‘Captain America 2′ Poster Is All About The Shield

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Captain America 2 Teaser Poster SHIELD Captain America 2 Poster Is All About The Shield

Marvel Studios is hosting a one-hour presentation at Comic-Con International next week where the focus will be on their next two Phase Two films releasing. Thor: The Dark World tests out Marvel’s ability to release a tentpole in the fall and in 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier similarly tests the studio’s box office power in the spring.

While it’s expected that Marvel Studios will also have some surprise announcements regarding Guardians of the Galaxy and other future projects, attendees are most excited about getting their first look at footage from the Captain America sequel, the most connected film to The Avengers.

In anticipation of the presentation and unveils (full Comic-Con movie panel guide here), Disney just released the first official one-sheet for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it’s as simple as it is intriguing.

[Click for super-sized Poster]

Captain America The Winter Soldier SHIELD Teaser Poster Full Size 570x844 Captain America 2 Poster Is All About The Shield

Three thoughts that come to mind from the direct imagery of the poster.

  1. Captain America has seen a lot of combat, especially after the Battle of New York in The Avengers. His abilities are put to the test in the action-packed sequel.
  2. The fading of the red and focus on the silver is reminiscent of The Winter Soldier’s design with his chrome bionic arm and it’s that masked man, Bucky Barnes, who may one day hoist the shield as Captain America himself as he did in Marvel Comics.
  3. The simplest and most obvious connection is that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is essentially the S.H.I.E.L.D. movie and is the bridge between The Avengers films. It’s battle worn design shrouded in darkness is symbolic of the organization fracturing in the story of the sequel, as evidenced by the concept art, the new Secret Avengers costume and the reason why they were nowhere to be found during the events of Iron Man 3.

Are you more excited for the Captain America sequel or the Thor followup?

Cap’s next adventure is being directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo off a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and will release in 3D. Robert Redford joins Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Samuel L. Jackson,  Cobie Smulders, Scarlett Johansson, Toby JonesAnthonie Mackie, Frank Grillo, Hayley Atwell, Maximiliano Hernandez and Georges St-Pierre.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Disney

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  1. Simple and too the point. I like!

  2. Personally more excited for Thor but that poster is pretty awesome. My excitement for cap 2 is pretty close to Thor. Love the simple poster. Reminds me of the Thor 1 poster where it was just him looking over his shoulder with no words on it at all.

    • It actually looks like the first teaser poster for the old original Captain America movie from the late 80′s (I think). I was so excited as a kid to see that shield poster, and then less than amazed by the film. I think it skipped the theaters even! I saw it on VHS, and even though it wasn’t memorable it did cover some serious ground and end with the guy steering a great big missile weapon into the snow and freezing n the ice.

  3. Winter is coming

    • For this, you earn a Medal of Hodor.

      • Hordor?… Hordor. :)

        • No, Hodor… he’s a Game of Thrones character.

          • He’s the big, quiet, slow fella who carries the crippled Stark boy. “winter is comng” is the family motto. Whereas the Greyjoy’s say “we do not sow”, and I think it’s the Targaryans who say “ours is the fury”. Lannisters like to say that they always pay their debts, having both financial and revenge connotations, but that isn’t their banner phrase or anything (I think). Then there’s the Baratheons. That’s probably something like “we marry perversion.”. And what about those fish ladies? The one who breast feeds her old son could post “I think I got a bite!” under the fish standard. Then there’s Little Finger’s made up totem of a bird… “Cheap”? “Little peckers run in the family”? I don’t know.

  4. I don’t know why Marvel didn’t release Captain America and it’s sequel on or near the 4th of July. Make a tradition out of it….. Like watching certain Christmas movies around December 25th, or scary movies around Halloween.

    • They steered clear of Summer to let their partners release their flagship Marvel titles (Spidey 2 & X-Men: DOFP), one of which was originally releasing in July. It’s also a test methinks for expanding their release slate to 3-4 a year down the road potentially if they can successfully work the spring/fall dates.

      • My thoughts exactly. So many superhero films to release, now they have to redefine when the tent pole films can be released. This dovetails nicely with the whole extinction of the cartoon superhero features extinction story, don’t you think?

  5. I think the fact that they chose no to show any chipped or remaining white paint on the shield is so the red looks more like blood.

    • Definitely. It’s a cool effect.

  6. I really dig how that shield looks humorless, joyless, and colorless.

    • I know right. Finally, maybe, an introspective Marvel movie.

