Sebastian Stan Talks ‘Captain America 3′ vs. ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Captain America Sebastian Stan2 Sebastian Stan Talks Captain America 3 vs. Batman vs. Superman
Captain America: The Winter Soldier hasn’t officially released anywhere across the globe, but the film is already tracking by word of mouth as one of the best entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The box office forecast puts it at $80 million in its opening April weekend, and a third film has already been scheduled for May 6, 2016.

Meanwhile, the first film in the rebooted Superman franchise, Man of Steel, although a box office success, received a mixed response from critics. Yet building on the hype of new characters Batman and Wonder Woman, the highly-anticipated sequel, Batman vs. Superman, was recently re-scheduled for the same opening weekend, putting it up against Marvel’s as yet untitled Captain America 3.

Neither studio has backed down since the news was announced recently, with Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige even saying they will not be moving, and so we have an epic showdown in the making. During the Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiere this past week, star Sebastian Stan – who revealed he has a nine-picture deal with Marvel – was asked by Access Hollywood which film he thinks will win the 2016 weekend: Captain America 3 or Batman vs. Superman.

“I mean, all you really have to do to know the answer to that question is just look at the track record of Marvel Vs. DC… ‘Green Lantern’! [Laughs] You know, I’m biased! I dunno. I’m on this side. Listen, I’m with the brothers. They did a great film. If they want to do another film, and I’ll be part of it [...], then I’m game!”

Obviously, each side is going to root for their own, and while Captain America: The Winter Soldier is poised to make some serious cash this year, the current buzz surrounding the upcoming sequel Batman vs. Superman can’t be denied. Perhaps a better way to look at the competition is to see whether this year’s Captain America can outmatch Marvel’s previous film, Thor: The Dark World.

Captain America Green Lantern Sebastian Stan Talks Captain America 3 vs. Batman vs. Superman
Of course, a lot can change in two years, with Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man possibly raising Marvel’s profile even higher over the next two years. Opinions of critics or fanboys unhappy with what they see of Batman vs. Superman can also deflate the film’s momentum before the premiere in 2016. We’re clearly still too far out to have any idea of the outcome.

What about you, Screen Rant readers? Are you planning to see Captain America 3, Batman vs. Superman or both? Which film do you think will win at the box office?


Both Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Superman are scheduled to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Access Hollywood [via CBM]

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  1. so it was confirmed that Captain America 3 will take the may 2016 spot? I thought it was just a rumor?

    • It hasn’t been confirmed yet. People just assume that’s what’s going to fill that spot because Variety reported it.

      • Variety has been jumping the gun a bit lately haven’t they? Wasn’t it them who broke the news about Vin Diesel being Groot? I do trust them as a source though.

      • The ‘rumor’ is so big that Marvel would have already denounced it if it weren’t true.

        • actually – the probably wouldn’t deny it – true or not – because they probably don’t care what the press says
          whatever the press says – doesn’t affect anything for them – especially this far in advance

          and either way it keeps the Marvel name & discussion of future films constantly being printed in the news
          free publicity is never bad publicity – including pointless article like this one

    • THANK YOU —
      finally someone else who brings up the fact that NOTHING has been confirmed yet for the “mystery releases”
      it seems these days – if one site reports something – EVERY other site jumps on the news – with absolutely no confirmation of any kind. and then half the time the news if TOTALLY false (ie. Johnny Depp playing Dr. Strange)

      incidentally there is still nothing officially confirmed that Vision will be in Avengers 2.

      also – kind of funny, every article like this (about whatever rumor comes out) – it seems the writers of these articles spend time writing up a long article (with no confirmed news) – but they never spend a few minutes just calling Marvel or whatever company to get an official comment on the news – ie. a confirmation, a denial or even just a no comment.

      is it really that hard to get word straight from the horses mouth ? ….
      stop taking every rumor as the truth based on nothing but an unnamed source from some other website

  2. What will I be doing?

    Catching BvS in an earlier screening then later in the day, watching Cap 3. Supporting both companies that way.

    Unless I decide to do it the other way round. I usually like to save things I know I’ll enjoy the most for last so I might save BvS for the later showing, who knows, it’s 2 years away so….

