Expect Frank Grillo To Suit Up As Crossbones in ‘Captain America 3′

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Marvel Comics Crossbones Gun Expect Frank Grillo To Suit Up As Crossbones in Captain America 3

In a way, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was its own mini-Avengers movie. It was the most connected film out of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it serves as a bridge between the first Avengers and next summer’s followup, Age of Ultron. It also had Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) forming and leading his own team in a story that helped introduce several other new key characters from Marvel Comics.

Of course there was The Winter Soldier a.k.a. Bucky Barnes himself (Sebastian Stan) who was re-introduced into the modern era, but it was characters like Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) whose introductions help expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond the super-powered heroes. When it comes to origin stories though, the most interesting new character we see develop and literally transform by the end of the film is Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo). Spoilers ahead.

When Grillo was cast as Rumlow, fans of Marvel Comics knew it could be leading to something big. Rumlow is known as the villain Crossbones in the books and he’s a key player in many Captain America stories, having crossed paths with plenty of other big name villains and heroes. He’s visually distinguishable by a dark mask and outfit with crossbones on it and – as showcaed in The Winter Soldier - he’s an elite mercenary trained in many forms of combat.

Captain America 2 Photo Frank Grillo Crossbones Brock Rumlow 620x370 Expect Frank Grillo To Suit Up As Crossbones in Captain America 3

Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow

At the end of the Captain America sequel we see him wheeled down a hospital corridor, severely burned but clearly alive. Like most talent joining the Marvel Studios family, Grillo signed a multi-picture deal and he will be back. Even when we chatted with Captain America 1-3 co-writer Christopher Markus on the set of Cap 2, he hinted at a potentially dark (i.e. R-rated) future for the character.

“I would say he’s learning to be Crossbones in a way. With Frank Grillo, he’s a great actor. When he wants to, he can turn on this light that makes you think, “He’s out of his mind,” and I think somewhere down the line he will push past the R rating. He doesn’t in this movie, mainly because it’s PG-13, what are we going to do past an R? We can’t go past the PG-13. Taste of things to come? I don’t know if I’m leaking…”

Captain America 2 Frank Grillo Crossbones Brock Rumlow Strike 2 620x370 Expect Frank Grillo To Suit Up As Crossbones in Captain America 3

Fast forward to present and Grillo was a memorable and entertaining part of the Captain America sequel – but that’s only the beginning of what we’ll see of Brock Rumlow as he returns for Captain America 3 which begins shooting next year for a May 2016 release. Grillo told Collider earlier this week that he’s “cautiously optimistic” that moviegoers will see him in “the not too distant future in the next installment of Captain America.”

“Very early on the Russos said, ‘Look, this is an origin film for this character. We’re gonna discover who this is and this is a big movie with a lot of moving parts, but we’re gonna discover you in this film and, you know, here’s the information about who Brock Rumlow turns into and blah, blah, blah.’ And so we’ve had multiple discussions about what comes after that, that thing. So, you know, it’s obvious Rumlow is covered in rubble and burned to crisp at the end, but you see he’s still there. They don’t do that for no reason.”

And of course, directors Anthony and Joe Russo are already working away on Captain America 3 where they will return to direct off a script by Marvel Studios and Captain America regulars Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.


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  1. Captain America 3
    Team Captain
    1. Captain America-As their lord and Master
    2. Falcon-As second in command
    3. Agent 13-Love interest
    4. Winter Soldier-WildCard

    Team Red Skull
    1. Red Skull-As their rightful leader
    2. Zemo
    3. Crossbones

    I would like to see somewhat of a love angle with Agent 13 and Cap, he needs a woman in his life to settle down with.

    Now I was thinking about Captain America 4.

