A Few More Interesting ‘Captain America 2′ & ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Photos

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While The Wolverine proved to be the second most successful X-Men movie to date at the box office, its earnings were a mere fraction of what other Marvel-based films including Iron Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man – let alone The Avengers – have brought in worldwide in the last two years. In attempt to climb to the top of that list Twentieth Century Fox is investing big in director Singer and their coveted mutants with X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film which reportedly is the studio’s second most expensive production ever and potentially, the most expensive superhero flick of all-time.

Fox even moved up the Days of Future Past release date from July to May, just a few weeks after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens the summer blockbuster season. With four Marvel movies coming in 2014, Sony and Fox take the lucrative month of May while Marvel Studios envelopes the pair of high profile titles by testing out April and August release dates for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, respectively.

Since today’s the last day of 2013 we couldn’t let it go by without catching up on the little bits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past news you might have missed earlier this month. The first, several French magazine images from Days of Future Past, features the principal cast on the cover, suited up in costume. The past, the future and Wolverine fittingly bridging the gap:

X Men Days of Future Past Cast Photo Wolverine Adamantium Claws A Few More Interesting Captain America 2 & X Men: Days of Future Past Photos

Note the adamantium claws that Hugh Jackman’s older, future Wolverine is sporting. He shouldn’t have those after the events of The Wolverine so this image confirms that the future segments of X-Men: Days of Future Past take place in an alternate timeline than the one we’re familiar with from the X-Men trilogy and The Wolverine spinoff. The alternate timeline theory lets the Twentieth Century Fox have much more freedom going forward and offers explanations for how The Wolverine can get a followup and how X-Force can be realized, without interfering with the events in Days of Future Past and its confirmed Apocalypse sequel coming in 2016.

The other two images from the mag feature Omar Sy’s Bishop in his full costume with his traditional red cloak and big space-age rifle. The character’s live-action design is surprisingly similar to Bishop’s original Marvel Comics outfit although we can’t explain why his gun would feature TRON-esque glowing red lines – doesn’t seem practical. The second image features Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique seemingly visiting Lucas Till’s Havok in a Vietnam military camp.

Empire also shared a behind-the-scenes photo with director Bryan Singer managing a car driving scene in the ’70s portion of the film with Nicholas Hoult’s non-blue Beast (how did he manage that?) possibly serving as a driver for boneclaw Wolverine who’s already reunited James McAvoy’s Professor X and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. We dig the sunglasses.

Shifting gears to Marvel Studios’ own Marvel Cinematic Universe, yesterday Empire shared several still photos from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and today we have a few more to add to the set.

Both films made Screen Rant’s list of most anticipated 2014 movies – which are you excited for and which costume do you think is the coolest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters on April 4, 2014. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014.

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Sources: Crazy Obsessions (hat-tip Chris), Empire, Studio Ciné Live (via LTH)


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  1. Man I can’t believe how nit picky you guys are regarding DoFP. Arguing over the adamantium on Wolvie’s claws, really, that’s the best you can come up with? Shouldn’t we be talking about, y’know, more important matters, like story for example? I’m sure that these questions will be addressed when the movie comes out, so have patience.

    • 1. People are nitpicking because of Fox’s track record for messing up continuity.
      2. The claws thing is pretty important considering he lost his admantium during The Wolverine and now he has adamantium back
      3. Bryan Singer said he wants to fix as much as possible with this movie.
      4. If that is the case, having a picture of Wolverine with bone claws would have been a better way of giving audience the impression he is trying to stay with The Wolverine
      5. This is screen rant, its what people do on this sight
      6. Why are you so angry about it?
      7. Happy New Year

    • Dude, the site is called Screenrant. The story is about the PHOTOS, so yeah we are commenting on the photo. Wear a helmet when you ride your high horse. The fall hurts. And story? “I’m sure that these questions will be addressed when the movie comes out, so have patience.”

  2. Magneto can manipulate metal and in the wolverine yashida stock piled adumantium I see magneto coating the bone claws Boom problem solved

  3. Bishop looks horrible.

  4. I really want DOFP to be my most anticipated film of 2014 but I just have too concerns over the story and direction they are taking. However the low expectations I have for it allow for the chance that I will be totally blown away by the movie and regain my faith in the x-men films. I have to go with the safe bet,Captain America will totally deliver and perhaps GOTG as a close second (Love James Gunn, this movie is the sleeper of this year).

  5. The DOFP photo doesn’t confirm multiple time lines. It confirms they are marketing for a new movie. That’s about it. It could also just be Logan’s past self which still has the adamantium.

  6. With all due respect, Bishop looks REALLY BAD. He looks like some cheap guy who thinks he’s a superhero. Hate the design….

    • Well he is from a desolate dystopian time period so his clothes should be ragged.

      I will say he looks like my boy, AZ Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald!

    • Bishop looks more like a rapper than a superhero.

    • agreed. I think many of us on here feel Magneto will probably bond it back onto his claws for him.

  7. That Wolverine costume looks pretty sweet. Captain America’s is good too. It would be cool to see a Wolverine/Captain America crossover too. To bad they’re controlled by different companies.

  8. Haha gotta love Bishop’s Bootsy Collins outfit.

  9. No Cyclops???? Why????? X-men are my favorite super hero group and Cyclops my favorite character. So very sad that they killed him off and apparently aren’t bringing him back. D-:

  10. The pic is a promo. Doesn’t prove anything. Or if it is true then there are better answers for adamantium claws than 2 timelines. Magnetic could regraft them. Someone else regrafts them using the same tech that did it the first time. Multiple timelines will confuse the masses more than they already are.