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captain america 2 winter soldier preview Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Captain America: The Winter Soldier review, this is the place where you can discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Captain America: The Winter Soldier episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Captain America: The Winter Soldier for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, gunplay and action throughout. Now playing in 3D and 2D theaters.

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  1. I saw it last night.
    I’m speechless.
    Like. I just can’t…

  2. It was a good movie, but not an excellent one.

    Quite difficult for the casual viewer to love standalone.

    • How can you speak for an entire audience?

      • +1

      • I didn’t say I spoke for the entire audience.

        It is my opinion that the casual view would find the movie hard to understand.

    • If casual viewers buy Inception then CA2 is fine

  3. i really enjoyed the reference to stephen strange from one of the hydra guys, also the first post credits scene with the twins was really cool!

    • Yeah that was freakin’ awesome, I live in a small town in finland, and the premiere was pretty full, I jumped from my seat and was smiling like crazy and the people next to me were looking like what the heck is wrong with this guy. I’m wondering though if the Iowa city graduate meant hawkeye, or if it was just nothing. The movie was great though, the plot was real interesting this time and smart (for a comic movie for all those who come in bashing). Real refreshing after both Thor 2 and Iron man 3, thoguh Thor 2 was good in other ways, Iron man 3 well just nah like was said on the Screenrant podcast. Really waiting for the Avengers 2, just ordered the Infinity collected edition to keep me busy till Amazing spider man 2 and X-men DOFP. Then to finally have the cap to comic madness with Guardians, MAKE MINE MARVEL!

  4. anyone think zola could be the beginnings of ultron?

    • i Thought the exactly same bloody thing!!!! My God my mind is blowin bout this movie!!

    • could be. with the involvement of Hydra, it doesn’t seem impossible.

    • I honestly thought he would be the clairvoyant in AoS!

      • He obviously is the clairvoyant. The reason that Coulson and his team seem to be a step behind on that one is that Fury set him up to be independent so he could have a team that wasn’t compromised by a Hydra-infected SHIELD. Now that SHIELD is all-but gone, it’s up to Coulson and the B-Team to fly the flag for SHIELD, as it were.

        Zola will be the Clairvoyant and it is not a coincidence that Sitwell is in the next episode, although the timing of that seems a little off.

        • Yeah Zola being the Clairvoyant is my conclusion as well. Sitwell was a big surprise, but a welcomed one for me. Did you guys really get the feeling that SHIELD was no more? I mean, it all went to trial as the movie showed us, and some key SHILED people got hired elsewhere, but does that mean that SHIELD is no more? Sure, Fury and the others said that SHIELD needed to be brought down along with Hydra, but is that really up to them? Fury is dead to the world now, so he has no say so on SHIELD being restored or not, Cap is doing his own thing searching for Bucky, but Widow is still out there, and now known to the public. It WAS interesting to see Hill getting employed at Stark Industries, though. I figured she’d be a candidate to become SHIELD director, like in the comics. Maybe Widow will be the primary candidate for the role, since she’s all public now.

          Can’t wait to see the ramifications of this movie on AoS. The impact has to be HUGE.

          Also…. where the hell was Hawkeye? Thor’s in Asgard, Banner’s probably in hiding again, Stark blew up all his armors, but where the hell was Hawkeye?

          That’ll be all.

          • Hawkeye maybe on Holidays. Superheros need also.

            • He’s still on the run with Rachel Weisz in the Caribbean somewhere.

          • Hawkeye was sent on a Snipe hunt by Hydra. Probably left on an island.

          • Thor is actually on earth. (After credit scene of Thor 2)

    • oh that is a good theory

    • That’s… actually an idea nobody ever thought of, but good theory indeed.

  5. Dare I say it…BETTER than Avengers…

    Was not expecting it to be THAT good. Many twists and turns, relevant and logical, and just an overall smart action packed film.

    Fury without his eyepatch…

    • I think saying it’s better than The Avengers is a little off. We’re talking about two movies that, even though they co-exist in the same universe, are very different in tone and feel. This was a “human” film. Sure Cap’s a super soldier and Bucky had a bionic arm, but this was a spy vs spy type of movie. Avengers was aliens, demi-gods, indestructible hulking beasts, etc. It’s not a fair comparison. I say we let the Avengers films stand on their own. Winter Soldier was one of the best individual character films so far. For me it’s this one and Iron Man 1 at the top.

