…Cap has to beat Thor and MOS first.

      BvS is going to crush the opening weekend, its base will be way bigger than Cap (one trying to make 200mil first weekend, the other looking for 100mil max, so if they compete directly both will suffer but Cap will come out second.

      Nobody seem to be concerned about Marvel “rushing” Cap 2, the last time they made a film within 2 years apart was Iron Man 2.

      Marvel please do Cap 3 justice

    • lol lol lol. cap will beat BVS? Dude, BVS could be complete and utter crap compared to Cap 3 and it would still destroy Cap at the box office. General public, comic book aficionados aside, most of them grew up on Batman and Superman. They’re the two biggest heroes of all time. That coupled with Wonder Woman in the mix, Cap 3 stands no chance. Marvel’s only movie that could compete would be a 3rd Avengers.

    • Dude!!! you seriously think that captain america would kill the 2 greatest superheroes of all time?!!!! with wonder woman in it?!!! you must be living in Colorado dude

  7. Captain America 3: The Rise of M.O.D.O.K.

    • Captain America 3: Hearts of Darkness(working title)
      Black Panther crossover. Villian TBD.

  8. Captain America has to outgross Man of Steel and Thor 2 to really make a statement to WB. MOS was divisive among fans and critics but it still managed to beat out Thor 2 even though Thor was well received by both critics and fans slightly. If Cap 2 with all of it’s praise can’t hit 700 million then he can’t mess with Batman v Superman. It just wont happen I’m sorry.

    Batman and Iron Man can compete with team up movies on their own. But Captain America… Idk. If he makes 500 million that’s an improvement but it’s not enough to go against Batman v Superman, it just isn’t.

    • Not to mention Batman and Superman are two of the biggest icons in history and no way can Captain America stand up to that. I don’t think most people understand the power the Batman logo and Superman logo combined have on screen.

      • plus having wonder woman on screen too. this movie will destroy any movie that is coming out around that time.

        • LOL some of you really have the blinders on for DC crap. Superman and Batman are epic on their own, but that movie is going to be a huge turd.

          • You can’t be serious dude. Any person looking at the situation objectively can see that BvsS will swallow anything in it’s path not named Avengers 3 or Iron Man 4. How is it that people are unable to comprehend that the two most iconic superheroes of all time (not to mention the debut of the most iconic superherione of all time) sharing the screen for the first time is a POP CULTURE EVENT. Anyone that understands popular culture can see how massive that flick is gonna be from a mile away. It will get FREE publicity across all mediums. These are three of the most recognizable characters on the planet and have been INGRAINED in popular culture (not just comic book readers, POPULAR CULTURE) for 70+ years. If one can take off one’s fanboy glasses for just a second, it is quite an obvious reality. The movie will casually stroll across the billion dollar mark.

            • Well said JB, well said. TRUTH!

            • Like i said, blinders…

              • Yeah, you definitely got blinders if you think Batman vs Superman is gonna be crap.

                • BvS may suck, be that won’t matter. at its absolute worst BvS will draw 800+ million. If CAP3 is amazing it will have a hard time eclipsing 700 million.

              • No, you just lack an understanding of history and popular culture.

              • Marvel blinder…

                BvS will beat up Cap in China, which is worth 100mil on its own, Cap, unfortunately, are not the Chinese cup of tea.

                Walking on any street outside North America, try find people who doesn’t know batman or superman, and compare that to people who doesn’t know cap.

          • Just because it will be a turd doesn’t mean it won’t destroy Cap at the BO. Batman and Superman are massively more famous and well known than Cap among the general public. Putting them together onscreen? With Wonder Woman? foh. Cap is done.

            People see garbage movies all the time (see Grown Ups 2 vs. Pacific Rim). BVS will win regardless of quality.

    • MOS beat out Thor 2???? Ahem…excuse me, but Thor 2 cost only $170M to make, while MOS cost $225M. MOS beat Thor 2 in the US Domestic Market, but Thor 2 crushed MOS in the foreign market. But at the end of the day, Thor 2 grossed $644.5M world-wide (and still counting, but barely), while MOS grossed $668.0M…a $24M difference…but considering Thor 2 cost $55M cheaper than MOS (without the production budget that MOS had)….All things factored in, guess which one is the more successful movie?

  9. Now is Marvel Studios’ chance to give us a Black Panther movie disguised as a Captain America sequel.


    • extra large please hold the cheese

    • Would it be tasteless if Starbucks had a T’Challa Grande tie-in drink?

