Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: April 6th, 2014

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April 6 Box Office Captain America 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: April 6th, 2014

Just another day at the box office as Marvel took the top spot and set a record in the process.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (read our review) is the number 1 film this weekend with $96 million. As we already mentioned, that’s the biggest April opening ever, ahead of Fast Five‘s $86 million back in 2011.

The Winter Soldier also continues to add to its worldwide total, which is now up to a massive $303 million after two weeks abroad. Next up for the international markets are Brazil and Japan – two pretty lucrative territories.

While many predicted the Marvel train would keep rolling post-Avengers, these Phase 2 films are still far and away exceeding expectations, both financially and critically. Case in point: The Winter Soldier should eclipse the first Captain America‘s $179 million domestic total next weekend.

Dropping to the number 2 spot this weekend is Noah with $17 million. Although Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic fell almost 62%, the film has earned $72 million domestic and $178 million worldwide.

Divergent Starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: April 6th, 2014

Divergent is the number 3 film this weekend with $13 million. Lionsgate/Summit’s latest YA adaptation has preformed much better than most with $114 million so far, but its numbers are still a far cry from the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games. We’ll see how the film’s sequel, Insurgent, does next year.

In at number 4 is God’s Not Dead with $7.7 million. The religious-themed film is now up to $32 million.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Grand Budapest Hotel with $6.3 million. Now at $33 million, this latest Wes Anderson film has a solid chance of becoming the director’s highest grossing film ever, surpassing The Royal Tenenbaums‘ $52 million. Either way, The Grand Budapest Hotel will likely hang around the top 10 for a while as it continues to expand to more markets.

Coming in at number 6 is Muppets Most Wanted with $6.2 million, which brings its domestic total up to $42 million. While this latest Muppet adventure should surpass its $50 million budget when all is said and done it won’t be by much. It’s likely time to put the characters back on ice for a little bit.

Mr Peabody Sherman Reviews Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: April 6th, 2014

The number 7 film is Mr. Peabody & Sherman, which pulled in $5.3 million over the weekend. Fox’s latest animated feature has eclipsed the $100 million mark with $102 million total, and is posting even better numbers overseas. All told, Mr. Peabody & Sherman has earned $238 million worldwide.

Sabotage is the number 8 film this weekend with $1.9 million. With only $8 million accrued thus far, Sabotage has firmly cemented its place as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s least successful films ever.

In at number 9 is Need for Speed with $1.83 million. With only $40 million domestic thus far, some might be quick to nix chances of seeing a Need for Speed 2, but the film has actually done decent business overseas and is now up to $183 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top 10 is Non-Stop with $1.82 million. The Liam Neeson thriller has accrued $88 million after six weeks.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, April 6th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. HORAAAAAY for Captain America! Absolutely loved that film and will be going to see it again!

    • Yessir! I haven’t went to any marvel movie twice when it’s in theatre’s including Avengers but I gotta see this one more time before I buy it.This is the movie I imagined when they first announced they were making a Cap movie around six years ago.

      • I haven’t either (seen a Marvel movie twice at the cinema that is) but I dunno, as great as Cap 2 was, I don’t think I’d see that twice at the cinema either. I’ve done it for two movies, Cloverfield (3 times) and The Dark Knight (twice) and TDK I only saw that second time to pass the time before a potentially long journey and it just didn’t do anything for me cause it was still so fresh in my mind from 2 weeks earlier.

        Besides, I’ve got TASM 2 on the 18th and Transcendence on the 25th, gotta save my money for those.

      • Saw it today and it kicked some serious butt. Marvel is only getting better with each film. Up next is Guardians of the Galaxy. Should be an interesting new turn in this wild Marvel ride.

  2. Wow, Cap2 should do $750 million worldwide.

  3. wow…i think Cap is gonna hit the big B personally as word goes around, some of my friends who don’t watch CBM are talking about it

    • I know. People around work are talking about how they heard it’s a must see movie and that they need to go see it. I was driving in today and a morning radio station was talking about how they took their kids to see it thinking it was going to be a kids movie but then came out surprised at the end because they really loved it. I think the word of mouth is going to spread like crazy this week and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull in another $96 million next weekend. I haven’t seen this much positive hype and positive word of mouth since The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and Avatar. For all the hype that Man of Steel got, it’s nothing like this. This is great and it’s some great times for comic book fans

  4. Cap 2 was Ok I would give it a B or B- They just haven’t had any good villains in Phase 2. I am really looking forward to Spiderman 2 though. The trailers look amazing.

