Marvel Confirms ‘Captain America 3′ for 2016 ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Showdown

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Chris Evans Captain America 3 Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

Following a record-breaking April box office opening for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers is officially a hot solo-movie commodity. While Captain America: The First Avenger was a solid box office success (bringing in $370 million globally), Rogers’ WWII origin story was the runner-up for least viewed Marvel Phase 1 movie (performing slightly better than The Incredible Hulk) – despite a positive endorsement from critics and fans, alike.

As a result, it was unclear whether The Avengers team-up, and on-going shared universe storyline, would result in an improved showing for the Captain America sequel. Early buzz for The Winter Soldier suggested that it might be the best Marvel movie to date (a sentiment echoed in our Captain America 2 review) but a quality film, didn’t necessarily mean that audiences would turn out in big numbers. However, with a $96 million opening in the states (taking the movie’s 2 week international total to $303 million), it’s no surprise that Marvel has now confirmed Captain America 3 is officially coming to theaters on May 6, 2016 – the same day as Batman vs. Superman.

April 6 Box Office Captain America 2 Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

The announcement comes after prior reports suggested that Marvel’s May 6th movie would be Captain America 3 – but the studio had, previously, remained coy on the validity of those rumors. Competing reports and speculation had suggested that the long-expected, but unannounced, Doctor Strange movie would be taking the spot (especially after the fan-favorite character that was recently name-dropped as hint of things to come). Yet, with word that Steve Rogers will stare down Batman and Superman in a game of superhero movie release date chicken, it looks as though Doctor Strange, who Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige had previously indicated would be a Phase 3 film, will launch in one of Marvel’s other announced release dates: July 8, 2016 or May 5, 2017.

No doubt, the confirmation will add further fuel to the ongoing “who will change their release date” battle between Marvel and DC – an Internet smack down fueled by impassioned fan boys and girls as well as online journos and publicists. Solid box office numbers, not to mention word of mouth, help cement Marvel’s claim on the release date – which is the reason the studio waited until first weekend numbers were in to announce the sequel. However, even if moviegoers loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier and can’t wait for a post-Avengers: Age of Ultron follow-up, there’s still an “event” quality to Batman vs. Superman that will make it a power-house project – especially after trailers and marketing materials begin surfacing.

Batman vs Superman Script David Goyer Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

Yet, with over two full years before Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Superman are scheduled for release, anything can happen (script rewrites, casting change-ups, on-set problems, etc.) – meaning that either studio could be forced to delay their respective project out of the head-to-head match-up in order to make a better film for fans.

Marvel is a well-oiled machine (with a production schedule plotted out through 2028), and as the editors discussed on a recent Screen Rant Underground podcast, it’s unlikely that they’re going to move away from May 6, 2016 – especially since there’s a strong incentive for DC to put Batman vs. Superman into a mid-summer release date (where both Man of Steel and the Dark Knight series performed well). We all like to view competing match ups as dramatic affairs but, as moviegoers debate who will be the “loser” to back away from May 6th the real winner is both DC and Marvel, who are enjoying loads of hype for their respective films without releasing a single image, plot detail, or trailer – two full years before release.

Chris Evans in Captain America 2 Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

The takeaway: it’s incredibly unlikely that the two films will actually open the same weekend – since they’d be competing for 3D screens and limited space in theaters. While die-hard fans would rush-out to see both films, casual moviegoers (the ones that help push a blockbuster film into record-breaking numbers) would be forced to choose – negatively impacting the overall profit for both films. Fans might think that DC or Marvel would happily take a hit in order to hurt the success of their competitor, but that’s not how studios (thinking long term) approach these situations. With Captain America on the rise, why would Marvel want to bring-in less money, and make Rogers look less viable as a solo brand, just to take a chunk out of Batman vs. Superman?

