New ‘Captain America 2′ Set Photos: Steve Rogers Visits WW II Veterans

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captain america 2 winter soldier steve rogers New Captain America 2 Set Photos: Steve Rogers Visits WW II Veterans


Next year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier is reported to be perhaps the most important installment in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as far as setting up future movies. The sequel is not only supposed to help to bridge the gap between The Avengers and Avengers 2, but it should also provide a more in-depth exploration of the power-plays and politics that transpire behind closed doors at S.H.I.E.L.D. (both determining where everyone’s loyalties lie and setting in motion new character conflicts).

The narrative for The Winter Soldier also focuses on Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) as he attempts to reconcile his past and present, which is symbolized by his external fight with the eponymous assassin (i.e. Steve’s old pal Bucky Barnes, who has been resurrected with a cybernetic arm after his “death” in the first movie). Bucky isn’t the only ghost from Steve’s past who is returning to haunt him in the modern-day setting (figuratively speaking), as the latest images from the Captain America 2 set reveal.

Cleveland Heights Patch (via Bleeding Cool) has posted a few set photos from the Captain America 2 shoot, during filming on a scene where Steve visits some of his fellow surviving World War II veterans at a nursing home. The images reveal that Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is one of the older residents that Cap encounters during his trip (she’s probably even be the main reason he’s there).




Hayley Atwell Captain America 2 New Captain America 2 Set Photos: Steve Rogers Visits WW II Veterans

As you can see, Atwell has been made-up to look some 70 years older than last we saw her in Captain America: The First Avenger. She’s also got motion-capture dots on her face, in order to allow for additional CGI-assisted facial aging during post-production (lest her practical makeup fail to get the job done).

We’ve known for a while that Atwell is coming back for The Winter Soldier, but it’s nice to have confirmation that Peggy and Steve will get some closure to their relationship in the present-day (as opposed to Peggy only appearing via flashbacks to WW II). The possibility of their reunion was teased in a deleted scene from The Avengers – featuring Steve Rogers adjusting to life in the 21st century – and that heart-breaking scene made it into one of Joss Whedon’s early Avengers script drafts (but was dropped in the final version).

captain america 2 peggy steve New Captain America 2 Set Photos: Steve Rogers Visits WW II Veterans

Not only is Peggy is getting her own spin-off short film, but Captain America 2 will also include Emily VaCamp playing a lead character who is presumed to be S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 13 (a.k.a. Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece); which is to say, the Carter family won’t simply be vanishing into thin air in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe installments.

That said, other leaked set photos – like this eyebrow-raising image featuring Steve and Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) getting up close and personal – have indicated that the Captain America sequel really is as much a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie as it is a more personal Steve Rogers story. Fingers crossed, Captain America 2 directors Anthony and Joe Russo will manage to do justice by all these narrative elements and characters.


Iron Man 3 is currently in playing theaters, with Thor: The Dark World arriving on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and unannounced films scheduled for May 6th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: Cleveland Heights Patch [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. I’m excited for Cap to finally get some closure with Peggy. I’m hoping that it’s at like the end of the film or the after credits scene where he shows up and she opens the door and they finally have their dance and it fades to black. That’d be so sweet!

  2. This & Thor II are very close to being the best of Phase II IMO. I’d go with Thor II for the moment, since we have a trailer.

    • I agree, they both look like great movies!! My preference is having as many Easter Eggs as possible to open up the Marvel Universe and it’s looking like Cap may be the only one that does that.

  3. After a very solid and fun IM3, the remainder of Phase 2 is going to be amazing… I can feel it!

    • +1

      I agree!!

      • +1

        I agree also.

    • I +1 also!

  4. Hey guys I think I’ve got some good news maybe some of you have heard but I feel like posting a lot of comments today, I heard somewhere that oth Evans and Ruffalo are signed on for avengers 2 if that’s true and I feel like it is all we now have Downey, Evans, and Ruffalo onboard all thats left is hemsworth Jackson johannson and Renner (I imagine Renner will come back as LNG as ere is more depth to Hawkeye) so things are looking up I think

    • Aside from Downey, the rest of them still have big multi-film contracts to fulfill.

  5. I’m looking forward to those scenes.

  6. Cannot wait to see Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier in theatres next year.

  7. Emily vaan camp is hot :D

  8. The Winter Soldier is not a “cyborg”. He has a cybernetic arm, and was “re-programmed” by the soviets. He has never been a cyborg….

    • Okay, I feel like that’s splitting hairs a little, but it’s a fair-enough point that I went ahead and changed that part of the article. ;-)

    • That still makes him a cyborg!

      It’s not just robots with organic parts that are cyborgs. Humans with any artificial robotic/computerised prosthesis that enhances their capability (or not) is a cyborg. Especially if you have cybernetic parts, that deffo makes you a cyborg.

      • @ motoko

        That was my initial reasoning, too. Actually, it’s funny, my brother likes to joke that he’s technically a cyborg for that reason, since he’s Type 1 diabetic and has an insulin pump.

        Anyway, moving on…

  9. out of all the phase 2 movies the winter soldier is the one im looking forward to the most

  10. If I wanted a love story I will watch Titanic……This movie is either gonna be 3.5 hrs long or it is just gonne be wayyy too busy like spiderman 3, too many villians, too many story lines!

    I hope this movie works because the first Cap movie just did not do anything for me! Maybe this will be the next IM2!!

    ALL MY HOPES ARE NOW ON Thor TDW and GOTG which now that we know it is just a standalone film I’m not so sure it will connect with people like it would have if it were connected to the other Phase 2 films, CBM fans will go to see it but I’m not so sure the general public is gonna be interested it!!
    Again I hope im wrong and Marvel has rarely let me down so I will give all of them the benefit of the doubt

    • How do you know it’ll be way too busy if they haven’t even released it yet? If Marvel has rarely let you down then why would you doubt them?

