Kevin Feige Calls ‘Captain America 2′ a ‘Political Thriller’

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Captain America 2 Political Thriller Kevin Feige Calls Captain America 2 a Political Thriller

Out of all of Marvel’s ‘Phase Two’ properties, it’s hard to tell what path Captain America: The Winter Soldier will walk. With the World War II origin story out of the way, and The Avengers largely showing what his role in the modern world would be (while proving his leadership), what’s next for Cap?

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will be getting some back-up from the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and from a similarly-super-powered partner in Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. But according to Marvel head Kevin Feige, the sequel won’t simply be continuing Captain America‘s ‘fantastic’ take on an honorable soldier.

Anyone paying attention to Marvel’s current and scheduled slate of films knows that variety is paramount, and each new release helps change what the term ‘comic book movie’ implies. Speaking with Variety about the genre’s longevity – with virtually hundreds of stories to tell from decades of publishing comics – Feige explained his optimism, with particular attention paid to the direction taken with The Winter Soldier:

“If it is a fad, it’s one that lasts 30 to 40 years, as the Western did, because each one is so different…There’s an opportunity to graft almost sub-genres onto them. Our first Captain America film was a World War II picture, and the next is a political thriller. They all have their own textures and patinas, and that’s what is exciting about it.”

There’s no debating the differences that will be visible in the films bearing the ‘Marvel’ name, with Thor: The Dark World (2013) calling on Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor for convincing medieval warfare, and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) bringing a twisted take on a science-fiction/fantasy super-team.

The Avengers Rogers and Stark Kevin Feige Calls Captain America 2 a Political Thriller

But in the case of Captain America 2, ‘political thriller’ is certainly not what we’ve been expecting from the directing duo of the Russo brothers (Community). There is precedent for an increase in intrigue, though, as The Avengers showed that the moral lines Steve Rogers is unwilling to cross are ones that S.H.I.E.L.D. tends not to notice. With Nick Fury playing a significant role in the movie, audiences could see him finally answer for Rogers’ claim of having “the same blood on his hands as Loki.”

There’s no reason to think that the rivalry between Rogers’ morality and the US government’s will end there, especially now that they’re recruiting even more soldiers into their super-soldier program. And with the origins of the titular Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) embroiled in international covert operations, there’s plenty to work with. But a little political intrigue goes a long way, and this is a Captain America movie.

So before anyone panics that Cap will be constructing his own House of Cards within S.H.I.E.L.D.’s operation, there’s no reason to think his enhanced strength won’t be his most important weapon. Mackie has called the script “fun,” and the return of Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), the introduction of Crossbones (Frank Grillo) and a new love interest in Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) put this movie squarely in the ‘comic book’ category. Even if Quasar doesn’t show.

Ultimate Falcon Captain America Kevin Feige Calls Captain America 2 a Political Thriller

It’s best to take Feige’s words as a sign that politics and moral grey areas will be playing a large role in The Winter Soldier, but will probably bear stronger ties to the first movie and The Avengers than, say, The Ides of March (2011). Still, it’s nice to see that the studio is continuing to take risks, especially if it means varied experiences for audiences, and more longevity for the genre.

What’s your take on Feige’s quotes? Would you actually be in favor of The Winter Soldier taking a more serious path with Steve Rogers at its core, or are the more fantastic and whimsical sides of Captain America what you long for? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier begins shooting this April for a release on April 4, 2014.

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Source: Variety

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  1. For this movie to start filming in the next month or two, it sure is flying under the radar.

  2. Really the only Marvel Phase 2 movie im excited for. Give Cap the justice he deserves, make everyone feel why he is the leader of the Avengers

    • He is the less interesting Avenger…and one of the weakest.

      • Hola, I fart in your general direction.

      • Thats what every supervillian thought when they attacked the Avengers, and he proved to be their downfall everytime

      • Because the movie made him look that way.

        One big reason i am not a huge fan of The Avengers: they made Captain America, the leader of the team, feel like a side character that shouldn’t matter.

      • Really?
        Read something before saying something like that…
        He is the heart and soul of Avengers.

        • Well while im excited for all phase 2 films, acw has apoint, stark was sold way more in avengers as the main character with cap behind him.

          • His so called “weakness” is what makes him the most interesting. He doesn’t care if there are gods 10 times more powerful than he is because he will find a way to win. That is what is so interesting about him, thats why it was so awesome when he said “put the suit on” to tony stark, he was saying he doesn’t care how smart or powerful you are, I will take you on anyway.

