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Captain America Super Bowl Trailer DiscussionMarvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been anticipated by comic book fans ever since the studio confirmed they would be adapting one of the most influential "Captain America" storylines in recent years for the big-screen sequel. And as the action-packed trailers have been promising spectacle for casual audiences, the momentum has only been building.Now the Super Bowl trailer for Captain America 2 has blown prior footage out of the water, and given some of the first detailed looks at the heroes and villains of the sequel.We're taking a closer look at what's been shown, alluded to, foreshadowed, or hinted at in the trailer. Potential spoilers for all readers from here on out (if our analysis is correct). You have been warned.

Covert Ops Shield

Captain America 2 Trailer Stealth Shield

When the first set photos appeared of Cap (Chris Evans) sporting a shield lacking his signature red-white-and blue paint scheme, eyebrows were raised. Was the shield a stand-in, battle-scarred, or a separate one entirely?The additional footage of Cap and Widow (Scarlett Johansson) parachuting into combat confirms that the blue and grey shield is a variant used for stealth operations - like Cap's new costume as a whole. And going by the photos of Cap's fight with Batroc the Leaper - played by UFC champ Georges St-Pierre - it would seem that Captain America encounters the athletic villain on board this same ship.

SHIELD's Secret Bunker

Captain America 2 Trailer Shield BunkerGiven just how much the directors of The Winter Soldier have talked about the film as a political thriller, and a spy story more than a superhero one, it's no surprise to see a locked bunker filled with armed mean. But a closer look reveals that it is S.H.I.E.L.D. officers locking the room.Prior promotional photos and trailers have hinted that Steve Rogers will be exploring some of the oldest parts of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, and this room seems to be among them, since The Avengers showed that the group has progressed far beyond metal locks and underground bunkers.What could the government agency be keeping so hush-hush? The trailer may also provide the answer.

The Winter Soldier

Captain America 2 Trailer Bucky Shirtless

That's right, fans: the same S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker looks to be housing the restrained (and shirtless) operative known as 'The Winter Soldier.' The man beside the former Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) even appears to be the same man seen in the previous slide image, so there's little doubt that S.H.I.E.L.D. has Barnes in custody, eager to find out what's making him tick.The most obvious question when faced with this fact is just how strong those restraints must be. The trailer goes on to show that Barnes and Rogers are at least of comparable strength and speed, so it's odd that the agency wouldn't have Cap on-hand to help contain their prisoner.Is it possible that, like Loki in The Avengers, Barnes has allowed himself to be captured? And if so, to what end?

A Wounded Fury

Captain America 2 Trailer Nick Fury Wounded

One of the most startling reveals of the first Winter Soldier trailer was the appearance of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) on an operating table, with Cap and Widow looking distraught. Such a tease seems like one that the directors would not make if Fury was actually going to die at the hands of the Winter Soldier, and the most recent footage seems to confirm those assumptions.The Super Bowl teaser and the international trailer released alongside it seem to imply that it is Fury's vehicle which tumbles end over end past the steel-armed villain, but his appearance later sporting a number of cuts and bruises (and seated) suggests that the fight may have left him injured, but nonetheless recovering.We'll get to what questions that raises in a moment....

Agent 13

Captain America 2 Trailer Sharon CarterAnother brief scene featured in the international trailer for The Winter Soldier offers fans their first look at Sharon Carter a.k.a. 'Agent 13' (Emily VanCamp).While Agent 13 does not appear in her signature costume, there is plenty to draw from her encounter with Steve Rogers. To begin with, the lack of recognition between the two supports the notion that for time being, neither Nick Fury nor S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) have informed Rogers that she is the daughter of his lost love Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).Given what's been rumored about Redford's role, Carter being seen with him can make her seem similarly suspicious, or position her as someone Steve can trust going forward, if she questions S.H.I.E.L.D.'s motives as he does.

