‘Captain America 2′ Is Steve Rogers’ Story, NOT The Avengers’

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Chris Evans Steve Rogers Official SHIELD Captain America 2 Captain America 2 Is Steve Rogers Story, NOT The Avengers

It’s the question every movie fan asked upon seeing The Avengers; after working so well together, why would they ever part ways? That’s a question that each Avenger’s next film will need to answer, but as the leader of the team, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will likely handle the bulk of the explanation.

The screenwriters behind Captain America 2, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely claim that the task of focusing solely on super-soldier Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) isn’t a restriction, but a task made easier thanks to the previous films the audience has – and hasn’t – seen.

How Marvel hopes to match the spectacle and blockbuster potential of The Avengers with individual films has been one of our biggest questions, since they can’t be expected to attract the same box office numbers each time. But as Cap, Thor, Tony Stark and the rest of the band go their separate ways, now is the time for each to face a challenge only they can overcome alone. And in an interview with Collider, Markus and McFeely explain why The Winter Soldier is more of an opportunity than a risky proposition.

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson in Captain America 2 Captain America 2 Is Steve Rogers Story, NOT The Avengers

Markus clarifies the positioning of the film in the rest of ‘Phase Two’ by stating that its events take place “at some point after The Avengers; I’m not even sure we’re particular about it in the script.” But while The Winter Soldier is technically the third Captain America film to date, the fact that The Avengers was far more successful and popular than any of Marvel’s previous films changes the usual formula.

McFeely explains why movie fans looking to bring more friends into the ongoing Marvel universe may be able to start with the team-up first, and not the WWII-era origin story:

“We have to assume that more people saw The Avengers than saw Captain America.  That doesn’t mean that we do a whole ‘previously on Steve Rogers,’ but we have to be cognisant of it.  Not everyone knows the first movie in the same way.”

Building a third chapter for a character whose introduction many people skipped may seem like a writer’s nightmare, but Markus and McFeely aren’t seeing it that way. With the need for back story gone, and The Avengers providing a look at the unrest within Steve Rogers – a soldier without his war – now is the time to get their hands dirty.

Captain America 2 Political Thriller Captain America 2 Is Steve Rogers Story, NOT The Avengers

And if fans are enjoying the story of Steve Rogers enough, Markus doesn’t think they’ll stop to ask why the rest of Marvel’s heroes aren’t bursting in at any moment:

“Coming after the first movie and coming after The Avengers, there’s now stuff we don’t have to do in terms of, “Let’s give you the idea of who this guy is and he wears this outfit.”  Everybody knows now, so you can hit the ground running much more quickly than we did in the first one when we had to spend 40 minutes introducing the skinny guy.  I think it allows for a much faster pace and a tenser movie.

“In terms of “Why doesn’t he call The Avengers?” it never bothers me in the comic books, you know, it’s just they’re not here.  But I think it’s also a question of is the story you’re telling personal enough?  If it’s Cap’s story, if it really has to do with his life, then your desire for him to call for help is out.  It’s his life.  It’s a question of making it personal to him and it’s also a question of pacing… I can’t tell you what the plot is, but it has a lot to do with Cap, on a thematic level, as a person.  If it was giant space robots, anyone can fight giant space robots.  Only Cap can do what’s happening in this movie.”

What is perfectly clear is that the Captain America audiences see in The Winter Soldier will not be the same one from either The First Avenger or last year’s team-up (and we don’t just mean he’ll have a new costume). Why? Let’s just say that anyone familiar with the comic book story behind the next movie’s title knows what Steve is about to be faced with; and Markus is right that it will hit Cap harder than anyone (literally).

Captain America The Winter Soldier Bucky art 570x320 Captain America 2 Is Steve Rogers Story, NOT The Avengers

It’s a subtle difference – writing Captain America 2 to develop themes and relationships that will impact The Avengers 2, not writing it to simply set up The Avengers 2 – but one that any critic of Iron Man 2 will recognize. That film devoted large portions of its plot to paving the way for The Avengers, so now that it worked, there’s no need to risk repeating it.

