Captain America Writer Suggests MODOK as Sequel’s Villain

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MODOK Captain America Sequel Captain America Writer Suggests MODOK as Sequels Villain


When pondering what villains from the Marvel Comics library could be featured battling Steve Rogers in a sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, MODOK was most likely not someone – or something – that would have topped your list. According to Christopher Markus however, a co-writer on Joe Johnston’s Captain America origin movie, that’s the villain he wants to see in the sequel.

Better yet, he already has an idea for who could play MODOK in Captain America 2: Peter Dinklage.

MODOK, an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, is one of  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s … more unique characters. MODOK made his debut back in the 60s and became a common foe for Captain America, also finding himself at odds with Hulk, Iron Man, and Namor, among other Avengers characters.

MODOK, in his current visual incarnation, is a tough sell. We can go as far as to call him laughable, actually. But his look aside, MODOK does have the right character elements and history to become a strong villain if done right and that’s how Markus sees it:

“I love MODOK and I think you could make a terrifying movie with MODOK but nobody seems to be on my side at the momentum… I will win you over to Peter Dinklage as MODOK. If he came around the corner and you saw him floating there you would be terrified. It would be amazing.”

“In this movie, the great thing is [the visual effects and makeup team] really pulled off the Red Skull. It doesn’t look like a mask. it looks like it’s fully integrated into his flesh. And I want to see what they can do with MODOK.”

Just imagine the possibilities:

In all seriousness, MODOK could absolutely work as a great villain – they’d just have to change up his design. In Marvel Comics history, MODOK began not as a killer but as one of many scientists working at the terrorist group known as A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). He was selected by his boss to undergo experiments to turn him into an organic super computer in order to study and unlock the mysteries of the Cosmic Cube. See how it can tie into the movies so far?

The experiments enlarge his head and transform him into the weird being we now know him as, with psionic powers and genius intellect. He was given the code-named MODOC (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing) but quickly turned on his masters, killing them all, and changing his name to fit the part.

S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t know much about this organization so they sent in Agent Sharon Carter (another connection for The First Avenger) who gets captured. Insert Captain America rescue mission which goes wrong, a little uprising in a submarine base, and a happy ending and you got yourself another Captain America movie. There’s a lot to draw from in the books so I hope more folks at Marvel give a little credence to Markus’ ideas on this one.

Captain America 2 will likely release in the summer of 2014. For now, look for Chris Evans as Steve Rogers once again in next year’s The Avengers, starring alongside Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard.


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Source: LA Times

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  1. So its going to take place in the past then? I hope it makes sense for the timeline. They didnt really leave alot of play room IMO with the first one.

    • So a three to four year time-frame isn’t enough?
      Because I think it’s more than enough.

      • TheAvenger,

        You thought the CA movie (once he became CA) spanned 3-4 years?

        I find it very hard to believe CA spanned 3-4 years. There was no indication it took that long. If anything 6-8 months.

        It starts in 3/42 Bucky is lost in Italy in 43. WW2 was over in 45.

        However CA only stopped Hydra…. not the Nazis. He was supposedly asleep for nearly 70 years.. (need verification) which means he went night night (if we use 2011) around 41 putting it closer to Caps 42/43 year then 45 or better.

        That to me is a HUGE area they shot themselves in the foot over. Instead of Skull getting away for a few years, resurfacing Cap having a final showdown ending on ice it appears they resolved it before the war was over and within about a year of him becoming CA.

        So no it does not appear he had enough time to do anything else except what we saw in the movie.

        • Joe Johnston said that the movie spans over 3 years. Feige said that as well.

          • But just casual movie goers had no idea how long it was. Never said 3 years later…

            It was a, 3 year montage… I felt that was the biggest downside of the CA movie…

          • I missed that what parts were they playing in the movie? (just kidding)

            Well going off what I remember in seeing the movie it sure as heck did not seem like 3 years.

            So for 3 years he is fighting Hydra the whole time? Chasing Red Skull around never catching up to him even though he (and all the other Allies?) know where these so called secret bases are? Red Skull never setting a trap?