    I think Spidey 2 will put all the phase 2 films to shame.

    • OK? really!? “They haven’t had any good villains in phase 2″ What are you talking about? The winter soldier was one of the most BAD A$$ villains I’ve seen in a long time!

      Captain America 2 was on par with Iron Man 1 and the Avengers imo and better in some ways as well. Chris Evans has not only captured the essence of the character but has delivered a performance on par with RDJR and I never that would be possible. Can’t wait to watch it AGAIN!

      • Avengers was the worst of the Marvel films and WS didn’t seem like much of a badass after that initial fight when Steve found out who he was. That was pretty much the character’s sole badass moment.

        I’d say if you look at it subjectively, the plot more than carried the villains in this film while with Thor: TDW, the weak plot exposed the weak villain.

        • “Avengers was the worst…” Really? According to who? YOU? Cause Rotten Tomatoes, meta critic millions of fans and the box office you are completely wrong. I haven’t seen one villain yet that went toe to toe like TWS went against CA. The fight choreography between those two have been the best I’ve seen since the first Blade, they raised the bar to a whole new level!

          • Dude if you don’t know by now that Dazz didn’t like the Avengers, you must be new here. It’s okay, I accepted it a long a$$ time ago, lol. No disrespect Dazz, youre a big player on this site.

          • Yea, if you missed the fight choreography in the movie you’re really missing out lol. They’ve really stepped up Cap in his abilities, leadership, and intelligence. If you were say impressed with the fights scenes of batman then you should really be shtting in your pants watching the fight scenes here :) Pay attention!

          • Yes. Yes, according to him.

        • Dazz, why are you here? It’s obvious by your daily comments your just a pretty negative guy who doesn’t enjoy comic book movies. Why waste any more of your valuable time? Just goooooo awaaaaay.

      • Seriously you use the words bad ass as your reasoning for why winter aokdier was a goos villian? Thats not a good villain, he was a one dimensional villian with no weight or intrigue behind him. The russo’s and the writera tried to keep this obvious twist a secret instead of making bucky a full fleshed villian with some serious struggle. Only at the final scene was any depth given to him. He had maybe. 3-4 lines the whole film he was as poor as a villian as red skull, whip lash, malekieth, killian and jeff bridges from iron man 1. Loki is the only agood villian they have had, yet thor set him up perfectly only for the avengers to sh*t on him and turn him into a bumbling idiotic punching bag

      • Explain to me how Evans embodies the character of cap? He looks way to modern and talks way to modern to sound like a man from WW2. Have you see earths mightiest heroes? That is how captain america should be not what evans does. And read a comic bool before sayong RDJ embodies ironman. All he has done is changed ironman and his popularity forced marvel into mirroring his image on cartoons shows and comics, hence why earth mightiest heroes isnt on the air anymore cause it showed how ofd everyone in the MCU is to its comic book counterpart.

        • Why does he have to explain his (not unpopular) to you?

          • (not unpopular) *opinion

        • If I may Trey…..

          Why should he be like that? Like the cartoon? Also if he isnt is it possible he ‘caught up’ much like he said he was going to do…?

          I mean you cant take the Boy Scout (so to speak) out of him. He will always open a door for a lady, believe in America, Apple Pie etc… anything else can be changed. Do we really NEED to see the whole fish out of water thing every movie that Cap is in? Or is it better to assume the audience is intelligent enough to think he is smart and a fast learner able to catch up?

          Ive read a comic book or two in my life and sorry RDJ is Stark/Ironman. I can see various pieces if you will of Stark/Ironman throughout the years in RDJ AND the writing. It is not one time period from the books (Mainstream or Ultimates) but a mish mash of them.

