‘Captain America’ Writers Offer ‘Captain America 3′ Story Hint

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Captain America 3 could feature William Burnside Captain America Writers Offer Captain America 3 Story Hint

The wait for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is nearly over. Since the film is not only a continuation of Steve Rogers’ story but also another step along the over-arching path that the Marvel cinematic universe is moving down, it will likely open up many more questions about what’s to come in Captain America 3, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and beyond.

While some of the Marvel franchises have a reshuffle of talent between movies, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were called back to write The Winter Soldier after the success of Captain America: The First Avenger. They’re now putting together ideas for Captain America 3, which is expected to be released in May 2016.

At this point in the development stage, the eventual finalized plot of Captain America 3 is still unknown even to the screenwriters themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t already have ideas in the works. In an interview with Den of Geek, Markus spoke in vague terms about the kind of direction they’re planning to take, before dropping a fairly major hint.

We’ve definitely set out on a more realistic road in the Cap movies, you know. Even more grounded than in the other MCU movies. And so it kind of rules out Cap fighting the Dinosaur Man or something like that. There are some that aren’t gonna start and other ones that — I mean there’s a couple we’re playing with right now that we really want to take elements from. Which we’ll not reveal… All I’m saying is psychotic 1950s Cap.”

Captain America The Winter Soldier Spoilers1 570x294 Captain America Writers Offer Captain America 3 Story Hint

The last part of that might not make much sense to those unfamiliar with the comics, but Markus is almost certainly referring to the fourth Captain America, William Burnside – a super-fan who took up the mantle while the real Steve Rogers was cooling off in the North Atlantic. Due to improper use of the Super Soldier Serum, both Burnside and his sidekick Jack Monroe (who took on the role of Bucky Barnes) eventually went insane with paranoia and had to be knocked out and placed into cryogenic stasis. This is what happens when cosplay goes too far.

It’s an interesting direction for the Captain America movie franchise to take, considering how tightly Burnside’s story was tied to 1950s politics and the anti-communist sentiment of the time. The Red Skull re-emerged during this story arc as Albert Malik, a Communist who disguised himself as US Senator Joseph McRooter and tried to destabilize America through a program of McRooterism: accusing innocent America civilians of being communists.

This hint definitely suggests that Markus and McFeely want to continue with the political espionage thriller tone that’s already evident in the trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (not to mention the first 10 minutes of the movie). It will be interesting to see whether this plot spills over into the team-up movies as well.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set for release on April 4, 2014, and Captain America 3 will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Den of Geek

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  1. “All I’m saying is psychotic 1950s Cap”

    Sweet! Capverse is getting deep.

    • Are comments being moderated now?

      • I keep trying to post a longer rant on 50s Cap, but it isn’t showing up. Nothing offensive, no cussing. Weird.

        • Happens to me quite a bit, same, no language or personal attacks and it gets labelled as spam and blocked but idiots posting job ads and the other nonsense that makes it through.

          I’ve taken too, when doing a longer “rant” (including one this size) is highlighting the text and ALT C to copy it so in can paste it and try to see what’s causing it to be blocked.

        • @bat-Mite – The links were holding your comment up. We have the comment system set up to flag anything with 2 or more links in it to help keep spam down. If it happens again, please feel free to email me – moviepauljax@gmail.com – and I’ll approve it as soon as I can.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Thank you Paul. That makes sense.

  2. Eh don’t really care as I will be seeing bvs first.

    But hope its not crap! That’s all that matters.

    • It won’t, it shouldn’t, & it better not as much time as there taking, moving the release date, & getting our hopes BvsS better be a good movie. I hope it proves the haters wrong.

  3. I want U.S. Agent damn it!

    • Gotta say, US Agent would make more sense. Though maybe not.

      If 50s Cap is brought in, then he will have no super-soldier serum and no shield. Wonder what storyline they will employ? Flashbacks or another rogue agent ala Bucky.

      • If they really wanted to go deep, they could do a cold-war story about 50s Cap. Cap fighting commies and turning a blind eye to racism at home. Not “psychotic” Cap. But, a cold war Cap who is out doing things like supporting friendly dictators and orchestrating coups in Wakanda.

        Only problem, Nick Fury. He would be giving the orders.