        • The heart and soul? I read a lot of Marvel and that’s b*******. Captain America is a whiny b**** who’s only there to rag on the other avengers for going wrong. The only guy in Marvel more annoying then Captain America is Cyclops of the X-Men but at least he’s not…

          OH WAIT! He is the leader of the X-Men! When he’s not attacking another Avenger member for something they did Captain America is a great character but there’s so few moments where he’s not doing that. Steve Rogers is a guy who desperately needs to be kicked off he’s own soapbox.

  3. Joe Johnston, a director known for making old-school action films, gets to make an old-school action movie like Captain America.

    The Russo brothers, who directed that god-awful comedy You, Me, and Dupree, get to craft a political thriller with The Winter Soldier.

    Wait, what?

  4. this is the movie I’m least excited for, I’ll still go see it of course.. a political thriller sounds interesting :)

  5. Wait a second, could it be they are going to bring in, Gasp, US Agent? thats a loop we didnt think of, I mean he did replace cap for a while due to a falling out between cap and the goverment. the other side of the political coin could be hydra infiltration, I could see that playing in with Zemo

  6. Am I the only who is completely uninterested in Captain America? Worst Avenger and worse of the Phase 1 movies.

    • Captain America is the worst Avenger!? Dude, you need to read the comics. Cap is THE Avenger.

    • Worst Avenger? Captain America?
      Dude, go read something before saying stuff like this…
      He is the heart and soul of Avengers.

      • Am I talking about the comics though? No. I’m speaking of the films. And if you don’t agree, you should re-watch the movies.

        • The only two I actually have on dvd right now, and both infinately greater than you’re giving them credit for. (and yes I am refering to Captain America’s part in the Avengers and not the generalized movie itself)

    • I dont think the 1st movie was very good (I DID NOT GROW UP A WWII BABY SO IT IS OLD NEWS TO ME) almost a myth) I dont like wwii movies and NEVER watch them (except CA) but it was still OK nd I do watch it from time to time… BUT CAP WAS GREAT IN THE AVENGERS and he CEMENTED HIMSELF AS THE LEADER, especially when stark tells him to call out the plan! C-MON if that did not tell you he was the UNDISPUTED LEADER then you watched a different movie.


      • FYI – For Americans, WWII was not the deadliest war in history. The American Civil War holds that distinction.

        • Ill call bs on that

          civil war-hundred thousands.

          • Cody, he meant that more Americans died during the Civil War than during WWII. And, he’s right.

            • I misinterpreted his sentence, I thought he meant americans thought more people died overall in civil.

        • FYI… IT WAS THE DEADLIEST WAR IN HISTORY… Just ask the Russians who lost more ppl than any other COUNTRY (24,000,000 roughly)!!! I NEVER SAID IT WAS THE DEADLIES AMERICAN WAR IN HISTORY!

          FYI the Americans lost 419.000! (roughly OF COURSE)
          If you like I could give you more figures, I never said I was stupid! and I did not say I dont know anything about WWII! I was just stating the FACT that it was THE deadliest war IN HUMAN HISTORY, and tha I DONT get into WWII movies

      • Well I thought ‘The Avengers’ was a terrible movie, so what you just said didn’t move me.

    • nah, everybody knows Thor was the worst Phase 1 movie hands down.

      • I liked Thor better than Captain America…

        But both were really difficult characters to put on film. There were a few things in each movie that I would have done differently, but I thought overall Marvel did a good job.

        Of course, other than Avengers, the first Iron Man movie will always be the best of the Phase 1 movies, I think there’s no argument about that one.

  7. Hopefully when they mean political thriller that the government will be involved by asking Cap to make him and his fellow avengers register with the government much like the storyline in the videogame Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which would make sense if in Avengers 2 they have said they will get more “personal” takes on the heroes. Only problem with that is it would be too much like xmen in a sense and then Thanos is already the confirmed villan for A2 so what do I know. Here is hoping that Cap 2 is a good movie…although I am not to optimistic since shield if involved, we saw what it did to IM2 and Thor 1…

    • noone has said thanos is the confirmed villian for A2, only that he will be in it. i think he will get more than just a quick appearance, but will be a behind-the-scenes puppet master and not who everyone battles. i think that will happen in A3.

  8. Out of all of the Phase 1 Marvel movies, Captain America was my least favorite, althought I kept an open mind while watching it. This political thriller premise may work out, I just hope it wont make the movie boring. At least theyre trying to make these comic book movies a lil deeper & less cheesy.