    What I was thinking is the Fury wants to prepare for the Avengers getting old and thinking of ways to still have a team for when they retire or fall. He steals DNA from Widow and Captain without them knowing and creat a child (James Rogers). With Fury staying out of the actions and pretending to be dead would be cool. When they find out about what Fury has done, Agent 13 and Captain goes after them. Steve being the man that he is feels it is only right that he tells Widow. So while Agent 13, Cap, and now Widow are hunting down Fury. WS takes on the mantel of Captain America for a while. That way we can see if Agent Carter and Steve have chemistry because we all know Cap and Widow does. After finding Fury and learning the truth, Fury, Widow, and Captain argu on who is more fit to raise the young man. Widow somehow gets away with their son to raise on her own. Determined to hunt Widow down they set off to find her.

    What do you guys think could that be a cool movie?
    Or would it be too boring for a Captain America movie?

    • In the past, they’ve talked about Marvel Studios wanting to do Punisher as a R-rated project, now that they have the rights back. If they want to re-introduce Frank Castle and make him feel part of the larger universe, it might be interesting to make Hydra (in some way) responsible for Castle’s family dying, and having a Punisher vs Crossbones dynamic in there – they both share the skull motif, after all.

      Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to factor Crossbones into a future Masters of Evil story. He’s not typically a member, but the Masters of Evil usually start off with specific opposite numbers in the Avengers – you have Zemo opposite Captain America, Amora and Skurge opposite Thor and the Hulk, the Crimson Dynamo or someone similar opposite Iron Man. Given that Hawkeye and Black Widow are founding members of this continuity’s Avengers (instead of Ant-Man and Wasp), it makes sense to give them an opposite number: Crossbones could easily be the evil counterpart of either of those two… possibly a better fit with Widow (especially in this continuity), but there’s a chance she’ll end up with a nemesis of her own when she gets her own movie.

    • No Sin? You cant have The Red Skull without his ultra steaming-hot daughter Sin. Her fighting Black Widow would be awesome.

  2. I’m sure Frank Grillo would have some cross bones to pick with marvel if he didn’t appear again in one of their films (see what I did there? Do-U-C-it?!)

  3. Cap better watch his head.

    • More like he better keep guns loaded with tachyon bullets away from his girl friend…

  4. I like Cap but this one should shift as far away from May 2016 as possible. It would just be too sad… for both parties that is.

  5. He wants a standalone Crossbones film? Lol good luck. I admire the desire but I doubt even a villain like Loki could get a standalone film done.

    • Yet the Sinister Six appear to be doing just that.

    • Depends on what you mean by “stand-alone”.

      If Thanos is going to be the villain of Avengers 3, Marvel is going to have to do something a bit fancy to make that feel unique. We’ve already had a movie that pits the Avengers against an army from outer space doing Thanos’ bidding, and if Marvel wants to make sure that enthusiasm for the Avengers franchise doesn’t trail off, they need to make sure that Avengers 3 is fresh and new, not retreading the same ground. Also, Thanos and an outer space army is pretty similar to Darkseid and an outer space army: Justice League will already have come out by the time Avengers 3 does, and even if they “had the idea first”, it’ll still seem/feel like copying to the casual audience.

      The Masters of Evil would be a smart option. Sure, Sony is doing the Sinister Six, but the Masters of Evil are different: they’re a team designed to go toe-to-toe with the Avengers, made up of (in theory) some of their toughest opponents. They’re also often formed as part of some big league villain’s evil plan. Having Thanos form the Masters of Evil to keep the Avengers occupied while he gathers the last of the infinity gems or what-have-you gives you an easy way to ensure there’s action other than “Avengers vs one guy” and “Avengers vs an army” in your movie.

      Problem is, because only two or three of the Avengers are getting stand-alone movies at the moment, introducing those nemesis characters is tricky. How do you introduce a nemesis for Iron Man if there’s no Iron Man movie, for example? If you did a “stand alone” movie (using the term incorrectly), you could do that: something like the Sinister Six movie that Sony wants to do, to establish the villains before they face the heroes. That would give you the chance to introduce Amora, Skurge, Abomination, Zemo, Crossbones (as a nemesis for Widow or Hawkeye), and whoever else you decide to have in the line-up (maybe even Loki – he is an ally of Thanos already after all, and he does have one of the gems), and have a storyline that focuses on acquiring an infinity gem that is “somewhere else”. You establish your villains, you establish their motivations (the way they did with Loki prior to Avengers), and then you throw them up against the Avengers.