      • I really hope that’s a joke.

        • Yeah it was sarcasm. What I really want is Captain America the musical… pfft.

          • Actually… “Marvel!” the musical is something I would pay to see.

            Marvel on Ice anyone? Y’know, if done correctly… hmmm…

            we might be on to something…

            • Hey, put Bobby Drake in the lead role, have him cause an accident due to his powers going astray, there’s your ice issue solved.

              • what would Brian Boitano do?

                • …I’m sure he’d kick an ass or two…

                  • THAT’S what Brian Boitano’d do!

            • Don’t give Disney any ideas..,

            • Cap’s already been on ice.

  7. Almost like the Iron Man 3 poster of the beat up shattered arc reactor. I am super stoked for this movie but thanks to Iron Man 3 I am now reserving my excitement. And Rob’s comment, a few podcasts ago, about what if the Winter Soldier turns out to be white nick fury but funny frightened me. This movie has too much at stake to be crap! Same with Guardians.

    • :)

  8. Looking forward to cap2 more then thor the dark world

  9. Reminds me of Tim Burton’s Batman poster
    Simple to the point

    • Even though it was a weaker film, the second Burton Batman poster was even cooler. The first looked perfectly iconic and comic booky, but the second one, (like the musical tour through the rock symbol in the start of the first one), went for a real object look. It looked like a stone symbol with snow accumulated all over it, suggesting (much like this new poster), that hard times must be weathered. One of the few posters I can see hanging on my wall because it is elegant and artistically suggestive of story and theme without all the gawdy actor poses and explosions.

  10. Solid teaser poster.

  11. If this links in towards Iron Man 3, I kind of think Captain America may be in the same if-y mental state that Tony Stark was in and it might turn out to be more on PTSD. The character WAS resurrected and thrust into an incomprehensible world against enemies that are unclear and allies that are manipulative. I’m pretty sure he needs a vacation in some warm spot. Alas, for him, that won’t be happening.

    • I can’t see cap have PTSD cause of New York I mean he was in WWII and jumped into the future so

      • I know right, Rogers is hardcore soldier. War won’t mess up his mental health. That’s why he was fit for the job as Capt America Super Soldier.

        • Ummm, you know that soldiers ARE the people who get PTSD, right? Steve would have even more reasons than most soldiers to suffer it.

          • @ Archaeon

            That’s true, he went through WW2, then was frozen, then woke up in the future and fought off an alien invasion. That’s enough to mess anybody up.

            • Stark…

              Thank you. That’s all I was saying.

          • @Archaeon, What part of “Super” Soldier do you not understand?

            • Oh, I get the “super” part just fine…I just have my doubts that you understand the “soldier” part.

              As a “super soldier”, his strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and durability have been dramatically increased. His psychological makeup, however, remains wholly ordinary.


              • As seen in the 1st movie, Capt’s mind and spirit was superior to all the other soldiers. Then they gave him the body. He was chosen for a reason. Reasons that would make him the perfect Super Soldier. A perfect super soldier wouldn’t submit to PTSD.

                You’re thinking too much into a normal soldier scenario. Rogers isn’t a normal soldier. He’s a Super Hero!

                • I simply do not buy that, because if he can’t break down and feel and suffer psychologically, he is nothing more than an emotionless robot and, thus, definitely NOT a super hero. The humanity…the VULNERABILITY… is also why actual robots like the Metal Men, Vision, and Red Tornado became compelling and interesting and why Ultron seems so evil. The misperception of who Superman is also explains why some people think he’s boring and not relatable.

                  Do you think Captain America is boring and not relatable?

                  He CAN suffer PTSD…whether he DOES or not is another matter?

                • “The serum amplifies everything inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen.” – Dr. Erskine.

                  But overall I agree with Archaeon and Stark. As someone who got out of the USAF and dealt with some mild PTSD… as strong or tough or ballsy as you think you might be you’re still susceptible. I think Cap already has PTSD, he just deals.

                  • @Archaeon & naledge,

                    He can have it but he won’t submit to it like a normal soldier. As seen, Rogers holds a stronger will.

                    “I can do this all day.” -Rogers

                    Robots don’t have willpower. Rogers has a superior willpower compared to a normal soldier.

                    • Actually, Red Tornado and Vision DO have willpower; their character origins specifically show how they willfully resist the programming of their evil creators to become heroes.

                      Obviously, we shall simply remain in disagreement. I’m okay with that.