Helicarrier Takeoff

Captain America 2 Trailer Helicarrier Takeoff

It made sense to feature the launch of a Helicarrier in the first trailer for Captain America 2, since S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters featuring an underground hangar was an impressive sight. But as the studio continues to feature the launch so centrally, we can't help thinking there's something we're missing.For starters, the footage of the Helicarrier launching seems to lack any presence of actual S.H.I.E.L.D. employees (guards, technicians, or deck crew). Combine that with the capture of the film's villain, and there is a chance - however slight - that we're witnessing a theft, not a sanctioned launch? Perhaps of a specially-equipped Helicarrier?That's serious speculation on our part, but make note of the number on the Helicarrier's side...

Enemy Fighter

Captain America 2 Trailer Enemy Quinjet

Once the trailer confirmed that Captain America would have enemies within S.H.I.E.L.D. itself, it was unsurprising to see one of the agency's jets open fire on Cap's motorcycle. But a close look at the plane's markings may reveal more.Presumably, the '42' markings on the jet imply that it has originated from the same Helicarrier seen leaving S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base earlier (assuming that the production designers or special effects team haven't chosen numbers at random).The question soon becomes: has the agency itself turned its back on Cap, or simply a small cell within it - a cell tied to the emergence of the Winter Soldier, intending to hijack a Helicarrier for their own purposes? Either answer has serious ramifications.

Helicarrier Free-For-All

Captain America 2 Trailer Helicarrier FightMuch of the action featured in the Super Bowl trailer centers on what looks to be an aerial battle fought between multiple Helicarriers - another reason we're inclined to think the Winter Soldier's forces commandeer one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fleet. It appears to be on the winning end, which also supports our theory that the Helicarrier marked '42' may be far deadlier than those around it.It's safe to assume that this airborne battle will be the film's climax, and the rest of the action and fight scenes seem to fit into that assumption quite well.We're not worried about spoiling the fun by saying it, though, since the action itself looks guaranteed to thrill.

Classic Costume Returns

Captain America 2 Classic Costume Fight

The decision to update Captain America's costume for The Winter Soldier was a logical one; the costumes used during World War II were designed to inspire by boasting the colors of the American flag, and the version seen in The Avengers was claimed to do the same.But as a realistic government operative, the new costume makes far more sense. Why, then, would recent photos feature Cap battling modern soldiers in his old duds? The trailer shows Cap wearing his classic costume alongside Falcon (Anthony Mackie) in what looks to be the same climactic battle set in the skies over Washington.Is the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base what makes Steve dig his old costume out of a museum exhibit, or is the choice a symbolic one? Only time will tell.

Falling From The Sky

Captain America 2 Trailer Helicarrier CrashThe S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier may have narrowly avoided a fall from the sky in The Avengers, but it seems they won't be as lucky this time around. Unfortunately, little context is offered for this catastrophic crash, crippling the ship and the agency's headquarters in the process.We can say that the ship lacks the '42' markings of the attacking Helicarrier, so it doesn't appear to be the villain-controlled ship (SPOILER: the first trailer already showed that Helicarrier crashing into a body of water). The trailer seems to suggest that the crash takes place before the final aerial battle, explaining Widow's absence from it, and why Falcon is not yet suited up as he flees the wreckage.Either way, S.H.I.E.L.D. will be in need of serious renovations before The Avengers 3.

Friendly Falcon

Captain America 2 Trailer Falcon Rescues CapAs any superhero will tell you, it pays to have friends that fly. With Iron Man and Thor busy elsewhere, it looks like Cap can still rely on Falcon to pull his feet out of the fire when he trips over them while fighting thousands of feet above the Earth.The brief rescue is just one of what looks to be dozens of epic action moments featuring Falcon taking on missiles, jets, and everything in between. Marvel set the bar fairly high with the free-fall rescue scene in Iron Man 3, so here's hoping that the Russo brothers have concocted something similarly thrilling.

Falcon Falling

Captain America 2 Trailer Falcon CaughtImmense robotic wings or not, it seems that the Falcon is no match for the Winter Soldier, who is seen snagging him before pulling him violently to the deck. The ensuing fight isn't shown in the trailer, but we can't say that Falcon has strong chances.Anthon Mackie has previously hinted that Falcon would share a similar supersoldier origin to Cap's, but there has been little to confirm that to be the case. If it's true, he may give the steel-armed villain a run for his money.However, Mackie has also revealed that at some point in the film, his character is injured quite seriously, so we might be witnessing the beginning of his end - in the film's final fight, at least.