Markus and McFeely have teased that The Winter Soldier will show where loyalties lie come The Avengers 2, and if the main priority is digging deeper into Rogers’ character to make him a different hero the next time the Avengers assemble, everybody wins. It’s also the strategy Joss Whedon has planned for taking The Avengers 2 to new heights, so the writers are in good company.

We’ll see how the Captain stands on his own when Captain America: The Winter Soldier is released on April 4, 2014.

Source: Collider

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  1. I’ve never been a Captain America fan until the movie came out, now I’m a very big fan of the character. I know all things on The Cap after reading a few stories on my tablet. Does that make me a bandwagoner lol?

    • I think they should make the character Steve Rogers far more intriguing. I never really cared about who he was because he had such a bland personality. I’m hoping they fix that in the sequel, because even Thor was more lively and easier to relate to than Mr. Rogers.

      • I agree, I just watched Captain America the other day and Steve Rogers was WAY annoying and bland, mostly at the beginning. They need to make him more than just a self-righteous guy. Fortunately I think The Winter Soldier is best positioned to do this, given that his friendship with Bucky was one of the most natural (and best) parts of that movie.

        • Agreed. I’m hoping The Winter Soldier really explores this character, because the first one only felt entitled to introducing Captain America rather than delving into anything deeper.

  2. Andrew, I disagree with your contention that this is technically the third Captain America movie. Obviously, Captain America is a part of the Avengers, I definitely wouldn’t consider it his film.

    • I actually agree with Andrew. I feel that the Avengers movie did a lot to move Cap’s character development and story along. You might be confused if you missed the Avengers movie and only watched Cap America and then the sequel.

      • Just because it did that, it still doesn’t qualify as a sequel. There have actually been 3 Captain America movies: 1) 1944 movie serial 2) 1990 low budget movie and 3) 2011 movie.

    • the avengers is a sequel to all the solo films. it’s the 2nd film for cap and thor, it’s the 3rd appearance for iron man and the hulk (and yes, i am fully aware that technically speaking, ang lee’s hulk was not part of the MCU, but, the basic storyline of TIH picks up where hulk left off, so, if one chooses (as i do) it CAN be considered part of the MCU) so if someone wants to have a mini captain america marathon, they can watch his solo, then the avengers. same for thor or IM, or the hulk, though the latter would be a bit jarring, with 3 different actors and 3 different looking hulks.
      when cap 2 is about to premier, i will watch CA:TFA, then the avengers, then CA:TWS, just to see the evolution of his character, just as i will watch IM, IM2, the avengers, then IM3.

      • Interesting, I’ve never actually heard anyone want Ang Lee’s Hulk MMU cannon.

        • i don’t hate the movie, i thought it was a bold chance, especially for the director, and it was like watching a comic-book with the split panels, but the story was a mess. it’s at the bottom of the list for me as far as what versions are the best. if you watch any of the extras on TIH, it was originally going to be a direct sequel, but prima dona norton made them change it up so it was his own film and not a sequel.

          • @jeffro, I dislike Ang Lee’s Hulk but I think if they’d gone with The REAL Absorbing Man(Carl “Crusher” Creel)or The Leader as the villain and The Hulk having to fight the U-Foes(instead of gamma dogs), it might have been MUCH better.

            Speaking of which, I’m very eager to see Rick Jones’, Doc Sampson(pro-transformation), The Leader, The Absorbing Man(Crusher Creel), and The Wendigo come to life on screen some day.

    • Um…I figured he was referring to the early 90’s classic starring Matt Salinger (son of J.D.) as Cap. But Avengers did have a lot of Cap too.

  3. Technically we are all bandwagon-ers since neither of us were even alive when the comics came out lol

    • Nah, a bandwagoner is somebody who only jumps on when the character (or sports team) is popular and then jumps ship when interest fades or the character/team is lacking, not really caring about it much either way.

