‘Captain America 2′ Post-Credit Scenes Revealed [Spoilers]

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Spoilers1 Captain America 2 Post Credit Scenes Revealed [Spoilers]

The Los Angeles world premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier isn’t until Wednesday, with early screenings for the press junket and media happening tonight, yet spoilers are already finding their way online. For fans looking for the latest info but don’t want to be spoiled, it’s going to be a treacherous few weeks until the sequel hits UK theaters on March 28th, and a week later on April 4th in North America.

That’s the nature of the beast with Marvel, as they and other movie studios do their best to keep twists and secrets under wraps and savor the moviegoing experience for their geek-friendly big-budget features. And for every ‘real’ leak, there are several times that in fake rumors. The rumor about the Captain America 2 post-credits scene from a month ago however, might just be one of the accurate ones…

Continue to the second page for potential major spoilers, but for those of you looking for lots of great info on The Winter Soldier and don’t want to be spoiled, read our on-set interviews with the cast and crew of the film:


Page 2: Captain America 2 After-Credits Spoilers


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is produced by Kevin Feige, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp and Hayley Atwell, with Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Hydra all up in the shiiii….i need to watch this like yesterday

  2. As predicted by many, this basically confirms that Loki’s Scepter is the mind infinity gem.

    Tesseract-> Space-> With Loki
    Aether-> Power-> With The Collector
    Scepter-> Mind-> With Baron Von Strucker-> Reason why Thor left it behind at the end of The Avengers (Too dangerous for two infinity stones in one location).
    Time Gem-> Going to be either Star Lord, Ronan (Thanos), or The Collectors

    • Nice theory, but…
      1. Tesseract is in Asgard fault… but yeah, considering the end of The Dark World, it’s back in Loki’s hand
      2. I still doubt that the sceptre is the Mind Gem. Thanos gave it to Loki in The Avengers right? If it’s an Infinity Gem, why would he give it away that easily? Or it was intended as a plan to draw out the other gems all along? Hmmm…. And Thor left it behind in The Avengers, because he didn’t know about the Infinity Gems. So far, all we know only The Collector and possibly Thanos knows this.
      3. This is my guess, but the one in the GotG is most possibly the Soul Gem. If this is joined with the possibility that The Collector has that ‘coccoon’, then it fits.

      • I think Thor knew about the infinity gems. He had first hand knowledge of The Tesseract before The Avengers, despite never seeing it.

        Thanos likely gave The Scepter in order to try and grab The Tesseract, a 2nd of the 6 infinity gems. If he gained both of him by him leading an assault on earth, The Asgardians would have invaded to stop him. The Tesseract is the most important for Thanos as it would allow him to attack any force at any time.

        GOTG early reports say it is set in the future, The Collector could have had The Aether for hundreds of years by the time GOTG rolls around. Forsee Thanos play for the other gems

      • Didn’t Adam Warlock have the soul gem?

        • Thinking that will be retconned for the MCU and Dr Strange will be the owner of the soul gem.. Of soul stone as they call them in the mcu

          Also still think Thor hammer is the Power gem/stone for the mcu

      • The sceptre is blatantly the Mind gem that’s pretty much all it was doing in Avengers, taking over peoples minds and force blasts if its not the Mind gem what the hell is?
        Thanos gave it to Loki to aid him in taking over earth and recovering the Space gem, the Space gem was promised to Thanos once Loki took over earth, who’s to say he wasn’t told he’d be giving back the Sceptre as well? he also may not have realised its true importance and just thought of it as a powerful weapon.
        GOTG is the Time gem or Reality gem more than likely.
        I really hope that cocoon in the Collectors room is going to be Adam Warlock, one of my all time favourites.

    • The septor could be just a relic. The casket of ancient winters isnt one of the infinity stones and the septor could be like that.

    • how did Baron Von Strucker obtain Loki’s Scepter????

      • Most likely sheild had it but it was infiltrated as we will likely see in Winter soldier. So most likely stolen when sheild falls

      • Hydra infiltrated SHIELD and had to have taken it for their own use

  3. And since Quick Silver and Scarlett Witch are in cells, reasonable to assume that Hydra have captured heroes in order to build their own Avenger team.