As for what we’ll see in Captain America 3, Collider interviewed returning Winter Soldier writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who claim they’ve been working on the sequel story since last year (2013) but are still in the process of mapping out the broad strokes. In the interview the pair also suggest they’ve read the Avengers 2 script – which provides a solid jumping off point for Captain America’s next solo adventure. Fans who have seen The Winter Soldier might also have an idea of other characters that could play into future Captain America movies but, at this point, Markus and McFeely don’t know how or where supporting heroes fit in – especially since they do not want Steve Rogers to be overshadowed by other members of the cast.

Captain America 2 Scarlet Johansson Black Widow Chris Evans Marvel Confirms Captain America 3 for 2016 Batman vs. Superman Showdown

Previously, the writers had teased “psychotic 1950s Cap” – a nod to William Burnside, the fourth Captain America, who took over the mantle while Rogers was frozen in ice, only to later go insane. Though, at this point, it’s unclear whether the character is simply a favorite of the scriptwriters – or a legitimate movie villain possibility.

We’ll keep you up to date as we hear further official information on Captain America 3 – and the ongoing Batman vs. Superman release date debate. In the meantime, make sure to check out the 8 villains we want to see in Captain America 3!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out now, Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, 2014, with The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016, as well as unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5, 2017.

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Sources: Marvel and Collider

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  1. Considering The Winter Soldier is the first good Marvel movie and Man of Steel is complete garbage, I’m definitely going with Cap 3. Highly doubt they’ll release the two on the same day though…

    • The first good? Okay.

      • Yeah, he had me with the first 6 words then it went downhill from there.

  2. This is real easy for me.

    I won’t even be watching Batman vs. Superman period.

    Make mine Captain America!!!

  3. Since I know that the people behind cap 2 will be the ones in charge of Cap 3, they have my support and my money.

    The Weary Batfleck must be really scared now that they see that the story in Cap 3 will be awesome. It will be difficult to outperform the quality of the script.

    In the end, it was supposed to be a sequel to MoS not a reintroduction to Bat:::; I just can’t pronounce the name. It’s too painful.

    • As if Affleck,a man who has won Oscars from screenwriting and directing would be scared of the Russo’s… whatever.

      The MOS series was originally conceived as a solo franchise in the same vein as the TDK trilogy yet WB decided it would be the best vehicle to introduce a DCCU and yes, a new BATMAN.Get over it.

      In case you haven’t been paying attention,Affleck and his Argo writer have basically taken over those duties from Goyer and appear
      to be doing rewrites,If any thing a guy like Affleck would use the threat of Cap 3 as a fuel to up his game.Rest assured this is an Affleck project and that means a high quality script.

      And for the love of god, its WB that releases DC films not DC.

      Drives me nuts when people don’t get the studio right.

      • Affleck is neither directing or screenwriting for Superman and Batman, more’s the pity. Furthermore, I don’t mind WB/DC using Superman to launch their DCCU but I do mind that they’re using Batman and villains they used 30+ years ago again. There’s far, far more to the DCU than Batman and Superman and yet that seems to be the part they’re least willing to show us.

      • Affleck is neither writing or directing any of the MOS movies. He did bring in Terrio to help out with some rewrites but it still goes through Goyer and Snyder. If it was a movie directed by Affleck and solely written by Terrio then I would be excited for the movie but it’s still a Snyder film.

  4. I personally would love to see the two films open the same day. How epic would it be if they even shared the premier together, with Cavil and Evans showing up in costume?! . I know it’d never happen, but a man can dream!

  5. There is NO WAY i’m going to miss Batman and Superman on the same screen that would be just plain dumb.

    • Yes, you are not just plain dumb….. just DUMB.

      • Grow up. There is absolutely no need for that. Do not be petty.

  6. Great news! Me and my family are totally looking forward for this sequel, especially after that final credit scene and the fact that the cast, writers and directors are all back for it. And yes, as I said I’ll be choosing Cap 3 if they do open together, just because I’ve invested so much in his character and story both in interest and emotional value. I hope they will bring the Masters of Evil!

