‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Falcon Poster & Character Images

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Captain America Poster Featuring Anthony Mackie as Falcon1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Falcon Poster & Character Images

With the well-received trailers and political thriller undertones, many a Marvel fan is expecting Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be one of the better Marvel movie experiences so far. The cast of characters includes Chris Evans as Cap himself (obviously), Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson as super-spy Nick Fury, and Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson a.k.a. The Falcon (among others).

And while we’ve seen bits of The Falcon and his winged apparatus here and there in the recent Captain America 2 publicity barrage, we’ve yet to see material – say, a poster – that focuses specifically on the character (unlike Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Nick Fury). Well, now we’ve got one – in addition to a batch of new character images featuring Cap, Fury, Widow, and Winter Soldier.

Check out the new poster and images – courtesy of Marvel, Skype, and Coming Soon – below:


For those who don’t know the background of The Falcon, it’s worth pointing out that he’s considered to be the first mainstream African-American character. And while his early character history is a bit – well, terrible (his religious parents were killed, so he left his life of volunteer work to become a criminal, gang leader, and pimp) – he eventually became one of the most beloved characters in comic books.

In the comics, he not only sports a flight harness like the one you’ll see in the film, but he also has a sort of psychic connection to his bird, Redwing, and a less powerful connection with other birds. Initially, there was no explanation for this, but it was later revealed that the Red Skull had fused Falcon’s mind with Redwing’s using the power of the Cosmic Cube.


More: Falcon Won’t Be a Sidekick in ‘Cap 2′


We probably won’t be seeing Redwing in Captain America 2, at least not in the same capacity as the comics, which is sort of a shame. Who doesn’t love pet sidekicks?

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you liking the look of The Falcon in the newest poster? What’s your take on the other images? Drop us a line in the comments.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4th, 2014.

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Sources: Marvel, Skype, Coming Soon

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  1. Not been biased against Marvel, but they should put more effort into their posters because they are always sooo terrible (Iron man 3 and Thor-dark World)….otherwise really looking forward to this movie…..

    • Fan boy, what are you talking about?

    • Yes, that is true! Their posters look good, only because of really good costumes and character designs. But overall as a poster, its layout and design- Marvel hasn’t yet risen to good standards.
      And on a related note, I think its high time they released another character image for Black Widow. Its the same heavily photoshopped image of her in different backgrounds, thats being circulated around

      • And does the character poster of Falcon looks a bit weird and heavily photoshopped (again) from below his torso? Once I noticed that, his whole figure looks a bit weird! Anyone else feels that, or is it just me?

      • Completely agree with your comments, and as for black widow, she looks much more supermodel than super spy/assasin.

    • uh…the Guardians of the Galaxy poster is fantastic

  2. The falcon looks a little too blah for me .

    • Anthony Mackie said he wanted to be in the falcon’s 616 get-up all with the red spandex and actual falcon on shoulder.

  3. Bucky looks dope, as does Captain’s helmet, even though I’m not a fan of the character.

    Black Widow looks weird and uninspired. that hairstyle is definitely not a great look. She looks like a waitress in a backwoods bar in Louisiana who got stuffed into a facny suit.

  4. Falcon’s wings looks similar to Vulture’s wings.
    Maybe they’re both made by Oscorp.

  5. I know Captain America’s helmet is iconic and I should know this, but can someone explain to me why he has to wear one?

    • To protect his head? Just thinkin’ out loud here.

      • Or where else you put the ‘A’.

    • Safety first! Also because its awesome, and it stops bullets from entering his brain. Seriously though, were we to explore the psychology behind it, or rather invent a logic for it, we could surmise that for him its a comfort thing or more specifically a personal choice.. He is from the ww2 era, they wore helmets as soldiers. He sees himself as a soldier, so its part of the uniform.

  6. Posters look good. For those who are once again complaining, go outside and live life and be happy. There is no reason to complain.

    • Actually there is. If you had standards and an eye for quality you’d see that. For example that the lighting makes it looks as if Falcons left nostril is much bigger than the right one, making his face appear all distorted and weird.

      I would suggest looking at pictures like that on a big monitor and not a tiny cell phone sceen before commenting on their quality.

      • With the power of standards and an eye for quality, kids, you too can nitpick about the way a shadow makes someone’s nose look in a picture.

        • And with the power of ignorance and an “Everything is great and nothing is ever wrong with anything” attitude you can be the happiest little Yes Man in the world. It’s up to you. 😉

          I for one say it when I don’t like something, and I take exception to condescending “go outside” remarks. Not every critique is a complain. There is a difference.

          And now lets all be friends again! That’s an order!

          • lol

  7. It’s pretty insensitive towards people who aren’t familiar with this storyline to post a pretty huge spoiler in the first sentence without warning. Especially when you send out emails with the first couple sentences of all your articles out to people who are fans of this site.

    • First sentence of article:: “With the well-received trailers and political thriller undertones, many a Marvel fan is expecting Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be one of the better Marvel movie experiences so far.”

      Where’s the spoiler?

      • My mistake, second sentence. Didn’t see the period before the actors and their roles were listed.

        • Still no spoiler, jubba. Are you referring to the identity of Winter Soldier? Because that was never a secret.