    Mind gem will be used to control them in Avengers 2

    • They weren’t captured as heroes, von Strucker experimented on them and in doing so gave them their powers. So they’re just now learning how to use their powers in Avengers 2.

  4. I think Red Skull is back and he is the boss of Baron Von Struker

    • I have sometimes wondered how Red Skull knew where to find the cosmic cube in that church. What if some off world being told him about it? If that was the case, perhaps red skull was actually escaping in his last scene.

      • When in the ultimate version the nazis/hydra where being helped by the Chitauri to take over the world… So that connection is possible. Never thought of it, interesting

      • I doubt an off-world being told the Red Skull to find it, or even what it was. All he knew is that he was aware of the potential power within the cube, and sought to use it. Maybe someone told him of the Tesseract, or that word may have spread over time that an object of strange power was located in Tønsberg.
        Hell, we haven’t even been told how the Tesseract arrived on Earth in the first place!

  5. I’ve crossed the line….. *sigh* Sometimes I hate myself to be defeated by my own curiosity :(

    But it’s okay, since this is still a rumor and likely to be NOT true. With that said, if it’s true then I really can’t wait to see it. Really curious to see how the Twins look (and how their power will be showcased), but also really glad to know about the 2nd one meaning that character’s death will not be happening :D

    By the way, Rob… you might want to add in the article that ‘the comment sections will most probably discussing these spoilers’ as well. I initially tried to avoid but I accidentally scrolled down and read the comments, and well…. now I ended up commenting myself ahahaha ^^;

    • Well, if anyone read the intro paragraphs, let alone the title of the post, they’re coming here looking for spoilers in the comments… that’s what the comments would be about, lol.

      I think two warnings is enough to protect people from themselves.

    • Do you want Rob to hold your thing when you pee, too? Geez … it’s like the warning on cigarettes. “Oh, I didn’t know they were bad for you…”

  6. Is it possible that we could see The Winter Soldier fighting along side Cap in (Avengers 3 IF it is an infinity gauntlet showdown?)
    ROB KEYES: How many movies is in Sebastian Stans contract? Could he possibly become Captain American with the death of Steve Rogers in that A3? Damn this sounds like soo much fun!! I CANT WAIT…

    • Stan was contracted to 6 movies. He’s made 2 already, four more to go.

  7. Rob: How do you get “registered Gifted” from The “Age of miracles”? Not sure I get that reference but Im sure you have a good answer! THANKS

    Honestly when you say that we know how they will be listed in Marvel universe I assumed it was Miracles (I know kinda dumb) until I read on, but I am certainly interested in hearing your answer.

    • Rob, you’ve got me going 6 to midnight with this scoop, thank you.

      For those unaware of the phrase “registered gifted,” it’s a term from Agents of SHIELD and used by SHIELD agents to describe people with unexplained special abilities, a la Scorch. Although Scorch appeared to be a mutant (or inhuman, depending on how they handle that inconvenience), it was said that the list SHIELD had was short, so it’s unclear if the term only applies to those born with their gifts for whatever reason or will apply to those given to them through science as well, I.e. Graviton, Blizzard, etc.

      A couple notes or observations I had:
      - Assuming Strucker works for HYDRA in the movies, which seems to have infiltrated SHIELD over the years as I assume well find out in the movie, he would have access to not only their list of registered gifted, but Loki’s staff as well. This seems to be how he has acquired it and the twins.
      - The connection the term “registered gifted” has with the Civil War arc and the Superhero Registration Act is unavoidable. Is this the route for Avengers 3? It seems that Thanos will be the bad guy, but as the team’s potential roster grows over the end of Phase 2 with Falcon, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch, Phase 3 with Ant-Man, Wasp (hopefully), and potentially some combination of Black Panther, Dr Strange, and the Inhumans, will his invasion be preceded by the heroes splitting and fighting each other in acts 1 and 2, only to come back together against a common threat in Thanos in act 3? Because that would be orgasmic. In the comics Tony and Steve lead the split as Tony being pro-registration and Steve being naturally against it due to his experience in WWII. They’ve already been shown to have opposing viewpoints in Avengers.
      - The Winter Soldier surviving this movie means that if they do decide to go down the Civil War arc in the future, the potential for Captain America’s death and replacement by Bucky is still very much possible. In the comics, Stark feels tremendous guilt for Steve’s death, could give them an out for both Evans and RDJ’s expiring contracts by having Iron Man step away completely out of guilt and replacing Evans with Sebastian Stan as the new Cap.

