‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ TV Trailer: Three Heroes are Better Than One

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Some of the Avengers might be off spending time on their own plots, but for Captain America and Black Widow saving New York from an alien invasion was only the first step. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier the two heroes are joined by Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon as they continue working with SHIELD to take down threats to national security.

Anthony Mackie has emphasized that Falcon is not a sidekick for Captain America, and that the three heroes instead have a “working relationship.” That definitely comes across in the new TV spot for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which splits its focus between the eponymous new antagonist and SHIELD’s three very special agents.

The world is certainly going to need them; the TV spot shows the Helicarrier being completely decimated and Nick Fury’s bullet-ridden car being flipped over, while the Winter Soldier is described as having “laid waste” to SHIELD. The trailers so far have promised that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will feature some serious ethical dilemmas, as the heroes are forced to decide where their loyalties lie and weigh the up the cost of freedom.

Steve Rogers and Black Widow in Captain America the Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV Trailer: Three Heroes are Better Than One

Compared to other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier definitely looks like it will be more grounded (mechanical bird man with dual-firing pistols notwithstanding). It’s been described by Kevin Feige as a “political thriller,” and in that respect should provide some balance to the franchise after last year’s fantastical, sci-fi heavy Thor: The Dark World.

Even with all the footage that has been shown, it’s still not easy to work out exactly what direction the story might take, which is refreshing in a time where trailers tend to give away most of the major plot beats. With Marvel’s bi-annual release schedule quickly becoming busy with new properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, it will be interesting to see how the box office results for Captain America: The Winter Soldier fare by comparison – especially since a third solo vehicle for The First Avenger is already in early development.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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  1. This movie looks better and better with each new clip. Can’t wait!

    • exactly what I said!

    • I’ll be buying the DVD for this one for sure!

  2. Falcon is looking amazing. He has to be part of AoU. Him and Stark and War machine in the air would be awesome.

    • Personally I think Falcon looks pretty lame,and no one has ever given me a satisfactory answer as to why War Machine wasn’t helping out in some fashion in The Avenges yet.

      Still makes no sense why they would introduce Falcon and yet there’s still not even a whiff of Black Panther.

      • Look up that War Machine comic tie in. He was somewhere halfway accros the world when Tony suposedly called him to come help and he does come but when he does its already over.

      • I think Falcon makes more sense to the story for Cap 2. I don’t know much about Black Panther but he would probably need more of back story than Falcon, from what I understand.

  3. So I guess Hawkeye’s on vacation. Permanent vacation?

    • He’s not on a permanent vacation since he’s gonna be in Avengers: AoU.

      • I get the feeling there will be a one off line explaining where he is which will result in a reference to Age of Ultron. He’s probably either off with Hulk in South Africa OR he’s been in Pysch as a result of being brainwashed (ala Erik Selvig). It’s a shame Hawkeye doesn’t get more to do since Renner is a great actor and the character is rife with potential.

        • Yeah I would like to see more of Hawkeye in future movies.

  4. This is like a mini Avengers movie.
    Also, when Evans says “The price of freedom is high”, I thought at firt it was Robocop?

    • Do you think that because you are looking for it?

      • Im looking for the Winter Soldier? yess!!

  5. I wonder at what point in the story the scenes of Natasha/SHIELD and what looks to be the world security council? congress? take place within the plot. It seemed like a tease of Ultron. They loose faith in SHIELD and two of the Avengers to protect the world and plan to use Ultron as the ultimate security measure. But when he goes mother effing Skynet it’s up to the Avengers to take him down but without the support of SHIELD, so they recruit unlikely allies in the form of Wanda and Pietro.

  6. Can’t F*** WAIT!!

  7. This film should be titled “Winter Soldier and a bunch of other people in the background”.

    Oh God, I think I turned into a fanboy. It’s Boba Fett all over again…

  8. I have such high hopes for this movie. I really hope its as great as its hyped up to be. If it turns out good, I could see this being the next Dark Knight

  9. Multiple Helicarriers in those TV ads and trailers, people.

  10. Juicy Hot Wings!

  11. It’s going to be great. No more sick twists taken from the bathroom and overuse of humour. A superhero film as it should be. Great!

    • why so serious????? and who made you the expert of a super hero movie lol

  12. just take my wallet and give me back the change already!

  13. With all the movies coming out this year, ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ look the BEST! Make Mine Marvel 2014!

  14. I wished Falcon’s costume had little red to it as homage to the character.

  15. So who is the villain in the black mask.

    • The Winter Soldier

  16. it’s all about Falcon…

  17. SHIELD just can’t seem to keep those helicarriers in the air.

    • Well, that’s a natural consequence of having their own version of a civil(!) war.

  18. So I finally got around to watching Thor:TDW…. man that was a huge missed opportunity. They shouldn’t have rushed that one out.
    Anyway, Winter Soldier is gonna be amazing. I might have to change my screen name to BuckyBarnes.

  19. where is clint barton in all of this…. maybe he was discharged by shield or put on leave after the events of avengers assemble… i hope they mention him at Capt. America TWS…

  20. Looks pretty bad-ass…

  21. That looks great.

  22. This film looks absolutely brilliant
    Everything I see from it just makes me want to see it more, can’t wait for the release

    One very slight criticism though based on the clips of the Falcon vs Winter soldier fight from the previous trailers and this is that the fight between the 2 of them looks like a video game style boss battle – falcon flying around with his two guns shooting at WS and the bit where WS uses grapple hook to bring him down
    But it does look like a good fight scene though

  23. I’m guessing that Security Council meeting takes place at the end of the film to sift through the carnage that has taken place. When the General say “He” has destroyed our intelligence community, I don’t think he’s referring to The Winter Soldier. I think he’s referring to Alexander Pierce, or whomever he might actually be

    • I agree with your speculation as to the timing of the scene, but I think the “He” being talked about is Captain America…

  24. It would have been nice to have kept this 100% grounded by not having a dude that can fly with the help of those wings – make it a straight up spy/superhero movie that is all about hand-to-hand combat, but nevertheless Falcon does looks cool and the movie looks awesome.

  25. I think cap needs to be grounded the first avenger was really bad it just seemed rushed there were some great actors but there wasn’t much of a plot so red skull want to blow up some cities but why ? what was his motivation those tanks looked ridiculous felt like it was made solely for little kids. it was nice seeing Steve’s transformation for me reading Cap he always took on heavy plots like the Civil War storyline

  26. This will be a good one, could be the best out of all the MARVEL pictures this year.

  27. Well, that’s a natural consequence of having their own version of a civil(!) war.

  28. Looks like this film may redeem phase 2 for me. Im3 was ok…a bit upset at the mandarian but what ever, thor 2 was ok as well I’m not really all that hyped bout avengers 2 or gotg.

    The thing I like about captain america is that it doesn’t throw comedic scenes down our throats. These trailiers also look like they will answer some concerns I have had about sheild and their influuence and lack of performance in the films.