Marvel Confirms ‘Captain America 3′ for 2016 ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Showdown

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Chris Evans Captain America 3 Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

Following a record-breaking April box office opening for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers is officially a hot solo-movie commodity. While Captain America: The First Avenger was a solid box office success (bringing in $370 million globally), Rogers’ WWII origin story was the runner-up for least viewed Marvel Phase 1 movie (performing slightly better than The Incredible Hulk) – despite a positive endorsement from critics and fans, alike.

As a result, it was unclear whether The Avengers team-up, and on-going shared universe storyline, would result in an improved showing for the Captain America sequel. Early buzz for The Winter Soldier suggested that it might be the best Marvel movie to date (a sentiment echoed in our Captain America 2 review) but a quality film, didn’t necessarily mean that audiences would turn out in big numbers. However, with a $96 million opening in the states (taking the movie’s 2 week international total to $303 million), it’s no surprise that Marvel has now confirmed Captain America 3 is officially coming to theaters on May 6, 2016 – the same day as Batman vs. Superman.

April 6 Box Office Captain America 2 Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

The announcement comes after prior reports suggested that Marvel’s May 6th movie would be Captain America 3 – but the studio had, previously, remained coy on the validity of those rumors. Competing reports and speculation had suggested that the long-expected, but unannounced, Doctor Strange movie would be taking the spot (especially after the fan-favorite character that was recently name-dropped as hint of things to come). Yet, with word that Steve Rogers will stare down Batman and Superman in a game of superhero movie release date chicken, it looks as though Doctor Strange, who Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige had previously indicated would be a Phase 3 film, will launch in one of Marvel’s other announced release dates: July 8, 2016 or May 5, 2017.

No doubt, the confirmation will add further fuel to the ongoing “who will change their release date” battle between Marvel and DC – an Internet smack down fueled by impassioned fan boys and girls as well as online journos and publicists. Solid box office numbers, not to mention word of mouth, help cement Marvel’s claim on the release date – which is the reason the studio waited until first weekend numbers were in to announce the sequel. However, even if moviegoers loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier and can’t wait for a post-Avengers: Age of Ultron follow-up, there’s still an “event” quality to Batman vs. Superman that will make it a power-house project – especially after trailers and marketing materials begin surfacing.

Batman vs Superman Script David Goyer Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

Yet, with over two full years before Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Superman are scheduled for release, anything can happen (script rewrites, casting change-ups, on-set problems, etc.) – meaning that either studio could be forced to delay their respective project out of the head-to-head match-up in order to make a better film for fans.

Marvel is a well-oiled machine (with a production schedule plotted out through 2028), and as the editors discussed on a recent Screen Rant Underground podcast, it’s unlikely that they’re going to move away from May 6, 2016 – especially since there’s a strong incentive for DC to put Batman vs. Superman into a mid-summer release date (where both Man of Steel and the Dark Knight series performed well). We all like to view competing match ups as dramatic affairs but, as moviegoers debate who will be the “loser” to back away from May 6th the real winner is both DC and Marvel, who are enjoying loads of hype for their respective films without releasing a single image, plot detail, or trailer – two full years before release.

Chris Evans in Captain America 2 Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

The takeaway: it’s incredibly unlikely that the two films will actually open the same weekend – since they’d be competing for 3D screens and limited space in theaters. While die-hard fans would rush-out to see both films, casual moviegoers (the ones that help push a blockbuster film into record-breaking numbers) would be forced to choose – negatively impacting the overall profit for both films. Fans might think that DC or Marvel would happily take a hit in order to hurt the success of their competitor, but that’s not how studios (thinking long term) approach these situations. With Captain America on the rise, why would Marvel want to bring-in less money, and make Rogers look less viable as a solo brand, just to take a chunk out of Batman vs. Superman?

As for what we’ll see in Captain America 3, Collider interviewed returning Winter Soldier writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who claim they’ve been working on the sequel story since last year (2013) but are still in the process of mapping out the broad strokes. In the interview the pair also suggest they’ve read the Avengers 2 script – which provides a solid jumping off point for Captain America’s next solo adventure. Fans who have seen The Winter Soldier might also have an idea of other characters that could play into future Captain America movies but, at this point, Markus and McFeely don’t know how or where supporting heroes fit in – especially since they do not want Steve Rogers to be overshadowed by other members of the cast.