      • Not to mention they’ll be able to pull in Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, not to mention whoever Skye ends up being from the comics or any other super powered individuals they introduce in any upcoming seasons of AoS, as supporting cast for the Civil War arc as an ultimate payoff for those of us who have been there for everything.

        • Maybe Skye does end up being spiderwoman or Captain Marvel.

          As it looks now after A2 AoU phase 3 is going to be Infinity gems/gauntlet orientated. It looks like Steve Rogers is going to die in A3 and Bucky taking over as Cap. Steve probally get’s taken out by Thanos during some awesome hail Mary to save the world. Stark bowing out als IM,because of something he did witch resulted in Cap’s death. Maybe he takes up a SHIELD directors potition. Thor probally will have a Ragnarok orientated third part, probally Surtur comes a-knocking.
          I am still hoping Marvel can sign RDJ, Chris Evans And Hemmy for atleast 3 more pictures. A phase 5, 6 and 7 would be most welcome. Maybe a Planet Hulk and World War Hulk orientated movie or two? Or a Fear itself Avengers where Steve Rogers comes back and saves everybody’s behind. Probally won’t happen, but a guy can hope.

          Phase three will introduce parts of the new Avengers Roster with Ant-man, Doc Strange and hopefully Black Panther on the team next to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and Bucky Cap. Still needs some more heroes if you ask me. Love all of them, but they ain’t no Steve Rogers, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man. I won’t expect to see Spidey or Wolverine on the Avengers anytime soon. Fox will do whatever they need to do to keep the rights for them. Even make more so-so films.

          Finally Marvel’s AoS is finding its awesome voice. Love the Hydra introduction, new doors have been opened. Bring on the superpowerd Villans and also please the Serpent crown!

      • I assume Thor is going past the trilogy, and I would not be shocked if Downey wanted IM4/5, so I wonder if Evans would be okay being purely director of Shield.

        Would be a good way to continue the story with Bucky

      • Glad you’re enjoying and participating in the discussion! :)

    • Registered gifted is the term used by SHIELD to label people with powers/special abilities.

  8. Just want to note, Captain America: The Winter Soldier officially releases here in the UK on Wednesday March 26th, not the 28th.

    I hope we get to see both button scenes and it’s not just a thing where the US audiences get to see both of them followed by international markets after the American release. As meaningless as it was, it still annoyed me that we never got the shawarma scene at the end of The Avengers until the DVD release.

    • Same here. There were around 10 people (myself and family included) waiting around until the very end. We even overheard a girl a few rows ahead of us say “I paid for that shawarma scene!”

    • NOT FAIR. I need to see this movie. It comes out in April for me. SCREW IT!

  9. My God, the guys at Brain Freeze certainly had one of their own! As in a brain freeze from writing properly and proofreading their post! Geez, a second grader uses better syntax and sentence structure than these dweebs!

    • The fact that you missed that the brain freeze quotes are trabslated from a different language says about the same about you as you said about them….

      • that’s the thing about trabslating…

  10. I thought the end credits scene had to do something with GOTG?

    • Nah, but there will at least be a trailer for it before so no need.

  11. As there’s so much fan comments about what could or could not happen in the film, I won’t shed my two senses as most have been touched on.

    However my only curious question, is if we’re going to see the current GOTG trailer before Capt 2, or if they plan to release another trailer with either all new footage or the same trailer but will bits and pieces of new footage?? Hope its the latter.

  12. Sounds awesome, I hate myself for not avoiding spoilers sometimes. I just hope they have a better way of showing Quicksilver’s ability than Last Stand did with Callisto.

  13. Until they indicate otherwise, I’m going off the theory that Wanda is using the reality gem. Which, would easily explain her powers.

    • It would explain it, but it also seems like a cop out to have 2 infinity stones originate on earth. Even the Aether was obtained fron earrh through Jane Foster before going to asgard. Just liie Lokis septor being the mind gem, it wouldnt make sebse for Thanos to trust the god of mischief with a stone when hes trying to aqcuire a second stone. If anything id hope its like a hyrda weapon and just contains some power of the stone and not the whole thing.