    • Agreed. I’ll be seeing both that day, but I don’t know which will be first. Pretty much for the exact reasons this article details. My decision might not have anything to do with quality either.

      • Well, I’ll do it the way I watch TV I’ve recorded.

        My decision today was “do I watch Thursday’s Arrow episode, Friday’s Blacklist episode or last night’s True Detective episode first and which one do I save for last?”

        All are quality shows, it was just a difficult decision to choose which went first. I ultimately chose The Blacklist, followed by Arrow then True Detective.

    • Thank you! We don’t need this Marvel vs DC nonsense, and supporting both studios would be great. DC especially needs all the support it can get, what with the controversy surrounding the MoS sequel

      • Agreed this stupid rivally bs needs to calm down. We have two epic movies. One is a continuation of a film seris that looks strong with its next instalment and the other is a new dc film staring the big three….something movie goeres have never seen.

        Honestly I’m not sure which I’ll see first. It all will come down to schedlues but I think me and the wife will see batman vs superman first and then capt 3 on grounds that if I have to sit around for a few hours between films id rather not hear how chris evans looks in tights. Lol.

        I read a rumor thou bvs may move up to be released sooner. Any clarification on that?

  3. Ya I’m more excited for the fact that two amazing comic book films will release on the same day. I’m a bias Marvel fan but I never miss an opportunity to see BatMan on film.
    I’ll be pre ordering my tickets and seeing BatsVSupes in the AM and Cap3 in the evening. Although I still wish there was a little more time before the Cap sequel.

  4. Hmm. What will win?.. The third entry in an already underwhelming franchise? Or a film with two of the most well-known superheroes coming together for the first time on the big screen. This is third grade math, guys.

    • Just read an article by Forbes that made a valid point. Essentially, if no one budges Marvel wins regardless. There are much lower expectations on the CA franchise. It doesn’t need to make 300 million domestic or a billion worldwide to be a success. They used the example of Cap jumping on the grenade, because marvel can afford the sacrifice if it puts a dent in DC’s only planned property (with far greater expectations BTW). DC will pour $$ into MoSII’s production in hopes of enormously high returns, so no matter how much more it makes the competition will slow it down…

    • There’s no question that BvS is the more anticipated movie. Personally, I thought Man of Steel was spectacular. It wasn’t perfect, but it was an incredibly ambitious movie, and in its mixed successes I thought it was more than typical genre fare. That being said, the Forbes article makes a good point. Even in the very likely scenario where BvS makes more money, Captain America 3 is going to hurt its numbers.

      The first Captain America might not have been a slam dunk, but it was pretty well received by audiences and critics. With word on this movie being that it exceeds expectations, and is overall a really good film, combined with Marvel Studios’ potential to regain its post Avengers gleam between now and 2016 (another Avengers is coming out after all), Captain America 3 may very well be poised to make a significant dent in the competition’s earnings.

      • I forgot to mention that I actually enjoyed CA:TFA quite a bit. It was a lot of fun.

  5. I know this will rock !

  6. I will probably be seeing both in theaters but there is no doubt Batman vs. Superman (for the love of god change to title) will perform better. I’m not guaranteeing it will be a better film, but it will be a film containing the two most prolific super heroes in history. It’s just an undeniable fact. CA3 will do very well, but BvS is BvS.

    Oh, and no one cares about CA vs. Green Lantern. That’s a terrible comparison.

  7. What else he could say? But seriously, Man of Steel made more money than any of solo Marvel movies except IM3. Add Batman to that and billion dollars is guaranteed. Marvel wouldn’t put Avengers, Guardians or Ant-Man against BvS, but they could try to take some money from WB with something no one really cares about like Cap3 or Thor3. They’d still lose hard ofc, so I think in the end they will budge and move to another date.

    • A couple things to think about…

      By adding Batman, Superman, and WW together this obviously makes this a teamup movie. Therefore, it should see similar numbers to the Avengers…

      Avengers is #3 all time box office and Bat vs Supe could see those numbers.

      Also, its not very fair or accurate to say no one really cares about Cap and Thor since technically Thor 2 did almost as good as Man of Steel. According to Box Office Mojo the highest grossing movies of all time, MOS is #68 with approximately 668 million to date and Thor 2 is right behind it at #73 with approximately 642 million.