      Sure, it’s not stand-alone in the sense that it’s a Crossbones movie; “spinoff” would be the more correct term, but that’s a matter of semantics.

  6. I say for Captain America 3 they should bring in Taskmaster, he plays a role in Crossbone’s origins and it would make for an interesting enemy who would be able to adapt to everything Cap throws at him… literally.

  7. They need to kill off a character, its becoming too watered down and too confusing to non comic book readers…..

    • How so?

  8. Crossbones vs Punisher movie NOW!!!

    • Sounds cool but it would probably never happen

  9. Hmm…
    The day Disney releases an R rated movie I will have a whole lotta crow to eat.

    • Disney owns other film companies that have put out R rated movies.

    • Hmm…
      “Pulp Fiction, the first Miramax project to get a green light after the Disney acquisition”

    • I said DISNEY, as in under the Disney brand name, as in you saw the Disney logo at the begining of the flick. Not companies owned by Disney.
      If you want to assume they are going to start making Marvel movies out of Miramax go ‘head, I’m going to skip the speculating and stick to the facts.

      ALL Marvel movies (since the aqusiton) have been released under the Disney brand name.
      Disney has NEVER released an R rated movie.

      So like I said, the day DISNEY released an R rated movies I will be cooking crow for dinner.

  10. Wasn’t Iron Man 2 just as “connected” as this movie? It saw the expansion of Nick Fury, and the introduction of War Machine and Black Widow. Not to mention Agent Coulson, and Stark using the Cap shield replica as a prop in his basement.

    • Maybe, maybe not – but that’s not part of Phase 2 post-Avengers which I was talking about.

  11. Am I the only one that thinks it’s about time we see a comic movie where it’s so unpredictable that the bad guy winds up beating the good guy?

    • coughcoughWatchmencough

      • Well kinda….but Watchmen was a team, and most the team lived. If I remember correctly, 2 good guys died, but one of them wasn’t really that good. Good point though, BUT it still doesn’t happen much.

    • The only problem with the idea… in comics, if the bad guy wins, you know the hero can come back next month to try to get even. With a movie, you’re talking two years MINIMUM, more likely 3 or 4. That’s kind of a long time to leave a bad taste like that in viewer’s mouths. The only way I could see it work was if it was in one of the Avengers movies, that way a hero could turn the tide in their solo movie with a quicker turn around.

  12. If Cap 3 is gonna go up against BvS, they’ll need to bring back Red Skull in a big way.
    Black Panther appearance or Hawkeye & Black Widow cameo. Too many heroes you say ? Then throw in Viper and the Serpent Society as Super Villains Team.

    With that kind of line-up, CA3 can go toe-to-toe with BvS. Bring it !

    • Captain America could never stand up against BvS. Not even against Batman. Supes and Bats are the 2 most widely know characters. But the studios aren’t stupid, these 2 movies won’t go head-to-head, because Both would lose some Money, especially Marvel. Disney doesn’t want to beat WB, they want to beat Sony Who misfired Spidey2 and Who had the smalles universe. Marvel wants to get back all of its heroes, Spidey is the most attainable right now, considering the lateat movie and Fox’s succesa with X-men. Disney Will lose a lot of the credibility among audiences(that they have spent all these years building) if Cap umderperforme, which it Will, against BvS.

      • I get what you’re sayin dude. I just want Cap3 to stand toe-to-toe with BvS. But to win outright at the box office ? Of course not.
        But at the very least, the Russo Brothers (director) will give Marvel fans one thriller of a movie.

        • I want to see Cap get his ass handed to him, but not just by BvS. I want Crossbones to kick his teeth in all over the screen. It’s too predictable that at the end of all these films, the hero wins. #Villain FTW :)

          • Now, if Marvel is killing off Cap in the 3rd movie, that will be a game changer.
            Also Chris Evans contract is almost up, right? Evans contract is for 6 movie deal . Correct me if I’m wrong guys.