      • It worked off the energy of the Tesseract… It controlled the minds of others. I don’t know.

      • It was unclear where the Aerher was obtained as Jane slipped through a convergence portal… It could’ve been anywhere in the nine realms.

        • In a deleted scene on thor the dw, malekith says the aether is missing from his homeworld the dark you know. So it was buried deep in the elves world thinking no eleves survived. I still find it dumb that she just stumbles upon it but the aether needs a human host and she got close enough.

        • That’s right. From the Thor 2 script:

          THOR: When Heimdall lost sight of you, you were no longer on Earth.
          JANE: Well how is that possible?
          THOR: I believe you were and you weren’t. [... etc Convergence explainaton ...] During this time the borders between worlds become blurred. It’s possible you found one of these points.

          So basically she was drawn into another realm/dimension where even Heimdall could not see her. (Despite his own admittance that he could see nine trillion souls across nine realms. Hmm. *queue convenient tv trope*)

  14. i heard the 3rd button scene is amazing…it comes on when dude is sweeping under your feet and the lights turn on

  15. So both HYDRA and SHIELD are broken in a sense at the end? Whoa. Avengers 2 is gonna be something farce.

  16. At this point, Marvel should not show the end credits until the film opens. Unless they have a extra scene or two on the back burner to throw us off the scent, I’d prefer to not know every frame of film before I see it myself.

    • …and yet, here you are reading and commenting on spoilers.

  17. I didn’t get the second mark about the Winter Soldier, it’s basically that Bucky/ Winter soldier is in the Cap exhibit and realizes who he is?

    So guessing that Bucky doesn’t get saved in the ending of the film pre credits and runs off or something?

  18. Well, I read the spoilers, and while I don’t want to be a pig….”Oink, oink, oink…gimmee more!!”

  19. Fall of shield and hydra

    • Yeah. I was expecting spoilers…but did THEY NEED TO GIVE AWAY THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE!?


  21. I doubt Whedon is gonna do it but I’d love to see him tie SHIELD into the MCU by revealing the “Clairvoyant” to be Scarlet Witch

    • That would be interesting but would set her up as kind of evil, which she was when she first entered comic book lore…

  22. QS and SW will be easily captured by Hydra? They have nothing to do it head on so its likely was a bit more clever way like drugs for example. But then why didn’t bro and sis just get away from there? As is easy as snapping fingers really. How weak or emo will SW be?

  23. Ah so we get to see Quicksilver on the big screen through marvel before XMDOFP comes out..

    This will be interesting to see how Singer responds to the alternate design of the same character.

    “Dang it they made him look so much cooler! Maybe I should have added more metallic leather”

  24. Well today in Germany there was a pre-premiere before it officially starts tomorrow. (idk why it’s a week earlier than in the US). It’s right, Baron von Strucker has the scepter and there are two cells with quicksilver and scarlet witch in them.
    Something much more recognizable ( I never saw this information in any rant or spoiler topic) was the mentioning of Stephen Strange! That’s right our Doctor Strange! When, I think it was, Maria Hill told someone which goals the weapons of hydra will point at she said somethin like “They go for…. Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange…” Nice :)

  25. What happened to the shield??it fell on the river during the carrier fall right??AFAIK Starlord fought for the shield once too???so will that be in agenda too in GOTG??? :/

  26. How did Von Strucker get the scepter ?? Wasn’t Black Widow the last person seen with it in the avengers when she closed the portal? What if she is secretly working for Hydra and gave the sceptor off!? What if she is apart of hydra but didn’t change sides in winter soldier because she is apart of something even bigger ? If that’s the case, she’ll be a part of this whole miracle deal with the introduction of the twins. Joss did say she is going to have major role in age of ultron (Maybe Kevin said it, can’t remember) which is the same movie the twins will be first seen in. Boy do they know how to make us ask more questions. Hope that all made sense..

    • Maybe she just discarded it when they all went to confront Loki. The sceptre was probably recovered by some of the HYDRA-SHIELD agents during the clean-up of New York, and they took it to a HYDRA base before it could be documented and put into a SHIELD database.

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