    • Personally, I think it’s a tie. I liked the action (some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in any movie, not just CBMs) and the darker, very intriguing story in Cap 2 better than the Avengers. But the camaraderie between the Avengers and how well they all flowed together (especially when you think about what a disaster it could have been) still amazes me to this day.

  6. I think the continuation of the Avengers / SHIELD plot is why I marked it down, was a Captain America movie or a SHIELD movie ?

    • Well, and this is just my opinion, Captain America is the most grounded of the Avengers. Iron Man 3 was more of a character centric movie, and Thor: The Dark World was about the Nine Realms, so if Captain America: The Winter Soldier, didn’t have SHIELD in it, then it would’ve come off as strange. Felt like the natural progression of things. Just voicing my opinion.

      Plus, they’re just being faithful to the comic storyline they based this off of, which had a lot of SHIELD in it.

      • I just think it’s perfectly normal for this movie to be Shield based. I mean personally i liked it better because now there’s an official bridge between the 2 parts of Avengers. And heck, who didn’t like Nick Fury’s performance!

  7. Great movie, amazing action.

    Everything from the boat-heist and the “police” car chase to the Winter Soldier chase scenes were on a much higher level than anything marvel has produced in Phase 2.
    Even the Batroc fight felt better then most marvel end-fights imo.

    Really liked the the mid-credits scene too, so hyped for AoU!! ^^

    • year batroc fight was really good. Helped that GSP can so all that for reals and knows how the throw the punches and kicks for effect

  8. The best movie of the phase 2. I dare say its better than avengers O.O

  9. Great Movie!! There are a lot of mentioned characters.
    I dont think its better than Avengers, but it is an awesome movie.

    What is bugging me is, how is Agents Of Shield gonna work now? haha
    Shield is gone… so the series will stop? It was not that good of a series though.

    Quicksilver and Scarlett witch cameo was cool. after all the credits there is another sequence with bucky, but it was not worthy of staying that long.

    • well i think that AoS is going for a crossover season 1 finale, but dunno what do expect from season 2, if there is a 2nd season

      • They’ll probably just have Coulson and his team working off the books or something if they even bring it back. I kinda hope they don’t because I didn’t like AoS but if they do, they’ll be working to rebuild SHIELD.

        • Maybe in the next episode of AoS everyone but Coulson gets killed off and season 2 he has to find a team that’s not bland and boring.

      • maybe have them rebuilding shield or hunting down hydra guys

    • I was thinking the exact same thing, and I heard 2 other people discuss it on the way out !

      Perhaps Coulson and the team will be the start of a new SHIELD.

      • SHIELD agents lost their jobs because of this movie. Kidding aside, maybe this is why Nick Fury had Coulson’s team do other missions just in case SHIELD would collapse or something.

    • Totally agree on everything, my friend. I also wonder what will be the move for AoS from here. I know that Paxton was signed for 3 chapters (only one aired so far), some other known folk is in for a character and there is a cellist buzzing around to make an appearance too. So I’m not so sure of SHIELD being over as per Cap’s request.

      Going back to the film, it was mind-blowing. All the twists, the action, the 1:1 fights, the -again- overwhelming CGI for the helicarriers, the more starring role of agent Romanoff (oh man…Scarlett is REALLY HOT in this one, who the hell dared to put a baby inside all that humanity?!) and the surprisingly great performing of Evans fitting the leading role shoes as never before IMO.

      One thing that crossed my mind when the 3 ships were aiming to all those “threats” is that if they even thought to aim Dr. Banner. Even if everything worked as planned and the 20 million were wiped out, wouldn’t The Hulk came in and make his stuff, even not being a target?

      • Sitwell mentioned Banner when he was listing all the people who could be considered threats to HYDRA.

      • Surely that yes, remember the Hulk alternate opening scene when he shot himself and hulked out? I’m sure IF they shoot the target at Banner then he will hulk out, and then god knows what happens, god bless the people around him, or god bless hydra.

        • If Hulk got shot by a Helicarrier then I feel real sorry for that Helicarrier.
          “Target is angry, target is angry!”

          • LOL

      • Did you also notice it targeted Tony Stark in stark tower? I liked that little bit. Just showed us he was there tinkering away as usual.

        • I caught that too. It was a blink and you miss it moment…

    • For me at least as a true marvelite and cinemaphile staying through the credits isn’t just for the post credits scenes, it’s mainly to just honor the people who made this film and besides are you hans moleman who truly needs those 5 minutes back. Because let’s face it, us nerds ain’t gonna do nothin’ important with those 5 minutes.