Captain America 2 Scarlet Johansson Black Widow Chris Evans Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

Previously, the writers had teased “psychotic 1950s Cap” – a nod to William Burnside, the fourth Captain America, who took over the mantle while Rogers was frozen in ice, only to later go insane. Though, at this point, it’s unclear whether the character is simply a favorite of the scriptwriters – or a legitimate movie villain possibility.

We’ll keep you up to date as we hear further official information on Captain America 3 – and the ongoing Batman vs. Superman release date debate. In the meantime, make sure to check out the 8 villains we want to see in Captain America 3!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out now, Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, 2014, with The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016, as well as unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5, 2017.

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Sources: Marvel and Collider

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  1. Honestly Bats v. Supes should do early June
    but whatever, I want the theaters to explode.

  2. Said this on a thread yesterday, I’ll go see both on release night. Batman Superman will destroy cap 3 internationally though…

  3. So basically, for myself and everyone I know (in England, the US, Canada, Australia), we’ll be seeing Batman Vs Superman on release day then Cap 3 the Monday after.

    • This is the exact opposite for myelf and the people I know that go to the Super Hero genre of movies. Cap first, then Bats vs. Supes. Either way, I will see both relatively early in the release.

      Marvel (IMO) has just done a much better job. Man of Steel was good, but nowhere near as good as Avengers or Cap 2 (Again, IMO). It really comes down to the Marvel vs. DC fanboy debate, which we know flares up HUGE on this site. Personally I love them both and will see pretty much all of them.

    • I get what you mean, but my point was mid-June has worked well for Warner Bros. as a studio – they know how to market their superhero movies in that release window. It’s not that they couldn’t find success in early May but they might be more comfortable (ultimately) in a spot they’ve launched their DC movies several times before (mid-summer).

    • J Broti,

      Speaking objectively, Superman and Batman are much stronger international properties than Captain America. While this version of Batman may not be connected to Christopher Nolan Batman series, your average international viewer (and I’d argue American viewer) does not know this nor care. Warner Bros. brass knows that the last 2 Batman movies and last Superman movie did crazy numbers at the US and international box offices (we’re not talking quality here, that doesn’t really matter here). People are not biting their nails over Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne/Batman; fanboys are. Average consumer public either hasn’t heard at all, or heard the news, and hasn’t thought of it since.

      Where ever the Batman/Superman team up film lands, it will do enormous numbers. It’s about as sure of a bet as you can get as far as box office return, short of maybe the new Star Wars movie. I seriously doubt both Captain America 3 and Batman/Superman open in the US on the same weekend. It makes no financial sense for either Disney or Warner Brothers. In a head-to-head match up, Batman/Superman would “win” over Captain America (no matter how strongly Captain America 2 finishes in the theaters or the quality of it, personally I thought it was fantastic). Captain America would cut into the opening of Batman/Superman enough that Warner Bros. would not be getting the full, potentially record breaking weekend that it could get. They don’t want to risk that. While Captain America would most assuredly “lose” the opening weekend box office, Disney knows that Warner Brothers will not risk not giving it’s franchise starter the most favorable opening weekend possible. Warner Brothers has had success marketing superhero tentpole films with June and July releases in the past. Hollywood execs rarely take chances and this is a property Warner Brothers can’t afford to take chances on. Batman/Superman will move to later in the summer.

      • I think in the end, one of these movies will move dates because it just makes sense. I think this is a game of chicken to see who will move first right now. I think both films should do well but if they do end up opening at the same time the question becomes does WB/DC have an expected number that they need to meet to warrant the movie a success? Normally I would say a Batman/Superman film equals instant success but based on the word of mouth from the general public and not the comic book fans, it was just an okay movie and nothing special. As comic book fans, we will see both movies but as far as the general public, I don’t know if they will. It will all come down to which trailer ends up delivering and what the general public word of mouth is. Before I would have said that BVS had the advantage but if the Avengers Age of Ultron delivers like Captain America 2 did then who knows. That hype to see what happens after that movie might end up being more powerful than the name of Batman and Superman. Either way, I see one of them moving to a June release.

      • Preach brother, preach!

  4. be seeing cap 3 first. well probably depending on the villain. if its just lex then i will definitely watch cap 3 first. also depends on if we are getting batman or some spin on him. i think its about time we get the comic batman.

    i also want some destruction like mos. zod and faora fights were the greatest fights ive seem on screen. they were like dragonball z

    right now im 100% behind marvel over dc. they never disappoint me. mos was only good in action. everything else was meh

    im scottish too and cap 1 was my least fav marvel movie. thats how much cap2 has changed my mnid on that character. i think he is great

    • +10.