  10. I’m definitely going to check out Cap 3. Batman vs Superman? Well, I have already stated I will watch it online, before I see it. I’m going to stick to that game plan.

    • “Before I go see it at the theaters, if it is good.”

  11. BvS is Simply a Force of Nature… Literally. And you should never Underestimate a Force of Nature. I applaud, admire Marvel for standing its ground but I foresee that One of them might still change the Date. If Not, It is a Win for me because I will Watch them Both the Same Day. Now that is Wonderful! lol :)

  12. By thunder, I will be buying this DVD the absolute moment it hits the shelves at my local Wal-Mart store! This looks good, and there is a special spot on my DVD shelves for super-hero movies, and this does indeed look “super”!

  13. I think the winners will be,

    BO money: Batman vs. Superman
    Positive Criticism: Cpt. America 3

  14. Is there any chance that Marvel / Disney has figured a way to pull off three movies a year? I’ve read about the current limitations (studio space,, resources, etc) but with them pulling release dates earlier into spring and later into fall – could we see a phase three that adds a third summer date into the mix?

  15. If Thanos is the main bad guy in Avengers 3, who would be the bad guy in the post avengers 3 arc?

    • fellow readers … don’t limit your thinking
      Marvel has an ace up their sleeve for one or both of the mystery movies and it’s probably the reason their holding their cards so close to the vest.

      what can beat BVS you ask ? The Infinity Gauntlet! .. aka … Thanos vs The Avengers & the Guardians of the Galaxy.
      and before that probably a sequel to Thor or Guardians of the Galaxy where they also introduce Nova (if not in part 1)
      OR … one or more of the following characters:

      Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel or some other cosmic heroes like Quasar

      and THEN the following year may be Avengers 3 and Doctor Strange

      • “Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel or some other cosmic heroes like Quasar”

        You think one or more (or ALL) of these guys Beats Batman AND Superman.

        Your high bro.

    • dude, the avengers 2 hasn’t even began principal photography. hold your horses. calm down.

      • yes I’m aware of that – but remember think big, Marvel is now able to make sequels easier because they got down “the method” – ie. the special effects for certain characters, etc

        and would it really surprise you to find out Joss Whedon has been already started working on ideas for the Infinity Gauntlet story and the ultimate team up ?

        and now that they’re using signing on the same directors & writers for the sequels, it makes it a lot easier & faster to move forward with the sequels, they’re not starting from zero anymore. And they’re always looking to surprise the audience with what they have next.

        • NOTE: yes the Avengers 2 hasn’t started filming (not counting pre-production 2nd unit) – BUT … the film comes in just a year from now.

          After all the films they’ve done, Marvel now has a system and as already known they have things roughly planned for another 5 – 7 years.

          And Joss Whedon is guiding the ship w/ Kevin Feige and they’re already confirming the other teams – keeping the Russo brothers and the screenwriters – including adding on the Netflix shows, Drew Goddard – James Gunn (probably already thinking about GotG part 2 (where they’ll likely introduce other cosmic heroes and villains of course).

          and all roads lead back to Joss Whedon – he’s pals with all of them. and of course Agents of Shield is run by HIS BROTHER.
          on the creative side of things – they have a short hand by this point in cohesively telling the stories (from the grand perspective).

    • Dormammu for starters.

      • Defenders anyone?

  16. 80 million seems like a conservative forecast to me, i’m thinking more like 95 million domestic. CAP2 should be a mega hit earning 700+ million overall. I’m a little concerned that shooting begins next year on CAP3 without a script, despite the fact that MOS sucked, you still have to respect the World’s Finest. I was much more comfortable when Marvel had kiddie friendly characters like – silly man Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, along with his sick, but spunky daughter Cassie , and all of Rudd’s wise cracking flying ant buddies were going up against B vs S.

    I was hoping Marvel would throw in the towel and release Thor 3 in May of 2016, once the WB wised up and got the hell out of Ant-Mans way. But it seems like we are headed for a clash of the titans.

  17. I’d rather BvS move to the summer. I am a massive Marvel fan, but BvS will annihilate Cap. It doesn’t matter if Winter Soldier is Marvel’s Dark Knight. BvS could mint money even if it’s awful. But BvS is the kind of movie you go to see in July. Hot as the surface of the sun out and everyone crowding into the theater to drink out of giant sodas with BvS on them? That’s the stuff that baby nerds will remember for life. Put it in theatres when school is out. Marvel would obviously rather keep their stuff earlier in the year (a lot of may dates lately). BvS just take the summer and rule the box office. Give Cap May. It will likely be the last Cap film in a trilogy, where as BvS is gonna blow the whole DC universe open.