      • lol

    • I think that’s why the show has been broken up in scheduling the way it has. The next ep assumes viewers have seen Cap 2 I think.

      • Then why is Sitwell in it? That doesn’t seem to work chronologically…

        • The AGENTS OF SHIELD episodes with Sitwell takes place before Cap2 Winter Soldier.

    • It was worth staying that long for the Bucky scene cause He has a huge role to play in the coming Marvel movies including AOU. He has a long contract with Marvel and it was interesting to see him see who he really is and his next appearance will show how he deals with that. Bucky shall emerge as a stronger character than even the great Loki after 4-5 more movies….

  10. Stunning, tops the Avengers, shows Cap to the best of his abilities and the storyline is expertly executed.
    Cap is now my favouite Avenger.. Kicls serious hydra ass

  11. I hate all you brits for getting it early.

    • Sorry 😀

  12. Awesome, totally awesome. Avengers is better for its witty dialogue and the fact that they have all those other heroes under under roof (and the fact it could easily be terrible). But as a stand-alone movie, it really is better imo, probably the best marvel has ever produced.

  13. This show is so high towards the ceiling of my good flix list, I had to build another story upstairs on my brain!

  14. And by the strength of this movie, no wonder they have the balls to release the sequel the same time/day as batman vs superman.

    • Ain’t that the truth. I can see a little smug “you want a piece of this”

      • I could see Marvel saying “Come get some.” Straight to DC’s face!

    • I figured they referenced Iowa in their Zola target list because Marvel plans on sacking them (DC/Supes) come Cap3.

  15. Just got back from watching it. Other than being thoroughly entertained, I kept thinking Captain America has no right to be this bad ass, but he is. Did not see the Hydra stuff coming and that whole bombshell definitely helps keep the overall Marvel franchise fresh. After my own lukewarm thoughts on Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, this film has me excited about the MCU again. Great mid-credit scene to tease AoU. That’s more like it Marvel.

  16. Good action movie, but its just that an action movie. Outside the no more shield twist the others were mega. Predictable. I knew it was edford from the start. Great action beats but the film lacked some heart to me. Best phase 2 movie for sure but nowhere near the quality of ironman 1

    • Completely agree. People forget how great Ironman 1 was. But this is probably second in terms of individual character movies.

    • Ironman 1 cannot compare to this in terms of action scenes. The quality of it was mind blowing to say the least. And Ironman 1 was a setup movie which setup Stark’s character for us. First origin movies have the scope to have “heart”. But its the movies which follow …those matter, cause those are extremely tricky!! That is why Ironman 2 n 3 were such let downs!! Captain America 2 is definitely the best Marvel solo movie without any doubt or argument. The only argument which needs to be done is whether it beats Avengers in entertainment and quality of action!!

      • Nice pun about having Heart!

  17. I saw it this morning here in the UK. For me… hands down the best marvel movie yet. A very mature offering compared to the Thor or Iron Man series.

  18. Whoa, The Best!!!! nuff said.

    Please watch it. I had fun

  19. I saw it on Wednesday morning and was blown away, easily Marvel’s best film by far. I loved the references to WarGames and Pulp Fiction, i loved the fact that Samuel L Jackson actually gets to do something this time, and i love it that it actually exceeded my very high expectations. I thought the first Cap was the best Marvel film by far, and this was even better, much better than Avengers as well. I can’t wait to see it again, it was just fantastic. I prefer the more “realistic”, if i can really use that word to describe a superhero film, approach of the Cap films, to be honest i don’t like where Iron Man 3 and Avenger went, fire-breathing bad guys and stupid aliens. And yes, i have read the Extremis stuff from the comics and i’ve read The Ultimates, but what works in a comic for me doesn’t necessarily work in a film, for me anyway. Roll on Captain America 3, this film had everything, great characters being played by great actors, incredibly well done action and tonnes of heart. I loved it, 5/5 from me. Chris Evans IS Captain America, he does such a great job in the role. Anthony Mackie was brilliant as Falcon as well. Everyone was great, really. Well done to the Russo brothers, they really have knocked it out of the park with this film.

  20. So… Loki’s spear it’s an Infinite Stone yes or not?

    • You bet! Mind or Soul for sure. I bet in Doctor Strange we will see whichever this is not of those two.

      The cube is probably Space and the aether in Thor 2 is probably Power.