      Finally, IM3 is #5 all time. The track record of Phase 2 movies making big jumps from their predecessor shows us that Cap 3 could see a big gain!

      • clay@ correction! mos collect 687 million. thor 3 can’t cross it. cap 2 also can’t.

        • @ Dark Knight…Yep. Good catch on 687 million. It was a typo. NEED THAT DAMN EDIT BUTTON, LOL!

          Either way, my point was that MCU’s Phase 2 movies are seeing dramatic jumps in ranking/earnings from their predecessor’s ever since The Avengers. Thor 2′s current worldwide earnings rank (#73 B.O. Mojo) saw a tremendous jump from the first Thor (#149) after Avengers. Iron Man’s movies were (#94) and IM2(#79) then saw huge jump after Avengers for IM3 to being a top 5 all time movie.

          Take that trend plus the hype Cap 2 is getting and it should see a tremendous jump into being a top 75 movie of all time with earnings at around 645 mil around what Thor Dark World gained. IF, it is ALSO a great movie then Cap 3 will see an even bigger jump into top 25 or around what IM3 did. That would put Cap 3 in the realm of Avengers 1 and where Batman vs. Superman will most likely be.

        • @Dark Knight…

          I was just looking at my data/research again. BoxOfficeMojo lists MoS earnings at 668 million The Numbers site lists it at 687 million

          Lol…Lets take the average and call it about 678 million…

          • clay@ what is your opinion on man of steel? that is not bad. yes not perfect. nothing is perfect in this world. atleast not films. but story,acting,casting,action/effect,production and music department is really impressive. script will be far better and higher quality in bvs. specially mos is best film by action/effect in superhero genre. milestone setting work it was. wow!

            • I thought MoS was really good. I will be honest and say I think it was overhyped and my expectations of it were so high that I was kinda let down.

              Same thing that happened to me when I went and saw Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. They were good movies but my expectations were really high and I was let down a little.

  8. BvsS may make more money, but it won’t be the better movie if they keep with the garbage they did with MoS…

    • What garbage?

      Same garbage that filled The Avengers from opening titles to post-credits scene but still made $1billion regardless?

      (Switch The Avengers and its profits for Meet The Spartans, any Transformers movie, etc)

      • everybody forgets one thing. Marvel is tracking way better at the Foreign Box office by far. Even Thor 2 had 60M more than MoS.

        Even if BvS makes more money in the US (and it will) In the end of the day when it all said and done marvel will have as much or even more in their bank account,
        even if it will be in Yuans and Euros.

  9. I like the Marvel movies better,but it’s pretty obvious that Batman and Superman would trounce Cap at the box office.

  10. There’s no question – Batman vs Superman. Captain America 3 maybe the better movie (this we’re not even sure of), but Batman vs Superman has been decades in the making. Besides, more people know about Batman or Superman, compared to Captain America.

    If Marvel’s aim is to try an make a dent in the BvsS earnings, then they’ll probably succeed – but if they think that at any point they’ll beat out that movie, they’re in for a surprise. Feige may have bit more than he can chew on this one.

    • better movie mean? marvel’s films doesn’t about quality. not in past. not present. dc always ahead than marvel by quality in live-action films.

      • Uhmmm… Green Lantern? The last Batman? MoS? Those were pretty bad…

        • the last batman film collect almost 1.1 billion. and critically so much successful. and not a bad film that was. and tdk trilogies any film is not compareable to any marvel films. just don’t dare. all three is high quality films. and mos is not bad. atleast not bad as im3. and what about daredevil,both hulk films,ghost rider films etc. they are failures. nightmares. don’t always target green lantern. dc and marvel both produce horrible films.

          • Do I have to bring up Superman Returns and IM3 was good Marvel have the upper hand and plus Marvel will always be better.

        • Don’t forget Catwoman, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Constantine, Superman Returns…

          • clay@ superman returns is not a bad film. actually it is a good sulerhero film. but bad superman film. and catwoman,contstantine watchabke. not that bad. i mean not bad like hulk,daredevil etc.

            • Lol…

              I’ll give you Superman Returns…

              But Catwoman, Constantine, Green Lantern, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever

              = Daredevil, Hulk, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, Elektra, and FF 1.