      Definitely on the same page. Bout MOS and Capt. 1 and 2.

      The first Capt. was the least interesting movie from Phase 1 IMO. Capt. 2 has reinforced what I had mentioned earlier, Marvel has 2 years to build and ride all the hype they want. Comic book culture has eclipsed pop culture to a point were as i arrived to work today, 7/10 ppl i asked had seen Capt. 2 and some ppl even knew who Scarlet witch and Quicksilver were already! Google, you don’t disappoint.

  5. I would almost without doubt see both on release date. Cap would be the starter than BVS as the main course

    • Yup, sounds like the ideal day at the movies haha.

  6. WB really needs to start talking about this new film or it’s going risk being overwhelmed. I get that they can’t push out superhero films like Marvel due to being a company that covers many different genres but they’re being to quiet. That’s why Marvel is so aggressive against WB/DC I think. They aren’t doing that to Sony or Fox. Part because they are also putting out Marvel films but they aren’t quiet about them. They are building up hype for them.

    People forget that Marvel Entertainment only does superhero related films and shows and can be working on several at any given moment. Warner Bros as a company does a LOT of other films. Same with Sony and Fox. Superhero films are just one branch they’re going down. They don’t have their eggs in one basket. If the superhero film bubble ever burst then Marvel Entertainment is screwed. However until that happens Marvel is going to ride high and have no reason to feel they have to move their date when they see WB being so defensive or just not acting/talking.

    Expecting WB to move their date in the end just to be sure they get the biggest opening possible. That wouldn’t be looked upon negatively if they would start releasing information at the same time to draw attention away from the date change.

    • WB doesn’t need to do anything or risk people claiming they’re releasing info earlier than expected because “they’re scared” or whatever ridiculous theory people might have.

      Besides, Snyder’s an extremely confident guy, as you could see during the MOS hype. He won’t want to release stuff when it’s not time just to appease those who claim to be “worried about this movie”.

      You just don’t rush perfection, y’know? All they need to do is learn the Nolan approach and not give away much info at all unless absolutely necessary (and at this time, it’s not necessary) and all will be fine.

      Everyone knows who Batman is. People are only just starting to find out who Captain America is. Just look forward to two great movies and leave it at that.

  7. This is serious business in my opinion. It’s like Marvel is trying to not give DC a chance to prove themselves. Moving movies to 2 potential Batman vs. Superman dates? Now Marvel is just being mean. ( lol )

    • In fairness, DC moved Batman vs Superman to that date – after Marvel had scheduled an unannounced movie (which is now confirmed to be Captain America 3). So, technically, DC moved into Marvel’s spot.

    • Agreed. Marvel just pisses on dates like dogs mark their territories calling dibs and then making up their mind on what film is to open.

    • for the win ?? you people are aware IF (big if) both movies release on the same day, that you can go see both movies on the same day or the same weekend right ??

      why must everything be an either / or ? more importantly, why even worry about what movie you’re going to see in TWO YEARS??
      with the delays and development of BvS – the likelihood that DC will move it again is over 50%, especially with Marvel (Kevin Feige) seeming deadset on that date –

      with the BILLIONS just waiting to roll in from GotG and Avengers 2 and Ant-Man and Thor 2, the realistic approach Marvel has at this point is probably “so we loose a few bucks to BvS — who cares ? even if people don’t see Cap 3 opening weekend, they’ll still see it eventually” – I can honestly see them sitting around the Marvel offices and laughing at everything WB does with all their super-hero movies – FYI – as a fan I used to read both Marvel and DC, so don’t get me wrong, but come on WB doesn’t have a clue!

  8. Said it before, I’ll say it again. Makes no sense to me that Marvel & DC are competing in the movie industry. I get it with the books, but movies? Dumb. Most people are probably going to see both movies anyway, unless they’re truly either all for Marvel or all for DC. Just let us all enjoy both companies.

  9. Who cares not like anyone here is going to make any profit from either one depending on when they release, a pointless pissing contest

  10. Honestly, I didn’t care to see Captain America in theaters. I didn’t enjoy the first all that much.
    The reviews have been really good though so I’m gonna head out this week some time.
    I have to imagine that if Man of Steel had reviewers saying it was insanely fun, they could have easily cracked a billion. I liked the movie, but it was ridiculously serious and heavy. I think the winner of that weekend will likely be the movie with better reviews.