        • Try again
          1953_Iranian_coup_d’état and Kermit_Roosevelt,_Jr.
          FDR’s, cousin, yes that FDR, could be a model for psychotic 50s Captain America. The 50s offer some extraordinary juxtaposition. America fighting a Cold War vs a very real evil empire, but at home things only appear placid.

          The story could delve into political dynasties, espionage, brainwashing, propaganda, etc. The 50s and the Cold War were a very different time in America and the world. It was good vs evil. Stalin and the Soviet empire were no joke. The threat was real.

        • What about Baron Zemo!?

          • I’m down for Zemo, just riffing off the leak from the writers.

          • Whoever the villain is, I think Cap 3 should be a Black Panther crossover.

            • I get that, because their needs to be a natural introduction to Black Panther, and I’m all for that, but this Cap trilogy needs a solid ending not mired by any other movies. I just want it to be Iron Man 2 ya kno.

          • Thank you. He is who still needs to be shown

            • Huh?

  4. I think it would seem like more a a ‘perversion’ at this point. We already are invested in the actors ant their characters. This would seem like pulling the rug out from under any newly acquired fan base. I would think that a ‘Howling Commandos’ version with Cap would be better served. Your thoughts?

    • If this is some kind of prequel (relative to CA:TWS) set in the ’50s, that is one thing. I don’t know if I’d buy it, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t. It sounds weird. It’s sort of like the Bourne Legacy movie, where suddenly, “there was never just one Cap”.

      If this is a sequel (relative to CA:TWS) where Burnside is a modern day character, not set in the ’50s, and he takes up the mantle as Cap for some reason, that is another thing. He’s just another character and it might be interesting to see what he brings to the table. Questions come up: Why is he doing this? Where is Rogers? Where is Bucky? Would the story of Red Skull imitating a senator and inciting a witch hunt in the US be brought up?

      See, that might be interesting.

      • But even in that latter case, I think I’d rather just see that reintroduction of Red Skull as a senator in the US. At the end of Avengers, there was a senator (evidently an antagonist in the Iron Man books) who wasn’t so pleased with the battle in the New York. That makes it more feasible to introduce Red Skull this way, and possibly even in the Winter Soldier.

        • Redford=Pierce=Red Skull

          • I see that thrown around here often. What makes you so certain he’s Red Skull and not just a double-crossing antagonist?

            • A hunch i had when he was cast in the movie. His name. His stature as an actor. It fits, called it day one of his casting been ranting about it since. I could easily be wrong, find out soon enough.

    • a ‘Howling Commandos’ version with Cap


      The first movie was flawed in this aspect as we never got to see Cap learn to become the leader he is.

      I would have rather watched a semi Cap/Howling movie in the first one introducing the Red Skull and having the second one put him on ice.

      Granted with the timelines they were working with getting The Avengers out etc. that may have been impossible.

      I just dont feel we got to see Captain America become Captain America if that makes sense.

      • I agree that we didn’t see it in the First Avenger, I do think we saw it in Avengers.

        There was no strategy in the first movie. Nobody had any sense of subtlety.

        Remember this: “What’s his target?” “His target is… everywhere.”

        What? And Cap, thinking like General Burnsides himself, wasn’t any better. He just plows right in Red Skull’s front door, guns blazing.

        At least in Avengers, he had developed some sense of strategy and tactical planning, which was evident throughout the battle in New York, with the police and his fellow Avengers.

        … Although even in that movie, he’s still a pretty terrible shot.

    • I’m pretty sure they aren’t talking about making an entire film of Burnside’s Captain America set in the 50’s. Burnside was put into cryo, so the more likely story is that he gets thawed out during present day, and ends up going toe to toe with the real Cap.

  5. nah the william burnside is a useless story, iam with the us agent instead and bringing in
    the serpent society with a gorgeous diamondback.

  6. Id rather see a rogue Cap on the run from SHIELD. He then finds himself in Wakanda making friends with Black Panther uncovering some Vibranium mining setup by Klaw.

    Would be a cool way to really see Cap go solo for awhile and trying to survive alone.

    Could have high level SHIELD agents hunting him like Ant-Man, Wasp, Falcon, Hawkeye.

    Good way to bring in Black Panther and also show where loyalties lie with AM, Wasp, Falcon, and Hawkeye.

    • i like

  7. Well I think they should make a Cap movie where he gets a ride from people and then steals the car, twice.

    • I think I’m going to be sick.

