Marvel Wants The Russo Brothers To Direct ‘Captain America 3′

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One of Screen Rant’s big questions for movie geeks in 2014 centered around the year being a defining one for Marvel Studios, namely because Captain America: The Winter Soldier and new property Guardians of the Galaxy both have the chance to take story-telling to the next level for the young production house. We asked that because of what we’ve been hearing from insiders for over a year about the screenplays and direction of both flicks, and on the hope that both Captain America 2 and Guardians can make up for issue we had with 2013’s Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World – both of which were financially successful but let us down slightly as important pieces in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While The Winter Soldier is still months away, with an expensive trailer to debut this weekend during the Super Bowl, the latest news bodes well for the film that serves as a bridge between The Avengers and its upcoming 2015 sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Variety has the scoop that Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of one of our most anticipated films of 2014, will be back in the director chairs for the unannounced Captain America 3. Negotiations apparently haven’t begun yet but Marvel is loving what they’ve seen from early cuts of The Winter Soldier and want them back for more.

Considering the amount of directors Marvel Studios has worked with who didn’t return for sequels, this news speaks volumes of the Russos and hopefully, the quality of Captain America 2. This is especially important since unlike the latest Iron Man and Thor installments, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is far from being a completely standalone title – it builds off of elements from the historical setting of the first Captain America, events that may occur in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, all while laying the groundwork for The Avengers 2.

Behind the scenes of Captain America The Winter Soldier 570x386 Marvel Wants The Russo Brothers To Direct Captain America 3

More interestingly, Cap 2 may not just change the S.H.I.E.L.D. as we know it for the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward, it may position Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in an interesting spot now that his best pal Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan’s titular Winter Soldier) is back in the fold. Could Captain America 3 keep with the political setting and delve into Marvel Civil War territory – a major event in the comics which divided the universe? Could it lead to Bucky Barnes becoming the next Captain America before The Avengers 3?

Chris Evans has only two more pictures on his 6-film contract with Marvel (after next summer’s Age of Ultron) so unless the studio can convince him to stick around, Steve Rogers has only Captain America 3 and The Avengers 3 left. Robert Downey Jr. is also only contracted until The Avengers 3 making 2018 a big question mark year for Marvel in how they proceed after.

While Captain America 3 (and Thor 3) haven’t been officially announced, they’re safe bets for Marvel’s Phase 3 slate come 2016-17 and we’ll learn more about that this summer when the studio unveils their upcoming film plans during San Diego Comic-Con. From what Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige tells us, each of those years will have two films, the first of each pair being a sequel. That means to us Captain America 3 is likely coming in 2017 unless they switch the traditional order and throw it before Thor 3.

Cap’s next adventure is being directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo off a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and will release in 3D. Robert Redford joins Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Samuel L. Jackson,  Cobie Smulders, Scarlett Johansson, Toby JonesAnthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Hayley Atwell, Maximiliano Hernandez and Georges St-Pierre.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Variety

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  1. I just hope Marvel doesn’t put them through the wringer like Jon Favreau come time for Captain America 3. But good on them, Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks awesome in every way. Hopefully Marvel can keep James Gunn around as well, especially if Guardians is a hit.

    • i have a hard time believing guardians will get another movie. i feel like they are just a device for thanos. i hope im wrong but if it fails with merchandise and box office then it probably wont get another movie. unless marvel can make 3 movies a year but because guardians are universal and not limited to earth i can see then just having their own series away from the typical mcu movies, unless there is another universal threat.

      • If GOTG pulls in very high dollars, you bet they will seriously consider another movie. If over a billion, I would say 100% certain.

        • GotG doesn’t have to make a billion to get a sequel lol, expecting that much money for a brand new franchise is insane! if it makes a solid profit it will net a sequel, simple as that. Say it costs 150 to 200 mil, if it turns 400 it will get a sequel. Im expecting around 400 mil worldwide or more.

          • Where did I say it had to? Bad logic there.

            • Ummm, thinking $1bil is the threshhold is the bad logic.

              • Actually, thinking $1bil is even possible is the bad logic.