      • Yes Phase 2 has had weak villains:
        1. Mandarin was a bad joke

        2. The Dark elf got beat up by Thor’s mother so the fight with Thor at the end was kind of lame. They didn’t make him powerful enough.

        3. The winter soldier was not really a villain because he was brainwashed. I was expecting them to fight then get together to face a bigger threat but there wasn’t one. They kind of wasted the Winter soldier character, and why was Black widow in this movie again?

        I just think Spiderman has better villains and the Amazing Spiderman 2 will turn out to be a better movie than any of the phase 2 films.

        We will see next month.

        I was just let down because Cap2 was over hyped. Because Cap2 is not better than the Avengers but it was good, better than Thor and Ironman 3.

        • Please. ASM2 looks good with the CGI but the story will fail like the first one did.

        • Well judging by your username, you would seem kind of bias to me. Spider-Man, along with Batman, does have the best rouges gallery in comics, that is true. However ASM1 really didn’t use Connors to his full potential, he was pretty weak as a villain. I liked ASM, but the fact that they took 1 hour to retell the origin story everyone and their mama’s already seen or heard, annoyed me. I’m hoping ASM2 does end up being an amazing film that blows other CBMS away, but comparing Marvel’s track record to Sony’s, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        • Although I think TASM 2 will do good, it’s not hyped up like Cap 2 is. I know of soo many people that got soo turned off by the lack of good storyline/plot/script in TASM that they are not planning on seeing this sequel(these are huge Spiderman fans). I also know other people who was going to see it but then decided not to when the goblin was revealed. Again, I think the film will do good, but the hype isn’t all that great as it was when it was first announced.

        • How is Winter Soldier not a villain? Being brainwashed doesn’t mean you cant do villainous deeds.

          The movie states that he has assassinated over 2 dozen import individuals. Also, he tried to kill BW, Cap, and Fury.

          He DID murder SHIELD agents on the helicarrier.

  5. Best Marvel film yet. There are a few question I have. Ok where was Ironman maybe S.H.I.E.L.D was dealing with him off screen, and where was Hawk eye same thing, and what happens now with the S.H.I.E.L.D prisoner like The Leader and Abomination? maybe we get some answers in Avengers 2

    • Stark was being targeted by SHIELD/HYDRA when those names and images came up on screen and Hawkeye’s in Europe looking for the Maximoff twins.

      Leader and Abomination?

      I assume they’d be kept in a secret facility and not a SHIELD office building in Washington DC.

  6. Went to see Cap 2 and God’s not Dead. Both were amazing.

  7. Cap 2 deserves all of it and more. It’s been the only movie in the MCU to come close to The Avengers. Honestly just a perfect movie. I didn’t consider any of last year’s superhero movies to be above an 8/10 score. I’d give IM3, Thor 2, and Kick-Ass 2 8/10 scores, and Man of Steel and The Wolverine a 7/10. Hell, I don’t think I saw any movie in 2013 that I gave a 10/10 score to, and I’ve seen over 100 of them from last year. However, all of that being said, I give Cap 2 a 10/10. It honestly just had everything I want from a superhero movie. I might just go see it again honestly.

    • a 100??? my goodness dude you watch a ton of movies. I normally see like 5-6 in theaters and like 20 new movies per year.

      • Well I guess I should mention I didn’t see most of them in theaters, I just kept up with a lot of the DVD releases. Winded up seeing most of the major releases, which was cool. I normally don’t go out to the movie theater anymore, in fact Cap 2 was the first movie I saw in theaters this year. I used to go every week, but it gets expensive after a while so no haha. I know it’s a lot of movies still, but hey I can’t help it, I love movies.

  8. The most interesting aspect about this is Marvel’s experimentation with non- typical blockbuster release dates. What this proves with no doubt is that you can drop a blockbuster movie at pretty much any point in the year and still generate the business you would have in the summer months. It’s a completely deserved win for them. After all, the (fantastic and still underrated IMO) Man of Steel took £128 from Thursday to Sunday last year in the height of Summer. Incredible that we live in a world now where Cap can be in that wheelhouse. Who’d have thought it!