                    • Let’s forget about Robots.

                      Red Tornado is DC. We aren’t talking about DC. I know nothing of DC and don’t care about DC.

                      Vision is an actual robot with no bio-physical human brain anatomy. A copy, yes but not the actual thing. He can’t be compared to someone with a human bio-base anatomy. Plus Vision hasn’t been introduced yet in the MCU.

                      However if you want to get comic book technical, there is truly no way Rogers can submit to PTSD.

                      Why? In Secret Avengers, Rogers wields the full power of the Nova Force for a brief time and doesn’t receive and mental side-effects.

                      What does this have to do with anything? Well, one who wields the full power of the Nova Force without training or previous minor exposure will go mentally insane. Garthan Saal is an example of one going mentally insane.

                      After wielding the full on Nova Force, Rogers never went insane. By his will, if he can withstand that much, he can’t submit to something as simple as PTSD.

                      All in all, yeah, I agree to disagree.

                    • Have to agree with Outlaw on this one. Steve has a supreme willpower even before he gets the Serum. Look when he keeps on trying to enlist, people that know him keep questioning why he is even trying still. He can’t and will not ever give up trying!

                      Even if he suffers from PTSD, and that’s assuming he has it, it is probably on such a minimal scale in which you could never tell.

                    • Rokie…

                      That’s fine; you two go ahead and agree. I STAND by what I said.

        • That’s a bit like saying that real soldiers and heroes don’t have psychological damage or pain. Pretty brutally unfair, actually. Soldiers with PTSD don’t need to be made to feel ashamed or slap-motivated “Patton” style. The number of men who have not escaped war mentally unscathed is staggering and unfathomable. I think having Captain A show signs of struggling would be respectful and compelling material that any real life combatant might appreciate. Just a thought. I assume you weren’t trying to rip on PTSD people for their problems!

    • @Guardian Outlaw, my bad

      • Thanks, Rockie. The key word I’ve been using is “submit.” He can never submit to PTSD even if he has it. Through his willpower, he will always overcome it.

        Leave it to Rogers to “super” soldier up.

        • He CAN…whether he WILL or not is another discussion. Personally, I think that would make him a more interesting character, as I’ve usually found him to be rather milquetoast. In fact, that’s one reason I found CA:TFA to be an excellent HALF-film. The pre-treatment part was a great period piece. The post-treatment portion was derivative and forgettable…fun, but rushed and not particularly interesting.

        • Nobody expects Steve to break down and cry when he hears a gunshot, but I do think that you are being unfair in your assertin that he is too amazing a guy to have such a problem. Men have gone through much more horrifying experiences in battle than anything in these movies, and some of them handle it a lot better than others. McCain was brutally mistreated and tortured and confined for years, but now he seems so normal you might think he’d never seen a terrifying time in his life. Other men have been through much less and lost their minds, but that’s not a clear indicator of some deficiency so much as what manner of fear they were subjected to and how they survived it. My point is basically to not equate PTSD with weakness, nor strength with the notion of imperviousness. As a culture we need to understand this better and not encourage sufferers to be ashamed or embarrassed by their problems. We owe them every chance to get help and not be stigmatized. That said, how they handle it with this character is a different issue, but I would appreciate some cracks in his veneer.

  12. I enjoy the poster big time.
    I am looking for a serious yet fun take with Captain America who in my opinion has been underused in the films so far.
    An introspective and exciting thriller film would be amazing.

    The poster is simple and to the point- very Spartan- and very much in line with Captain America’s persona. Plus, the scarred and fading look to the ‘shield’ can very much in line with Rogers point of view in modern-day America and S.H.I.E.L.D simultaneously. The film is said that it would challenge character’s perspective and where their loyalties lie.


    • Very “Spartan” or did you mean to say “sparse”?

      Cause one was a warrior race of Greeks and the other means devoid, empty.

      • Spartan has also been used as an adjective…it means straight-laced, to the point, militaristically simple, straight-forward, basic, practical.

        Archer used the term appropriately.

        • Hmm.

          See, my own grammar lessons in my youth and years as a writer have never encountered Spartan used as an adjective before.

          Learn something new every day I suppose. I’d just be hesitant to use it myself, like when people say “walla” instead of “voila” and other misappropriations that make me shake my head at the butchering of language.

          • Seriously, Dazz? You’ve never seen or heard “Spartan” used as an adjective?