      We are still missing Time and Reality. In GoTG we will get one of those two.

      • One thing it isn’t. the Soul Gem. Which has always been linked to Adam Warlock.

      • I think the Infinity Gems are as follows:

        Loki’s Sceptor: Mind Gem
        Tesseract: Space Gem
        Aether: Power Gem
        Guardians of the Galaxy: WIll introduce the Time Gem which is how Peter Quill ends up in the future/other side of the Universe.
        Doctor Strange: Will introduce the Soul Gem along with probably Adam Warlock.
        Avengers 3 (or possibly Thor 3): Introduces the Reality gem.

      • In GOTG I am expecting the time gem, so Star Lord can get out of the 80’s…..

      • I’m betting Reality gem for Guardians. It’s supposed to be the most desirable thing in the universe. Being able to manifest any wish is pretty desirable.

    • Sure seems that way

      • Wait, so the tesseract and the spear are both infinity gems/stones/whatever they’re calling them?

        • Loki was able to control people with the Mind stone that was set in the scepter.

    • Maybe. It could simply have been created from a gem in the same vein as Hydra weapons were created from the Scepter.

    • Just powered by the tesseract like hydra weapons.

  21. Watched it two days ago and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Thought the Fury and Redford twists were easy to see coming, but that Arnim Zola scene got me so hyped. Loved Falcon and the Strange reference. Best film other than the Avengers to feel like a complete Marvel Universe. Might prefer this to the first Iron Man, but will have to rematch this weekend to be certain…

  22. The knife fight with the winter soldier was pretty epic. Best movie from phase 2! I was hoping that Alexander Pierce was Red Skull.

    • I was looking for that revelation too since the soundtrack has this piece called Alex Pierce is the Red Skull, but it never came. Nevertheless, i wondered why they showed the shots of him dying 3 times! as if to make us realize sth

  23. This for me was the best standalone film so far, with the first Iron Man a close second. Never quite reached the heights of the Avengers, but how could it? It’s funny actually, when I read the comics as a kid, Thor and Hulk were by far my favourites – I had no time for Cap at all.. However, I think he’s translated into film better than any of the others, bar Iron Man who was just made for movies.

    As for the film it’s self though, I felt like they did some great fan service for the hardcore fans; Stephen Strange getting a mention made me want to cheer.. The hero pose of Winter Soldier with Caps shield: Epic! Zola was done so well, even if only short lived.. Crossbones still being alive at the end of the movie, and now having his burnt face.. Nick Fury’s headstone made me laugh.. Stark Tower being targeted by the Helicarriers.. Continuing the continuity of Peggy Carter founding SHIELD with Howard Stark.. Nice mention of Bruce Banner with Toxin B.. Just generally a lot of nods that the casual viewer would have missed. Mackie did a great job as Falcon – Would have loved a nod to Black Panther and Wakanda for the backstory of his wings, but the fact that it wasn’t there (but there WAS a reference to Doctor Strange) makes me thing that Strange is locked in for Phase 3 and Black Panther has been sidelined. It’ll be a real shame if they don’t use Falcon in AoU now after doing all the work setting him up.. I’d be happy even with a small cameo.

    Then there’s the mid-credits scene.. Just awesome! I was a little disappointed with von Strucker, but I’ll reserve judgement until AoU. Quicksilver and Scarlett With were spot on for me though, a great tease, and awesome to see plenty of red in SW’s telekenesis. Having now seen some set photos from AoU, I’m guessing this is how they’ll explain Hawkeye’s absence, since he seems to be the one who releases QS & SW initially..

    The bigger ramifications for the MCU as a whole are really exciting. I hope this revitalises AoS since they now have no back-up from the organisation that spawned them.. Perhaps this is how Adrian Pasdar’s Glenn Talbot comes to be in AoS – They need support from somewhere now SHIELD is gone, so perhaps the armed forces? Honestly, I just can’t wait to see how this plays out in AoS – I think if they end this series on a high note with a big reveal about Skye (since we now know it was indeed a Kree whose blood etc she was injected with) and The Clairvoyant, then series 2 could actually be starting from a really strong position!

    • I was actually really pleased with Strucker in that end scene. Really has me excited for AoU! Anyone know if Whedon directed that?

      Incredibly psyched for official mention of Stephen Strange. Cannot wait to see who will play him. My bet is on Justin Theroux. Even my wife knows who this guy is because he’s marrying Aniston. He’s a household name who could come cheap and become a huge star and he wrote Iron Man 2.