Old Friends

Captain America 2 Trailer Bucky Steve FightThe moments of the trailer that comic book fans will be most thrilled by is the final showdown between Cap and the Winter Soldier. The setting appears to be the underside of a Helicarrier, but the set has not been seen in the Marvel universe thus far. Could this simply be an unexplored corner of the ship, or part of some mysterious new weapons system?Since we doubt Marvel would show all of their cards at this point, it's likely there's an element of the plot that is being kept under wraps. Either way, this seems the most likely scene to feature an explanation for exactly why Bucky has taken the path he has, and what the real threat of the film will be.No guess how the fight will go, since the films have differed from the comics in a number of ways.

Who's Under The Sheet?

Captain America 2 Trailer Character DeathWe now arrive at the shot featuring Widow and Cap standing over a covered body, as Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) looks on. The earlier glimpses of Nick Fury in surgery will lead many to assume it's his corpse, but we've already explained why that doesn't seem to be the case.If not Fury, then who? Could the fight between the Falcon and Winter Soldier go even worse than we fear? Anthony Mackie is signed to multiple films, but actors have been known to leak misinformation before. Could Barnes offer Cap no choice, and force him to end his life? Widow and he had history in the comics, which would explain her emotion.Or is this yet another Marvel character death fake-out, and this is all a ruse to help Barnes be assigned a new identity and mission within S.H.I.E.L.D.? We welcome any theories, since your guess is as good as ours.


Captain America 2 Trailer DiscussionThose are the brief clips and questions from the newest trailer that most stood out to us, But only time will tell how accurate our speculation turns out to be.Do you think our theories are right on target, or are you hoping they're off the mark? Be sure to share your own insights or theories in the comments._____Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases April 4, 2014.Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Jesus, you guys won’t stop spoiling the Winter Solider identity for newbies, won’t you?

    • it’s public knowledge my friend.

    • I mean, it’s the same actor and they’ve show his face in previews now. Plus I’m willing to bet that they establish who he is really is very early on in the film. I wouldn’t really consider it a spoiler.

    • The Winter Soldier is Keyser Soze.

      • @theOtherDude


    • There was a warning of potential spoilers on the first page. You chose to read on.

    • Are you talking to Disney? Cuz it’s THEIR trailer and photos and interviews and comics that reveal that

  2. THANK YOU ANDREW!!!! AHHH YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!! I really wanted this trailer overview. So awesome.

  3. I’m pretty sure the shield when he dives out of the plane is the regular red, white and blue one. It just happens to be in the dark. Also the teaser poster seems to make it pretty clear that the shield without the red is just the same shield with the red worn off, as you can still see little bits of red paint.

    • I think you’re right. you can see the RW&B on the shield just by looking at that photo.

      Might want to use another image for the “baby blue stealth shield” Screenrant.

  4. Easily one of the best stories Marvel Studios still has the most rights too, in terms of source material.

    I know this gets said per like every Marvel trailer but this story in particular has “the best one yet” kinda written all over it.

    • So true, I can’t wait for this movie!

  5. Slide 12

    I assume Falcon will be close to death and given the super soldier treatment as his only means of surviving.

    • I could see them giving him a weaker version of it (because it was only a success with Steve Rogers) so he can heal up, and maybe better reaction time (helps when you’re flying at that speed and trying to become a hero)

      • Yeah and that success with a watered down version of it can lead to problems when they try to recreate that with others, accidentally creating some other Marvel villains in the process.

        Has potential.

  6. You forgot ScarJo running.

    • Just a tiny qualm that’s pretty separate from my overall view of this (this might be #3 or 4 on my list), but still.

      As a previous track runner where form has been driven into my very core, it bothers me how Scarlet runs like such an actress. She takes such baby steps running from the explosion and they don’t have the real drive of someone truly running away from a life or death situation. Takes me out of the moment just a little bit.