      TRUE BELIEVERS are on board the whole way 😉

      • ^^^ EXCELSIOR!!!!

      • Bingo.

    • A true fan is not who’s been there from the start, but who stays till the very end.

  4. well this one will definitely be emotional. thats what i can assume they are going for by saying only cap can do this referring to the winter soldier.

    i just wonder how it will all go down because if they make TWS an ally how will he factor ongoing? an agent of shield in the avengers or only in the next cap movies or could he really die in this… just have to wait and see.

    • Sebastian Stan ha a six-movie contract with Marvel Studios, he’ll be around for a while.

    • I’m thinking Steve might die soon, maybe after The Avengers 2, then Bucky will take up the mantle of Captain America.

  5. Andrew: Your second to last paragraph is what I have trying to articulate yet you have managed to distill it down to its essence and briefly so. Thank You.

    It is that subtle difference that the filmmakers seem to take into account very closely in all of the Phase 2 films. The characters now introduced and proved successful together, we can now focus on each of them in a much more personal and hopefully satisfying matter. The Avengers defined where the solo films where going, but it seems that the proper route is taken is Phase 2: solo films will define the Avengers 2.

    The writers of the Winter Soldier seem to have the right perspective in handling the character and his story post-Avengers and seem to be tackling the character directly and examining who the character is sans his period of time defining him. The character will define the events of the film. Making the story personal and finally have Steve Rogers confront who us and what he is fighting for is a great transition from the Avengers which tried to execute this but had other priorities to cover.

    I like what I am hearing. Phase 2 here we go!

  6. If they think that CA was skipped they havent seen the Incredible Hulk. 0% of the world talks about it!!!!!!! In all Marvel Advertising, they never talk about that movie!!!! It was really good! its like it never existed!!! And you know why??? All because of one little recast! Norton leaving has buried that movie for good!!!! What a shame

    • Norton being involved buried that movie. His constant demands for re-writes and his primadona attitude is why he didn’t get asked back for the Avengers (this is based on several interviews). I also hated the fact that they continued the Bill Bixby origin for Hulk. Making him not a weapons designer that get’s turned into a weapon removes much of the juice of the story.

      • I agree on Norton. But Banner WAS a “weapons designer” before he became the Hulk. Coulson said in The Avengers “He was trying to replicate the super soldier serum and he thought that gamma radiation was the key.”

        • In the modern retelling he was trying to develop the serum for medical use.

          • Medical or not, his financial backers have always been the military..

  7. DAMN… I wish I really knew more about “The Winter Soldier” story line! I when they reference “the ppl familiar with the comic storyline of the same name will know BULLS**T
    CAN SOMEONE explain what the deal is with that storyline to me?? PLEASE??

    I know that the winter soldier Is Bucky, and I know that eventaully cap dies and Bucky takes caps place as Captain America but what IS the big thing that everyone who read the comics knows VERSUS the ppl that have not read them??
    I hate this INSIDER STUFF…. LOL
    Does anyone know where I can read about this storyline other than buying the comics OR where and what comics should I order online ro understand this story? (NO COMIC BOOK STORES within 50 miles of me)

      • Haven’t you ever heard of Google or Wikipedia before, Snappy D?

  8. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and Goliath (Hank Pym) for Avengers #2!
    Ultron, Kang, Skrulls, and Whirlwind for Avengers #2 also!
    Leftovers for Avengers #3 (Oh yes, and maybe Black Panther & Vision??).

    • aren’t the maximoff kids (Pietro and Wanda) partof the x-men canon? And the skrulls part of the ff4 universe ?

      • Both Maximoff kids were in the Avengers. And due to a loophole, both Fox and Marvel can use them with certain provisos. Marvel cannot mention mutants or Magneto, Fox cannot use any references to Avengers. I believe the Skrulls are under Marvel.

        If you are talking comics, they are all connected.