    I do however think, that WB will move forward their movie, especially now that Marvel proved how even April (and November, and probably August depending on Guardians) can work like charm despite NOT being a summer release. They will finish much earlier, so no reason to postpone the release too far. If one had to go, I’d prefer they to go since basically it’s their fault on the first place to do a crazy act by moving their date. If they do care for their fans, then WB is going to release their movie sooner. Still, I also think both company (or at least Marvel) don’t care that much about this competition, both movies will get good income no matter what. In the end, fanboys flamewars will only be good publicity stunt…

  7. $20 says WB will move their release date AGAIN.

    • I’ve been thinking that for a while. I’m hoping for a late 2015 release. But regardless when each film comes out I’ll be purchasing tickets for the earliest screenings I can :D

  8. I saw Cap 3, and I honestly wasn’t all that impressed. Nothing (for me) took place in that film that changed the scope of superhero films in general. Maybe how S.H.I.E.L.D was compromised and Fury was presumed dead was a good turn for the script, but then like a poorly written comic book, Fury turns out to be alive and Cap saves the day. Nothing impressive.

    It’s seems to me that marvel just wants DC/Warner to look like a coward and move dates. Should they? I don’t know, but maybe they should. I mean they need to (studio wise) make a ton of money and get the DC Universe up and going, so having two superhero movies on the same weekend isn’t a good decision for BOTH studios. But if Warner does move then they risk the backlash of scorned fanboys who LOVE CRITICIZING EVERYTHING. It’s a tough position. But Warner shouldn’t fear any studio. I mean in all fairness Warner gave a specific date and moved it to fit and give more time to the director because of the size and ambition of the film needs to be perfect. Or close enough. While marvel just took some thumb tacks and started calling dibs on dates that were TBD. I think Warner should move because it can’t risk losing any profit to any other film out on that date regardless of being a marvel project or not.

    • No I’m not a time traveler, I meant to say Cap 2, sorry for the mix up.


  10. WB will move the date again. They feared AAoU and with this quality of films, they eventually will move it again. Personally, I won’t waste my money watching the weary Batfleck whose Argo film may as well have been sold to Hallmark or something.

  11. To be honest, Captain American is an okay movie. I am not crazy about it. Kinda bored to me. Again, I am watching sequels anyway. No problem to me however Captain American is like Batman and its bored, really. That’s just me, I guess.

  12. Captain America 3 : I dropped my Shield and I still haven’t found it yet.

  13. I think this is brilliant stuff from Marvel.

    They have got literally nothing to lose. Cap 3 now has post-avengers 2 story, russo brothers, incredible word of mouth, no pressure, underdog status when compared with Superman and Batman, much better chance of critical acclaim and ends a trilogy.

    Compare it to MOS2. The two most recognizable superheroes in the world, quite crap word of mouth, tons of pressure to kick start the DC movie universe & snyder’s directing…so critical acclaim is not really in the bag. Despite anyone’s PERSONAL opinion about MOS…it was critically panned. The consensus was rather clear. And even having the most popular superhero in the movie…it made as much money as Thor 2…. so recognition can only take a movie so far..

    Cap 3 on the same day as MOS2 makes sense for Marvel. This is a solid option for die-hard marvel fans, Captain America fans….AND people who thought MOS was crap (plenty of them) AND people who dislike the MOS2 Casting….

    Marvel would not be looking for the same numbers as MOS2. But if they can take a sizable chunk away from MOS2 earnings….DC Comic Book Universe would be fairly deadish on arrival. If MOS2 doesnt come too near a billion dollars..and is received the same way that MOS was….then thrs a good chance of bye-bye WB/DC Universe. After Cap 2..this is not only a possible scenario..but a probable scenario.

    DC/WB…”on your left”

    • quite a bit about perception.

      If DC move the release date again………

      No matter wht the reason…WB would look scared. It would be quite a clear reminder of the status of the movie universe each studio has at its disposal.

    • quite a bit about perception.