      • +1

    • What is this reference?

      • Captain America (1990)

        Red Letter Media just did an awesome review of Supergirl, Captain America (1990), and Fantastic Four (1994). Guess which one came on top.

  8. It could be referring to the story where James Barnes is Captain America and has to take on one of the other guys to be Captain America as he goes insane and becomes a terrorist who bucky has to stop.

    Maybe their taking that storyline and having Steve go up against another guy who’d become Captain America in the 50s and had gone insane, in The Avengers it’s mentioned that there had been numerous attempts to recreate the super soldier serum maybe there’s a mental and biological reason why Steve Rogers can handle the super soldier serum while other people seem to go insane.

  9. Or having Dr. Faustus and Zemo as the new villains. Or the story of Steve Rogers’ serum wearing out. That way they could justify Bucky taking the mantle as Cap until Rogers comes back.

  10. It would also seem that the Burnside story would be too similar to what’s being done with the Winter Soldier. Hold on Cap, we’ve got another dude from 50 years ago who should rightfully be dead that we need you to handle. The WS/Bucky Barnes story is important to the Steve Rogers mythos, the Burnside story isn’t. I think they should move away from the past and also move away from everything linking back to the Super Soldier Serum. Move Cap in a different direction. Have his shield get damaged and send him on a trip to find a way to repair it. That would lead him to a small African Nation in search of information on one of the compounds used in it creation. Where he’d meet….

    • Love it…

      That is how I’ve been saying it should go to! :)

      Cap goes to Wakanda on the run from SHIELD. Meets BP and gets a new Vibranium shield with help of BP. Cap helps repel invasion of Wakanda by Klaw. Cap is awarded a medal at UN ceremony. Crossbones assassinates Cap during ceremony.

      • Except only a few characters have ever damaged Cap’s shield. This would make sense after Avengers 3 and Thanos.

        • My idea was that he gets framed for an international attack and SHIELD comes to arrest him. He willingly goes because he believes justice and truth will prevail. This means he would have to turn over his shield.

          However, during prisoner transport, the plane is attacked by terrorists wanting him and he falls into Africa. We can see his survival skills in the wild.

          This leads him into contact with Black Panther who just happens to be spying on Klaw and his people mining vibranium.

          Have the following (or combination of SHIELD agents) Falcon, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Crossbones, Agent 13, Black Widow, sent to hunt Cap down and bring him in.

          Have Cap get assassinated at the end of movie when he is being congratulated by the United Nations for helping to save Wakanda.

          Button scene of Winter Soldier/Bucky at the grave site and says something like “I will avenge you” alluding to him taking over as Cap

  11. Love the period stuff. Wish they would more WW2 era stuff.!!!

  12. I am reading his history. Burnside gets plastic surgery to sound and look like Steve Rogers. So, Chris Evans’ Rogers dies in Avengers 2, Burnside gets resurrected with Evans portraying him, now a villian, with Bucky taking the mantle? To end Evans six film contract, maybe Burnside, evil cap, redeems himself in Avengers 3?

  13. I think that the third Cap Movie needs to focus on just a fresh new and natural villain. I don’t want another person getting frozen from the past and coming up. I dont know the Cap villains outside of Red skull but create some sort of terrorist type villain where Bucky has to come in and help as opposed to some new wanna be capt coming in and being pretty much te same thing as TWS.

    • Flag-smasher is a great modern villain for Cap, imo. He has a terrorist organization.

  14. I decided to name the phases for Marvels movies, and chose what Phases 4 and 5 should be about.
    Phase 1: Age of Heroes
    Phase 2: Age of Avengers
    Phase 3: Age of Miracles(aka magic)
    Phase 4: Age of Might(2 Avengers movies[aka Earth’s Mightiest Heroes] and 3 movies for new characters, and no single movies for Avengers members)
    Phase 5: Age of Time(Introduce the Multiverse!!!!!!!!)

    • A movie “multiverse” would just translate to “reboots”. Your Phase 5 is the Age of Reboots.

      On that note, I still think Brandon Routh should come back as an alternate Superman in the Man of Steel series.

  15. ‘This is what happens when cosplay goes too far’. Lol

  16. We complain every time studios reboot a certain character or franchise and many of us say that they should do what The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has done with James Bond.