            • You are absolutely right, the question is, will he be killed in Captain America 3 or Avengers 3?
              The Crossbones killing Cap storyline would be bad*ss and fresh as far as movies go, plus it would allow Bucky Barnes to take up the mantle (as a much more interesting character IMO); the Winter Soldier Captain America would add some nice new energy to the team.
              BUT, Thanos killing an Avenger with ease when he shows up would add a lot of needed gravitas to the whole thing, and solidify him as someone not to be trifled with. I could totally see him just wrecking Cap and taking his shield as a trophy. Downey’s contracts are almost up too though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Thanos killed HIM in Avengers 3 instead of Cap.

              • He’s def gonna get killed off and Bucky will take over.

                It wont happen in cap 3 though they will save it for Avengers 3 and then Cap 4 will introduce a new Cap.

      • I, like many people will be seeing CAP 3 and BVS on the same day if it happens…

        • I’ll pay for BvS, then sneak in to Cap3 while the crowds are too big for security to notice!

  13. Taskmaster would be Great, I Love that character, too bad he’s so underrated. They could even bring back the infamous Mandarin, have Sir Kingsley be corrupted by either Thanos or Loki. Red Skull can appear again as someone takes His mantles and ideology. This announcement is Great, the possibilities are endless, Crossbones is a Great character, they could really flesh him out. I Love the reverse-origin story he had in Cap 2.

  14. I’d love to say BvS will hands down destroy Cap3 head to head, and in most cases it would. Problem I see is Zack Snyder. Even though MOS was good, it coulda and shoulda been way better. Sucker Punch was terrible, and this director is up and down. I doubt the 2 films will go head to head when it’s all said and done, but if there’s a director that could make BvS terrible, it’s Snyder. Fingers crossed he does the film JUSTICE!! No pun intended ;)

  15. Maybe we’ll see Sin in the next Cap movie, if Rumlow becomes crossbones I doubt he’ll work alone! Also I would really love a R-Rated Punisher movie or a Netflix show if the others are successful!

  16. Alexander Pierce really should have been revealed as either Red Skull or Baron Zemo. Marvel wasted a villain slot using a no name character.
    Cap3, being Evans final, Marvel needs to go all out. Sin and Crossbones team up with Zemo Jr. Using the 50′s Cap, they do a mind transfer, putting Red Skull in 50′s Cap’s body. Cap dies in the end and Bucky takes over. I really want to see a shot with Crossbones, Zemo and Red Skull standing together, masked-out.

    • Yes alexander pierce should been revealed as the red skull and batroc should
      have had his mask and crossbones should have been in his suit earlier and
      black widow should gave brought down shield herself without cap’s permission
      because captain american is such a boy scout that he would not act that
      irresponsibly. i want to see the serpent society and crossbones along with
      batroc and razorfist in the next film and have a battle royale.

  17. In reality, Cap3 v BvS isn’t as big a deal as say, the franchise star exiting, the Red Skull situation, and Bucky’s future in the MCU. Not to mention they’re kinda fast tracking this right?

  18. gambit is the winter solier and now they need a new gambit? agree with mark being hulk over ed. but when you find guys who actually look the part like stan being gambit you should stick to that.ppl don’t want to see ten ifferent batman’s or spiderman’s. especially while the former actor’s can still be had.as far as the batman goes ,it’s the character not the actor’s that keep it going. as of yet they haven’t found a suitable actor to play th part yet. brolin would fit the part but wait, we’ll cast him as someone else where he does not fit instead!

  19. Grillo was the only bad part of CA3

  20. Grillo was the only bad part of CA2

    • how so?

  21. Crossbones is a sweet bad guy for Cap I would love to have him in a movie alongside another villain like Baron Zeemo or the Swordsman I bet that would be so cool.

  22. My guess is that Cap will be killed in Cap 3 and it’s quite possible that Rogers gets resurrected in Avengers 3 because of either the infinity stones or from Dr. Strange.

