‘Captain America 2′: Hayley Atwell is Returning as Peggy Carter?

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Hayley Atwell Captain America 2 Captain America 2: Hayley Atwell is Returning as Peggy Carter?

If J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars: Episode VII and Ben Kingsley playing The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 have taught us anything, it’s that official denials from the people in Hollwood don’t mean a whole lot nowadays. At least, not when it comes to big blockbusters that are either shrouded in secrecy or still coming together. The latest example of this? Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Two months ago, Captain America leading lady Hayley Atwell confirmed that she’s not reprising her role as Steve Rogers’ love interest Peggy Carter in the sequel. Well, according to her CA costar Stanley Tucci (who played Dr. Abraham Erskine), that’s not entirely accurate.

Collider interviewed Tucci about Jack the Giant Slayer (which opens in theaters next month), during the course of which the actor was asked about flashbacks to Cap’s time during WW II in The Winter Soldier and whether or not Tucci has been approached by Marvel heads to return as Dr. Erskine during those sequences. He appears to have accidentally let the cat out of the bag, by answering:

“No, they haven’t, unfortunately.  I’m really sad.  I know that Hayley is going back to do a flashback scene, but I have not been asked.”

Last year, Atwell carefully dodged questions about Peggy returning in the new Captain America installment, with comments like “I can’t say yet because it hasn’t been officially released…” Whether that’s because she was under contract not to say anything – or maybe the character wasn’t originally in the script – that’s up for speculation. It’s also possible that Atwell was simply denying that she’ll appear as older Peggy in the film’s present, a la that Avengers scene that Joss Whedon wrote, but never filmed, where Steve (Chris Evans) and Peggy meet up after 70 years apart.

Haley Atwell Peggy Carter Red Dress 570x379 Captain America 2: Hayley Atwell is Returning as Peggy Carter?

Does this mean Steve might find some emotional closure with Peggy in The Winter Soldier after all? If Atwell is heading back to shoot a scene or two, that also opens the door for her playing an elderly version of the character; or, perhaps she will instead be referenced by her niece Sharon Carter (we assume Emily VanCamp is playing that particular S.H.I.E.L.D. agent), during a conversation which triggers Steve’s memories. Either way, it’s good to hear Peggy isn’t going to be completely forgotten, as that doesn’t make a lot of sense given Cap’s current emotional state.

In addition to Peggy, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are bringing back Dr. Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), though his boss Red Skull is less of a sure thing according to the man who plays him, Hugo Weaving (assuming that’s not just misdirection). Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan is reprising his role as Bucky Barnes – and not just during flashbacks either, hence the film’s subtitle – with the new players including Anthony Mackie as Agent Falcon, Frank Grillo as the villain Crossbones and Scarlett Johansson reprising Black Widow from Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.


Phase II of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) begins when Iron Man 3 releases in theaters on May 3rd, 2013, followed by Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.

Phase III of the MCU starts with Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.


Source: Collider

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  1. Hopefully Red Skull won’t be completely forgotten. he’s got to pop up somewhere in one of these cosmic based films. Guardians of the Galaxy? Planet Hulk?

    • Hopefully not! As much as I like Weaving as an actor, his performance as Red Skull was rather lame. In my opinion of course. Tucci´s Erskine was a lot better.

    • yah i hope they dont leave the red skull story left out they have to mention him in the sequel

      • Fortunately the Red Skull is heavy on the make up. They just need another actor. Red Skull is too much of a major Captain America villan to completely write him off. It can’t be any more jarring then the War Machine swap.

        • agreed. i think arnold would be a good red skull, if he could get serious and not turn it into dr freeze.

  2. I’m glad she’ll have an appearance! Loved her in Cap :)

  3. She was good in CA.

    Totally happy to see her again in CA 2.

    • So what? You don´t wanna see old people in movies?

      • No.

    • That’s what you understood from “I know that Hayley is going back to do a flashback scene,”


      • What I understood was that Weldon was going to put a scene in Avengers where Cap met up with Peggy in present time…

  4. Thank goodness. She is sooo lovely.

    • Very lovely, indeed.

      But if she ends up in CA2 the makeup will cover here sexiness.

      Unless it’s some kind of flash back.

  5. Glad to hear her ‘return’… was kinda hoping Tucci’s Erskine would be brought as cameo as well. Steve ought to remember him as a somewhat fatherly figure as well, not just Peggy.

  6. Hopefully they work on a better moral for the story then the first. Steve Rogers is disregarded, demeaned & looked down upon for being a small guy. The girl in this article treats him with disdain while he tries to be friendly.

    Once he gets the super soldier serum & is big she likes him, and everyone suddenly has a better opinion of him.

    Great moral there. People will only like you if you benefit them & are huge and good looking.

    • But it’s true.

      “Survival of the fittest.”

  7. I find it a good thing that Atwell might be coming back she’s my favorite marvel girl

  8. Some will take this as proof that Khan is the villain in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

    • or that she helped invent Starfleet, so it must be Robert April…

  9. She is soooo hot, I am glad she is coming back. She is my fav girl of all of the marvel films.

  10. They Have to put that scene in CA2 or The Avengers 2 where Steve Rogers meets up with her at the present time just like they did it in the The Avengers movie the cartoon one or animated movie that was a great scene even though he does meet with her 70 years later which makes her about 90-100 I was under the impression we were going to see that scene in The Avengers Movie but now I see why it wasnt filmed its ok they can still bring it in either CA2 during the present time or bring it out for Avengers 2

    • Put that hot cheese back in your pants, and you’d best be careful of that tiny fork while you’re at it.

      • I’m talk’n ’bout Fondue-ing!

  11. so wait.. is she returning? I can’t understand.. Don’tunderstand…

    Says she’s filming scenes…

  12. Highly unlikely given the lack of success of the first appearance. The Cap character franchise is now begging for a reboot. Maybe something a lot closer to the comics this time, Marvel? Please?

  13. I think carter will be in catpain america winter soldier because in the bonus on the iron man 3 dvd theirs a marvel
    One shot: agent carter mini clip with her on a mission whilst in that mission she finds a chemical in a test tube of some sort. I dont know what this chemical does but i hope it puts her in a cryosleep and stays at a sheild station an dshe stays asleep for when she’s needed to be awaken. I hope my theory is correct

  14. I really hope that hayley Atwell plays Peggy carter/lead girl in winter soldier