      If DC move the release date again………

      No matter wht the reason…WB would look scared. It would be quite a clear reminder of the status of the movie universe each studio has at its disposal.

      What if Marvel move it with DC….jst keep putting Cap 3 against MOS 2…. baiting DC….

      It does look like Marvel are playing.. and its damn fun to watch

  14. I would see both just not on the same day. I like cap and superman and Batman. Just think how much they would make on opening day on both of them. Just saying

  15. I’ll probably go see Batman vs Superman first, then Cap 3 right after that in the same day. You know, save the best for later for greater impact.

  16. cap comic wise is my favorite comic character since childhood and marvel also but iam not
    going the obnoxious fan boy route and be realistic.
    1. batman vs superman has long been awaited by comic fans and moviegoers alike and this
    movie just on two huge hitting superheroes alone will do at least 170.0 million on opening
    2. marvel is not stupid, no way on earth they will jeopardize their streak of opening number
    1 with all of their movies including guardians of the galaxy.
    3. despite the dumb casting by warners but chris evans has yet to smell an oscar nomination
    much less won one and the fact that snowpiercer has yet to see a release shows he is not
    a box office draw.
    4. last but not least both studios would have to be idiotical to cancel each other out, this is
    not game seven of the nba finals, instead its all about making the max dollars.

    • Exactly.

    • 1) On it’s own, that’s a possibility particularly depending on it’s critical reaction, but competing with Captain America 3, that becomes far less likely in my opinion. No matter how anticipated the movie, Captain America would cut into its profit simply because it has the same fan base. Keep in mind, Captain America is not only a financial success but a critical one as well.

      2) WB/DC has more to lose than they do. Captain America 3 will cost less to make, to market, they don’t need to out gross Superman and Batman. Captain America 3 would have enough clout behind the Marvel Studios logo, Age of Ultron and the critical acclaim of The Winter Soldier to carve out a profit for itself. And what Captain America 3 doesn’t pick up, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: Apocalypse will.

      3) Chris Evans doesn’t need to be a box office draw, Captain America is. The Winter Soldier just set the best single day and three day box office gross in the history of April.

      4) Agreed.

      • 1.) Yes, Batman vs Superman has been long awaited to be on the big screen but by comic fans. The general public has no opinion one way or another. As with any business, it’s all about what’s the best outcome to generate the most profit. Releasing a movie, no matter how big it is at the same time as another big hit movie is just plain bad business. It cuts into your overall profit margins.
        2.) WB/DC has more to lose than Marvel. It’s been made apparent that Marvel/Disney can take a hit on a movie and still move forward with the project without any issues whereas WB/DC is writing a lot on this movie. Also because Marvel/Disney already has a plan set, the marketing isn’t as much as what a MOS 2 would be. Cap 3 would be coming right after Age Of Ultron and that hype/excitement factor will already be present especially is AOS is still on TV. Also, both of them opening at the same time isn’t the best option when it comes to bringing in the best profit margins considering another X-Men movie releases 2 weeks after followed by TASM 3.
        3.) Chris Evans doesn’t have a huge following but Captain America does. Evans is just now starting to create a rather nice following of fans. Also, it has a lot to do with Marvel’s plan of attack. They do at least 1 to 2 movies a year and create buzz into their universe so that it doesn’t have to rely on that one character.
        4.) I agree. It won’t matter who moves in the end because it’s all about creating the best option for success. Personally I wouldn’t mind if Marvel moves to the June release because that spot actually give you the best chance for success because aside from ID2 on July 1, I don’t see anything else competing until the end of July with Planet of the Apes 3. That would be 1 whole month of open viewing whereas the May spot gives you only 2-3 weeks

  17. Batman vs Superman will win the day. Captain America a 1940′s cliche sterotype of an american will never win out over ethier Batman or Superman.

    WB/DC pretty much own marvel with anime, comics, video games, heroes, and villains. Marvel is just a joke after a joke.

    • Nice bait there fella. Can’t wait to see how many will bite.