  9. Hopefully the second movie provides a better moral then the first. That you’ll only be important or well liked if you are superficially enhanced with huge muscles.

    • I thought a main point of the movie was that he was only able to be Captain America because of who he was BEFORE the super serum transformation. Being a good man and all.

      • The only one who liked him for his personality was the scientist. Even the girl… she treats him with disdain until he gets jacked up and suddenly she likes him. Stupid movie.

        • You are right boogoo. That was so obvious no one could seriously miss it.

          Greg, the girl liked him before he beefed up.

          • You are right boogoo. That was so obvious no one could seriously miss it.

            Greg, the girl liked him before he beefed up.

            This is a very stupid comment. Peggy Carter began liking Steve Rogers even before he took the serum.

        • well, Peggy looked impressed when Steve got the flag down and was willing to take the grenade to save the others.
          And that was all before the transformation.

        • You could tell she was interested in him while they were talking in the car on the way to the lab where he was injected. It was obvious.

          • Sounds like Greg is s****ing on a movie he didn’t watch, judging by his “criticism.” Stupid comments.

        • Greg, that’s a pretty shallow interpretation of Captain America: The First Avenger. If THAT is the message you took home, you totally missed the point. Try again.

          Integrity, courage, honor, and a deep desire to see the real bullies of the world brought to justice is what made Steve Rogers Captain America. The serum merely gave him the physical enhancements needed to win a war, pretty much by himself. But Rogers couldn’t have cared less about the whole “Super Soldier” persona. Ultimately, he just wanted to serve his country and help take down the “bullies” of Nazi Germany.

          So, Tony Stark couldn’t have been more wrong in The Avengers when he said to Rogers, “Everything special about you came out of a bottle.” Dr. Erskine knew better, and so did Peggy Carter.

          Carter was obviously attracted to/smitten by Steve back when he was short and scrawny. She recognized then that Rogers was not like the men she knew, and she liked him for the man *within,* despite his physical limitations. The whole Super Soldier experiment was inconsequential to her fondness for Steve Rogers.

          Go back and watch/listen more carefully this time.

  10. I just think the superman versus superman, ironman versus ironman, hulk versus hulk type ideas are not new and audiences are more than bored with that idea.

    It takes no creativity to come up with that concept, it’s lazy.

    If that is all they are doing with this then that is disappointing.

    • So you’re not going to see it? Good for you. Fight the power…

    • Well maybe they’ll have Superman vs Lex Luthor instead… that’s much more exciting and fresh.

  11. Yeah the point of captain America was that he had the moral compass and hero inside him. He just needed the muscles and healthy body to be able to act on it. the muscles mean nothing on a person without these traits. The outsiders couldn’t see this because of their own superficial views. The once frail Steve Rogers saved the day and Everyone learns valuable life lesson in the end. I liked captain America way more then I thought I would

    • Well stated, Malone! I just tried to make a similar point above. Thanks.

  12. remember that at the end of Captain America he deliberately crashed the aircraft into the artic ocean in order to keep the tesseract out of the wrong hands. also he had to stay on the aircraft to ensure the loss of the tesseract and the safety of the world. steve rogers wasn’t a wimp he was a hero willing to sacrifice himself to save others

    • The Tesseract burned through the floor of the plane and fell into the ocean. Cap had to put the plane down in the water because it was loaded with bombs headed for NYC. Just clarifying.

      • Correctamundo!

  13. I liked the 1st Captain America movie but it felt like cliffnotes instead of the life of Captain America.
    It played out exactly as a piece of a larger picture & that was The Avengers.

    I’m glad they’re putting these comic movies alot better than they were before but when you’re making a comic movie of an individual comic character history, it shouldn’t play as it’s an opening act to the main attraction.

    These characters crossed paths before the main events, X-MEN, The Avengers, The fantastic 4, or whatever.
    As old & long of a history these characters have with each other it should be shown in each individual’s movies.

    Captain America crossed paths with Wolverine & other comic characters in his past, so why not show that.
    Build the movies for each individual comic character as it’s a main attraction & not just leading into something bigger.