          • There are people who don’t know the story from comics. The audience could have seen Cap1 where Bucky “dies”, watched avengers, and seen a trailer for Cap2 with a badass bad guy and zero explanations about who he is. For someone like that, reading an article that says “Bucky aka the Winter Soldier” would absolutely be a spoiler, sorry. It’s not in the trailers. There’s no way it’s revealed in the first third of the film. But it’s a surprise and therefore this is a spoiler. The movie isn’t called “Captain America: The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes”. I didn’t know who the winter soldier was before I saw people getting excited about the title of the film was released. I looked it up to see why people were excited about it and immediately thought “well, s*** I kind of wish i hadn’t read that, it would be cooler to find out organically in the film.” If I had been holding out and somehow avoided that information, reading my email this morning would have ruined my attempt completely.

            • I can appreciate that. But look at it this way. Now you are one of us! lol.
              Seriously though, it can’t really be called a spoiler if the character’s identity is not being played as a secret in the film or as a dramatic last act reveal. Which is actually good news because it would have been a complete disaster if they tried to hide it. The character is far too notorious for them to try to play his identity as a mystery.

            • I can understand your frustration, but ScreenRant is under no obligation to hide that information when Marvel/Disney is not trying to hide it. If you look at their press releases and official synopses, they often list the actors and who they are playing. It was never a secret to the company.

              • I didn’t say that SR is under any kind of obligation, I said it was insensitive to post a spoiler without warning. As for Disney/Marvel’s synopsis releases, they don’t reveal the character’s identity: “…they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy–the Winter Soldier.” They say Sebastian Stan is in it, but for all the audience knows, he’ll be in flashbacks or unfrozen as Bucky or time travels or something. From what I’ve seen, the people making this movie haven’t spoiled this for anyone yet.

                The info is on IMDB, but anyone can add info to that. And if people want to find a spoiler it’s easy to do, obviously.

                I just don’t want to have to worry about accidentally reading spoilers for anything when I get my daily SR emails. And SR wants to keep their readers and subscribers, then they do have a kind of obligation to themselves not to do things like warning-free spoilers.

                I’m not mad, I was just hoping they could change it before someone reading the site does have this legitimately spoiled for them. Right before I saw Alien 3, I heard someone say something about a death at the end and it was ruined for me. Before I saw the original Old Boy, someone told me the “twist”, which ruined the experience. Movies are made to be self-contained stories that we are supposed to experience from start to finish. I personally hate when that is disrupted or ruined.

                • In my experience, SR is pretty good at putting up spoiler warnings to protect actual spoilers. A common knowledge detail cannot be called a spoiler just because you happen to have not previously known it.

                  As for the Old Boy twist, now THAT is an example of a spoiler.

                • I should make it clear that I share your contempt for spoilers. It is a personal pet peeve of mine as well. I just don’t think this one makes the cut.

                • What we have here instead is a case of Dramatic Irony. We’re supposed to know this going in. To have this gem of mind blowing information that the protagonist is yet unaware of. The treat we got coming is the reaction.

                • On the “exclusive look at Cap 2″ on the Thor:TDW BluRay, they outright state that Bucky is Winter Soldier.

  8. These posters look incredibly lame. The trailers for this movie look good, but these posters meh. I am getting a television vibe off of these posters. It looks like promo for “Agents of Shield”.

  9. Well falcon looks great.

    I’m still a bit concerned with the photoshopped style for black widow.

    I mean to any one who works in design or in a job that involves similar skills its pretty blanet.

    Also to those complaining about complain read this complaint.

    Haha bad joke.

  10. Black Widow always looks like she has to pee in these posters.

  11. Is it just me or does Falon’s lower half look small and distorted compared to his torso? Not to mention it looks like he is wearing his pants like a thuge but with a higher waist. Very awkward. The rest looks good though

    • It’s because he is leaning toward the camera…It’s depth. It does look heavily photoshopped though. Why is he wearing shoulder and knee pads but not even body armor in general? This guy has a freaking T-shirt on. Then he has army pants…I’m so confused. They should’ve came up with a better design for him. Very unoriginal. I like the wings and that’s about it. Poor Falcon.

      • Depth would have made his legs bigger and torso smaller since its an upward angle. Thats what confused me. Its like they started off with the idea of doing the depth but forgot halfway through which way they were doing it. Whoever designed it needs to go back to art in 5th grade where I learned depth of field.
        Its just extremely overly awkward and I feel bad since Falcon always get the short end of the stick.

    • Better than the green/grey suit.

  12. Sam looks like he’s wearing a leaf blower on his back. Get him out of those BDU’s and show some respect for the actual costume.

  13. I know I’m gonna get flamed,but I’m still not a fan of Chris Evans as Cap.He just looks too baby faced for me,or it might be something else,but either way,I liked him as the scrawny Steve Rogers,but as Cap,he’s never sold me.

    I am surprised that I haven’t seen anyone post yet about why Falcon is even in this movie and there still isn’t even a hint of Black Panther.

    • I thought Evans was weird at first, but in the end I think he owns the role. It works. Falcon makes sense to be introduced in a SHIELD movie, but we’re agreed on anticipation for Black Panther. However, there have been a few subtle hints to T’Chaka’s homeland Wakanda in the movies. And we all know Black Panther is coming soon anyway. I hate that we have to wait another few years, but smart money says it will be worth it. This dude is basically Marvel’s Batman. When DC gets their Justice League brand going with a new Batman running around, that’s when Kevin Feige is gonna smile like Thanos and say, “It’s time.”

  14. i like Cap without his helmet…i can’t wait to see Falcon in action, same goes for Bucky

    the posters they show us, are they available for purchase or just for theatres, cause i am looking for some specific Iron Man and Cap ones

  15. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out some additional

  16. Best poster for my desktop background!