  11. i’ll say it once, i’ll say it again. captain america is getting raped by batman vs superman. i dont care how good the winter soldier was. thats irrelevant

  12. June 24, 2016 is wide open for Batman vs. Superman

    Marvel can afford to take a bit of a dip in box office revenue if both these films do come out on the same date, DC cannot. Therefore, DC will move.

    • Agreed. The fact that Disney/Marvel has plans going far beyond 2020 for movies means Marvel can afford to take a hit here and there but WB/DC has a lot writing on this BvS movie. I think if the movie doesn’t surpass those MOS numbers then it will be considered a failed attempt(remember, MOS did good, but the final numbers wasn’t as high as people wanted it to be). I think when it’s all said and done, you might see WB/DC flinch first and move to a later summer date(late June most likely). Again, we as comic book fans will see both but the question will be if the general public will?

      • what “people” are you talking about ? movie fans, online “journalists” or bloggers?

        the only “people” that ANYTHING re: the financial aspect of MoS that count in anyway are the executives at WB (fyi – DC technically doesn’t really have anything to do with films – unlike Marvel the people who create the DC comics are not really that involved).
        the people / person – who actually green lights the tentpole films is the ONLY person who’s opinion matters as far as who much money any previous films make and whether or not it’s actually a success.

        I find it kind of funny that everyone who posts on here seems to feel, think (or least comes across) is if they’re some kind of “industry insider” when most likely most of you don’t even live in CA (much less Los Angeles) and have ZERO to do with the industry in any way other than going to the movies.

        • In interviews given online(RT, The Daily, Forbes, ect) some of the WB execs expressed that even though the film did good, it didn’t meet their expectations. Also, there have been several interviews thereafter with Snyder admitted they were expecting Iron Man 3 type of numbers

          Iron Man 3
          Domestic: $408,643,923
          Foreign: $805,700,000
          Worldwide: $1,214,343,923

          Despicable Me 2
          Domestic: $355,662,000
          Foreign: $467,500,000
          Worldwide: $823,162,000

          Man of Steel
          Domestic: $290,327,998
          Foreign: $367,000,000
          Worldwide: $657,327,998

  13. I hope DC moves their date. I love both companies and it wouldn’t be a smart move to open in May. Marvel is set and stone not willing too move as they shouldn’t they had the date first. Even though it would be cool to see them go head to head. I want both movies to succeed and opening the same weekend would hurt both films no matter who comes out on top opening weekend because they can make more money by opening on separate weekends.

    Winter Soldier was excellent a good quality film. BVS will be big no matter how many butt hurt people complain about this and that. (im one of them by the way :)It will be the first time Supes Batman and Wonder Woman will be portrayed together on film. If the movie is good and has good word of mouth it would be a wise decision to open it in a different month because they could be number one at the box office for a good 2-3 weeks. May 2016 will be jammed packed if DC doesn’t move because X-Men Apocalypse also opens late May.

    • Oh yeah, that’s right. So, April 22 will be the Mummy reboot(which has been getting some hype as of late). May 6 has the DC and Marvel square off, May 27 is X-Men Apocalypse, June 10 is TASM 3. The question will be who takes that May 13th and May 20th spot. Doctor Strange is slated for sometime in 2016 so if Marvel really wants to make things interesting they can throw either a Doc Strange in one of those spots and keep GOTG 2 in July or flip them around. Interesting

  14. I actually want to see both movies but I am more excited to see Cap 3 just because I know what I’m going to get from Marvel. Man of Steel was a hit or miss for most people, I don’t know what to expect from Affleck’s Batman or Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman so I guess I have to be patient for official promo to start. I just hope Cap 3 is used to introduce another future Avengers character. I’m pretty Falcon will be in Cap 3 (I hope he gets a cool role in Act 2 or 3 of Avengers AoU).

  15. Interesting move. I can see most of the comic book fan community seeing both movies but when it comes to the general public, I don’t know. It might be a toss up. I think end of 2015 will be interesting. It will come down to who has the best trailer to get that hype up for the general public. Marketing will be huge. For myself, I will wait to see which trailer looks best to see first and then go see the other the next weekend. Either way, it’s a great time for comic book fans.

  16. As a HUGE fan of both DC and Marvel it would be extremly hard to choose between the two if they both came out the same night. I would have to go with Batman vs Superman the first night and catch Capt 3 the next night only because Bats vs Sups is a histroical event just like how the Avengers was.. I would have to experience that right away and be apart of the dialogue… HOWEVER if Feige and Marvel went left field on us and made a Captain America: The King of Wakanda featuring The Black Panther then that would change my mind.. Lol

  17. cap 3 defintley will be my first view. i trust marvel with their movies. Dc just needs to move the MOS sequel to june. bottom line.