  9. Oh lord…. Given the liberal slant Marvel comics have been taking lately we’ll probably see Cap fighting for gun control and his right to marry Bucky… PLEASE keep politics out of these movies.

    • Yes. And hopefully a little more politically ambiguous than this comment.

    • Jack, you are one funny person, I hope you post more!!! LMFAO over here at your posts

    • booo…

    • I think they mean Marvel political, meaning the “Civil War” event in the marvel universe. Not actual Political events. At the end of the Avengers there is a segment of a senator stating that it was the Avengers fault that the city was attacked and that they “should be held accountable” AKA Super Human Registration Act. Which Captain America was very against. Thus Political. You have to read in-between the lines man. They are smarter than you give them credit for.

    • @ Jack

      Gotta be worried about DC Comics being liberal as you put Marvel. Remember Lucious being hesistant about listening on everyone to find the Joker in TDK? He didn’t mind using using it for Batman’s little oversea’s meeting. But i don’t wanna talk politics.

    • wow…republican much?

  10. Captain America: The best Avenger out of the original six.

    The First Avenger: One of my top 3 films from the phase one line up.

    The Winter Soldier: Won’t judge because I haven’t seen it yet just like every other negative person who just tears it down without even seeing it first, but still writes ridiculous comments about it that hold no merrit whatsoever.

  11. Political thriller

  12. My bad. Any political thriller that doesn’t venture outside our borders is going to look thin and opaque next to international espionage films like Skyfall and Inception. Wakanda is where the film should primarily take place in. Marvel Studios can introduce Black Panther alongside the Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and Sharon Carter, giving the sequel a 1970’s vibe that recalls films like The French Connection, The Parallax View, and The Day Of The Jackal.

  13. I don’t think i like mackie as Falcon. He’s a bit slim. Falcon is a well-built superphero. I think they could have found someone better (physically). Hopefully we see battlestar in Cap 3. I have to say I liked CA 1. Out of all 4 movies (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor) made to introduce the avengers, Thor was the only movie I disliked. It felt rushed to me, and I was not in favor of the wardrobe used in the movie. Marvel should have dressed thor in his full body mesh armor that looks like a kilt that stops above his knees. It definitely would have fit because it is already understood that thor is not from earth.

    • Uhmm… Mackie bulked up like crazy for Michael Bay’s “Pain or Gain”… so I’m not sure what is the definition of ‘slim’ for you? Cause that’s definitely NOT slim for me. And he’s even already back in the gym bulking more for Cap 2.

    • Don’t worry, he’s pretty bulked up now cuz of Pain & Gain.

  14. Also, I preferred the suit cap wore in his solo movie over the suit they had him wear in the avengers. The suit in his solo flick was better because he looks a bit more muscular (thanks to the padding i believe), and looked more like the comic books. I definitely liked the red utility belt, too. Nice touch. The suit in his solo flick just looked better over all.

    • Logically speaking (movie-wise): in Cap 1, Steve was actually much bigger and muscular thanks to the direct result of the experiment, and he was still in the army meaning he’s still doing training. In Avengers, he had already went into that ‘ice sleep’ for years, like 70? and when he woke up he was clueless about everything in the world. The deleted scene hinted that his boxing scene in the gym was one of his first outings to the modern world. So it’s logical that his muscle kinda shrink down (I know that cause even with a week or two of absence in the gym, the result would be fairly obvious -personal experience)

      Actor-wise: Chris Evans admitted that he had already lost some muscle/weight after filming the 1st Cap, perhaps to also prepare for his next indie project “Iceman”. And on the set of Avengers, he actually wondered how Hemsworth managed to maintain his bulge. I knew this from the interviews he made after the premiere of Avengers.

      • Oh but suit-wise… I agree with you. I like the solo movie better too. But it’s probably the effect of the actor’s body as well. I’m glad they didn’t use weird rubber muscle to enhance the effect though (like those *coughbatnipplescough* thingy haha)

        • HAHAHA. OK

      • Some ppl are meant to hold that kind of build (Hemsworth) and some are not (Evans) that is the way we are made! personally I cant hold a build if i work out every day, but I have friends that are just built and have been since they were 10!!!

        • Those enhanced muscle suits look pretty good in the man of steel trailers and pics, maybe they could do that for caps next suit.

          • I don’t think the Man of Steel suit is a ‘muscle suit’ I’m pretty sure Henry Cavill got built to play Superman.

          • Have you seen any of the set photos from MoS? Henry Cavil got ripped for that part. He is, by far, the buff-est Superman ever portrayed in a live action film.