    • Nice one Dante….Marvel movies will soon reach a saturation point and becomes a cliche…..soon their luck will run out

    • Every hater will sit in the cinema to see Bats vs Supes.

  18. If Cap3 is 1/10 as good as Cap 2, BvS will be crushed, easily. WB/DC is already scared, and this weekends numbers for Cap2 are going to make WB/DC, if they’re smart, change their release date for BvS.

    Marvel is simply the best CBM makers of this generation, hands down.

    • Haha your funny…Cap 3 crushing BvS hilarious…pretty confident aren’t you…well we’ll see who crushed on May 6 2016 and who aint…make mine DC.

  19. WB is going to move. Obviously there aren’t enough theaters/3D/IMAX for both of these films to open together so one has to move.

    The reason why WB will move is because they can’t afford to launch their cinematic universe on a soft leg. They need this movie to be on the quality and monetary success of The Dark Knight and The Avengers–the two greatest comic book movies ever. So they need this to movie to make 1B at the very least. That’s not going to happen if Cap3 is opening with it.

    A strong argument could be made that Cap3 will make more than MOS. Let’s look at some numbers: MOS2 w/o Cap3 is expected to make 150-200M opening weekend (anything less would be disappointing) to be considered a Dark Knight or Avengers level success. Cap3 w/o MOS2 will mostly make 120-140 opening weekend, based on the B.O. of the first two, and the Avengers 2 after glow and the quality of its predecessor. Cap2 is probably headed for upwards of 700M, so it’s safe to say after Avengers 2, Cap3 could make 900M-1B. A 300M bump from the first to second to third movie seems pretty accurate.

    I have no idea how much MOS2 will make, but based on the Dark Knight Trilogy and MOS numbers, 1B seems a safe bet for now: MOS made 290M domestically and 377M internationally. In TDK, Bats made 534M domest. and 469M int., and in TDKR Bats made 448M domest. and 636M int. So Bats makes about 500M domest. and 550 inter. if averaged. But I don’t know how these numbers will hold up with MOS2. Batman is very popular internationally, but the Batman the international market is familiar with is Nolan’s Dark Knight, we’re not getting the Dark Knight in MOS2. The Batman in MOS2 will be totally different from the Dark Knight we came to know and love. So that is another unknown.

    Who’s more popular, MOS or Cap ‘Merica? Domestically it’s MOS, inter. it’s Cap. Cap2 will bow out around 250-300 domestic and 400+ inter. Thor 2 made more than MOS internationally, so Cap2 will probably have similar international numbers (it’s already made 200+M in just 2 weeks abroad!).

    WB will have to take all of this into account for MOS2. Though MOS is more popular domestically and was a success by all means, it still made less than Thor 2 internationally, Cap2 looks like it will make similar MOS numbers domestically, and exceed MOS numbers internationally, a great place to be leading into Cap3. Not only this, but Cap will appear next year in the biggest movie of the year–Avengers 2 to send him on a super high note for Cap3.

    Now I don’t doubt that MOS2 will make more money than Cap3, but I don’t think it’s going to be a one-sided beating like some MOS fanboys are claiming. Cap3 stands a chance to deal a major blow to WB. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, WB can’t afford to launch this cinematic universe on a soft note like MOS was (not very well liked by critics, mixed to favorable audience response and lower than expected inter. numbers). WB needs this movie to have the quality and monetary success of a TDK or an Avengers to finally shut all the naysayers up and launch their cinematic universe properly; and they can’t afford to go head to head with Cap3 to even hurt that a bit. Because right now, if you ask me which movie will be of better quality, I’d say Cap3.

    Yeah so basically Marvel is in a better situation than WB. Marvel stands to make 2B in 2015 with Avengers 2 and Ant-Man, hell they stand to make 1B+ this year alone (Cap2 650-700M, GoTG 400-550M). So losing a couple hundred million for Cap3 (which will still make the movie a B.O. success) won’t phase them in the least bit.