    Instead of killing off a character, let’s just change the actor for another. Don’t tell me you want Tony Stark or Steve Rogers to die. I don’t!

    • Rhodey.

      • Exactly, Rhodey was Iron man for what like 1/4 of the first 200 issues.

        • If RDJ semi-retires from Stark then Rhodey should become Iron Man.

          • Or just move on and make Rhodey become War Machine. Let War Machine headline.

  17. OK, that is quite awesome yet I admit that is why I’m excited to watch both Captain Americas on DVD. I’m not as sold on seeing this movie in the theaters.

    It does look like a great movie, but man I am filled with movies this year what with X-Men, Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy being day 1 sales for me. Marvel, you are already getting all my money!! I mean, reality is one of my parents will see it and I’ll be with them so I will already have seen it once. (oops)

    But in any case, I can’t wait for more story details. This looks so darn exciting. I got to admit though almost every dollar is going to Marvel when it comes to movies this year, every movie I’m seeing is a Marvel movie. Hope you guys are proud of it!

    • I’m also in a similar pinch. There is a glut of movies targeted to people like me, and that will translate to DVD sales or rentals before it translates to a theater ticket for each member of my family to each movie. The Chosen Few will be seen on the big screen.

  18. This is awesome news! I LOVED this 4 issue story arc! I can’t wait to see Capt. A III!!

  19. Wow, just wow. Haven’t seen Winter Soldier yet and this hypes me up for the next one already! Not to mention Burnside’s whole storyline possibly fitting well for the Captain America-MCU mythos: A failed super soldier serum, insanity, cryogenic sleep, Red Skull’s return/involvement, Burnside’s eventual transformation to the Grand Director, etc etc.
    SHIELD will be there but at the same time the Avengers were never (and don’t have to be) involved and still keep the same political thriller/spy/espionage-feel the Winter Soldier will be providing!
    My god this is insanely perfect!

  20. All of you are forgetting that this could quite possibly be the final Captain America film (with Evans at least) and Cap deserves to go out with a bang!
    Since Cap:TWS has Batroc the Leaper, Brock Rumlow, Winter Soldier, Alex Pierce and possibly Arnim Zola (I’m pretty sure I read Toby Jones is in this), potentially four villains, Cap3 we need a ton of villains targeting Cap.
    Sin, the Red Skulls daughter, Crossbones, and Baron Zemo.
    Zemo deserves the film treatment and what better way to end the trilogy than with Red Skulls daughter taking over her Pop’s mantle, ala the Al Ghuls in TDKR. Hell add 50’s Cap and Madame Hydra for fun.
    No need to piggyback Black Panther onto Cap’s finale.

    • Ya know, I haven’t heard anyone comparing Winter Soldier to Spiderman 3 yet.

  21. I think I’m officially worried for Cap. This trilogy will be more Iron Man than Dark Knight.

    • I’m not, like the majority of the world I’ve only seen the ten minute preview for the Winter Soldier and it does look promising. If anything, it’s the other way around with Cap’s trilogy getting in the Dark Knight feel.
      I’ve been so disappointed with the Iron Man sequels.

      • This sequel looks awesome. Without a doubt. I’m just hoping part 3 being rushed doesn’t work against it.

        • We will find out in a few hours….we scored 2 passes to the early screening in our City……IM films began brilliant and went down hill from there. The Cap trilogy is being handled differently and our guess is will continue to get better!

          • Yeah every trilogy rocks especially this one.

  22. Good to see my two favourite review reveiw sites getting along :)

  23. I feel like the comment from the writers is a bit of a throwaway. Almost as if they’re still in the “throw ideas around at a table and see what sticks” phase.

    I know that I’d like to see the end of TWS set up a more contemporary (ish) idea of the Marvel Universe; One in which SHIELD has become too powerful and is being perverted into something of a bureaucratic antagonist. I haven’t been following much of the spoilers that have come out, but I’d like to see Nick Fury as he has been recently in the comics… something of a ghost who is at odds with SHIELD. I’d love for Redford to be the Red Skull and for the appearance of Crossbones’ character to signal that we’re setting up a longer arc in which we can set up a nefarious SHIELD… kind of a Red Skull as Norman Osborn sorta thing.