            That (IMO) makes the movie that much… I liked it better when it was less then a year at least it made more sense.

            hmmm there ya go the flash backs and or second movie will have that. Cap and the Howling Commandos taking on a base with a lesser villain. I jsut hope the flashbacks or 2nd movie does not leave the battle field of WW2 it was never hinted at or implied (that I remember)

            • Yea. IMO The montages were the weakeat part of te film. I hope in the sequels they will make Cap more of a WWII hero instead of a secret allies team vs secret nazi science division team battle. . I hate to use the phrase, but i want it more dark and gritty (Insert Nolan Batman Joke here LOL). Ironman really captured that in Guimera(?) terroist setting. I liked the intial heart warming feeling in the begining but I was hoping that it would have gotten deeper and more serious as the film went along. I never got the “with great power comes great responsibility feeling.” I As i said before, I wanted Saving Private Ryan more than The Rocketeer. I had (and still have) high hopes for Captain America

              Anyways. Here’s to the Avengers film.

  2. So I guess the Red Skull got consumed by the cube at the end of CA:TFA?
    CA:TFA was a good movie,nothing new or radically special,and if that was the end of Red Skull-lame,don’t even bother mentioning another sequel with RS,I’ve had enough.

    Modem could be cool,I have been pleased with most comic movie villains so far,but Red Skull didn’t do much for me,he should have done more.

  3. Modok!? Really!? On screen it would be totally ridiculous! I could understand a plot involving A.I.M. But not the giant headed computer block man. Obviously Winter Soldier needs to be the villain who of course becomes Cap after his death.

    • I don’t think we’ll see Bucky takin up the mantle in the films. If they were going to set up that story with Steve’s death, theyd have to go all Civil War and I doubt that’s gonna happen in the first or second sequel for TFA or Avengers, it’s just way too soon.

    • Modok doesn’t have to look exactly like he does in the comics. But I agree that a huge flying head with a laser attached to his forehead just sounds to Austin Powers-y to me (Dr. Evil: “All I want is freakin’ sharks with laser beams attached their heads, I just believe everyone deserves a warm meal.” haha)

      Also, hasn’t there been rumors about Baron Zemo being the villain?…he was the Red Skulls right hand scientist in the movie. Kind of a skid-dish nerdy scientist though, not a swordsman or anything.

      you could also have Baron von Strucker…but he’s pretty lame

  4. @StevenMarvel no if the villain IS Modok it’d be in Modern times. He wasn’t a WW2 villain

    But in all honesty, I was hoping it’d be Baron Zemo. The character has such history with Cap as a villain and could work in either present or past timelines. They’d just have to update his purple Santa costume.

    Modok is really a tough sell, appearance-wise and if there’s a sort of evil organization, I’d rather it’d still be HYDRA and not AIM. And I’m still holding my breath for the Winter Soldier

  5. Hopefully a more concise third act this time around. After a great build up, CA really shot itself in the foot with the last 30 minutes or so.

  6. 2 things they need to do for MODOK to work in a movie: A) change the acronym, and B) drastically redesign him while still paying homage to the original design.

  7. Look people, if MODOK does end up being in Cap2 I seriously doubt he’ll be the main villain. I’m almost 80% sure we’ll see Baron Zemo as the villain.

    The writers already said that Cap2 will take place in BOTH the past AND the present.
    What would be an awesome idea: is if the NEW Baron Zemo makes an appearance as the main villain and while the present-day Cap is trying to stop him, he has a series of flash-backs into the past where he faced the old Baron Zemo (present-day Zemo’s father).

    IF MODOK appears in Cap2, it won’t be a major role (I’m guessing it’ll be more like Arnim Zola’s role in Cap1)

    The writers also said that they are trying to incorporate Sharon Carter (Peggy’s niece) into the present-day part of the movie and the Falcon (Cap’s part-time partner) into the past-part of the film.

    I would love to see the Winter Soldier, but I think it should be in his own film. (And don’t say “he can’t carry his own film” because he CAN ;))

    • @TheAvenger

      Personally Id rather it’d be Zemo and your idea of incorporating both Zemo Sr and Jr could actually work. And whether or not the SHIELD agent at the end of TFA was Sharon, remains to be seen….