          • Just type it into Google, read a definition, and you will see how the Spartan culture was the basis for the term’s use. That should help you recall it’s usage. As Skinner would say “it’s a perfectly cromulent word.”. (That’s Seymour, not Deputy Director).

  13. Hey @ Rob Keyes. when would you expect Bucky to take over the CA shield? do you think it would come as soon as the end of this film or maybe the end of Avengers 2?

    Also do you know how long Chris Evans’ contract is for? and how long is Sebastian Stan’s contract?

    Thanks Rob, Keep up the great articles, I think we all look forward to em’

    • If I remember correctly, Stan was contracted to a 5-picture deal. This one would be his second.

      • Evans is under contract with Marvel Studios for six pictures. CA:TWS is #3 and Avengers 2 will be #4.

        • The Avenger 3 will be #5 and Cap3 will be #6. Death of Captian America, hello WS as the NEW Cap.

          Also… Crossbone’s Frank Grillo is signed on for a 3 picture deal..

          Can we say.. CA: TWS, The Avengers 2, and CA3? yerrrrrrrrp.

    • I believe Evans and Stan both have 6-pic contracts although Disney wanted 9 for Evans. So Avengers 2 or Cap 3 I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen on that story front. It really depends which crossover stories and major events Marvel Studios wants to dip into and whether or not they’ll even want to. After the Mandarin thing in Iron Man, some bets are off.

      • Thanks Rob!!

  14. All three thoughts are interesting, but I think I’ll go with number three here, the SHEILD movie. It makes the most sense. I think it will be a SHEILD movie with a lot of Cap mixed in. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

  15. On a separate note, does the new suit for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (described as the Secret Avengers outfit) have his ears exposed- in line with his original depiction?

    Some of the set pics have Rogers with his mask/helmet on yet his ears exposed. While I enjoy they are trying to convey or translate some aspect of his suit, in the context of the picture Rogers look kind of silly.

    It can look better on film, but that small detail kind of diminishes somewhat the awesome new look of the suit.

  16. Yeah, so the lack of red implies costume change?

    • We’ve seen set pics of him in the new duds and it’s based on the Secret Avengers design. Didn’t see red.

  17. maybe caps shield gets broke, he takes it to tony and tony says… come on.. I know where we gotta go to get it fixed…. boom jet to the savage land to meet everyone’s favorite king.

    • Isn’t Black Panther the king in Wakanda though, not the Savage Land?

      Not to mention the other things mentioned in your comment that sound good in your head but not in practice.

      Why would the shield break? What’s Stark doing there? Why need Stark’s advice anyway when he probably wouldn’t know where the vibranium comes from? Would the serious political thriller stop midway through and turn into a goofy adventure flick complete with montage showing Cap travel there, get a new shield then come back with Winter Soldier standing around bored and looking at his watch, waiting to continue the fight?

      • isn’t that a bugs bunny episode?

    • You’re thinking of Wakanda not the Savage Lands. Wakanda is where all the vibranium mines are.

      • Wasn’t the new element Stark “created” in IM2 vibranium? I’ve heard this but it was never explicitly stated in the films.

        • No because Howard Stark mentioned a new compound in Captain America and Peggy fired her gun at it several times before storming out so it was around in the 1940s.

        • It was only ever mentioned as such in a novelization for Iron Man 2, and even in that context I believe it was just one in a bunch of names (mixed in with the name badassium no less) that Tony threw around trying to come up with his own name for a presumably unnamed element.

          So all in all it isn’t even a serious connection in any form, just a part of a one-off joke meant to be an ironic name reference only.

        • Nah, vibranium is something already known. Tony didn’t need to rediscover it. The element that powered his arc reactor was something new, not vibranium.

          I’m pretty sure it’s something similar to what the Tesseract is made of actually. Howard Stark studied the Tesseract for years after he found it (while searching for Steve), so he could have identified some elements (or THE element) it was made of, but he couldn’t recreate it, because he was limited by the technology of his time.

          That is my explanation to why Loki’s sceptre didn’t work on Tony. If his arc reactor core is a similar (or the exact same) element as the Tesseract, it could have given him protection against it.

          So like, Tony probably could’ve shut down the portal with an arc reactor if they couldn’t put their hands on Loki’s sceptre.

          That’s my theory anyway. It’s not that impossible, considering how similar they seem (glass-like, glowing, burning electric blue and capable of containing immense amount of energy).

          Only, you know Tony only created a tiny little triangle of the stuff and not a big damn cube.