    It’s almost like politeness, BvS knows it’s gonna be an epic hit, so it lets Cap have the earlier spot. Like giving a head start to someone you know you are faster then.

    • WB already wisely moved once. They understood that Paul Rudd is loveable, his daughter Cassie will be adorable, the Wasp will enchanting, and 50% of the world is female (Plus kids love tiny people and talking ants)

      There isn’t any good reason for the WB to move again, to the Summer months because Marvel will have another new property coming out in July as well. No matter what they do, they will have to face Marvel (or Sony or Fox)

      • Yeah, they launched it almost a full year ahead to a date Marvel has already staked out . In the end, I don’t really care who moves, but someone has to. I don’t wanna see either of these films do poorly. There’s enough room in theaters for all the marvel and dc movies. It seems childish to

      • Yeah, they launched it almost a full year ahead to a date Marvel has already staked out . In the end, I don’t really care who moves, but someone has to. I don’t wanna see either of these films do poorly. There’s enough room in theaters for all the marvel and dc movies. It seems childish to purposefully play chicken with release dates.

        • Marvel started it by moving their 600 pound gorilla up to take on BvS in July of 2015, and the WB is just returning the favor.

          Marvel could move up to April, but I doubt the WB will move again because the move to May was probably pay back.

  18. Im so mad cuz im 10 minutes away from the premier but i have class :(

  19. Forget this stupid debate. I’m more concerned with a fast tracked, half-assed Cap3. I want the trilogy to be closed out on an amazingly high level in its own right. Cap is my personal favorite character to read but I feel Disney won’t do his character justice in the long run.
    Everyone loves BatMan and we all happily received a well executed trilogy. Other characters (and fans) should be shown the same respect.

    • Just because it is being fast tracked does not mean it will be half-assed. They have two years, it isn’t like they are talking about it being released this Winter. Chill.

      On another topic, what do you want to see them do with Cap 3? Personally I hoping for Cap & Black Panther crossover.

  20. Oh snap ! Batman Vs Cap America is truly on!

    May 2016 folks. Place your bets.

  21. I doubt Marvel stops at 3 CAP movies:
    1- Marvel has to introduce the Serpent Society
    2- Marvel has to introduce A.I.M, and M.O.D.A.K
    3- Cap has to quit the Avengers and join the NYPD – Secret Empire
    4- The death of Captain America
    That is 4 movies and possibly 5 if Marvel does ‘CA No More’ and introduces US Agent.
    Evans will most likely re-up for 3 additional films.

    But you’re right it seems like they are rushing CAP3 (like they did with IM2)

    • There are way more Cap stories than that and given that the film universe is solid now they can start to develop more of their own story lines. Not saying we may not see something on your list, but unlikely that it will all be developed.

  22. I’m not saying that Cap 3 will definitely beat BvS, but I think some of you are missing a few things by blindly claiming BvS will “destroy” Cap 3.

    1. While Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are legendary comic characters, the average movie goer is not a comic book fan. Unlike most of us, they haven’t been dreaming of this match up.
    2. By the time these movies face off it will have been a full 3 years since MOS. Cap, on the other hand, will have appeared in a very successful movie in each summer leading up to 2016. Don’t underestimate the power of public awareness, it’s huge. Look at the affect The Avengers had on IM3’s box office. IM1 = $585 mil, IM2 = $623 mil, IM3 = $1.2 bil. Who doesn’t think being released after The Avengers didn’t help IM3?

    I’m not saying Cap 3 will win the battle, but the fight will be more evenly matched then some of you think. Cap 3 comes nowhere close to the significance of BvS. Hell, I’m more of a Marvel comic fan than DC comic fan and even I’m more excited over the idea of BvS than Cap 3. The reality is the significance of a movie doesn’t always equate box office success and Cap 3 will have a lot of things working in it’s favor.