      The first Cap movie was better than The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Iron Man 2 IMO.

      • Because there are already a cpl villains, Black widows back story, Peggy and Steve’s closure, black widow and caps side story (there is something going on for them to kiss!!) “it is as much a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie as a cap movie”

        Also it is YOUR opinion that the first Cap movie was better than those others, Personally the Cap movie IMO was the worst of the bunch!!
        I understand Caps story starts during WWII but I have seen enough WWII footage in my life that I DO NOT need to go to a theatre to see more of it!
        WWII was 40 yrs before I was born I don’t need to see any more of it! THATS MY OPINION, you have yours! I am fine with that, but from everything I have read this movie will NOT have adequate time to tell a GOOD story, just a bunch of small side stories that have NO substance!!

        • Well, your opinion is irrational and narrow minded. Because something happened 40 years before you were born, you don’t want to see it? That’s interesting… especially since the whole point of Captain America was to fight Nazi’s.

          You have no clue whether or not they can pull off a good movie without even seeing a trailer yet, but hey, if that’s your biggest problem in life right now I actually envy you.

        • Did you like Star Wars? You must not have because it happened “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”. :-D

          • Captain America had to be set in the 1940′s because Steve Rogers took the injections of super-soldier serum so he could “personally escort Hitler to the Gates of Hell”. After WWII he was on ice because he crashed the Hydra B2 Spirit prototype/C5 Galaxy hybrid into the Arctic Ocean to save the U.S. risking his own life in the process. that is a hero. someone who risks their own life to save others

        • “it is as much a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie as a cap movie”

          Cap is a deputy of S.H.I.E.L.D. in modern times. So yes it will be a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.

          • It would have been fun if they had titled it “Captain America and his S.H.I.E.L.D.” rather than CA:WS.

            Hopefully he is not wearing his helmet much, regardless of the uniform, the just can make his helmet look right.

            Speaking of helmets, why is it that Thor NEVER wears his (other than the 30 seconds in Thor). It doesn’t look near as bad as CA. It has been a while since I have read the comics, but I don’t remember it being just a ceremonial piece. Loki’s helmet appears when he is ready to fight, meanwhile, in Avengers, Thor summons all his armor, but the helmet. Maybe all-father didn’t have enough dark magic to send it :)

  11. I’m starting to think they just got lucky with IM one and the avengers. IM3 was garbage and not really looking forward to Thor 2 nor this movie. After IM3 I just can ‘t trust these people anymore.

    • I’m sure your disappointment truly breaks Marvel’s heart. Thank you for sharing your irrelevant opinion.

    • Don’t let one movie put you down, man. :-(

    • Well, most people disagree, as most people gave it a favorable review.

      For the sake of comparison, look up reviews for Man of Steel (everyone’s CURRENT favorite) vs IM3. Maybe it wasn’t as good a movie as the Avengers or IM1, but it wasn’t a bad movie by any means, in most peoples opinion. You’ll see that the box office numbers are favorable as well.

      In other words, I’m sure Marvel won’t miss you during the rest of Phase 2.

    • Because you opinion means sooooo much to marvel inc. I mean they should just stop making movies all together because hey you are important and what you say is law… please get over your ratchet ass opinion because everyone else has moved on from iron man 3 and its time you did to , Your welcome.

      • YOU brought it up 1st dude, so there’s that…

  12. Hopefully Captain America finally loses his virginity.

  13. The idea of Black Widow and Cap getting close remided me of something. There was an anamated movie about A future timeline. In it they had A son named James.

    • There was animated movie were it focuses on the children of Avengers, were yes, Black Wdow and Cap get married and have a kid. When I saw that I just always picture Cap with Widow now. So I hope Cap gets with Widow on the big screen.

  14. could it be possibly that scarjo and CE are maybe a pair? chris has glasses on, and cap doesnt need those, unless it’s supposed to be a disguise or something. never really saw those 2 hooking up. in the avengers, after cap pays fury the $10, maria seems to be checking him out. i thought that might turn into something down the road. guess time will tell

    • Read my comment above, in that Avengers animated movie Cap and Widow get married and have a kid. Not sure if they ever got together in the comics though. But I just liked that in the animated film they had that, and I just think that it could work on the big screen. The spy and the soldier fall in love…sorry Hawkeye.

      • Next avengers I think

  15. I hope Captain America is in the movie also :P

  16. May 5, 2017 must be Avengers 3, since the date would be right and they’ve already signed RDJ to continue as Iron Man for Avengers 2 and 3. So we know Avengers 3 is happening. Why wouldn’t there be at least 2 sequels to the highest-grossing movie?

  17. How will Agent Peggy Carter return for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron?

    She is old now?

    Will time travel be involved? A transformation?

    Also who watches ABC Agents of SHIELD?

    Do you think Guardians of the Galaxy will answer who Skye is? Is she Kree? An inhuman? Or is she Abigail Brand? Why was her father induced?

    Do you think Skye and Coulson will be in the next Avengers? Like Skye/Melina etc… making appearances in films or are they too small scale for that?

  18. ooppss it was meant to be “covered in blood” but autocorrect changed it to “induced”! LOL!

  19. and Melinda* not Melina!

  20. If you go through the last TV spot trailer. If you go frame by frame & pause. There looks to be a scene where Cap morphs into his WWII uniform. The scene around him morphs into a WWII dance hall. Like a USO dance hall with solders, sailors & Marines. My theory is at the end the Scarlet Witch. Warps time & reality to give Peggy & Steve. That dance they never got before she passes away & Cap can move on to Sharon Carter Agent 13 later.