              • All those Marvel movies in my books beat those DC movies. I do like DC but after Avengers Marvel pulled me in.

            • DC fanboy SM Returns was awful in every sense of the word.

  11. MOS alone almost made close to 700 million WW. MOS 2 would have made billion dollars WW automatically by himself.

    This is where prediction becomes bit hard though. If this was Christan Bale Batman from Nolan’s world, this would be guaranteed 1.5 billion WW…

    Let’s see what happens.. it will be interesting.

    Cap who?

    • bvs can cross easily 1.5 billion. because mos collect 687 million. now we have batman. wonder woman too for the first time on big screen. wonder w will tttract female movie goers believe me. i don’t know the rock in which film. this or jl 1. if in this film then 1.5 bn confirmed. if no,then still bvs can cross 1.5 bn. but they need to release the film in right time. in which month and next month’s half not release any big film. otherwise 1.5 bn will be really tough to cross. 1 bn they will cross anyway.

    • That’s why they threw in Batman WW there desperate they are using characters to bring you in.

  12. The Marvel/DC fanboy butt-hurt is strong here…

  13. what movie is Marvel’s Green Lantern……The Hulk? Thor? Daredevil?

    • LOl…Good question…

      If we are to answer this validly then we need to probably compare a movie from MCU to Green Lantern.

      I would say IM2 is probably MCU’s worst movie imo.

      • The Punisher movies. All 3 of them.

        • Nah, I loved the Thomas Jane one.

          I’d say The Avengers is Marvel’s GL so far.

          • Of course you would..
            Its a great way to come out as an absolute biased idiot.

          • Of course you would..
            This is a perfect way to come out as biased. No matter how much you go on abt supporting both companies…with a single line…it revels a lot.

            Also…destroys any and all credibility of your opinion.

            I’m not saying its a wrong opinion. Its certainly an insignificant minority.

          • Agree strange choice Dazz when you have daredevil or the 2003 Hulk movie, where the hulk keeps changing size to pick from as well

        • Punisher movies weren’t part of MCU. Were they?

          Either way, I actually loved Thomas Jane as Punisher and the movie.

          Now if we are picking any Marvel based movie versus any D.C. movie then I will go with Ghost Rider 2, Elektra or Punisher War Zone vs. Green Lantern or Batman and Robin or Catwoman.

    • lots of. both hulk films. daredevil. but don’t know why people don’t see marvel’s failure. brainless peoples!

      • Oh people see failures of Marvel based movies….IMO…Elektra, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, Punisher War Zone, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men Last Stand, are definately on that list. Even Wolverine Origins, Spider-man 3, and FF: Rise of Silver Surfer are considered flops by many (Except me, as I think they are not great but better than bad)

        However, when it comes to MCU, there aren’t that many if any. IMO, IM2 is the weakest and even that movie isn’t that bad.

        What about failures of DC movies? You say that people don’t see Marvel’s failures but you have yet to admit any…

        Just saying, lets be fair…

        • clay@ x-men origins: wolverine,spiderman 3 is not bad. i enjoyed so much both. specially spiderman 3. that evil peter parker’s dance scene is my favorite from the film. james brown’s that song was just great. i just wanted to say maximum people target dc failures. but not mention marvel’s failures. this is bad. actually dc always ahead than marvel by quality of films. marvel just ahead of dc in live-action films by quanity. superman: the movie,ii. batman,batman returns. the dark knight trilogy. watchmen. man of steel all are groundbreaking work in superhero genre. all are great quality films. actually you know i don’t like marvel’s tone. dc tone is mature always. darker,meaningful. marvel films are actually full of comedy. they are comedy superhero films maximum. not pure superhero films. there is exceptions of course. actually marvel based films are hot garbage. you need to understand no.1 film in this genre is dc property. also in top five superhero films list atleast 3-4 is dc films.
          and you know clayface is one of my favorite batman enemy. :-D

          • How is the number 1 film in this genre a dc property?