      • Whedon did direct the post credit scene.

        My best guess is that Depp will be Strange, but he would be pricey and Marvel might not have any need for big name stars to create box office draws anymore.

  24. Judging by all the responses on this site and on other CBF sites it sounds like this movie was a home run. I am really excited to see this movie now. I saw online earlier on another site where one DC fan said that BVS now has competition if Cap3 is anything like this movie. If the hype from fans are true then Avengers 2 better deliver because it sounds like Cap 2 set the bar pretty high now

  25. This film was awesome really brought me back to the early Jack Ryan (Hunt for Red October/Patriot Games/Clear & Present Danger/Sum of All Fears).
    The bods I got were
    Stephen Strange
    Stark Logos on Falcons wings
    Avenger Tower being targeted
    Sharon Carter
    A Coulson Lives poster in one of S.H.E.I.L.D’ s rooms very blink ull miss it
    Black Widows Arrow necklace

    Were there any others?

  26. Saw this film yesterday

    Verdict: Awesome!

    Plot was really great (put IM3 and Thor 2 to shame)
    Action blew me away it was so good and right from the get go – definitely the best from Marvel (although very occasionally thought the ‘shakey cam’/quick cut stuff did feel unnecessary) – Cap and Bucky are both so badass in combat and their 1-on-1s are brutal
    Comedy – hilarious and well used/timed (seriously showed up IM3s slapstick comedy)

    Personally think that this is definitely the best movie from the studio yet by a long way
    Cap is the Captain now

    Loved the Strange reference
    Thought Zola was great – could be a base line for Ultrons mind given how old that stuff was and also how long Hydra have had to develop something similar using SHIElDs resources
    The Iron Man comment between Pearce and Fury made me laugh

    Maria Hill was so much better in this than she was in Avengers
    Seriously hope Falcon joins the Avengers – IMO opinion seeing him flying around fighting looks much better on screen than Iron Man flying around fighting – also felt that he was good when not in the action scenes
    Rumlow must come back as Crossbones in the future

    Mid credit scene – I’m not sold on the way the twins look – but that might just be me – powers dont look too bad though (even if Scarlett Witch does seem less powerful than her comic counterpart)

    This movie does make me hope than AoS is done at the end of the season – cos with all the top secret stuff not secret anymore the world will surely know about their ‘bus’ and no more Shield anyway (where will they get their intel from and what authority will they have abroad as agents of a non-existent organisation) – plus the show just isn’t that good
    What will the show be called in season 2 if they don’t cancel it – Agents of …

    • SWORD.

      Agents of SWORD is a possibility.
      Cause of the Kree in TAHITI.
      I believe it might be a SWORD facility.
      SWORD deals with extraterrestrials and spacethings.
      SWORD may recruit the team and it could be a secret organisation Nick Fury created outside SHIELD after the New York Invasion…

      • Good call it could go the SWORD route
        It would be strange though to change the title of the show from one season to the next,
        could be funny if they do that and also make the whole better (make the first season of agents of SWORD what agents of shield wanted to be)

        • Also the commanding officer of SWORD is Abigail Brand.
          This character has been created by Joss Whedon.
          It is possible he could use his own character in the MCU.
          And I also just read Joss Whedon created SWORD and even wanted to use SWORD in the first movie,but he probably got it cut out of the movie.
          So it is very much possible the next move is to introduce SWORD.

      • According to Wikipedia:
        “S.W.O.R.D. is mentioned in an alternate ending to Thor as Erik Selvig is briefly shown running simulations on wormholes using S.H.I.E.L.D. and S.W.O.R.D. data.”

        It was an alternate ending so I doubt it counts. Still room for them to introduce S.W.O.R.D.

  27. portuguese fella here. watched it last night and was mind-blown with the plot. the whole HYDRA taking over SHIELD over time is awesome, and really opens up some cool ramifications. made the whole age of ultron thing even more awesome to wait for!
    as one of the standalone movies, it was the best, beating the first IM for a bit. love all those references.

  28. just watched the movie 3+ hours ago.
    I can only say this: MIND-BLOWN.

  29. The movie was AWESOME, really! It was the first movie that I’ve watched in a long while that I have nothing against.

    Do you guys think Nick Fury knew who the Winter Soldier was (like that they’d met before)? The way Nick looked as the Winter Soldier was approaching was as if he knew him. I’m guessing that he is the the one who had damaged Nick’s eye?

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