        • GotG marketing is making a mistake by not putting Thanos and the Chitarri in their main marketing posters; it is after all a spin-off of Avengers and therefore should reference Avenger elements everywhere–but it isn’t.

          • There.. Isn’t any GotG marketing yet..

            • Unless you count those toys/merchandise photos that have appeared. Disney needs to start putting up posters and trailers soon. If the trailer doesn’t debut on the day of The Winter Soldier’s release, then it should be before then (hopefully).

    • But is gunn even good? So he’s got a few small movies until his belt, so what. I have yet to see him display any noticeable flair or vision when it comes to setting up shots and giving his scenes an “epic” feel to them. He seems a better writer than director until proven otherwise. If GotG doesnt feel expansive or epic then it wil be his fault. So far his movies are all shot up close with tv-like structure. We’ll see how he does with a bigger budjet and sets, to me the content will sell, it’s his abilities as a big league director that I have questions over.

      • Ummm… The Russos most notable work was Happy Endings and Arrested Development. The argument that Gunn is not suited for big studio films because he has been an indie director with limited resources is preposterous. Just another case of uninformed fan boys clutching their pearls.

        • While also forgetting their nerd hero Joss Whedon had to start somewhere too, as did others.

          Steve McQueen was an artist and music video director but is now hotly tipped for the Best Director Oscar.

          Starting in indie movies means nothing, anyone who acts negative because an indie director is in charge of a blockbuster movie really needs to study film making more closely before passing judgment in future.

          • Lol guys, not a fanboy here, my concern was clearly stated only to the fact that I have yet to see his skills at shot composition and setup be something that would lend itself well to a large scale production. I’m not saying he’s not capable of it, just saying we havent seen it from him yet and as such there is a question mark there. Until the capt America trailer, we all had questions about the bros ability to deliver and by all accounts they seem to have delivered and epic looking film. Now we dont have the luxury of this (yet) for GotG, hopefully once the trailer is released it will become a non issue, but at this point we only have what he’s done so far.. look at the button scene from Thor 3.. Honestly, that looked like a cheap tv episode, the way the framing was done and shot. It would be a non factor but his previous movie have used a lot of the same basic setups. So from that standpoint, why is my concern/opinion not valid or logical? If my logic is faulty sure but uninformed fanboy.. Really? Did you even understand my post before lashing out and attempting to discredit me as “one of those fanboys”?

    • I wringer was worth it. Iron Man 2 has its weak points, yes, I will admit this much, but it has re-watch value as a stepping stone to The Avengers.

      • I honestly had no problem with Iron Man 2 and enjoyed the hell out of it when it came out and didn’t understand why not that many people liked it. I agree that it’s a stepping stone to The Avengers, maybe more so than any other film.

  2. It’s funny how when they were first announced to direct, people hated it instantly, but now, if you read around, people are in love with them. Just goes to show that we need to wait until we see footage to judge.

    • +1000000000000000000000000000000000

    • people hate everything… they hate transformers yet continue to see it and it gets more money every time. people on the internet seem to think they are 100% of the audience yet in reality they are just 30%.

      • I would say 30% is overly generous. Most people go to see movies without knowing anything more than 1 or 2 trailers. They don’t scour online for details.

    • I don’t know, I think snap judgement from fanboys are still appropriate. I didn’t like their choice for director from the beginning. Neither of them look anything like Stan Lee!

    • I think it is a matter of perception (Your perception). Haters are passionate and quick to mouth off so you see them first. The masses take time to read the news and eventually catch up. Then they post about it. Some people see that has people hating something then changing their minds. haha.

      There are 3 kinds of people in the world.
      1: Those who make things happen.
      2: Those who watch things happen.
      3: Those who wonder what happened.

  3. so this must mean the winter soldier is a really good movie.

    i didnt care much for cap 1. i didnt go to the cinema and it was the worst (not bad. i liked it) MCU movie imo. but the trailer for TWS really got me excited about it and Bucky looks like hes going to be an amazing villain so his and caps interactions should be amazing.

    i love villains that were once friends because it really makes things emotional and really drags you into the story, they are some of my favorite bad guys in all types of media

    • I’ll never understand the hate for the first Cap movie.