  18. So, anyone wanna play the guessing game?

    2014 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy
    2015 – The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man
    2016 – Captain America 3, Doctor Strange
    2017 – Thor 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2*
    2018 – Avengers 3, ???*

    *This will be depending on how successful Guardians is, if at all. At that point, I’d imagine Black Widow would replace that, but who knows. As for 2018, I have no idea what will be paired up with A3.

    • I thought GOTG 2 was around 2016 as well?

  19. Rob has already voiced my opinion on this issue.

  20. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I want one of them to move and I don’t care which one. I won’t be labeling the one that moves the “loser”, I think it does a disservice to both movies to put them on the same day and the studios know it. I don’t really look forward to the endless “who will win” debates when they’re very different movies (despite heavy overlapping in audience, no, not all superhero movies are the same. If they’re similar quality, then it comes down to what style an individual prefers and there’s no ending that debate).

  21. If they were to release the same weekend (unlikely), I would watch Cap 3 first, then Batman AND Superman, and then Cap 3 again. LOL!


    Make mine T’Challa in 2016!!

  23. They could do a Cap 3 story about Cap as Nomad. During that run he changed his identity and wore a different outfit.

    He goes rogue with Falcon around the world to hunt down Bucky and also to find answers as to what happened to him.

    This could also lead him meet various characters in the comics a la Black Panther if Cap goes to Africa.

    They could title it

    Captain America: Man Hunt

    Captain America: Man Without A Country

    I don’t know just spit balling.

  24. Me and the crew will be seeing Cap 3 opening night, BvsS the tuesday after. Both will most likely be awesome in the true sense of the word.

  25. I enjoy all comics books movie. Marvel or DC. I belive is a risky bussines for release in the same weekend. One of them must move to another. Many people will have the oportunity to see both. But no so many can go back to back to the theaters. Is stupid to keep that road. One of them must move. Me my self. If i have to choose, i will se BVS and others will Cap 3 that is the dilema. They must think about the people who can not go to the theater back to back.

  26. The idea that the two movies can co-exist sounds nice on paper, but the studios have largely built their business model these days all around opening weekend, and there is only so much box office money to go around each week. Regardless of the overall winner, both movies are going to take a hit opening the same weekend.

    Personally, I think Warner will wind up flinching, and here’s why:

    CinemaCon announced that “foreign” markets last year accounted for an all time high of 70% of movie business. However, while that means that the US market accounts for only 30% of the business, DC tends to pull a slightly higher percentage from the US market than Marvel does, meaning the US market is slightly more important to DC than to Marvel as a whole.

    While Captain American is a bit of an exception to that trend, the “shared world” of the MCU has made all the characters all the more valuable. The success of not just Avengers, but Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 (which may have made almost $90 less than Man of Steel in the US, but made up all but $20 million of that in non-US markets) has definetely created some synergy with Captain America. It’s not only seen a huge bump in the US market, but an even larger bump in the non-US markets. Winter Soldier has already made more money “overseas” than the first Captain America did, making it even less dependent on the US market for profitability. This potential synergy is likely only to increase with 2 more years of Marvel movies.

    Conversely, DC/Warner’s has nothing coming out between now and then. When you consider the fact that Man of Steel is, aside from the whole Mandrin angle (which I still personally think is a red herring and the real Mandarin is still out there) probably the comic book movie I’ve seen/heard the most criticism about recently (although I myself liked it very much), and that (from a numbers standpoint) Man of Steel started out stronger at the box office than Iron Man 2 but fell off a LOT faster, then take into account the continued criticism about casting choices (Ben Affleck, Gal Gaddot) for the next movie, and lastly the general misfire of Green Lantern, and this movie NEEDS to be as big of a success as possible.

    Given Marvel’s recent track record, Warner’s somewhat shaky track record, and the fact that Marvel claimed the date first, Marvel has, in the overall scheme of things, far less to lose by holding their ground than DC does.

    To be honest, I don’t understand Warner’s logic here. Even if they were absolutely positive that Marvel’s plan was to put Dr Strange, or one of their other “unknown” properties (at least to the general public) here, and that the popularity of both Batman and Superman (much less seeing them both together) could crush whatever synergy the MCU might provide it, given the importance the studios have placed on opening weekend this seems like a pretty risky move.

  27. Ill be pulling a double feature opening day if this stands. Which i see first is irrelecent, which i see most is not.