    • The thing is, the public has never been UNaware of Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. They are icons in popular culture not just to those of us who follow comics. Unless CAP2 and AV3 is gonna catapult CA to billionaire status it’s not realistically competing with a pop culture event movie. Because a billion is the floor for BvsS. The internet has blinded and deluded too many fanboy’s ability to utilize sound logic (not alluding to you specifically). So much so that so many of them genuinely believe that their opinions of things like casting choices and the like represent the consensus opinion of the general public and that it will have an actual bearing on the success of the movie lol. Even MOS coming off of Superman Returns and with all it’s divisiveness made 670 million. Bats cleared a billion twice by himself. These characters sell themselves. IF they do end up going head to head (I doubt they do in the end truthfully) CAP3 will definitely take a chunk of BvsS revenue. That’s just the reality of the situation. But unless he’s catapulted into Batman/Iron Man stratosphere in the next year and a half, his arms are too short to box with gods.

      • “So much so that so many of them genuinely believe that their opinions of things like casting choices and the like represent the consensus opinion of the general public and that it will have an actual bearing on the success of the movie lol.”

        I love rants about fanboys on a site catering to them. You do realize that many screen rant articles end with questions like: who would you cast, what do you think, etc. I can only speak for myself, I know my opinion only matters in the number of tickets I buy. This is a movie blog with an active comments board. Believe me Screenrant wants to hear opinions because it drives traffic to the website.

        As for studios, they only care when they lose money then they want to know what happened. If Cap 2 makes over $500 million then expect a lot more CBMs that cater to the comics audience and the general audience.

        • Um I am a fanboy bud. I, however, possess the ability to objectively critque the community in which I am a part of. And the point wasn’t that fanboys offer their opinions. It was that their opinions are arbitrary despite many of them ACTUALLY believing that they bear any significance on the success of said movie.

          • ” I, however, possess the ability to objectively critque the community”

            And humble too.

            • LOL you’re quite the character aren’t you? Nice little attempt at diversion there, which proves you lack a point. Claiming objectivity and modesty are not mutually exclusive. All objectivity takes is concerted effort. Try again.

              • My suggestion, try speaking for yourself. This is screenrant. People are here to rant about movies, not make pitches to studios which don’t give a damn about a site like this. You are funny.

                • You are making it very hard to follow you, jumping from one point to the next, each point bearing no relation to the previous. At no point in time did I speak for anyone but myself. What the hell are you even talking about at this point? lol

      • Again, this is where I think people are being somewhat short sighted in their assumption that BvS will be unbeatable. While the public has never been unaware of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, the characters will have been out of the public eye for several years by the time this movie comes out. Those of us that frequest sites like Screenrant are in the minority. Your average Joe doesn’t really know about a movie until the trailers are released. As much as MOS made, it can’t be argued that the movie was divisive. Many people were turned off by the tone of the movie and that could hurt BvS. Movies with a darker tone have a harder time at the boxoffice. While the Dark Knight series proved darker CBMs could be successful, those were exceptionally well done movies. BvS will need to match that level of quality in order to be as successful. Speaking of the Dark Knight series, we’re dealing with a new Batman. Will the public accept Affleck in the role or will his inclusion hurt the movie? I agree, Batman should draw regardless of who’s in under the cowl. Wonder Woman is the xfactor. Since there’s never been a WW movie, there’s really nothing to go on.

        I have no doubt this movie will be huge, but it does face challenges that many are over looking. In the end, I doubt they’ll come out on the same day. Someone will move. If only to maximize their opening weekend potential. Neither studio is served by this game of chicken, because regardless of what some might think the boxoffice for both movies will suffer if they open on the same day.

        • I don’t believe I’m being shortsighted. I’m very much analyzing this in the context of history and popular culture and how popular culture operates. For example, Superman ’78 was not just a comic book movie, it was a pop culture event. Batman ’89 was not just a comic book movie, it was a pop culture event. The very first Spiderman was not just a comic book movie, it was a pop culture event. Avengers, likewise, due to the brilliant construction of their shared universe, became a pop culture event. The very first on screen pairing of the two most iconic superheroes of all time is a POPULAR CULTURE event. Not just another comic book movie. These characters have been and continue to exist within the lexicon of popular culture, not just comic books. It will get FREE publicity from that alone. I’m not saying all it has to do is exist and it will steam roll anything. Of course it has to at least be a decent flick.

          I’m with you though, one of them is going to move. It is to neither studios advantage to go head to head. Studios are about maximizing profits and neither can do that releasing on the same weekend.