    By then (in the long term) making the Avengers something of outlaws, you can start to set up Super Hero Registration and a move for Stark to take up the leadership of SHIELD in the future. There’s something very cool about setting IM up as the nuanced antagonist that you understand completely and yet still find yourself rooting against. It also sets up an entry point for a rag tag group of Secret Avengers.

    As for the next Cap movie itself… I think it’d be cool to see a sort of legitimized Power Broker come into play… This new SHIELD replaces Steve Rogers with John Walker, the “new and improved” Sentinel of Liberty: USAgent, and this allows them to show a dark side to an overly patriotic mindset. It’d be awesome if whomever the Power Broker is going to be is set up in the Luke Cage netflix series an as a button scene to the mini series, we see him approached by Cobie Smulders… a juxtaposition of her and Fury’s different approach to the changing world and their ideals.

    • You know I’m not a huge captain america fan and even thou I have no idea what you are talking about characterwise, the story sounds cool.

  24. I say the Assassin Scorge should kill Black Widow and a couple of other close adversaries to cap causing cap to come from a long hiatus avenge her death with the help of tony stark using a hi-tech black stealth uniform and a new and improved black shield. Scorge also kills us agent who became close to cap on a few shield missions cap was his mentor. Falcon comes to aid cap against this deadly team of assassins hired by a currupt group of senators who plan to rid any threat of their plans. Their plan is takeover the White House and control over the pentagon. Law enforcement becomes a pawn against cap and falcon. The punisher comes to aid cap and falcon.

  25. They are just trying to mine some good material from decades of Cap’s comics. The showdown between the Crazy Cap of the 50’s and Steve Rogers was a great three issue run. The big problem with this is that the movies so far have retooled the mythos in a way that suggests Rogers was the only Captain. Introducing a second Captain America that was active for at least a decade, a guy nobody has mentioned to Rogers is going to be a hard sale. I would much rather see them try to do something with “Civil War.”

    • I agree with much of what you’ve said here. I feel like they could do a much, much smaller scale form of Civil War, which was alluded to by the tension between Stark and Rogers in Avengers. Clearly, they’re fine with taking up the name itself of a major story arc and using just that, so it’s plausible without being on the scale of the comics, and even without many characters Marvel studios does not own.

      But yeah, another star-spangled man out of time, aside from Rogers and Bucky, seems redundant and oddly undeclared in all the movies so far.

      It’s very weird to me that the MCU could be shaped so strongly by all these characters who came straight out of WW2, or the early Cold War in this case.

      • Why is it weird? It shaped America and the world. Why would comics not have been affected. Comics are art. Add to that Stanley Lebowitz, Stan Lee. Many people were deeply affected by the times they lived in, same as today.

        • It is also a sign of the times that there were no overtly Jewish superheroes. I’d say Dr. Strange is jewish, but it is just an opinion. But given Stan Lee’s, and others, importance to Marvel I think DS should be played by Adrien Brody. He is an amazing actor, looks the part and he is jewish.

      • Didn’t you ever wonder why there are so many German bad guys and no German good guys? I don’t even think Marvel has a German American hero. Cap is Irish/English, i think.

        • For context as to German Americans in WWII, best example is Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander and future President.

        • Nightcrawler, Maverick, Vormund, and Magneto (depending his mood)

          • Magneto is a bad guy, now somewhat of an anti-hero. But, he has committed genocide and stood trial for war crimes, so..

            Maverick is a late addition, I was addressing early Marvel. But I was not aware that he was a German-American. His name is Chris Bradley, both are english names.

            Vormund is a bad guy who fights cap.

            Nightcrawler is German, not German-American.

            • Vormund is not a bad guy.

              Maverick / Agent Zero was created in 1992. That’s over 20 years ago. But yes relatively new. His name is actually David North / Chris Nord

              What is your definition of German American? Nightcrawler was been in Germany and citizenship is Germany but has lived much time in the U.S. due to the X-Men membership.

              Most of the popular hero’s don’t have a multinational identity. Most heroe’s citizenship is American. There were few foreign hero’s for the longest time. It is true that characters reflect signs of the times….Few German, Italian, Japanese hero’s cause we were at war with Germany. The X-Men was Marvel’s metaphor for civil rights movement here at home. Even thinking of Irish for example, there aren’t too many I can think of are Banshee and Shamrock.