    • £128? $128 million I mean…. Durp

  9. Saw this film twice already. The 1st time in 3D (DONT DO IT), the 2nd in 2D. I will be going to see it again. No real complaints, I’m not the nitpickingn type, but I will say that after seeing the 1st post credit scene (there are 2), that I didnt want the movie to end, i couldve sat there for another 2 hours.

  10. I knew this was going to be a massive hit as soon as i saw the 1st trailer. Can’t wait to see it. Roll on, Marvel. Is DC watching?

    • I hope WB doesn’t do a political thriller for any of their main characters.

      • No, I doubt they will but it will be a movie with loads of action and light on plot/storyline and thus will have the same result like they did with MOS(good numbers but far below of what people were expecting).

      • DC has the best product on TV right now but when it comes to the big screen I would have to give it to Marvel. Aside from the Dark Knight trilogy, WB/DC hasn’t had the best of luck pulling in that $800 million to $1 billion mark

  11. Hmmm, I’m sensing another delay for Batman vs Superman / Man of Steel 2 / Justice League whatever that movie.

    Do they really want to go against Cap 3 which on current form could get between $800 mil to $1 billion.

    Some more thinking to do for Warner & DC.

  12. Cap2 was awesome. The best movie of the year so far for me. Saw it twice this weekend and may go one more time. So any speculation as to if Cap becomes Nomad or Bucky does from what the movie showed? In the comics there are 3 Buckys. I believe 2 of them took on the name Nomad after Cap used it.

  13. This was way better then Avengers it had comedy but not throught the whole film like Avengers did, it was well timed and placed, also with the action. They would also slow down at times and balanced the story and characters in perfectly. in my opinion best marvel film from marvel yet my list would look like this

    1. Cap America Winter Soldier
    2. Ironman
    3. Incredible Hulk
    4. Thor
    5 Ironman 2
    7.Ironman 3
    8. Cap America
    9.Thor Dark World

    They say Hulk has more screen time in Avengers 2 I really hope they use Leader and maybe the guys who wrote and directed Cap Winter Soldier will write a Hulk Solo film.

  14. I thought that movie was awesome. The argument of whether the winter soldier was a good or bad villain shouldn’t be based on how many lines he had, but by how effective he was at testing Captain Americas strengths and weaknesses. This is why loki succeeded as a villain and now this is why winter soldier has succeeded, its because they both physically and mentally presented a difficult challenge. It helps that they both took part in some awesome fight sequences and made the heroes actually put up a fight. Winter Soldier didn’t have to say a word and I think it is better that he didn’t as it allows for future development of the character. In this movie, he was presented as a ruthless killer and I think that they wrote him this way, so that over time we can learn more about his character just like loki which will make him overall a more effective one. Al in all I give this movie a 10/10.

  15. Quick question: Why was CA:TWS called what it was? Seeing as how the winter soldier was actually a smaller player in the story than, say, Alexander Pierce. The way the movie ended, it makes it seem like the next Captain America movie should be called The Winter Soldier.

    • Cause the overall premise was about Pierce/HYDRA using the Winter Soldier to take out high level SHIELD targets that could pose a threat to stopping the releasing of the gunships.

      That’s why Pierce took out Fury. Then he wanted Black Widow and Cap taken out by Zola but Cap and BW escaped so he told WS to take care of it.

      Plus, the character plays into the personal life of Rogers as they were friends.

  16. They could do a Cap 3 story about Cap as Nomad. During that run he changed his identity and wore a different outfit.

    He goes rogue with Falcon around the world to hunt down Bucky and also to find answers as to what happened to him.

    This could also lead him meet various characters in the comics a la Black Panther if Cap goes to Africa.

    They could title it

    Captain America: Man Hunt

    Captain America: Man Without A Country

    I don’t know just spit balling.

  17. Hey!..Hey Shane Black!…I’m sure you have seen “Winter Soldier” by now…That is how you make a G.D. SUPER HERO MOVIE!!!!!…man I tell ya..

  18. Seeing all these movies getting made this way makes me wonder why Marvel didn’t get back their rights to Fantastic Four. Not really expecting much from the remake.