          • Sorry JB, I didn’t mean to insinuate you were being shortsighted. My comment was directed at other post I’ve read. I agree that idea of BvS is more event than movie. Even if it’s not a great movie (which I don’t expect) it’s going to make a ton of money.

            DC/WB probably hoped Marvel would premier one of their new properties on that date, which is probably what Marvel originally had planned. Instead Marvel countered by moving Cap 3 to the date. I expect DC/WB to move BvS to July. Without a doubt, DC/WB has more riding on BvS than Marvel/Disney has riding on Cap 3. Marvel’s cinematic universe has already been established, DC/WB’s is in it’s infancy. They need BvS to be a smash, no excuses. If Cap under performs, Marvel claims it was the competition and moves on, no harm no foul. If BvS under performs, DC/WB wont have that option. It could seriously damage their future plans and their stock holders will ask why they moved to that date in the first place. Cap 3 doesn’t have to win the box-office to win this battle, it just has to hold court and keep BvS from being the juggernaut it could. The Avengers made $207 mil opening weekend. I don’t think BvS will top that, but $200 mil isn’t out of the question. Well if Cap 3 is in line for $80 – $100 mil, that money has to come from somewhere, so maybe BvS only makes $150. There’s only so much to go around and the studios get the largest slice of the pie in the opening weeks. Hence, the big deal with opening a movie well.

            • Truth be told, WB doesn’t technically need a DCCU. They are the top grossing production studio in the biz. The spectrum of their movies is extremely broad. From big franchises to original properties like Gravity and Inception; spanning several different genres. That’s one thing I think people miss when discussing WB(and thus DC) and Marvel. Marvel is a dedicated comic book movie studio. WB is movie studio. They DEFINITELY want a DCU though because it’d be yet another tentpole franchise that will bring in money hand over fist.

              July has been WB’s bread and butter so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see them move back into that slot, albeit a year later. There’s no way this standoff holds serve. One of them will move. Studios have one goal and one goal only, to maximize profits. No matter how exciting or entertaining something like this would be for fans, it is simply nonsensical and bad business for the studios. As you alluded, they will both negatively impact the other monetarily in one way or another.

  23. “Can Captain America: The Winter Soldier beat out Thor: The Dark World’s $85 million domestic opening weekend with an April release? ”


  24. I predict that both movies will be a draw at the U.S domestic market.
    It all comes down to the overseas market. That will be the decisive factor. Both Disney & WB have good distribution system set up in the overseas market.

  25. Warner Bros. and DC can go screw themselves. Moving Superman-Batman to the same date Marvel had is just some petty attempt to make Marvel look bad. See all of DC’s non-Nolan movies kinda suck so the only way they can try to one-up Marvel is by scaring Marvel into moving the date of Cap 3 (which I wouldn’t do if I were them) or by showing off that they won the box office weekend. It’s quite pathetic honestly. It’s not trying to help yourself, it’s trying to hurt the competition. And obviously the Man of Steel sequel will win this battle seeing as how it features the only two DC superheroes that anyone cares about, forced together in some half-assed shared universe that’s trying to ride the coattails of what Marvel has accomplished. I’d love for Marvel to switch Captain America 3 out with something like Iron Man 4. Warner Bros. would change the date of their movie so fast your head would spin.

    • @Mike
      I’m digging the Cap icon bro!

    • Your comment was thrown out the window the moment Marvel switched Ant-Man’s release date to BvS’s.

      • Why? Ant-Man was only moved about week or two within Batman vs. Superman, never on the same day.

  26. The Only reason they put ‘CAPTAIN 3′ against ‘Bats VS Sups’ because its 75th Anniversary of Captain in 2016.and he Marvel’s First Superhero who is going head to head with the World’s First Superheroes and that’s more like it rather than having ‘Thor 3′.

    beside I still think that ‘BvS’ coming on top in Summer and ‘AVATAR 2′ will win the Year [I really forgot about that one].

    • Ironically Wonder Woman also turns 75 that year too.

  27. Can Captain America 3 go toe to toe with BvS? Yes, and ill give you two words how i know that.

    Tony f***ing Stark.

    • That’s 3 words.

      • Thank you Mr. Obvious.

  28. Didn’t Chris Evans say he was gonna quit acting after Age of Ultron? So how would a Cap 3 without him work?

    • Nope, he said he’s going to take a break from acting at the end of his 6-picture deal – that would be The Avengers 3.

  29. I think great word of mouth and reviews from the opening week over seas will push domestic closer to $100 million opening weekend.