            Of the comic book movies genre, the top 10 (and in order of world wide gross) are…

            1. Avengers
            2. Iron Man 3
            3. Dark Knight Rises
            4. Dark Knight
            5. Spider-man 3
            6. Spider-man
            7. Spider-man 2
            8. Amazing Spider-man
            9. Man of Steel
            10. Thor Dark World

            That is 3 DC properties versus 7 based on Marvel

            • no.1 by legacy. influence. tdk first superhero film which won oscar (two). first sup film which cross billion. most critically acclaimed superhero film yet. and at that time highest grossing superhero film. and highest grossing film of the year too! and many more milestones. avengers commercially no.1 now. only. tdk is best thing happen in comic books history said kevin fienge himself. tdk not only a great film that is concisidered a masterpiece.

              • @Dark Knight…
                Look I wont argue about the greatness and awesomeness that is Dark Knight. Friggin love that movie. However, you are being very biased and using a lot of data/opinions that the facts don’t support…

                1. Dick Tracy was the first superhero film/movie based on comic to win Oscars, not Dark Knight. Dick Tracy won 3 awards and Al Pacino was nominated for an award for supporting actor. Yes Heath Ledger broke the mold by winning the first supporting actor of the genre.

                2. As per legacy- different superhero movies have different legacies they are known for.
                *one could argue IM 1 is the most important superhero film as its legacy is that is laid the groundwork for shared universe in film.
                *one could argue Avengers is most influential because its legacy is that it was the first time a superhero movie brought superhero characters from a shared universe of movies into 1 cinematic event.
                *one could argue that Spiderman 2

                3. As per Kevin Feige on Dark Knight…You are taking what he said out of context. Feige says, (of Dark Knight) “it bolstered everything. Imagine the one-two punch in 2008 of Iron Man and Dark Knight?” Feige is referring to the fact that both movies were influential in propping each other up to a new era of comic book movie history. He is saying that Iron Man was a hit and then when Dark Knight came out it was also a hit that helped bolster the already popular Iron Man. In actuality, it sounds like Feige is saying that IM’s popularity set the stage for a new era of comic book movies and Dark Knight took it a step further. Hence, “…one-two punch…” statement.

                4. Not fair to support your claim saying Dark Knight was highest grossing movie of the year. Same can be said of Avengers in 2012.

                5. As per most critically acclaimed… lets look at the data of the major sites that rate superhero movies or who “acclaim movie.” As you can see, it is all speculative. Yes Dark Knight is near the top of these 3 lists but so is movies like Spiderman 2, Iron Man, Avengers, Dark Knight Rises. Claiming that a movie is the most critically acclaimed isn’t fair since multiple sources have there own varying opinions.

                Rotten Tomatoes
                Dark Knight -94
                Spider-Man 2- 94
                Iron Man -93
                Avengers- 92
                Dark Knight Rises -88

                Spider-man 2- 83
                Dark Knight- 82
                Iron Man – 79
                Dark Knight Rises – 78
                Batman Begins- 70

                1. Avengers
                2. Dark Knight
                3. Iron Man
                4. Dark Knight Rises
                5. X-Men First Class

                1. Dark Knight
                2. Spiderman 2
                3. Superman (Christopher Reeves)
                4. Batman Begins
                5. X-Men First Class

                1. Avengers
                2. Spiderman 2
                3. Dark Knight
                4. Akira
                5. Batman Returns

                My List:
                1. Spiderman 2
                2. Iron Man
                3. Dark Knight
                4. Avengers
                5. TIE Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Batman Begins, Iron Man 3, Superman

          • Marvel’s winning this and you just cannot admit it DC are trying to follow MCU and some Marvel movies are dark DC is going down the drain their movies suck MOS sucked it didn’t really have plot just you are going to do great things.

    • If we’re going with Marvel properties it’ll be both of Fox’s Fantastic Four films (complete with their own evil cloud… pffff)

      If it’s Marvel Studio films….. gotta go with Clay, IM2 is the weakest released so far

  14. If the question is who wins on that weekend, the answer is premiere cinemas in galveston. They will be laughing all the way the back after they get my money for both films.

  15. Marvel wins by default fellas. They aren’t trying to make more $$ going head-to-head, they simply called WB’s bluff. They either move MoSII to a later date, again, or quell the billion $$ worldwide expectations. Marvel is playing big boy games while WB is putting all their eggs in one basket…

    • You do know WB was the top grossing movie studio last year right? And already on top this year too. Right?