  18. If you zoom up on the poster, you can see that it’s the Silver Paint chipping away and not the Red Paint. The Red (original) Paint is the coat of paint underneath the Silver Paint.

    The Silver Paint is chipping away and we are starting to see the Red. You can say, we are starting to see the origins. This can be meaning, we will be seeing the origins of the Winter Soldier.

    I have a feeling Avengers 2 will be “Secret Avengers.” In Iron Man 3, they hinted at the Iron Man Stealth Armor and now in Capt2 we have Rogers in the Secret Avengers uniform. Let’s see what more evidence unfolds.

    • So Nick Fury would be the death that Whedon hinted at, just as some people on this site commented on?


      If so then Cobie Smulders will be bumped up the credits because Jackson only has one more picture in his 7-movie deal after CA:TWS, which I presume will be Avengers 2.

      • It would make sense if it were The Winter Soldier to assassinate Nick Fury in Capt2. Throughout Capt2, we will see Rogers trying uncover the origins of who this mysterious Winter Soldier really is. Sounds like a lot of snooping around on Capt’s end.

        Rogers Snooping = Secret Avengers Uniform

      • i believe SLJ had a 9 pic deal

    • @ Guardian Outlaw

      Good eye! I didn’t notice that!

      • Thanks, Stark! Every piece of info that comes out, I make sure I analysis the f*** out of it lol. Even if it takes going to the comic book source material and reading several issues.

        • *analyze*

          • Good, because saying “analysis the f#%€ out of it” is not the King’s English at all. Glad you cleared that up. :)

    • What silver paint? The item is metal. Why would it be painted silver?
      What you see if machined metal and cast metal.

      • Hey, I’m only stating what my eyes are telling me. My eyes are seeing a silver coat of paint on top of the original red coat of paint.

        Why would it be painted silver? Idk maybe to symbolize the Winter Soldier? You can come up with any symbolization background you want. I’m just reporting what my eyes are seeing.

        • I see the opposite. Not sure it’d make sense to have silver on red on silver and the markings indicate the that’s the base as it was in Cap 1.

          • After looking long and hard at the HD version of the poster, it does look like the red is underneath the metal. You can tell because in the red parts there are bits of shadow and the metal looks elevated.

            • Right on Adrian! You said it in better words than I did.

              Like I said before, it can symbolize Rogers looking more into who the Winter Soldier is.

              Or maybe it could mean Rogers dawned a red white n blue costume 1st and then the Secret Avengers costume 2nd.

              Who knows.

  19. He will lose the shield at the end of the movie, meaning he had some closure.

  20. I know I’m nitpicking but… Where did the scratches come from? Isn’t Vibranium almost indestructible?

  21. I feel like the poster is revealing the vibranium as important to plot. Maybe this movie involves villain(s) searching for vibranium to create armor or shields (etc.)

  22. Sweet poster i have the feeling i will like Cap 2 better because its more connected to the Avengers but i look forward to both.

  23. Gimmee a trailer!!!!! I want to see Crossbones, MODOK, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hawkeye…. and hopefully, BARON ZEMO!

    Trailer please. I’m looking forward to this over Thor 2 and GotG.

    • prolly wont get a trailer until thor releases. prolly will be the trailers premier with thor. i guess

  24. I see blue intact and red almost totally removed. Possibly hinting toward Bucky and him now being a Russian agent and Cap’s refusal to carry to Communist color any longer.

  25. hopefully this symbolizes the end of his stupid mask and hes just gonna wear his new costume all the time without the tacky bright red white and blue

  26. I see a horribly abused giant diaphragm for Black Widow!

    • Alrighty. Now see a shrink!

  27. nice decent poster.

    Sorry this is not related but does anyone know why you cant cycle through the home page articles like you used to be able to?

    • Hi Peter,

      Do you mean on the mobile site?

  28. So many four’s is it some way of saying watching Thor?

    • That should be watch Thor

  29. I hope Thor and Cap are good, they have some work to do to make up for the abysmal IM3.

    • Surely you liked it better than 2? That’s the weakest by far, in my mind. It hit the reset button so hard that the Tony I liked at the end of 1 was suddenly back to being the jerk from the beginning of the series. A fun, but weak and shallow follow up. 3 bothered to address continuity and consequence and mental repercussions, which I really appreciated and was relieved to see. They should have gone further with it, but fortunately they didn’t tell a generic tale that could’ve been a totally standalone effort. Mandarin twist was uncool, but I had fun.