      • Ya she ran that way in avengers also that’s when I first saw it and it does bug a little

  7. words don’t even friggin describe how excited I am for this. And this list made the wait even more unbearable! My vote is still for Nick under the sheet (but that he fakes out everyone and is revealed alive in a button scene during GoG). But it’s gotta be someone Widow cares about. So if not Fury, and Hawkeye isn’t around the people left she even seems to tolerate are few with Steve and Maria in the room. There is SO much franchise potential for the character of bucky/winter soldier and sebastian stan is the exact kind of actor primed for massive success after a string of indie films and a great turn in political animals. They’d be crazy to kill him off. The same has to also be said of Macky’s Falcon. It’s hard to get a read on how someone will do with a character, and now having seen him in action I gotta say he looks like he will be a fan favourite and crowd pleaser! My money is definitely on a Fury style fake out. It’s gonna be a looooooooooong wait to Age of Ultron and I have the feeling this won’t have too tidy a resolution.

    • Well if rumours are true, this will be Stan’s second of 6 movies as Bucky Barnes according to the contract he signed before The First Avenger.

      • You are correct Dazz. He has a 6 picture deal with Marvel.

        • YES! I would love to see a trilogy centered on bucky after they finish up with the current cap trilogy. The only thing is, The final Cap movie will most likely bow before Avengers 3 which means SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER that Steve Rogers will bite the bullet in Cap 3 ala Fallen Son or will he live to fight the Mad Titan?

          • It’s not a spoiler if it’s frothing fan speculation. But I wouldn’t be opposed to Evan’s Cap getting killed off. I want him to get his ish together and finally feel like he found his place in the modern world, but then sure kill him off.

            It would be very poignant and while he’s a perfect person for the role, Captain America is just not an interesting character to me. (Take away his shield and he’s just a smart clown with a lot of strength who can be taken out with one bullet.) Having Bucky brought back to our side and made into the new Cap would definitely add interesting dynamic to this universe. Especially with his fancy arm.

    • Redford, it’s Robert Redford’s character under that sheet. They’ll explain that he and Fury helped get her on the good guy squad, so that explains the emotion. I think despite the fact he may be leading the bad S.H.I.E.L.D, he sacrifices his life to stop them and help save the day. Then, the post credits button shows he faked his death and is still on the path of evil.

    • Given the facial expressions on the characters in this shot and their positioning relative to the body, it looks to me like it’s someone Natasha cares a lot about and Rogers doesn’t care much at all about. So that to me suggests someone like Sitwell or the Redford character, with some justification given in the show for their importance in her life.

      They can’t do another “fake-out to motivate the team” plot twist. Just, no.

      But, yeah, I agree killing off Bucky or the Falcon, both of whom would make sense to carry over into Phase IV even in just the team-up films, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Not until you get a chance to see how audiences respond to them.

  8. I think that it could be Robert Redford’s character, dies saving Cap somehow, what do you think?

  9. How come you guys didn’t include the scene to TWS “waking up” with his vision distorted?


    Tne Shield logo in that bunker looks like an old version of the one we know and love, and as some of us know the Winter Soldier was constantly brainwashed to be kept under control.

    Maybe The Winter Soldier was a project under Shield, then they somehow lost him/the entire Winter Soldier project (which would explain Fury’s surprise to see him) and then he’s recruited by someone to destroy Shield.

    As for the dead guy, my guess is that it’s either a new character for the movie, or (much more likely) Redford fakes his death early on and then the big reveal that he’s the villain.

    Either way, I’m very excited for this movie, it’s the second one I’m most hyped about after Guardians of the Galaxy.

  11. Can’t wait for this to be available on piratebay.

  12. The suit he´s wearing in some of the pictures is not the WWII suit. It has one more red stripe. Also, the pattern is slightly different. It looks more like his Ultimate suit.

    • I’m thinking his stealth suit has avteacking device in it – when he finds out he switches to the old red, white & blue classic.

      • It´s not his old costume. Look at pics from the first movie.

  13. Plot Twist: Coulson dies again

    • +1

      My leading theory.

  14. I think it’s Fury. Otherwise why else would Hill be there? It’s definitely Fury and the post scene will be him somehow being miraculously alive – introducing his mysterious immortality – and him devising a plan that will relate to Avengers 2.