      I hate the character usually (boring stories, one dimensional character, I’m also not a fan of patriotism, regardless of country, which is why I love that Captain Britain is more supernatural and not “yeah, UK is the greatest nation, FOR ENGLAND!”) but have to admit, the Cap movie was brilliant.

      It had the right balance of humour, drama and action.

      • It’s main problem was very sporatic, brief moments of “cap action” which was the main thing people wanted to see.

      • Cap was my favorite phase 1 movie prior to the Avengers.

      • Captain America: The First Avenger was my personal second favorite of the Marvel’s Phase 1 solo films, behind Iron Man.

        There was a lot to like about the film. The only thing that prevents it from being better, in my opinion, was the structure of the latter half of the film. I felt certain things were rushed and scenes ending abruptly.

      • +1

        Captain America: The First Avenger may very well be my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. I always thought most Captain America stories were terrible and way too heavy on science fiction but I loved the movie. The evolution of the character had a great deal of development where it left me impressed. The only Captain America stories I’ve ever enjoyed have been Ed Brubaker’s. I really have high hopes for Winter Soldier movie because it’s my favorite Captain America story, I just hope it’s nothing like how Phase II has been and this article is helping calm the nerves.

    • I think its the third best behind Thor, and Avengers

      • I’d rank them from best to worst/top to bottom as:

        Iron Man
        The Incredible Hulk
        Captain America: The First Avenger
        Thor: The Dark World
        Iron Man 3
        Iron Man 2
        The Avengers

        • Oh here we go: 1 being the best (or my favorite)

          1) Iron Man (Five Stars)
          2) Captain America: The First Avenger
          3) The Incredible Hulk
          4) Thor 2: The Dark World
          5) Iron Man 3
          6) Thor
          7) Iron Man 2

          This is my ranking of the solo films. But if I add the Avengers it would most likely be a tie with Captain America: The First Avenger because I feel both succeed and fail in similar areas.

          I am really hoping Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy to really be refreshers and stand out! Especially how the latter half of this list is a bit lackluster.

        • Here is my order from best to worst. Lets compare…

          Iron Man
          The Incredible Hulk
          Captain America
          Iron Man 3
          Thor Dark World
          Iron Man 2

          IF Cap 2 is as good as it is looking, it could easily become a top 3 movie in my list.

        • I’d rank mine…

          1.) Captain America: The First Avengers
          2.) Iron Man
          3.) The Incredible Hulk
          4.) Thor
          5.) Iron Man 2
          6.) Thor: The Dark World
          7.) Avengers
          8.) Iron Man 3

          Captain America: The Winder Solider seems very promising.

        • For me:
          The Avengers
          Iron Man
          The Incredible Hulk
          Iron Man 2
          Captain America: The First Avenger
          Iron Man 3

          The first five on the list are very close, though.
          And I haven’t seen Thor 2 yet, so I can’t rank it.

  4. Looks good. Sounds good. It is good. Real good.


  5. Pretty good sign if you ask me, for the quality of Cap 2. Only other time they brought back a director to direct a sequel was after the original Iron Man.

  6. Awesome news… which means it’s a safe bet that Cap 3 is definitely on Phase 3.
    And actually, now that I think of it, I’m sure the reason to giving Cap and Thor subtitles instead of numbered sequels was to not make people expect any just in case they want to venture other heroes. That way when they do announce a sequel, it will not feel too much. It’s a better strategy than Iron Man, IMHO.

    I have a feeling in the 3rd, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye will be Cap’s sidekick (just like Widow and Falcon in this one). Whatever happens to Bucky, he’s going to be there too… presumably to take over his Cap role in the future (if you know what I mean)

  7. So phase 3 looks like this so far,

    antman july 2015
    Thor 3 may 2016
    ? july 2016 (inhumans? Dr. Strange?)
    Cap 3 may 2017
    ? summer/fall 2017? (Black Panther? Hulk?)
    Avengers 3 may 2018

    • 2015
      Avengers 2

      Thor 3
      Dr. Strange

      Captain America 3
      GOTG 2

      Avengers 3
      Planet Hulk

      Dr. Strange 2
      Black Panther

      GOTG 3

      World War Hulk/Avengers 4

  8. CAP 3 – Bucky’s Bytch

  9. Good news….as long as they don’t turn Winter Soldier into an actor while the REAL villain is in the background.

    • I don’t think they’ll attempt to have two brilliant plot twists in the space of 12 months.

