First ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ TV Spot Features New Footage

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The 2014 Super Bowl was memorable for a batch of movie trailers which functioned as a series of dynamic previews for some of this year’s most anticipated films. (And apparently some kind of football game was played between them.) We saw some amazing new footage for blockbuster releases like The Amazing Spider-Man 2Transformers: Age of Extinction and Marvel’s third “Phase II” release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The Super Bowl trailer for directors Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America sequel was quickly followed by an international trailer that matched the domestic spot’s eye-popping spectacle and political intrigue. This film, featuring Chris Evans as the All-American Avenger, has been described has having more in common with classic 1970s political thrillers than a superhero film, and so far, these promising trailers have set expectations almost unbearably high.

Now, the first TV spot for The Winter Soldier has been released, which you can watch up above. Not only does it efficiently encapsulate the trailers we’ve seen into a nice thirty-second package, it features some new footage, as well.

captain america the winter soldier avenge poster First Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV Spot Features New Footage
First of all, we can say fairly definitively that it was Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who was driving the black SUV that the Winter Soldier brought down with some kind of explosive. The previous trailers included footage of Steve Rogers and the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) looking on as Fury underwent surgery, and later he’s bloody and bruised as well as a shot of him in the car just after the attack, but now we know he was behind the wheel and was likely the primary target.

We also have shots of the Winter Soldier striding through a carnage-induced heat haze, Nick Fury in the throes of either mourning or shame (with the spy of spies, it could even be both), and the Captain as he removes his helmet and faces his adversary head-on.

We’ve broken down the previous Winter Soldier trailer in great detail and have discussed this and the other Super Bowl trailers in our new video feature analyzing these kinds of previews. The new TV trailer is an epic thirty seconds, packaging the main action beats of the previous spots while giving us something new, even if it’s just a few frames.

We have high hopes for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not the least of which are the ways the sequel will change the Marvel Cinematic Universe even as it leads into the other 2014 Marvel release, Guardians of the Galaxy, and sets up The Avengers: Age of Ultron and beyond.

Stay tuned for more promotional roll-outs as The Winter Soldier‘s release date nears.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier will release on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. What is that Robert Redford quote from this movie? Something like in order to rebuild a government, you have to tear it down? I don’t remember exactly what it is but it is cryptic, and does seem to tie his character in with the Winter Soldier. Those Red Skull conspiracy theories don’t seem too far fetched right now.

    • “To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down. See, that makes enemies.” is the exact quote, if I recall.

  2. Mark my words, CA: WS will be the best marvel film to debut since the avengers, possibly outselling it over time, but definitely not on it’s opening weekend.

    But definitely more re-watch value than all of the other Marvel phase 1 and 2 movies so far

    • You’re pushing it there with the outselling part. No way will Captain America: The Winter Soldier outsell the third highest grossing movie of all time. But I agree it could be the best Marvel Studios film to date.

      • I’d love for it to go above IM3…probably not..
        But it’s gonna be a better film…looks like it

        If it is as good as the trailers look…and they look better than anything else I’ve seen for a long time… then its gonna go above 700-800 mil…which would be a huge win for Marvel.

    • Only if the geeks like us make up 90% of the demography. Movie looks good but winning over non-comic book fans may not be so easy. Ironman was a different proposition. Even non-geeks were geeked out by the shiny amours and the more numerous flashy gadgets on them.

    • I hope you’re right! But I’ll bet you everything I own you’re not :)

  3. Fury looked injured while he was driving…. so he was already weakened….
    cap and widow do look to be talking about the shooting…before they enter the medical room whr that still of them standing over a covered body could be from.
    Its possible that Fury might die in this one… And Hill takes over.

    In any case… this movie is gonna rock..

    • any chance that it is hawkeye under that sheet?
      black widow is the one that seems more distraught than the others, i guess since she is the one that has more of a relationship than the others. plus i don’t know how the hell someone was able to spot widow wearing a necklace of an arrow in a pic a while ago. could be that she is wearing that in his honor.

      • Really hoping it isnt Hawkeye..

        Jeremy Renner barely got to play Hawkeye in the first avengers movie..only really showing up in character for the finale..I think he is in Avengers 2…and Joss Whedon has gone on record saying Hawkeye will have a more important role this time around…

        So…probably not… But…anything cud happen I guess..

        • Jeremy Renner has been spotted at shepperton studios where Avengers: Age of Ultron’s being shot.

  4. Well, I think it’s been known, ScreenRant writer, that Fury IS/WAS the one behind the wheel of that black SUV. I believe it was teased in the first trailer that was released, so this is neither here, nor there to be speculative about that particular scene. Ya know what I mean?

    I’m very, very excited about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I believe it’s going to be the best solo MCU film to date. High expectations for this film.

  5. This darn calendar is too slow.
    April can’t get here fast enough.

  6. It would make sense fury died, S L Jackson is old.

  7. Unfortunately seeing ScarJo in a different light since the SodaStream/Palestine debaucle… film does look amazing though. Unbearably high expectations indeed!

    • What she was thinking – only she knows. Wouldn’t rush in to judge her. Yeah – being hot helps. :).

    • Really? Debacle? Because she refused to kowtow to some group that was offended? Oh the horror! /sarcasm

      • Yeah…I’m trying to figure out what she did wrong. This seems like it was blown completely out of proportion. Welcome to the twenty-first century (…and twentieth, nineteenth, eighteenth, etc….).

        • Yeah, same here.

          A charity made some misguided comments and gave her an ultimatum and she chose to walk away from them to continue promoting a soda company with a factory owned by Israelis but running out of Palestine that apparently treats its workers extremely well.

          Honestly, I thought better of Oxfam but it seems they’ve joined the anti-Semitic brigade so yeah, I’m totally on ScarJo’s side.

          I also still fail to see what was so controversial about that ad. We even had a satirical and sarcastic show talking about the week’s news last Thursday and the host even said it would’ve only been controversial if she’d undressed during it.

          • i think the problem isn’t if the workers are treated well…it is on land expropriated by Israel.

            it is a catch 22

        • The sheeple will allow themselves to get wrapped up in the drama. If some little group is pissed off and making claims, why buy into it? Life is too short.

    • b*******…
      ScarJo did absolutly nothing wrong.. There are tons of ads that mention competitors.
      The channel was just scared of coke. That’s pretty much it.
      Also..what she said about coke and pepsi, that’s also the truth. A single can of coke(330ml) contains the equivalent of around 10 tablespoons of sugar. Coke is essentially spreading disease and bad health.

  8. How can Fury or Haweye be under the sheet when their both going to be in AoU? Unless they drop the ball and Fury is really an android along with Coulson and that’s how the movie and show connect.

    • i am thinking Fury fakes his death to go off the grid…who knows

      • hadnt really thought of that since he is signed for a few more films. but your comment got me thinking and that might be a possibility. could be a way to lead to the next cap. america movie. Captain America: Secret War, since they are goin with the whole spy /secret mission stuff.

        • Yeah, a few of us have speculated for months that Fury might fake his own death like he did in the comics to run a secret team while Maria Hill took over as head of SHIELD.

      • Getting off the grid is my first thought If that is Fury.

        • off the grid cause Hydra is all up in this biatch….i think ha

          • Quote RDJ from Avengers on Fury; “He is THE Spy! His secrets have secrets!” Him going off grid to come back after Hydra infestation, Skrull-invasion or Red Skull return has been revealed; would be off the chain!