  15. Whoever thinks Captain America is lame clearly has not read a comic book, because Cap is the sh*****

  16. I have said before that I thought overall the Marvel Studio films are enjoyable movies to watch but they suffered a lot in the Phase 1 films. To me the best are Iron Man (2008) and The Avengers with Captain America: The First Avenger coming very close. I felt most of the films were designed just solely to build hype for an Avengers movie which in retrospect seems to made to sell these characters that are largely unknown to the main moviegoing public other than the Hulk.

    Iron Man was the key success. It was a risky film that stood on its own two feet. Real character development and drama yet cool and fun. It’s sequel completely regressed the character however and spent much time building hype for the Avengers even though the event of the film is really not that important in the overarching natrative. The Incredible Hulk was able to stand nicely alone on its own and was the first to reveal a shared universe. It was an okay film that had better visuals then the previous Hulk film but was held back than a too formulaic script that lacked any real ambition which the first did have (if its the only benifit). Could have been better but it was an okay film. Thor which probably had the biggest tie in to the Avengers suffered from a rushed plot, and a lead in sub plot whose ending was negated with Thors appearance in the Avnegers. Now Captain America: The First Avenger had a great first half that established the character perfectly. Creative difference in the design that world aside, the film was near perfect, until the campy montage that was supposed to be the bulk of the movie happens-streamlining the main focus- in order to move to the quick Bucky death scene and a rushed abrupt ending that personally lacked the emotional punch it could have had. It had flaws but really good in comparison to thh three mediocre films prior to it.

    Captain America felt cheated of his true war film and in the Avengers his internal conflict was sidelined rather than intergrated meaningfully into the script. Whedon intended to do this but this did not make it into the final script. So this sequel must truly be the real Captain America film we all deserve.

    Honestly Phase 2 is shaping up to what Phase 1 could have been as whole. They finally seem as each film is in its own seperate franchise. Phase 1 films seemed like sequels to each other rather than seperate stories told at the full potential that just happen to collide together into a crossover film. They were all presented as Pre Avengers films than their own films as if it was big gimmick to attract more fans. And although it paid off I think Phase 2 films are on the right better direction. Each seem to be their own stand alone stories that are part of the same connective tissue with only Guardians of the Galaxy playing the true lead in film for the Avengers 2.

    So this is good news as each film seem to really have great story direction that will hopefully be executed to full potential to be films that are truly great ON THEIR OWN! Not manipulated for another film. The Phase 1 films benifit from the Avengers not the other way around. Phase 2 seems to correct this and offer us true awesome films


    This isn’t the comics. This article is not about the comics. It’s about a movie. And everyone is referring to Chris Evans as Captain America. Not the comic book character. The movie character. And we aren’t talking about the comics. We’re talking about the movies. I’m not talking about the comics when I say Captain America is the worst avenger. I’m referring the film that came out in 2012. Because he’s lame AF. And cheesy. And just so dull compared to the others. IMO.

    • To me, it doesn’t really matter if you’re talking about the movie version or the comic version of Captain America. You’re wrong. Simple as that.

      • Then you have bad taste in movies.

        • Or you do.

          • I’m willing to bet the majority of America will agree that Captain America was quite possibly the weakest of the Phase One movies. Except for everyone on this post cause they are obviously all Team Captain America. He may very well be the “heart and soul” of the Avengers in comics, but he’s far from it in film.

            • weakest phase one film:THOR =P

              • Like I said, everyone on this post is Team Captain America.

      • +1

  18. It was always going to be a “political thriller” if they’re using the Winter Soldier arc. I just hope they stay true to that sub-genre, and I hope they get Brubaker to consult. IMO he wrote THE best Cap stories out there and the espionage/thriller overtones worked very well with the character.

    For me, the best Captain America stories weren’t the lighthearted, comic bookey arcs, they were the dark, serious espionage/political thriller arcs (mostly set in the present day).

    Still very skeptical about the Russo brothers directing, but as always, I’m hoping for the best.

    All I know is, humor might work well for Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers, but the new Cap movie shouldn’t be funny. Some lightheartedness here and there would be good, but it needs to stay serious imo.

  19. For the people that say Cap is crap read Civil War ASAP! You will definitely appreciate the character a whole lot more. That is all.

  20. I’m pretty sure that Steve turning his back on SHIELD is an inevitability. Fury would walk over lines Steve would never cross, so I think it’s only a matter of time when the two of them disagree on something big.