              By the way, another one I forgot was Marvel Boy. He was German American and created in the 1950’s

              • Youre right, Vormund isn’t a bad guy. He just fought Cap once or twice. But he is barely worth mentioning given his limited use. Also, he is German.

                Nightcrawler was born in Germany and if you want to get technical his whole origin is about being an outsider there. It is a powerful origin story. I also thought of Kurt as a Gypsy.

                Ok, was not familiar with Agent Zero’s background. He was born in East Berlin. His name Chirs Nord. I would have thought Nord would be Norwegian. Glad I looked it up. Marvel has a deep roster and I am not an regular reader any longer.

                Chris Bradley is Maverick/Bolt.

                Captain America/Steve Rogers is Irish American. Matt Murdock is Irish American. Those two are pretty big, two of my favorites. Daredevil is very Irish Catholic. Nothing wrong with it, adds depth to his story.

                I’ll grant you Quasar. Wendell Vaughn sounds German and he is from Wisconsin. That is the only one though. Marvel is very New York centered. There is nothing wrong with it. It gives Marvel a uniqueness. New York is a character in Marvel. There are more Parkers, Rogers and Murdocks than Vaughns or Bullocks in NY. It is what it is.

                I was replying to No Ben about why there are so many WWII related characters and storminess in Marvel. That is how this got started. Just something I noticed a long time ago. Same as the lack of Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian American heroes.

                “The X-Men was Marvel’s metaphor for civil rights movement here at home. ” It is more than that. The first run with the original team certainly had that structure. But, once Uncanny X-Men came out it moved beyond that it a more global perspective. Wolverine is a Canadian special agent, Colossus is a happy worker on a Soviet collective farm, Storm is goddess from Kenya, Banshee is an Irish Interpol detective, Thunderbird was a Apache and US Marine. It was the first global team of heroes dealing with global issues.

                • Yep, on X-Men. That’s why I always liked there team cause of diversity. I would have gone on to say that the team became more global but I didn’t want to take up much space.

                  Are Daredevil and Cap Irish American? From my research it says that their citizenship is American.

                  Either way, we are in agreement that there are many underrepresented nationalities. Especially Germany, Italy, and Japan cause of WWII.

                  Think about wear comics are today though…super heroes who are gay and lesbian. Comics have come a long way!

                  • Cap is recent storyline I think, read about. So need to double check. But I think so.

                    Matt Murdock is an Irish Catholic, Irish-American. If you read Daredevil it comes up repeatedly. Some authors play it up, some don’t. Some artists use it for visual cues in his stories, others don’t.

                  • True enough, but some retconning is needed. WWII is long over and many Japanese Americans, Italian Americans and German Americans fought in WWII. Japanese Americans were interned in camps.

                    • Agree… I am a history teacher so I definately know where you are coming from.

  26. McRooter =McCarthy.

    Hot dang, bring in Kang!
    It’s what I want to see,
    And it will fill me with glee!
    And if you add Black Panther, too,
    You’ll make me go “Woo-Woo!”

  27. So the first two Ironman movies Ironman fought Ironman/Men

    In the sequel to Captain America he fights another version of himself and someone thinks it is a brilliant idea to introduce another version of Captain America as the villain for the third film.

    I hope that is not right and i’m misunderstanding.

    Why not make it that a batch of super syrum accidently gets delivered to a 7-11 which is knocked off by a gang of homeless thieves. Meanwhile no one at Shield can work out why the coca cola (thinking it is super syrum) they are injecting into the arms of their soldiers is only having 15% of the effect they thought it would.

    The film can finish after cap has taken out the squad of super thugs and destroyed their batch of syrum with a sceene with a bitter old old man played by Tommy Lee Jones walking into a 7-11 to grab a drink. As the camera zoom onto the fridge we see their is still one can of Super Syrum the thugs inittially missed. An old hand reaches for it. Completely setting up a captain America type villain for the following film.

    • Do I need to mention that the fridge is really Dr. Arnim Zola.

  28. My god all you need to is just read the Brubaker orun f Captain America, the first one. And you have a clear picture of what’s going to happen with Bucky and Steve in the future movies. Then again I doubt they cover stuff like Red Skull’s daughter Sin and whatever was happening in Fear Itself since they don’t even have the film rights for Harry Osborn.

  29. Sorry, it should be Norman Osborn. He was a major player in Dark Reign and Fear Itself.