    • Because X-men & Fantastic Four Movie rights are owned by Fox. Marvel owns everything else…aside from Spiderman which is owned by Sony.

  14. Personally, I know a huge number of people who say they loved the first Cap movie and that he is their favorite hero on the team…

    • I would say Hawkeye was my favorite…but not Jeremy Renners version…the 90s version.

  15. Captain America is lame, Marvel sucks anyway but this character is the worst of all, The only Marvel films I’ve ever liked is the first spiderman trilogy, they were good, the latest reboot I tried to watch the other day was so bad I had to stop watching it, Aweful!! All the money that Disney has and what you get?? Avengers felt like a kiddies film… Bring on Superman!!!

    • That a boy!

    • your a troll.

    • More popcorn for me. 😀

  16. I like the character very much but the movie lacked emotion, and completely blew by the bucky cap relationship as if it was unimportant. Marvel really struggles with relationships in their movies. Only pepper and tony have really stuck out and played well. Thor and Jane was pretty poor, and i liked peggy and cap but disliked bucky and cap which is far more important to its sequal. I dont believe that you can just show flashbacks and cover up and oppertunity that was clearly missed. Still will be seeing the film on the first weak of release along with every other phase 2 movie.

  17. So what they are REALLY saying here is people are going to watch Captain America 2 and be stupid enough to not watch Captain America part 1 first and be frustrated and confused… Well that is their fault and their problem, not Marvel’s! If they want to understand the story they can watch Captain America 1! I mean, if they loved Avengers enough to go see Cap 2 in the theater than surely they loved Avengers enough to go out and rent or buy the first movie!!! It didn’t seem to confuse anyone where the cosmic cube came from on Avengers… It came from Captain America part 1!!! I guess it didn’t matter so much to explain that part. It was just that thing they had after THOR’s credits, DUH!!!

  18. I may be in the minority but I thought the first half of Captain America was far better then the second half. I dident honestly care for his battle with the Red Skull…To me his personal journey to becoming CA was far more intriguing then the second half action shots.

  19. This is very interesting stuff here. A new, hard Cap sounds very interesting. I’m very interested to see Cap’s character development in addition to all the action. This is shaping up to be a good one.

  20. Who writes Cap’s dialogue specifically? Because the campy shtick material they had Evans mouthing in the Avengers wasn’t serious, or realistic enough. Or deep enough. Read Winter Soldier. Read Civil War. The attitude and personality of Steve Rogers in these two arcs was correct and as he should be and would make for a proper guideline for Evans to follow. Remember, WWII WAS NOT like Raiders of the Lost Ark or The First Avenger! It was evil frightening scary and deadly. Cap and Bucky both lived (and “died”) in this time period so I would assume Steve Rogers should be the darkest most serious brooding member if the Avengers. Plus he has to maintain the nice guy likable Boy Scout sentinel of liberty image to maintain morale and keep his team mates together. Example: HULK never displayed animosity or aggression toward CAP in The Avengers. He fought Thor. Chased Widow. Tossed Iron-Man, maybe more. But when Cap said “Hulk Smas” he was commanding the Hulk, and the Hulk was obedient? The Hulk would not accept direction like this from any other members if the team so early on.

  21. If I thought that Steve Rogers aka Captain America was bland, I would have never liked Chris Evans’ portrayal of the character. Never. I didn’t even want to see CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. But I did. And I fell in love with the character.

    And by the way . . . despite being a charming and straightforward guy, Steve can be aggressive, socially awkward and very priggish.

  22. [“Building a third chapter for a character whose introduction many people skipped may seem like a writer’s nightmare, but Markus and McFeely aren’t seeing it that way.”]

    You make it seem as if “CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER” had been a box office dud. And I find this attitude hard to accept, considering that it nearly made three times the money it cost to make. Are you trying to push your own attitude toward the movie on other readers? It seems like it.