      • Oh come on… ;) You don’t really think that girl at the end of Cap was REALLY Sharon did you?
        Nah, that’s just a rumor, besides, she looked NOTHING like Sharon from the comics. And IF it was her, I’m sure they would have mentioned it in the credits, at least.

        • Nah I dont believe it, mainly because I wanna see Hayley Atwell as Sharon. But if it was her, I’d say that was a pretty lackluster introduction to Cap’s one and only main love interest

    • @TheAveneger

      My dear internet collegue. I do like where your mind is at. As you know im a huge fan of Avengers:EMH (can’t wait for season 2 btw) & mild comic book enthusiast. MODOK eh. I honestly would not even want to see him in a support role. Waste of screen time in my opinion. I would rather see more time given and explanation to why Cap is sich a time tested hero.

      Also how do you (and anyone else) feel about Bucky’s on screen death scene? I thought ot was a complete waste. Anyone cpuld have died. At most I felt. “sucks, ’tis war.” Never read the comics but I do know that Bucky sacraficed himaelf for Cap. I would rather have some scene where Bucky “took the bullet” in a matter of spealomg. Hayley Atwell (and her fine ***) cleared up the guilt in a matter of seconds. I wanted something that would stick with Cap for the rest of his life. I feel that Cap was sad but more so because Bucky was hia friend and not that it was hia fault or that Bucky put Cap’s life before his. Something along the lines of Cap puts his own life in grave danger because he does not want onw of his team mates to die in upcomig The Avengers.

      • Yeah, they could have done his death in a better way.
        Also, I was expecting Cap too say “Buuuuckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!” when Bucky fell (Cap always says that exact line – in the TV show and in the comics), but there was silence :(
        I think they could have kept Bucky in the movie for a longer period of time, and made him die/fall in the last part of the movie (where Cap finally battles the Red Skull on the plane thing).

  8. I was actually hoping for Zola. I thought it a great tribute to the character in the first film with his face all distorted like it was projected. It seems that would be easyer to pull off then MODOK also

    • I’m glad people caught that reference (I though I was the only one ;))
      Like you said, it was a great little easter egg/tease of Arnim Zola’s original look.

  9. OMG MODOK Would be SWEEEET!

  10. Zemo or nothing MODOK would not do well in the marvel movies

  11. While MODOK can be a dangerous villain (depending on the incarnation), he/it is more generally depicted as semi-comic relief, so making him the main antagonist would be a horrible idea. Now I have no problems with him being a villain (or more normally the amoral scientist type working for the bad guys), just NOT the main one please!

    I would really prefer they focus on some of Caps more iconic nemesis’ like Baron Zemo, Red Skull (he’s not dead yet!) or Baron Wolfgang von Strucker FAR before MODOK. I would even want to see Armadillo or maybe Taskmaster (have always loved this villain) before him.

    And sorry but no, if I came around the corner and saw him floating there, a big head with little arms and legs attached to it, I would laugh. He hardly looks “terrifying”.

  12. Hell no to MODOK, Baron Zemo should be the next villain.

    • agreed

      • Zemo would fit alot better and wouldnt be as absurd as MODOK… But it could work if they make AIM the ones who created winter soldier and not the soviets, after all, marvel movies dont have a big problem with tweeking the storys from the comics.

        examples: bucky’s death, falling out of train instead of sacrificing himself to save CA and innocent people
        Whiplash, he was a pushover and lame in IM2
        Abomination, never had super soldier serum in him in the comics (and wheres the gills?)
        Destroyer, also a pushover when compared to the destroyer in the comics

  13. they could do modok’s head as a large computer screen ala; robocop 2

    • Like :D

  14. MODOK as portrayed in the comics would look absolutely ridiculous on the big screen and totally destroy the cred from the first film. Now using the concept of MODOK as the character would be ok, but he’d have to be a normal looking guy (kinda like Brainiac in Smallville).