    Now which movie am I going to see first? Probably MOS2. Though I didn’t really care for the Man of Steel, Batman is my all time favorite superhero and I think Affleck will do a great job with it. But I reserve the right to change my mind after I see Avengers 2.

  20. Marvel: “Hey WB/DC”

    WB/DC: “Yeah?” (scared, shaky voice)

    Marvel: ”On your left” (as Marvel just runs right past them, for good)

  21. +1, Good one Mark!

  22. Give me cap all day. Steve Rogers has been an underdog all his. lol “Weakness Knows the Value of Strength”. Cap Babay!!

    • all his life*

  23. I think Marvel should just release Captain America 3 on the 1st weekend of April like what they did with this movie. There’s just no point in going head-to-head with bat/sup, and since The Winter Soldier is guaranteed to make tons of money, it’s likely that Marvel will want to max its sequel’s earnings rather than “hurt” WB/DC.

    • Marvel had that date solidified before WB even hooked that date. It was WB who joined in on the same day that Marvel had already set.

    • You guys are so naive. You can’t just pick random date and release the movie in that day. It is a really complex process with lots of factors in it. Based on what these movie should be like they MUST release it in Summer no matter what. And some seasons are more appealed to a selected type of viewer for this type of movie than the others. Also its not just months that matter but also the actual day numbers as well as day of week.
      Then there is a thing to not bust other movies of your own. Disney has it easy but Warners have a lot of the movies to think about and not just comic book based movies(there many different henres that must have different dates and fight against other movies) so their schedule is much more complex.
      2016 will also have X-Men AoA, ASM 3 and this is just comic book movies that will be released on the same season. You can’t treat Spiderman lightly, it ALWAYS gains lots of money. Not only Spiderman in itself is in top 3 superhero list up there with Batman and Superman but casual people will go to see it because they know that they will get quality enterntaining movie with amazing fights that no other superhero can pull off and it looks amazing on a large screen.
      X-men had quality movies wth Singer and they advertise it as such “a movie from the director of X1 and X2″. People will go to see DotFP and they will surely go to see AoA. X-men franchise always gets enough money but not much still its a big competitor.

      You can bet that neither Disney nor Warner want to give potential money and it is quite possible that someone will move on. But if they won’t that would mean that the risk that they counted were worth it comparing to releasing in a different day. For them its just business for forum trolls its a bait.

  24. Unlike others I’m probably going to see MoS2 first precisely because I don’t know what to expect + they have a longer production period. I used to make the mistake of predicting the outcome of a sequel based on the prequel. I soon realised that it doesn’t really matter… People’s opinions are irrelevant prior to a film’s release. Cap 1 was crap but Cap 2 was dope, a clear indication that you can’t judge a film based on a formula.

  25. I’m just going to see Cap 3. I’ve already commented on this site, that I will catch BvS online. Make Mine Marvel.

  26. Will be seeing Cap 3 at least 3 times… maybe more depending on how good it is. Captain America 2 was amazing and the third is written by the same people – so hopefully will be good/better :3

  27. You guys know what might be fun ?

    If Dreamworks move KungFu Panda 3 to a summer 2016 release. Then we’ll have a 3-way battle between Disney/WB/Dreamworks.

    • Or have Hunger Games open that same week along with Ice Age 4 or 5 or whatever it’s on now, LOL. If Sony really wanted to mess with people, they could move TASM 3 to that May release, LOL. Let the battle royale begin

  28. At some point we’ll get the announcement that one of these films will move (probably DC) but it will not be out of fear or because one studio is smarter than the other.
    They will move because it’s simple COMMON SENSE…

    Just as Ben says in this article the 2 films will be fighting for the same screens (2D 3D IMAX) and the same audience and it wouldn’t matter which movie is better the profits would split between the 2.

    You know what would happen then?
    A lot of people will get fired. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the boardrooms when someone has to explain why these movies only took in half of the expected opening weekends because of not changing a release date.

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