      There is more to the movie game than comic book movies, which is all Marvel does. Who’s playing kids games again?

      • Disney would think otherwise soldier.

    • Cap 1 wasn’t all THAT much more successful than Green Lantern. Both had very meager box office gains as far as CBM go.

      Watch the sh** you talk Sebastian. I barely want to see your movie as it is. Captain America is freaking lame! Where is my Hulk movie damn it?!?

      • @Dragon Archer…

        I will agree that Cap 1 wasnt great HOWEVER saying that Cap 1 wasn’t all that much more successful is ridiculous considering…

        * Green Lantern world wide earnings…220 million…ranked 481 on all time list…
        * Captain America First Avenger…370 million and is ranked 209 on all time list…
        * Conclusion?…Cap made 150 million more than Green Lantern.

        By your comparison its fair to say that Man of Steel(668 mill) wasn’t all that much more successful than other comic book based movies like Men in Black (589 million), MiB3 (624 million), IM1(585 million), IM2(624 million), and Thor:DW(642 million) as all of those movies made WITHIN 150 million of MoS whereas Green Lantern made 150 million less than Cap 1.

        Fun Fact- Cap 1 did better than all of the following comic book based movies whereas Green Lantern did worse than all of these movies

        Green Hornet
        Ghost Rider
        Batman and Robin
        Incredible Hulk
        Batman Returns
        Fantastic Four
        Fantastic Four Rise of Silver Surfer
        GI Joe
        Fantastic Four
        Batman Forever
        X-Men First Class

  16. These films won’t release on the same day, so I don’t know why you guys are even giving it thought. One of the companies will ultimately budge. I guarantee that.

  17. BvS easily wins at the box office. It will make a billion dollars while Cap 3 won’t make that much. I might see both movies even though I’m a DC fanboy.

    • I disagree about cap 3 not making that much. Cap 2 has already had a some feedback which has all been great, and after guardians, and ultron it will make a LOT of money.

  18. IF…Cap 3 is a crossover movie including Black Panther or Dr. Strange, and guest stars Tony Stark, then Cap 3 could do some real damage at the Box office.

    In that situation we could be seeing an Avengers movie on a smaller scale with all those characters. That would really draw away from Bat vs. Supes.

    However, me?…I will see both in the same day.

    Perhaps we will see records for moviegoers seeing 2 movies in the same day

    • Thats a big if.Besides WB still hasn’t announced who the supporting villain(s) in BVS are and who would play him(them) also,rumors have been around that the rest of the founding JLA members could appear in the last 20 minutes of BVS.Who could be cast for those roles? The Rock perhaps? If WB moves they should raise the stakes and move to April 29th 2016 so they can have a massive Avengers style opening weekend.

  19. I think it’s a very bad move to keep both these superhero movies releasing on the same day. Today, well crafted comic book movies are the big thing, but we’re talking 2 years out. Who’s to say they will still be box office draws in 2016? Allot can happen to the market in that amount of time. Maybe some of the stars get involved in something that causes people to not want to see either movie? What happens if a Grown-Ups 3 is greenlite and also stakes out that day? Both BvS and Cap3 could be in some serious trouble, at least in the US market. Never underestimate the power of toilet humor.

    Personally, I feel It’s a desperate ploy by WB to regain face by putting BvS up against anything Marvel. Realistically, it’s probably going to hurt fans the most. The only option for fans is to see both movies on the same weekend, or see one and not the other only to have to one they didn’t see spoiled by some troll on the internet.

    The reality is WB/DC has had 35 years to build a superhero shared cinematic universe and could get their act together. Now all the sudden they really want to try and do it because Marvel figured it out. Sorry, WB, you had plenty of time where you were the only game in town and you squandered it, so guess what, you go to the back of the line. No preferential treatment because it’s got Batman in it.

    • +1

  20. I don’t see a problem. People who want to see both WILL SEE BOTH. It’s not like you have to choose between one or the other exclusively. A movie stays in the theaters 8-10 weeks? Plenty of time to see both. Multiple times.

  21. This is pointless, at the end of the day studios regardless if is WB or MARVEL, we still gonna put are asses on seats and they will keep being ri$h.