    This “political” thing Feige talks about maybe has something to do with that. I can also imagine that Steve is going to be the other big figurehead of “The Avengers” besides Tony, so he probably has to do public appearances and such, which also means politics. They do need good publicity, right?

    So yeah, I can see how problems may arise. Also, with Natasha’s past with Bucky… yeah, espionage/political thriller alright.

  21. Oddly enough my least favoritr avengers in the film are my favorite on the show earth mightiest heroes. Cap and hawkeye are so great in the show. Cap is like a corny old school hero

  22. Captain America: TFA was NOT a WWII picture. That was my biggest problem with it next to the horribly written and wasted Red Skull.

    So I doubt that the Russo Brother’s, directors of ‘You, Me & Dupree’ and some ‘Community’ episodes, have actually crafted anything close to a political thriller.

    • Well, technically they haven’t crafted anything yet… since filming hasn’t begun yet 😉

      In their defense though, when ‘Iron Man’ was announced, I’m sure more than a few people were skeptical of Favreau directing (whose rep at the time isn’t so dissimilar from the Russo bros. rep now).

      I’m hoping for the best, and will reserve judgement until the movie comes out.

      • @Avenger

        “reserve judgement” If only more people would do this than write these ridiculous hate bashing comments for movies that haven’t come out yet we could all have better discussions with eachother from time to time.

    • 95% of CA:TFA takes place during WWII, yet you say it’s not a WWII pic. i can partially agree in that the war was not mentioned much, thats because the focus was on the super soldier program and how to get hydra/the red skull. the 1st CA comic books were nothing more than american propaganda, then marvel took over and made him more comic bookish. thats how i see his progression.

      • At most TFA is a 1940s period piece like The Rocketeer. It’s not a WW2 picture. Audie Murphy’s autobiographical ‘To Hell and Back’ is a better Captain America with a story of an underaged undersized soldier enlisting and becoming the most decorated soldier of WW2. Look it up.

        Focusing on Hydra, and the Supersoldier was fine but it should have been mixed with actual WW2 stuff. Even after Cap stop being a WW2 propraganda figure they still kept up with the fact he is a soldier firsf, not a superhero. Even Iron Man had Al-Queda references and tackled serious issues with Iron Man taking on a terrorist cell while America wasn’t able due to political restrictions. TFA should have been actual WW2 movie with a commanding and respected battle hardened Captain America (which we never got), a heartbreaking death for Bucky comparable to Uncle Ben that changes Cap forever (which we didn’t get) and a villianous Red Skull with depth (which we also didn’t get).

        Since Cap is my favorite Avenger in the comics I would like for this film to turn out well but with everything that has been established with his character (caring more about a missed date than his best friend, not being as bad a** soldier that commands respect), I’m not getting my hopes up. Especially with the Russo brother’s directing, the over packed cast and Bucky’s return which I doubt will be as impactful as it needs to be since it wasn’t fiven the importance it needed in TFA

  23. I prefer Captain America in the movies, the comics he seems to attack other Avengers members over nothing at least in The Avengers movie Tony Stark was actually digging at Steve so you could see a kind of back and fourth argument.

    In the comics it’s
    Tony: Sorry Steve I did something wrong
    Steve: Well your off the team! AGAIN! Also I hate you! Also I’m throwing you in Jail!
    Bucky: I did something wrong again Steve!
    Steve: Don’t worry Bucky I’ll protect you
    Seriously am I the only one seeing the hypocrisy there!

    • cap’s just a bit strict man…but i see what you mean with bucky

  24. I definitely think Cap and the rest of the MCU should lean towards serious and away from whimsical. I think this even tho I love to see my daughters crack up when we watch Hulk slam Loki into the floor and call him “puny god”.

  25. Whoa, there was a rumor that Quasar might show? That would amaze me. I read Quasar comics back in the 80’s, but never really had any illusions that he would ever show up in a film. I just never thought of him as being popular – however, he WAS a favorite of mine for a while. He could definitely show up in this movie, though, as he had some humble beginnings as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent-in-training before he donned the gauntlets in an experiment that went awry thanks to the interference of A.I.M. agents. And I feel like a nerd more than ever after knowing all that.

  26. Captain America was fantastic. I’m just trusting they will make a great movie but I would prefer something more serious.

  27. The differences between Cap and Fury’s SHIELD will, i hope, result in Marvel Civil War. With this in mind, it is easy to see why there would be political undertones to this film. It also makes sense that the assassin Crossbones is in the film, probably working for Zola.