  15. @theavenger. I also caught that and was the only nerd in the theater that said anything! I thought it was great seeing him in the screen! Nice touch to an old villain

  16. No Modok! please! i would rather see Baron Zemo,Winter Soldier or even a Badass fight between The Redskull since i think he is not dead, and him and the cap really did’nt have a good hand to hand fist fight. and in the avengers they had better use The Leader since they created him in the incedible Hulk film at the end.?.?

  17. The special effects crew will have their work cut out for them. It would be awesome if they could pull off a scary M.O.D.O.K, but I would much rather see Baron Zemo.

  18. MArvel never REALLY had a problem in tweeking characters story for the purpose of reason. So maybe AIM created Winter Soldier instead of the soviets?

    what ya think guys and gals?

  19. I guess, but he is one of the Ugliest villans ever. will b hard to market

  20. Personally, I’d much rather see Baron Von Strucker – who would take over HYDRA after Skull’s alleged “death/disapperance”- or we learn that Skull wasn’t “the” leader of Hydra- HE was. Also, Stucker may very well had used the Cube tech to age slow and/or have a healing factor. Just for kicks, he carries Death Spores in his system…

    I’d even accept The Ultimatum, or Crossbones.

    Please, have mercy: no MORDOK.

    • No offence, but those ideas concerning Baron Von Struker are pretty dumb.

      And Baron Von Struker was ALREADY introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe – in Captain America: Super Soldier (the video-game).
      I haven’t played the game, but I know Struker is in it – I know he works for HYDRA and I know he gets defeated.

      • The castle in the game actually belonged to Zemo but was over by Strucker, so technically Zemo has been introduced into the MCU as well as Madame Hydra and Iron cross

        • I doubt that the video game will be considered “offical” MCU canon no mattwr what the designers said. I would rather see a film version than have to rely on a video game. Not that im dissing video games.

          • Sorry (I’m not crazy about it either), but the video games ARE indeed part of the MCU. It’s a confirmed fact and that’s actually the main reason why the games suck so much: the developers only have a limited amount of time to create the game (usually 2 years), because the movies only take 2 years to develop.

            Note: GOOD video games are in development for AT LEAST 3 years.

  21. Nope, This must be stopped, he will be just as bad as Hector Hammond was in GL

    • Agreed. Works in a comic book, not on film. Laughable. Would ruin the franchise, unless they plan to market Captain America 2 as a comedy. Too many other plausible villains to choose from…

  22. Ive got another reason why MODOK shouldnt be the villain and Zemo should be.

    Baron Zemo – WWII villain for Cap.
    Baron Zemo II – modern day villain for Cap.
    Baron Zemo II and the Masters of Evil – villains for The Avengers.
    Masters of Evil turned Thunderbolts – another friggen movie for MARVEL.

    With MODOK you get:

    MODOK – box office failure

    • Hmm, where did I hear that idea…. ?

      Oh wait! I said on page one! ;)
      Thanks for stealing my idea dude ;)

  23. modok? awww hell no!

  24. I dont think thats gonna work…..I mean..Look at him

  25. Love this idea! Modok and A.I.M!

  26. I’m skeptical about the whole idea. A little intrigued, but I dont know. But before I submit this, what about Red Skull man? He has to come back into the story somehow.

  27. Why does it have to be a villain from Cap’s comics…?????

    since Cap 2 will take place after The Avengers, couldn’t the villain really come from any one of the character’s story lines?

    in my opinion, the Cap storyline has some of the worst supervillains. Heck why not make it Ultron…then you get the theme of modern vs old-school WWII, while tying in a lead-in to a Antman film

    or bring back Justin Hammer, a tie in to Ironman 2…

    just saying

  28. I don’t know why so many people are hating on MODOK. I think he would be very interesting to see on film and he ties in perfectly with the Cosmic Cube and Avengers.

  29. If you need an idea of how MODOK can look genuinely terrifying, check out Jae Lee’s amazing cover art of The Heroic Age: Villains no. 1. Google it.

    He looks like something that could eat your soul, reanimate your body as a cyborg, and have you kill your own family.