      • Here we go…

  10. I’m so alone… Is it bad that I killed my brother with a hammer?
    Captain America please save me!

  11. I’m not very surprised by this news.

    The Russo brothers seem to be the easiest directoral team for Marvel to deal with. Shane Black and Alan Taylor both have distinct flavours to their directing. From the material I have seen for The Winter Soldier, it looks like the Russo brothers don’t have such a distinct flavour and so can be moulded to fit whatever Marvel wants.

    They may well be good directors in their own right, but to me it seems that this decision may be more about Marvel having their way.

  12. I think this is brilliant news. Granted I do not have an opinion on the Russo Bros directorial efforts, nor do I know how the film is in its finished product, but Marvel’s actions do speak volumes as suggested by the article.

    This film is really shaping up to be like “The Dark Knight” in the sense of both films being a great film on their own ( A political thriller as TDK was a crime epic) with strong ties to their respective mythologies and many relevant and modern themes to explore.

    Not saying this film is sure to be as great as The Dark Knight, but to be a film that reaches new heights in the context of Marvel films, the genre overall, and films in general.

  13. Caps my fav. Marvel character, so I loved The First Avenger. And I’m looking forward to this.
    And for those who hate Iron Man 3, I totally get it. Mandrin should be treated with respect just like DC treats Bats villains. But I’m STILL of the opinion that it was an enjoyable movie. I didn’t much like that big of a focus on Pepper, but still. And after hearing the rumors (regardless if true or false) about All Hail The King, and the existence of a real rings terroeist group, and there anger at the use of the name Mandrin, I think there’s still a chance that ee’ll get to see the real one.
    Suppose if the rumors are true, and the comic versiin of a mandrin does exist, and will soon be getting involved in the MCU, how would you then view IM3? (But maybe it s false, so there goes the that).
    I think that it would be nice if marvel did so that. And please don’t come with the crap about “yeah, and now that they see we hate it…” and all. YEAH, they did see that, and they want to fix it. Whats wrong with that? Wouldn’t you want to see the real mandrin?

  14. I have a feeling this motion picture will be Epic! Along with the action and adventure, I hope this movie has at least one horror scene, a violent bird attack reminiscent of Albert Hitchcock’s – The Birds. I’m hoping Zola’s head is a mind control box, he speaks via a TV in his chest, work is employed by SHIELD and he has developed Phase 2 technology that allows him to transfer consciousness to ROBOTS!

  15. I must say the winter soldier seems to be the only phase 2 movie i interested in.

    Irom man 3 didn’t really sell me as an iron man movie but more of let’s finally show how troubled a character tony stark is while we introduce his archenemy and totally f**k him up. Thor 2 saw more mythos but underwhelmed me with the bland performance of natlie portman as lead lady and kat dennings once again being a comic support to just add one liners. That alone makes me dread thor 3. Guardians seems to be interesting but could be a huge mess due to the odd cast of characters and risk.

    As I hate the ultron storys I’m not truely looking foward to avengers 2. Captain america 2 looks to be my favorite.

  16. My guess is : somewhere in Phase 3, Marvel will kill off Nick Fury. Coz Sam Jackson’s contract is up. They replace Nick with Steve Rogers/Cap as the new honcho of S.H.I.E.L.D

    Rogers being the ultimate soldier he is, will try to enforce law & order throughout the superhero community. He’ll try to pitch the 51 INITIATIVE idea to the president.

    The president buys the idea. So we’ll have the classic CIVIL WAR storyline in phase 4. Killing off a few big hero names in the ensuing battle between S.H.I.E.L.D and the rebel superheroes faction.


    • in the Civil War comic book, it was IronMan, HankPym & Reed Richards who come up with the 51 Initiative idea. and Cap was venemously against it. Cap was the rebel leader.

      So ur idea for the movie is reverse role huh ? interesting.

  17. Can’t do Civil War without Spider-Man. My opinion obviously. Have high hopes for this one though.