    They could do so many good possibilites with Rogers getting resurrected.
    A) He could be a dark evil Cap as an enemy in Avengers 3
    B) The resurrection could cause him to lose his Super Soldier gifts leading him to work for the government in some capacity but not a soldier
    C) Have him resurrected as a button scene at the end of Avengers 3 just to tease that he could return in some capacity.

    P.S. I also think that Hulk will be shot into space during Avengers 2. I think that Ultron will know that he is the biggest threat so he has his robot minions (and Hulk Buster) capture and deploy him to space. THe Guardians of the Galaxy will bring him back to earth in Avengers 3.

  23. im not seeing as film with fast cuts and crazy edits.. sorry but thats not right.. il pass..

  24. Again they’re NOT going to kill Cap in Cap3 or A3, you guys were the same people saying Hank Pym was going to create Ultron. And look what happen, if you don’t count Thor the Dark World he stills has two more movies left. And who knows he might just resign to do one or two more movies. Plus Stan hasn’t done anything in Cap 2 to prove he can carry the movie as the lead hero. I would like to see a team up happen with Zemo, Cross Bones, and Reb Skull vs Cap, Winter Soldier, and Falcon. Just because it happens in the comics doesn’t mean it will happen in the movies.

  25. Captain America 3:

    Cap gets killed by Crossbones. Winter solider takes up the mantle and wrecks the world

  26. They are definitely going to kill of Rogers and I’m pretty sure their going to be doing the Civil War story line. Crossbones and Agent 13(Sharon Carter) are both responsible for Cap’s death though. At least in the comic books they are anyway. After the announcement of Civil War, Cap turns himself in where he is accompanied by a, brainwashed, Agent 13. Red Skull and Zola are responsible for her brainwashing. Crossbones snipes him first, and takes him down, then Agent 13 puts several rounds into him, sealing the deal and killing him. I wonder if they are going to stick with this in the movies. It is a great betrayal since he a Sharon Carter become romantically involved and she is Granddaughter to Peggy Carter.

    A few things I know is that Chris Evans has 3 movies left in his contract with Marvel and then he will be, supposedly, quitting acting to focus on directing. Sebastian Stan, however, recently signed a 9 movie contract with Marvel. That’s a lot of movies so it makes sense for them to do the Civil War story line because it is so pivotal in the Marvel universe.

    • Nobody knows for sure what Marvel is going to do with Cap 3.
      I think it would be pretty stupid to kill off Captain America just to satisfiy a small majority of the comic book fans .
      I’m pretty sure most of their money comes from people who don’t read comics.
      A lot of them females I know NEVER read a comic book on Captain America and they paid to go see the movie.
      We don’t know for sure what Chris Evans contract is this is all rumor. We don’t know if he will resign or now. I don’t see Stan being able to curry and Captain America movie on his own.
      The great thing is take Widow Away and insert Sharon Carter and its still an EPIC movie. If you can Captain away and have Winter Soldier in that’s something I will wait for DVD.
      I think if Marvel was smart they wouldn’t kill him to make the small minority of comic book fans happy.

      • My god I can’t spell or type lol

        • At some point there might have been an attempt at a plausible argument. Even though the comic books have already written the history. Later, lack of spelling and failure to form complete sentences lost all hopes of accomplishing this……..

  27. You can’t have Crossbones without Sin…..the thing I didn’t like about Captain America 2 is that they use that ‘Winter Soldier’ subtitle, but do very little with it. The story is completely different from the Brubaker run, which has Crossbones recruit the Red Skull’s homocidal daughter Sin to go on a crime spree and eventual showdown with Cap………

  28. Since he was already one of the villains in Cap 2, what makes him more compelling as Crossbones? I’m not really too keen on the idea of reusing villains.

  29. A question for Screen Rant:

    What constitutes a “Hot Topic?”

    You have Captain America 3 listed as a currently hot topic but you don’t have many articles on the movie, and the ones you do have don’t exactly come off as a “hot” topic. CA3 seems more like a “slightly above room temperature” topic.

    I am just curious.

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