    • Plot twist : Fury carries Thor’s hammer.

  15. so have you seen the movie already? NOTHING of what you said is a fact – why do you insist they are ?? theories, ideas, hopes – sure – but absolute facts – NOPE. The trick in creating a good or GREAT trailer for a movie is sometimes using misdirection – ie. you show Nick Fury in overturned car all messed up (okay that’s a fact) … but it’s NOT a fact that he’s the one on the surgery table – intact it might be Sam Wilson …. ie. THE OTHER BLACK GUY in the movie (hello???) — for instance may be he’s hurt and that’s how it leads to when he gets his wings OR … at some point he volunteers to undergo a special surgery that allows him to control the wings with special mechanical implants, specific body movements and/ or telepathy of some kind (similar to the comics where he has the ability to “communicate” with Freedom (his falcon). …… Not unlike how Iron Man can now call his suit to his body (or even in the 1st Iron Man was implanted with a power reactor in his chest).

    And please stop considering Shield is the bad guy – the bad guys are Hydra (or some other group or Big Bad Individual) – who controls the Winter Solider (and any guys fighting with him), gives Crossbones his orders and essentially is pulling the strings.

    And the body under sheet could basically be ANY character – except Cap, Maria Hill or Black Widow …. for instance it could be Crossbones (played by Frank Grillo) … who from the first trailer was shown as a Shield agent before Cap jumps out of the plane (he’s the one who says Cap isn’t wearing a parachute) – theory: he’s a shield (double) agent – so he’s close to Black Widow (and don’t assume it’s romantic – but she can still grieve over him) and early in the movie he fakes his death … bingo … returns later as Crossbones. Thus creating mystery (for those unaware of who Frank Grillo is playing) – who is this scary Crossbones guy ? Or may be it’s Agent Pierce under the blanket.

    And as far as everything else – almost NOTHING you commented on can be construed as facts until you’ve seen the movie and know the dialogue and ACTUAL content during that part of the movie. Virtually all trailers show segments that are completely out of context and any order as they take place in the movie. They go for what looks cool – NOT give away the complete story – please TRY to stop making so many assumptions as fact about the movie based on the quickest of scenes in the trailer or based on stills.

    May be you’re right on stuff (and of course that’s okay, heck even great for you) but don’t state everything as FACT – cause then you get every idiot replying as if you’re right, which you won’t know for sure until the movie comes out. Nothing in trailers so far has shown Toby Jones … so that’s a whole aspect of the story you don’t know.

    And Alexander Pierce as a bad guy or Sharon Carter being “mysterious” … uh . you guess that why exactly ??? 99% Sharon Carter is a “good guy” – like in the comics & a romantic interest for Steve Rogers.

    Any guess about ANYTHING in movies like this – especially Marvel films – that is consider “fact” based on “unconfirmed rumors” – well they’re just guess and sometimes TOTAL b******* – such as Alexander Pierce may be being a bad guy. For example – Jesse Eisenberg is now Lex Luthor (good for him, hopefully he does a good job) – but the point is – what happened to all those “inside rumors” about all those other actors – Brian Cranston, Joaquin Phoenix, etc etc, or all the actors in the running to play Batman
    - ALL WRONG. Stop putting so much confidence in rumors.

    And as for the fighting between Heli-carriers – do they launch in the air and start blowing up and at least one or two crashes – yep that looks like it’s fact – but other than that … YOU DON”T KNOW as a fact (that one is stolen) – may be they’re fighting something else that is not yet shown in the trailers – ie. a Hydra version of a flying fortress that just blows the s*** out of two Heli-carriers.

    here are some of the facts:
    - you know the actors and which roles they’re playing (and maybe some you don’t know who might be making an appearance)
    - you know Cap has fight scenes with certain bad guys – but you don’t know when in the movie it happens or where – don’t assume anything else (theorize sure but NOT facts)
    - you know Nick Fury has a few more films on his contract – do you really think they’d kill him ??? Especially with the tv show and Sam Jackson stating he’d love to continue – he’ll probably renew his contract – as will almost all the lead actors – they’re having the time of their lives playing these characters – why would they stop ? for many if not all of them, they want money but I’ll be flexible

    none of this said to be mean – but to urge the writer & readers of this and all the articles on this site – No one knows the entire story of the film until it’s finished and heck even the Russo brothers and Marvel might not even be sure – as they continue to likely make small changes or additions everyday for the next month or so.