  22. Notice how he said green lantern and not the Dark Knight trilogy lmao I mean I know Marvel has the better trac record but if you’re going to talk about track records for DC then you have to mention the Dark Knight trilogy

    • kevin@ yes. also last dc film outgrossed both hulk films. thor 1,2. iron man 1,2. all x-men films. daredevil. cap 1. cap 2 sure cant surpass mos box office. bvs will cross 1.5 bn.

      • @ Dark Knight/Somnath Das…now you are being picky with numbers…

        We could use the same argument that 1 of MCU’s last 2 films (IM3) outgrossed EVERY SINGLE COMIC BOOK MOVIE TO DATE EXCEPT 1….Avengers.

        Lets go a step further…2 of the last 3 MCU movies outgrossed every single comic book based movie to date. I speak of IM3 and Avengers.

        Even further…Thor 2 outperformed every DC movie ever except for MoS, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. That means it beat out all other Superman movies, Batman movies, Green Lantern, Constantine, etc…Thor 2 came within 50 million of MoS (if you go by The Numbers site) or 30 million (if you go by box office Mojo)

        • clay@ man of steel is first film of new started dccu. and as a first installment of the franchise it did great. and we know why im3 collect 1.2 bn. because of avengers effect. it can’t cross even 750 million if there is no avengers. im 2 collect just 623 million. and 1 575 approx. whatever. bvs will cross 1.5 billion. it cross bn when wb/dc announce last year that batman is there. now wonder woman too. overall it derserve to cross 1.5 bn. and just dont take bvs release date seriously. it will not 100% sure. wb will move and release it right month. i am just thinking about upcoming casting news,promo pictures etc.

          • I agree that Batman vs. Superman will do VERY well. But I think, as you said, because of the Avengers effect, that Cap 2 and Cap 3 will do very well too.

  23. Stop saying fanboys. I don’t care about the connotations, i know what it means. Can you seriously just say fans. Women are excluded so much in comics, please don’t contribute to that, even if it is just one word. Please stop.

    • I meant it in a generic way, but I can understand your point.

      Please accept my apologies.

      • Thanks, it happens a lot on the site, and I know it’s not intentional, but I hope you can just say fans.

  24. Batman vs Superman vs Wonder-woman vs Captain America.

    Makes sense.

  25. I like CA I truly do
    but come on really??
    Who thinks that CA can stand-up against (S-man, B-man,W-women and other S-heroes possibly in one film )
    I know that MOS-2 is gonna be a hit but not as much as The Avengers.

    • We have to wait for Justice League for it to meet the Avengers but if this movie does it would be insane.

  26. Will be seeing Batman vs Superman 3 times that day!

    • I will be seeing Batman vs. Superman so many times, I saw Man of Steel 6 times and then when it came out on Blu-ray I ran out to buy it and giggled all the way home to pop it in and have my mind blown once again!!

      • 6 times???

        You have asperger’s?

  27. I’m wondering how Captain AMERICA 3 will do overseas, will people throw money at a movie about America”s government and S.H.I.E.L.D.? I know they call it The Winter Soldier overseas but it’s no secret he’s Captain America.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

      If Cap 3 takes place overseas like in Wakanda and other territories it would help sell.

      I’m thinking an opening scene in Asia or Europe would be good followed by a main setting in Africa…

  28. I love marvel but they should not overplay its hand with trying to go head to head with
    batman vs superman which its almost a shoe-in to open to at least 150 million on may 6, 2016.
    unless captain america 2 opens up at 100 million plus warners won’t flinch. chris evans dumb blond
    captain america is not as compelling and mature as the comic version much less henry cavill’s
    superman or argo’s ben affleck.

  29. Much as I love Captain America (and The Winter Soldier looks phenomenal) it won’t beat Superman and Batman. Will it put a significant dent in Warner Bros profits? Yeah, but it will also suffer from the competition as well. In the end though, its highly unlikely that Warner Bros doesn’t move (I’d say the same about Marvel if not for Feige’s recent comments), so there probably won’t be a superhero boxoffice showdown to kick off the summer of 2016. For my part, I’m anticipating both films and plan to see each.