    FYI – films like this are usually not LOCKED for prints – until about 1 month before the release date, because until then they keep tweaking it (or at least certain scenes may be). always keep that in mind.


    • @ guest

      ummm… so I started to try..
      to read your post but I was like YOLO..
      c’mon man.. “aint nobody got time for that”

      seriously though…
      try like straight up water..
      or maybe decaf at least..

  16. Hey screen rant what do you think about this summer movie mix ?

  17. Where the hell is HAWKEYE ?
    He’s still a member of SHIELD right ?
    Is Jeremy Renner’s contract is up ?

    • Extreme archery practice in the Himalayas. Very remote and secluded, no cell service.

    • He’s tutoring Katniss for her next archery tournament in the next HG movie.

    • He’s in Beverly Hills pulling off a modern Robin Hood scheme (i.e. he’s shamelessly exploiting his powers to make bank. That’s how SHIELD keeps their flying carpet afloat after all)

  18. Thanks for this breakdown. The ‘death’ scene in 15 certainly got my attention. Regardless of who’s under there, I’m so excited for this one. Looks absolutely epic and a game changer for Marvel.

  19. Seriously doubt it’s Bucky or Falcon under the sheet. They’ve both got multi-picture deals. Plus, I don’t think they’d kill off the Falcon in the same film they introduce him in. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance in Avengers 2.
    Could be one of Fury’s LMD’s. Faking his death to go underground like in the comics. Who knows? Time will tell.
    I can’t shake the feeling though, that Robert Redford’s character is somehow connected to the Red Skull (could he even be the Skull himself?) I loved the Red Skull in the First Avenger, and I’m just itching to see him come back.

    • Haha yeah, killing off the first black member in his first film would be GREAT publicity.

      • Wait, not the first black member. Is Rhodey affiliated with S.H.I.E.L.D.? I haven’t seen the last Iron Man 0.o

        • Rhodes was the USAF approved hero. So yeah, not SHIELD.

  20. Going on the whole # 42 theme, at the end were Cap & Falcon are running one of the planes in the background has the # 42 on it

  21. Fun fact: That’s Ed Brubaker in image #3, standing next to Winter Soldier.

  22. Under the Sheet Fantasy Pool – sponsored by The Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets

    place your bet with the corresponding # (your guess)

    #1 – Agent 13
    #2 – Bucky
    #3 – Nick Fury or LMD
    #4 – Alexander Pierce
    #5 – Falcon
    #6 – Coulson
    #7 – Hawkeye
    #8 – Stan Lee
    #9 – Zola
    #10 – Fantastic Four franchise

    • 1. Agent Coulsen
      2. Stan Lee
      3. Osama bin Laden
      4. Waldo, their lead undercover operator. Carmen Diego killed him off.

      • ha i always thought Carmen San Diego was a mole

    • Its Iron Man 3 under the sheet :)

  23. Maybe the dead body belongs to Hawkeye.

    • Hopefully. He sucks.

  24. Fury’s under that sheet. He’ll fake his death, Widow’s just acting up. I think there are other international factions within the organization which Fury needs to take care of and is better off dissapearing from the radar.

    The bruises/make up for Nick while he’s driving the van are the same ones when he’s saying to Cap he’s in charge. I believe these bruises are caused when the Winter Soldier attacks him at the Shield HQ’s sending him to the hospital and Cap chasing WS through the rooftops.

    The second attempt at kililng Fury (the van scene) will be where we all witness his “death”.

    But we’ll see.

  25. I really think the person under the sheet is fury.
    Its the shape of the body I think…It does look like a guy…and sam jackson’s stomach does slightly come out nowdays….

    Also..Black Widow will be closer to Fury..so she seems more teary than Cap.
    Falcon is newly introduced….Redford is someone that no one would really like, specially not someone like widow.
    Widow also wudnt be so sad about Bucky…cap would be far sadder.
    Agent 13 is just introduced….no reason to get too teary for that.
    They can’t do hawkeye since he’s in the avengers.

    It really looks like it could be fury. And Maria Hill would now be in command….

  26. Capt America is just so lame I’m sorry, this will be another average marvel effort, The only films I’ve liked from marvel is Xmen first class and the first Ironman film, the rest do nothing for me at all, I guess I’m more bias towards DC but I do still try to like marvel films, its just I cant for some reason..

    • I agree. He’s literally a living relic of the 40′s and 50′s America. Blue eyed blondness and wholesome values and whatnot. And then just make him perfect in like, every way.

      He never was in danger of Hitler. Even if Hitler won he would have been like “omg you’re just fantastic, a perfect Aryan. Here let me put you on a pedestal, and toga and thong you perfect creature, you.”

      Basically yes CA’s boring and besides his shield he’s nothing but a stereotypical, old fashioned “perfect archaic American”. It doesn’t matter if his pecs are fantastic or not.

      Enter the Black Panther.

      • Completely agree and even after reading half a dozen of the best Cap stories over the last few years to try and change my mind, the only one I enjoyed was The Winter Soldier because it wasn’t a one dimensional thing. The Cap in that story was conflicted once he found out who Winter Soldier was and made for a good ending (even if I still don’t know what the hell happened…did Bucky use the Cosmic Cube to teleport away?)

        Otherwise, yeah, Cap was just a one dimensional, boring flag on legs pushed front and centre whenever America found itself in serious military conflict in the real world like a Marvel version of the Team America song “America, F*** Yeah!” without the tongue in cheek parody of flag-waving patriotism.

        I read one story and it was basically Steve telepathically communicating with a US soldier in Afghanistan and helping him out of a cave with the whole “Everyone can be Captain America” thread woven through it and once I realised that’s what the writer was going for, I literally facepalmed and had to force my way through to the end of the story.

        Maybe it’s just because I’m a Brit and we’re typically cynical but I’ve never liked major patriotic displays and I’m glad Captain Britain books were more about characterisation and telling good stories about British heroes involved in science and magic than saying “yeah, greatest country in the world, we can get away with doing whatever we want and you can either like it or lump it”.

        I mean, hell, I had an American friend and her dad (a former high ranking officer in the US Marines) more excited about the 2012 Olympics than most of Britain was because we as a nation were too busy assuming the worst (won’t have enough money to host it, the event will be a disaster, our country sucks at hosting major events, etc).

        Going off on a tangent here so I’ll wrap it up by reiterating that Captain America: The First Avenger was the first and so far only thing that’s made me enjoy the character but the sequel looks amazing.

  27. My guess is
    Robert Redford is enemy agent
    He set Fury up to be taken out by bucky
    These enemies(maybe hydra?) have infiltrated shield and lay siege

  28. !!!!Possible Spoiler!!!! The chances that it’s Robert Redford’s character are slim to none, and here’s why. In the original comics, both TWS and Falcon were brainwashed agents of who?… The Red Skull. And since the Red Skull’s dubious sidekick from the first one is confirmed to be in this next installment, I’m leaning more towards Redford’s character being Skull in disguise, trying to infiltrate SHIELD, which may explain why Baron VonStrucker is confirmed for A:AoU. Considering this film is meant to bridge to gap between Avengers and Avengers 2, its plausible to believe there is something greater afoot. Could Red Skull have been transported to Thanos and given a deal to return and begin dismantling SHIELD for his invasion? Thoughts?

    • Maybe Winter Soldier uses Ultron to take over hellcarrier 42, maybe Ultron was secretly manipulating JARVIS during Iron man 3. Maybe AIM was Ultron all along who was also the real Mandarin. I guess the plot keeps getting thicker

      • And soon, it will have the consistency of pudding.

        And the tides will have turned.

  29. My guess is it’s Dum Dum Dugan under the sheet or the one true Nick Fury…David Hasselhoff

    • David Hasselhoff so needs to be in Agents of Sheild, Probably as an alternate universe Nick Fury.

      • It would be enough for me to watch the highlights on Youtube, but that is it.